Jordan Brand & Microsoft Team Up For Custom Xbox One X Giveaway

Jordan Brand recently held its 18th annual Jordan Brand Classic and to celebrate, the classic sneaker brand has teamed up with Microst and Xbox for a new giveaway that will bring sneakerheads and gamers together. Xbox’s latest console is the Xbox One X, meanwhile, Jumpman’s latest silhouette is the Jordan Proto React. This giveaway will see the console and the shoes bundled together for two lucky winners.

What’s interesting about the console is that it will be modeled after the shoe that is being given away. Proto React details can be found on each console, with each Xbox receiving inverse colors. For instance, one the consoles will be white with black highlights while the second will be black with white highlights. As for the shoes, they will feature a white upper and a black react midsole. 

Jordan Brand & Microst Team Up For Custom Xbox One X Giveaway


Jordan Brand & Microst Team Up For Custom Xbox One X Giveaway


If you’re looking to enter the contest and have a shot at winning this awesome prize pack, simply retweet the Tweet below before May 3rd which is the day the contest ficially wraps up. Contest rules can also be read in the post below.

Good luck to all those who enter.

Beyoncé Gets Mischievous With "Where Is The Formation World Tour DVD" Shirts

Beyoncé’s hustle should not be undersold. In fact, the legendary singer appears more active than ever before, having recently set Netflix ablaze with the surprise arrival a Homecoming documentary and live album. While the move went appreciated by her legions fans – a group that includes the ever-buzzing “beyhive” – many have come to cherish the “Formation Tour” as Beyonce‘s live magnum opus.

As such, the requests for a home media release “Formation” has led to countless requests across Bey’s social media platforms. Now, the singer has taken the opportunity to showcase a little bit a mischevious side, as evidenced by her new merch line. 

Several t-shirts have been made available at her ficial website, all which feature one prominent message: “Where is the FWT DVD?” Scrawled across the threads in graffiti fashion, the shirts seem to point to a sense awareness, which bodes well for the hungry fans. After all, Beyonce is said to have an additional pair Netflix specials in the stash. Perhaps the long-awaited “Formation World Tour” film shall finally come to fruition. Is that something you might be interested in? 

Beyoncé Gets Mischievous With "Where Is The Formation World Tour DVD" Shirts

Buda Mendes/Getty s

Young Thug Appears To Rep The "Free YNW Melly" Movement

Today YNW Melly’s looming trial took a dark turn, after TMZ revealed that he’s currently facing the death penalty over the alleged murder former associates YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. It would appear the State Of Florida is looking to dole out the harshest sentence should the young rapper be found guilty. Despite the fact that he’s since pleaded not guilty, many feel that the outlook appears bleak for the “Mixed Personalities” artist. Some have already distanced themselves from the once-rising Melly, though there are some who have chosen to remain loyal. 

Young Thug Appears To Rep The "Free YNW Melly" Movement


As it happens, Young Thug has recently uploaded a snippet a new preview, which likely stems from his ongoing Barter 7 sessions. In the track, Thug can be heard singing “I told that bitch to free Melvin,” all while staring a challenge into the camera. Young Thughas made no secret his willingness to embrace and dole out violence onto his foes, and it would appear he’s decided to stand by Melly amidst this trying time. 

As now, there’s no telling how this one will play out. Look for more details to surface in the coming weeks. As now, it’s difficult to assess where the truth falls, especially where matters motivation are concerned. Is Thug out line to ride for Melly, given what he’s being accused ?

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Baby Mama Trashes G Herbo After He Curses Out A Little Boy

Chicago rapper G Herbo is not necessarily seen in the best light at the moment after his arrest last week. The artist allegedly put his hands on his ex-girlfriend and the mother his son, leaving Ari Fletcher with scratches. The social media star said that Herbo “beat her the fuck up” in a statement her own after he was released from jail. Herb has been charged with battery after the incident. That’s not the only thing that has pissed people f though because at his son’s birthday party last week, G Herbo cursed out a little boy who unsafely went down a slide right after the rapper and his one-year-old, threatening to punch him out.

