“Triple” Marks Solid Introduction For T-Triple

It’s definitely the voice that is center-stage in T-Triple latest creation, a single entitled “Triple”. Whether he is adopting a fast paced flow or a slower one, his commanding confidence and musical sense shines throughout the entire track. The Mexican Hip-Hop artist displays in an air of detachment the whole spectrum of his possibilities as an artist, which logically allows us to think that after this first impression, the best is yet to come.

Ciara Shuts Down Fan Who Criticized Her For Officiating Gay Wedding In Music Video

Celebrities are showing their support for the LGBTQIA+ community during Pride Month, but Ciara‘s inclusion in a music video rubbed a few fans the wrong way. Taylor Swift recently released the star-studded visual to her single “You Need To Calm Down,” a video that includes Ciara ficiating a wedding between actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson (from Modern Family) and lawyer Justin Mikita. In real life, the couple were married back in 2013.

Ciara shared a clip the wedding scene on her Instagram page with the caption, “Wedding is Lit #Equality #YNTCDmusicvideo.” A fan thought that the singer was doing her religion a disservice by supporting gay marriage as Ciara has been vocal about her Christian beliefs. “Ciara. You shouldn’t be doing this,” the person wrote. “We respect u too much, Being at a gay wedding is one thing and joining them together is even more a greater sin. We love you but this is wrong.”

The Beauty Marks singer usually doesn’t respond to critical comments, but she made time to reply in a way that some called a classy clapback. “Firstly, Christians don’t judge,” she wrote. “Secondly, #YouNeedToCalmDown.” 

Oak View Group Pacts With Live Nation to Build an Arena In Milan

Oak View Group (OVG) has partnered with Live Nation to build the first music and sports arena outside the United States.

The venue will be built in Milan, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Italy.

The privately funded venue will be built and run by OVG and Live Nation in a joint partnership. It will be located in Milan’s Santa Giulia area.

A ‘head of terms’ agreement has been signed with Risanamento S.p.A to construct the new venue, according to the parties.

Development of the new area will likely commence in 2021 as part of a regeneration project of the Santa Giulia district. The venue is expected to open in 2024. Capacity for the arena is slated to be around 17,000 seats.

Milan already has its share of large-scale venues for entertainment, but OVG hopes the new arena will host an upcoming Olympic event. The 12,700-capacity Mediolanum Forum and the 80,000-capacity San Siro Stadium are both nearby. San Siro Stadium will hold concerts from and Muse later this summer.

Milan is in the running to host the 2026 Winter Olympic Games alongside Stockholm. If the city’s bid is successful, OVG says the new arena would host the ice hockey tournament. OVG co-founder and CEO Tim Leiweke said Live Nation is the ideal partner to deliver and run the arena.

“The new arena will be an exciting addition for the city and an important part of hosting what would be an inspiring 2026 Winter Olympics.”

Just a few months ago, OVG opened its first European office in London. When that office opened in March, Leiweke confirmed they would explore arena and stadium development opportunities in Europe.

OVG has several development projects underway in the United States. That includes Key Arena in Seattle, Belmont Arena for New Yorkers, and a new arena facility for The University of Texas in Austin.

Apple Music Secures Trademark Filing in Canada for Its 'Up Next' Documentary Series

Several years ago, Apple Music officially unveiled a ‘now-forgotten’ mini-documentary series.

In an effort to place the spotlight on its then-growing indie music catalog, the monthly series – dubbed Up Next – would focus on up-and-coming artists.

The first Up Next series placed the spotlight on both the professional and personal upbringing of Ricardo Valdez Valentine, better known as 6LACK.  His Up Next biography reads,

Considering he made his recording debut at the age of four, you could say that 6LACK – pronounced “black” – was born to do this.  The singer/rapper transcended the Atlanta underground with last year’s “PRBLMS”, a bold showcase of late-night, R&B-inflected hip-hop.

