Pop Smoke’s Best Friend Lashes Out Over Social Media Accusations

Los Angeles, CA – Shortly after Pop Smoke was shot and killed at a Hollywood Hills home on Wednesday morning (February 19), people started accusing his best friend Mike “Mike Dee” Durodola of setting him up. Durodola was staying with the 20-year-old Brooklyn rapper at the time of the shooting.

However, Durodola is adamant he would never do something to someone he loved so much. On Wednesday afternoon, Durodola shared several photos of himself with Pop Smoke and condemned social media for making such an offensive allegation.



Police believe several men dressed in hoodies and masks broke into the home — owned by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi Mellencamp and her husband Edwin Arroyav — around 4:30 a.m.

Hours before the incident, Pop Smoke accidentally shared his location to his Instagram while showing off some gift bags he’d received recently. He’d also posted a photo of himself with Durodola in a car, who was holding a thick wad of cash.

In the wake of the shooting, Blueface warned other artists about coming to Los Angeles, saying, “I recommend any artist coming this way to get in touch wit the right natives just to keep you up to speed.”

Meanwhile, Juicy J, Nicki Minaj, Redman, The Game and countless others took to social media to express their condolences to Pop Smoke’s friends, family and fans.

Kanye West Gets Jokes For Leaving Kim Kardashian In Elevator With Bags

Another candid moment between the Kardashian-Wests has captured the attention the masses. Days ago, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian went viral after an NBA All-Star Weekend game clip the two lovebirds surfaced online. On Wednesday (February 19), the K couple was once again a trending topic, but this time it was over brief elevator video.

Kanye West Gets Jokes For Leaving Kim Kardashian In Elevator With Bags
Lars Niki / Stringer / Getty s

On Wednesday, The pair were parading around Paris as they shopped at high-end stores, including Jean-Paul Gaultier where Ye chowed down on Kentucky Fried Chicken. The couple shared a few images their French vacation while they stole away a few moments without their four children. Kim gave her 160 million followers a brief glimpse at the shopping-filled afternoon, but it was a video the couple in an elevator that made the rounds online.

In the clip, the Wests are seen descending in a glass elevator. They’re captured giving each other a smooch before they realize people are watching them. Kanye exits the elevator all smiles and the video ends showing Kim left alone picking up two large bags clothing by herself as the elevator doors attempt to close with her still inside. The public couldn’t help but chuckle at the video and leave their reactions about Ye leaving Kim to fend for herself, so we’ve included both them and the video below.

Pop Smoke May Have Been Targeted, Not A Robbery: Report

It was reported on Wednesday (February 19) that four masked gunmen stormed a Hollywood Hills residence before they shot and killed rapper Pop Smoke in a robbery. However, TMZ has issued a new report stating that the Brooklyn rapper was specifically targeted and that robbery doesn’t seem to be the motive the attack.

According to TMZ, there is surveillance footage that shows the precision the gunman as they stalked the Los Angeles home. The outlet states that the video shows the men approaching at 4:30 a.m. and sneaking around the back the residence. A few minutes later, three the gunman reportedly walk around to the front. The fourth gunman allegedly walked through the backdoor, and the next time you see him, he’s leaving through the front.

“As we reported, multiple shots were fired inside the home and they only struck Pop Smoke, who was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where he was pronounced dead,” TMZ writes. They also state that the surveillance video shows that the gunmen at the scene left the residence without seeming to take anything with them.

Robbery was initially said to be the motive in the brutal killing after images and video clips  the 20-year-old rapper showing f cash and luxury gifts circulated on social media. The young artist was celebrating his latest mixtapeMeet The Woo 2, debuting on the Billboard 200 chart at No. 7 on Tuesday (February 18).

Cynthia Bailey Takes Pole Dancing Class & Twerks For IG On 53rd Birthday

Top model Cynthia Bailey is celebrating another rotation around the sun. The 53-year-old Real Housewives Atlanta star is known to throw star-studded birthday parties that just happen to find themselves featured on reality TV. This time around, the recently engaged Bravo TV star decided to head straight to the pole to turn up the y for the ‘Gram.

Cynthia first shared a few modeling photos herself with quotes and jokes about aging. “‘Woke up this morning thinking, wow, I’m getting old, then I thought, nah, just becoming a classic,'” Cynthia shared. “‘You know you’re getting old when you’re in Home Depot and think to yourself, damn, that’s a b*tchin ass washer/dryer combo lol!'” she added, along with, “‘Another year older, wiser & HAPPIER.'”

