Kiiara's Low Kii Savage EP Shows Why She Might Be The Emerging Artist of the Year

The “Low Kii Savage” EP was released on March 22, 2016 and consists of 6 perfectly chopped and stimulating songs. Each whispered track in this transcending album will uplift your spirits and calm your senses.

With her gentle but expressive vocals, Kiiara conveys a message of passion and intrigue in her first record.

Her honeyed words intertwine with captivating melodies, creating a myriad of soothing and intoxicating sounds. Kiiara expertly navigates her listeners into a soft electo dream with her tender words simply fractured and skillfully mingled with smooth dance tones. This Illinois artist was signed by Atlantic Records and released her debut single “Gold” in October of last year. Since then, her music has slowly but steadily come to caress the ears of many in the electronic community. Her emanating fame is well deserved and the proof is in this seductive album.

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