Rapper Q45 Recalls Sleeping Outside JAY-Z’s Office For 38 Days

Houston, TX – The social media era has created an almost exaggerated sense of entitlement. Up and coming artists are now able to reach out and (virtually) touch executives on a whim. However, it’s hard not to entertain their optimism — especially when so many randomly viral moments have resulted in lucrative careers.

Still, there’s something to be said for the hunger and drive it took to break into the industry in a pre-social media-driven landscape. Rappers think they have the drive, but how far would they go?

It’s this idea that makes the story of New Jersey MC Q45 so fascinating.

“I took a long hiatus from rap,” he tells HipHopDX while discussing his new LP No Black Men Were Killed While Making This Album.

Q45 walked away from music over a decade ago after realizing it wasn’t going to work out for him the way he imagined. He got into finance and now owns a successful wealth management firm in Houston, Texas.

But, the Atlantic City native didn’t come to that decision lightly. At his height, he seemed to be on his way following possibly one of the more gutsy stunts of his day: sleeping outside of JAY-Z‘s Def Jam office for 38 days back in 2006.

“I slept outside of Hov’s office Monday through Friday, handing out mixtapes and newspaper articles,” he says. “I would go home over the weekend, record a whole new mixtape and be back on Monday.”

The move proved fruitful, garnering some attention by the Atlantic City Press — eventually earning him a chance to rap for Hov, Tyran “Ty Ty” Smith and Roc Nation co-founder Jay Brown.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go the way he had hoped.

“[Jay] was like, ‘If I sign you, someone will be sleeping outside my office for the rest of my life,’” he recalls.

Randomly, Rampage The Last Boy Scout got a whiff of Q45’s story and signed him to his DeepFreeze Entertainment imprint. However, nothing materialized from the situation.

Rapper Q45 Recalls Sleeping Outside JAY-Z's Office For 38 Days

Snoh Aalegra Inks Deal With JAY-Z’s Roc Nation

“I did tracks with Trey Songz, Freeway, Angie Martinez, Nokio from Dru Hill and some others … but, they never popped off,” he says.

Another situation that earned Q a little buzz was a disagreement with The Game. He alleged that the Compton MC jacked his concept on “The Documentary” off of his debut album.

But ultimately, things just weren’t shaking out properly.

He’s since grown his business and now manages tens of millions of dollars for clients, both large and small — which is why you won’t find many pictures or videos from his music days. He’s taken great care to control his image. But being a true artist, the allure of music was too strong to ignore.

“Rap has been itching at me … I wanted to create something different: good music without all the guns, drugs and murder shit,” he explains. No Black Men Were Killed While Making This Album is a carefully curated, lyrically refined listen that includes guest verses from the likes Mickey Factz, battle rap powerhouse Loaded Lux and Joe Budden.

“It’s an old verse we did together before he retired,” he clarifies of Budden’s appearance. “I’ve been sitting on it.”

While the album is impressive, he notes he isn’t doing it for any other reason than to create — and has no plans to walk away from his business to pursue music.

“The older I get and the nicer my REAL life is, the wacker that fake shit is … this album is 100 percent authenticity,” he says. “Not one exaggeration or lie in the whole album. If it’s said, it’s word to God. I wanna show people you can make good music without sending out messages of destruction.”

He adds, “No black men die in my album — and that’s something that makes me proud.”

Listen to Q45’s No Black Men Were Killed While Making This Album below.

Ari Lennox Taps Doja Cat for ‘BMO’ Remix

Nearly one year after releasing her debut album Shea Butter Baby, Ari Lennox follows it up with her remix EP.

The Dreamville songstress, who celebrated her 29th birthday on Thursday, calls on Doja Cat for the remix to “BMO,” which served as the third single from Shea Butter Baby. The “Juicy” rapper breaks off a punchline-filled verse over the slapping track.

“Break me off / Actin’ like a Kit Kat, taste it all / Like it when you turn yo ringer off / And turn me on and take it off,” raps a sassy Doja.

Lennox’s three-track EP also includes a remix to “I Been” with Smino and “Facetime” featuring singer Durand Bernarr, with production from J. Cole, Craig Brockman, Omen, Ron Gilmore, and Elite.

