Lil Yachty Says Donald Trump Is Pandering For Black Votes With A$AP Rocky "Crusades"

Lil Yachty isn’t alone in calling Donald Trump’s bluff regarding A$AP Rocky’s fight for freedom. For Donald Trump to take such a keen interest in a some like Pretty Flacko, you’d have to think someone, perhaps Kanye West or Kim Kardashian, provided him an incentive to get the ball rolling.

Lil Yachty‘s opinion on the matter is that Donald Trump is merely pandering for votes within the African American community. He thinks that if Donald Trump were really interested in restoring order, he’d have traveled to Sweden himself, visited the warden, Prime Minister… whomever. TMZ caught up with the rapper at LAX on Friday. Here’s what he had to say

“If you gon do something, do it. You don’t gotta keep telling everybody, just do it,” Lil Yachty exclaimed when asked to provide a rationale for Donald Trump’s actions or inaction as he sees it. As TMZ pointed out in the accompanying post, US Congressman Andre Carson was the first public figure to posit this stance, Trump pandering to the African American community ahead the 2020 election.

For what it’s worth, Donald Trump’s lobbying, nor his correspondence with Sweden’s PM, has yielded the only net positive: A$AP Rocky’s unequivocal release. Keep it locked for more in the coming days.

Facebook’s Flaw In Kids’ Santa App Allows Strangers To Chat With Underage Children

Facebook messed up big time when the privacy setting on Kids Messenger was compromised, giving strangers the ability to chat with minors on the app. “We recently notified some parents Messenger Kids account users about a technical error that we detected affecting a small number group chats,” a Facebook representative toldThe Verge. “We turned f the affected chats and provided parents with additional resources on Messenger Kids and online safety.”

A father a child who was a victim to the flaw shared a screenshot a conversation his daughter was having on a Santa Claus app where someone was asking his eight-year-old what she was wearing. 

Facebook quietly handled the matter by sending out a message to parents who have child users: 

We found a technical error that allowed CHILD]’s friend FRIEND] to create a group chat with CHILD] and one or more FRIEND]’s parent-approved friends. We want you to know that we’ve turned f this group chat and are making sure that group chats like this won’t be allowed in the future. If you have questions about Messenger Kids and online safety, please visit our Help Center and Messenger Kids parental controls. We’d also appreciate your feedback.

Facebook's Flaw In Kids' Santa App Allows Strangers To Chat With Underage Children
Carl Court/Getty s

Usually, parents have to approve all users on their children’s accounts but someone hacked the system leading to such mishaps. It’s unclear how low the bug has been present but the alert to parents has seemingly averted the crisis. 

50 Cent’s Targets Of The Week: The Long Kiss Goodnight

It’s been a long week in the news. A$AP Rocky was formally charged and Donald Trump blasted Sweden on Twitter, Tay-K was sentenced to 55-years in prison and in the midst all that, Fty came out to play. The thing is, Fif and Trump actually have far more in common when it comes to social media antics but Fif isn’t in politics, thankfully. He’s kind like the Robin Hood but instead stealing for the poor, he clowns his debtors on social media until his pockets are full.

The rapper’s been across the world this week but even his travel schedule hasn’t deterred him from his side-hustle as the entertainment business’ loan shark. And people owe Fif money, even if they don’t know it yet. Take Jackie Long for example. His girlfriend just landed a new show which meant another Monday payday for Fif. Fif’s superpower lies within his social media presence. While he was laughing on his golden bidet on Instagram, people were reaching their boiling point over the rapper’s antics.

But the thing about Fif is that he’s ten poking at a smaller guy — the guy who went to their last resort asking 50 Cent, all people, for a loan. He raised the stakes this week, though. When everyone else’s money dries out, it’s time to start looking at the bigger players in the game, the ones whose pockets are deeper than the ocean itself. 

50 Cent's Targets Of The Week: The Long Kiss Goodnight
Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty s

“Old Lady” Goes Buck

Will there be a time when 50 Cent and Young Buck make amends? Maybe not until Buck buys himself out his own contract — an effort that prompted the former (current?) G-Unit member to launch a GoFundMe page to raise $300K for his release. Unfortunately, even before Fty became the force that he is today, elements Fif’s alter-ego came out when he was dealing with Buck specifically. Money isn’t a problem for Fif and neither is consistency. If there’s one thing about their feud, it’s that Fif’s kept the same energy for the most part. Even if that means roasting the Cashville rapper for an alleged fling with a transgender woman. A joke that’s gotten old to the rest us still provides Fif endless amounts laughter. 

