Joe Rogan On Kanye West Podcast: "I Don’t Wanna Pressure Anybody"

Since last year, we’ve all been waiting for Kanye West to appear on Joe Rogan’s podcast. The two have spoken on the phone and both sides confirmed that it would eventually happen. The most recent update in the ongoing saga had Rogan implying to his live audience that the whole thing was cancelled. Although things did not go sour between the podcast host and the eccentric artist, Rogan doesn’t know if his platform is appropriate for what West would bring to the table. He’s absolutely open to the idea hosting him but for the time being, it feels like an episode with Kanye is not as imminent as it once seemed. During a recent chat with Michael Yo, Rogan brought up the topic again, giving yet another vague update on the status his Kanye West interview.

Joe Rogan On Kanye West Podcast: "I Don't Wanna Pressure Anybody"
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Last month, it was reported that Kanye West’s appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience was likely cancelled. Rogan pushed those rumors to the side by giving somewhat a clearer response when Michael Yo asked if it was still in the cards, saying that he’s no longer actively trying to get West on the show. “I would if he wants to do it,” said Rogan in reference to his episode with Kanye. “I don’t wanna put any pressure on anybody. And I don’t necessarily know that podcasts are the best place for someone… for everybody. They might not be the best place to just talk about shit. Maybe it’s better to just do music.”

At this point, Kanye is going to have to make the next move if we ever want to see him on the show.

ScHoolboy Q feat. Travis Scott ‘CHopstix’

ScHoolboy Q puts on a show in the grand video for “CHopstix” featuring Travis Scott.

The black-and-white clip, directed by Nabil (Frank Ocean, SZA), takes place at a ballet. Donning a top hat, the TDE rapper entertains the well-dressed crowd at a theater while performing alongside ballerinas. A tuxedo-clad Travis plays the conductor of the symphony.

While on stage, Q catches the eye of a lady in the crowd and makes her laugh, but her man is not amused. For his final scene, he makes himself disappear in a cloud of smoke as the audience gasps.

“CHopstix” follows “Numb Numb Juice” as the latest release off ScHoolboy Q’s upcoming album. During his appearance on “The Tonight Show” last month, he revealed that the long-awaited project would be dropping very soon.

Tom Brady Laser Pointer Incident Could Put Chiefs Fan In Jail For A Year

Back in January, the New England Patriots and the Kansas City Chiefs embarked on a hard-fought AFC Championship game that saw the Patriots come away with the win, 37-31 in overtime. The back and forth game at Arrowhead Stadium was one the best playf games this season, although there was one incident that some felt ruined the integrity the game. That incident was caught on camera by KMBC cameras and showed a large green laser being pointed at Brady in the middle a play

It was revealed that the laser pointer was flashed by a Chiefs fan who was just trying to give his team a competitive advantage. Unfortunately for that fan, Dwyan Morgan, laser pointers are banned from NFL stadiums for obvious reasons. In fact, his little stunt could actually lead to some jail time.

A TMZ report shows that Morgan was cited for disturbing the peace. If convicted, he will have to pay a $1000 fine or could even face up to one year in jail.

Morgan explained that he is very sorry about the incident and didn’t want to embarrass the Chiefs, although he isn’t willing to apologize to Brady and the Patriots.

We feel you, Dwyan. We feel you.

Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Irv Gotti Join Cast For New York’s "Growing Up Hip Hop" Spinoff

The Growing Up Hip Hop reality series has become a fixture in the past few years since debuting in 2016 with a case that included Pepa  Salt-n-Pepa, Master P No Limit fame, and the undeniably crass Dame Dash. Since then, the brand has evolved to include a version the show solely based in Atlanta and the recently announced New York spinf.

According to Essence mag, the freshly-minted New York spinf will debut with a cast that includes Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, Rev Run in more central roles. Atlanta holdovers Lil Mama and her brother Arnstar will return to NY for their second tour duty, as will the children  Charli Baltimore, Old Dirty Bastard, Flavor Flav and DJ Kid Capri to round out the ensemble lineup.

