Tory Lanez Defends Jacquees After Ella Mai Throws Shade: "He Hate Performing ‘Trip’"

Last night, Jacquees was a special guest performer during Drake and Tory Lanez‘ concert, performing a slew his songs and earning the most positive fan reaction when he sang his remix Ella Mai’s “Trip.” You may recall that last year, a big to-do was made about the song after it was removed from YouTube and SoundCloud with Mustard and Ella Mai implying that they had no interest in somebody else making money f their song. The tide has turned and Jacquees and Ella Mai seemingly made nice over the winter but last night, emotions were at a new high after Ella Mai tweeted out some shade when the R&B singer covered her song at a live show.

“I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing i could sing was someone elses song because nobody knew my actual music,” wrote the “Boo’d Up” hitmaker on her social media. While she may not be calling out Jacquees by name, the timing lines up perfectly with the live performance so fans are safely assuming that she’s shading the remix king. 

Tory Lanez was the man who brought out Jacquees in the first place and he shot back in his friend’s honor, telling Ella Mai that he doesn’t even enjoy performing the remix. “I brought my lil brother out to HIS OWN SHIT,” wrote the Canadian rapper. “My n***a ain’t even wanna perform the remix .. matter fact he hate performing it … But I put him on the spot . Cuz I figured we was in London at the O2, 30,000 in the stands and bunch kids was asking for the REMIX . On another note @jacquees U killed ALL the songs u performed tonight ! Keep shining my n***a !”

Which side do you stand on? Ella Mai or Jacquees?

Dwyane Wade’s Son Recreates Iconic Commercial For Final Home Game Intro

Dwyane Wade was greeted with plenty video tributes ahead , and during, his final home game on Tuesday night in Miami – including a special message from Barack Obama.

The coolest video package came from Wade’s 17-year old son, Zaire, who recreated his father’s iconic Converse commercial. Not only did Zaire take part in the shot-for-shot remake, but the Heat also used it to introduce D-Wade to the Miami Heat crowd for the last time in his 16-year NBA career.

Check the footage below.

Wade led all scorers with 30 points as the Heat picked up a 122-99 victory over the Philadelphia 76ers in his last go around American Airlines Arena. However, the Detroit Pistons came back to defeat the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday night, which eliminated Miami from playf contention.

As a result, Wednesday night will mark the final game Wade’s Hall Fame career. The Heat will take on the Nets in Brooklyn for game 82.

If last night’s game was any indication, we expect to see D-Wade break out some special edition colorways his Way Wade 7 signature sneakers.

Dwyane Wade's Son Recreates Iconic Commercial For Final Home Game Intro

Mark Brown/Getty s

R. Kelly Paid $22K For Hour-Long Club Appearance Amid Sexual Abuse Case: Report

R. Kelly was hit with some serious charges after Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries aired. The explosive documentary shined a light on the allegations sexual abuse that have been hovering over the singer for the past two decades. This time, it seems like the outrage has actually taken a toll on his career. However, there’s still a demographic individuals who believe the singer is innocent and recently, they showed up to a nightclub to see the embattled singer in the flesh.

R. Kelly Paid $22K For Hour-Long Club Appearance Amid Sexual Abuse Case: Report
Daniel Boczarski/Getty s

R. Kelly put in an hour work and left with a massive bag, considering the circumstances. According to TMZ, R. Kelly’s appearance at Dirty South Lounge in Springfield, Illinois earned the singer $22K. The singer wasn’t even required to put on a performance but he still grabbed the microphone and delivered a 28-second performance, singing the opening line to “Bump N Grind.” The singer ultimately left with $20K in his pocket after paying his booking agent $2K.

The singer reportedly showed up to the event at 10 p.m. but didn’t actually come out to greet fans until 1 a.m. The crowd itself was small with reportedly 50 people in attendance for Kelly. 

Prior to the performance, Kellz hit up Instagram to send out a PSA to the media to “take it easy” on him. He explained that he’s simply just trying to get some money since it’s his only source income. 

