Rico Nasty Teams With Kenny Beats For "Anger Management" Album

Rico Nasty has followed up 2018’s Nasty project with an album titled Anger Management. Her latest release is a collaboration with Kenny Beats, who handled much of the production on Nasty.

The Atlantic Records artist’s new album is comprised of nine songs. EarthGang, Baauer and Splurge make guest appearances on the project.

Check out Rico and Kenny’s Anger Management stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Rico Nasty Teams With Kenny Beats For "Anger Management" Album

1. Cold
2. Cheat Code f. Baauer
3. Hatin
4. Big Titties f. Baauer & EarthGang
5. Nasty World (Skit)
6. Relative
7. Mood f. Splurge
8. Sell Out
9. Again

Lil Nas X Might Change His Name Because Nas Is A Legend

Lil Nas X has been in the headlines frequently this month — ever since his monster “Old Town Road” hit was stealthily removed from Billboard’s country charts.

With the spotlight on the viral hitmaker, it’s no shock he’s catching heat from some people regarding his moniker.

After all, there can be only one Nas, right?

It turns out Lil Nas X may not be Lil Nas X for long. On Tuesday (April 23), the Atlanta-bred artist took to Twitter and contemplated changing his name for obvious reasons.

“nas is a legend and i never meant any disrespect by my stage name,” he wrote. “i actually might change it in the future.”

Seasoned actor/old head Michael Rapaport, never one to keep his opinion to himself, chimed in on Lil Nas’ thread and had a few suggestions (loaded with a healthy dose of sarcasm, of course).

“How about Kareem Abdul Jabbar X? Or maybe Rober DeNiro X?” he wrote. “Those are original right?”

Lil Nas has caught flak from plenty of his elders, including Dave East  who called the chart-topping single “wack.” As a result, the Harlem MC was dragged on Twitter from here to old town road.

East ultimately blamed the internet for exaggerating the perceived hatred he has for the song.

“You gonna ask the lil nigga what he thinks about what I say, he ain’t supposed to give a fuck what I say,” East said. “I don’t give a fuck about what nobody says. I couldn’t even get mad [at him]. Internet tried to twist the whole shit.”

Revisit the song below.

50,000-Member ESCA Endorses the AMLC; Slams the NMPA's MLC Bid

Members of the 50,000-strong European Songwriter & Composer Alliance (ESCA) have solidly thrown their weight behind the American Mechanical Licensing Collection (AMLC) in its bid to lead the MLC.

The influential European Songwriter & Composer Alliance (ESCA) has strongly backed the American Mechanical Licensing Collective, or AMLC, in its bid to oversee the US-based Mechanical Licensing Collective.  The strong endorsement also included a sharp rebuke of the NMPA-submitted MLC proposal, which is backed by major music publishers and larger indie pubs like Downtown Music Publishing and Reservoir Media Management.

In an official statement, the group unequivocally backed the AMLC:

Together with many of its members, the European Composer and Songwriter Alliance (ECSA), which represents over 50,000 professional composers and songwriters in 26 European countries, supports the American Music Licensing Collective (AMLC)’s proposal and considers that it is the sole collective capable to meet the challenges of adequately identifying and remunerating all songwriters for their works in full independence.

First of all, the AMLC has excellent administrative and technological capabilities, notably regarding ownership identification, matching and claiming process as well as a well-functioning database of musical works. In comparison with the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA)’s Proposal, the AMLC’s proposal is also the most independent and best placed entity to collect and distribute royalties, including unclaimed accrued royalties.

The ringing endorsement comes with heavy criticism for the National Music Publishers’ Association, or NMPA, which represents the interests of major publishers like Sony/ATV, Warner/Chappell, Universal Music Publishing Group, as well as a number of larger indie publishers and rights owners.

In its rebuke, the ECSA slammed the NMPA-led ‘industry consensus’ group for harboring serious conflicts of interests, while expressing little confidence that overseas publishers would be properly paid.

In conjunction with the certain MMA provisions (that supersede State Property Laws), entrusting the NMPA as the collective would de facto lead to a major conflict of interest since major publishers would have no interest in duly identifying songwriters and distributing the “black box” royalties to them since they would profit from unclaimed increased royalties (distributed according to market shares only). As a result, entrusting the NMPA with the MLC can only lead to further concentration and a lack of diversity in the music sector, leaving the international independent songwriters and their huge repertory behind.