After making allegations that Buck’s had a relationship with a transgender woman for three years, he provided a “rare pic.” A quick gander will show a transgender person taking a piss on a wall, presumably somewhere in New York City. Even when Fif’s out pocket, he tries to get in yours like a City Girl. 

It’s Been A While, Jackie. 

An acquired taste is needed to enjoy 50 Cent’s humor but not everyone has it, especially if they’ve previously been at the receiving end Fif’s public humiliation. Needless to say, Jackie Long doesn’t see any humor in Fif’s antics. Although Jackie believed he cleared his debt with Fty, he forgot that, much like a mortgage, the debt is neverending. Angel Brinks, Jackie’s girlfriend, is a store owner and now the star a new reality show which means bags have been secured. That also means that Fif wants a cut.  

“I ain’t paying shit I gave you that LIL punk ass money go find something to do and keep me f your damn page I’m tired social media shit,” read Jackie’s reply. Picture tears streaming down Jackie’s face while he typing it. “Why the fuck I’m on your page bro come on @50cent get the fuck out here again n***a. Please get the fuck outta here. I don’t need to be on this shit people calling my phone. Where you get the energy for this shit.”

Work smarter, not harder, Jackie. He unleashed the beast that is Fty with a mere comment. Shortly after, 50 Cent appeared at the front door Angel Brinks’ store, waiting for Jackie Long to appear.

You Owe My Son, Now. 

50 Cent has his eye on a dollar at all times. He’s a money man that can even see the dollar sign in the pupils his seed’s eyes. His youngest son, Sire, secured a $700K contract at the age 2-years-old after modeling for Kidz Safe. Needless to say, 50 Cent knows star potential when he sees that. 

Dr. Pepper might not be at fault for Sire’s love for all 23 flavors but Fif’ll be knocking at their door in no time. By no means has he approached Kris Jenner’s level “momaging” but you can’t be a Fortune 500 company and expect free promo from a child model. 50 Cent’s given them until Monday.

Calls From HRF, Blessings From The Prince. 

The Human Rights Foundation might have successfully applied pressure on Nicki Minaj but that bag was too big for 50 Cent to refuse. Nicki was scheduled to headline the Jeddah Music Festival in Saudi Arabia but later canceled over human rights concerns which were actually brought to her attention by the Human Rights Foundation. 

The anti-LGBTQ stance taken by the Kingdom doesn’t faze Fif, nor do their laws gender segregation. In fact, Fif had so much fun in Jeddah, the thought moving to Saudi Arabia and changing his name crossed his mind.

“My new name is 50 HALALA , so get with the program,” he said after his performance. “I might move out here I like it.”

Nicki Minaj Strongly Hints At Pregnancy On Chance The Rapper’s "Zanies And Fools"

Nicki Minaj‘s spot appearances on Chance The Rapper‘s new album provided us yet another clue regarding her rumored pregnancy with Kenny “The Zookeeper” Petty. This time, it’s pretty hard to lose anything in translation; she clearly denotes, “Bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy.”

Nicki Minaj Strongly Hints At Pregnancy On Chance The Rapper's "Zanies And Fools"

Jamie McCarthy/Getty s

Now unless Nicki is alluding to adopting a pet animal, it’s safe to say, she probably has an unborn fetus in the Bunson. The following excerpt from Chance The Rapper’s “Zanies and Fools” certainly gives credence to such a theory.

“I met my husband when I was 17 out in Queens,” she raps in the middle section her verse. “If you love it, let it go, now I know what that means/While he was up North for a body/I bodied everybody and got known for my body/My n—a home now, he the Clyde to my Bonnie/’Bout to walk down the aisle and be a mommy/Ooh, I remember when I cried like, ‘Why me?’/Now I wouldn’t exchange my life for Armani.”

“Zanies and Fools” is the second two Nicki Minaj inclusions on Chance The Rapper’s new album, The Big Day; the other being the ever-smooth “Slide Around” with Lil Durk, also in the bottom half the double-disc LP. The following Twitter posts are a good reflection how the Barbies conceded to her Baby utterances 3.0.                   

Chris Brown & Drake Have A Dance Battle In “No Guidance” Video

Miami, FL – Chris Brown dropped the video with his former foe turned friend Drake for their celebrated collaboration “No Guidance,” on Friday (July 26). Breezy hinted that something was in the works with him and the 6 God late Thursday night (July 25).

