Rick Ross Remembers First Time Hearing Drake, Possible Collab Album, & More

With Port Of Miami 2 on the way, Rick Ross has been making the rounds, including a recent stop at Complex. It doesn’t take long for Renzel to open up about his recent health-scare, which had fans fearing the worst. Yet as he explains, sometimes perspective can come in the wake trauma. “Just waking up in the hospital with all your homeboys, it’s like they had they back to me,” reflects Ross. “I just rose up, and everybody like WHAT? And I’m like, we at the club? It most definitely made me reevaluate and approach some things more directly than I ever have. I still pray records like “Fascinated” and “Running The Streets,” I most know I took it somewhere else with those records.”

He also explains that he has a full recollection what happened, citing recurring seizures driven by both sleep deprivation and codeine deficiency. “My doctor told me, you gotta get some sleep,” says Ross. “But my passion and the fire that burn in me for certain things, it wouldn’t let me sleep…This particular time, something came up and went back down out my stomach. They rushed me to the hospital.” He explains that seeing some his big homies get emotional was enough to kickstart his new perspective.
 Rick Ross Remembers First Time Hearing Drake, Possible Collab Album, & More

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He also talks about his work with Drake, opening the floor for an eventual collaborative album. “We do some the dopest records,” he states, a sentiment with which many fans would agree. “That bond is genuine. He’s recognized, Grammy-wise, and he deserves that. What I do, I feel the streets deserve that.” When asked about the formula for success between him and Drizzy, Ross keeps it one hundred. “I just think naturally and honestly we fans each other,” he says. “I remember the first time a chick ever told me about this artist Drake, I said well play him! When I heard him, I heard his tone, I heard his melodies, he went from rapping to singing. I was like, that’s different.” 

I began listening to him. I knew him being around Lil Wayne, and if he kept that same work ethic that Lil Wayne was on…When I met him the first time and first collaborated with him, it just went back and forth and continued to grow. He came to my crib a few times.” He proceeds to reminisce on shooting “Stay Schemin'” viral videos with Drizzy, cruising around Miami at 3 in the morning. “We just loved it that much. We did a dope record and we couldn’t wait for the label to film it. We filmed it ourselves.” He acknowledges that the streets are hungry for a collaboration album, and praises Drizzy’s writing acumen on “Gold Roses.” “When he switch from those melodies to them rhymes, nobody else can do that,” says Ross. “Nobody else can do that.”

As for a possible full-length, Renzel keeps the door open with an ambiguous “you never know.” By his own admission, there’d have to be a few pre-requisites. For one, they’d have to be on an island, with En-clear water in the vicinity. Second, a studio must be on-premises.  Third, the chef better be lined up. “That’s something we could do in 48 hours,” teases Ross. “If the timing right, we’ll get to it.”

Check out the full interview below, Complex

Al Sharpton Claps Back At "Thin Skinned" Trump: "He’s Like A Child"

Both Donald Trump and Rev. Al Sharpton have rallied behind A$AP Rocky following the rapper’s arrest in Sweden. However, that might be the only thing they have in common. Many have accused Trump using the Rocky situation as a way to try and win over Black voters.  But after the president’s comments towards Elijah Cummings and his “infested” district, as well as his unwarranted name-calling Sharpton, Sharpton wanted to remind everyone that Trump’s language proves he has a “particular venom for people color.”

Al Sharpton held a press conference earlier today addressing the comments on how Baltimore, under Cummings leadership, is “a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess.” However, before the press conference even happened, Trump made sure to get his two cents in. “I have known Al for 25 years. Went to fights with him & Don King, always got along well. He “loved Trump!” He would ask me for favors ten. Al is a con man, a troublemaker, always looking for a score. Just doing his thing. Must have intimidated Comcast/NBC. Hates Whites & Cops!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

In response, Sharpton made it clear that being attacked by Trump isn’t anything out the ordinary before mentioning their lengthy relationship with one another. “He’s not mature enough to take criticism. He can’t help it. He’s like a child. Somebody say something, he reacts. He’s thin-skinned and not really matured enough,” Sharpton said. “But he has a particular venom towards Blacks and People Of Color. He doesn’t refer to any his other opponents or critics as ‘infested,'” he continued. “The fact the matter is, Elijah Cummings district is the most well-educated and middle-class aspiring district Blacks in this country. And Trump] doesn’t even know what he’s talking about.”