The statement strongly suggests that the NMPA-led group is aiming to improperly claim royalties owed to overseas rights owners, while also shortchanging smaller US-based songwriters and publishers.  Indeed, the language of ECSA’s statement suggests outright animosity towards the NMPA and member pubs like Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG).

“It is worth recalling that the MMA provides that ‘all copyright owners shall have their royalties distributed fairly and no copyright owner may receive special treatment as a result of their position on the Board, its committees, or for any other reason without a reasonable basis,’” the ECSA statement continued (italics by ECSA).

ECSA also criticized the NMPA’s decision to heavily weight their MLC board with publishers instead of songwriters.

“Furthermore, in comparison with most continental Collective Rights Management Organizations (CMOs) in the EU – which are both exercising performance and mechanical rights, where songwriters hold approximately a two third majority on the boards, the MMA establishes that the MLC Board shall consist of 10 representatives of music publishers and 4 professional songwriters. Such an imbalance is already detrimental to all music creators,” the group statement continued.

“Designating the NMPA Proposal as the future MLC could only further exacerbate those concerns as well as the representation of US right holders in the EU.”

In the end, ECSA seems solidly convinced that the NMPA-led MLC means no money for foreign rights owners.

For all those reasons, ECSA believes that the US authorities shall support the AMLC as the only non-conflicted, trustworthy organization with the proper checks and balances to ensure every songwriter one is paid what he deserves and that international songwriters are adequately represented in the decision-making process.

The ECSA endorsement follows a period of hesitation by the Recording Academy.

The influential Academy, which oversees the Grammy Awards, , but urged a closer examination of black box royalty resolution processes.

The Digital Media Association, or DiMA, has yet to endorse either group, but noted that the NMPA’s MLC budget is multiples larger than the AMLC’s proposed outlay.  The NMPA is also calling for a massive staff of 55 employees, while the AMLC is calling for a staff of 11.

In terms of dollar figures, the NMPA group has outlined massive budget of between $25-$40 million annually, an amount criticized as a boondoggle by AMLC leaders.  By contrast, the AMLC is outlining a budget of between $7-$8 million annually.

Dave East Says Lil Nas X Isn’t Supposed To Care About His Opinion On "Old Town Road"

Dave East caused a storm on the Internet after sharing his unpopular opinion on “Old Town Road.” East referred to the song as “super wack” before the Internet exploded on him and brought up the fact that the Harlem native has never had a #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Lil Nas X later dismissed the comments during a recent interview but it doesn’t seem like Dave East is taking fense to it. In fact, the Def Jam signee said that Lil Nas X shouldn’t care what he has to say.

Hopping on Instagram Live, Dave East responded to Lil Nas X’s interview where he said, “I have the No. 1 song in the country. I do not give a fuck what Dave East is saying.” East said that Lil Nas X answered the question correctly but blamed the internet for blowing things out proportion.

“Then y’all gon’ ask the lil n***a what he think about what I say. He’s not supposed to give a fuck about what I say — I don’t give a fuck what nobody say,” he said. “I couldn’t even get mad at lil’ homie. That’s a kid. Doin’ his thing, man. Bad song. Internet tried to twist the whole shit.”

Despite the initial criticism that East faced, Ebro backed up the Harlem emcee, saying he’s “supposed to dislike ‘Old Town Road’ because HipHop needs him to.”

50 Cent Trolls Young Buck’s Alleged Transsexual Relationship & Gets Challenged To Rap Battle

50 Cent continues to antagonize Young Buck over the Nashville-bred artist’s alleged transsexual relationship. Now, a full-fledged beef has emerged after the G-Unit leader taunted his own artist Instagram on Wednesday (April 24).

“Young buck is almost ready to drop his album,” 50 wrote. “He worked hard on this project, I told him his personal choice to date a tran sexual will confuse some of his core audience but with the support of the LGBT he should be fine. New heat coming soon.”

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#50Cent on #YoungBuck 👀😩

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Buck jumped on Instagram Live and slammed his longtime collaborator in response.

