Kevin Gates Claims Stand Your Ground Against Girl He Kicked

Kevin Gates Claims Stand Your Ground Against Girl He Kicked
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Kevin Gates says he was acting in self-defense when he kicked a female fan in Florida last August. TMZ reports that the Baton Rouge native used Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law in new documents filed for the case.

The “I Don’t Get Tired” rapper argues that the fan, Miranda Dixon, grabbed him twice during the performance. Gates says that he gave Dixon a verbal warning after she grabbed him the first time. He claims that when the woman grabbed him a second time, she tried to pull him off the stage. Gates says it was within his right to use force and prevent her from inflicting any injury. The Louisiana native wants the judge to throw out the case.

Kevin Gates was charged with battery over the kicking incident. While Miranda Dixon reportedly remained at the venue for some time, she eventually admitted herself to the hospital and had to undergo a CT scan. Dixon’s mother, Kristy Irelan, spoke to WFLA about the situation a few days later.

“She told me that she was excited to see him and next thing she knows she was kicked in the chest and she was passed out,” Irelan said. “It pisses me off. I don’t care who you are – an NFL player, just a regular person or a rapper – you don’t come to anybody’s hometown and kick anybody – she did not deserve that.”

As Kevin Gates deals with the legal drama, the rapper has plans for his next mixtape. Gates went on Twitter yesterday (April 13) to announce that since his label won’t let him release another album until February 2017, he plans to drop Murder For Hire 2 in the near future.

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