Carmelo Anthony Recounts How LeBron James Saved His Life

Carmelo Anthony and Dwyane Wade have had their fair share fun alongside LeBron James although some situations have proven to be a lot direr than others. Recently, Wade and Melo were on Instagram live where they reflected on their favorite Kobe Bryant stories while also giving some insight on other great stories. One those tales involved the Banana Boat crew and one their signature vacations.

In the clip below, Anthony recounts the time LeBron had to save his life. Melo describes wanting to go snorkeling and eventually, things went left. Next thing he knew, LeBron was jumping f the boat and rushing into the water to drag him back with one arm.

“It was my fault though, I was still trying to see the last bit the barracuda, snorkeling and all that,” Anthony said. “I look up, the current is taking me to the middle the ocean, like opposite from the boat … It was windy, all type shit was going on through my head, I’ll be honest with you. Then I look up at the boat and I see ‘Bron jump f the boat like he is MacGyver. … He jumped f the boat into the water. He was bringing me back with one arm.”

Thankfully, LeBron was there to save the day. This will certainly go down as a legendary tale that further adds to LeBron’s mystique. Hopefully, we get more such stories throughout the rest the quarantine period.

The Weeknd Checks Fan Over Fake Quote: "I Never Said This"

Every day, tens thousands quotes are floated through social media. Some are meant for amusement, others for encouragement, some savage—whatever their purpose, they envoke a “me too” response that makes people feel as if they aren’t alone. However, many those clever saying attributed to some famous figures are complete lies, and while there haven’t been many celebrities who have come forward to state they aren’t truly responsible for those popular memes, The Weeknd found time to shut down a Twitter user.

The Weeknd Checks Fan Over Fake Quote: "I Never Said This"
Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty s

Sandwiched between tweets and retweets about his record-breaking hit album After Hours, The Weeknd responded to a person who shared an alleged quote from the singer. “The Weeknd said ‘I don’t accept apologies. You did what made you happy at the expense my emotions and I understand it but I won’t respect it.’ And that is the mood for all 2020.”

It’s unclear where the woman got the quote from, but The Weeknd swooped in and replied, “I never said this.” The singer’s followers pulled up a fan account that once shared the saying, so it seems that the masses have duped by a fraud. Check it out below and let us know if you’ve seen quotes from celebrities that you just know aren’t real.

Marcus Smart Updates Fans On Coronavirus Recovery

Marcus Smart is one ten players in the NBA to have tested positive for the Coronavirus. His diagnosis certainly came as a shock to fans although if you have been paying attention to the news, you would know that this shouldn’t be too shocking. The pandemic has been ramping up over the past few weeks and people are scared. Now, the NBA has been completely shut down and there is a real chance that the season may have to be canceled.

Yesterday, Smart fered an update on his condition as fans have been checking in on him to see if he is doing well. As you can see in the tweet below, Smart is doing just fine and is beginning to feel a lot better. He may not be 100 percent cleared the virus but so far, so good. He even urged fans to stay home and do their part as we all continue to practice social distancing.

Over the next few weeks, the NBA players who caught the virus will begin to see it leave their systems, thus making them non-contagious. For instance, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell the Utah Jazz were both told today that the virus is no longer in their bodies.

Hopefully, this pandemic can be squashed and we all go back to sports, sooner rather than later.

French Montana Sued For Alleged Sexual Battery

Los Angeles, CA – A woman has accused French Montana and his employee Mansour Bennouna of ual battery and ual assault. According to The Blast, the unidentified woman says she was raped in French’s home on March 28, 2018 by Bennouna and ually assaulted by the Coke Boys Records founder.

She claims to have been invited to French’s home after meeting him at his Los Angeles recording studio. After allegedly being offered a shot, which rendered her incapacitated, she remembers “several men coming in and out of the bedroom,” which is when she believes she was raped by Bennouna and assaulted by French.

When she regained consciousness, she reportedly “felt a pain in her pelvis, lower back and vagina” and began “crying hysterically because she felt that she had been drugged and raped.” She subsequently had a rape kit administered at a Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, which found traces of semen, and reported her alleged rape to the police.

French Montana Sued For Alleged Sexual Battery

French Montana Sued For $5M After Allegedly Stealing “Ain’t Worried About Nothin” Beat

The woman also claims French and Bennouna “had a longstanding practice of inviting women to their recording sessions, or choosing women at bars and inviting them back” to his home. She also alleged French and his employee would provide and encourage excessive amounts of alcohol and drug use and “would sometimes without the women’s knowledge or consent provide drugs to interfere with the women’s ability to knowingly consent to ual activity.”

