Antonio Brown Waiting On Jimmy Butler’s $30K From Unpaid Bet

Jimmy Butler and Antonio Brown are both big personalities in their respective sports so it comes as no surprise that they are actually pretty good friends. Butler delved deeper into his friendship with Brown on the latest episode  Complex’s show Hot Ones. One the funnier stories Butler told on the show involved a bet he made with Brown involving football. Of course, Brown is a football player while Butler plays basketball, so you would expect Brown to crush Butler at whatever the challenge was. Well, that’s exactly what happened.

As the story goes, Brown and Butler were training together, when Butler bed Brown $30K that he could stop his from catch a touchdown pass in the endzone. Brown ended up smoking Butler and the rest was history. Although as Brown joked on Twitter, Butler has yet to pay up. 

Puma & Barbie Team Up For Sneaker And Streetwear Collection

Since 1959, Barbie dolls have been one the most iconic children’s toys in the world. Barbie is a staple toy-culture and its creator, Mattel, have teamed up with numerous brands over the years for some pretty epic collaborations. The latest brand to collab with Barbie is Puma, who are bringing a whole slew apparel and sneakers to their brand new collection that dropped today.

This collaboration is made for women and kids only, with the highlight being a pair Puma Nova’s that are dressed in pastel pink, yellow, and blue tones. Included in the collection is a zip-up tracksuit top, a candy pink t-shirt, tights and leggings for women and kids. Prices range from $35 to $100 USD, making this a pretty affordable collaboration.

Puma & Barbie Team Up For Sneaker And Streetwear Collection


Puma and barbie enthusiasts will most definitely want to check out this latest capsule which available now. If you’re looking to cop something, check out the collection here.

Puma & Barbie Team Up For Sneaker And Streetwear Collection


Puma & Barbie Team Up For Sneaker And Streetwear Collection


Lil Wayne Reportedly Pays Off $14 Million Tax Debt

Lousiana rapper Lil Wayne has one less, yet massive, bill to pay now that it’s being reported that he’s forked over $14 million to the United States government. For years Weezy has been in trouble with Uncle Sam due to unpaid taxes, causing him to be, on multiple occasions, hit with tax liens. In February 2011, Wayne paid f a $1.13 million tax lien and later on the year he was hit with another lien, this time for $5.6 million. By 2012, the rapper paid $7 million to the IRS to get them f his back, but in 2016, it was reported that he owed them $900,000.

Lil Wayne Reportedly Pays Off $14 Million Tax Debt
Jerritt Clark/Getty s

You’d think that with that many run-ins with the government, a person would get a new accountant and fall in line, but in 2017 Wayne found himself in more financial trouble. According to The Blastthe rapper was once again hit with liens, this time for that as the government alleged he failed to pay $7,341,399.07 in 2011 and $6,853,545.77 in 2012, making it a total $14,194,944.84.

Just a few months ago while performing in Chicago, Wayne had a vulnerable moment when he shared something with the crowd. He took a moment to thank Jay Z, someone he said was more than just a supporter as a friend and musical collaborator, but as a person who helped him financially. “There’s people like JAY Z. He helped me when I was really, really, really down. Really, really, really down,” Wayne said. “Jay don’t want me to tell nobody. That man helped me with my taxes. He’s a real friend, y’all.”

Kari Faux Embarking On Her Own HELP WANTED Tour

LOS ANGELES, CA – Multi-disciplinary artist Kari Faux, is plunging into a 12-city headlining tour starting in May, wrapping in June.

Capitalizing on the momentum built by her recent Cry For Help EP – which includes buzzing single “Leave Me Alone,” and a tranquilizing feature from Curren$y – Kari announced the HELP WANTED Tour on Thursday (March 28) Instagram.

Coming on the scene in 2014 with career-catapulting mixtape Laugh Now, Die Later, Kari continued to walk the line between rap and R&B through debut studio album Lost En Los Angeles (2016), and prior EP Primary (2017). Her growing presence in the music industry marks a resurgence of fearless, outspoken black female voices in Hip Hop; a demeanor Faux exudes in all mediums of her creativity.

Tickets for the HELP WANTED Tour go on sale Friday (March 29th) – with more anticipated tour dates to be announced in the coming weeks.