“I thought you was 50 Cent,” he said. “I’ve been around you for a long time. I thought you had some real nigga tendencies, homie. I’m a phone call away or a face-to-face meeting away with anything. Nigga, you a real-life sucka trying to manipulate the fans’ minds and play with these people. Telling these people all these ol’ fake ass, false ass lies and shit.”

He also claimed 50 is sabotaging his career behind the scenes. The veteran rapper suggested they should settle their dispute in a rap battle.

“I’m trying to fulfill whatever was there to keep it moving,” Buck said. “You’re trying to sabotage me, pull my music down, send cease and desists everywhere, put up little posts and jokes for laughs while you do weak ass shit behind my back and try to keep me tied to a contract. If you such a real nigga, why don’t you let me go? You understand? And we’ll fight the battle like that. Whatchu scared for, sucka? Line me up like Ja Rule, nigga. Go bar-for-bar with me, nigga. Play that game. You scared? You wanna do sucka shit. You ain’t gonna get away from me though.”

He continued, “All ya little gay games you playing and all that ol’ sucka ass shit you doing around here on social media, this shit don’t work, homie. You understand what I’m saying? Get the fuck out of here. Nigga, you ain’t had a hit—you ain’t even been involved in music. I dare you to pick up a mic and come this way. Nigga, I’ma slice yo ass up … I’ma get away from yo bitch ass and get up out this contract, then I’ma serve you.”

Buck wrapped up his rant by reiterating his challenge and taking a few more shots at 50.

“We gonna see who Ja Rule who, bitch,” he declared. “I’m talking ’bout pick up a microphone, sucka. Fuck all this social media game … You know I’m your partner. I know what’s going on. You know I know you don’t even be running your social media accounts and shit. You dig what I’m saying? You know I know what’s going on. Let’s keep it 100. I’m talking about real raw, pick up a microphone. This is the essence of Hip Hop, nigga. I’ma slice yo ass, nigga … You’re a better comedian than you are a rapper or an actor, nigga. And Power ain’t shit no more. We don’t even watch that shit no more.”

He concluded, “You have these folks thinking a nigga out here with a fucking transsexual. Why you doing shit like this? Man, we looking at you laughing at you, homie. And then you wanna hold me on a contract. You serious? You gonna tell ’em everything, tell ’em the truth. Tell ’em what you really doing. Tell ’em ’bout them cease and desists you sending out. You’re trying to pull my music down. Let’s be real. Let’s speak factual shit. Let’s not try to hide it away from the fans, throw rocks and hide your hands. You know you’re good at throwing rocks and hiding your hands. Don’t forget, nigga, I know you now. Don’t forget I can play your game too.”

Dan Bilzerian Blasted By PETA For Feeding Captive Bear At 4/20 Party

Dan Bilzerian’s 4/20 party has landed him in some hot water with PETA. The “King Of Instagram” held a party in Los Angeles this past weekend to celebrate the cannabis-centric holiday but the appearance a captive bear has prompted the animal rights group to file documents with the Los Angeles Department Animal Service in hopes that he’d be hit with a $100K fine.

Dan Bilzerian Blasted By PETA For Feeding Captive Bear At 4/20 Party
Michael Loccisano/Getty s

PETA’s been keeping a look out on Dan Bilzerian over the past few years. The millionaire-socialite shared a video himself hand-feeding a captive bear at his 4/20 party. PETA’s accusing Dan, as well as Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife, failing to acquire the proper permits to have a live bear in the open. They filed docs against Martin and Dan to the CA Department Fish and Wildlife and L.A. Department Animal Services, claiming there were no proper permits to have a bear out in the open.

“Bears belong in the wild, not in captivity, pimped out as props by shameless pseudo-celebrities like Bilzerian for Instagram ‘likes,’” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “PETA is calling on authorities to throw the book at scflaw animal exhibitor Steve Martin and the man who hired him for this dangerous stunt.”

PETA’s urging ficials to fine Martin for not keeping a safe-distance between party-goers and the bear while calling for Dan to be fined.