The nine-minute video was directed by the revered film industry maven Chris Robinson. It portrays the two pop giants running into each other at a party in Miami. Drizzy then roasts Brown through a kid who was narrating the confrontation. CB challenges the Toronto native to a dance battle and let’s just say it didn’t go the way Drake planned.

The record is the fourth single from Brown’s album Indigo that debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The track also gave Aubrey the second most Billboard Hot 100 singles ever.

The video was a lighthearted take on a real beef from years past, allegedly over Rihanna. The two entertainers were involved in a severe brawl in 2012 at a New York nightclub where bottles were thrown and multiple injuries occurred. Four-time NBA champion and partygoer Tony Parker almost lost his left eye in the melee. Brown and Drizzy Drake officially ended the beef in 2018.

Watch the video above.

Russell Simmons' All Def Digital Edges Dangerously Close to Bankruptcy

All Def Digital, a youth-oriented digital-content platform owned by Russell Simmons, is on the brink of insolvency.

It was recently revealed that the company has filed for ‘assignment for the benefit of creditors,’ or ABC, a financial maneuver that is similar to, albeit slightly less comprehensive than, bankruptcy.

The news isn’t entirely surprising to those following the fate of All Def Digital, as the previous months and years have brought with them plenty of warning signs. Various freelancers have stated that All Def owes them more than $50,000 in outstanding payments; All Def execs responded to this claim by stating that they intend to pay at some point in the future.

A substantial number of All Def Digital employees were , and Simmons attempted to put a positive spin on the cuts by claiming that they were part of a strategic plan. Clearly, though, eliminating an abundance of jobs is hardly a sign that a company is performing well.

To make matter worse, Simmons has been accused of sexual assault by seven women and of rape by five women. Though he has denied the accusations, Simmons stepped down from his position at All Def Digital and went as far as fleeing to Indonesia, a nation that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the United States.

If charges are filed against him, Simmons will be able to remain hidden in Indonesia.

The country doesn’t make a habit of harboring criminals, but Simmons’s estimated $340 million net worth will likely be enough to make him an “honorary citizen.”

The situation bears resemblance to Marc Rich, a billionaire businessman who faced multiple charges in the United States and fled to Switzerland in the 1980s. He never returned to America, and he went on to become a citizen of Belgium, Boli, Israel, and Spain.

It’s possible that All Def Digital will restructure and pull through, but right now, that outcome doesn’t seem likely. Stay tuned for updates on the situation.

Chance The Rapper FINALLY Releases Debut Album "The Big Day"

Fans were understandably frustrated when Chance The Rapper’s inaugural studio album, The Big Day, failed to materialize at midnight on Friday (July 26). But finally, it’s here (technically after years of waiting).

Boasting 22 tracks, the project follows Lil Chano’s Grammy Award-winning mixtape, 2016’s Coloring Book.

In a recent interview with Apple Music, Lil Chance revealed the title was a reference to March 9, the day he married his longtime girlfriend and mother to his children Kirsten Corley.

“The whole album has been inspired by the day that I got married and how I was dancing that day,” he told  Zane Lowe. “It was the hardest I ever danced in my life and I’m a great longtime dancer.

“Everything in it is all the different styles of music that make me want to dance and remind me of that day and remind me of that night and all those people that were there.”

View this post on Instagram

TSR STAFF: Tanya P.! @tanyaxpayne _____________________________ #TSRExclusive: #Roommates, it looks like #ChanceTheRapper is now Chance the husband! We have exclusive pictures of Chance getting hitched this weekend to his longtime girlfriend #KristenCorley in a private, outdoor ceremony surrounded by white roses! The wedding took place in Newport, CA where a few of Chance’s famous friends like #DaveChapelle, #Kim and #KanyeWest were in attendance. ______________________________ The lovebirds have known each other since they were 9 years old and share a beautiful daughter #Kensli, who was sitting front row to watch her parents jump the broom! Congrats to the pair! 🙌🏽❤️❤️ (📸: Splash News/Backgrid)

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Chano continued, “I’ve been waiting to make an album for a long time […] Just making two songs a day. And trying to have fun. But at the same time, I understand that it’s going to be more. More songs. More flexes. More dancing. Just more.”

Chance is expected to head out on a tour in support of The Big Day. Stops include Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Houston and Chicago.

In the meantime, check out Chance’s The Big Day stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Chance The Rapper FINALLY Releases Debut Album "The Big Day"

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

One the all-time classic Air Jordan 4 colorways is ficially set to return next weekend in celebration the iconic silhouette’s 30th anniversary.

