No Malice Names His Top 5 Hip-Hop Albums of All Time

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No Malice has come a long way in the hip-hop game. He first made a name for himself in the early 2000s with his brother, Pusha T as the duo Clipse, the rapper (then going by the name Malice) was pumping out hit after hit with “Grindin’,” “When the Last Time” and “Mr. Me Too.” However, the fame and fortune wasn’t fulfilling enough for him, causing him to take a hiatus from rap.

Since he split from the Clipse, became a devout Christian and created a documentary about his journey, The End of Malice, No Malice is a changed man, but the music is still his calling. While he had been on hiatus from the rap world for almost five years, dropping his first solo album, Hear Ye Him, in 2013, now his new documentary is bringing him back into the conversation. No Malice will be making another impact when he drops his new album, due out this year.

“I plan on releasing one this summer. Let the Dead Bury the Dead is the title,” the 43-year-old rhymer tells XXL. “It’s going to be hard. I’m working with a few cats right now, but I got some tricks in my pocket.”

Malice feels his return to the rap game is needed because of the lack of lyricism these days. “I think my motivation now to rap is the fact that I’m not impressed by anything that I’m hearing now,” he states. “I mean, I don’t know how you can step out of the rap game like I have and come back to it and nothing to me has really changed. As far as rap goes, there are only a handful of lyricists that I appreciate it for being lyricists.”

And although he hails from Virginia Beach, when asked about his thoughts on the best rap albums of all time, he cites East Coast classics from as far back as 1987. From Wu-Tang Clan to Nasty Nas, check out which five rap albums No Malice can’t live without.