Dan responded to their claims, saying that he loves animals and that he also appreciate those fighting for animal rights. However, he believes PETA simply is trying “to do the typical internet bandwagon on whatever is popular and come after me for feeding what seemed to be a very healthy happy bear, that was rescued at a young age.” He added that the company could, “They can suck my d**k.”  

Sony/ATV Inks Worldwide Deal With Hit Machine Mustard

Sony/ATV Music Publishing has signed a new worldwide deal with Grammy-winning songwriter, artist, and producer Mustard.

The new deal marks the first big signing since Jon Platt joined Sony/ATV as chairman and CEO. Mustard won Best R&B Song at this year’s Grammy Awards for his work on Ella Mai’s hit ‘Boo’d Up’.

Mustard — born Dijon McFarlane — has established himself as one of the hottest talents in R&B and hip-hop.  His work includes a number of worldwide smashes, including Big Sean’s ‘I Don’t Fuck With You,’ Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me,’ and Lil Dicky and Chris Brown’s ‘Freaky Friday’.

Mustard also worked with YG on his debut album My Krazy Life, helping the rapper write and produce the release.  The album quickly became a chart-topper.

A successful recording artist in his own right, Mustard’s latest single, ‘Pure Water’ featuring Migos, debuted in January.

Mustard is also one of the main producers of an upcoming album from Meek Mill and Nipsey Hussle.

That promises to be a heavily-hyped album given Hussle’s untimely death and heavily-celebrated legacy.  Mustard will also serve as the executive producer for YG and Ella Mai’s next albums.

Sony/ATV head Jon Platt lauded the new deal, saying Mustard’s talents underpin some of the biggest artists in the industry.

“Jennifer [Drake] and I are excited to welcome him to the Sony/ATV family and look forward to what is shaping up to be a significant next phase of his already successful career.”

Mustard’s creative talent and reputation as a hitmaking producer obviously led to the signing, though the producer/DJ aims to further build his considerable catalog at Sony/ATV.

“Happy to join Jennifer and Big Jon at Sony/ATV where I already have friends in the building and have seen the good work they can do with my music. “

Sony/ATV Inks Worldwide Deal With Hit Machine Mustard

Dwyane Wade Generating Interest From ESPN & TNT As An Analyst

Dwyane Wade went on an epic farewell tour this year as he announced at the beginning the season that this would be his last year in the league. Wade won three NBA titles in his 16 seasons, with all three coming during his time with the Miami Heat. Wade spent a couple seasons with the Chicago Bulls although that part his career has been forgotten by most his fans.

With Wade retired from the game basketball, he is already starting to receive interest from television networks such as ESPN and TNT. According to a report from The New York Post’s Andrew Marchand, both networks could potentially want Wade as a TV analyst. As for ESPN, Wade could be added to NBA: Countdown should the network want to change things up personnel wise. When it comes TNT, Wade could be added to Inside The NBA with Shaq, Charles Barkley, and Kenny Smith.

Dwyane Wade Generating Interest From ESPN & TNT As An Analyst

James Devaney/GC s

In the report, it states that both networks are currently making pitches to Wade and are even considering him for as early as this year’s playfs. Wade’s transition to television could be a quick one, although the star has never made it clear as to whether he’d be open to a career in broadcasting.

From Kanye To Uzi: What Does Streaming’s Ability To Alter Music Mean For The Album?

Embroiled in one the more bitter contractual disputes we’ve seen in recent years, fans Lil Uzi Vert were relieved when his first ficial track since 2018 emerged. Hot on the heels his reinterpretation G Herbo’s “Gangway” on the short-lived “Free Uzi,” the man that had felt stifled by DJ Drama’s Generation You imprint came back with a vengeance on “Sanguine Paradise.” Initially leaked under the title “Money Keep Coming,” his audience were left bewildered when the track’s beat was switched out just days afters its release. By reverting back to the original Working On Dying production, it has relegated the MIDI horns to the cutting room floor and expunged the first incarnation its “ficial” release from all streaming services. Met with a polarizing response from his fanbase, it recalls the commotion that the formerly “retired” Pittsburgh MC caused when there were alterations made to his worldwide smash “Xo TOUR Llif3.” With listeners torn between the original and the “remastered” edition, Lil Uzi’s penchant for amending music in real-time strikes to the heart a huge debate in the music industry. Although it segues f into different areas the landscape, the prevailing question is as follows: Is the ability to amend music on streaming services a good or bad thing?