Ja Rule, Fat Joe & Irv Gotti Join Cast For New York's "Growing Up Hip Hop" Spinf

Bennett Raglin/Getty s

Angela Simmons who figures as the co-founding executive producer the series, will not take on an onscreen role opposite her father Rev Run. Instead, viewers will be blessed with the presence the least the headline-grabbing Simmons’ kids (JoJo) that moonlighted on Run’s House in the mid-2000s.

So, if you needed yet another reason to downplay your family’s dysfunction and you’re short on ideas, keep your eyes peeled for Growing Up Hip Hop eventual production run. On the other hand, if you want to preserve the frightful mystique Murder Inc. or Fat Joe’s Terror Squad, you’d be wise to look elsewhere for entertainment.

2 Chainz Drops Bizarre "2 Dollar Bill" Video With Lil Wayne & E-40

2 Chainz has wasted no time giving his Rap Or Go To The League album the proper visual treatment since its March release. After delivering cinematic videos for “Money In The Way” and the Ariana Grande-assisted “Rule The World,” the Def Jam rapper returns alongside Lil Wayne and E-40 for “2 Dollar Bill.”

The new video is filled with a number of rarities and abnormal highlights, including an elderly bodybuilder, quadruplets and a ventriloquist. Wayne and 40 make their respective cameos in juxtaposition to the circus-themed performers and further extend the one-of-a-kind vibe of these visuals.

Check out 2 Chainz’s “2 Dollar Bill” video above.

Jennifer Lopez & Diddy Credited For Their 2000s Matchmaking Skills

Back when Jennifer Lopez and Diddy were a couple (in the year 2000) they did more than just woe their adoring fans. According to publicist Beth Katz Meiselas and legal representative Kenny Meiselas, Jennifer and Diddy also played a major part in bringing them together for their lasting relationship.

“We kind celebrate the Grammys as our anniversary,” Beth told Variety. “Our love story is forever immortalized in the ‘E! True Hollywood Story’ about J.Lo. If you look at footage her walking the red carpet Grammy night in that famous dress, you can see me and Kenny, who was with Puff, in the background.” Since both Beth and Kenny’s clients were staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Diddy had a plan to get Kenny looking fresh and clean to woe Beth at a pre-Grammy party. 

Jennifer Lopez & Diddy Credited For Their 2000s Matchmaking Skills
Kevin Mazur/Wire/Getty s

“He said to me, ‘Before your first date, if you want to go out with Beth Katz, you need to step up your game,’ ” Kenny recalled. “So he took me over to Rodeo Drive, and we went into Versace and he picked up two suits. Then we went across the street to Cartier and he made me try on 50 pairs sunglasses. Puff said to me, ‘If you want to step it up, you need to buy 20 pairs.’ I said, ‘I’m going to buy two pairs.’”

Beth, unfortunately, missed the party and Puff advised Kenny to forget about his crush, but he did just the opposite. “I felt really bad about missing the party]thing. So I asked him to join me the following night for MusiCares. I had Pharrell Williams] and Joni Mitchell and Diana Krall there,” Beth explained. “I remember coming to this party and there were thousands people trying to get in. And Kenny came with me. And at one point, J. Lo turns to me and says, ‘See? He’s so cute! I knew you’d like him.’”

The couple has now been married since 2004 and shares a blended family four. “I think the fact that we share a common interest and that we both love music is a factor,” Kenny explained. “We have the same clients, we overlap. We’ve been through crises together, we’ve been through amazing moments together. And we talk.”

Cypress Hill Makes History With Induction Into Hollywood Walk Of Fame

There are only a few rap acts that have been inducted into the Hollywood Walk Fame. Queen Latifah, Pharrell, Diddy, LL Cool J and Snoop Dogg have been received a spot on the Hollywood Walk over the years. This week, one hip-hop’s most iconic groups will be honored with their own star on the Hollywood Walk Fame.