She’s now suing French, his record label and Bennouna for allegations of assault and battery, ual battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and more. The woman is seeking damages for “extreme emotional distress, anxiety, flashbacks and depression” from the alleged incident.

SpaceGhostPurrp Posts Photo Claiming To Be A$AP Rocky ‘Rubbing Another Man’s Ass’

SpaceGhostPurrp has apparently decided to put A$AP Rocky on blast. On Thursday (March 26), Purrp hopped on Twitter and shared a photo of the A$AP Mob member in a hot tub that allegedly proves Rocky is a homoual.

“I’m tired of holding my tongue,” he wrote. “Back in 2011 I was invited to dis party in new York by asap rocky I was pullin up wit my girl n shit and I was on da phone like yo bruh where u at I don’t see he was like ‘YO LOOK DOWN IM RIGHT HERE.’ Next thing u know he in da pool rubbin a mans ass.”

Purrp is adamant this is why he’s ostracized by the majority of his rap peers.

“SO IF U WANNA KNOW WHY ‘ASAP ROCKY AND ASAP and EVERY RAPPER’ HATE ME so much it’s because I stopped hangin wit him becuase he didnt tell me dat he was homoual on da low,” he continued. “and I felt like he lied bout his life so n order for him 2 keep his secret. he got me black listed in music.”

Rocky’s uality has been internet fodder for years. In an 2013 interview with Interview magazine, the platinum-selling rapper addressed the “gay thing” and insisted it shouldn’t matter in Hip Hop.

“So now that I’m here and I’ve got a microphone in my hand and about 6,000 people watching me, I need to tell them how I feel,” he said. “For instance, one big issue in Hip Hop is the gay thing. It’s 2013, and it’s a shame that, to this day, that topic still gets people all excited. It’s crazy.

“And it makes me upset that this topic even matters when it comes to Hip Hop, because it makes it seem like everybody in hip hop is small-minded or stupid — and that’s not the case.”

But Purrp maintains he has figured it out.

“This is the main real reason why ‘EVERYBODY HATES SPACEGHOSTPURRP’ FOR no reason and been bashing my name because I found out his biggest secret and he hot mad because I cut him off for lyin bout his uality.”

Mariah Carey Celebrates 50th Birthday By Recording New Song

Mariah Carey may not believe in “birthdays” as a concept or getting older in general, but the superstar is still spending her special day doing what she loves most—making some magic in the studio. The music icon (technically) turned 50 on Friday (March 27th), and she is celebrating this milestone by recording a new song at her home studio. Mariah shared a selfie showing how she’s kicking f her 50th “anniversary”—the word she chooses to use instead “birthday” because she would rather not acknowledge that she’s aging—on Instagram, urging everyone to practice social distancing by staying home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Starting 327 with a new song,” she wrote. “#stayhome.” Mariah hasn’t released new music in several months now, her last single taking the form the theme song for ABC’s Black-ish spin-f, Mixed-ish, called “In the Mix,” which debuted in September 2019. Besides the deluxe edition her timeless 1994 Christmas album, Merry Christmas, this past holiday season, Mariah’s last album was Caution in 2018. It’s safe to say fans are hoping for a new body work from the singer soon, so maybe this upcoming song will turn into recording a full-blown album in quarantine?

Along with celebrating her own anniversary, Mariah also gave a shoutout to her fellow Aries superstars. “Happy anniversaries to all my super talented fellow Aries!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Cheers!!!” She then proceeded to tag Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Elton John, Celine Dion, Fergie, Lady Gaga, and the late Aretha Franklin. Aries season definitely brought the birth  a ton talented musicians.

Coronavirus "Patient Zero" Explains How She Contracted COVID-19

Imagine being the first-ever person to have contracted the novel coronavirus, which has spread across the planet, infecting over half a million people and killing more than 25,000. How do you think they’re feeling about all this? 

“Patient Zero” has reportedly been identified as Wei Guixian, a 57-year-old shrimp vendor in the Huanan Market in Wuhan, China. She was among the first twenty-seven people to have ever tested positive for the virus, and is believed to be “patient zero.” For the first time, she is speaking out about her own experience with coronavirus the Wall Street Journal.