Under no circumstances is it alright to beat up a child. Seriously. Perhaps this is a regular thing that G Herbo teases his friend’s kids for because the little boy was smiling about it but a number his fans have spoken out about the incident. Sara Molina, Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s baby mother, also commented on the video that was live-streamed on Herb’s page, saying that he’s “type ignorant.”

“I never looked at G Herbo no type way,” says Molina on her own live stream. “Until I realized he was type ignorant when he was going down that slide with his fucking son. You over here talking about beating someone’s kid for coming behind you on a slide with your kid. First all, the kid maybe weighed no more than fucking 25-30 pounds and you’re over here talking about beating him up because he came behind you.”

Sara Molina asks why he would feel comfortable speaking to somebody else’s kid like that having his own child in his arms. Watch the video below and chime in.

Osundairo Brothers Reportedly Can’t Bounce Back From Jussie Smollett Controversy

Abel and Ola Osundairo are the two men who allegedly “attacked” Jussie Smollett when the Empire actor was reportedly the victim homophobic beat down. While the brothers were dropped from any charges – apologizing for their involvement in the case – it seems as though they can’t score any jobs, even though their name has been cleared. 

TMZ reports that the Osundairo brothers have come up empty-handed trying to land acting gigs and agents. The publication details how they’ve reached out to 10 the top agents in Chicago but no dice. Apparently, Abel was signed with Gray Talent Group for a month or so before the Jussie controversy but they later dropped him. They told him that “parting ways with talented actors like yourself is a difficult decision and not a direct reflection on your character or your abilities.”

The brothers also share a fitness business but after what seemed to be a busy time it turned out to just be “clients” who were looking to get more information on Jussie and the case. As for Abel, it looks like he’s succeeding with boxing since winning the prestigious Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament last month. 

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Revealed In New Colorways

John Elliott’s Nike LeBron Icon is reportedly set to drop in a trio new colorways, including a colorful “Volt” rendition that is slated to release  John Elliott’s web store on April 23.

The Icon features a stretch-woven upper with semi-translucent paneling equipped with an eye-catching pattern throughout. The kicks are also grounded by a full-length Air Max unit as seen on the Nike LeBron 8. Additional details include a small Nike swoosh on the toe box, sideways Nike logo on the tongue and a LeBron James x John Elliott logo stamped on the insole.

In addition to the Volt colorway, John Elliott has also revealed a black version and another white joint as part the Pre Fall / Winter 2019 collection.

Take a look at each the newly unveiled LeBron Icon colorways below, while we await ficial release details.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Revealed In New Colorways

Via @JohnElliottco

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Revealed In New Colorways

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon/JohnElliottco.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Revealed In New Colorways

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon/JohnElliottco.

SiriusXM Launches an $8 Monthly Plan for People Without Cars

SiriusXM is trying to expand its satellite radio service to those who do not have cars or compatible car stereo systems.

The company is doing this through a plan that they call SiriusXM Essential.  The plan costs $8 per month and provides more than 200 radio stations that users can listen to either at home or through mobile devices.

SiriusXM Essential includes all the music programming the company offers through its Premiere Streaming plan, and it also includes a number of sports channels as well as news and comedy channels.  Still, many notable radio channels are missing from the plan. Among those channels not included in the plan are:

  • Howard Stern’s two radio channels
  • NBA
  • NHL
  • NCAA

Those who do not have cars (or compatible stereos) but are interested in these premium channels will be able to purchase the Premiere Streaming plan for in-home and mobile listening sometime in mid-May for $13 per month.

Matt Epstein, vice president of marketing at SiriusXM, said that SiriusXM Essential is an attempt to reach a younger demographic.

He said that young people generally do not drive enough to make the purchase of a satellite radio system worth it.

Even worse, Epstein noted that because some young people do not own cars, they do not even know about the existence of SiriusXM.  That presents a serious awareness issue, with competitors like Spotify and Apple Music obviously not suffering the same issue.