Aaron Rodgers Calls Negative Story A "Smear Attack" From "Bitter Players"

In the words the great Stephen A. Smith, “Aaron Rodgers is a baaaaaaaaaad” man. Usually, this phrase is used in relation to Rodgers’ abilities out on the football field. Unfortunately, the word “bad” has been used in a different context regarding Rodgers lately. For instance, the Packers quarterback has been referred to as a bad teammate who is hard to coach and play with. Of course, those claims were made in a recent in-depth article by Bleacher Report’s Tyler Dunne.

Dunne spoke to multiple unnamed sources around the Packers who claim that the Super Bowl-winner has a big ego and created problems with former head coach Mike McCarthy. While speaking on Jason Wilde and Mark Tauscher’s ESPN Milwaukee radio show, Rodgers was clearly upset with the article and let his feelings be known.

“This was a smear attack by a writer looking to advance his career talking with mostly irrelevant, bitter players who all have an agenda whether they’re advancing their own careers or just trying to stir old stuff up,” Rodgers said.

Rodgers then went on to assert that he never had any real problems with McCarthy. He explained that it was his competitive nature that sometimes led to some disagreements.

“It’s just two alpha males who are hyper-competitive and love winning and are both a little stubborn,” Rodgers said. “But again, we talked through so many issues over the years, and that made us a lot stronger.”

Rodgers also took shots at former teammates Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley for always being the ones who are named when negative stories about him come up.

Needless to say, it should be an interesting year in Green Bay.

Whoopi Goldberg Was Hospitalized Again With 24-Hour Bug Following Pneumonia Scare

Whoopi Goldberg only recently made her way back to The View to continue her hosting duties after becoming “very close to leaving the Earth” from a bad case  pneumonia and sepsis. Whoopi previously detailed how she still had a cough, and how it’s the last symptom before you’re back to your normal self. It seems as though the little cough was lingering too long and put Whoopi back in the hospital last week.

Whoopi Goldberg Was Hospitalized Again With 24-Hour Bug Following Pneumonia Scare
Dominik Bindl/Getty s

“I am here. I’m much better. I’m much, much better,” Whoopi said during yesterday’s taping, explaining her absence from last week. “I had a 24-hour bug, which landed me back in the hospital last week, which is why I missed y’all on Thursday.” The 24-hour bug was not in comparison to the serious sickness she had previously. Overall, Whoopi’s health scare in the last few weeks has left her with a “cautionary tale.”

“This stuff, really for everybody, you think you can push through because you got a little cold. And you think because you healed quick that something crazy can’t happen? Well it could,” she explained. “This is a cautionary tale for all us. You must really take care yourself because there’s little tiny stuff out there that will kill you that you never think .”


Blue Ivy’s Choreography In Beyonce’s "Homecoming" Trailer Has Fans Too Excited

Netflix debuted the first trailer for the upcoming Homecoming documentary by Beyonce that follows her beloved Coachella performance from last year and all the important moments and inspirations leading up to it. While the trailer reminds us Beyonce’s fierce ways, the 30-second mark shows us just how impactful she really is on her daughter Blue Ivy, who is seen participating in rehearsals for her mom’s big performance.

The black and white clip is short, but you can see Blue sitting in front her mom perfectly performing a hair flip while everyone does the same behind her. Blue has already shown f some her creative skills, more recently playing jokes on her grandma Tina Knowles, but this new clip her showing f her choreograph skills has the internet super excited. 

“How tf does Blue Ivy know the coachella choreography and my old ass has been struggling for months … the talent flew out…. blue blue coming for Beyonces crown,” one user wrote, while another added: “I’m just going to put this into the universe…..Blue Ivy is going to be a BEAST when she starts entertaining. I mean you’re already doing choreography with Bey & learning from two the BEST in their fields.”

Peep more reactions below and catch the documentary on Netflix as April 17th.

Ikea and Sonos Release Their Symfonisk Line of Wifi-Connected Speakers

Ikea and Sonos have joined forces to create a lower-cost, Swedish-style speaker entry.