From Kanye To Uzi: What Does Streaming's Ability To Alter Music Mean For The Album?

Kevin Mazur/Getty s 

Above all others, one man that emphatically brought this debate to the table is Kanye West. A tactic first enlisted by Ye back in 2016, it allowed for his seventh record The Life Of Pablo to undergo numerous shifts and alterations. When he live-streamed “Yeezy Season 3” at Madison Square Garden, conventional wisdom dictated that what we and the 20 million others that tuned into to watch the album’s first spin would be hearing the finished article. Yet as we’d soon come to realize, the record was and still technically is, subject to change. Between its initial release and January 2018, the album underwent a number renovations and refurbishments. Consisting changes to its tracklisting, additional samples and tweaks in its production, this interchangeable approach to a record was in adherence to his rhetoric during this period. Unveiled at a time where his relationship with Tidal was at its apex, Ye had decided to leave physical copies behind and placed all his eggs in the streaming basket. A month after TLOP’s rollout, he made it clear that the album would only ever exist interactively rather than the industry standardized format that his previous project had laid to rest: “the Yeezus album packaging was an open casket to CDs r.i.p. uuuuuuum, so there it is… No more CDs from me.” Although it may have seemed like a sweeping generalization, this claim correlated with his belief that TLOP wasn’t an album in the traditional sense but more a “a living breathing changing creative expression.”

Two years on, Kanye has quietly back peddled on his grim prognosis towards physical media. For 10 or 15 dollars a pop, fans could have copies Ye whisked f to their home from his online shop. That being said, it hasn’t changed his stance on altering tracks after they’ve been completed. Back in November 2018, Yeezy made some decisive changes to album opener “I Thought About Killing You.” Given his desire to revisit his work, it could be argued that this is the optimal way for Kanye to release music and– if Working On Dying’s Brandon Finessin is to be believed– it may be the best tactic for Uzi to employ as well. In a recent interview with Genius, Brandon inadvertently outlined why this fluidity and leeway would take a lot the strain f the recording process: “It’s tough because he’s such a perfectionist that we’ve probably had 11 versions Eternal Atake. He records every day. But he’s not gonna put it out until he feels like every one is to his liking, and sometimes that pace is gonna be slower than what his fans like.” In the case notoriously fickle artists such as Ye and Uzi, the technological advances that are afforded by streaming could be a way to quell any nagging creative dissatisfaction that they may have.

From Kanye To Uzi: What Does Streaming's Ability To Alter Music Mean For The Album?

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty s 

While some see this as a death knell for the art the album as we know it, the British Phonographic Industry’s head Gef Taylor sees that as little more than scaremongering. At an event in 2018, Taylor proclaimed this to be a rebirth for the entire concept a project as a cohesive body work: “Some commentators have been quick to consign the album to the great format graveyard in the sky. But the album is not some fixed physical thing. It’s an idea, a concept, that is used by both artists and fans to provide a richer experience music… We see the album as a canvas that the artist can use to tell a story or communicate an idea. An album can also evolve through time. The elements an album aren’t fixed: they can be added to or remixed by the artist, so the album becomes an ever-changing body work.”

Concluding with the quip “if it’s good enough for Kanye, it should be good enough for a lot other artists,” Taylor’s outlook is one that’s receptive to the deconstruction the album or song in its conventional parameters and into something that can be altered at any time. A modernist approach to art that trades out timelessness for transformations, the concern lies in whether this could damage the prospect a “classic” track or album due to the fact that they will never be frozen in time. In this sense, the power to edit on command could become something a double-edged sword that artists the past were unburdened by. If Nas had any reservations about Illmatic or Pac wanted to add an extra track to All Eyez On Me, these issues were time-sensitive and couldn’t be rectified at a later date. Now that the weight finality is removed from their shoulders, it could mean that albums the future would be trotted out with haste and gradually amended later. In many ways, this is diametrically opposed to the immersive experience picking up a record from the store and consuming every single bar and note that they’d laid down for eternity.