According to multiple sneaker sources, the “Cool Grey” Air Jordan 4 will be launching on August 1 in full family sizing, with men’s sizes retailing for $190. Thankfully, the 2019 Cool Grey 4s will be widely available, judging from Foot Locker’s release locations.

The classic kicks are built on a suede, cool grey upper accompanied by a white midsole, and a black outsole – looking just as they did when they debuted in 2004. Additional details include a white Jumpman logo on the tongue and chrome Jumpman logos on the heel tabs, with splashes yellow appearing on the tongue, outsole and visible air unit in the heel.

Continue scrolling for the ficial photos.

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Air Jordan 4 "Cool Grey" Release Locations Revealed

Air Jordan 4 Cool Grey/Nike

Bow Wow Shuts Down Mystery Woman In Favor Of "Hot Boy Summer"

Bow Wow is living dangerously out here. The entertainer has been in several high-prile relationships over the course his career, including with Ciara, Kiyomi Leslie, Erica Mena, and more. The rapper is one the biggest playboys in the industry, constantly finding a new girl to shack up with at the club. Yesterday, he was spotted out with a potential new flame but Bow Wow wants everybody to know that she’s not the only one on his mind. In fact, he’s out here living a care-free summer, taking Megan Thee Stallion’s advice and celebrating the warmer months by spreading the love.

After Lori Harvey proved herself to be the ultimate City Girl this week, Bow Wow is coming for the male equivalent that crown. Is he able to top the charts in this aspect? The rapper explained that the woman he was hanging with at a concert a few nights ago isn’t actually his girlfriend, clarifying the situation on social media. “Last time I checked… IM SINGLE AND CAN HAVE ALL THE FUN I WANT,” wrote Shad Moss on his Twitter prile. His addition the #HotBoySummer hashtag turns things crystal clear. Bow Wow is not looking to settle down right now. As long as he’s got a couple baddies by his side with the sun shining bright above him, he’s good.

Fabolous and Emily B Break Up

It’s over for Fabolous and Emily B.

After more than a decade together, the Brooklyn rapper and his longtime girlfriend have called it quits. The former couple have two sons together—Johan, 11, and Jonas, 4.

Sources tell TMZ that Fabolous has already moved on following the split. He was photographed eating lunch with another woman at a Mexican restaurant in New Jersey last week.

The relationship hit a rough patch when Fabolous was arrested in March 2018 following a physical altercation with Emily B. He was indicted by a grand jury last October on one count of domestic violence with significant bodily injury, two counts of threatening to kill, and one count of possession of a weapon.

The couple got back together following the incident. Earlier this year, Fabolous struck a plea deal in the domestic violence case and avoided jail time.

Big Sean Drops ‘Single Again’ Featuring Jhené Aiko & Ty Dolla $ign

Don Life continues as Big Sean drops his second track in two days.

Following his “Overtime” freestyle, the Detroit MC reunites with his ex-girlfriend and TWENTY88 collaborator Jhené Aiko on “Single Again,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign. Over a sample of Carl Thomas’ “I Wish,” Sean Don celebrates his independence and single status, while Jhené and Ty provide backing vocals.

“Old relationships turn to new déjà vus / Got me feeling like ‘I Don’t F**k With You,’” he raps. “Oh no-no, nah, that’s the old me / You fu**in’ with the new me / Honestly, all the disrespect had damn near ruined me.”

Taking to Twitter, Sean reflected on learning to love himself. “I never knew that I didn’t know how to be alone in life,” he tweeted. “I always would find so much joy n happiness in a relationship or being with friends, but I didn’t know how important it was to be in a relationship with yourself.

He is now working on a new album, which he teased on “Overtime.” “I know which ones that’s been rockin’ with me since the prequel,” he raps. “Just be cool / I know your favorite one, dawg / I’m ’bout to drop the sequel / Ni**a, this just the preview, Don.”

Lil Reese Unveils "GetBackGang 2" Project

Chicago’s Lil Reese has released a new mixtape titled GetBackGang 2. The project is the sequel to last year’s GetBackGang, which dropped in May 2018.

The drill rapper’s latest tape is relatively brief, containing nine songs with a total runtime of just over 20 minutes. Longtime collaborator Chief Keef and the late Fredo Santana make guest appearances on the RBC Records release.

