Air Jordan 11 Low Suede Rumored To Release: What To Expect

Jordan Brand is reportedly planning to release another suede Air Jordan 11 Low in 2020, this time featuring the always popular red, black and white color scheme. 

Sneaker source @Zsneakerheadz reports that the colorway is listed as follows: “White/University Red-Black-True Red,” and although images the kicks have not yet surfaced they could look like the mockup shown below.

Like the previous suede Air Jordan 11s, it is believed that the st material will actually encompass the entire silhouette, in place the mesh upper as well as the iconic patent leather overlays.

According to @Zsneakerheadz, the sneakers are expected to launch on April 25, although that release date is certainly subject to change. Stay tuned for an early look exactly what to expect from the upcoming suede Air Jordan 11 Low.

In the meantime, check out the latest batch photos the “Bred” Air Jordan 11 that’ll be releasing this Holiday season.

Kim Kardashian’s Security Team Savagely Tackled Kris Jenner Resulting In Neck Brace

Kris Jenner’s job revolves around her daughters and the numerous marketing deals and the building their empires when it comes to each her children’s endeavors. From season one  Keeping Up With The Kardashians to now, it’s been proven that the devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder. So when we find out that Kris got tackled by her daughter’s security team, course it’s a cause for concern. 

Kim Kardashian's Security Team Savagely Tackled Kris Jenner Resulting In Neck Brace
Emma McIntyre/Getty s 

In a recent clip from the family’s season 17 their reality show, Kim Kardashian gets a call from her sister Khloe that her mother’s been seriously injured after she entered Kim’s property by the wrong entrance. “Oh my God, Kim, your whole security just tackled Mom … we just called 911. This is so crazy!” Khloe told Kim on the phone while Kris is heard wailing in the background. “They were in the backyard. Mom came down when she shouldn’t have and they just tackled her!”

Kim responded in pure shock and made it clear that she was headed home to clear up the crisis situation. By the look Kris’ recent shares on Instagram, we think it’s safe to say she’s recovered from any injuries sustained. 

"The Boondocks" Will Make Its Return On HBO Max

The Boondocks has found a new home for its highly-anticipated return. HBO Max has announced the show’s revival will launch on the streaming service in fall 2020.

WarnerMedia’s upcoming streaming platform has ordered two seasons of the acclaimed series for a total of 24 new episodes. All 55 episodes from the show’s original television run on Adult Swim will also be available on HBO Max, which is scheduled to launch in spring 2020.

The Boondocks was a revolutionary series that sparked conversations on hot button issues and brought dark subjects into the light with episodes like ‘The Trial of Robert Kelly’, ‘The Fundraiser’ and ‘The Story of Gangstalicious,’” HBO Max’s chief content officer Kevin Reilly said in a press release. “Aaron [McGruder] is a gifted visionary whose unique style of storytelling is a welcome voice and we are elated The Freemans are making their thugnificent comeback on HBO Max.”

The Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder is back for the series revival after not being involved in the show’s fourth season, which aired in 2014. He will serve as the showrunner and one of the executive producers.

“There’s a unique opportunity to revisit the world of The Boondocks and do it over again for today,” McGruder said in a press statement. “It’s crazy how different the times we live in are now – both politically and culturally – more than a decade past the original series and two decades past the original newspaper comic. There’s a lot to say and it should be fun.”

The first four seasons of The Boondocks are currently available to stream on Hulu. Fans can also hear Gary Anthony Williams reprise his Uncle Ruckus character on The Breakfast Club below.

Jeezy Reflects On His $1.8M Album Cover, Boyz N Da Hood, JAY-Z’s Business Mind & More

Hollywood, CA – Jeezy took a look back at this storied career during a recent stop by the HipHopDX offices in Hollywood. As part of his conversation with DX, the trap rap pioneer recalled using $1.8 million in real cash for his Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 album cover and explained why his stint in the group Boy N Da Hood was so brief.

“When we did the deal that was the negotiation — I told [JAY-Z] and L.A. Reid I’m gonna do this deal with Puff [Daddy], but I’m only gonna make it a one-off,” he said of Boyz N Da Hood. “So, I was only in the group for one album.”

Embed from Getty Images

The veteran artist also opened up about his dealings with JAY-Z, the star-studded “I Do” remix and how one of his songs turned into Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” He additionally detailed Gary Vee’s appearance on the TM104 intro “The enTRAPreneur” and shared insight on the ways he continues to motivate himself.

Watch DX’s interview with Jeezy above.

Jalen Rose Divulges On Who His Top 10 NBA Players Of All-Time Are: Watch

Jalen Rose might not be one the greats but he is certainly qualified to talk about some the best basketball players to ever grace the NBA. During a recent appearance on Vlad TV, Rose was asked about who his top 10 players all-time are and he was fairly quick to give his opinion, almost as if he has been thinking about this for a very long time. Just like any list would, Rose’s top 10 has caused a lot debate and even some chirps about his Kobe Bryant ranking.

