Prince’s Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A Cent

Members Prince’s family have accused the late artist’s estate failing to pay them a cent, and have filed a petition for compensation. When Prince tragically passed away in 2016, he left all his assets to his six siblings, Tyka Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, John R. Nelson, Omarr Baker, and Alfred Jackson. However, his half-sisters, Sharon and Norrine, and his half-brother, John, are claiming that they have yet to see a penny  their late brother’s fortune. They have accused his estate, which is run by Comerica Bank,  mismanaging Prince’s money and failing to inform them about new deals. As a result, Sharon, Norrine, and John have filed a petition for compensation, asking the court to approve “payment for services and efforts provided to the Estate.”

Prince's Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A CentAdam Bettcher/Getty s for Comerica

According to court documents, the three siblings feel that they have contributed “considerable time and investment in business matters related to the Estate.” However, “unlike others, who have performed services for the Prince Estate,” Sharon, Norrine, and John have “not received any financial sums for numerous and repeated services they have contributed to the Estate.” The three siblings, who have had issues with the estate on numerous occasions in the past, have requested to be paid several times, but have been denied. “As this Court is aware, the Estate has now been on-going for over three years,” the court papers read. “In this time, millions have been paid to the Personal Representatives, their accountants, attorneys, and legal advisors.”

Prince's Family Claims His Estate Has Not Paid Them A CentJonathan Daniel/Getty s

The heirs have allegedly had to rely “solely on their pension, social security, personal savings and loans from friends to cover the costs needed to support the Prince Estate despite the millions paid to advisors, attorneys and others approved by the Court.” This has resulted in significant financial instability, according to the three siblings. They are pleading with the court to order Comerica to work out a settlement, but a judge still has yet to rule. 

Apple Music Launches In-App Banner Alerts for New Music

Apple Music Launches In-App Banner Alerts for New Music

A new Apple Music feature is allowing fans to receive updates when their favorite artists release music and videos.

Apple Music users are being alerted of the feature pop-up notification, which also provides an opportunity to opt out of the updates. Inversely, listeners can disable the function in the settings section. Messages pertaining to just-released music will appear in the library tab, and it doesn’t seem that users can tailor the notices so that they’re told only of fresh tracks from their most favorite artists.

Additionally, it’s unclear whether the touted releases are currently part of a paid promotional program—or if they will be in the future. A couple weeks back, Bad Bunny enjoyed after enrolling in Spotify’s Marquee, a pay-per-click marketing option that, for a minimum cost of $5,000, delivers news of music releases to potentially interested fans.

Spotify intends to expand Marquee and roll out other paid-promotion options in the near future, as part of a larger effort to enhance profitability.

Earlier this month, Apple Music . Evidently, negotiations went fairly smoothly, as the agreements will span multiple years; Spotify inked short-term deals with Universal Music and Warner Music in the hopes of securing more lucrative contracts in the future.

However, Apple abandoned its long-sought ability to bundle services, which would have enabled the California company to offer Apple TV, Apple Music, and Apple News Plus in a single package.

A little over one week ago, The Weeknd’s immensely successful newest album, After Hours, broke Apple Music’s existing record for most “pre-adds.” Several of the album’s songs have cracked Apple Music’s Top 100: USA chart, including “Blinding Lights” and “Heartless,” which had secured the second spot and the fifth spot, respectively, at the time of this writing.

Kyrie Irving Blesses New York With Massive Food Donation

Kyrie Irving is one this season’s newest additions to the Brooklyn Nets and while he has missed a large chunk the season with an injury, he is doing his best to make the city his home. As right now, the NBA season is on pause due to the Coronavirus which is making its way throughout the entire world. New York is being hit hard by the virus as it is a densely populated area with a lot people roaming about at all hours. 

In order to help those in need during this troubling time, Irving has decided to donate 200,000 beyond burgers to New York’s biggest hunger-relief organization, Food Bank. This donation will help feed thousands people who have been displaced in the midst this public health crisis.

As for Kyrie, four his teammates were diagnosed with the Coronavirus including none other than Kevin Durant who hasn’t been able to play this season due to an injury to his Achilles tendon. This pandemic will surely bring the Nets together as they look to regroup for when the league reconvenes later this summer.

Stay tuned for updates on the Coronavirus pandemic as we will continue to bring them to you.