In her pole dancing clip, Cynthia is in a dance studio with her instructor. There has been so much talk about Jennifer Lopez‘s pole skills at 50-years-old that it looks as if Cynthia wanted to show f what she’s working with, as well. “Birthday twerk redemption video, i think🤔 Sh*t, i really tried,” she joked in the caption. “I think the boots helped me😜 Oh & YOU’RE WELCOME😂 @itsmikehill my hype man in the background🙈.” Check out her twerking clip and her birthday modeling photos below.

Mase Disproves 50 Cent’s Accusations About Fivio Foreign Publishing Rights

A few remarks made by 50 Cent during his recent interview with Cigar Talk caused Mase to be called a hypocrite. Recently, Mase called out Diddy‘s affirmations “black excellence” after Mase claimed his friend and former Bad Boy collaborator refused to sell him his publishing rights. The Harlem World rapper share don Instagram that he tried to purchase his publishing rights from Diddy for $2 million, but the Bad Boy CEO was waiting to hear from another “European” buyer.

Mase Disproves 50 Cent's Accusations About Fivio Foreign Publishing Rights
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty s

Mase’s accusations sparked a dialogue within the industry about what’s considered to be a shady deal compared to a shrewd business decision. Fif brought up the topic on Cigar Talk with host Naji. “When he’s pointing out the publishing sh*t, he’s doing the same shi*t to young boys now,” said 50 Cent. “Fivio Foreign]. He’s doing the same thing that they did to you, boy. What the f*ck you crying about some sh*t that somebody did to you and you doing it to someone else? Get the f*ck out here, man.”

The information was shared throughout social media as a fact and Mase stood accused being a hypocrite, but Naji took to Twitter to say that Mr. Betha showed receipts that proved what 50 Cent said wasn’t true. “PSA: I spoke to Mase today. He called me & showed me paperwork saying he took 0% Fivio Foreign’s publishing rights,” Naji wrote. “Fivio & Mase do have an existing agreement which I won’t disclose. But, we will have clarity soon, on a lot issues. #CigarTalk.”

That could a hint that Mase will soon have a feature his own on Cigar Talk, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Check out Fif’s episode  Cigar Talk along with Naji’s tweets below.

Justin Bieber Believes He Can Take Down Tom Cruise In A Fight

We’ve all been made aware that James Corden isn’t always truly driving the vehicle during Carpool Karaoke, but it doesn’t take away from the family-friendly moments with celebrities, The Late Late Show with James Corden host recently linked up with Changes singer Justin Bieber and had him as a guest on the popular singing series. 

Justin Bieber Believes He Can Take Down Tom Cruise In A Fight
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty s

During their ride around the block, Corden brought up Bieber’s tweets from 2019 when he said he could take down Tom Cruise in a bout. After the tweet went viral, Bieber backtracked and told the press that he was just joking around, but it seems that he truly believes he could best the Oscar-nominated actor. 

“He’s not the guy you see in movies,” the singer said. “That’s a character. Being in] phenomenal shape doesn’t mean you’re a good fighter… You’re mesmerized by the characters that he’s playing. I’m telling you… I’m dangerous. My agility is crazy. My agility is insane.” He then joked, “I’m the Conor McGregor entertainment.”

Meanwhile, Bieber made headlines for sharing an Instagram Story while wearing lipstick and fake eyelashes. While it did bring in a chuckle among his fans, it’s obvious that the singer was playing around with a makeup filter—to the disappointment a few. Check out both Justin Bieber’s Carpool Karaoke episode and his lipsticked look below.

Meek Mill Previews New Track On IG About Jealousy & Envy

It’s a season new beginnings for Meek Mill. He and his girlfriend Milan Harris are preparing for the birth their child, last year the rapper was removed completely from parole, and then he been sharing new music recently. Weeks ago, we received Meek’s latest single “Believe,” an uplifting, inspiration duet that he shares with Justin Timberlake. On Wednesday (February 19), a sneak peek into another one Meek’s forthcoming tracks was teased by a videographer who recorded the session.

Meek Mill Previews New Track On IG About Jealousy & Envy
Michael Loccisano / Staff / Getty s

So many lost lives ’cause n*ggas couldn’t see that envy coming from all sides / You let them n*ggas talk sh*t to you about me and he cross-eyes / And when they swing these choppers I just hope you ain’t fsides,” Meek raps in the clip. “Jealousy, envy,” the rapper is heard saying on the track. In the caption, the videographer shared his thoughts on Meek’s forthcoming song. “🔥🔥🔥 Talking that TALK…( I be in the room like goddam he going tooooo crazy Fr fr when y’all hear this new sh*t all I can say is I’m here for the culture Hip Hop‼️) #20KLifeStyle.