Teasing early adopters with design images for months, the partners have released The Symfonisk — budget-friendly, ergonomic Wifi speakers sets coming in two models; the $179 model doubles as a coffee table lamp, and the $99 model acts a bookshelf.

Sara Morris, product manager at Sonos, noted how important the price points were to Ikea’s business development strategy. For the retail giant, economics of scale determine effective product distribution. Looking toward leveraging potential market reach, the $99 bookshelf model will be one of the cheapest Sonos products ever produced; with a price akin to the Sonos One, and Sonos Play speaker models previously released.

The rectangular book-shelf models is indicative of Ikea’s Swedish inspired design — innovative, unpretentious, and budget-priced.

The Symfonisk bookshelf comes fit with a Wifi speaker that supports nearly 7 pounds of weight when utilized with horizontal and vertical wall mounts. Optional wall brackets are designed for tight spaces.

The bookshelf speaker version’s specs are slightly impressive when you consider size and capacity. It comes equipped with one mid-woofer, one tweeter, and two digital amps… an ingredients list that could make this a favorite in terms of sound output and price range.

The Symfonisk table lamp speaker boasts a highly unusual design, comes at a premium, has the output of an early Sonos Play model, and is said to be smaller in person than advertisements suggest.

On the upside, it can hold most standard LED bulbs, and comes with independent power controls for the socket.  The mouth-blown glass shade will come in black and white, with a fully enclosed design.

Both versions will available in Ikea stores and online on August 1st, 2019.

Kodak Black’s Reaction To T.I. Removing Art From Trap Music Museum Isn’t Surprising

T.I. was one of Kodak Black’s most outspoken critics last week. The Project Baby architect made some inappropriate comments about Nipsey Hussle’s girlfriend, Lauren London, shortly after his murder, which resulted in an avalanche of backlash.

Subsequently, an art installation dedicated to Kodak has been taken down at Tip’s Trap Music Museum in Atlanta. Kodak apparently isn’t bothered by the symbolic gesture. He hopped on Instagram Live and blasted the museum.

“Fuck all that other shit. Fuck that pussy ass museum,” Kodak Black says in the clip. “Bitch, I didn’t give you permission to put me up there anyways, bitch. Fuck that pussy as museum.”

Following Kodak’s original comments, Tip told him, “Hey, Kodak Black: You outta pocket, nigga. Fix that shit — quickly, expeditiously.”

The Pompano Beach native offered a partial apology for the perceived disrespect, saying, “If I disrespected you Lauren London in any shape or form, I’m sorry. Even though I didn’t. And rest in peace to dude.”

Kodak is facing other consequences for his tactless behavior. On Sunday (April 7), Power 106 in Los Angeles announced it has pulled his music from the air.

“We stand with the family of Nipsey Hussle and are appalled by the disrespectful and poor comments made by Kodak Black,” DJ Justin Credible tweeted. “With that, Power 106 will not support Kodak Black’s music.”

Boosie Badazz Arrested On Drugs & Weapons Charges

Coweta County, GA – Boosie Badazz and his bodyguard Antonio Allen were arrested in Coweta County, Georgia after they were reportedly stopped by police on Monday afternoon (April 8). An officer observed a white Dodge Charger swerving lanes and nearly sideswiping another vehicle, according to TMZ. 

After searching the vehicle, police discovered a bag of marijuana, loaded 9mm handgun under the passenger seat (where Allen was sitting), vape pen and bag of cash. Boosie was reportedly at the wheel.

WSB-TV reporter Steve Gehlbach tweeted both men are prepared to post a $3,500 bond.

“Rapper “Boosie Badazz” and Antonio Allen (claimed he’s bodyguard and confirmed NOT the former NFL player) arrested on drug and gun charges after traffic stop in Coweta County,” he wrote. “Both getting ready to post $3,500 bond. We just got update from Sheriff and will have Live report at 12p.”

This isn’t Boosie’s first run-in with the law. In 2009, he was locked up in Louisiana on a marijuana charge and then caught smuggling drugs into prison, resulting in more time. He was released in 2014 and was on parole until 2018.

