Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official Images Unveiled: Release Info

One the more popular Air Jordan colorways to come out over the last few years has been the “Shattered Backboard” and the proceeding 2.0 model. These shoes are filled with orange, black, and white tones which leads to a pretty interesting and clean combination. Sneakerheads have loved these models and Jumpman is well aware that. This year, the infamous sneaker company is bringing the “Shattered Backboard” back, this time with a 3.0 model.

Thanks to the teaser images, the shoe has been suffering some scrutiny at the hands sneakerheads due to the crinkled shiny leather that graces the upper. While the colorway itself is impressive, the leather has had fans divided although there are still those who are fiending to cop them. Over the weekend, Jordan Brand came through with the ficial images which give fans a better opportunity to inspect the shoe before making a purchase decision.

As for the release date, nothing has changed as these are still expected to drop on Saturday, October 26th for $160 USD. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on copping.

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Official s Unveiled: Release Info


Malik Beasley & Su’a Cravens Fight Over IG Model In Apartment Lobby: Watch

Malik Beasley is currently training for his upcoming season with the Denver Nuggets although based on a new video obtained by TMZ, it seems like he could have used some MMA training. In the video below, you can see Beasley in an apartment building lobby while he paces around back and forth. At one point, NFL free agent Su’a Cravens walks in and Beasley punches him. This leads to a pretty intense fight that sees Cravens get Beasley on the ground. Cravens got a few punches in before being pulled f by a woman.

The woman in question is Instagram model Montana Yao who has a child with Beasley. It appears as though the fight was actually about her but no one knows why it all started in the first place. Beasley was eventually removed from the building and afterward, Cravens took to Snapchat where he bragged about beating up Beasley. “I just had to beat a n***a ass that just tried me,” Cravens boasted.

Based on the aftermath the fight, it doesn’t look like these two will be settling their differences anytime soon. Perhaps both men have forgotten about the altercation considering it happened back in August. Regardless what went down, Yao still seems to be attending Beasley’s games in Denver.

Future & Lori Harvey Have People Thinking They’re Dating

It takes a lot work to try to stay on top Lori Harvey’s dating life. She has alternated from Justin Combs to his father, Diddy. Harvey and Diddy were believed to have split several times and then they would be spotted out together again. Two weeks ago, Diddy was seen with another woman and then just a few days later, Diddy’s son, Christian, seemed to confirm that he was still dating Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter

However, now people are speculating that Harvey is hanging out with Future, who she was rumored to have dated last December. On Sunday, both Lori and Future posted Instagram stories at what appeared to be the same beachy location, causing people to think that the two were on vacation together. Their videos showed ocean-views from a deck with the same banister. 

Although people are quick to get the rumor mill spinning, a bit investigating would prove that Harvey and Future just both happened to be at Nobu Malibu – a popular dining spot for the elite. Harvey’s later Instagram story even showed that she was accompanied by her friend, Amaya Colon, not Future. It makes sense that people were eager to jump on this story considering Future and Lori are both known to have erratic and secretive dating lives

Future & Lori Harvey Have People Thinking They're Dating

A$AP Ferg Gifts Celtic’s Player Jaylen Brown A New Chain For His Birthday

It looks like Celtics forward Jaylen Brown may be an honorary member the A$AP Mob. On Friday night, Jaylen was celebrating his 23rd birthday with friends and family when ASAP Ferg decided to show up to dinner and gift the Celtics forward with a custom new chain.

Ferg revealed the gift on his IG Saturday morning, while wishing his “brother” a happy birthday & showing f the custom “Ferg” piece, which features Jaylen’s number (#7) in Celtic green on the backside. “Happy b-day to my brother @fchwpo . Humble soul , hard working and just good peeps. I consider you fam so had to bless you with a Ferg piece designed by me made by @willdaboss1,” he captioned the post while sharing photos from their evening.

This comes just a week or so after reports surfaced saying Jaylen turned down an $80 million dollar extension. He’s reportedly confident that he can get more on the market next Summer. “It’s really not overwhelming me or ruling my thoughts,” Brown recently told the New York Times. “I know what type talent I have. I’m confident in myself. I’m confident in my ability. It’s not something that’s keeping me up at night.”