The Grammy-nominated artist last gave us Championship in 2018, a record that climbed to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Listen to the brief clip what Meek Mill has been working on and let us know if you think the full version is going to live up to the hype.

Safaree Advises "Young Kings" To Stop Flexing Their Cash On Social Media

One thing that social media influencers know how to do is show f both themselves and their luxury items online. Celebrities can’t help but put their economic statuses on display for the world’s approval, especially rappers who love to take pictures themselves with stacks money. Flashing cash in hip hop isn’t something new that we can blame on a social media-driven culture, but some believe it’s making the rising generation rappers easy targets nefarious characters.

On Wednesday (February 19), it was reported that Pop Smoke was shot to death in the Hollywood Hills during a home invasion. Immediately following the news his slaying, there was speculative gossip making the rounds about whether or not the rapper accidentally gave away his location on Instagram after posting a photo himself and his friend with stacks cash.

This has caused artists to step forward with varying opinions, including Safaree Samuels who believes it’s time for people to change up the way they display themselves on social media. “You Gotta be f*cking kidding me!!!” Safaree tweeted purportedly about Pop Smoke’s death. “To all my young Kings out there keep ya money in the bank or out social media site. I know some ppl might not be use to having a lot money but try your best and refrain from showing it on social media. Won’t front like I didn’t go thru that phase but I learned from it.”

He added that hearing about yet another loss has prompted him to communicate with his loved ones more. “For the 2020 I’m gonna start randomly hitting up old friends old family members and people who I ain’t speak to in mad long and just send love. Spread love.”

EarthGang Does Q&A With Kids, Answers If J. Cole Is Annoying In The Studio

Kids were saying the darndest things once again for Arts & Raps, this time with special guest EarthGang. The Atlanta duo has been picking up steam as one Dreamville’s hottest acts, so they linked up with All Def for the kid-friendly, craft hip hop series. The two sassy kids had a handful questions for the rappers, including those about their diets, hairstyles, and label boss J. Cole.

 EarthGang Does Q&A With Kids, Answers If J. Cole Is Annoying In The Studio
Leon Bennett / Stringer / Getty s

When asked if “J. Cole was annoying in the studio,” EarthGang made it clear that Cole was quite the opposite. “We talk about all types stuff,” Johnny Venus said. “Life after death. Puppies.” Venus also shared that he doesn’t have a problem with strange autograph requests, but he’ll shut down anyone who asks him to sign a pack cigarettes.

Elsewhere in the video, the group talked about being on tour before the little girl said that she’s always wanted to go to an afterparty. The boy chimed in, “If I went to an afterparty, even though I’m underage, I’m probably gonna get drunk.” The boy added, “Hey, I’m an adult in a small body.” Watch EarthGang’s Arts & Raps episode to see what else they had to say about being pescatarian, ancient Egyptians, and why they didn’t receive a Beyoncé x Ivy Park box.

Feel Like Someone Hacked Your Spotify Account? You're Not Alone

Is your Spotify account hacked, playing music in another language or on other devices? You’re not alone. 

Since 2017, reports of Spotify accounts being hacked have risen. The phrase ‘Spotify hack’ makes readers think Spotify is part of some data breach, similar to Equifax. The reality is that these accounts holders have either shared their account info with other users willingly – or re-used their passwords carelessly and found their accounts compromised as a result.

Here’s how users typically end up with a ‘hacked’ Spotify account. 

“Oh wow, Spotify is offering a three-month free trial,” you notice, scrolling through your Facebook feed. You click through the ad and sign-up using your Facebook account, re-using a familiar password. Six months from now, you notice smooth jazz playing in the evenings when you prefer sad trap mixes. Wtf? 

You quickly check your Spotify account device history. Lo and behold – some ‘hacker’ is now listening to Miles Davis on his Amazon Echo. “I don’t even own an Amazon Echo,” you think. Someone hacked my Spotify account becomes the logical conclusion for many.

Let me stop you right there, though. The reality is that a re-used password got leaked on a site like Pastebin. People are constantly monitoring these sites for email/password combination dumps in plaintext. Spotify knows that – they’ve periodically reset passwords citing ‘suspicious activity.’

Feel Like Someone Hacked Your Spotify Account?  You're Not Alone

This Spotify dump matches emails with leaked passwords and shows their Spotify account level. 

To get technical, this is called a credential stuffing attack. It takes a known email and password combination and tries it on popular services to check for password re-use. 