This story is developing.

Kanye West Teases Nicki Minaj Collaboration ‘New Body’

Kanye West and Nicki Minaj are cooking up another collaboration.

After first teasing the track last fall, Kanye provided another confirmation about the long-awaited Yandhi track. During last night’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” Ye revealed how the song, tentatively titled “New Body,” came together while he was in New York for “SNL” in September.

While in the studio with Kim, Kanye called up Nicki to see if she would be interested in hopping on the track. “This is gonna be fire,” he said while FaceTiming with Minaj, who was more than excited.

“I’m gonna say some real ass shit that bitches need to hear too and that they want to say and be feeling like they can’t say,” said Nicki. “Let me start working on this because I’m really excited. And Kanye, thank you so much.”

During the episode’s airing, Kim took to Twitter to praise Nicki. “Nicki really is the goat! @NICKIMINAJ We FaceTimed her and within an hour she had written the song and it’s soooo [fire],” she tweeted.

Last October, Kanye spoke about the track, which is about body shaming. “It’s a Ye concept but I’ma say it to y’all right now. I’m taking two stigmas at once because I love taking stigmas and flipping ’em to a positive—negative energy to a positive,” he told TMZ.

This would not be the first collaboration between Kanye and Nicki. The two worked together on “Monster” and Nicki’s vocals also appear on “Violent Crimes” off last year’s ye.

Kanye has been working on his long-awaited album Yandhi. In addition to Minaj, he has reportedly been in the studio with collaborators including Lil Wayne, Migos, Timbaland, 2 Chainz, and Tee Grizzley.

Nipsey Hussle Memorial Service Details Revealed, Tickets Are Free

Details about Nipsey Hussle‘s memorial service were announced earlier today. “Nipsey Hussle’s Celebration Of Life” is set to take place at the Staples Center in Nipsey Hussle’s hometown Los Angeles this Thursday. Nipsey’s family confirmed the news today before Staples Center shared details about the memorial service on their website.

Tickets for Nipsey Hussle’s memorial service will be free for California residents only. Tickets will be available tomorrow (Tuesday, April 9th) at 10 a.m. on where fans will be able to grab their complimentary tickets which are delivered through Flash/AXS Mobile Delivery only.

The memorial service for Nipsey begins at 10 a.m. on Thursday and the Staples Center urges anyone attending to show up early. Those in attendance will also be subject to a metal detector search, as well as a visual and bag inspection done by the Staples Center security. The venue also asks that attendees refrain from bringing backpacks any size or bags bigger than 14” x 14” x 6”.

The venue warned attendees that they’ll be asked to leave the service if they’re found recording video or taking photos.

“Out respect to the family, cameras and recording devices will not be permitted inside the venue. You may be asked to leave the event if you are found recording or taking photos,” it reads on the Staples Center website.

Teairra Mari Drops 50 Cent Diss "I Ain’t Got It"

Teairra Mari is continuing her feud with 50 Cent by dropping diss track titled “I Ain’t Got It.” The Love & Hip Hop star’s new song taunts the G-Unit boss over the $30,000 she owes him following a judge’s ruling in her revenge porn lawsuit.

Mari uploaded the track with images of 50 begging on the street and spelling out “broke” with $100 bills. On the hook, she declares, “Oh you think you getting? I ain’t got it.”

For one of the verses, she sings, “I’m taking off like a rocket for 30,000/That’s what y’all loaned/Y’all some lame ass niggas, I’m a Detroit bitch/Fuck these hating ass hoes, tell ’em all get off my dick.”

Before releasing the song, Mari antagonized 50 by sharing a snippet on Instagram.

“Hey @50cent hit me ASAP I need you on this Feature..not dropping it till I get your verse I got you,” she wrote.

50 responded to the diss by posting a photo of Mari with the phrase “come dumpster” photoshopped on her mouth.

“The courts will get the message your sending with these little come dumpster,” he added in the caption.

