Lil Yachty and iLoveMakonnen Announce Joint Mixtape

Red Dragon and @lilyachty mixtape on the way

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A Lil Yachty and iLoveMakonnen collaboration is in the works. iLoveMakonnen went on Instagram to announce that he and Yachty are collaborating on a mixtape.

“The moment y’all been waiting on, the Red Dragon and…” iLoveMakonnen says as he turns the camera to reveal Lil Yachty.

“It’s lit,” Lil Yachty adds. “We finna make hits on hits on hits.”

No other details were released, but it would not be surprising to see these two drop some music within the month considering the pace at which both men release new records. It will be interesting to see how the carefree Lil Yachty meshes with iLoveMakonnen, who recently admitted he’s worried about the youth in an interview with XXL.

“I am happy. I’m happy with myself. Right now what stressing me is the mindset of the world and young people. It’s a crisis going on out here and muthafuckas don’t even notice,” iLoveMakonnen said. “The crisis is in us. Y’all too caught up in these phones, technologies. You always ready for a goddamn Snapchat update, Twitter update, iOS update, but nigga you ain’t updated. Take some time to power yourself up. Y’all need to start drinking some water. Y’all need to stop eating so many damn foods that’s going to have you lazy and put you in a bad attitude. It might taste good but all that sugary and salty shit isn’t good for your mind and body. Y’all need to start learning this now while you’re young before your 58 years old and needing a kidney replacement, goddamn pills with all these side effects and shit and can’t even enjoy life no more. Take care of yourself now.”

You can check out the entire interview here for iLoveMakonnen’s thoughts on homophobia in hip-hop, his weight loss and much more.

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