G Herbo Only Wants to Be Paid in Tubmans From Now on


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Attention promoters: Chicago rapper G Herbo only wants to be paid in Tubmans from now on, you heard?

It was announced today (April 20) that anti-slavery activist Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson’s ol’ stank ass on the $20 bill. That prompted the Chitown MC to hit Instagram and let every promoter know if you’re not paying him in Tubmans’ you’re fuckin’ up. You can see him make the hilarious proclamation above.

Last year Herbo dropped the best material of his life so far with Ballin’ Like Kobe. Hard but introspective, the project was equally gut-wrenching and liberating. Earlier this year XXL spoke to the young spitter about how his life has changed since achieving some notoriety. During our conversation, he touched on why he’d stopped drinking lean.

“It’s really just a bunch of reasons I had for not drinking lean, he admitted. “I’ve been drinking lean since I was like 15. Lean is a real drug, a very powerful drug. And I was addicted to it. It’s a mind thing. And like, I’m honest, I loved drinking lean but I was always in control. It was really just a matter of me growing up and it was really doing something to my body. Now, there’s a lot of bonuses with it like you save money. It’s a real expensive habit, you know what I’m saying? So it was really me maturing and realizing I don’t really need it and I ain’t letting nothing control me. So, I’m just trying something different. And it’s not even like a phase. I really want to go clean for like at least a year, two years so I can really get in control and meet the milestones I want to meet. Then, maybe get back into that, but not the way I was at first. I control what I do. It was my bad habit.”

A video posted by G Herbo ✨ (@nolimitherbo) on

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