Dan Bilzerian Blasted By PETA For Feeding Captive Bear At 4/20 Party

Dan Bilzerian’s 4/20 party has landed him in some hot water with PETA. The “King Of Instagram” held a party in Los Angeles this past weekend to celebrate the cannabis-centric holiday but the appearance a captive bear has prompted the animal rights group to file documents with the Los Angeles Department Animal Service in hopes that he’d be hit with a $100K fine.

Dan Bilzerian Blasted By PETA For Feeding Captive Bear At 4/20 Party
Michael Loccisano/Getty s

PETA’s been keeping a look out on Dan Bilzerian over the past few years. The millionaire-socialite shared a video himself hand-feeding a captive bear at his 4/20 party. PETA’s accusing Dan, as well as Steve Martin’s Working Wildlife, failing to acquire the proper permits to have a live bear in the open. They filed docs against Martin and Dan to the CA Department Fish and Wildlife and L.A. Department Animal Services, claiming there were no proper permits to have a bear out in the open.

“Bears belong in the wild, not in captivity, pimped out as props by shameless pseudo-celebrities like Bilzerian for Instagram ‘likes,’” says PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange. “PETA is calling on authorities to throw the book at scflaw animal exhibitor Steve Martin and the man who hired him for this dangerous stunt.”

PETA’s urging ficials to fine Martin for not keeping a safe-distance between party-goers and the bear while calling for Dan to be fined.

Dan responded to their claims, saying that he loves animals and that he also appreciate those fighting for animal rights. However, he believes PETA simply is trying “to do the typical internet bandwagon on whatever is popular and come after me for feeding what seemed to be a very healthy happy bear, that was rescued at a young age.” He added that the company could, “They can suck my d**k.”  

Karlie Redd Blasted By Party DJ For "Eating Out Pooh’s Cookie Jar"

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta returned for an 8th season back in March and as such, the series continues to wow viewers with impending drama. At the highlight the show’s primary storylines stands reality television star Karlie Redd, both jolly and in high spirits following her engagement to new beau Maurice “Mo” Fayne.

Karlie Redd Blasted By Party DJ For "Eating Out Pooh's Cookie Jar"

 Prince Williams/Getty s

Earlier this season, a newly introduced cast member named Pooh Hicks made her debut on the show. The housewife was quickly linked to Karlie once she mentioned not having been invited to the anticipated engagement party. In an attempt to sort things out, Pooh showed up to Karlie’s store with questions. Karlie Redd revealed she no longer wished to affiliate with Pooh, resulting in an exchange insults and injuries.

As Pooh became Karlie’s arch nemesis, the ex-friend found herself doubly uninvited to the television personality’s engagement party. Though, in true Love & Hip Hop messiness, it did not stop there. After sharing heartfelt words appreciation with her future husband, Karlie received an unexpected message from her nemesis the DJ she hired to spin at her party. Che Mack, the DJ in charge, proudly revealed to be Pooh’s friend and delivered an insulting message where she exposed Karlie for munching on Pooh’s cookies. Awkward…

In this situation, I believe the saying “don’t shoot the messenger” fails to apply. 

Interview: French Rapper Rilès Dispels Myths & Spits Bars

New York, NY – Hosting your listening party at Quad Studios in New York City is a bold move…especially if you know your Hip Hop history.

For what it’s worth, Algerian-by-way-of-France rapper Rilès does know his Hip Hop history, and he seems humbled — cowed, even — to be in such an energetically-charged place to host the listening party for his upcoming debut album on Republic Records, a division of Universal Records.

“This is amazing,” he tells HipHopDX exclusively. “Never did I think I would be here.”

By “here,” of course, he means not just in New York City — not just in Quad Studios — but having a rap career that he used to only dream about when he was growing up in Rouen, a small city that sits on the River Seine in the north of France. Born Rilès Kacimi, the budding Hip Hop star is quick to point out that, despite the American stereotype of France being nothing but baguettes, fine cinema, the Eiffel Tower, and strolling along the Champs-Elysees to shop at the haute couture shops, the struggle is just as real in France as it is in the United States.

“Poverty is everywhere,” he said. “Racism, everywhere. Struggle, everywhere. No country is immune to it. Not even France. And I, too, had to struggle. And that’s what I explore in my music.”