Check out the photos & footage Brown’s new chain (below).

Air Jordan 12 "Reverse Taxi" To Drop In Full Family Sizing: Release Details

While it has been seemingly ignored in the past, Jordan Brand is giving a whole lot love to the Air Jordan 12 this year as multiple colorways are making their way to store shelves. Fans are well aware the history behind this shoe and while it may not be the most popular model, there are certainly those who are constantly clamoring for new coloroways.

One the most iconic versions the Air Jordan 12 is the “Taxi” model which was worn by Michael Jordan in 1997. The shoe was mostly white with black highlights and how, Jumpman is bringing back this colorway with a huge twist. The “Reverse Taxi” model will see the shoe embrace a black suede upper with red, gold, and white highlights making their way throughout the sneaker. It has been reported that this shoe will be dropping on October 31st, right in time for Halloween.

In a new post from @zsneakerheadz, it has been revealed that the shoe is set to drop in full family sizing with the adults models going for $190 USD. As for the grade school sizes, those will cost $140 while preschool and toddler models will cost $80 and $60, respectively. Let us know in the comments if you plan on buying these or if they are a skip.

"Stranger Things" Season 3 Was The Most Viewed Season Yet

Stranger Things has become a global phenomenon, picking up steam with the release every new season. And with a fourth season having been renewed, it seems entirely likely that Netflix’s unexpected juggernaut will only get bigger. Perhaps it’s the accessibility, in which genres like comedy, action, horror, and science-fiction converge in a harmonious package. There’s even something for the youths, what with an ensemble cast teenage actors, many whom find their characters discovering romantic possibilities along the way. Suffice it to say, Stranger Things has people hooked and will likely remain that way until its conclusion.

"Stranger Things" Season 3 Was The Most Viewed Season Yet

Michael Kovac/Getty s

In fact, Stranger Things’ popularity has reached record-breaking heights. Drawing from their quarterly shareholder letter (as shared on Complex), Netflix reported that 64 million households tuned into the latest chapter the sci-fi saga. The news places season three beyond its predecessors, and it’s likely that a major cliffhanger will lead to a direct increase come next year. It should also be noted that a view is no mere skim, but rather drawn from a watching session  70 percent or higher. 

Have you been watching Stranger Things? If so, where do you rank this latest season? 

John Cho Seriously Injured On Set, Delays Netflix’s "Cowboy Bebop" For Half A Year

There’s always a risk for actors while they film stunts on set, and according to reports, John Cho is the latest who has fallen victim to obtaining an injury during filming. The Harold & Kumar actor was filming Cowboy Bebop, a live-action series based on a Japanese animation that will be featured on Netflix. Cho and the crew were in New Zealand when he endured what Deadline describes as a “freak accident” during a “well-rehearsed” scene.

John Cho Seriously Injured On Set, Delays Netflix's "Cowboy Bebop" For Half A Year
Jesse Grant/Getty s

The knee-injury was so severe that Cho requires surgery, so production quickly flew him back to Los Angeles to correct the damage. It’s also reported that following surgery Cho will have to undergo months physical therapy and rehabilitation, so Cowboy Bebop‘s production has been halted for seven to nine months.

Netflix could have opted to recast Cho’s part since production is still in the early stages filming, but Deadline stated the streaming giant wasn’t budging; they will wait for Cho to recover. “Our thoughts are with John, and he has our complete support as he recuperates from this injury,” a Netflix spokesperson reportedly stated.

Cho took to his Instagram to thank his supporters. “‘Water can flow or it can crash.’ – Bruce Lee. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. Gonna be back and flowing in no time!”

Comcast First ISP To Sign On With ACE Anti-Piracy Coalition

Comcast has become the first ISP to join the ACE anti-piracy coalition. Viacom also joined the anti-piracy organization this week.

Back in 2017, 30 media companies came together to form the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment. The ACE anti-piracy coalition is led by the MPA and aims to tackle piracy concerns on a global scale. Both Comcast and Viacom joined the organization earlier this week.