“I felt a bit tired, but not as tired as previous years. Every winter, I always suffer from the flu. So I thought it was the flu,” said Wei. 

Coronavirus "Patient Zero" Explains How She Contracted COVID-19
Getty s

She went to a local clinic where she received treatment for the flu before returning to work, effectively beginning the outbreak that has shut down the entire world. Her symptoms worsened before she decided to go to the hospital, where doctors could not figure out what was wrong. On December 16, she visited another hospital where it was determined that she was among many to have contracted the “ruthless” illness. Before finally being placed in quarantine, doctors determined that twenty-four the twenty-seven cases they had seen came from the seafood market, also realizing that Wei was likely “patient zero.”

She believes that she came into contact with the virus a shared toilet with wild meat sellers. Wei has since made a full recovery from COVID-19.

In other coronavirus news, the United States ficially has more confirmed cases than Italy and China.

Eazy-E’s Daughter Mourns Late N.W.A Legend On 25th Anniversary Of His Death

Eazy-E passed away on March 26, 1995, only month after he was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. On the 25th anniversary of his death, his daughter Erica Wright posted several throwback photos of the late gangsta rap legend and herself as a young child.


Eazy-E's Daughter Mourns Late N.W.A Legend On 25th Anniversary Of His Death

Eazy was admitted to the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on February 24, 1995 with a violent cough. He was eventually diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, which he likely contracted from a ual partner. He announced his illness in a public statement less than a month later.

Before his death, he made amends with his former N.W.A brethren Ice Cube and penned a final message to his fans. As previously noted, he died on March 26, 1995 at the age of 30. He was buried on April 7, 1995 at Rose Hills Memorial Park in Whittier, California. Over 3,000 people attended his funeral, including the late Jerry Heller and DJ Yella.

Eazy-E's Daughter Mourns Late N.W.A Legend On 25th Anniversary Of His Death

Eazy-E’s Family Unveils New Tombstone On His 55th Birthday

Eazy’s family unveiled an elaborate new tombstone for the late N.W.A rapper during a public ceremony at his final resting place on September 7, which would have been his 55th birthday.

LeBron James Offers Message To Cavaliers Fans Amid NBA Hiatus

Sports fans have been deprived live events for two weeks now due to the Coronavirus scare. COVID-19 has quickly become a public health crisis that affects every single person in the world. With this in mind, we won’t be able to have sports for a very long time although hopefully, seasons aren’t completely canceled. One the leagues affected by this is the NBA who were supposed to have a full slate games today.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were supposed to go up against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight. This is a significant matchup as it would have seen LeBron returning to his hometown for a game against his former team. The legendary NBA superstar was feeling quite sad about the situation and took to Twitter where he addressed Cavaliers fans who won’t get to see him play.

“Was so looking forward to being back in Cleveland tonight playing in front my family, friends and fans I spent 11 years my career with. Always a special place in my heart! Until next time!” LeBron wrote.

It’s clear that the NBA shutdown is weighing heavily on players who wanted to carry out the season. At the end the day, basketball is these men’s livelihood and when it’s stripped away from them so suddenly, it can be difficult.

If everyone stays home and listens to proper instruction, this pandemic can go away sooner rather than later.

Cam Newton Sends Subtle Shade At Panthers In Workout Video

Cam Newton has a Super Bowl appearance and an MVP under his belt yet the quarterback continues to get disrespected at every turn. Sure, there are definitely some real criticisms you can point to when talking about Newton although most hacks would rather talk about attitude problems that don’t actually exist. Realistically, Newton is a great leader who has won at almost every single level. Unfortunately, injuries have hindered his ability to run and keep up with his accuracy. Because these issues, the Carolina Panthers decided to release Newton and turn him into a free agent.

It’s obvious that Newton never wanted this to happen and that he is ultimately heartbroken by the decision. In fact, Newton got on Instagram with some intense workout videos. In one the clips, Newton says “they gave up on me” while also saying the team “forced me into this.”

Now, Newton will join a free agent QB class that includes the likes Jameis Winston. Newton should be in high demand especially when you consider how he is better than most the quarterbacks in the league. Hopefully, he will find a new NFL home sooner than later.

Let us know in the comments below who you think should scoop up Newton this fseason.