HELP WANTED Tour dates:
5/21 – Dallas, TX – The Cambridge Room @ House of Blues
5/22 – Little Rock, AR – Ron Robinson Theater
5/23 – Houston, TX – Upstairs at White Oak Music Hall
5/26 – Atlanta, GA – Aisle 5
5/27 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd
5/28 – Boston, MA – Great Scott
5/29 – Brooklyn, NY – Baby’s All Right
5/31 – Toronto, ON – Radio
6/2 – Minneapolis, MN – Loring
6/5 – Santa Ana, CA – La Santa
6/7 – Oakland, CA – The New Parish
6/9 – Los Angeles, CA – Moroccan Lounge

Follow @KariFaux on Instagram for more consistent updates on the tour.

Q Money, Young Dolph, YFN Lucci & Peeway Longway Celebrate With Kandypens In "Neat (Remix)" Video

Q Money’s new visual for the “Neat (Remix)” not only features notable appearances from Young Dolph, YFN Lucci and Peeway Longway but also loads of the finest KandyPens.

Armed with boxes of the 24K and Galaxy Editions K-Vape, women rocking nothing but black and white paint are peppered throughout the Alphamale-directed video as each rapper spits their verses.

The “Neat (Remix}” comes on the heels of Q Money’s Ain’t Shit Funny LP and provides the perfect opportunity for Q Money, Dolph, Lucci and Peeway to floss their KandyPens, jewels, premium liquor and stacks of cash. Simply put, they’re living the high life.

Slick, Sultry & Superior

Puff, Puff Give

Want Some?


Q Money joins the ever-evolving roster of high-profile artists who co-sign KandyPens, including Migos, DJ Khaled, 21 Savage, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, 50 Cent, French Montana, Nas, Kanye West, Young Thug, Tyga, Jadakiss, K-Camp, Kid Ink, and Fetty Wap.

Last year, KandyPens launched a new vaporizer line with Amber Rose, the appropriately titled Amber Rose Collection.

KandyPens was named one of the Best Vape Pens of 2018 by High Times, who called the PRISM+ “the best coilless wax vaporizer in its price range.”

Jussie Smollett Reportedly Was Prepared To Stand Trial — & Win

Chicago, IL – Jussie Smollett was reportedly “confident” about standing trial and was positive he would come out victorious.

The judge handed down his decision to drop all 16 felony charges against the Empire actor Tuesday morning (March 26).

The Blast reported sources close to Smollett said he was never considering a plea deal and was adamant about his innocence.

Smollett’s legal team shared their client’s sentiments commenting on the “inconsistent” story of the Osundairo brothers continuing to say that the prosecutors were “not ready for primetime,” calling the charges against Smollett “ridiculous.”

Charges were initially brought against Smollett for felony disorderly conduct after he claimed two men assaulted him in the early hours of January 29.

Smollett turned himself into police custody on February 20.

Chicago police Superintendent Eddie Johnson spoke about the arrest at a press conference on February 21 saying Smollett staged the attack because he was “dissatisfied with his salary.”

The Cook County State’s Attorney Office released a statement on March 26 saying, “After reviewing all of the facts and circumstances of the case, including Mr. Smollett’s volunteer service in the community and agreement to forfeit his bond to the City of Chicago, we believe this outcome is a just disposition and appropriate resolution to this case.”

Smollett spoke to the media following the ruling saying, “I have been truthful and consistent on every single level since day one. I would not be my mother’s son if I was capable of one drop of what I have been accused of.”

Despite charges being dropped, the FBI is still investigating the offensive letter sent to Smollett days before the attack. Authorities want to affirm that Smollett didn’t send the letter himself, the contrary would result in federal charges against the axed actor.

Joe Budden, 9th Wonder, & More Outraged Over Lil Nas X Country Chart Removal

Rapper Lil Nas X went viral upon the creation Country-inspired hip-hop banger “Old Town Road,” which ultimately found itself atop the Billboard Hot 100. In an unexpected twist fate, the Red Dead 2 fuelled creation happened to infiltrate the Country charts, a place where an 808 kick drum is more myth than reality. Unfortunately for Lil Nas, the song was ultimately pulled from Billboard’s Country charts, with Billboard issuing a statement to Rolling Stone Magazine

“Upon further review, it was determined that ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X does not currently merit inclusion on Billboard‘s country charts. When determining genres, a few factors are examined, but first and foremost is musical composition. While ‘Old Town Road’ incorporates references to country and cowboy imagery, it does not embrace enough elements today’s country music to chart in its current version.” 

