Nicki Minaj's Brother Is Was Arrested For Sexual Assault Charges

While Nicki Minaj is out winning music awards, her brother is traveling a path very different from the pop star. According to a recent report from Associated Press, the “Anaconda” rapper’s brother, Jelani Maraj, was recently arrested for sexual assault charges with a teenager. Maraj has been accused of raping a minor, under the age of 13, several times between the months of April and November. He has been charged with first degree rape and first degree sexual-conduct with a child.

The 37 year old was arrested on Tuesday, but was soon transferred to Nassua University Medical Center¬†reasons regarding an unknown medical condition.¬†Maraj was soon released from jail after having a $100,000 bail paid. Sources have confirmed that Minaj paid her brother’s hefty bail, but the rapper has not commented on either the case or Maraj’s bail.