Prince Refused to Collaborate With Nas Because He Didn't Own His Masters

In the end, Nas says Prince helped his career by refusing the collaboration.

During a recent interview, Nas provided music fans with an interesting bit of history: Prince, an all-time great in his own right, opted not to collaborate with the hip-hop legend — but not for the type of reason that most would assume (i.e. a dispute or creative difference).

Their encounter came at the launch party for Nas’s I Am…, which was released in 1999. The album, which included “Nas is Like” and “Hate Me Now,” sold 450,000 copies in its first week, according to Nielsen Music.

Nas asked Prince if he’d be interested in collaborating, and Prince responded with a question of his own: “Do you own your masters?”

At the time, Nas did not own any of his masters, and he told Prince as much; he also mentioned that he owed Columbia Records several additional albums.  Prince made a habit of only collaborating with artists who had secured the rights to their master recordings, meaning that they’d benefit most from their tracks’ success.  Ownership also meant the collaborating duo would also have final say in where and how their songs were used.

The tidbit of music history is a recurring issue.  Just recently, Taylor Swift was dismayed to learn that her former record label, Big Machine Records, had been purchased by Scooter Braun.  Swift made no secret of her hatred for Braun, and aired that dirty laundry immediately after the deal.  Because Swift didn’t own the masters for her songs when she was with the label, they can do as they please with her first six albums — with Swift’s enemy Braun calling the shots.

Though fans missed out on what would have been an incredible joint effort between Prince and Nas, the positive news is that the encounter prompted Nas to start securing his master rights.

As a result of the interaction, Nas has likely made millions and millions of extra dollars — and avoided situations like Taylor Swift’s — over the years, largely due to a simple conversation.

And so it can be safely stated that some good came out of the meeting.

Klay Thompson Flexes Private Jet Prior To His Vacation: Watch

During Game 6 the NBA Finals, Klay Thompson tore his ACL which allowed the Raptors to keep the Warriors f the board in the fourth quarter and secure their first-ever NBA championship. Since then, Thompson was given a huge five-year max extension for his efforts and it’s clear that the Golden State Warriors are committed to Klay and his unreal shooting talents. This Summer, Klay has been able to enjoy himself as he recovers from his injury. He started the fseason by helping LeBron James film Space Jam 2 and most recently, he was seen chilling with his ex, who he appears to be dating again. 

This past weekend, Thompson showed us once again why life is good as an NBA player, as he flexed a private jet on IG, before hopping on it to go on vacation.

It’s unclear how much the private jet cost Thompson but when you consider the deal he just signed, it was probably well within his price range. Thompson has certainly deserved the time f and as the season gets closer, he’ll want to be resting up as much as possible so he can get back in earlier.

As right now, Thompson is expected to be back in the Warriors lineup by February 2020 so there is still plenty recovery left to be had.

Joyner Lucas Seemingly Delays "ADHD" Until 2024

If you’ve been praying for some new music from talented lyricist Joyner Lucas, you may be holding out for a while. The Massachusetts-bred emcee has been teasing his upcoming album ADHD for what seems like forever and even though we’ve heard a good chunk the project’s songs, it still might not be coming out for a while. Joyner Lucas hinted as much on social media when he explained what’s been taking so long, telling his audience that it should be out within the next half-decade.

Joyner Lucas Seemingly Delays "ADHD" Until 2024
Jon Kopalf/Getty s

As reported by Genius, the celebrated rapper published a post on Facebook reminding his fans that not everyone will be on your side. “Always remember this… you cannot please everyone. You must make the best choices suitable for your current position in life and for the future you and your loved ones,” he said. “Your Sanity is more important than anything. With success comes a lot responsibility and even heartache. When “more money more problems” came out in 97 I had no idea what that song meant. I lost a lot family and friends due to success and what comes with it. Anybody on the outside looking in only sees the surface level and thinks they are cut out. A lot you aspiring artists & up and comings have no idea what lies beneath the surface. The ones who aren’t cut out for this will drive themselves crazy and it will effect your mental health unless you get rid the bad cancer. I made a lot personal choices that freed me my sanity and it’s honestly some the best choices I ever made. I don’t regret a single thing and I’m more happy and positive than I ever been. If you find yourself drowning in the pressure trying to please everyone, my advice is this…. you were born alone and you will die alone. Do what’s best for you and the ones you truly love and care about. Everybody else can eat a dick.”