Mari fired back, “Aww Curtis! Your ghost writers must be off today! I expected more from you boo!!!!”

Live Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG Sphere

The music industry is starting to embrace new tech like VR and holograms, while pouring billions into overhauled venues.

As new technology emerges, the way we experience live music is starting to change in ways we never imagined. VR concerts, hologram artists, and concerts-on-demand are just a few of the ways the live music experience has changed over the last couple of years.

Here’s a quick snapshot where emerging live concert technologies stand in 2019.

VR Concerts

VR concerts as a concept have been in development for a few years now, but 2018 was the year they took off.  Facebook released Oculus Venues, which is a way to experience live events using an Oculus Rift headset. The concerts featured on Venues are live events with a real physical audience that VR users can join.

Users take their sets in a clean virtual stadium that overlooks the performance’s actual theatre. Users can’t control the camera of these performances directly, but they can choose to view solo or in social mode. In the social mode, users will meet others attending the event using Oculus Venues.

It’s a strangely unique way of making the disconnected feeling that VR gives feel more social. You can chat up your ‘seatmate’ and if you share an interest on your connected Facebook profile, you’ll see it when talking to them.

Another unique aspect of virtual reality concerts is giving the user control over any harassment that may occur. Platforms like Venues have a code of conduct that all users must agree to before joining a concert. This policy forbids harassment, but users have the option of muting a user if they are disruptive.

There are early hiccups — for example, the picture appearing pixelated at times — but for better or worse, VR concerts are here to stay.

In-Game Concerts

Concerts taking place within game worlds aren’t a new-and-novel concept.  But the practice has gained popularity after Marshmello’s recent performance in Fortnite.

Amazingly, in-game concerts and bands have been around since at least the early 2000s.

Second Life has hosted thousands of concerts from cover bands performing in-game for the citizens of the world. The site Gridlag is dedicated to archiving these performances for anyone to enjoy. Everything about the Second Life performance can be tailored to the performer, making it highly unique.

A physical/virtual tandem could allow bands to dramatically expand their ‘tours’ in the future.  One early example comes from Blizzard employees, who banded together and performed in-game as Elite Tauren Chieftain, a band comprised of members of the Horde. The virtual incarnation of the band performs their original song “Power of the Horde” inside the World’s End Tavern in Shattrath City for players to attend.

All of these examples let everyday people express their musical prowess in game, but it took a game with Fortnite’s popularity to strike gold.

EDM artist Marshmello recently partnered with Epic Games to perform two 10-minute sets for players of the game. The event was heavily promoted by both Epic Games and Marshmello, and an exclusive item pack was released to celebrate the event.

More than 10 million people logged in to experience Marshmello’s set.

Now, weeks after the event, Marshmello is still being discussed among Fortnite fans. His YouTube channel has garnered over 40 million views thanks to the unique promotion. Few games have the cultural reach for this kind of performance, but expect more Fortnite collaborations from popular artists in the future.

Madison Sphere Arena

The traditional concert performance isn’t being left out in the cold, either. Madison Square Garden company is working on the MSG Sphere Arena in Las Vegas that will feature state-of-the-art technology when it opens in 2020.

The venue is being built with concerts and live entertainment in mind. A new technology called beamforming audio will project audio at each seat in the house. This method of tech is massively different than traditional speaker arrays that amplify the sound.

The floors will feature an adaptive haptic system that can create vibrations to mimic what’s happening on stage or in the film. Attendees will also be able to smell different scents thanks to unique delivery methods that can be tailored for each performance.

Essentially, Madison Sphere Arena is attempting to transport you elsewhere. The CEO of Madison Square Garden Company, Jim Dolan, says it’s his company’s goal to make people feel these performances.

“Obviously if you are in the polar ice cap, you have to feel cold; you have to see the glacier. That is essentially what we are building: an attempt to convince you that you are somewhere else.”

Madison Sphere Arena broke ground in September 2018 last year and will become open to the public in 2020.