Cypress Hill Makes History With Induction Into Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Carlos Alvarez/Getty s

Cypress Hill’s career has spanned over 30 years. Along the way, they’ve broken barriers and became the first Latino American hip-hop group to have platinum-selling albums with over 20M albums sold worldwide. This Thursday, they’ll be inducted into the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, making them the first Latino American hip-hop group to receive such honor.

“We are proud to honor the first Latino American hip-hop recording group,” producer the Hollywood Walk Fame, Ana Martinez, told ABC7. “They have been successful as a group for three decades and we know they will continue their success for many years to come.” 

The ceremony is set to take place on April 18th at 11:30 a.m. promptly in front Green Leaf Restaurant at Eastown. The ceremony will include guest speeches by George Lopez and Xzibit.

In 2018, the group released Elephants On Acid, which served as their first studio album in eight years.

You could watch the livestream Cypress Hill’s induction at this Thursday.

Billie Eilish Had To Get Steve Carell’s Approval For "The Office" Sample On Debut Album

Billie Eilish has been the talk the town lately since her debut album WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? has been taking over the Billboard charts, landing her even more recognition and headling spots at festivals this summer. If you’ve listened to her tape then you’re probably aware The Office samples on the track “My Strange Addiction.” 

Billie Eilish Had To Get Steve Carell's Approval For "The Office" Sample On Debut Album
RB/Bauer-Griffin/GC s

The samples on the song are pulled from the episode “Threat Level Midnight” that sees Michael Scott (played by Steve Carell) debut his action movie to the Dunder Mifflin fice. Lines such as “I haven’t done that dance since my wife died” and “You should enter it in festivals” is heard on the song, and according to Rolling Stone, Steve had to personally sign f on the matter. 

“They had to get approval all the cast that was on it,” B.J. Novak (writer, executive producer and actor) told the publication. “I was fine with it regardless. but I was like ‘Wow, bonus: This is a banger.’”

Billie’s “Bad Guy” track is currently sitting at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 while “Bury A Friend” is at #27 and moving up.  

Giannis Antetokounmpo Refuses "Space Jam 2" Role: Report

Giannis Antetokoumpo has built a name for himself this year by being one the best players in the NBA. He has led the Milwaukee Bucks to an unlikely first-place finish in the entire league and is looking to bring the team some glory in the playfs. Antetokoumpo is known for being a hungry, yet humble player who doesn’t like to bring too much attention to himself. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that he wouldn’t want to be in a big budget Hollywood film alongside LeBron James.

In an interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews, the Greek Freak explained that he was asked to be in Space Jam 2 this summer, although it simply isn’t for him.

“I don’t like being Hollywood,” Antetokounmpo said. “I don’t like all this extra drama. I am just going to try to be me.”

Giannis Antetokounmpo Refuses "Space Jam 2" Role: Report

Dylan Buell/Getty s

It’s obvious that the Bucks star would rather remain lowkey. He even said at the All-Star game that he’d rather stay in a calm city like Milwaukee then go play in Los Angeles. This is great news for Bucks fans who don’t want to see such an incredible player leave.

Last week, Bucks GM Jon Horst confirmed that the Bucks are already working on Giannis’ next contract.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Episode 4 Season 8 Recap: Team Moniece Or Tiarra?

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Tiarra finally finds about Moniece, Mama Dee and Cece are given an ultimatum and more…

Read last week’s recap here.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.


Karlie is determined to keep things light and transparent. Over laughter and chatter on her ex-boyfriend Young Joc’s morning show, the reality star boldly went Live and invited Joc to her engagement party. Though Joc seemed touched (and surprised to say the least), Karlie’s fiancé Mo’ did not feel the same way about the impromptu invitation. In true changed-woman spirits however, Karlie handled the situation maturely, hinting at the seriousness with which she is embracing change.

On the road to newness, babies are also on the itinerary for Ms. Redd who consulted an IVF specialist to freeze her eggs, with the hope to someday have a beautiful baby boy. Good luck, Karlie. 


Akbar V took a studio break and paid a visit to Tiarra for some girl talk. The mother admitted to still being head over heels with her baby’s father and ready to give another shot at romance. Unfortunately for her, Moniece remains in the picture and the two finally found out about one another in this episode— thanks to Akbar V. who broke the news to Moniece. This is looking rather messy for Akbar V and may lead the resulting drama right back to her.