He continued by giving us a timetable as to when we can expect his debut album to arrive, writing that it’ll take “another 5 years.” Right on cue, Joyner’s Wikipedia prile has already been edited to list ADHD releasing in 2024. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait that long. 

Kodak Black Taunts Southside After Yung Miami Threats: "I Ripped Dat Bih Ainna?"

This weekend, Kodak Black decided to shake things up by recording a freestyle over his jail phone. He hopped on a call with one his homeboys, who shared the audio on the Florida rapper’s ficial social media pages. In his bars, Kodak can be heard dissing Yung Miami and Southside, threatening to punch the City Girls star in the stomach to terminate her pregnancy. We don’t need to tell you just how disrespectful that is… it should be obvious. These sorts antics have kept the Dying To Live rapper relevant throughout his most recent stint in jail. Southside took matters into his own hands and responded to the shade but now, Kodak is coming through with his own request.

The Project Baby took to his Instagram story to make sure that everybody saw producer Southside’s response, sharing it on his own page. Then, he added some commentary to taunt the man and his family, asking him to come through on a beat for his a capella vocals. “I Ripped Dat Bih Ainna,” said Kodak, grinning proudly over his work. “@808mafiaboss Put A Beat To It.” 

At this time, there is a very low chance that Southside would head over to the other side and produce an instrumental for Kodak. After the blatant display disrespect, we don’t think these two will be working together for a while.

Kodak Black Taunts Southside After Yung Miami Threats: "I Ripped Dat Bih Ainna?"
Screenshot  RapCurrent

Air Jordan 12 Retro "FIBA" Release Date Revealed, New Photos

From August 31st to September 15th, some the best basketball players from around the globe will be competing at the FIBA Basketball World Cup to see which country is the best at the sport. Of course, the United States is heavily favored in the tournament although that doesn’t mean that there are some other great teams competing as well.

As you would expect, Jordan Brand is making sure there presence is felt at the event and have created some shoes to mark the occasion. The tournament will go down in China and Jumpman is coming with an Air Jordan 12 that features Chinese lettering on the back. Overall, the shoe has a white leather upper with red and gold accents throughout. It’s a pretty clean shoe that will get sneakerheads excited about the Global tournament.

According to Sole Collector, these kicks will actually be coming out next month, a week before the tournament ficially begins. The release date is set on August 24th with a retail price $190 USD.

Air Jordan 12 Retro "FIBA" Release Date Revealed, New Photos


Air Jordan 12 Retro "FIBA" Release Date Revealed, New Photos


Air Jordan 12 Retro "FIBA" Release Date Revealed, New Photos


Lil Wayne’s Remix Of Lil Nas X’s "Old Town Road" Has Leaked

Lil Nas X is living the life out here. Twelve months ago, nobody really knew who he was. He was just a regular kid messing around on the internet with a microphone, praying that maybe he would go viral. Learning the ins and outs TikTok, the young man ended up striking gold with his country-rap song “Old Town Road,” which has remained at the top the Billboard Hot 100 for a very, very, very long time. Lil Nas X has a shot at breaking a Billboard record today if “OTR” stays at No. 1 for another week. There are still a number remixes we’re waiting to hear for the song, including the one Mariah Carey teased, but one them has ficially leaked and is out in the open

Lil Wayne's Remix Of Lil Nas X's "Old Town Road" Has Leaked
Ronald Martinez/Getty s

The world-famous song has just gotten another new rendition with Billy Ray Cyrus, Young Thug, and the legend himself, Lil Wayne. Weezy F was spotted in the studio recording his verse and while his version the song has not ficially released yet, his verse replaces Mason Ramsay’s in the leaked version found by Highsnobiety. 

