‘RFC’ Video By CMR: Modern Take on Romance

The latest video, ‘RFC’, by CMR (Cash Hendrik Lopez) was just released and I’m already hearing different takes and opinions on it. I always see things a little differently than others, so for all the bloggers and music enthusiasts chalking this up as a ‘party video’, I offer another point of view and perspective. I focus more so on the vibe going on between CMR and Sarah Tucker, the latter of which sings the chorus and is seen throughout the video in different contexts (singing one-on-one with CMR, being driven around in a shopping cart, and present at the party scenes). I think this video tells a story, and it starts with the focus on Tucker--with the close ups. From the get go, it looks as if she is CMR’s love interest, and I think we can all understand why. But the most telling scene is when they are going back and forth, and as her chorus is focused on love, and doing whatever it takes for love, he starts rapping about how he doesn’t want to be tied down, and mimics having cuffs on his wrists. While men being deathly afraid of commitment should come as no shock, Tucker keeps confidently singing--throughout the video, about love. So I think this video is kind of representative of the modern day relationship, or romance itself. He is clearly into her, focuses on just her (even smacking out a drink from a groupie-esque girl at the party) and based on her lyrics, you can see she is committed and views the relationship as serious. It seems that his raps in this regard are his last attempts of letting his need for independence and his love of partying be known, before the inevitable happens and he embraces Tucker’s love. And yes, I am a romantic, but this is what the video meant to me, and in terms of accurately reflecting today’s modern relationship, CMR hit the nail right on the head! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ClBL41iY2jE