“His music,” of course, has a distinctly European flavor (which is to be expected, especially if authenticity is the goal), but one that’s become wildly popular in a short period of time. He gained notoriety in his home country when he composed, mixed and mastered 1 song per week for a year with no songs already pre-made. The challenge garnered huge exposure for him and he independently racked up over 250 million views on his YouTube channel (which, as of this writing, sits pretty with 1.2 million subscribers). He went on to sell out his first tour with more than 30 shows throughout Europe and North Africa, at venues with 10,000 + capacities.

Despite his obvious creativity, talent, and yes, success — including directing and editing all of his visuals — Stateside success eluded him. But he hopes that this will change with his upcoming tour of the United States, and his soon-to-be-released debut album on Republic Records, a division of Universal Records.

“For many artists in Europe, there’s nothing they want more than to be American superstars,” he said. “I hope to be amongst them.”

Follow Riles on YouTube and on Instagram.

YG Announces Release Date For His 6ix9ine Diss Track "Stop Snitchin"

Coachella’s first weekend was a blast with plenty noteworthy moments (which you can read about here) and now that the second weekend has been completed, we wait until next year to prance around in the desert with our closest friends. YG was a staple at this year’s festival, performing with a slew special guests and hosting his own after-party nearby. Unfortunately, his party ended with gunfire as everybody rushed to safety but nobody has been reported as injured. The Compton rapper performed his upcoming single “Stop Snitchin” for the first time at Coachella, displaying photos Tekashi 6ix9ine and Skinnyfromthe9 on the screen behind him. The song is meant to be directed at snitches all shapes and sizes but those two were singled out. In case you were tired replaying the low-quality audio rips from the live stream, you’ll be glad to know that the ficial track releases in just a few hours.

YG Announces Release Date For His 6ix9ine Diss Track "Stop Snitchin"
Scott Dudelson/Getty s

“Stop Snitchin” will serve as one YG’s singles before his next album is released. 4REAL 4REAL is expected to arrive on May 3 but tonight, we’ll be hearing a taste what we can expect from it. The artist shared a photo his cover art, which appropriately includes an illustration a rat front-and-centre.

Stay tuned for the single release tonight and be sure to jot down May 3 on your calendar because that’s when we can jam out to YG’s new album.

Parent Throws Their Child An "NBA YoungBoy" Themed Birthday

It’s no secret that NBA YoungBoy enraptures many who cross his path. Women have tattooed his face onto their skin, flocked him with impure intentions, tattooed his face onto their skin, pressed undying love for him, tattooed his face onto their skin, the list goes on. The spell he casts upon his admirers can turn a fan to a Stan in an almost supernatural fashion. Today, another dazzling display YoungBoy worship has come to fruition, in the form the world’s first “NBA YoungBoy-” themed birthday party.

Parent Throws Their Child An "NBA YoungBoy" Themed Birthday

Paras Griffin/Getty s

Footage the three-year old’s bash reveals some the YoungBoy-themed decor, which includes YoungBoy cardboard cut-outs, YoungBoy goodie bags, and a lavish YoungBoy altar used to house the presents, which are presumably YoungBoy albums. There’s no telling whether this party was held for a YoungBoy or a YoungGirl, but the parents certainly went the extra mile to commit to the theme. 

Have you found yourself enraptured by YouTube’s biggest artist? Rest assured that you are not alone. There are several who would proudly sport his visage upon their arm. Judge not, for who knows? Perhaps you shall one day join their ever-growing ranks.

Beyoncé's Lemonade Drops on All Major Streaming Music Platforms – Digital Music News

Three years ago today, Beyoncé released her critically-acclaimed album, Lemonade, exclusively on Jay-Z’s streaming music platform, TIDAL.

The female singer didn’t make the same mistake Kanye West had.

On social media, West vowed never to release his album, The Life of Pablo, on any other music service.  A single Twitter post the rapper and TIDAL to quietly settle a potentially costly lawsuit earlier this year.  Jay-Z’s music service under criminal investigation for knowingly inflating Lemonade and The Life of Pablo streams for higher royalty payouts.

According to sources, and unlike West, Beyoncé hadn’t claimed her album would remain a TIDAL-exclusive.  Instead, Lemonade would only stay exclusive “in perpetuity.”