View Reese’s GetBackGang 2 stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Lil Reese Unveils "GetBackGang 2" Project

1. GetBackMood (Pt.2)
2. BBQ f. Chief Keef
3. Ain’t Witchu 4sho
4. Exhausted
5. Flex
6. What It Do f. Fredo Santana
7. Neck of Da Woods
8. No Face No Case
9. Circle Tight

T.I. & Yella Beezy To Perform At BIG3 Ballout Festival

Ice Cube established himself as a rapper before jumping into the acting thing. Although he still performs and acts, his main focus these days in his BIG3 basketball league. Now, with rappers and artists hosting their own festival these days, Ice Cube is bringing both music and basketball together for the inaugural BIG3 Ballout event. The event is set to take place on August 17th in Dallas, TX at the American Airlines Center. 

On the basketball front things, the BIG3 Ballout will squeeze all six weekly games into one day that fans can access with one ticket. Fans will also be able to meet some the players after the game. The festival will be announcing additional events closer to the date the event. The festival will bring together both basketball and entertainment with T.I. and Yella Beezy announced as performers for the evening.

“We were already ecstatic to bring “BIG3 Ballout” to Dallas, but adding musical stars T.I. and Yella Beezy to this star-studded event has taken our excitement to another stratosphere,” BIG3 co-founder Jeff Kwatinetz said. “Fans in Dallas will be able to see world-class competitors and artists with just one ticket in a truly unique atmosphere.”

It’s already looking like it’ll be an exciting event. For more information on the BIG3 Ballout event, check out their website. 

Tyler, The Creator Raps About Gay Sex & Freeing A$AP Rocky On Funk Flex

New York, NY – Funkmaster Flex evidently didn’t know what he was in for when he asked Tyler, The Creator to freestyle on his Hot 97 show this week. The Odd Future mastermind raps about freeing A$AP Rocky but then makes Flex noticeably uncomfortable when he mentions having sex with another man.

“Free Rock, him, free Rock, him/I might fly to Sweden to free him,” he begins. “Braid my wig, A$AP tat on my ribs/Switch with him, then I can fuck all the sweet men that I wanna/Actually, I’m gonna heat it up real quick muthafucka/I’m LeBrona.”

It gets more explicit from there and Flex literally flinches when Tyler spits the next round of bars.

“Me and Flex looking in the index for buck naked niggas just for some hot butt sex,” he spits. Afterward, Tyler simply offers him a mischievous grin while Flex isn’t quite sure what to do.

Tyler’s sexuality has been the topic of conversation among his fans for years. Many believe he came out as gay on 2017’s Flower Boy album. He also consistently jokes about it, adding more fuel to the fire.

After Tyler released his fifth studio album IGOR in May, Drake commented on the project’s cover art with multiple bullseye emojis to which Tyler replied, “Send nudes bro”while the is he/isn’t he argument wages on.

Elsewhere in the Flex interview, Tyler confesses he doesn’t like “hanging with rappers or musicians.” In fact, he says his only two friends are Rocky and ScHoolboy Q. 

Watch the full conversation up top.

Tierra Whack, Roddy Ricch & Comethazine Spit Bars On Freshman Freestyle

First, DaBaby and Megan Thee Stallion left the proverbial booth ablaze during the first XXL Freshman Cypher. Next up, Blueface did his best in backing up his position as “the best lyricist his generation,” a claim disputed by the very same rappers he shared the floor with. Today marks the third installment in the series, bringing forth Comethazine, Roddy Ricch, and Tierra Whack for some bars. Off the bat, Comethazine is charged with setting it f, which he does so with great enthusiasm. Not only does he spit solid lines, but he makes sure to keep the accompanying facial expressions on point.

Tierra Whack, Roddy Ricch & Comethazine Spit Bars On  Freshman Freestyle

 Rich Fury/Getty s, Stephen Maturen/Getty s, JP Yim/Getty s

Though seldom recognized as for excellence in the category “bars,” Roddy Ricch’s pen game remains a strong part  his arsenal; when paired with his sharp and focused flow, his music is at its best. Here, he slides over the beat with a mix jaded reflections and a young man’s exuberance for balling out. “Expensive habits, Ace Spades when I’m thirsty,” he boasts. “Plug let me get it dirt cheap, we gon pull up the club 30 deep.”

Unfortunately for those hoping to hear her magnetic beat-riding at work, Tierra Whack opts to go acapella, following the footsteps Ski Mask The Slump God last year. Still, the bars and wordplay remain consistent, though stripped a slight impact the presence a beat might have ensured. With another one in the books, who do you think left the best impression thus far?