The growing coalition offers a completely different approach than the recording and broader music industry. At present, major labels like Universal Music Group, led by the RIAA, are actively litigating against multiple ISPs.  Indeed, ISPs have mostly been at war with labels and major publishers over the past two decades.  In the early days following Napster, ISPs unilaterally fought against lawsuits impacting their subscribers, with the RIAA often launching massive legal attacks on individual infringers.

Fast-forward to 2019, and that approach is falling out of favor on the film and TV side.  Charles Rivkin, the Chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association ⁠— says the anti-piracy coalition is thrilled to have Comcast on board.

“As the parent companies of two of our original members, they have been supporters of our efforts and numerous successes, but now as members, they will strengthen the legal and operational work we’re able to do to reduce the threat of piracy and support creators,” Rivkin remarked.

Both Comcast and Viacom own ACE members but were not a member of the coalition until this week. Comcast owns NBCUniversal, Sky, and Telemundo ⁠— all founding members of ACE. Viacom is the parent company of Paramount Pictures, also a member of ACE. It also owns UK Channel 5, which joined the coalition back in March 2019.

Among the list of more than 30 companies that make up ACE, Comcast is the first internet service provider.

The ACE anti-piracy coalition focuses on provision and distribution rather than end-users. But with Comcast and the Xfinity brand under the umbrella, will that anti-piracy strategy change?

Current ACE Anti-Piracy Coalition Members

  • Amazon
  • AMC Networks
  • BBC Worldwide
  • Bell Canada and Bell Media
  • Canal Group,
  • CBA Corporation
  • Channel 5
  • Comcast
  • Constantin Film
  • Discovery
  • Foxtel
  • Grupo Globo
  • HBO
  • Hulu
  • Liongate
  • Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
  • Millennium Media
  • NBCUniversal
  • Netflix
  • Paramount Pictures
  • SF Studios
  • Sky
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment
  • Star India
  • Studio Babelsberg
  • STX Entertainment
  • Telefe
  • Telemundo
  • Televisa
  • Univision Communications Inc.
  • Viacom
  • Village Roadshow
  • Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
  • Warner Bros. Entertainment

YouTube DMCA Scammer Slapped with a $25K Fine, Forced to Apologize

YouTube has settled a longstanding DMCA dispute with a man from Nebraska. Christopher Brady used YouTube DMCA take down notices to extort channel owners.

YouTube has long received criticism for how it handles take down requests under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Channels that receive three copyright infringement strikes can be banned, effectively losing their livelihood. Scammers have taken advantage of the situation by extorting channel owners for payments PayPal or bitcoin.

Last month, YouTube sued Christopher Brady and accused him of by making false claims. Brady would pretend to be the legitimate owner of the content and issue two copyright strikes against unsuspecting channels. Then he would send a message extorting payment to avoid a third strike that could ban the channel entirely.

YouTube submitted an agreed judgment and permanent injunction in Nebraska federal court today. The order prevents Brady form filing fake copyright claims ⁠— he also agreed to pay $25,000 for his misconduct. Brady must to everyone he extorted using the YouTube DMCA takedown platform.

“I, Christopher L. Brady, admit that I sent dozens of notices to YouTube falsely claiming that material uploaded by YouTube users infringed my copyrights. I apologize to the YouTube users that I directly impacted by my actions, to the YouTube community, and to YouTube itself,” the apology reads.

Courts have yet to sign off on the proposed judgement and injunction, but that could happen soon. Right now, it’s not clear if affected users will receive any compensation for the misuse of the copyright system. YouTube says it’s happy with the outcome and will “continue to work to prevent abuse of our systems.”

The copyright take down system YouTube currently employs has drawn criticism in the past. The fact that some random troll from Nebraska was able to extort several smaller YouTube channels is proof. The system needs to be fixed for the rights holders and content creators because it is broken.