“The unfiltered personal narratives of his full-length debut, FREE 6LACK, proved that “PRBLMS” was just the beginning.  Explore 6LACK’s blossoming catalog, watch his incredible live performance in Atlanta, and get to know him through our exclusive documentary and in-depth interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

Promoting the series on Twitter, Apple Music wrote,

Introducing #UpNext. Music’s Next Generation.  A new artist every month.  Up first, @6LACK. http://apple.co/UpNext

Yet, the documentary soon shifted to only feature mainstream artists on Beats 1 Radio.

Now, a new filing shows Apple Music has plans to seemingly ‘resurrect’ the indie-centered documentary series.

Is ‘Up Next’ up next?

Late last week, the Hong Kong Patent and Trademark Office granted the Cupertino company two design patents for Apple Store shelving.  This comes several weeks after the Canadian Trademark Office granted the company a registered trademark for Up Next – TMA1023538.

Filed in Canada under the Nice Classification System, Apple Music Nice Classes 38 and 41 read,

Nice Class 38 – Streaming and broadcasting of live and pre-recorded music performances, music videos, music and interviews featuring musical artists the Internet, streaming and broadcasting of audio and content video the Internet in the fields of news, sport, comedy, namely live comedy shows, comedic musical performances and comedy movies, drama, namely live dramatic performances and audio recordings of dramatic performances, music, music videos, television shows, and radio and television programming featuring musical artists, transmission and delivery of audio and video content namely, radio broadcasting services, and audio-on-demand transmission services featuring musical artists.

“Nice Class 41 – Entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, and distribution of musical artist video documentary series, entertainment services, namely providing music, interviews, live music performances, and videos featuring musical artists, entertainment services, namely, a musical artist video documentary program series featuring downloadable music, live music performances, interviews and music playlists distributed websites and computer applications across multiple forms of transmission media namely, wireless computer and broadband networks, local area networks, wide area networks, global computer networks, and the Internet.

Apple Music had first filed its Up Next trademark in the U.S. on October 21st, 2017.

This prompted Spotify to unveil its own imitation series – Rise.  The U.S. granted Apple the trademark – number 5,604,598 – on November 13th, 2018.

Filed under International Class 38 and 41, the American filing has similar wording to Nice Class 41 in Canada.

“Entertainment services in the nature of development, creation, production, and distribution of musical artist video documentary series, entertainment services, namely providing music, interviews, live music performances, and videos featuring musical artists, entertainment services, namely, a multimedia program series featuring musical artists distributed various platforms across multiple forms of transmission media.

Streaming and broadcasting of performances, documentaries, music, and interviews featuring musical artists, streaming and broadcasting of audio and visual content featuring musical artists; transmission and delivery of audio and visual content featuring musical artists.

So far, Apple has yet to officially comment on the trademark filings in Hong Kong and Canada.  However, based on the copyright wording, expect Apple Music to soon relaunch Up Next around the world.


Featured image by Apple Music.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 "Bred" Will Not Be Returning This Year

Last week, multiple outlets reported that one the most popular Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 colorways, “Bred,” would be coming back to hit retailers in the Fall. This information was spread by trusted Yeezy source Yeezy Mafia and had sneakerheads in a frenzy. Resellers tried to get rid their pairs as the price fell, while others eagerly awaited their shot at the clean colorway. Unfortunately for everyone involved, it turns out the pair won’t actually be released, which will come as a disappointment to shoe nerds everywhere.

Jon Wexler, the Adidas VP  Global Entertainment & Influencer Marketing quote tweeted the since-deleted Yeezy Mafia tweet and said “#FAKENEWS.” 

Kawhi Leonard Channels His Inner "Board Man" At Raptors Parade

Kawhi Leonard was an absolute monster in his first season with the Toronto Raptors and led them to their first ever NBA Championship. Leonard was able to take down the Golden State Warriors dynasty in the process which earned the star praise from fans across America, excluding California, course. Today, the Raptors will be celebrating their championship with a parade throughout the streets Toronto. As you would imagine, all the players will be on the float greeting the fans who supported the squad through thick and thin this year.

