Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown Embarking On Tour This Summer

A recent report by Variety revealed Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown would be teaming up for a tour this year. Breezy confirmed the news Instagram but shared a small correction.


Variety originally reported the tour would begin in the fall. The publication cited Brown and Minaj having a date scheduled at the Prudential Center in New Jersey on September 13. But according to Brown, this will be on the tail end of the tour as opposed to the beginning.

Breezy and the Black Barbie recently collaborated on a new single titled “Wobble Up.” The track also features G-Eazy.

Stream Brown’s “Wobble Up” single with Nicki and G-Eazy below.

Kanye West’s "GOOD Friday" Sessions Were Subjected To David Blaine’s "Wild Magic"

Kanye West‘s celebrity outreach knows no limits. Unless we’re given access through social media, the general public remains on the outside-looking-in. Privacy is the last tenet our Society, let alone the pencil-pushers, have any say over. When Kanye gives us access to his private dealings if comes into effect like a slalom. When he deprives us that access, his fans lash out like they’ve been starved attention.

In the case David Blaine doing a private performance for Kanye West during the “Christian Dior Denim Flow” era, the general public was asked to wait a whole decade to gain the slightest bit insight as to what was going on behind the scenes at GOOD HQ. According to a retrospective piece published by Briana Younger, David Blaine was taking part in one the many “GOOD Friday” gatherings when the illusionist decided upon himself to perform “wild magic” to the astonishment the intimate crowd.

“There was a studio session where they were recording ‘Christian Dior Denim Flow’ and Chris Rock was in there and so was David Blaine and he was doing all types wild magic,” Pusha-T’s longtime manager Steven Victor relayed to Briana Younger. “That shit was crazy, he was bending quarters and splitting hundred dollar bills in half. Kanye was making a beat and David Blaine was doing fucking tricks.”

Kanye West famously commissioned private performances by Kenny G and Lana Del Rey as a serenade to his wife Kim Kardashian. On at least one  those occasions, Kanye West made the arrangement just to even a marital score, and not because a formality like St. Valentines, etc. Check out the other incredulous anecdotes highlighted by Younger in her piece at the link provided below the write-up.

Cardi B Rejects Plea Deal In Strip Club Beatdown Case

Many people are enjoying a rare day f today, spending time with family, friends, or preparing to celebrate the holiday tonight. Cardi B does not lead a normal life and unfortunately, she spent this morning in court, defending herself over a legal matter that has been dragging on. By now, you’ve likely heard the accusations that have been made against the superstar. Two women claim that they were attacked while working at a strip club, blaming their injuries on Cardi B and saying that she was jealous over an encounter they had with her husband Offset. This morning, Bardi was in court and she rejected a plea deal in the case, agreeing to head to trial in the coming months.

Cardi B Rejects Plea Deal In Strip Club Beatdown Case
JNI/Star Max/Getty s

The deal presented to the rapper would have forced her to plead guilty to the charges. She would not have served any time in jail and conditions would have been set in place for the case to be dismissed. Cardi seems set on winning this the old-fashioned way though, going the long haul and banking on the fact that she’ll come out victorious once the case heads to trial.

Cardi B is currently facing charges assault and reckless endangerment according to The Blast. Do you think the rapper will end up winning the case?

Cardi B Rejects Plea Deal In Strip Club Beatdown Case

Snoop Dogg Shares Vintage Tupac Photo On Instagram

Having been around some the greats and enjoying a legendary career himself, Snoop Dogg has tons memories to share with his fans on a regular basis. He can probably post one photo every day for several years and we wouldn’t get bored. The Doggfather has spent time with some the absolute legends in hip-hop and every Throwback Thursday, you can bet that we’ll be getting a new moment from Uncle Snoop. Last week, he came through with a photo from a 1991 studio session with Dr. Dre while they were making The Chronic. Today, he’s dropping another gem with his good ol’ buddy Tupac Shakur.