However, those that refuse to heed the call progress are destined to be left behind. Drilled home by Billie Eilish’s revelation that she’d never bought a CD, the industry is now led by those who’ve grown up on the internet and its culture instant gratification. So rather than grieve over the loss our perception music’s immortality, we should perhaps be more concerned that the algorithms and bureaucracy that comes with streaming has meant that it is now playing an active role in the creative process. In order to appease the services’ systems, songs are being made shorter in order to maximize their impact. Coupled with the phenomenon artists padding their track lists purely to make as much money as possible from revenue, it seems as though the rules these services enforce are far more harmful than Kanye, Drake, Uzi or any other artist deciding to slyly reconfigure some their material.

Whatever the future holds, what we can say with certainty is that the mechanics the music industry will never be the same. Now, there’s nothing to do but watch it unfold and see whether this power to amend is to the benefit or detriment the genre that we know and love.

Do you think this is a positive or negative development for the music industry? Sound f in the comments below.

Childish Gambino’s "Algorythm" Song Arrives On "Pharos" AR App

The scope Donald Glover’s artistic vision extends beyond the traditional. With a seemingly boundless well creativity from which to draw, Gambino has been increasingly busy late, forging out a unique and eclectic musical path. Now, he’s come through and delivered an innovative means discovering his “Algorythm” song, which has been a recent staple during some his live shows. According to Pitchfork, Gambino’s unreleased single can be heard by downloading his Augmented Reality Android app “Pharos,” and experiencing the “reality” with headphones. 

Childish Gambino's "Algorythm" Song Arrives On "Pharos" AR App

Kevin Winter/Getty s

Should you be interested in hearing the ficial version “Algorythm,” all you need to do is download the App and partake accordingly. It’s not entirely dissimilar to Radiohead’s “Polyfauna,” which launched back in 2014. With “Pharos,” users will find themselves staring at a 3D world, where they can trigger aural phenomena by pointing their screen at neon symbols. Eventually, you’ll be able to build the full song, which may prove too large an ask for the impatient folk. 

How do you feel about experimental releases such as this? Are you feeling it, or are you simply hear for the streaming? 

Karlie Redd Blasted By Party DJ For "Eating Out Pooh’s Cookie Jar"

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returned for an 8th season back in March and as such, the series continues to wow viewers with impending drama. At the highlight the show’s primary storylines stands reality television star Karlie Redd, both jolly and in high spirits following her engagement to new beau Maurice “Mo” Fayne.

Karlie Redd Blasted By Party DJ For "Eating Out Pooh's Cookie Jar"

 Prince Williams/Getty s

Earlier this season, a newly introduced cast member named Pooh Hicks made her debut on the show. The housewife was quickly linked to Karlie once she mentioned not having been invited to the anticipated engagement party. In an attempt to sort things out, Pooh showed up to Karlie’s store with questions. Karlie Redd revealed she no longer wished to affiliate with Pooh, resulting in an exchange insults and injuries.

As Pooh became Karlie’s arch nemesis, the ex-friend found herself doubly uninvited to the television personality’s engagement party. Though, in true Love & Hip Hop messiness, it did not stop there. After sharing heartfelt words appreciation with her future husband, Karlie received an unexpected message from her nemesis the DJ she hired to spin at her party. Che Mack, the DJ in charge, proudly revealed to be Pooh’s friend and delivered an insulting message where she exposed Karlie for munching on Pooh’s cookies. Awkward…

In this situation, I believe the saying “don’t shoot the messenger” fails to apply. 

IDK Stops His Show To Console A Crying Fan

Every so ten, the hip-hop world comes through with a genuinely wholesome moment. Such was indeed the case during a recent IDK concert at Virginia Tech, where he began performing his IWASVERYBAD track “No Shoes on the Rug, Leave Them at the Door.” The song stands as the album’s emotional centerpiece, with IDK reflecting on his late mother’s influence and impact on his life. As such, it’s likely to trigger an emotional response in anybody dealing with loss, given the stark vulnerability IDK puts forward. During the concert, the song proved so powerful that it moved a young man to tears.