The New Orleans rapper jokes in his rhymes about a woman he found on Farmer’s Only, using tons cowboy verbiage to play on the Western vibe the track. His vocals are not mixed perfectly and they sound demo-ish but this is likely an early version the remix. There is no word on whether this will ever be added to streaming.

Check it out here.

Lizzo Sings The Lusty Blues In Passionate "Tiny Desk Concert"

Lizzo’s personality is larger than life, and some have been intimated by her frank approach to sexuality. After all, this is the woman who once declared cunnilingus as a prerequisite to her appearing as The BacheloretteAnd while that may only exist in an alternate timeline, or the imagination thirsty Lizzo fans, the singer has been making a hell an impression f the strength her musical talent. With her album Cuz I Love You garnering acclaim, Lizzo took some time to check f another accomplishment from the bucket list: a Tiny Desk Concert. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time,” she declares, kicking it f to the sound a raucous amen.

Lizzo Sings The Lusty Blues In Passionate "Tiny Desk Concert"

Emma McIntyre/Getty s

With a solid backing band behind her, with whom Lizzo plays f masterfully, the singer runs through a trifecta hits. “Cuz I Love You,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Juice” make up the bulk the material, with some room for the occasional jam session. All throughout, Lizzo showcases the depth her vocal range; even the haters may be silenced by some her more impressive and powerful moments, including a few noteworthy shifts to falsetto. Is she a superstar in the making?

Check out Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert now, and sound f below.

Maya Rudolph & Kenan Thompson To Star In Adam Sandler’s Upcoming Netflix Comedy

After pulling in success from his previous Netflix film, Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler is on to the next since Deadline reports that the Grown-Ups actor is penning a Halloween comedy for the platform that has an all-star cast. According to the publication, Kevin James, Julie Bowen, Maya Rudolph, Ray Liotta, Steve Buscemi, Rob Schneider, Michael Chiklis, and Kenan Thompson are all signed on to star in the movie, that has yet to have a name.

The premise will follow Hubie Dubois, a man who is dedicated to Halloween but has become the subject mockery by the kids and adults in his hometown  Salem, Massachusetts. One Halloween will present the town with something they’ve never seen before which means it’s up to Hubie to save the day.

Maya Rudolph & Kenan Thompson To Star In Adam Sandler's Upcoming Netflix Comedy
Hector Vivas/Getty s

Murder Mystery pulled in some great streaming numbers since over 30-million Netflix accounts tuned in to watch the Jennifer Aniston cast film in just three days. 

“What I loved most about the film] was it was a married couple that gets together and shows what it’s like when you support each other and rely on each other,” Adam told The Hollywood Reporter when discussing the film. “It’s a very romantic movie about marriage, that’s what I liked about it.”

Mustard & 10 Summers Records Announce SUMMERSFEST

Los Angeles, CA – Mustard is known for taking over the summer with his hits, so it’s only right he dips his foot into the summer festival season. The prolific producer has launched the first-ever SUMMERSFEST right in his hometown of Los Angeles.

The festival is scheduled to take place on August 12 at The Novo. The lineup is a mystery for now as Mustard is keeping it very hush-hush.

“I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while and after our Grammy wins and the incredible year the label’s been having, I felt like this was the perfect time,” Mustard said in a statement to Billboard. “I’ve worked with so many incredible artists in my career and I’m excited to bring some of the biggest stars together on the same stage.”

View this post on Instagram

@summersfest !

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Mustard has played a major role in the West Coast’s new wave that has dominated radio stations across the nation. From his work with YG to cultivating the career of R&B singer Ella Mai, Mustard’s curating abilities should make for an intriguing SUMMERSFEST lineup.

Tickets for SUMMERSFEST are on sale now.

Cardi B Catches Imposter Instigating Beef With Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion

A Cardi B imposter thought they could get away with pulling the wool over her eyes. This is how the chain events broke down, in chronological order. Last night, Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki Minaj enjoyed a lovefest on Instagram Live. During the session, each woman praising the other, with Megan Thee Stallion going as far to label her counterpart the GREATEST OF ALL TIME.