One the biggest draws the entire parade is Leonard who already appears to be cutting loose. Kawhi has been criticized in the past for not showing very much emotion but when you win a championship, you can’t help but crack a bit a smile.

Leonard has been seen puffing a huge cigar all morning as he wears his New Balance “Board Man Gets Paid” shirt. Not only is Kawhi letting loose, but he’s also embracing the memes that surround him. Raptors fans will interpret that as him wanting to stay in the city but they should probably proceed with caution.

Meanwhile, a Kawhi lookalike has been taking to the streets to fool fans into thinking he’s the real Finals MVP. Stay safe Raptors fans.

Kawhi Leonard Lookalike Fools Raptors Fans At Championship Parade

The Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA Championship last week after defeating the Golden State Warriors in a six-game series. The MVP the series was Kawhi Leonard who in his first year with the Raptors, became one the best players to ever dawn their jersey. Today, the Raptors are taking to the streets Toronto for their championship parade which will see almost all Toronto come out to show affection to the team that captured the imaginations an entire country.

While this should be a time to celebrate, it’s also a great time to be played for a fool. If you’re wondering how so, well, let me tell you. A man who vaguely resembles Kawhi has been roaming the streets Toronto pretending to be the NBA Finals MVP. He has been taking selfies with fans and signing autographs which just proves that some people have no clue when it comes to recognizing basketball players.

The real Leonard would never just walk the streets like this willy nilly so that should have been the first clue that this man is a fraud. He probably enjoyed all the attention he got while the real Leonard was on the championship float with his teammates.

If Leonard leaves the city, it will be interesting to see if this doppelganger follows him wherever he goes.

Toronto Raptors Championship Parade Live Stream: Watch

The city Toronto has waited 24 years for this day.

The Raptors will celebrate their first-ever NBA championship on Monday with a parade through the streets Toronto during the day, while the party is expected to carry over deep into the night. The parade will start at Exhibition Place at 10am, then the team will make their way to Nathan Phillips Square for a celebration rally at 12:30.

On Sunday, Toronto mayor John Tory revealed that today will be known as “We The North Day,” in honor the Raptors’ dethroning the Golden State Warriors as NBA champs.

You can check out some clips from today’s festivities thus far, as well as the live stream video embedded below.

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Has Strong Desire To Play With Anthony Davis

Over the weekend, the Toronto Raptors recent championship was completely overlooked thanks to the trade that ultimately sent shockwaves throughout the NBA. Anthony Davis was sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, while the New Orleans Pelicans got Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and a plethora draft picks. The Davis deal makes the Lakers a contender in a Western Conference that has been busted wide open thanks to injuries to Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson. With this in mind, the Lakers are looking to beef up their roster even more and it appears as though Kyrie Irving could be a potential dance partner.

Most the reports so far have Irving going to the Brooklyn Nets, although a report from David Aldridge  The Athletic states how Irving has been interested in playing with Davis for months and that this interest could, in fact, lead him to the Lakers.

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Has Strong Desire To Play With Anthony Davis

Gregory Shamus/Getty s

Irving and LeBron James’ relationship had been strained for a while but earlier in the season, the two made up which could lend itself well to a potential reunion. For now, Irving’s interest in playing with AD is no real guarantee that he’ll wind up in L.A. but it will certainly make Lakers fans more optimistic about the free agent period.

Stay tuned for more NBA news as free agency ramps up over the next few weeks.

Polo G & Lil Tjay Enter Top 10 on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs Chart With "Pop Out"

Polo G has earned his very first op 10 entry on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart with the Lil Tjay-assisted “Pop Out” rising from No. 11 to No. 9.

Per usual, the jump is largely attributed to streaming with the track earning an 8 percent increase across platforms, earning 25.9 million streams in the week ending with June 16th. It also brings the song from No. 7 to No. 6 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Streaming Songs chart along with a boost 9-7 on the Streaming Songs chart across all genres.