While it’s possible that Billboard thought the move would prove innocuous, a few select voices in the hip-hop community came forward to speak out against the decision. For one, Ski Mask The Slump God branded the incident “Discrimination,” implying that the entire process stemmed from a flimsy line reasoning. “This Didn’t Come From Me But If My Song Was Taken Off Of A Platform Because They Decided It Doesn’t Live Up To The Genre Enough For Them,” he writes, prompting a heartfelt thank-you from Lil Nas X. 

One the most brilliant insights came from 9th Wonder, who pointed out the double-standard where hip-hop placement is concerned. Buuuuut. So many artists end up on the Billboard Charts as “Hip-Hop”, and if we don’t accept it we don’t want the genre to grow, and we are purists and stuck in our ways,” he writes. “But they kick homie f the country charts tho, because it’s not country to “them”…. Got it.” It’s certainly an interesting and thought-provoking take, given that many Billboard’s top hip-hop chart placements come crossover artists, who deftly tow the line between hip-hop and pop: IE, including 808s and autotune in their composition. 

The Rolling Stone article, which originally cited an “insider,” provides another thought-provoking insight into race relations in the music business. “When do we get to the point where black artists] can be accepted and played on other formats?” they ask. “That’s still the question.”  That question prompted a response from Joe Budden, who raised questions genre ownership with a sharp statement. 

In the end, many interesting points are raised, especially where the hypocrisy genre-fusion is concerned. Can a country song have an 808? It’s certainly interesting to mull over, and will likely ruffle the feathers a few close-minded types. Where do you stand? And more importantly, should a line be drawn where the genre “hip-hop” is concerned? And if so, who should hold the pencil?

21 Savage & DJ Khaled Tease "Top Secret" New Single & Video

DJ Khaled‘s somewhat a facilitator, easily filling studios with a variety prominent A-Listers. The affable mogul has drawn criticism for his exuberance and nearly boundless joie-de-vivre, but in reality, they remain some his strongest selling points. Who can really be mad at him, seafaring adventurer and loving father that he is? Not to mention, the man has proven time and time again to amass a few memorable posse cuts when he puts his mind to it. Luckily, all signs point to a sense focus surrounding his upcoming album Father Of Asahd, and it looks like 21 Savage will be involved to some degree.

With the album set to arrive on May 17th, it’s about that time for the rollout to commence. On that note, Khaled has since flooded his IG page with a few interesting pictures, many which include 21 Savage. “@21savage nothing but luv and respect,” he writes, in one the captions. “EveryTIng Top Secert EVERYTING.” In fact, Khaled all but confirms the single is en route, heavily alluding to some 21 Savage involvement. “I got the hottest 21 Savage verse to date,” he teases, in a clip below. “Facts, fo sho,” chimes in Savage, on what looks like a music video set.

In fact, it’s most definitely a video, as Khaled tagged director Eif Rivera in one the posts. For some context, Rivera is responsible for directing a few Khaled videos, including “I’m The One,” “Nas” Album Done,” and “On Everything.” What do you think? Are you excited to see a 21 Savage-led Khaled single? And more importantly, does this mean Khaled is back on his street-anthem tip? 

Jussie Smollett’s Attorney Explains Theory On Why He Was Out Late On Night Of Attack

As we know, all charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped in the case that alleged him to have staged a racial and homophobic attack on himself. The move has sparked all kinds reactions towards the Empire actor, including the Chicago mayor who called it a “whitewash justice.” 

“Do I think justice was served? No. What do I think justice is? I think this city is still owed an apology,” Chicago Police Eddie Johnson said. “I’ve heard that they wanted their day in court with TV cameras so America could know the truth and know they tried to hide behind secrecy to broker a deal to circumvent the judicial system.”