J-Lo Was Spotted In An Extravagant Wedding Dress In Manhattan

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted in a lavish wedding dress, and everyone lost their minds. People apparently thought she was getting married, but she was just on set for her new movie, aptly titled Marry Me. The star is reportedly filming a Universal movie about a rockstar’s fianciée who is tired the groom’s lifestyle and antics, so she marries a random person from the crown instead.

J-Lo Was Spotted In An Extravagant Wedding Dress In Manhattan

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC s Getty 

It seems like the director was being ironic while casting for the film. Now, the Maid in Manhattan actress is getting married in Manhattan. Quite fitting don’t you think? The dress was also so beautifully designed that it was impossible not to advertise it beyond the movie. Every bride will now wish they were wearing that dress at their actual wedding. Jennifer Lopez was recently engaged to Alex Rodriguez, also known as A-Rod, and people are now wondering what her real wedding dress will look like. 

J-Lo is not only a great actress, but she’s a talented singer, and a crafty businesswoman. On top this project, the 50-year old beauty just came out with the Promise fragrance. She recently shared her creation with her Instagram audience captionning it with a hashtag ”#whatsyourpromise.” She is also set to perform in Super Bowl’s 2020 Half Time Show with Shakira and others. It’s fair to say that Jennifer Lopez is a legend, and at 50-years old she’s still rocking it in the industry. 

Patrick Mahomes MRI Results Unveiled Following TNF Knee Injury

Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best quarterback in the NFL right now in terms both talent and production. He has been doing a phenomenal job with the Kansas City Chiefs and as we head into the middle part the season, the Chiefs will be relying on him so they can make a deep playf run. Unfortunately for the Chiefs, Mahomes went down with a knee injury last night and this morning, he underwent an MRI.

According to the likes Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter, Mahomes’ MRI came back with overwhelmingly positive results as it was revealed that he suffered a dislocated knee cap. No other damage came from this injury and it seems like he’ll only be missing three weeks before coming back. 

While you never want to lose your starting QB for three games, it’s a much better outlook than an entire season which is what some fans were fearful . Now, Mahomes can focus on rehabbing his knee and his ankle which he has had some issues with over the last few weeks.

If you’re a Chiefs fan, this news should be music to your ears. The team currently sits at a record 5-2 and play in one the weaker divisions in the league. If Matt Moore can play marginally well, the Chiefs should be able to maintain first place in the AFC West.

Snoop Dogg Employs a ‘Professional Blunt Roller’

Snoop Dogg has paid the cost to be the boss.

The superstar smoker reveals that he employs a “professional blunt roller” whose sole job is to prepare blunts for the rapper and his entourage. The job comes with an annual salary between $40,000 and $50,000 and “all-paid expenses.”

During an interview with Howard Stern on SiriusXM, Tha Doggfather described the unique job, comparing his roller to Lurch from “The Addams Family.” “That motherf**ker is like Lurch from the ‘Addams Family.’ ‘You rang?’” joked Snoop.

And when you’re working for the D-O-Double-G, it’s a full-time position. “That’s his J-O-B—his occupation,” he added. “On his résumé, it says, ‘What do you do? I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R, professional blunt roller. If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you.”

Seth Rogen, who was also a guest on the show, said he’s witnessed the blunt roller in action. “He knows how to gauge the look on someone’s face when it seems like they want a blunt and if they do, he gives you one,” said the actor. “He’s got the best timing there is.”

Added Snoop, “That motherf**ker’s timing is impeccable.”

During the interview, Snoop also shared his thoughts on Tekashi 6ix9ine and his federal racketeering case. “Snitches get stitches,” he said. “I’ve heard of people ratting on organizations, but he ratted on other organizations on top of his organization, his friends, his people—he just went berzerk. That motherf**ker sang like Aretha Franklin.”

Watch Missy Elliott’s ‘DripDemeanor’ Video

This is a Missy Elliott exclusive.

After the epic video for “Throw It Back,” the rap queen rolls out another visual marvel for “DripDemeanor” featuring R&B singer Sum1.