Snoop went back to his days with the long hair, posing behind Tupac, who proudly threw up his sign. The rapper rocked a fedora on his head, looking snazzy in a formal suit and dripping with gold on his fingers. Snoop looks smug in the back, clearly enjoying the night and peering over Pac’s shoulder. “Look over your shoulder you’ll find me,” wrote the artist as his caption. 

With so much hip-hop’s history involving Snoop Dogg, you better believe that he’s going to take every moment available to remind folks exactly who he is. Take a look at his latest vintage shot below.

Snoop Dogg Roasts Clippers Following Blowout Loss To Warriors

The Golden State Warriors weren’t going to let another 31-point lead slip away on Thursday night at Staples Center.

The two-time defending NBA champs bounced back from their disastrous Game 2 loss in dominating fashion, as they throttled the Clippers from wire to wire en route to a 132-105 victory. Warriors fans, and noted Lakers fan Snoop Dogg, were quite pleased with last night’s effort.

As seen in the video embedded below, Snoop took to instagram after the Clippers Game 3 loss to troll Clippers superfan Clipper Darrell, as well as the rest Clipper nation. 

Kevin Durant led all scorers in Game 3 with 38 points on 14–23 shooting, to go along with seven assists and four rebounds. Golden State built up a 35-point cushion at one point and this time around they didn’t relinquish the lead.

“He came out super-aggressive, in kill mode,” teammate Draymond Green said Durant, according to ESPN. “That was all the difference for us. We took control the game right there in the first quarter and never lost control it.”

“They dissected us,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said. “You kind felt they were going to come in and throw a punch, and we just didn’t respond.”

The Warriors now hold a 2-1 series lead over the Clippers heading into Game 4 on Sunday. That game, airing on ABC, is set to tipf at 3:30pm ET.

Judge Requests Proper Paperwork In Russell Simmons’ Sexual Assault Case

Los Angeles, CA – An anonymous woman who is accusing Russell Simmons of a 1988 sexual assault was in a Los Angeles courtroom on Thursday (April 18). The judge explained to both Simmons’ attorney and the woman’s attorney he needs the proper dismissal paperwork in order to toss out the 31-year-old case.

Simmons’ court docs from last December state the “complaint is based on the outrageous and fictional claim that Mr. Simmons raped her in Sacramento, California in 1988 after threatening to molest her young son. The statute of limitations for a personal injury claim under California law is two years.”

However, the judge explained Simmons didn’t provide any proof of residency or shown he’d even traveled to California — despite currently having two children in Los Angeles schools. Subsequently, the judge refused to sanction the accuser and is demanding the proper paperwork.

The Hip Hop mogul still believes this entire case is nothing more than a ploy for fame. 

“I’m amazed that this is still going on,” Simmons said in a statement to HipHopDX. “That a lawyer can take a ridiculous case like this and cost me a fortune to defend, maybe he should come to Hollywood where extortion is going on everyday and join the fun.

“I think it’s sad he wasn’t sanctioned and it’s sad Hollywood is on fire. The only thing I worry about in this is the constant media affecting my daughters. I tell them almost daily God will sort it out and she will.”

The woman’s lawyer, Douglas Mastroianni, wants to see the case through. He argued in court on Thursday, “Remarkably, while the motion argues that the complaint lacks merit, Russell Simmons does not even file a declaration with the court denying that he raped [her].

“Having fled the jurisdiction — demonstrating both a lack of courage and a lack of responsibility to his victims, Russell Simmons won’t even sign a declaration denying the sexual assault. Yet he asks the court to find the claims have no merit.”

Simmons, who has been on a spiritual retreat in Bali, isn’t deterred.

“Today was a good day in court,” Simmons added in the statement. “The judge suggested we file a summary judgment motion for dismissal based on the California Statue of Limitations, which is two years.

“The plaintiff herself admitted that the alleged incident happened 31 years ago. The fact is her allegations are false. Still, this attempt at extortion is at its end. It’s a matter of paperwork. I’m glad to be on the road to putting this behind me.”