Rudy Gobert & Donovan Mitchell Receive Coronavirus Health Update

Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell’s relationship will never be the same. During the initial stages the Coronavirus pandemic, Gobert was quite reckless about his behavior as he thought the whole thing wasn’t that big a deal. Of course, things changed for the worse when he was diagnosed with the virus. From there, Mitchell was infected as well which led to speculation that there could be some problems in the locker room. Since their diagnosis, both players have been relaxing at home where they have been told to self-isolate.

According to Shams Charania The Athletic, both players got some great news as they have now been cleared the virus. This means it is no longer in their system and they aren’t contagious. There is also a solid chance that they will be immune from future infections although this is a theory that has yet to be 100 percent proven.

The NBA is on a complete lockdown due to the virus and in many ways, Gobert was patient zero in all this. As soon as he was infected, the league had to shut down immediately. However, even if Gobert was never infected, the league probably would have had to shut down anyway.

Hopefully, more players with the virus will continue to get better and in a few months, we can restart the NBA season.

Wiz Khalifa and Tyga Get High in ‘Contact’ Video

Wiz Khalifa keeps the feel-good vibes coming.

Just days after debuting his new single, the Taylor Gang boss gets high—literally—in the vibrant video for “Contact” featuring Tyga. Rocking their spring-ready fits, the two float through the sky in a hot air balloon in the colorful clip, directed by Damien Sandoval. They are also joined by some female friends during their sky-high adventure.

“Kush strong, catch a contact,” they rap over the Ronnie J and CuBeatz production.

Wiz is now readying a new album, his first since 2018’s Rolling Papers 2, and recently dropped his Mustard-produced track “Bammer.” In between making TikTok videos with Chris Brown, Tyga teamed up with Megan Thee Stallion on his new single “Freak.”

Scarface Reveals Coronavirus Diagnosis

Scarface is the latest rapper to test positive for coronavirus.

The Houston rap legend revealed on Wednesday evening that he has been diagnosed with COVID-19. During an interview with his Geto Boys bandmate Willie D., Scarface explained that it started out with an “itch in his throat” before he experienced a fever. Things quickly escalated and he was taken to the emergency room and put on antibiotics.

“It started off with pneumonia in both of my lungs and three or four days later my kidneys failed,” said the 49-year-old rapper.

He has also experienced vomiting and shortness of breath and has been quarantined. “This whole three weeks has been an ordeal. It’s the craziest shit I’ve ever done and seen in my life,” he said. “I’ve been to the point where I felt I was gonna die, bro.”

He had been quarantined in his house prior to the diagnosis. “I haven’t been nowhere. I’ve been in my house,” he said.

Scarface also shut down conspiracy theories that celebrities are being paid to say they have the virus. “People are thinking that shit is a game. You don’t want to play with this,” he warned.

Earlier this week, another Houston rapper, Slim Thug, revealed that he had coronavirus. He hasn’t experienced as serious symptoms as Scarface, but cautioned others to stay safe. “I feel like I’m good, but y’all better take it serious. It’s real out here,” he said.

Other celebrities have also been diagnosed with COVID-19 including Idris Elba, Tom Hanks, and Prince Charles.

Russ Gave Away $20K To 20 People On Twitter To Help Spread Love

There are millions people who have been financial adversely affected by the COVID-19 quarantine. While companies and government institutions have announced the various ways they are attempting to help citizens during this time, there are still those who are struggling daily. Russ shared on his Twitter account that he wanted to give back and without hesitation, his followers answered.

“I wanna give away $1000 to 20 different people,” Russ tweeted on Thursday (March 25).  He added, “Just gotta figure out how to select the 20..tryna boost some spirits during these bizarre times ❤️.” It only took two and a half hours for the money to be distributed. “$20,000 has been sent out!!” he wrote in a followup post less than three hours later. “Hope that helped a lil 🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️.” 

Those who received the $1K gifts shared their stories online. “My mom has been going through it the past couple weeks working in health care,” one person wrote. They also included a video their mother, as well. “She told me tonight that she’s never been given anything before. Well mom you deserve this money for all that you do for everybody. Thank you so much @russdiemon 🙏🏻 you both mean the world. 🌎❤️.” Check out the posts below.

