Waka Flocka Receives Medical Attention After Getting Too High In Seattle

Paramedics assisted Flocka after he ate too many weed edibles and smoked 20+ blunts.

Last night saw Waka Flocka returning to Seattle, land of legal marijuana and the city where Flocka once got confused for Richard Sherman by a Seahawks fan. The Turn Up Godz show appeared lit -- possibly too lit -- as Waka ended the night in the hands of paramedics after ingesting more weed than he could handle.

"Aw man. #seattle was too much last night," Flocka wrote on Instagram. "#nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts later."

DJ Whoo Kid was there to perform with Waka and help document the arrival of the medical professionals on the scene. In one photo from earlier in the night, Whoo Kid posed with a 28-gram joint... looks like he stayed away from the edibles though.


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Holy Shit! This 28 grams of Golden Ticket rolled by @beenthere_dabbedthat #seattle #chernobyl9 ?????????

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???????? ??? what the fuck is he thinking about??

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That's the blunt that ? us last night. #seattle @stuntmanphotography ???????

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