Hologram Artist Performances

Artists who have died in decades past are being brought to life on stage again through the use of hologram technology. In April 2018, more than 3,000 people went to see a hologram of Roy Orbison perform his hits.

Other artists going on hologram tour include Ronnie James Dio, and Frank Zappa. The technology has primarily been used to bring dead stars back to the performing stage, but live artists may soon begin using them, too.

Hologram technology has been explored for several years now. A hologram of Tupac appeared onstage at Coachella in 2012. While bringing dead stars back to life may be interpreted as creepy to some, the creators feel as though they’re a new way to offer tribute.

Ahmet Zappa permitted his father to be re-created as a touring hologram.

“We have elements of Frank onstage, of course, but we can do all these other things and anthropomorphize the music in a whole new way.”

For now, hologram concerts have been one-off events that act as a tribute to the late artist. An Amy Winehouse VR tour was slated to change that, but the project was canned after fans began raising ethical questions about an artist touring after their death. The Winehouse tour was scheduled to start later this year.

Meanwhile, the traditional in-person show is booming.

That includes festivals, which thrive on in-person social connectivity.  Indeed, that’s a potent plus for many attendees, though in reality, it’s unlikely that any of the above-mentioned innovations will replace traditional gigs.  More realistically, they’ll continue to reshape and augment physical shows, with hybrid combinations and transformations that are impossible to predict.

Live Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG Sphere

Live Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG SphereLive Concerts In Flux: A Quick Look at VR, In-Game, Hologram, and MSG Sphere

Captain Marvel Is Itching To Dance With Thanos In New "Avengers: Endgame" Clip

With Avengers: Endgame coming up fast, the promotional run has ramped up accordingly. This morning, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johanssen, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner hit up Good Morning America, where a clip the upcoming film was revealed. While it’s brief, it does indicate that the surviving Avengers aren’t exactly keen on licking their wounds, and appear to be plotting a counter-attack sorts. 

“He used the Stones again,” says Black Widow, eyes glued on a technological doohickey. “We’d be going in shorthanded you know,” warns Bruce Banner, while Rhodey chimes in: “he’s still got the Stones.” Newcomer Captain Marvel appears undeterred by such a prospect. “So let’s get em,” she suggests. “Use them to bring everyone back.” While Cap and Widow appear on board with Captain Marvel’s plans, Banner remains on the fence.

“Before, you didn’t have me,” retorts Marvel, clearly feeling herself. Rhodey is having none the cockiness, and proceeds to call her out accordingly. “If you don’t mind me asking, where the hell have you been all this time?” he asks. “There are a lot other planets in the universe,” she replies. “And unfortunately they didn’t have you guys.” As the discussion reaches a head, Thor rises for the final words. As we’ve all seen in the trailer countless times by now, he gives Captain Marvel a stern stamp approval. 

Check out the Avengers: Endgame clip below, and stay patient. April 26th is nearly upon us. 

Kemba Walker Talks Jordan Brand & The Bronx On "Sneaker Shopping"

While the Charlotte Hornets furiously fight for the final playf spot in the East, their star player hit up the sneaker boutique Social Status to go shopping with Complex’s Joe La Puma. Kemba Walker has been having a great season with the Hornets so far and it’s well documented that he’s one the biggest sneakerheads in the league. With this in mind, it only makes sense that he would be invited to be on Complex’s show “Sneaker Shopping.” 

During his appearance, Walker spoke about the Air Force 1 and its importance to Bronx culture. Growing up, Walker said having a pair fresh Air Force 1’s was a necessity and that it helped him get into sneakers. This love shoes would follow him to UCONN where he played in college. Walker says he had a plug who would get him all the shoes he wanted, which made him one the freshest players on the court.

Now, Walker is signed to Jordan Brand which he explained is great because he gets all the shoes he wants early. While he can get anything he wants, it didn’t stop him from buying over $1700 worth shoes at Social Status.

His purchases included a pair Air Jordan 6 “Infrared’s,” Air Jordan 6 “Social Status,” Air Jordan 1 “Defiant Couture,” and even a pair Nike React Element 87’s just to name a few.