Music Producers Guild Paints Dire Picture of Producers' Financial Outlook

According to a report from the United Kingdom’s Music Producers Guild (MPG), domestic music producers are losing approximately 70 percent of their income—and facing dire financial straits—because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The study found that UK producers and recording engineers lost an average of about $4,000 (£3,300) in earnings during March, before predicting that this figure will rise to approximately $5,200 (£4,300) next month. More pressingly, over 50 percent of surveyed individuals said that they will default on their rent or mortgage bills in three or fewer months unless the government promptly provides aid.

MPG’s analysis also shed light upon the financial impact the coronavirus pandemic is having on UK recording studios, all of which have closed their doors to comply with lockdown orders.

Earlier this week, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that residents will be subjected to a three-week lockdown in an effort to curb the coronavirus’s spread. At the end of the three weeks (on April 13th), government officials will review the situation before deciding to lift or extend the emergency measures; some residents are already disobeying the new rules.

To date, UK medical professionals have diagnosed nearly 12,000 COVID-19 cases, which have resulted in over 575 deaths. As in the United States and elsewhere, the UK’s coronavirus infection figures have increased dramatically as of late, due to tests becoming more widely available.

Recent UK COVID-19 headlines haven’t been completely negative, however.

Just hours ago, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced that self-employed workers in the UK will have the opportunity to apply for unemployment benefits, which will provide 80 percent of monthly income (up to £2,500 pounds) in a lump sum as early as June. Last week, Prime Minister Johnson’s government revealed that UK employees who draw a salary will be eligible for similar payments.

It’s unclear whether this support will arrive quickly enough for producers, engineers, and other music industry professionals to avoid largescale financial difficulties.

Da Brat Says She "Met [Her] Heart’s Match" With Fiancée Jesseca Dupart

You can tell that a person truly appreciates your gift if they show their ugly cry face to the world. Yesterday, Jesseca Dupart, affectionately known as millionaire beauty mogul DaRealBBJudy, shared on Instagram that she gave her fiancée Da Brat a Bentley for her birthday. Dupart also wrote a lengthy caption sharing her love for the rapper and letting the world know that contrary to reports, they never hid their relationship from anyone.

Da Brat posted a video her own, showing herself in tears while sitting inside her brand new luxury whip. That was a cry thankfulness, especially as Brat has overcome hardships including prison, probation, and bankruptcy. Now, she has someone who loves her enough to drop f a Bentley in her driveway.

“Never have I EVER. Needless to say… I’ve always been a kind private person until I met my heart’s match who handles some things differently than I do,” Da Brat wrote in the caption to her video. “Thank you baby @darealbbjudy for far more than this incredible birthday gift. I have never experienced this feeling. It’s so overwhelming that ten I find myself in a daze hoping to never get pinched to see if it’s real so I can live in this dream forever. SEE @darealbbjudy page for the BEST SURPRISE EVER‼️ #sosoblessed #twinflame #isthismylife #dontwakemeup #nothinghappensbyaccident.”

The couple’s friends were also touched by the clip. Kandi Burruss commented, “Happy Birthday! Y’all bout to make me cry over here. Love looks good on you friend! I’m happy for y’all.” Eva Marcille added, “You got me crying. This is so beautiful. You deserve it and so much more. So happy for you guys🌻🌻.” Check out the video below.

Tory Lanez & Justin Bieber Bro It Up On IG Live

Desperate to pass the time during the ongoing quarantine, Tory Lanez embarked on an eight-hour Instagram Live odyssey stacked with twerking females, celebrity cameos, and one hundred percent unfiltered antics. Yet amidst the debauchery and gyration, Tory found himself connecting with Bugatti Biebs himself, the one and only Justin Bieber.

Upon seeing the Canadian pop icon, Lanez opens the floor with a preface. “I want everybody to know something real quick before I even say anything,” begins Lanez. “Bieber was the first person before Big] Sean to ever ever ever ever notice me.” “I showed Sean!” says Beiber, beaming with pride. “I noticed you when you were doing rap battles in Toronto.”