Directed by Missy and Derek Blanks, the throwback-inspired clip showcases Missy’s iconic fashion with choreography by Sean Bankhead. Misdemeanor DripDemeanor rocks looks including a long blue ponytail, a leather and chains dominatrix outfit, and a neon tracksuit. She also pays homage to the HBCU culture, spotlighting members of the Omega Psi Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternities, Inc. Teyana Taylor, who appeared in the “Throw It Back” video, makes another cameo at the end of the clip, which is to be continued.

“DripDemeanor” is the second visual from Missy’s EP, Iconology, her first project in 14 years. The five-track project was released to coincide with her Video Vanguard honor at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Watch the icon at work.

Interview: Mikey Mike Explains How Porn Star Ruse Led To A Rihanna Grammy

Producer Mikey Mike was once kicked out of every bar in his hometown of Salisbury, Maryland. Granted, it’s a town with a population of roughly 30,000 and only two bars — but still, the lifetime ban was enough to for him to say “fuck it” and set his sights on Hollywood.

At the time, he’d already made beats for notable artists such as Wale and Sean Kingston but was having trouble getting his emails answered. So, rather than give up, he took an unconventional route and posed as a star — using the name of someone he thought the execs he was emailing would have grown up watching and fantasizing about.

As if by magic (yes, that’s sarcasm) — his emails were being answered and the execs on the other end of the line were suddenly more than happy to assist the person they thought was an adult film actress.

Ultimately, one of the beats Mikey made fell into Rihanna’s hands (although mistakingly) and she ended up choosing the beat for the song “Jump” off her 2012 album Unapologetic. The rest is history. Mikey finally had the money to make the cross-country leap and RiRi’s album wound up winning a Grammy Award for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the 2014 ceremony.

Embed from Getty Images

Behind the scenes, Mikey was stashing beats for his own personal project and in 2017, dropped the song “Doin’ Me” with the help of illustrious music mogul Rick Rubin. His dream of working with the Def Jam Recordings co-founder had finally come true. With over 2.4 million YouTube views to date, “Doin’ Me” is taking Mikey to unexpected places — quite literally. (The song appears on Mikey Mike’s Life On Earth: Vol. 1, which dropped in August.)

After launching an ingenious marketing campaign to promote his music (keep reading), he inadvertently launched a therapy hotline.

Now, he and Isaac Heymann, executive producer of the HBO documentary Shangri-La and Rubin’s A&R, are plotting a show called The Search, which will follow Mikey to places all over the globe in search of people who stream his music the most.

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Mikey talked about his star ruse, meeting Rubin, how a beat intended for M.I.A. became Rihanna’s and why “doin’ him” was the best possible move for his career.

HipHopDX: I am blown away by your story. I imagine most people who come across you are. I want to start at the beginning. You’re trying to push your music, you’re sending it to people and no one’s biting back until you pose as this adult film actress, right?

Mikey Mike: Shout out to Lacey Duvalle.

HipHopDX: Once you started getting emails back from people, what did that initially teach you about how the world works?

Mikey Mike: It was interesting because I had all these people’s emails already. I had a buddy that worked with a publicist in New York, so he had Drake’s personal email, Lil Wayne’s emails and all their managers. I hit all of them up, from me, numerous times. I had enough credibility to be like, “Hey, I got these beats. It’d cool if you could pass them along.”

But nobody said anything. I knew they were seeing the emails. In my head, I was thinking there’s always a way. If they’re looking at these, how do I rope them in? I was in the shower and the water was hitting me … I get the best ideas in the shower when I’m sitting under the water. My landlord hates it ’cause the water bill is three times as high as everybody else’s, but I don’t tell her, “Hey, I sit in there for an hour because that’s where I get all my best ideas.” Anyway, so I was in the shower. It hit me and I was like, “Oh my God, I have to use the mystical power of the vagina to lure these people in.” If I can dangle that carrot, I will get every last one of those motherfuckers.”

All these people I was trying to get to were like Lil Wayne’s manager and were demographically 32-year-old black dudes in the Hip Hop world. So I was like, “Who would they have grown up jacking off to and loving?” I got on the internet and looked up Top 10 black stars and I picked No. 8 — popular but not conspicuous — Lacey Duvalle.

HipHopDX: And that was the key.