Chris Hemsworth Shares Frustrations With Thor Before "Ragnarok"

Though Chris Hemsworth has long been respected for his portrayal the God Of Thunder in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, it would appear that playing Thor was not always a creatively fulfilling prospect. Speaking with Yahoo Movies UK, Hemsworth opened up about his tenure as Thor, remaining candid about the ups and downs alike. Looking back on the gap between The Dark World and Ragnarok, Hemsworth explained that a stark tonal contrast made all the difference. 

“When we came into Ragnarok, I was sort exhausted what I’d been doing and a little sort underwhelmed by what I was putting out,” reveals Hemsworth. “That was no fault any director or writer, that was me personally. It felt like I’d put myself in a box with what the character could do.” He also explains that they never quite captured a vibe on Dark World, which ultimately led to a more “serious” tone than the team behind it may have been desired.

“It felt like I’d put myself in a box with what the character could do,” he continues. “So on Ragnarok it was about breaking all the rules. Taika, the director, had the guts to just roll the dice, and anything goes. That was so liberating and freeing, to break away from who the character was prior.” Clearly, the additional dose comedy has worked wonders for the character, as Ragnarok’s influence continued to bleed into Infinity War. Hopefully, Endgame will bring forth Hemsworth’s strongest performance to date. 

Teenager Wreaks Havoc In Florida Mall With RKO Finisher, Leading To 2nd Arrest In Weeks

18-year old high school senior Gianny Sosa recently rose to prominence after he was arresting for attempting the RKO on his principal. Before I dig any further into this, it’s worth establishing the origins the RKO finisher, a staple in Randy Orton’s wrestling repertoire. Orton debuted the maneuver in WWE’s developmental territories before joining the hugely popular Evolution headed by a domineering Triple H. 

It didn’t take long for the RKO to become an amateur favorite, due to how easy it is to pull f. That’s probably what Gianny Sosa was thinking when reached for his principal’s neck, not thinking his adult supervisor would press charges. The police report listed Sosa’s infraction as an assault and battery charge, pending a renunciation from the young sputnik (in exchange for his freedom).

Sosa didn’t have to wait long to continue the course from within the precinct – because, within a week, the high school senior was back in the bing over some drama. This time out, Sosa emulated “the legend killer,” by focusing on an inanimate alligator set up in the local mall. Hate to say it, but with every passing day, the “Florida Man” meme gains a little more clout. Turns out, the wax statue was valued at $3,690. The repairs will likely come out Sosa’s allowance if his parents hadn’t already dispatched  him in the buildup to his second arrest.

Lil B Drops 42-Track Mixtape "28 Wit A Ladder"

Curse master Lil B has made his entrance into 2019 with a 42-track mixtape, 28 Wit a Ladder. The new tape follows his two records from last year, Platinum Flame and Options.

The lengthy tracklist is nothing new from Lil B, who’s known to drop a ton of music all at once. His cult-like fanbase will remember his 2013 album, 05 Fuck ’em, which had 101 songs.

On his latest tape, The Based God rides topical trends and makes some relevant commentary, with “R Kelly,” “Rip Nipsey Hussle” and even hops on the rap/country wave with “Cowboy Riding Horses in Illinois.”

Stream the two-hour mixtape below.

Lil B Drops 42-Track Mixtape "28 Wit A Ladder"

Nike Wants To Trademark The Word "Footware": Report

When it comes to self-lacing shoes, Nike has been at the forefront that technology. Of course, sneaker and movie nerds will remember the Nike MAG from Back to the Future which was the first shoe to make us think that auto-lacing shoes could actually someday exist. Then, a few years ago, Nike released the Hyper Adapt which was an auto-lacing basketball shoe. While its price tag was a little hefty for the average consumer, there was clearly some potential there. Now, in 2019, we have the Nike Adapt BB which is half the price the original Hyper Adapt and allows users to tie their shoes with an app.

With Nike establishing itself as not just a footwear company but a tech company as well, the brand is now looking to trademark the word “footware,” according to The Fashion LawThe word is a hybrid between “footwear” and “stwear” and would be used to describe any Nike shoe that contains the same technology found in the Adapt BB.