Scrapp Deleon finally had a sit down with his mother to mend their relationship. Despite the shady business surrounding his father’s return from the dead, the mother and son were able to keep things amicable. Though, mama King was not pleased to hear Tiarra’s attempts at pursuing Scrapp’s heart and blatantly admitted her preference for Moniece.

Scrapp, who remained neutral thus far, was faced with quite the conundrum while witnessing Tiarra’s efforts to win him back. It seems throwing him a party as well as fering the keys to her home and heart were not enough to secure Mr. Deleon. And as such, Scrapp was met with an explosive reaction from his enamored ex once she learned his romantic ties with Moniece Slaughter. 


Following Cece’s expulsion from Mama Dee’s palace, Scrappy coordinated and facilitated a conversation between the two grandmothers. Though their talk ended in hugs, tension continued to rise throughout the episode. Finally, when Scrappy surprised Bambi with a new home and invited Cece to stay with them— all hell broke loose. Since a regular conversation did not seem to work, the expecting couple threatened to kick both grandmothers out the picture if they didn’t play ball. The latter resulted in a mutual agreement to keep the peace and we can only hope it stays that way until the baby’s arrival. 


Joc returns with a new flame: successful businesswoman and litigator Kendra. According to the rapper, Kendra has been helping him steer clear the shenanigans and level up. Has Joc truly moved on from the games? With his recent invitation to Karlie’s wedding, his new bae is ready to test Joc’s character– especially because no one knows about their relationship as yet. Is Joc hiding Kendra from the world or is he hiding the world from Kendra?

Boosie Blasts News Station Over "Disrespectful" Coverage

Baton Rouge icon Boosie recently found himself on the receiving end an unfavorable news segment, which left him seeing red. Boosie took to Instagram to voice his outrage, all while providing footage the piece in question. It centered around one his upcoming concerts at Club Empire in Arkansas,  and news reporter Mitch McCoy proceeded to rattle f a beginner’s course in “violent history” at Boosie’s live concerts. Citing five shootings that occurred during a Boosie show, the report emphasized the upcoming concert’s added police presence, with a tone suggesting the worst was yet to come.

Boosie Blasts News Station Over "Disrespectful" Coverage

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty s


After calling out the Arkansas based news outlet over their selective bias, he proceeds to single out the KARK/Fox News reporter McCoy, clapping back like only a rapper can. “His fat white ass had to say I was found not guilty first degree murder at the end SAD,” writes Boosie, in his closing statement. Where do you stand – did the station do Boosie dirty? Painted as a villain when in reality, all he really wants to do is win the lottery, marry Rihanna, and kick back on the private jet. 

Solange’s Coachella Cancellation Due To Band’s Growing Illness

Yesterday it was announced that Solange will no longer be performing at Coachella due to “production” issues. “Due to major production delays, Solange will unfortunately no longer be performing at this year’s festival,” festival organizers wrote in a tweet. “She sends her sincerest apologies, and looks forward to performing at Coachella in the future.”

Solange's Coachella Cancellation Due To Band's Growing Illness
Rick Kern/Wire/Getty s

TMZ now reports the real reason Solange had to drop out the anticipated festival and it’s due to her band’s growing sickness. According to the publication, members Solange’s band started falling ill and she couldn’t find proper replacements. Apparently, Solange tried to make it work with some new additions but it just wasn’t the vision she was going for. The “Almeda” singer didn’t feel like she could deliver the show she wanted and didn’t want to half-ass, which resulted in the cancellation. 

Solange was set to perform hits from her new album When I Get Home alongside other great performers at the festival. Sources say she’s dvasted by the cancellation, but knowing Solange she’ll come back bigger and better with even more to fer fans. 