Mikey Mike: I picked an email with Lacey.Duvalle1982 in it. If you put the birth year in, people just go, “Oh my god, it must be her.” Then I hit up everybody and they all got back to me immediately. To answer your question, I would say what it taught me about life is one, vaginas are incredibly magical. I knew they were magical, but now I knew they were even more magical and they knew no bounds.

Then the other thing it taught me, which has gone throughout my whole music career and then just in all of life, was that you have to do things your own way. You got to sneak in the back door. If everybody else is doing something one way, even if it’s the music they’re making, then I don’t want to make music that sounds like that. I don’t want to try to get on the same blogs everybody’s on. It taught me that you really got to blaze your own path if you want to have any chance at anything in life.

HipHopDX: That’s what your whole video “Doin’ Me” is kind of about, right? That is another story in itself. I mean, the fact that somehow, it got to Rick Rubin and he’s like, “Hell yeah, let’s do this shit.” I am blown away. Rick Rubin is one of my heroes.

Mikey Mike: I had the same thing where he was the person that I always … I knew that what I was doing didn’t really fit in a pocket and if it went straight to a Hip Hop and urban crowd, they might not get it completely. If it went to a pop crowd, they might not get it. If they went to a rock crowd, I knew I would get some people from each of those.

So, I knew Rick was the guy that I had to get my music to because he’ll just get it. It’s not like taking it to some A&R, like Capitol, that has no idea what they’re doing. Not to say none of them do, but Rick was the guy in my eyes that I knew would get what I’m doing. When I got to sit there with him, the only validation I ever needed from anybody was that guy.

HipHopDX: What was going through your mind when you’re sitting there across from him?

Mikey Mike: He’s so cool and calm and just awesome, that it’s really casual. I remember before I went over, I was reading something about Eminem. Before he went to meet Rick for the first time, he said he was really nervous and shaking and shit. So I’m like fuck, if Eminem was nervous, I might take a shit on his floor or something. Not literally. But anyway, then I got there and you just meet him. He’s like, “What’s up man? Come in.” And then it just feels like you’re talking to an old friend or something. I guess that’s one of his real allures is that he can put people in that space and at ease.

HipHopDX: Right.

Mikey Mike: That’s probably why people get the best work being around him is because you feel like you’re sitting with an old friend who’s not judging anything you’re doing or saying. They’re just there and present. I was a little nervous to walk up there, but I wasn’t really nervous. And then when I met him, I wasn’t nervous at all.

HipHopDX: That’s dope. I kind of got that from the HBO documentaries I was watching. I was like, “Oh man. He seems like he’s just so laid back.” He’s interested in learning about you just as much as you’re interested in learning about him. That’s what it felt like to me.

Mikey Mike: Yeah, definitely.

HipHopDX: I guess that remains to be seen if I ever cross paths with him.

Mikey Mike: I think you would find that is the case.

HipHopDX: Let’s back up a little bit. All of a sudden, people are emailing you back and want to work. How does one of your beats end up getting into Rihanna’s hands?

Mikey Mike: I wanted to get to this dude Tim Blacksmith who managed Stargate at the time. They were the biggest producers in pop. They were doing all Rihanna’s stuff. I couldn’t find his email. Then I saw on Twitter him talking to somebody and I went on their Twitter page and they had their email in their profile. I hit them up with the Lacey email and said, “Hey, do you happen to know Dan Blacksmith? I need to get in touch with him.” They were like, “Oh, of course. I can put you in touch with him.” So they gave me his email and then I would always try people like that, coming from me, for the first time. And then if it didn’t work, I would go to Lacey. So with them, I used Lacey to get their email but then hit them up as me. I gave him my artist’s music and just said, “Hey, yada yada,” and they hit me right back. The beat that ended up on Rihanna’s album, I had made for M.I.A.

HipHopDX: Oh shit. Really?

