Raves R Us: Epic Party In An Abandoned Toys R Us Gets Shut Down

For many folks, the end Toys R Us meant the end the world…or at least an end to their childhood.


With loads Toys R Us stores going out business in the U.S. and the U.K., it’s understandable that some folks would want the store chain to end with a bang.

People in West London had the right idea when they tried to throw an illegal rave in an abandoned Toys R Us building.


However, just as soon as the beautiful idea was birthed, it was soon squashed by the po po.

On March 31, five people were arrested for trying to throw the “Easter Weekend rave,” according to Variety. Right when organizers were going to set up, the cops came in and seized the sound system.


A rave at many people’s first place ecstasy would have been epic.


But course, the world won’t let us have nice things.

Again, R.I.P. Toys R Us.