Tory Lanez & Justin Bieber Bro It Up On IG Live

“The first tour I ever seen in life was the Justin Bieber My World tour,” says Tory, rolling up a blunt. Upon asking Bieber how he’s doing, Justin confirms that he’s back home in Canada, while Tory reveals he’s been situated in Miami. “I’m trying to stay safe, shit is crazy out here,” says Lanez. “I’m lowkey kinda scared, but I’m trying to stay safe.” Ever the soothing presence, Biebs looks to the bible for guidance — or rather asks his wife Hailey to hook him up with the appropriate psalm. “What does it say about fear, babe?” he asks. “Bro, it talks about not being afraid in the bible, I don’t know what verse it is.”  

Bieber reveals that he’s been keeping busy by playing video games and watching movies. “You’re the best man,” says Bieber, signing f. “Have an awesome rest the day…Remember bro, I’ve always supported you and I’ll always support you.” Tory returns the bro-love tenfold, saying “you are the fuckin best, I love you to death my n***a, I’ll never stop loving you no homo, you already know what is it.” 

Lamar Jackson Files Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Fake Clothing

Lamar Jackson became a breakout star in the NFL last season thanks to his dual-threat capabilities with the Baltimore Ravens. Jackson won the MVP award and was given various nicknames such as “Action Jackson,” “Lamarvelous,” and “Not bad for a running back.” These are all nicknames that are unique to the Ravens standout and as you can imagine, companies are already looking to prit on his likeness.

Jackson is already starting to feel the effects this and according to TMZ, he has launched a lawsuit against Amazon for allowing third-party vendors to sell merchandise with his name and likeness. As Jackson explains, he never signed f on these designs and believes Amazon is on the hook for large amounts money that he missed out on due to the priteering his name.

Lamar Jackson Files Lawsuit Against Amazon Over Fake Clothing

Maddie Meyer/Getty s

The quarterback is worried that fans purchasing the items believe he is behind them. This ultimately creates some confusion amongst consumers and Jackson wants to put a stop to it. In the lawsuit, Jackson is demanding that Amazon take the items down while also paying him damages. Jackson feels like his brand has been damaged due to this and is looking for a quick resolution.

Amazon has yet to respond to the lawsuit so stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.


Big Sean Announces New Album ‘Detroit 2’

Big Sean is about to drop the sequel.

In honor of his 32nd birthday, the rapper has finally announced his fifth studio album Detroit 2. He made the announcement in a nearly three-minute-long trailer, which finds him reflecting on the city that made him.

“Detroit to me is home, but I feel like it’s more than just a city,” he says while watching fireworks. “It’s for real, a mentality.”

The clip features snippets of new music including one track that samples Michael Jackson’s “Human Nature.” “Gettin’ to the paper like it’s human nature,” raps Sean Don alongside footage of his hometown and family.

He also hits the studio with Young Thug, Ty Dolla $ign, and Hit-Boy, and hints at potential appearances from Post Malone, Jhené Aiko, Wiz Khalifa, and A$AP Rocky, who all make cameos.

“It feel like a whole new energy in the city,” says Sean. “It’s inspiring to watch to the point that it inspired me to go harder than ever. It’s like the phoenix rising out the ashes.”

Detroit 2, which is billed as “coming soon,” is the sequel to Sean’s 2012 mixtape Detroit. He first teased the project on last year’s “Overtime” freestyle. “I know which ones that’s been rockin’ with me since the prequel,” he raps. “Just be cool / I know your favorite one, dawg / I’m ’bout to drop the sequel / Ni**a, this just the preview, Don.”

Sean was set to perform new music at Coachella next month, but the festival has now been delayed until October due to the coronavirus pandemic. Detroit 2 marks the follow-up to 2017’s I Decided. “I took some time to work on myself and I was able to have a good therapist, good mentors,” he told Beats 1. “I truthfully feel like it’ll really shine through on the full album.”

Kourtney Kardashian Deletes Mason’s IG After He Spills Travis & Kylie Tea

Ten-year-old Mason Disick, the son Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, is in big trouble with his mother after he spilled some family tea during a recent live-stream on his newly-acquired Instagram page. Much like the rest us, Mason was looking for ways to entertain himself during this unprecedented time. Although he does not have a cell phone, Mason has an iPad, which he used to create an Instagram account for himself to go live on. During the stream, he responded to a fan who asked if his aunt Kylie Jenner had gotten back together with rapper Travis Scott

“No, Kylie and Travis are not back together,” said the little boy.