Mikey Mike: I never meant to send it to them at all. So it was crazy. I remember Tim called and he was like, “Yo man, I think this beat might be the dark horse, mate.” He had this crazy accent. He was like, “I think this is the dark horse, man.” And I was like, “What are you talking about?” He’s like, “That M.I.A. beat, man.” I was like, “Oh shit, I sent that to you?” And he was like, “Yeah you did, bro. Yeah, you sent it.” I was like, “I didn’t mean to put it in there.” It was another kind of random act of God — the fact that that beat slipped in there and it became kind of the first big, big break that I had.

It gave me the money to move here and pursue all this shit. It was just the little things that could have been changed by one percent, kind of that butterfly effect thing that, if I hadn’t have accidentally sent that beat in the batch — I was probably hung over and didn’t even know what I was clicking and sent it — I probably wouldn’t be out here. I wouldn’t have had the money to come out here. None of this would have happened.

HipHopDX: So you accidentally sent an M.I.A. beat to the Rihanna people by mistake.

Mikey Mike: Exactly. It wasn’t like something she has used. I made it for M.I.A. It sounded nothing like any of the other ones. I was sending all these Calvin Harris-y up-tempos and stuff for her to write to. So, yeah, that one just slipped in there and that was the one that went on.

HipHopDX: Wow. And that won the Grammy, right?

Mikey Mike: The album did. It was on the album.

HipHopDX: Do you still work with M.I.A. at all? Did you ever end up doing anything?

Mikey Mike: I never did. It was just something I made for her and was trying to get to her. A cool thing I remember is somebody tweeted her and was like, “Hey that ‘Jump’ song on Rihanna’s album, the beat was actually made for you.” And I remember, she tweeted back and she was like, “That’s the only song I liked on that.”

HipHopDX: I was like, oh, that’s pretty dope.

Mikey Mike: That’s a great compliment. Granted, the whole finished song is a whole other story because they had these dudes, Chase & Status from the United Kingdom, add this dubstep part to it just — in my eyes — destroy it. When I heard it, I almost jumped out the window. It is what it is.

HipHopDX: Yeah, I just revisited the Rihanna song and there’s no way I would’ve thought, “Oh, M.I.A. for this one.”

Mikey Mike: Yeah. It was just the main beat minus terrible stuff. No offense, but it was terrible. I’m actually still a little bit salty about it to be honest. Because it was the last single and if it hadn’t had that awful part, it could have done something.

Then you’ve got to go around and be like, I didn’t … For a year, people were like, “Oh, you did the ‘Jump’ track?” And I was like, “Yes, but disclaimer, I didn’t do the terrible dub step part. Never would have put that in there. It ruined the song.” People were like, “Yeah, it was strange. I wasn’t going to say anything, but that part was pretty awful, huh?” I was like, “You’re telling me, man.”

HipHopDX: I understand.

Mikey Mike: It sucks, but it’s just part of it I guess.

HipHopDX: You’ve come up with all these amazing ideas for marketing yourself — the child support posters, the “You’re lonely in L.A.” posters. Are you still doing that kind of marketing?

Mikey Mike: We just actually did it again. The album came out and we put out new flyers that said, “Have you seen this man?” And then it was an updated picture of me still looking deranged, but older, so you see the progression. Then instead of the 2.3 million child support, it says he’s dropped from the label, still laying pipe. Call this number.

HipHopDX: (Laughs)

Mikey Mike: For me, I knew we’ve burned this one to the ground, but it’s so fun and it never gets old. I think that’s the most important part to me is that it’s fun. And when people see it on the street, they’re like, “What the hell is this?” I get a kick out of that just as much as the fact that it might actually promote the album. The promotion is a bonus.

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album OUT NOW . man . started this lil thing about 5 years ago. some loves come n gone, 25000 phone calls from strangers, signed to a label, dropped from label , worked with some of my idols. banged my head against the wall many many nights. so many times i just wanted to fly off to india and wander the Himalayas and leave the craziness behind. but theres too much to be done here. definetly dont want to leave this body knowing there might have been someone else i could have reached. volume 2 is well underway and the first single will be coming in a few weeks. cant wait to put out music in real time for the first time ever. thanks to everybody whos supported . <3mikey ps still layin pipe

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HipHopDX: You set up a hotline for people to call?