When IDK took notice, he stopped the music and addressed the young man. “It’s all good, it’s all love over here,” says IDK, prompting cheers from the audience. After hugging the rapper, the fan reveals that “No Shoes on the Rug, Leave Them at the Door” helped bring him and his hip-hop hating mother together after a troubled history. Upon hearing the young man’s perspective, IDK appears visibly moved.

“I make music and it’s always about how I feel personally,” he reflects. “I put it into these songs, I never really think about exactly how it can affect the next person who listens to it. Right now, you gave me a lot more perspective. So I want to say thank you. For real, I appreciate you. Thank you for telling me that.” Respect to IDK for being a man the people! 

IDK Stops His Show To Console A Crying Fan


Kit Kat Reveals New Permanent Flavour

Your beloved snappable candy bar is about to introduce a new friend. There have been rumours for weeks about a possible new flavour being cooked up at the Nestlé headquarters but finally, an ficial announcement has been made. Kit Kat hasn’t introduced a new permanent flavour to their collection candy bars in nearly ten years but they’re ready to unveil a new vibe for our taste buds, coming through with the Kit Kat Duos Mint and Dark Chocolate.

Kit Kat Reveals New Permanent Flavour

The only unfortunate thing about the announcement is that we’ll have to wait until wintertime to try out the new mini bar. Hopefully, it will be worth the wait. The new Kit Kat will combine two flavours as suggested in its title. The top layer will be minty and the bottom layer will be composed dark chocolate. In the middle, the same familiar wafer will be completing the delicious treat’s blueprint. 

As noted by Thrillist, it makes sense that Kit Kat would wait until the end the year to roll out the new flavour. With all the winter holidays happening around December, mint is always in season during the later months so it only makes sense that their new mini bars would be made available then. Gotta capitalize on the season, right? Will you be trying to new item?

ScHoolboy Q’s "CrasH Talk" Survived 3 Versions

Calabasas, CA – ScHoolboy Q scrapped three albums worth of material before settling on his upcoming CrasH Talk LP. In a feature story for GQ, the Top Dawg Entertainment artist revealed he axed multiple projects that could’ve been his follow-up to 2016’s Blank Face.

According to Q, he canned two albums because “they were trash.” His third attempt was stopped by labelmates Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, who told him it wasn’t up to par for his next release.

The GQ article also details how Q’s new hobby, golfing, has changed his life.

“Being in the house so damn much can drive you crazy,” he said. “Golf taught me patience, and you need that in the music industry, because this shit is evil.”

He noted, “I’d be in the house smoking weed, just waiting to go to the studio every day. That’s not a good life. That brings on depression. You know how bad it is when you’re going through all this shit in your head and all you’re doing is going to the studio and back home? It’s toxic for your kid, too.”

Q’s CrasH Talk is scheduled to drop this Friday (April 26). Listen to the latest single from the project below.

Pornhub Releases List Of The Most Popular "Avengers: Endgame" Searches

Avengers: Endgame opens in theatres tomorrow night, finally marking the end a storied franchise and nearly introducing a new phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People could not be any more excited to go see the movie in theatres over the weekend and with an almost perfect rating on Rotten Tomatoes after the early reviews came in, you can bet that a lot people will be smiling on their way out. Apparently, the film will elicit an entire range emotions. You’ll cry, laugh, smile, and scream during the three-hour long flick but it will all be worth it in the end. Apparently, some people have been getting a little too excited because Pornhub has enough data to release a list the most popular search terms related to the movie on their website. Can you guess what made the Top 5?

Pornhub Releases List Of The Most Popular "Avengers: Endgame" Searches
Men’s Health

As reported by Men’s Health, searches for Avengers-related material has increased by 2912% in the last week. When Avengers: Infinity War was released, there was only a 356% increase in searches. Data can prove that much the popularity Avengers porn has to do with the introduction Captain Marvel into the MCU. People have been seriously digging the new female superhero and, unsurprisingly, she became the top search term on PH related to the movie. Following her are Black Widow, Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, and others. 

As Complex points out, Ant-Man was left f the list, which is a little shocking after a popular fan theory presumed that the character crawled up Thanos’ ass during the Infinity War.

Pornhub Releases List Of The Most Popular "Avengers: Endgame" Searches
Men’s Health