Jussie’s attorney has now gone on record to share her theory for one the questionable parts the case, surrounding Jussie being out late in Chicago (with no security) on the night the attack. Tina Glandian explained on the Today show that Jussie had been in contact with the Osundairo brothers about a training session, but since his flight was delayed, it was pushed back a day. Tina explained how the brothers told him to stick to his nutrition plan that required eggs, but since he didn’t have any he ran out to get some. Jussie stated in his first interview after the attack that Walgreens was closed so he went to Subway instead. The latter is the reason the brothers knew where he was, pinning them as the suspects. 

Watch the full interview below where Tina breaks down more on the case. 

Pete Davidson Paid A Hefty Bill For Dinner With Kid Cudi, Kanye West & Timothée Chalamet

A number of months in the past Kid Cudi, Timothée Chalamet, Kanye West and Pete Davidson all linked up at Nobu in Malibu for Kid’s birthday. Kim, who was the one who snapped the favored photograph the dinner, beforehand talked concerning the night detailing how she chilled within the nook, not eager to interrupt man night time. “Everyone simply had such a very good time. The vibe was so good and I did not wanna break it so I sat within the nook and simply documented it for them,” she said. “I used to be taking part in Word Connect on my cellphone and letting them have their, like, man time.”

Pete just lately linked together with his buddy Machine Gun Kelly to take a lie detector check with Vanity Fair the place he revealed that he paid for the entire dinner that consisted them “consuming a bunch wealthy folks stuff.”

Pete had beforehand put his credit score card down anticipating it to simply be him and Kid, however then the entire crew confirmed up resulting in a really costly invoice. “Kanye] saved ordering the entire whole time and I did not know he was coming and I already put my card all the way down to pay as a result of I thought it will be simply me and Cudi. Then, Chalamet confirmed up after which Kanye confirmed up and I used to be like ‘Oh, f*ck’ after which I needed to e-book two extra gigs in Ohio.”

As for whether or not Kanye is a dessert man, Pete had one other method explaining it. “He’s a order the fucking every little thing as a result of I  can after which all of us have one chew, perhaps… as a result of fuck you… man.” 

Jhené Aiko Addresses Big Sean Breakup, Readies New Album

Jhené Aiko is finished with the drama.

The singer, who ended her relationship with Big Sean final 12 months, is talking out for the primary time about her breakup with the Detroit rapper. The Shade Room reposted a clip of her within the studio, which prompted a reader to write down, “Well. Big Sean… she finna snitch.”

Responding to the remark, Jhené revealed that she and her ex are on good phrases. “Me and Sean are good. i’ve received tons of affection for him,” she mentioned.

She additionally revealed that her subsequent album, her first since 2017’s Trip, will encompass all freestyles. “my subsequent album is all freestyles the place i contact on many topics and relationships… previous, current and future,” she continued. “I do know you all love the drama and wish to assume every thing i do or say is about him, however i’ve been by way of loads of different issues and conditions that i pull inspiration from when i sit all the way down to create a track. have a superb day.”

Jhené has been within the studio and lately accomplished three freestyles. “2019. talking fact solely. you cannot management me,” she mentioned Instagram Stories.

In December, she provided the primary style of that along with her “Wasted Love Freestyle,” on which she addressed a misplaced love. “I cherished you earlier than I even knew why,” she sings on the stripped-down monitor. “How did we get away from love? / How did I get away from us?”

Following their breakup final 12 months, Jhené covered up all her tattoos, together with a big portrait of Sean’s face on her left bicep, with a fire-breathing dragon and a photo voltaic system.

Jhené Aiko Addresses Big Sean Breakup, Readies New AlbumJhené Aiko Addresses Big Sean Breakup, Readies New Album

“i lined ALL my tats w/ a giant ass Dragon w/ a Phoenix wing respiration life and lightweight into a brand new galaxy. NEW ART! NO BEEF! ALL LOVE!” she tweeted.

Sean has not addressed the breakup, however he did open up about his battle with psychological well being and the journey to “rediscover” himself. “I noticed it began with me and I needed to analyze myself. I couldn’t level the finger at anyone else,” he mentioned earlier this week. “I began realizing which you can’t give or rely on any individual for love or a superb time should you can’t give it to your self.”

"What The" Air Jordan four Rumored To Release This Fall

In celebration 2019 being the 30th anniversary the Air Jordan four, Jordan Brand will likely be re-releasing a handful traditional colorways, in addition to some by no means earlier than seen iterations the long-lasting silhouette.