Mikey Mike: That number that people will call, it started on the billboards. So, people would call it and troll it. Then people started calling and randomly asking for somebody to listen to, and I don’t know if it was a word of mouth thing, but people started calling and being like, “Yo, I’m having this going on and yada, yada, yada.” It just kind of turned into this organic therapy line more or less. Not that I have the best advice in the world, but I guess if you just listen, a lot of times the answer pops up if you have a completely outside perspective. So yeah, it started with all these people trolling and then it became this therapy thing and now, a lot of fans call it and random people. There’s people I keep in touch with that’ll hit me up once a week. It’s become a really interesting thing.

Mikey Mike: It’s cool for me too, because it gives me a sense of purpose besides the music, in the way that I’ve got 16-year-old kids that are calling up like, “Hey, I really like this girl and blah blah blah,” and all these things that I’ve been through and that, when you’re 16 or 20, you need guidance on. But it’s sometimes hard to talk about it with people you know. When you can call a stranger and just say anything, people tell me some crazy, crazy shit.

HipHopDX: Wow. So how much time would you say you spend a day talking to people?

Mikey Mike: Just sporadically, all through the day. If I’m in the car, I’ll get a call and I’ll put it on speaker or if I’m walking somewhere. I stay on the phone, maybe an hour a day, but texting and going back and forth just kind of all day.

HipHopDX: Yeah.

Mikey Mike: Sometimes, it’ll be a Saturday night and some kid will call, and I’m just sitting there kind of pre-gaming in my house before I leave. We’ll get on the phone and next thing you know, it’s like two hours later because it’s hard to leave when you feel like you’re really onto something with somebody, you know? In my head, I’m like, I’m going to go to a bar and getting trashed right now, or I could be here doing something that means something.

HipHopDX: Yeah, like giving back.

Mikey Mike: It’s not hard to find those opportunities in life, I think. This kind of got presented to me in this way of like, here’s a way to just serve people and do something positive, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do it. You just pick up the phone.

HipHopDX: Tell me about the show you’re doing with Isaac Heymann.

Mikey Mike: Streaming companies, they’ll give you data that says, “A 39-year-old male in Kalamazoo, Michigan played one song 3,764 times.” So the whole thing has become, how do I go find these people? Who the hell plays one of my songs almost four or five times a day since it was released? The craziest part is that we don’t even have the data for “Doin’ Me,” which is by far the biggest one.

When we get back to New York, the whole next tour we’re setting up and this will turn into a show and be tied into the people calling the line and roaming around and meeting these people. We’re just going to find the biggest listeners and playing for them and then playing in their town.

For more information on Mikey and the project, head to his website or call (323) 457-8794.

Your Old Droog Issues Apology To Logic & His Fans Following Series Of Tweets

New York City, NY – Rapper Your Old Droog isn’t one to hold back on Twitter. So, understandably, rapper and New York Times’ number one best-selling author Logic—no stranger to Twitter shade—is far from off-limits. Though he’s been critical of the MC in the past, a recent string of tweets crossed a few lines, prompting Droog to issue an open apology to both Logic and his fans.

“My misguided attempt at social media humor, perhaps better known as ‘trolling,’ caused me to set aside my own dignity and scruples,” he wrote in the letter, posted on his Twitter Thursday (October 17).

“I managed to publish three tweets wishing death upon another human being simply because I could. It was not funny. It wasn’t even close to being remotely funny,” he added.

As he explains, the three tweets in question resulted in him being locked out of his Twitter account and suspended for 12 hours.

“I will be taking more time to -re-examine myself and consider the thoughts that I choose to put out into the world and the internet,” he concluded, signing the letter as “Your Old Friend.”

Hating Logic’s music isn’t by any means a new phenomenon in various rap circles. Most recently, Joe Budden dubbed the platinum-selling artist as one of the worst rappers to ever touch a mic.

Logic, meanwhile, is currently on the road for The Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind Tour with J.I.D. and YBN Cordae. He’s also been promoting an upcoming beat tape.

Read Your Old Droog’s letter in full below.