This is the number one reason why you should never re-use your passwords. Several large sites like LinkedIn, Adobe, and Yahoo have suffered significant data breaches. Re-using the same password for Spotify leaves users vulnerable to credential stuffers. These credential leaks are incredibly common and are effective because password re-use is so prevalent. 

Since 2019, the website Have I Been Pwned has monitored over 20 pastes that include Spotify user data. Pastebin removes these pretty quickly, but Spotify hackers have tools that run through these pastes at the speed of light.

Snagging a successful email/password paste can net hundreds of live premium accounts. These accounts are then sold on dark web forums for as little as $0.21 per account

Spotify deserves some of the blame for this – the service does not support two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication (2FA) would prevent someone from connecting to a Spotify account without explicit permission from the owner. Until Spotify offers 2FA, it is up to users to protect themselves. 

How to Secure Spotify Account After a Breach

If you’ve experienced weird music showing up on your device, you may have a breach. Here’s how you can protect yourself and remove the ‘hacker’ from accessing your Spotify account. 

  1. Change your Spotify password to something unique. (Use a password manager, every single site needs a unique password to prevent credential stuffing attacks.) 
  2. Open your Spotify account page and choose ‘logout everywhere.’ (Note: Spotify says this will not affect partner devices like Sonos or PlayStation. You’ll need to follow those device manufacturer’s instructions to logout.)
  3. Login to Spotify with your new password AND NEVER USE IT ANYWHERE ELSE

Hacked Spotify Accounts Hurt The Music Industry

The algorithm-driven future of the music industry is ripe for exploitation. Rapper French Montana was recently busted to promote one of his songs. Spotify botters may buy up those cheap Spotify premium email and password combos sold on the dark web. Those accounts’ listening habits seem organic since they are still active and contain the original owner’s preferences.

That makes these paid streams are harder to spot for Spotify vs. new account play spam. French Montana’s exploit fell through because he only bought streams on Spotify, making the deception easy to spot. But such deception and algorithm gaming is exactly why people like hate music streaming in the first place. 

Primary Wave Inks a Major Publishing+Recording Deal With Air Supply

Primary Wave has purchased a 70% stake in the song catalog of Air Supply, a two-piece soft-rock band from Australia.

The deal, loosely valued in the millions, also involves a substantial interest in the group’s recording asset revenue streams.  Popular tracks like “All Out of Love,” “Making Love Out of Nothing At All,” and “Lost in Love” are included in the deal. (To be sure, Air Supply has spent many successful years singing about love; four of the group’s album titles feature the word “love,” as do more than 30 of its songs.)

Primary Wave acquired the publishing rights from Air Supply’s current members, Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, who, as part of the agreement, will have a say in how the songs are marketed and used. Several record labels, including Sony Music, own the master rights to Air Supply’s most prominent works.

In a statement, Primary Wave founder and CEO Larry Mestel complemented Air Supply’s music and said that Russell and Hitchcock are “two of the nicest human beings in the music industry.”

Also a statement, Air Supply’s members indicated their eagerness to “share the future” with the Primary Wave team.

Primary Wave was founded in 2006, after Mestel bought a 50 percent share of Nirvana’s catalog, which was followed by a purchase of John Lennon’s song rights. The company has since branched out into film, television, and management, among other spheres. In 2013, BMG bought two-thirds of Primary Wave for $150 million. And last October, Primary Wave purchased the publishing catalog of famed producer Bob Ezrin.

Having formed in 1975, Air Supply is still rocking out nearly half a century later. The band is currently touring, with performances scheduled through June. Though Air Supply’s lineup has changed numerous times, Russell and Hitchcock are original members.

In late 2018, Air Supply’s musical, All Out of Love: The Musical, enjoyed a successful run in Manilla, Philippines. There have been rumors of the show’s proceeding to other countries (namely Australia), but Russell and Hitchcock haven’t made a formal announcement.

Pete Davidson Confirms Recent Rehab Stay During Stand-Up Set

During a Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live‘s Christmas episode, Pete Davidson hinted that he’d be spending the break at a rehab facility. The comedian has been open about his mental health issues – particularly his diagnosis borderline personality disorder – and it was speculated that his breakup with Kaia Gerber triggered a rough period for him. While performing a midnight stand-up set on Sunday (Feb. 16), Davidson confirmed that he did go to rehab and made some jokes about his experience.  