On the radio front, “Pop Out” rises 35-32 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart with 4.8 million in the audience, making for a 13 percent increase also improving on the Rhythmic Song airplay chart 37-35 due to a 17 percent increase in plays. On the Rap Airplay chart, a 14 percent increase leads “Pop Out” to No. 23.

The song’s most significant move the week comes with cracking the top 25 the Billboard Hot 100, thereby removing Polo G from the Emerging Artists chart, a fine accomplishment as the Emerging Artist chart is reserved for artists who have not yet done so as a lead artist.

As for Lil Tjay, he rising on the Emerging Artists tally with a new peak No. 13, vacating his previously-held slot No.18

2Pac’s Alleged Killer "Reaffirmed" By Retired LAPD Detective On His 48th Birthday

First f, Happy Birthday Tupac Shakur. The monolithic rapper would have been 48 years old today (June 16, 2019). Despite all the looney bin theories to have surfaced since his passing in 1996, the incident details are still bandied about to this day. Retired LAPD detective reaffirmed his stance that Orlando “Baby” Anderson was the main culprit behind the drive-by-killing.

2Pac's Alleged Killer "Reaffirmed" By Retired LAPD Detective On His 48th Birthday

Steve Eichner/Getty s

Anderson has long been associated with Pac’s killing, despite several members the rapper’s entourage refuting those claims. One the individuals fering an opposing viewpoint to Kading’s hypothesis is none other than Napoleon the Outlawz. His belief is that, although his comrade Kadafi, also the Outlawz, saw the killer in plain sight, yet couldn’t ID within a limited time frame – the problem being, Kadafi was accidentally shot to death within two months Pac’s death.

Incidentally, Kading’s appearance on Today Australia didn’t break any new ground whatsoever. “Anderson was the guy that Tupac had a fight with earlier that evening and he came back and retaliated with his crew,” the retired detective reiterated as he’d done countless times in the past. For additional context, Kading led the initial investigation into 2Pac‘s death, as well as the inquiry Biggie’s killing the following year. The interview segment can be viewed within Today Australia’s media stream, right here.

50 Cent Doesn’t Think Father’s Day Is A Real Holiday

50 Cent recently shared his thoughts on Father‘s day and he doesn’t think it should be a holiday. Today, the Queens rapper shared his thoughts on Twitter to explain the difference between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: “Listen, Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday. That shit is like…even by the commercials. Father’s Day, they show you a screwdriver, muthafuckin power tools. Go fix some shit. They want to send you to go fix some shit. When Mother’s Day come, the shit be like Zales, ‘Because you care.’ It be different shit, like niggas don’t want diamonds. They gon’ do it for their mother, but they ain’t gon’ do it for their father.” Do you agree? 

The latest news surrounding 50 Cent includes petty news as per usual. The business mogul and Hip Hop artist recently flamed Wendy Williams’ husband to bits for calling her lazy. Although 50 Cent has not always had the best relationship with Wendy Williams in the past, he was not so quick to pick sides. In fact, he called out Kevin Hunter for having Williams going “out there” and getting his money. Moreover, 50 Cent was also seen trolling Bow Wow for throwing shade at Ciara

Dreamville, GoldLink & Lil Keed Conquer This Week’s "FIRE EMOJI" Playlist

GoldLink‘s appearance atop the podium this week might seem like an aberration to some, but remember this: it doesn’t take a heavyweight to climb the pound for pound rankings, just an airtight flow will do. This week’s additions to the FIRE EMOJI playlist all air on the side “highly flammable” with no exception. GoldLink’s impressive follow-up to At What Cost, places him on the peripheries World Level fluency. Very few artists in the game today could leverage such a wide dispersal talent, and come out unparched. “Cokewhite” with Pusha-T did enough to warrant a spot on our list.

