Radio Host Alex Jones Blasts Rick Ross For Rapping About Assassinating Donald Trump (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rick Ross has become a target for radio host Alex Jones. The libertarian mouthpiece often referred to as a “conspiracy theorist” took aim at the Miami rapper for his song “Free Enterprise.” The Black Market track includes the lyrics “assassinate [Donald] Trump like I’m [George] Zimmerman.”

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“The fake Rick Ross, the jail guard who preys on black people for MTV. Rick Ross, the fake one, says, ‘Kill Trump.’ Oh, you so hard when you weren’t locking black people up,” Jones told his audience. “Now you teach them how to be thugs so you can lock them up again. You work for the man don’t you Judas goat. You big old fat punk.”

Jones then claimed President Barack Obama was behind Ross rapping about killing Trump. The 41-year-old Texas native is a defender of the billionaire businessman’s bid for the White House, and he has been a supporter of Freeway Rick Ross in the past. The former drug kingpin is a longstanding critic of his Hip Hop namesake.

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Watch Alex Jones video below.