Through the album’s exclusivity on TIDAL, Beyoncé reportedly helped the platform gain more subscribers, sacrificing streaming revenue from other services.

Now, the singer has made the album available on all major streaming platforms.

Welcoming Lemonade to Apple Music and Spotify.

The album’s release on major streaming platforms follows other recent moves by the singer.

Six days ago, Netflix a Beyoncé documentary dubbed Homecoming.  The documentary coincided with an unexpected live album release.

The Homecoming documentary and 40-song live album center around Beyoncé’s performance at last year’s Coachella festival.  This includes rehearsal footage and other previously-unseen backstage moments.

In addition to both releases, the singer a three-part deal to produce multiple projects with Netflix.

The video streamer had apparently outbid HBO to secure the rights to Beyoncé’s documentary.  Netflix’s previous experience with music-related content includes Gaga: Five Feet Two and Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened.

The release of Lemonade on major music streaming platforms includes an original demo version of ‘Sorry.’  The 13-track album features appearances by Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd, and James Blake.

In addition to her current projects, Beyoncé will voice Nala in Disney’s upcoming live remake of The Lion King.


Featured image by Nat Ch Villa (CC by 2.0).

Offset Shares Photo Of Besties Kulture & Kalea

Offset took his parenting duties to social media today with a shared post his two daughters, Kulture and Kalea. Kalea is Offset’s eldest daughter and stems from a previous relationship with mother Shya L’amour. On the other hand, Kulture is Offset’s newest addition to the family, a baby he proudly went half on with rapper Cardi B. The “Clout” rapper has two more children and all four them graced the cover  hs Father Of 4 album. 

This morning, Offset gave his 11.8 million followers an exclusive look at the warm bond between the sisters. In the posted video, best friends Kulture and Kalea are seen spending some sister time with one another. Kulture lies on the couch as Kalea dangles a princess mirror and a toy. The captured moment is giving major cuteness overload. The caption tied to the post reads: “SAY HI TO KULTURE & KALEA THEY LOVE EACH OTHER.”

Earlier this week, Cardi posted a photo herself, Offset and their adorable daughter Kulture as they shared glances on Easter Sunday. It seems the couple is getting more and more comfortable sharing photos their children. And as such, fans can only be delighted. 

T.I. & Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle Episode 2 Season 2: Marriage Reconciliation Continues

In this week’s T.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle episode, LeToya and Toya make the lengthy trip from Dallas to Atlanta, Monica struggles to juggle life’s many responsibilities, Tip and Tiny navigate the choppy waters reconciliation and more…

Read last week’s recap here

Warning: Spoilers ahead

To Stay…Or Not To Stay? 

Much like this season’s anticipated premiere, the second episode T.I. And Tiny: Friends And Family Hustle opened with exploring the fallout Tip and Tiny’s prior separation and subsequent estrangement. While Tiny is definitely excited to move forward with Tip and have her entire family under one ro again, she’s struggling with the loss independence as she readies for the move. Despite Tiny grappling with the idea giving up her home, Niq Niq is excited to lay claim on all the furniture that Tiny isn’t taking with her. 

Reign Secures The Bag/Sister, Sister 

Proving that you can never be too young to secure the bag, Toya follows up with the production and illustration the children’s book inspired by her soon-to-be one-year-old daughter Reign. “Reign’s book is in full swing after the great feedback from last year,” says Toya over B-roll footage a prior reading from an early edition. “Now it’s time to finalize the cover and get this book on the shelves,” she continues, excited to bring her vision to life. Unfortunately for Toya however, the big reveal the book’s new illustrations goes terribly– with everything from distorted fingers to cut-f scenery ruining what was supposed to be a happy occasion. An understandably upset Toya tells the illustration company that she is not happy with the proposed designs and is also incredibly upset that she will no longer be able to sync up the book’s launch date with her daughter’s first birthday. Sorry, Reign!

Even though Toya is stressed beyond measure, she still manages to remain a good friend to those in her circle. Selflessly, Toya fers to assist LeToya’s move back to Atlanta by flying out to Dallas and then driving back with her and her family in the close quarters a tour bus. “I know how it is when you have a little baby. I know there’s a lot going on but I feel like I can make it work,” says Toya. 