One the Air Jordan 4s set to drop this Fall will reportedly be the “What The” selection, that includes parts every the 4 authentic Air Jordan four colorways, together with the “White Cement,” “Bred,” “Military Blue,” and “Fire Red.”

s the “What The” Air Jordan four haven’t but surfaced, however rumors are swirling that the particular version sneakers will likely be accessible on November 23. It stays to be seen how a lot the kicks will price and what number of pairs will likely be accessible however we already know they’re going to be among the many most coveted 4s to drop in 2019.

Check out the upcoming “Bred” Air Jordan 4 here, whereas we await a primary take a look at the “What The” rendition. 

"What The" Air Jordan 4 Rumored To Release This Fall

“What The” Air Jordan four/@HouseOfHeat

Jussie Smollett Reportedly Demanding Team Focus On Fixing His Reputation

Now that the 16 charges against Jussie Smollett have been dropped and the rumored federal case is being investigated, the actor reportedly shifting his focus again to his profession and picture. As we have reported, many Smollett’s Empire co-stars cannot look forward to his return, however the actor stays written out the ultimate episodes this season.

Public opinion concerning the end result the case is split. Supporters imagine that Smollett is the sufferer not solely a bodily assault however being railroaded by the Chicago Police Department. Unbelievers who criticize Smollett’s account his assault nonetheless state that he orchestrated this hoax in hopes furthering his visibility and profession. 

According to TMZ, Smollett’s career is at a standstill, if not on the decline, because of the controversy surrounding the actor inside the previous couple of months. The report that he is ordering his group to work on his public picture and likability in order that the potential being cast in the future will increase. The publication states that it doesn’t matter what, Smollett claims he’s sticking to his truth and can by no means dete from his account the assault—the identical story he is advised for the reason that starting the scandal.

It’s additionally reported that it’s not his intention to keep away from interviews and appearances, as he needs to attach with the bigger viewers in an effort to share his story. TMZ beforehand reported that Smollett’s job fers have ceased after being arrested and charged, however that will work to his profit if this time is taken to rebuild.

Downtown Music Acquires CD Baby Owner AVL Holdings for $200 Million

One of the music business’s hottest distributors has been wolfed up.

CD Baby dad or mum AVL Holdings have simply been acquired for roughly $200 million. The purchaser, Downtown Music Holdings, wolfed the distributor and numerous related properties, together with these traversing bodily merchandise, books, and extra.

The NY-based Downtown Music Holdings is the dad or mum to each Downtown Music Publishing and Songtrust.  The buyout additionally covers ALV-owned divisions AdRev, DashGo and Soundrop, a part of a gradual clip of mega-acquisitions within the indie distribution, publishing, and royalty accounting sectors.

CD Baby CEO Tracy Maddux, primarily based in Portland, will oversee the Downtown-owned AVL unit.

The buyout follows a rising arc for CD Baby.  The distributor has just lately been given high accolades by each Spotify and Apple Music, clearly two crucial endpoints for the distributor.


Jaden & Jada Smith Go To Flint To Reveal "Water Box" Filtration System

Since the U.S. authorities is doing little to assist Flint, Jaden Smith‘s taken it upon himself to attempt to bring clean water to the Michigan city. Earlier this month, he introduced that he’d be teaming up with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to introduce a cell water filtration system. More just lately, the rapper and his mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, went to Flint to unveil their new filtration system.

Jaden and Jada Smith went to Flint to rollout their revolutionary cell water filtration system known as “The Water Box” in collaboration with 501CTHREE. The filtration system works to cut back lead and different contaminants which were affecting residents through the present water disaster. They rolled out the system at First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church earlier this month. Residents might carry jugs to The Water Box on Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has labored closely over time to carry clear water to Flint, beforehand donating reportedly 5M water bottles to the residents the town, USA Today studies. 

Jaden has additionally teamed up with The Last Kilometer, Rethink H2O, Black Millennials for Flint, and 501CTHREE to assist carry the water filtration system to Flint.

In addition to the Water Box, Jada Pinkett Smith pledged to donate cash to Flint for long-term options for the water disaster.

Peep Jada Pinkett Smith’s recap video beneath.