“Stop playing with Nicki Minaj like she ain’t the muthafuckin’ GOAT, like she ain’t that bitch,” Megan Thee Stallion clamored with Nicki simulcasting in front and her, and a live audience. “Thank you, Megan,” Nicki responded appreciatively. “I already know the vibes on another level.”

As the record states, Cardi B didn’t implicate herself in the discussion at any point, during or after. But that didn’t stop the aforementioned “imposter” from creating a phony account in the hopes stirring the pot.

As you can see (above), Cardi B was wise to the imposter’s ways, as she managed to detect a minor imperfection in forgery above the lower case “i” in her handle. Rest assured that Cardi B’s followers are growing in strength. If the Juggalos count doctors and scientists among their ranks, you should expect nothing less from the Bardi B faithful.

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Returns In Two New Colorways: Details

Undercover and Nike have been working together for a long time now and this year, they paired up once again for the Undercover x Nike Daybreak. The Daybreak is a model that the brand has been trying to push this year and it has received critical acclaim thanks to its unique shape and point back heel. There have already been a few colorways the collaboration but in just a few weeks, two more versions the shoe will be released.

Thanks to the images below, courtesy  End. Clothing​​​​​​, the two new colorways being released will be in “university red” and “obsidian.” The University Red pair has a red and white upper with a black Nike swoosh. Similar aesthetics appear on the obsidian model as navy blue is found on the upper and yellow is placed on the Nike swoosh. Overall, both colorways are pretty clean and could prove to be a great addition to your collection if you haven’t copped the other colorways yet.

According to Sole Collector, both colorways are set to drop on Thursday, August 1st for $175 USD.

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Returns In Two New Colorways: Details

End Clothing

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Returns In Two New Colorways: Details

End Clothing

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Returns In Two New Colorways: Details

End Clothing

Undercover x Nike Daybreak Returns In Two New Colorways: Details

End Clothing

Nicki Minaj & Megan Thee Stallion "Shake Sum" On Insta Live, Hint At Collaboration

Not all border states are meant for despair. Just ask Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, who chose to give each other the proverbial co-sign, in lieu stepping on each other’s toes at a later time. It’s possible that Nicki Minaj learned a valuable lesson in camaraderie, after witnessing Cardi B come into her own.

At one point, it seemed as though Nicki Minaj was castigating Cardi B for encroaching on her territory – but eventually, she came to understand the true potency her devoted Barbies, and her stance began to sten, coupled with the fact she was falling back in love with her high school sweetheart Kenneth Petty. That being said, t’s fair to say Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion’s correspondence is f to a much better start. See for yourself.

As evidenced by the above Insta Live recording, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion frolic about as if they were long lost pen pals. At one point, Megan Thee Stallion implies that she’ll be in Los Angeles within 24 hours, to which Nicki responds excitedly with a “Harlem Shake” body contortion and her overstretched word the day: “OKAAAAAAAYY.” Would a Hot Girl Meg x Nicki Minaj collaboration be interest to you? Hit us with your thoughts in the comment section below the write-up.

Quiz: Who Tweeted This 2.0

If you’ve been rocking with HNHH for a long time, you know that we used to be way more consistent with our quizzes. We’ve slowly been creeping back into the game, raising your knowledge on NBA super-teams, XXXTentacion’s legacy, and much more. This week, we dive into some the oddest tweets that have been shared by your favourite rappers.

Some these answers will be completely obvious. Others, you’ll have to rack your brain to figure out the correct response. Obviously, there are the usual subjects in “Who Tweeted This” quizzes, like Kanye West who has said some pretty crazy shit online. There are also rappers that generally like to fool around with their fans, sharing memes and dropping some the most random inspirational gems we’ve seen. 

Quiz: Who Tweeted This 2.0
Andrew Burton/Getty s

Twitter is still the best social platform to share your totally unfiltered thoughts and, thankfully, these artists are still coming through with some wonderful posts over there.

If you missed out on our 2016 version this quiz, revisit it over here. Let us know what you ended up scoring on the new-and-improved quiz below and tell us what you want to see next. Is there anything you want us to dive deeper into for our quiz series?