Rounding f her chaotic schedule, Toya is also struggling to navigate the rocky relationship that she has with her sister, Beedy. Despite the fact that the two share the same mom and dad, they grew up mostly separate from one another and now treat each other like distant relatives instead sisters. Fed up with the divide, Toya is now fully ready to mend that bond. 

Treatment Is Tough

During a sit-down with her mother and her stepfather, Monica gets some seriously bad news. Sadly, Edward, (Monica’s stepfather) is suffering from stage three prostate cancer and is currently dealing with a round incredibly taxing radiation treatment. Monica reveals that the news “Pa’s” illness is hitting her children hard, and they are currently in crisis from not seeing their grandparents every day. Refusing to be swallowed by the darkness  Pa’s health crisis, Monica reassures her parents that “positivity is all they’re speaking at the moment.” 

With her parents no longer in the house full-time as they deal with Pa’s radiation treatments, Monica is facing the burden raising three children on her own and is clearly struggling to keep everything under control. “It’s really hard on me but I know it’s been draining for them so I don’t want to just lay my burdens down on them,” says Monica.

In the midst all the chaos in Monica’s personal life and pressional life (she’s currently working on a new album), her son Rocko steps up to the plate and gives his mom a shoulder to lean on as the young man the household. After spending a fun day out as a family, it really seems as if Monica will be able to weather the storm with the help friends, her children, and extended family.

Road Trip

True to her word, Toya flies to Dallas and packs into the tourbus alongside LeToya and her family to head back to Atlanta together. With two babies on board, the trip is far from relaxing (especially for Toya who is stressing out about Reign’s upcoming first birthday party) but it’s cathartic for LeToya to spend time with her friend and dish on the trials motherhood. There’s chatting, card-playing, teasing, and to take their road trip party to the next level, LeToya even drinks some her own breast milk.

Presentation Flop

King is still dead-set on getting his parents to homeschool him in order to focus on getting his burgeoning music career f the ground. Steadfast in his refusal King’s pleas, Tip insists that King must first prove that he is responsible and savvy enough to survive in the music industry–f his own merit, not just his parent’s. In response to his father’s ultimatum, King, along with Monica’s two sons, Melo and Rocko, set up a pop-up shop business proposal in order to prove to his parents that he’s in the right headspace to break into the industry. Sadly, King’s presentation about a sneaker store-meets-ice cream shop-hybrid is little more than hot air, and Tip even gets up from the table and walks out after his son hits him up for 250k in capital. It certainly didn’t help that Monica’s son was decked out in head-to-toe Gucci, considering Tip’s continued boycott the luxury brand.

Differences in Design 

Looking to take the next step in the reconciliation their marriage, Tip invites Tiny to the Lake House to check out the renovations he’s been overseeing since their estrangement. Unsurprisingly, however, Tiny isn’t as excited about all the changes as Tip is because she wasn’t involved in the decision making. “The house had sentimental value the way it was before,” says Tiny, unsure about all Tip’s changes. “This is all his doing. It didn’t really have much to do with me. I am kinda in my feelings because it is supposed to be our house.” Eager to make his woman happy, Tip encourages Tiny to take a more active role in the renovation process and to voice her opinions about the new decor.

Happy Birthday Reign 

Toya goes all out for Reign’s first birthday party and thankfully, Reginae, Red and the party planner pulled f a stellar event. The only downer on the whole happy affair is the fact that Toya’s sister Beedy was late to arrive because she “felt like she wasn’t invited.” While there’s still definitely tension between the two sisters, they agree to put their beef aside and enjoy Reign’s party before coming together to work out their issues at a later date. “I’m just tired us going through this. There’s always some type issue between my sister and I and it’s not supposed to be like this,” says Toya, eager to fix their relationship. “I really don’t know what’s Beedy’s problem with me but I feel like Reign’s birthday is not the time or place to have a discussion about it but we definitely have to revisit this conversation.”

PartyNextDoor’s New Album Update: "It’s Coming"

Singer-songwriter PARTYNEXTDOOR has been MIA for almost two years now. The release his studio-album PartyNextDoor 3 dates back to 2016, while his most recent project and EP Seven Days shortly followed the consecutive year. Though the Canadian artist continued to wow lyrically and sonically through his production and writing contributions to many your favorite artists’ albums (Rihanna’s “Work” and “Sex With Me”), it seems he’s neglected to do the same for himself. 

