Twitter Has Mixed Reactions To Lil Yachty's Funk Flex Freestyle

Hot 97’s Funkmaster Flex and Lil Yachty have long been at odds, with Flex throwing shade at the 20-year-old more than once over the past year. The two appear to have set aside their differences, at least for the moment, because Yachty dropped by the studio to drop a freestyle for the veteran DJ.

Flex recently called out Yachty as an example a wack rapper on Instagram and was seemingly impressed by Lil Boat not only responding but also showing up to the studio.

“At least I can say I did it, whereas I would have been at home wishing I did it,” Yachty said before dropping a two-minute plus freestyle over Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin'” instrumental.

Yachty didn’t get too diverse –or deep — topically, dropping bars like, “Young nigga I’m a prince, could have bought a house in Bel-Air” and “I don’t even watch sports but my backyard like a golf course.” Yachty has never claimed to be a lyrical phenom and apparently, that wasn’t his aim. He showed up to prove he’s not only capable holding his own on the mic but also unwilling to back down from a challenge.

Online response to the freestyle was mixed. Check out a sample the reaction below.