Epstein also mentioned that the company wanted to take advantage of the explosion of smart speakers.  Already, Sirius has witnessed a dramatic increase in listening at home.  Smart speaker listening has increased by 60% in the last year alone, according to the company.

Some may wonder if SiriusXM Essential is in competition with Pandora, which Sirius bought last year for $3.5 billion. But in spite of similar offerings, Epstein insists that the services are complementary.

SiriusXM Essential is initially offering a 3 month trial for $1.

Beyonce Received $60 Million for a Three-Project Netflix Deal

Beyonce has inked a $60 million project deal with Netflix, according to details now emerging.

According to a report from Variety this weekend, Beyonce has signed a three-part deal producing multiple projects with the streaming company.

Homecoming, the name of the first of three projects, is a behind-the-scenes look at Beyonce’s 2018 Coachella performance. The price tag associated with this project by itself is reported to be $20 million.

Beyonce is also releasing a live album associated with the documentary. The album is 40 songs and includes two bonus songs near the end.  The bonus add-ons are “Before I Let Go” by Frankie Beverly & Maze and “I Been On,” a song that was uploaded to Soundcloud back in 2013.

Other sources indicate that Netflix may have outbid HBO to secure Beyonce’s documentary. This is a departure from Beyonce’s 2016 association with HBO, Lemonade.  Neither HBO nor Netflix have commented on the details of these discussions.

The documentary of the behind the scenes performance promises to be an impressive display.

Expect to see many backup dancers, a marching band, and an impressive musical showcase.  At one point, over were counted on stage. The performance was a performance feat, with Beyonce stating that she wanted to “bring her culture” to Coachella.

Netflix has previous experience with similar content, include Lady Gaga’s Gaga: Five Foot Two. Other popular music-based documentaries include the recently-released Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, though perhaps that one should thrown into a different sub-category entirely.

Beyonce’s live album is available on all major streaming platforms: Apple Music, Google Play, and Spotify. Netflix subscribers can also watch the documentary right now the streaming platform.

As for remaining projects slated for the $60 million dollar deal, no further announcements have been made.

Will Smith Movies: Top 10 Most Action-Packed

Actor. Rapper. Dude who bungee jumps out helicopters. Will Smith is a multi-faceted entertainer who, after more than three decades in showbiz, really has done it all.

However, historically, his body work as a big screen action hero has divided the general public. From garnering two Best Actor Oscar nominations (for Ali and The Pursuit Happyness) to turning down the lead role in The Matrix to make Wild Wild West instead, it’s easy to see why.

So, with a clear, unbiased conscience and Big Willie Style bumping on my sound system, it’s time to set the record straight on Will Smith’s movie career and highlight the 10 best action-packed projects he’s been involved with since the dawn the Fresh Prince fever in the early-90s.

It’s a lot ground to cover, so let’s jump right in.

10. Focus

In the three years following Men in Black III, Smith’s career was full big swings and misses, including the dreadful After Earth and Winter’s Tale. Despite those bombs, he earned himself a box-fice and critical comeback sorts with the action-thriller Focus, a twisty-turny film where he plays a veteran con man to Margot Robbie’s green-but conniving apprentice. As a stylish, Ocean’s-esque excursion into the world charming criminals, you could do a lot worse.

9. I, Robot

A sci-fi thriller that predates the AI paranoia that has gripped the Western news media in the past few months, I, Robot drops Smith into the middle an intriguing futuristic premise and manages, for the most part, to weave it into a suspenseful whodunit. Though it’s also saddled with a rushed, unconvincing ending, Robot is still a solid piece blockbuster fare that’s miles above loud, pointless Smith vehicles like Bright and Bad Boys II.

