Betty Moon Shares Her Motivations With Us – Interview

Betty Moon isn’t one to deny who she is. In fact, she embraces it. This self-love and acceptance demonstrated by Betty is what’s given her the confidence to pursue what she wants, and has led to a great amount of success in the music industry. While Betty Moon is pretty busy these days promoting her album Chrome, we got a moment to speak with her on various topics, and heres what she had to say: Image result for betty moon Who is Betty Moon outside the studio? I live the life I sing about in my music, which is really celebrating each moment and being my authentic self every hour of every day. Whether I'm relaxing at the beach, or pulling a 14-hour day shooting videos or recording songs, I’m always at 110% and bringing excitement to the table to keep my team and crew just as motivated as I am. I'm really passionate about experiences, so outside of the studio I'm usually checking out new places around Los Angeles or SoCal, or traveling with my friends and family to new places to soak in. Art, fashion, and music are big parts of my identity, so I'm always making sure I keep my wardrobe fresh and true to my "Betty Moon" style. Live music? Hell yes! Tell me where the next great show is at and I'll be there! What are your thoughts on the rising influence of campaigns and celebrities on ’saving our planet' ? I'm all for it! Celebrities usually use their influence to hawk products by big corporations and collect big checks for it. I think it's a great PR move and ultimately a win-win when a celeb pushes for something that will benefit all of humanity. When a celeb has millions of fans and speaks their voice, the fans listen and often take action. Plus, these campaigns keep the celebrity relevant and shine them in a positive light. I'm actually surprised more celebs haven't used this angle until lately, if I’m being honest. What are some personal affirmations you live by?/ What motivates you to stay consistent? I try and keep a really consistent schedule every morning and night. From the moment I wake up, I'm focused on the big picture but always working on staying in the moment. Some affirmations I live by are "I am worthy", "negative thoughts come and go like the wind, but positivity is here to stay" and "Success is my choice, and I will not live any other way". I have some visualizations throughout my home and office to remind me of these things as well, sometimes we get so busy it's easy to forget those little things. Your favourite all time top three songs? Patti Smith - "Rock n Roll Star" / The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" / James Brown "Payback" Image result for betty moon What are your plans for the future and any special messages to your fans?  For early 2018 it's still full throttle on promotion for ‘Chrome', and fans should keep a lookout for a couple more singles and several music videos shot for the album. I'm also working on the next album, and hope to have something out by this summer or, if not, possibly fall. My goal is to have something fresh every month, and I try to never stray from that. Fans always deserve something new, and in today's fast-paced culture it's wise to keep up with people's need for new material being released often. Any last words from Betty Moon? Any advice you want to give to young artists about life or the music industry? Keep the dream alive by doing something every day to bring those ambitions to life. Nothing is too small, but just like a snowball, keep things moving and the momentum will build. I always tell my friends, just live your best and most authentic life and stay true to yourself. Enjoy each and every moment best you can! Thank you for taking the time to interview me and a HUGE thank you to the fans for listening to my music. Follow Betty Moon on Instagram!