Following a well-timed rant by Hip Hop connoisseur DJ Akademiks where he condemned the current state R&B as “wack”, the call-out garnered more information on the “Run Up” singer’s whereabouts. In the aforementioned tweet, Akademiks states “Man where PartyNextDoor been at?? So many wack niggas making wack music… and this nigga Party is MIA …whichever u industry Niggas got him in a dungeon writing your next single … let him drop something real quick.” Shortly afterwards, PND’s producer Neenyo, known for having worked on tracks for Drake, Future and 6lack chimed in with the answer we needed. “It’s coming” was the reply with a finger-crossed emoji.

PartyNextDoor's New Album Update: "It's Coming"

Christopher Polk/Getty s

Relatedly, in early March, Party teased an upcoming track with Rihanna and the upcoming release the anticipated project named be Club Atlantis. Hence despite PartyNextDoor’s fleeting status on the scene, the wait may almost be over.  

Katt Williams Ordered To Pay Alleged Assault Victim $25,000 In Default Judgment

Three years ago, a fan accused comedian Katt Williams assaulting him for no reason. Tyrell Williams, a fan, says that at an after party for one Katt’s shows, he tried to take a SnapChat photo the actor. According to Tyrell, this angered Katt causing the comedian to “suddenly and without warning” hit Tyrell’s iPhone out his hand. Tyrell then states in court documents that Katt punched him in the face three times before running from the scene.

The alleged victim filed a police report and issued a lawsuit against Katt. He claimed he suffered from a number injuries in addition to mental anguish, and sued for unspecified damages. According to reports, Katt blew f the lawsuit so a judge granted Tyrell a default judgment $25,000. This is just the tip the iceberg in legal troubles for the actor, as his lawyer in another case has filed a motion requesting to be removed as Williams’ representation.

Katt Williams Ordered To Pay Alleged Assault Victim $25,000 In Default Judgment
Bryan Steffy/Getty s

Matthew Gurvitz Venable LLP is representing Williams in a lawsuit against him where a former assistant claims that Williams viciously attacked her by throwing her to the ground before slamming her head into the concrete. She claims that she lost consciousness and required hospitalization and is seeking $1 million. Gurvitz says that Williams has “become unreasonably difficult for Venable to carry out effective representation,” mostly because Katt’s “general lack communication.”

Williams has requested that the lawsuit filed by his former assistant be dismissed. Meanwhile, a Portland judge recently issued a bench warrant against Williams after he failed to appear in court. Those charges stem from an incident in October where the comedian is charged with assault.

Eventbrite Releases Newly Redesigned App Marketplace

Eventbrite has launched its new app marketplace with over 100 vetted apps for event creators.

All of the apps featured in the new Eventbrite App Marketplace work within the Eventbrite platform.  Event creators can extend and tailor their event using these apps to create a better end-user experience.

says the new App Marketplace is the next iteration of Eventbrite Spectrum.

Some examples of apps featured in the new marketplace include:

Gift Up! – A new way for creators to sell gift cards on their website or for events listed on Eventbrite.

Constant Contact – Build professional emails, promote events, track registrations, and send follow-up emails to attendees with the help of Constant Contact. It features a variety of robust email templating options and a drag-and-drop email creator.

Lennd – Lennd helps event creators manage credentials and ticket requests for vendors, sponsors, artists, media, and staff. Special requests and approvals to the event can be handled with ease.

Prism – Prism simplifies the process of booking live music and comedy shows, managing rooms, and tours.

In addition to these integrations, the Eventbrite app marketplace also supports Facebook, MailChimp, ToneDen, HubSpot, and Survey Monkey.

Eventbrite says that beyond the fresh coat of paint, the interface has been re-designed from the ground up.  It is now easier for creators to discover apps.  Revamped documentation and guides now make it easier to find help, which is a boon to those new to digital event organization.

Event organizers and creators can now custom-tailor their event, which helps events create custom registrations.

The new changes to the marketplace should make it easier to use Eventbrite with other services. That’s mostly thanks to the Eventbrite API, which allows integration with multiple third-party platforms.  So far, app developers have found the API to be well-documented with good support, which means easy integration with other apps.