8. Ali

I mentioned Smith’s two Best Actor nominations earlier and, since boxing is the closest thing sports movies have to out-and-out fistfights and explosions, let’s talk about his portrayal the Champ. Ali, directed by the great Michael Mann, surrounds Smith with capable supporting players, such as Jamie Foxx and Jon Voight, and gives the rapper-actor room to get under the champ’s skin and embody his spirit. Though it’s weighed down by too much exposition and at least 45 minutes too long, Ali rises to the level involving biopic based mostly on Smith’s mesmerizing performance in the title role. Rumble, young man, rumble.

7. I Am Legend

An underrated performance if I’ve ever seen one, I Am Legend is a perfect example how Smith’s presence and acting ability can carry a mediocre film to respectability all on its own. Plot holes and spotty special effects plague this post-apocalyptic world and should’ve sunk this sci-fi adaptation but, in cutting together Smith’s modulated and moving work, a stunning character study emerged. Underneath its problems, I Am Legend is really about how lonely it feels to be the last man on a decimated planet, and Smith’s performance is what anchors that emotional truth.

6. Hancock

What if your friendly neighborhood superbeing was actually a clumsy boozehound whose antics didn’t make him any friends in high places? Behold the premise Hancock, an uneven but entertaining antidote to the MCU-fueled reverence for men and women in capes and tights. Smith’s John Hancock is a most unsympathetic character at the outset who, with the help from a much-needed image makeover from a PR wizard (Jason Bateman), the fledgling superhero may be able to win back some public trust once more. Also featuring a nice supporting performance from Charlize Theoren, Hancock takes a pleasant trip down a comic book road less travelled.

5. Bad Boys

Speaking the Bad Boys franchise, let’s go back to the 1995 original for a moment. Funny, violent and wholly exciting, this is what happens when you pair Smith with a co-star (Martin Lawrence) who can keep up with his energy and a script that leaves room for some perfectly-pitched banter between gratuitous Michael Bay explosions and helicopter noises. This was also a turning point in Smith’s career, paving the way for his roles in the likes Independence Day and Men in Black later that decade. Segueway!

4. Independence Day

Okay, I’ll be straight up with you: I don’t get the hate that this movie still gets in certain corners the internet. Is this a big, loud, sort dumb action movie? Yes, course it is. It’s from the same guys who made Stargate and that trainwreck a Godzilla movie, so really, would you expect any less? That said, Independence Day is a cut above those films, presenting a complex, affecting tapestry characters and subplots, with Smith’s Captain Hiller at the center the excitement. Oh yeah, and Bill Pullman’s speech is still the greatest thing a U.S. President has ever done on the big screen. Period.

3. Men in Black III

I remember when this trailer came out. I watched it, rolled my eyes and assumed that both Smith and this franchise were trying to squeeze every penny out a franchise that was already past its expiration date. However, I didn’t expect what awaited me during a late-afternoon screening later that year: a fun, action-packed romp a film that, if nothing else, put the twinkle back in the MIB universe’s eye. Smith is great here, as is Jemaine Clement as a delightfully gruesome adversary and Josh Brolin’s hilarious Tommy Lee Jones impression as a younger Agent K.

2. Enemy the State

Many people forget that surveillance phobia was a thing in the late-90’s, long before the Y2K truthers and the worldwide panic that came after 9/11. Writer David Marconi captures that fear and what it does to people perfectly in Enemy the State, a script that is amplified by the late Tony Scott’s crisp, fast-paced direction. Smith’s performance as a lawyer on the run from government ficials is explosive, as is Gene Hackman’s portrayal an aged security expert who knows all too well the evil they’re both trying to evade.

1. Men in Black

Finally, we arrive at what is inarguably Smith’s best movie and one the best times I had at a movie theater in the ’90s. Men in Black was a dazzling blend action, laughs, gross-out moments and colorful characters that had kids like me believing, at least for a split-second, that aliens could actually walk among us and not want blood and carnage out the deal. Well, most them anyways.

It’s a movie that had a somewhat troubled production history, with Tommy Lee Jones almost refusing to sign on because a supposedly weak screenplay. However, watching it today, you’d never know that was the case. He and Smith have dynamite chemistry, achieving peak odd couple movie status and helping to redefine the “buddy cop” genre for a new generation. It’s a great rewatch and Smith is one the major reasons why.