As you can see from the tweet below, Rose has Oscar Robertson at the ten spot, with Shaq and Wilt Chamberlain at 9 and 8 respectively. Perhaps the most curious placement is Kobe at 7, although those in the comments were quick to point out how Rose was served 81 points by Bryant a few decades ago. At number 6, Rose went with Bird and then went on a bit a tangent about how he was the best white player ever.

When it comes to his top 5, Rose had LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Michael Jordan, all in that order. Putting Michael at number one isn’t really a controversial opinion although putting LeBron at number 5 is kind curious.

Let us know in the comments what you think Rose’s list and whether or not you agree.

DaBaby’s Working On Another Comical Music Video

We’re all well aware that DaBaby‘s upcoming album Kirk will be dropping f later this month and will feature Chance The Rapper, The Migos among others. While we patiently wait for the arrival, the Baby On Baby rapper has come through to drop f what appears to be some teasers for yet another comical music video to accompany a song on the album. 

We’ve already gotten a glimpse at some DaBaby’s music video ways from his “Suge” visual that had him starring as a mailman who isn’t really good at his job while different snippets show him dramatically muscled up in an fice setting – all signs a guy with a sense humour. For the newest video, DaBaby’s shared some clips on Instagram that shows us there may be a Superbad tribute since the rapper’s holding a Hawaiin ID card, the same one from the film where Fogell gets a fake ID and dubs himself McLovin.  

Another post to his feed shows Dababy in a courtroom (that’s clearly part a set) walking past a jury that’s convicted him as guilty. “Say I won’t ROCK his ass,” he captioned the clip. On DaBaby’s Instagram story, he makes a reference to Wizard Kelly, the character from Disney’s animated series The Proud Family. 

We can’t confirm when this new visual will arrive but we can hope that it will be sooner than later – who’s ready?

Lil Uzi Vert Explains Why He Quit Music In Rare Interview

Philadelphia recording artist Lil Uzi Vert is an interesting character. He is unlike anybody else in the rap game. His personality is eccentric and he rarely opens up to the public, leaving an air mystery about him. For the last couple years, Uzi’s musical releases have dramatically slowed down and with so many issues at his label, his decision to quit music made sense. The young artist was frustrated and figured that he could no longer fulfill his prophecy, choosing to find a new path. We’re all still waiting for Eternal Atake and, given the fact that he’s released a duo new singles this year, it may still be on the way. Rarely does Uzi ever run press. This week though, a new interview has been published by GQ about the “XO Tour Llif3” superstar and he’s revealing his true passions to the world.

If you take a quick look at his social media accounts, you’ll see that Lil Uzi Vert is one the best-dressed men in the entire music industry. He boasts about having no stylist and, as the publication notes in their introductory statements, his hotel room regularly looks like a tornado hit the center a high-end Bergdorf Goodman shop. He told the interviewer about his love music, revealing why he’s still battling forward.

“I like making music, and I like making people happy,” said Uzi. “But the music is whatever, bro. I really do it just to make my family happy. Like, it’s just something for my family to talk about.”

When he was asked about his decision to stop creating music, he got quiet but still responded. “I dunno, just how I felt. That’s all,” he said. “I just wanted to be more normal.” His head is still screwed on straight though and it’s all for a larger goal. “The ultimate goal is buying a Bugatti,” said Uzi about his purpose in life.

Kevin Hart’s Ex Wife Going On Tour To Tell “Her Side” Of Story

It appears Torrei Hart, the ex-wife Kevin Hart, is taking her show on the road. The former wife Kevin Hart, who is also a stand-up comedian, is ready to tell her side the story on a stand-up tour called “It’s Time To Tell My Side,” which seemingly refers to her divorce and alleged infidelities surrounding her marriage to Kev.

Toerri has been promoting the shows on her Instagram recently, saying “this will be the most talked about show in the DMV.” Unfortunately, she’ll only be doing the shows in the D.C. area as quoted. If you happen to be in the DMV area and wish to attend, fans can purchase tickets at

In other news, Kevin Hart is still recovering from the back surgery he had after being involved in a serious car accident few weeks ago. His current wife has since given us a positive update, saying he’ll be back within no time. “We’re just taking it one day at a time,” said Eniko before adding. “He’s amazing. He’ll be back on track in no time.” We’ll continue to keep you posted.

