Lil Dicky, Trinidad James and Mystikal Keep Customers Safe in ‘Funny or Die’ Sketch

Lil Dicky, Trinidad James and Mystikal have teamed up to bring some old school fun to an everyday mishap. The three appeared in a new Funny or Die Internet sketch today (April 19) to serve up a cautionary tale about being extra cautious. In the skit titled “Watch Yo Self,” Dicky and Trinidad are working in a local convenience store and discussing gay porn (obviously) when Trinidad drops a jar of pickles. Without a mop or one of those “slippery when wet” signs handy, the guys resort to their secret weapon.

Mystikal is armed and ready. He repurposes his famous adlibs from his 2000 hit single, “Shake It Fast” to make customers aware of the spill in the middle of the store. Mystikal yells “Danger!,” “Watch yourself,” and “Show me what you’re with!” in his signature raspy tone as everyone from the hot ladies to the elderly pass by. But once James finds that “slippery when wet” sign, Mystikal’s duties are done and he goes back in the closet.

This isn’t the first time the trio has worked together. Earlier this month, Dicky, Mystikal and Trinidad teamed up on wax to drop an ode to the thicker ladies in their lives called “Just A Lil Thick (She Juicy)”. The DJ Mustard-produced jam shows off each MC’s flow impeccably and with a booming bassline, it has the makings of an early summer banger.

Get a quick laugh from the three’s skit above, courtesy of Funny or Die.

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