August Alsina Talks Losing His Vision

August Alsina’s sophomore debut, This Thing Called Life, is slated to drop next week (Dec. 11) and he is surely excited for his new project to hit the streets. But he was recently hit with some heartbreaking news. He is losing his eyesight.

In an interview with Billboard, the 23-year-old discussed his degenerative eye disease diagnosis, which was determined in May.

“I went to see a few other doctors, but that was it — I had to accept it,” he said. “It was a very humbling experience. You take that for granted, waking up and being able to see.”

His condition is steadily worsening despite having surgery to try and correct his vision.

“I’ma keep squinting until God takes my vision completely,” he said.

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The New Orleans crooner’s health was in jeopardy last year also when he suffered a series of seizures due to exhaustion.

“I’m a sickly man. I know that all of that has got to be for a reason. All this crazy shit didn’t happen to me just to happen.”

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