Offset Channels Ric Flair During Appearance On WWE SmackDown Live: Watch

The WWE is doing everything they can to boost ratings and gain exposure as they prepare to move SmackDown Live to Friday nights on Fox starting October 4. In an effort to do just that, the company linked up with Offset for a surprise appearance alongside Charlotte Flair during Tuesday’s taping at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

As seen in the footage embedded below, the Atlanta-native donned Ric Flair’s pink robe as he introduced Charlotte prior to her match against Sasha Banks. Offset also hinted at a new Migos album during an interview immediately after his in-ring work.

Check out the highlights:

As noted, SmackDown Live will be making it’s premiere on Fox on October 4th and the company is bringing back a number WWE legends as part a 20th anniversary special. The list superstars scheduled to appear including The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Lita, Mick Foley, Booker T, Hulk Hogan, Trish Stratus, Goldberg, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Mark Henry, Ric Flair and Sting.

On top that, the WWE has announced that a superstar draft will take place on the October 11th edition SmackDown Live. Click here for more details on that.

Lil Durk On Tekashi 6ix9ine: “F*ck 69 Snitch K”

It appears Lil Durk ain’t fucking with Tekashi 6ix9ine no more. Following the news his highly publicized trial yesterday, the OTF rapper decided to hop on Twitter and express how he felt about the “Gummo” rapper, calling him a “snitch” and tweeting out: “Fuck 69.” The tweet has since been deleted by Durk, but not before TheShadeRoom caught it (below).

Coincidentally, it was just earlier this year that Lil Durk hopped on IG Live with Tekashi and tried to mediate the feud between him and a few fellow Chicago rappers, like Chief Keef and Tadoe. The move by Durk resulted in backlash by some fans, who thought Durk was co-signing Tekashi 6ix9ine, but apparently that ain’t the case. Durk still living by the street code and doesn’t like phonies. 

Durk’s tweet come just hours after Meek Mill voiced his own opinion on the trial. The Philadelphia rapper went on his Twitter to fer some advice to anyone seeking clout on social media. He tweeted, “69 going up in s federal courthouse today kids! Message the day don’t be a Internet gangsta… be yourself! #cloutisnottheroute get money.” 

Steph Curry Responds To Kevin Durant’s Comments About Being Accepted

Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry recently sat down for an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols during which he discussed his plans to play in the 2020 Olympics, the new-look Warriors, and some recent comments made by former teammate Kevin Durant.

Specifically, Curry was asked about some things Durant said in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, including his feeling that “nobody could get a full acceptance me there,” because he wasn’t a home grown talent like Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

“I mean, that’s tough,” Curry told ESPN’s Rachel Nichols. “There’s so many narratives that go on, especially when you’re at the top the league. No matter how, you know, the full transition happens to Brooklyn, him separating himself from the Warriors — that’s gonna happen. I think he knows, you know, what we were about as teammates, what we were about as friends on and f the court. And again, nobody is gonna take away the accomplishments we had. But at the end the day, whatever he, you know, needed to do to make that decision and however he wants to explain that — that’s just what’s gonna happen.”

Nichols also asked Curry about KD’s criticism Steve Kerr’s motion fense, to which he answered:

“Well, I don’t care what plays we ran,” Curry said. “We won two championships. And at the end the day, we had a lotta talent and there was an expectation us figuring out how to balance all that. And we talked a lot about it throughout the three-year run. It wasn’t always perfect, but I think in terms , you know, the results and what we were able to do on the floor, that kinda speaks for itself. We all wanna play iso-ball at the end the day in some way, shape or form. But I’d rather have some championships too.”

Curry and the new-look Warriors will begin their quest for another championship on October 24, as they host the Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and the Los Angeles Clippers at their new arena in San Francisco. Click here to check out Golden State’s new uniforms for the upcoming season, including a San Francisco throwback to be worn in select games.

Tory Lanez May Work With 6ix9ine In The Future: "I Kinda Miss That Guy"

Prior to Tekashi 6ix9ine taking the stand in his kidnapping trial on Tuesday, there were plenty his fellow artists who swore f ever working with him. Some have written him f completely while a handful others continue to support the New York rapper who has turned into a federal informant. During Tekashi’s testimony, it was revealed that the rapper became a source for the government the day after he was arrested he and named f his associates, their crimes, and even stated that fellow rapper Trippie Red was a gang member.

This news shook up the hip hop industry as Tekashi’s trial has been a topic conversations for the better part a year, but before he was pegged to be a snitch, the 23-year-old collaborated with friends to deliver popular hits. Nicki Minaj, Fetty Wap, Murda Beatz, A Boogie with da Hoodie, Anuel AA, Bobby Shmurda, Casanova, 50 Cent, Young Thug, Lil Baby, Gunna, Kanye West, and Tory Lanez have all locked down singles with 6ix9ine. Many those artists have kept the incarcerated rapper at arm’s length since his arrest while others have vowed never to work with him again. Tory Lanez, however, never says never.

