Aspiring Producer 'Rehggalla' Submits Crunchy Dubstep Track and Scores a Feature

When we first started thatDROP we were immediately inundated with song submissions, sadly it was more than we could handle. Once we initiated the $18 submission fee, it narrowed the submissions to only the best of the best. DJ’s and Producers that believed in their sound above all else, and were willing to hand over a few sheckles to guarantee we’d give it the time of day.

Well, aspiring producer ‘Rehggalla’ submitted a bass-heavy, dubstep wobblefest this morning and scored himself a feature.

You’ve got yet another guy with less than 1,000 followers on SoundCloud and Twitter combined dropping heat through the thatDROP submission. Here is his reward, for $18 this aspiring producer gets a full feature on the site and all of our love.