Pete Davidson Confirms Recent Rehab Stay During Stand-Up SetDimitrios Kambouris/Getty s

According to Page Six, he told the crowd at Carolines On Broadway that he traveled to the Sierra Tucson facility in Arizona, which is known to be “one the nation’s premier residential treatment centers.” While he was there, he went by the pseudonym “Howard” and managed to whip up some stand-up material.

Some the bits that Davidson did on Sunday will appear in his upcoming Netflix special, Alive From New York, which premieres on February 25. One the jokes was an anecdote about Louis C.K. The disgraced comic apparently chastised Davidson for smoking backstage at SNL and even ratted him out to show’s head honcho, Lorne Michaels. After this incident, Davidson recalled CK being cancelled for ual harassment as a “glorious day.”

Diddy Shares Throwback "Making The Band" Clip About Sacrificing For Success

For those us who were around during Diddy‘s original Making the Band days, there are a few moments that we hold near and dear. The show itself was a cluster reality television drama from a group young aspiring artists with hopes becoming the next big thing. Day 26, Danity Kane, and Donnie Klang achieved their own levels success from their appearances on the show, but the most talked-about seasons the Making the Band arguably belonged to those involving the rap collective Da Band.

Diddy auditioned individual rap and R&B artists and attempted to form a City High-ish supergroup consisted six people. Throughout their three seasons, the artists struggled with getting along and ten engaged in arguments that turned physical. News has been circulating that Diddy may be working on reprising his memorable television show, and while fans speculate as to whether or not the hip hop mogul will return with a brand new Making the Band seriesDiddy thought it was the perfect time to drop this gem about sacrifice.

The video comes from the early 2000s when Diddy had to once again correct Da Band members after they found it difficult to work together. “If you look at anybody that’s really, really big, they sacrificed some things,” Diddy says in the clip. “Madonna sacrificed some sh*t. Michael Jackson has sacrificed some sh*t. Jay Z has sacrificed some sh*t. Biggie, Tupac, myself. We’ve sacrificed some stuff. Eighty percent my day is not stuff I want to do. I really want to take a nap, look at Scarface fifty times, eat a turkey sandwich, and have all motherf*ckin’ day. That’s what I would like to do. I can’t do that.” Check it out below plus a bonus video Dave Chappelle hilariously mocking the group on Chappelle’s Show.

Diddy Shares Throwback "Making The Band" Clip About Sacrificing For Success

Diddy Calls On Sons Quincy, Christian, & Justin For "Making The Band" Revival

It’s not surprising that rap mogul Diddy has made his next television venture a family affair. The talented members the fiercely close “Combs Cartel” have ten worked together, but it will be interesting to watch as Diddy navigates his reality series with his three sons. Making the Band was one MTV’s most popular shows in the 2000s, and last year Diddy began receiving submissions for the revived series.

In a newly released promotion clip, Diddy’s sons Quincy Brown, Christian Combs, and Justin Combs talk about what kind talent they’ll be looking for on Making The Band. “You know we had to be involved in the return  Making the Band,” Christian said to the camera before the picture cuts to old clips the show. “It’s only right, so stay tuned. It’s a movie,” he added.

Quincy chimed in and said, “We not settling for just anybody. If you feel that you got what it takes to compete in this industry, you know how our pops does it… We expect nothin’ but the best.” Last year, Diddy spoke with Rolling Stone about the show and how he would go about judging talent. “To be honest, my decisions will be made through God. I’m at another frequency and level music,” said Diddy. “It would have to be something that God fully put in my heart, like when I heard Biggie or I heard Mary J. Blige].”

Check out their casting call promo below.

Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus Pack Set To Drop This Year: Details

Nike and Supreme are two the biggest brands in the world when it comes to their respective lanes. For instance, Supreme is a juggernaut in the streetwear world while Nike dominated the sportswear space. These brand have collaborated numerous times over the last few years and now, a collab is expected every season. For the Spring/Summer season, Nike and Supreme will be doing their thing on the Nike Air Force 1 Low. According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, Nike and Supreme are already looking ahead to the Holidays as they an Air Max Plus pack planned.

Supreme x Nike Air Max Plus Pack Set To Drop This Year: Details


This pack will have three colorways including Black/Black, University Red/Varsity Maize, and Hyper Grape/Varsity Maize. For now, there are no photos what these colorways will look like although we’re sure to see some previews in the coming months. Considering this is Supreme we’re talking about, we’re sure to see quite a bit branding and maybe even some flashy highlights here and there. There is also a chance Supreme goes with a more muted approach like they did with the Air Force 1 Low.

Let us know in the comments below if you’re excited about this collab and whether or not you would ever cop.