Eventbrite Releases Newly Redesigned App Marketplace

Eventbrite Releases Newly Redesigned App Marketplace

Eventbrite Releases Newly Redesigned App Marketplace

Eventbrite Releases Newly Redesigned App Marketplace

Electronic Frontier Foundation Files Amicus Curiae In Favor of FLVTO.Biz

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has joined the fight against the music industry.

The major labels currently have a major problem on their hands.

Following the RIAA’s failure to successfully sue notorious Russian stream-ripper FLVTO.biz and its owner, Tofig Kurbanov, the labels must now find a way to convince an appeals court to revive the case in the U.S.

The case first started in August 2018, when the Big 3 – Warner, Sony, and Universal Music – filed their initial lawsuit against Kurbanov.  The RIAA spearheaded the lawsuit on behalf of the clients.

Industry observers had expected the industry to coast through the lawsuit, setting up a strong legal precedent.  Stream-rippers would no longer successfully operate in the U.S., and, eventually, in any part of the known world.

Unfortunately for the RIAA, that didn’t happen.

In , FLVTO.biz and Kurbanov defeated the RIAA in court.

Eastern District Court of Virginia Judge Claude M. Hilton had ruled that the major music organization simply lacked personal jurisdiction against the Russian stream-ripper’s owner.

Judge Hilton’s decision also barred the case from being heard not only in Virginia, but in any other U.S. jurisdiction.  In addition, Hilton ruled that stream-rippers aren’t generally interactive.  Thus, the RIAA can’t label FLVTO’s user interaction as “commercial.”

That didn’t make the RIAA, nor other sectors of the music industry, too happy.

So, two months ago, the Big 3 labels – led once again by the RIAA – filed a notice of appeal through its contracted legal team, Jenner & Block.

This time, to successfully take on Kurbanov, the RIAA has now assigned at least four Jenner attorneys to the case – Ian Heath Gershengorn, Ishan K. Bhabha, Alison I. Stein, and Jonathan A. Langlinais.  And, that’s on top of the organization’s own staff and attorneys leading the appeals action.

Outright slamming Judge Hilton’s decision, the RIAA claims Hilton merely gave a “carte blanche” to internet pirates.  The judge was also accused of granting infringers immunity from “the reach of U.S. courts,” even though pirates violate U.S. law.

The RIAA had filed its appeal at the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Now, as the appeals case heats up, Kurbanov and FLVTO.biz have received support from an unexpected ally.

The EFF calls out the RIAA for bullying foreign site operators.

Late last week, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the stream-ripper.

According to the digital rights organization, stream-rippers remain a neutral technology.  They have numerous “legal uses.”

Like a web browser, photocopy machine, or video recorder, the converters at issue in this case are neutral technologies, equally capable of lawful and infringing uses.

Lawful uses include saving a copy of a family member’s home video as well as downloading TV show clips to provide critical commentary.

The EFF further accused the RIAA of employing heavy-handed tactics that abuse the legal system. Like bullies, major labels – and the RIAA – file lawsuits against foreign site operators who can’t legally defend themselves.

Their practice is to file suit against foreign-owned websites, with default the most likely outcome.  Then, as part of a default judgment, they request broad injunctions that purport to bind a host of intermediary companies, enlisting them to disable or block the website.

Calling this move legally problematic, the digital rights organization says these filings often go challenged.

Through this process, difficult questions about the scope of such injunctions go unanswered.”

Defending the initial decision, the EFF stated Judge Hilton’s ruling serves as a “safeguard” against the RIAA’s future legal tactics.

As the district court correctly held, neither the sale of advertising space that is customized by a third party based on the viewer’s location, nor the presence of ordinary “Terms of Use” on a website, show purposeful engagement with a forum state.

In addition, stream-rippers remain merely “semi-interactive,” and don’t engage in infringement.  In fact, Judge Hilton correctly ruled no evidence exists showing users exchange multiple files between sites.

Users don’t need to create an account, sign in, or even register in order to use the websites.

The EFF remains the only organization to support FLVTO and Kurbanov.  The RIAA has rallied support through amicus briefs from the MPAA, The Association of American Publishers, and the Copyright Alliance.