Nike Wants To Trademark The Word "Footware": Report


More specifically, the word would be used to describe sneakers with “computer hardware modules for receiving, processing, and transmitting data in Internet things electronic devices; electronic devices and computer stware that allow users to remotely interact with other smart devices for monitoring and controlling automated systems.”

What do you think about Nike’s recent tactic?


Rapper Q Money MIA & Wanted By Police For Murder

The latest news surrounding Q Money indicates the rapper is wanted by the police for murder. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the “Countin’ Up A Check” artist was involved in a deadly dispute within a South Dekalb County home on Monday. Qamar Williams, formally known as Q Money, spent his stay there along with three other individuals which included the victim. The housemates were awakened by the sound shots fired following a heated commotion. Reports cite the roommates seized the gun from Q Money and kicked him out the house. The rapper has been MIA since. 

Apparently, this would not be the rapper’s first run-in with the law. Since getting signed to Warner Brothers last year, Williams had several run-ins with the law. On the set a video shoot back in Cleveland during the summer last year, gunfire ensued. The incident left six people significantly wounded and one person dead. Charges were reportedly dropped against the men involved. 

The timing the murder follows the rapper’s most recent song release “Neat” which features Hip Hop comrades Young Dolph, Peewee Longway, and YFN Lucci. Now with charges ficially applied and Q Money on the loose, the ordeal may suffice to severely hamper his career. 

Kim Kardashian Steps Out In Adidas Yeezy Basketball Sneaker: Photos

Kanye West and Adidas are reportedly gearing up to release the first Yeezy basketball sneaker this Spring, adding to the ever-growing line that already includes Yeezy Boost 350 V2s, Yeezy Boost 700s and Yeezy Boots.

The Adidas Yeezy Basketball “Quantum” has surfaced numerous times over the 12 months, including on the feet Kanye himself. The sneakers were most recently spotted on the feet Kim Kardashian, fuelling even more rumors that the release isn’t far f.

Check out the on-foot photos in the IG post embedded below.

The “Quantum” rendition the yet-to-be-released Yeezy Basketball sneaker features a combination grey and black on the upper, accompanied by reflective 3M detailing. Adidas has not yet announced any release details but all signs point to a Spring 2019 launch. Stay tuned for additional details.

In the meantime, check out the upcoming “Analog” Yeezy Boost 700, as well as the new black Yeezy Boost 350 V2.

Wendy Williams’ Husband To Dip From Show With $10 Million Payout

Drama continues with Wendy Williams and her estranged husband Kevin Hunter. Things went all the way left since Wendy savagely served her husband divorced papers in a bow-tied wrapped gift. Despite the publicly issued apology Hunter made earlier this week on rectifying wrongs and putting family first, Williams remained dedicated to tooting and booting her long-time husband. 

Wendy Williams' Husband To Dip From Show With $10 Million Payout

Johnny Nunez/Wire/Gettys

The relationship crumbled since Hunter’s alleged affair with 10-year mistress, Sharina Hudson. While their affair resulted in a love child, Kevin Hunter’s Ferrari gift to Sharina was what pushed Wendy to the edge. Since then, the 54-year old television personality has been taking serious measures to keep her distance. In fact, reports indicate Williams increased the level security on set to ensure Kevin Hunter stayed away from her. Though, the new word on the street is that Kevin Hunter won’t be leaving without getting all his coins. 

According to BOSSIP, an informed source claims the couple’s parting will result in Hunter receiving a weighty settlement $10 million dollars. Kevin Hunter served as an executive producer to the “Wendy Williams Show” since its debut 10 years ago. Should it be true, the latter is certain to add more insult to injury for Wendy Williams. 

We await for more details on the situation. 

Soulja Boy’s Home Robbed While He Was in Jail

Soulja Boy was the victim of a robbery.