If you know anything about the Kardashian family, it’s that they do not like it when their secrets get leaked. They prefer to air out their dramatic business on their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians every week. Because Mason Disick’s slip-up, he no longer has the privilege operating a social media account.

“He started an Instagram yesterday and didn’t ask us,” said Kourtney Kardashian about her son. “I did delete it because Scott and I just felt like he isn’t — he’s ten. I think there’s an age limit with Instagram.”

To be completely honest, Kourtney and Scott probably made the right decision in deleting the account. Mason knows all that there is to know about the inner structure the Kardashian Klan, so it’s best to keep him f for the time being.

Joyner Lucas Asks ‘Is This Real Life?’ After Will Smith Responds To His ‘Will’ Video

Joyner Lucas has paid homage to Will Smith with the release of a new music video titled “Will.” The song is the eighth single off his long awaited debut studio album ADHD.

The video takes viewers through Big Willie’s iconic career, spanning his evolution from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air  2019’s Aladdin.

Joyner kicks off the sequence dressed as the Fresh Prince, rapping, “I’m feelin’ like Will (Hey)/I think I’m a prince, I’m feelin’ myself (Buck, buck)/I’m loaded with bills, ’cause I wasn’t blessed with no Uncle Phil (Woah).”

The song’s lyrics continually reference Will’s iconic breakout show, as well as nine of his most memorable movies. Joyner switches outfits and scenes, embodying the spirit of Bad Boys, Men In Black, The Pursuit of Happyness and Oscar from Shark Tale, among others.

As the song’s instrumental plays out, Will’s voice is heard while a deepfake version of himself appears where Joyner sat moments earlier.

“You don’t try to build a wall,” he says. “You don’t start there. You say, I’m gonna lay this brick as perfectly as a brick can be laid. You do that every single day and soon you have a wall.”

Joyner Lucas Asks 'Is This Real Life?' After Will Smith Responds To His 'Will' Video

Will Smith Fires Back At Beard Critics With Movie Montage Of His Classic Films

The sample stems from a 2002 interview with veteran journalist Charlie Rose, where Will recounts how his father made him and his brother build a wall for the family’s shop.

Joyner ends the video with an on-screen note to his role-model that reads, “Thank you for helping me build my wall. Sincerely, Joyner Lucas.”

Will reciprocated the love on social media after the video’s release, saying the “joint is crazy,” and he’s “humbled an honored.”

Joyner responded by reposting Will’s video with the caption, “is this real life??? Bruh I need to take a cold shower and wake up. I’m dreaming right now @willsmith.”

In anticipation of ADHD, Joyner has also released the tracklist for the album. Features include Young Thug, Chris Brown – with whom Joyner has collaborated several times – King OSF and Fabolous.

Many fans expected Eminem to appear on the album after an alleged leaked snippet of a song titled “What If I Was Gay” appeared online last October.

ADHD is expected to arrive on Friday (March 27).

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Alicia Keys Reveals Insecurities & "Putting On A Mask" Her Entire Life

She’s one the most accomplished artists in the world, but Alicia Keys has admitted to having self-esteem issues. The Grammy Award-winning singer caught up with PEOPLE to talk about her autobiography More Myself and the near-paralyzing insecurities she’s carried since before she began an international superstar.

Alicia Keys Reveals Insecurities & "Putting On A Mask" Her Entire Life
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty s

For years she said she “was building my life around this image perfection, and it was really oppressive… I was clearly a woman who wanted to talk about truth and empowerment and strength, but when I really looked at myself, I realized that my whole life I’ve kind been putting on a mask.”

In More Myself, Alicia Keys details how an absentee father affected her outlook and how as an adult, there was a point when she felt an “emptiness” due to stressors. During the rise her career, Keys also felt as if she was being manipulated into an image she wasn’t comfortable with.

“‘Open up your shirt a little,’ the photographer] directs while firing f a flurry snaps,” she said. “My spirit is screaming that something is wrong, that this feels slimy. ‘Pull the top your jeans down a bit in the front,’ he urges. I swallow my misgivings, tuck my thumb between the denim and my skin, and obey. On the day the cover’s debut, I pass a newsstand where the magazine is on display. I almost throw up.’” More Myself is available everywhere.