Livestream Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service Here

Kanye West was rumored to perform at Coachella 2019, but he allegedly turned down the fer when they could not construct a stage to his specifications. Then, Mr. West announced that he was bringing his Sunday Service program to Palm Desert for Coachella Weekend 2. It didn’t really make sense for ‘Ye to perform so close to Empire Polo Grounds (where Coachella takes place), without actually gracing the festival. After hopping on stage with Kid Cudi on Saturday night, Mr. West is now performing his Sunday Service on festival grounds. 

Kanye’s Sunday Service shows have all been invite-only, taking place in the Colorado Desert. This Coachella performance is open to everyone attending the festival though. A choir and a live band will accompany Kanye for the Easter special. Special merchandise is on sale for the event at Coachella, which will undoubtedly be sold for double by resalers. It would be a truly marvelous Easter in general, if not for the horrific bombings that killed hundreds in Sri Lanka. While we enjoy this performance from Kanye, do keep in mind that there are others suffering on Easter Sunday. 

The Sunday Service will be live-streamed on Coachella’s YouTube page, which can be viewed below.

Kodak Black’s Upcoming Shows In Canada In Jeopardy Of Cancelation: Report

Kodak Black hasn’t let a little thing like getting arrested at the Canadian-United States border stop him from getting paid. The Florida rapper has capitalized f his recent controversies—whether they come from rap beefs or legal issues—and has created a platform where he’s in the headlines almost daily. His recent run-in with the law occurred just a few days ago when he tried to re-enter the U.S. after attempting to trek from Detroit to Boston by traveling through Canada and into New York. While he was reportedly about to make his way into the U.S., he was stopped and searched at the New York border. He and his entourage were found with marijuana and loaded weapons.

The rapper paid his $20K bond and upon release, he got right back to work. He was forced to cancel two shows due to his brief incarceration, but yesterday he dropped the video for his much talked about single “Expeditiously” and has a number shows lined up. However, TMZ reports that Kodak may have to rethink his upcoming Canadian concerts because it looks like he could be denied entry into America’s friendly neighbors up north.

According to the publication, Kodak is scheduled to perform in Montreal on Monday and Toronto on Tuesday, but the Canada Border Service Agency tells them that “anyone crossing the border into Canada must demonstrate that they meet the requirements to enter or stay in the country, and involvement in criminal activity is grounds to bar someone from entering.”

Yet, those eligible for entry, even with criminal records, are considered on a case-by-case basis. People determined to have felony charges or a serious criminal history will catch more resistance when at the border. However, even if Kodak is rejected, he could request a Temporary Resident Permit, but even then, with his history, it could be like fighting a losing battle.

Piracy is the 'Most Successful Distribution Method' says this producer

Movie industry veteran Werner Herzog says piracy “has been the most successful form of distribution worldwide.”

Over the weekend, legendary film director Werner Herzog was honored with a lifetime achievement award.  But at the Visions du Réel Film Festival in Nyon, Switzerland, Herzog grabbed more attention for some comments on the topic of piracy.

“Piracy has been the most successful form of distribution worldwide,” Herzog flatly declared.

Herzog noted that when he released his first film in 1962, movie piracy wasn’t an issue. However, it’s now the only way a significant portion of the world can experience the content he creates.

Piracy is obviously a sensitive topic within the movie and music industries, though Herzog noted that piracy is often a problem rooted in access (or lack thereof).  Perhaps because of his more independent, documentary-focused profile, Herzog was free to cross a few industry taboos on the subject.

Herzog was quick to point out that he was not advocating for piracy or promoting the practice. But he noted that despite his distaste for the practice, more people get to experience his work as a result of unauthorized distribution.

“I don’t like it because I would like to earn some money with my films. But if someone like you steals my films through the internet or whatever, fine, you have my blessing.”

Piracy at its core is a service problem.