Burger King Slammed For "Racist" Chopsticks Ad

These days, anything can be misconstrued with different contexts being applied to every little thing that you say. Major companies have had to deal with strong backlash for the way their products are presented to consumers. For example, one the top stories this year has been the boycott against luxury fashion brand Gucci after they advertised a sweater that included a balaclava that you place over your mouth, making it look like you’re wearing blackface. Burger King is facing public scrutiny because a new ad they were promoting for their Vietnamese-style burger in New Zealand, showing a bunch white people eating the burger with chopsticks.

Burger King Slammed For "Racist" Chopsticks Ad
Justin Sullivan/Getty s

Fans the restaurant chain are left unimpressed with this video, which has been making the rounds on social media. Many are asking who approved this concept, especially considering how sensitive the content really is. Connecting chopsticks with the Vietnamese-inspired burger is a pretty backwards way thinking and, at the very least, it’s extremely unoriginal. You would think that a company with so much money would be willing to fund their marketing team adequately so they could actually come up with some cool ideas. This one absolutely missed the mark and has reportedly since been pulled. 

Watch the clip below. Do you think the ad is racist or are people overexaggerating?

Amber Rose Reportedly Suffering From Extreme Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy

Amber Rose came through with exciting news recently when she announced that she’s expecting a baby boy with her boyfriend Alexander “AE” Edwards.” A.E.] and I are SUPER excited to announce that we have a Sweet little Baby Boy on the way! P.S Sebastian issoooooo Happy to be a big brother!” she wrote on Instagram, describing the anticipation her six-year-old son she had with ex, Wiz Khalifa

New reports from TMZ now detail how Amber isn’t having the smoothest pregnancy in the world since she’s suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, a severe case nausea and vomiting that comes with pregnancy. Sources tell the publication that Amber was hospitalized at Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and was hooked up to an IV since she was losing weight and from the vomiting. 

Amber Rose Reportedly Suffering From Extreme Nausea & Vomiting During Pregnancy
Hollywood To You/Star Max/GC s

Amber and A.E.’s baby boy is set to arrive in October, the same month as Amber’s birthday and apparently, she’s very excited to share the same sign with her little man, both being Libras.

“Even when it’s dark.. my SON will shine,” he wrote. “Thank u baby 4 my greatest gift. shit wild! I love you 💕 I can’t wait to thug it out w my baby boy. & baby boy, I promise I won’t get mad if ur first words r “where the bitches @?”” A.E. wrote when announcing that he’s going to be a dad. 

Wendy Williams Divorce May Reveal How Much Husband Spent On Alleged Mistress Of 10 Years

At the top the month, it was reported that Wendy Williams and her husband Kevin Hunter were entertaining the idea a separation. As we know, Kevin reportedly welcomed a baby with his mistress 10 years leading Wendy to relapse. A few days after, Wendy announced a week hiatus from her talk show that her producer’s claim was planned back in the Fall.  

Wendy is back to her show today, and we’re curious if she’ll discuss herself as a hot topic since new reports state that any further divorce moves with her husband could reveal just how much he spent on his mistress for the 10-year span. “If Kevin is this baby’s father, it affects things. If he spent a lot money on this woman, a judge can concede that’s a wasteful dissipation spending marital funds in a frivolous manner],” a top divorce lawyer told Page Six. Both Wendy and Kevin own Wendy Williams Productions that runs her talk show which means a divorce would force them to split the company. 

Wendy Williams Divorce May Reveal How Much Husband Spent On Alleged Mistress Of 10 Years
Bobby Bank/Wire

Not too long ago, Oscar-winning actress Mo’Nique weighed in on Wendy’s family drama calling her private ordeal karma. “It’s all about how messy I can be,” Mo’Nique said Wendy’s show. “It’s all about “Ohhh, how can I crack on this person. How hard can I make fun somebody’s downfall,’ or it] appears to be that way.” 

“The lesson for me that my ears are hearing is, let me make sure what I put out there is what I would want to come back,” she continued. “Let me make sure I’m not so high on my ass that I can say or do, rip down, rip apart, tear down, whomever I choose to because it’s part the business…but now when the universe says, ‘Oh, you know it’s your turn.’ We don’t pay attention to that, we just pay attention to the mess.”