Just days after he was jailed for a probation violation, the rapper’s Agoura Hills, Calif. home was burglarized. A caretaker called police Monday night (April 15) to report the robbery. According to TMZ, the thieves made off with cash, a phone, and tons of jewelry.

The stolen jewelry is reportedly valued around $500,000 and includes chains, earrings, and luxury watches. The burglars also cleaned out the safe in his room, making away with another $100,000 in cash.

The thieves broke into Soulja’s home shortly after it was reported that the rapper was back in custody after violating his probation.

The suspects allegedly even used his stolen iPhone to brag about their criminal activity. A group of five men took over Soulja’s Instagram Live to boast about the theft. They even reached out to Soulja’s celebrity friends, claiming to be his new artists, and asked for features while trying to get their videos posted on their Instagram accounts.

As for Soulja, he remains behind bars and has been unable to do anything about the situation. On Thursday (April 11), he was arrested after a judge ruled he had violated his probation. Cops discovered ammunition in his house while investigating a claim from an ex-girlfriend, who said that Soulja had kidnapped her.

Coachella 2019: Behind The Scenes At YG’s After Party & More

Apart from the headliners, the most attractive feature Coachella is probably the constant stream parties. Pool parties during the day and after parties at night ensure those who ventured out into the desert never even see a glimpse boredom.

Among the lavish party life at Coachella, we ventured out to a gorgeous estate in Palm Springs, hosted by LiveMe, that looked as if a Spanish Lord had lived there in a past life. The sprawling fields were tucked in between a number mountain ranges, giving party-goers a serene view California’s landscape. Although the desert surrounded us, lush green fields swallowed up those attending the moment they stepped onto the estate. Lil Jon made an appearance at the estate pool party, which was also flooded with unequivocally gorgeous women. Tastemakers, fashion designers, models, up-and-coming artists from all genres and walks life, and influencers danced to blaring music, hopped in the pool, and enjoyed an endless supply free food and drinks. Despite the excruciatingly hot weather, smiles were as abundant as the liquor. Typical “party favors” were being dispensed by party-goers in what they hoped was a discreet manner– but it was no secret. This was a rap music video, come to life.

Coachella 2019: Behind The Scenes At YG's After Party & More

Courtesy LiveMe’s 3rd Birthday At Coachella

Sunday night, we headed over to YG’s ficial Coachella after party. The event was being held near the airport, in a deserted area that looked as if YG dropped several stacks to transform it into the pristine party location. Security was tight, but once we gained access, an extensive art installation that beamed blue light in rectangular circles welcomed us in. That was the first and last time that the color blue was seen for the remainder the night, though. Several rooms in the installation were allocated for “VIP” relaxation. Couches and tables were cleanly decorated, and CBD oil vending machines were placed strategically between the regions separating the club on the other side. After purchasing a CBD cartridge, we proceeded into the club setting. The lights were all red, dousing the crowd about 1,700 people in YG’s favorite color. Blunt smoked permeated the air as we made our way over the to the bar. Nipsey Hussle’s music was on heavy rotation, and YG’s entourage could be seen partying just on the other side the club near the DJ booth. An elongated outside patio gave attendees the option to smoke in a less crowded setting. The patio was furnished with plush couches that were shaped as large squares with no backrest. This crowd was different than the pool party. It looked as if YG had invited more than just industry heads; the hood presence was felt and was welcomed. 

Coachella 2019: Behind The Scenes At YG's After Party & More

Cassidy Sparrow/Getty s for Interscope Records

At around 1:30 PM two groups got into an altercation at the back half the party. The security was on the fight in an instance, splitting up the madness and escorting one party out while detaining the other. They planned on walking one party to their cars before allowing the other party to leave. After roughly 15 minutes, we heard three very distinct gunshots. They sounded as if they came from a pistol. The crowds inside the party began to pour out the doors like ants that were just cornered by fire. Cars in the parking lot careened over barriers on their way out. As we reported, no one was injured, and police are still searching for a suspect. The party was shut down though, ending a weekend filled with amazing performances. 

For more on our experience at Coachella, head here for HNHH’s top five moments.