Game piracy was rampant in the game industry before Steam became the ‘default’ place to download games. Valve cofounder Gabe Newell addressed this issue recently by noting that if a pirated ‘product’ isn’t region-locked and placed behind regional restrictions, it is inherently more valuable to the end-user.

That’s a controversial opinion to some, though game piracy rates have dropped stunningly as Steam has grown as a platform. Music streaming services have also addressed some — though not all — of the rampant music piracy, with similar effects on broader piracy levels.

Lil Durk Co-Stars In King Von & JusBlow600’s "Cousins" Video

Chicago, IL – Rising Chicago rapper King Von is searching for revenge in the music video for his latest slap “Cousins” featuring JusBlow600.

As the old adage goes: “It be your own people.”

Von and JusBlow600 narrate their own boastful, bloodthirsty tales to the visual of the track. Fellow OTF member Lil Durk and the rest of the mob make an honorable appearance.

“Cousins” is the follow-up to the Drill spitter’s storytelling breakout track “Crazy Story,” which currently possesses over 25 million YouTube plays.

Back in March, Von and Durk spoke with incarcerated “Murder On My Mind” rapper YNW Melly and gave him some words of encouragement back, assuring him that he’ll be out soon. The interaction between Melly and the two OTF members livestreamed on Instagram Live.

A debut mixtape from King Von is expected to land on all streaming platforms later this year, so stay tuned.

Peep King Von’s music video “Cousins” featuring JusBlow600 up top.

#DXCLUSIVE: Denver Trio Secret Dog Premieres "Garlic Bread" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – Straight from the 303, Denver-based Hip Hop trio Secret Dog is ready to mark their territory. Comprised of An Hobbes, Aethernaut and Felix Fast4ward, Secret Dog combines their unwavering love of classic, soul-infused Hip Hop with avant-garde production.

MC/Vocalist An Hobbes, who originally hails from Lincoln, Nebraska, thrived on a healthy diet of DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Onyx, Heavy D & The Boyz and — yes! — even MC Hammer growing up, but didn’t realize he had a penchant for rhyming until he was almost finished with high school. He’s been honing his craft ever since.

Ahead of Secret Dog’s Thumb. Index. Middle. album release, the group has dropped an animated visual for the inaugural single, “Garlic Bread.”

“‘Garlic Bread’ is a narrative of the disparity and hypocrisy we have the misfortune of experiencing everyday,” An Hobbes tells HipHopDX. “[Animator] Jake Gillespie somehow managed to express all of that while simultaneously making it fun to watch.

“We we’re so fortunate to have Jake animate this video for us. Jake has been a friend for many years and actually created the flyer for my very first show! Well over a decade later, here we are working together to showcase how far our art has come since then.”

Thumb. Index. Middle. is expected to arrive in July.

Until then, check out the visual up top.

Fredo Bang Shares "Big Ape" Mixtape

Fredo Bang looks to build off the momentum of his 2018 mixtape 2 Face Bang with his new project Big Ape.

The Baton Rouge-bred rapper’s latest tape is comprised of 20 songs. Guests include Mozzy, Kevin Gates, NLE Choppa, Moneybagg Yo, Sada Baby, Tee Grizzley and YNW Melly, among others.

View Fredo’s Big Ape stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Fredo Bang Shares "Big Ape" Mixtape

1. Shoot
2. Gangsta Talk f. NLE Choppa
3. Baw Baw f. Sada Baby
4. Nobody Watching f. Tee Grizzley
5. Famous Crushes
6. 3:19
7. Demons
8. Story To Tell (Remix) f. Moneybagg Yo
9. Dawg Gone
10. Pray To God
11. Bag Out
12. Lonesome f. yoshi
13. Big Sticks f. YNW Melly
14. What’s Ya Name, What’s Ya Numba
15. Almost Gone f. Blvd Quick
16. Red Light f. Mozzy, Celly Ru & One Theezy
17. Free Melvin
18. Oouuh (Remix) f. Kevin Gates
19. Lazer Tag
20. Story To Tell