Dreamville, GoldLink & Lil Keed Conquer This Week's "FIRE EMOJI" Playlist

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty s

Elsewhere on the ledger, Trouble tagged the only eligible City Girl for a very first co-ed encounter in a career predicated by male-centric trap anthems and sonorific darkness. “She A Winner” featuring Yung Miami would have passed for an anomaly had it come out during the colder months the year. As a mid-June song submission, it goes unrivaled.  

Otherwise, it was the Dreamville camp and Lil Keed who stole top honors, the latter by showing noticeable signs improvement, and vocal dexterity. Not too long ago, Lil Keed was viewed as green thumb project within the YSL camp. Come summer 2019, the tide has shifted to highlight his growing autonomy in the Atlanta hip-hop scene and beyond.

As for Dreamville, they grace our list on account their TwoPack  singles serving the function revving up excitement over the Revenge the Dreamers III compilation. “Down Bad” is our selection from the crop. This week’s playlist also boasts solid contributions from the likes Gucci Mane, Tyga, Future, Jay Critch, and The Free Nationals spearheaded by the one Anderson .Paak.

Listen to the FIRE EMOJI and follow all HNHH Spotify playlists below.


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"Men In Black: International" Collects Meager $26 Million Dollars For Its Debut

The Men In Black franchise returned to the big screens with a newer installment, Men In Black: International. The star-studded movie which features actress Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth made its cinematic debut this weekend and is projected to snag a modest $26 million dollar debut. The fourth installment to the well-known franchise, initially led by famed actor Will Smith, is performing slightly below the initial expectations $30 million dollars. In fact, the newly estimated number is expected to incur from its national debut in approximately 4,224 locations. To note, the three previous installments to the franchise which starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones all scored more than $50 million dollars in their respective premieres back in 1997, 2002 and 2012. Hence, perhaps the Thomspon and Hemsworth-helmed film is simply a result franchise fatigue. 

In this new Men In Black movie, the new black-suited agents played by Hemsworth and Thompson deal with a series aliens once more on a mission to destroy the Earth. Despite the highly-anticipated return the movies, the reviewers were unimpressed with the film and granted it a score 25% on Rotten Tomatoes. Should the meager estimates hold, Men In Black: International will go onto becoming the lowest grossing movie the franchise. 

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Expecting Baby With Former NFL Player

Just recently, we reported that Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman were hit with a wrongful death lawsuit from one their employees, Nicholas Immesberger’s, family, who believed the Hotel Woods owned with his girlfriend was to blame for over serving their son alcohol prior to his car crash. And now, Woods’ stream bad luck seems to be continuing, as news sees his ex-wife pregnant with an ex-NFL player. The two divorced  back in 2010 following Woods’ cheating scandal, and it has been reported that she has since dated wealthy businessman Jamie Dingman and coal magnate Chris Cline.

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Expecting Baby With Former NFL Player

Ross Kinnaird/Getty s

Wood’s former wife, Elin Nordegren, is expecting a baby with former NFL star Jordan Cameron, who played for the Miami Dolphins, Page Six has revealed. The Swedish beauty Elin, 39, was just spotted showing f her baby bump at a sporting event for the son she shares with with Woods, Charlie, near her Florida home. Sources have told Page Six that Elin has been dating former Dolphins and Cleveland Browns star Cameron, 30, for more than two years, but the couple has kept their relationship extremely private. Another source reportedly said that, “Elin is very private, she has been dating Jordan for a number years, and they have kept their relationship very under wraps. Her friends are so happy for her because he is wonderful. Both Elin and Jordan have previously said they’d love to have more children, and Elin’s kids with Tiger, Sam and Charlie are really excited about having a new little brother or sister.”

Tiger Woods Ex-Wife Expecting Baby With Former NFL Player


Ezra Shaw/Getty s

While Woods made a historic comeback to win the Masters in April and was congratulated by President Trump awarding him the Presidential Medal Freedom at the White House, Elin has been quietly expecting a child with Cameron, who also has a son Tristan, 10, from a previous relationship. It is believed Nordegren – who is said to have been quietly living with Cameron at her North Palm Beach private community – will give birth in the fall. It is not believed they are yet engaged.