You can view the EFF’s amicus brief below.


Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Trashes G Herbo After He Curses Out A Little Boy

Chicago rapper G Herbo is not necessarily seen in the best light at the moment after his arrest last week. The artist allegedly put his hands on his ex-girlfriend and the mother his son, leaving Ari Fletcher with scratches. The social media star said that Herbo “beat her the fuck up” in a statement her own after he was released from jail. Herb has been charged with battery after the incident. That’s not the only thing that has pissed people f though because at his son’s birthday party last week, G Herbo cursed out a little boy who unsafely went down a slide right after the rapper and his one-year-old, threatening to punch him out.

Under no circumstances is it alright to beat up a child. Seriously. Perhaps this is a regular thing that G Herbo teases his friend’s kids for because the little boy was smiling about it but a number his fans have spoken out about the incident. Sara Molina, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s baby mother, also commented on the video that was live-streamed on Herb’s page, saying that he’s “type ignorant.”

“I never looked at G Herbo no type way,” says Molina on her own live stream. “Until I realized he was type ignorant when he was going down that slide with his fucking son. You over here talking about beating someone’s kid for coming behind you on a slide with your kid. First all, the kid maybe weighed no more than fucking 25-30 pounds and you’re over here talking about beating him up because he came behind you.”

Sara Molina asks why he would feel comfortable speaking to somebody else’s kid like that having his own child in his arms. Watch the video below and chime in.

Beyonce Received $60 Million for a Three-Project Netflix Deal

Beyonce has inked a $60 million project deal with Netflix, according to details now emerging.

According to a report from Variety this weekend, Beyonce has signed a three-part deal producing multiple projects with the streaming company.

Homecoming, the name of the first of three projects, is a behind-the-scenes look at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance. The price tag associated with this project by itself is reported to be $20 million.

Beyonce is also releasing a live album associated with the documentary. The album is 40 songs and includes two bonus songs near the end.  The bonus add-ons are “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly & Maze and “I Been On,” a song that was uploaded to Soundcloud back in 2013.

Other sources indicate that Netflix may have outbid HBO to secure Beyonce’s documentary. This is a departure from Beyonce’s 2016 association with HBO, Lemonade.  Neither HBO nor Netflix have commented on the details of these discussions.

The documentary of the behind the scenes performance promises to be an impressive display.

Expect to see many backup dancers, a marching band, and an impressive musical showcase.  At one point, over were counted on stage. The performance was a performance feat, with Beyonce stating that she wanted to “bring her culture” to Coachella.

Netflix has previous experience with similar content, include Lady Gaga’s Gaga: Five Foot Two. Other popular music-based documentaries include the recently-released Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, though perhaps that one should thrown into a different sub-category entirely.

Beyonce’s live album is available on all major streaming platforms: Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. Netflix subscribers can also watch the documentary right now the streaming platform.

As for remaining projects slated for the $60 million dollar deal, no further announcements have been made.

Amber Rose Drags The "Toxic Fake Ass Friends" Neglecting Her During Maternity

Amber Rose‘s 2nd pregnancy has been a revelation sorts, as she’s come to find a bunch her so-called friends are simply in it for the clout. You might have heard, Rose is expecting a “sweet little baby boy” with current beau Alexander “AE” Edwards sometime in the near future. In an effort to clear out the have-nots, the model/activist took to Instagram to call out the “unlisted” friends who’ve been neglected her late, now that she’s toned down her partying in preparation her maternity cycle.

Amber Rose Drags The "Toxic Fake Ass Friends" Neglecting Her During Maternity

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“Funny how my phone blows up when I’m having pool parties and shit is lit,” she wrote in a series Instagram Story posts neatly patched together by the mods who run The Shade Room. “But as soon as bitch is sick and pregnant it’s crickets. No ‘just checking on you’ text or nothing, shit’s wild. But when I pop out this beautiful strong baby boy don’t try to be my friend again. Deadass.” 

Amber closed her account by bidding the unnamed “toxic ass fake friends” farewell. And though we can only dwell on her side the story at the present moment, Amber does appear to be resolute in her intentions to focus on the task motherhood, considering she has the undying support her boyfriend Edwards, her current baby father Wiz Khalifa, and their son Sebastian, who is apparently really excited to be big brother come deadline day.