In a conversation with Complex, Lanez was asked if, when 6ix9ine gets released from federal custody, he would work with the rapper once more. “I mean, I really don’t know,” he began. “I don’t know how he’s gonna feel when he gets out jail. I don’t know what he’s got going on in his life. Personally, whatever it is, music is music, bro, at the end the day. However it happens for him. As a person, bro, and regardless whatever he did, I kinda miss that guy. That was my n*gga. He’s a funny guy. As a person, he was a funny guy. Maybe n*ggas won’t say that or won’t say…I really just don’t care. I don’t give a f*ck about how people view me. N*ggas don’t like me already. I don’t care.”

Lanez then presented an example using himself as the target. “God forbid I kill somebody tomorrow and I go to jail and y’all look at me as a murderer for the rest my life. That doesn’t change the songs that I made. It doesn’t change the way I had you rockin’. It doesn’t change…you felt this way about me. If I did something that deteriorated the way that you felt about me, that’s that.”

Lanez did say that he can’t identify with Tekashi’s circumstances because he would have never put himself in that position. However, for those that do, they know what they’re getting themselves into and with those choices comes following a certain set rules to keep things hush-hush. Check out a clip Lanez speaking about Tekashi 6ix9ine and his full interview with Complex below.

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A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & Lil Uzi Team Up For UNICEF’s Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has been experiencing extraordinary success this year. Hoodie SZN earned him two weeks atop the Billboard 200 and he’s been making major plays ever since. However, it looks like he’s taking his talents and platform and using it towards a selfless deed. Per HipHopDX, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has launched a crowdfunding page in partnership with UNICEF for relief efforts towards countries affected by Hurricane Dorian, namely the Bahamas.

In addition to launching the page, he also donated $50K its $100K goal. For every dollar raised, Lil Uzi Vert will match it up until $50K. So that means, A Boogie, Unicef, and Lil Uzi Vert could ultimately donate $150K to the cause altogether if they reach their goal. 

“The Bahamas need our help, man,” A Boogie said in a statement. “You got kids and families left with nothing out there. We got to show love and support in any way we can to help rebuild that beautiful place. Every little thing helps.”

On the crowdfunding page, he wrote, “I’m supporting UNICEF USA, an organization that does whatever it takes, because they have the grit and experience it takes tor each the children and families who need us most.”

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie has been putting in tons work towards helping kids in recent times. Gotta tip your hat to the man. 

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye’s Nike Air Yeezy 1

The Adidas Streetball, a ’90s sneaker made strictly for the blacktop, has made it’s return to the retail space, although the kicks look completely different than the original. In fact, the only real similarity here is that the upcoming silhouette bears the “Streetball” moniker.

The revamped Adidas Streetball silhouette appears to borrow design cues from the wildly popular Adidas Yeezy 700, featuring a combination  leather, mesh and suede throughout the layered upper. Additionally, one the upcoming releases perfectly mimics another Kanye West‘s most popular sneakers – the Nike Air Yeezy 1 “Blink” colorway.

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Just like the Air Yeezy 1, the upcoming Streetball colorway boasts a black upper with hits pink around the tongue and ankle collar, grey detailing, and a glow-in-the-dark outsole. 

A release date for the Adidas Streetball “Blink” has not yet been announced but it is believed the kicks will be launching in early 2020. Take a look at some additional photos below while we await ficial info.

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink x Air Yeezy 1 Blink/SneakerNews

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Adidas Streetball "Blink" Pulls Inspiration From Kanye's Nike Air Yeezy 1

Adidas Streetball Blink/HouseHeat

Colin Kaepernick & Nike’s "Dream Crazy" Ad Wins Big At The Emmys

Colin Kaepernick shocked the football world back in 2016 when he started kneeling during the National Anthem as a means to protest police brutality and racial injustice. While Kaepernick’s actions weren’t inherently shocking, there is no doubt that many Americans took fense to what he did. Since his protests, Kaepernick has yet to be given a contract in the NFL and it looks more and more likely that he will never be given another chance in the league. Despite this, Nike has partnered with Kaepernick and last year, they teamed up for their “Dream Crazy” campaign.

Kap was the face the commercial and it immediately received critical acclaim as it showed both sides taking a stand. According to All Hip-Hop, the “Dream Crazy” ad has now won an Emmy Award for “Outstanding Commercial.”

As you can see from the tweet above, Kaepernick is used as the narrator throughout the video while LeBron James, Serena Williams, and various other athletes can be seen excelling at their respective sports. 

Over the last year, Kaepernick has continued to work closely with Nike and the partnership has benefitted both sides immensely. This Emmy win is further pro that Nike and Kaepernick are a dynamic duo that transcends the sports world.

Let us know what you think about the commercial.