Kathy Griffin In Coronavirus Isolation Ward, Yet Unable To Get Tested

Kathy Griffin is among the growing list celebrities that have either tested positive for Coronavirus, are showing symptoms and awaiting a test, or else, are simply speaking out about the matter. It sounds like Kathy Griffin is doing all three these things, actually.

The comedian who has a long-standing gripe with President Donald Trump, stemming back to when she showcased his severed head, is coming for Trump once again amid her own battle with what is possibly COVID-19. Griffin shared a photo herself, partially visible with a ventilator mask on, sided with a photo her view in a hospital bed. Underneath, she shared a screenshot Trump’s tweet, where he proclaimed that “the United States has done far more “testing” than any other nation, by far!” In fact, this is actually untrue, with the United States lagging behind other countries when it comes to the amount testing in direct correlation to the amount people populating the country. 

Kathy Griffin In Coronavirus Isolation Ward, Yet Unable To Get Tested

Gregg DeGuire/Getty s 

Griffin’s issue is the fact that despite she is in an isolation ward for Coronavirus, she is somehow unable to get tested for the deadly virus due to unexplained (to us) rules from the CDC. She writes on her Instagram caption, “He’s lying. I was sent to the #COVID19 isolation ward room in a major hospital ER from a separate urgent care facility after showing UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms. The hospital couldn’t test me for #coronavirus because CDC (Pence task force) restrictions.”

Pretty scary times. Be safe.

Chris Brown & Guapdad 4000 Body Quarantine Freestyle

Roughly a week has passed since Guapdad 4000 launched his ongoing “Rona Raps” series with an appearance from Buddy, and today’s latest episode finds the Scamboy connecting with Chris Brown for a new batch quarantine bars. Though you might think the subject matter would be tiresome by now, the fact that we’re all in this together injects the verses with a feeling camaraderie; after all, what does misery love if not company?

Chris Brown & Guapdad 4000 Body Quarantine Freestyle

Tasia Wells/Getty s

Taking to the Q-Tip‘s classic “Vivrant Thing” instrumental, Guapdad sets it f with some heat. “They said how’d you get corona boy, well shit is different,” he spits. “I heard she was easy and pussy was killin n***as / I met her on the flight after a tour when I was leavin / I touched her, she came on me then I had trouble breathing.” The schemes continue as he wraps up, reflecting on how “the industry like acne, your face get mushed / the whiteheads pop easy, the blackheads need a push.” 

Next up is Chris Brown in full Fallout 4 attire, foregoing his usual sung delivery to remind the masses how he gets down. “This damn virus got me stuck home,” he raps. “Hopin that me and my family get the fuck on / when it’s over, ladies I’m trying to get my fuck on / spraying the disinfectant like it’s cologne.” The onslaught continues as he finds a new pocket — “My girl a Fashionova freak, well I guess I’m fashion overload / got a long stick in the drum like I’m Pinocchio / coronavirus try to hit me? I do the rope-a-dope.” 

Check out episode 2 “Rona Raps” below, and sound f — who are you trying to see hop on Guapdad’s next episode?

Blueface Pays His Mom $1K To Smash Eggs On Her Head For Instagram

The Gram – Blueface and his mother negotiated a bet in which he would crack eggs over her head in an Instagram video posted on his account Tuesday (March 25).

The “Stop Cappin” lyricist initially pitched his mom $1,000 to crack two eggs over her head and she eventually obliged to the offer.

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A post shared by Blueface (@bluefacebleedem) on

She apprehensively replied to his request, “$1,000 an egg, or no deal.”

Blueface tried to convince her to take his first wager but she wouldn’t budge.

“$1,000 an egg. Take it or leave it,” she said.

When she eventually caved to agree with his initial offer, but on one condition.

“If I get a headache, I’m getting $100,000” she warned.

When he smashed the first egg over her head, she gasped in shock as the yolk streamed down her face.

Blueface Pays His Mom $1K To Smash Eggs On Her Head For Instagram

Blueface Tells Nick Cannon His Childhood Crush Is Mariah Carey & Gets Surprising Response

As for the second egg, he welched on the bet and walked away laughing while grabbing back his cash offer.

“You know what, Ma, I’m not even gonna do that to you,” Blueface said.

“Johnathan, you going to hell,” she retorted with a giggle.

The odd yet lighthearted moment happy marks a happy interaction between Blueface and his mother.

Almost one year ago, a video of him kicking out his mother and sister from his house surfaced on Instagram in July 2019.