Billie Eilish’s Debut Album First-Week Sales Projections Are Astoundingly High

Last year, a new pop sensation started to come forward, almost as if she had been moulded out clay inside a major label’s boardroom. Billie Eilish is not your typical superstar. The 17-year-old personifies teenage angst. She rocks baggy clothing and doesn’t give a damn what anybody says. She is the anti-Taylor Swift, some would say. The young singer has burst into superstardom early in her life, enjoying major success with her singles and music videos. Her online presence is impressive as well. She’s basically everything that you would want out a pop star in 2019. Her debut album was solid, running through her theme almost perfectly and cementing her as a serious force in the industry. While it was expected that she would have the highest-selling release the week, not many would have envisioned these numbers. 

Billie Eilish's Debut Album First-Week Sales Projections Are Astoundingly High
Bauer-Griffin/Getty s

According to Variety, Billie Eilish’s WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? is expected to move anywhere between 250K and 275K equivalent album units. For her first full-length album release, that’s a major feat. It puts her into contention for one the top-selling projects the entire year, taking second place to Ariana Grande‘s thank u, next. According to the report, Eilish isn’t only benefitting strongly from streaming numbers, which have been high for the album. She’s also selling albums the traditional way, moving approximately 75K physical copies in the first five days after its release.

With such high numbers, you can likely expect to see Billie Eilish at the top the game for a while. Were you feeling her most recent release?

Teairra Mari Claps Back At 50 Cent With Floyd Mayweather Photo

There was a time when 50 Cent was content strolling behind Floyd Mayweather and carrying his title belts. In case you don’t remember it, Teairra Mari is here to refresh your memory. The Love & Hip Hop star is currently embroiled in an all-out feud with the rapper, suing him as part her revenge porn battle. She did not end up taking home the win in court, instead being forced to shell out $30K to Curtis after her defeat. Despite Fif’s constant reminders, Teairra still has not paid and it appears as though she has no intention ever coughing up the bread. Today, she was attacked once again when 50 brought up the money situation before she clapped back with her own insults, bringing his now-rival Floyd Mayweather into this.

Teairra Mari Claps Back At 50 Cent With Floyd Mayweather Photo
Jonathan Leibson/Getty s

The entertainer went way back into her bag tricks to pull out an image 50 Cent carrying all Floyd Mayweather’s championships during the happier days their relationship. “GREAT NEWS,” she said in her caption. “@50cent I spoke to @floydmayweather He said you can be his belt boy again. IF you behave yourself and carry his jock strap on your head..Sheriff Curtis.” 

50 Cent hasn’t been on good terms with Floyd Mayweather for years and he’s usually one the main targets  his trolling. Recently, 50 has aimed more bullets at Teairra Mari but once he gets his money, you can rest assured that he’ll be back on Floyd’s neck.

Safaree Boasts About His Fiancee Erica Mena: "She Looks Like This In Real Life"

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels got engaged just before Christmas and since then the couple has been embracing each other endlessly, clearly in love and looking forward to the day they can ficially tie the knot. While they’ve dealt with some drama surrounding claims Erica only dating Safaree to one-up her ex Cyn Santana, who’s with Joe Budden, nothing has stopped their romance yet as we can see with Safaree’s last Instagram post. 

The “Hunnid” rapper has come through to boast about his wife-to-be by sharing an image she clearly just sent to him, but he couldn’t help but share with the world. The photo sees Erica sitting in a chair with a one-piece rainbow bathing suit on and pink heels as she takes a photo her reflection. “No1 can ask me why I proposed to this woman… you gotta be kidding me. I Win!!! Baddest in the game & world! And she looks like this in real life. I love getting pics like these,” he wrote alongside the photo. 

Erica has previously disclosed just how much she feels for her man when she shared a lengthy post on Instagram for Valentine’s Day. “You showed me how much a woman can actually be loved,” she wrote. “Knowing that you belong to me is a special gift that is worthy being celebrated. I just want you to hold on to that trust you have in me because I am not ready to leave you for any reason. I love you truly from the deepest part my heart. Only you I want to spend the rest my life with.”

Festival Season 2019: A Guide

Today festivals reign supreme over all forms live music consumption. They fer the sounds, the scene, the social media posts, and the sense being at the center something important and bigger than oneself. It’s almost becoming inaccurate to say that we are about to enter “Festival Season”– South by Southwest ended in mid-March, Ultra two weeks after that. A countless number vast, multi-concert events will be fered from now until early September. That’s basically a full six months Festival Season.

At the same time, hip-hop has become the most popular music genre in the country. And it has mostly been absorbed into that festival machine. The biggest festivals are attracting the biggest stars, and therefore the biggest hip-hop acts. Kendrick at Coachella, 21 Savage at Lollapalooza. Some artists, such as J. Cole, are trying to fight the inequities by bringing festivals to their home states, to take back ownership their culture. And the larger festivals, it can be argued, are helping to put on small acts too, people who will go on to have small, affordable tours.

Below we have compiled a list some the biggest festivals to look forward to in the coming months, with focus on the hip-hop acts you’ll have a chance to see there. We’ve only listed those festivals that have already announced lineups.

Which festival are you planning to attend? Let us know in the comments.


Anthony Davis Explains Why He Flipped Off Fan In New Orleans: Video

Anthony Davis’ time as a member the New Orleans Pelicans is coming to an end, and some Pelicans fans are showing him the exit with their middle fingers held high.

Following Wednesday night’s loss to the Charlotte Hornets, a fan in the crowd got Davis’ attention as he was walking to the locker room, and reportedly flipped AD the bird as soon as he looked up. As seen in the video embedded below, Davis quickly returned the gesture.

The video was posted by Pelicans fan account @PelicansWave, who reported the following, “Some Old man was trying to get ADs attention and once he did he flipped f AD and AD did it right back.” Davis then reached out to the IG account to share his side the story.

AD writes, “First f lil homie you don’t know what happened and why I did that. Some fan disrespected me. Said something I didn’t like.”l

He continued, “Never disrespected the city and never will. But course they not gonna show what the fan said.”

After his trade demands went public earlier this season, Davis explained that he has given the city, and the fans, everything he has, but it’s simply his “time to move on.”

“It’s my time. I feel like I gave this city, the organization, fans everything I felt like I could. Don’t know how long I’m gonna play this game. People’s careers are short. I feel like it’s my time to move on.”

“I’m going to remain pressional,” Davis told reporters. “I’m under contract, until my time ends here, that’s what I’ll do.”

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official Images

Next Saturday, April 13, marks the three-year anniversary Kobe Bryant’s last game in the NBA, in which he dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz in front a sold out crowd at Staples Center.

Nike has since dubbed 4/13 “Mamba Day,” and they’ve released multiple Kobe-inspired Nike Basketball sneakers in celebration the Black Mamba’s Hall Fame career. This year will be no different, and Nike has already announced plans to drop a “Mamba Mentality” Nike Kyrie 5.

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

The special edition Kyries are inspired by 2009’s Joker-themed “Chaos” Nike Kobe 5, with it’s combination white, black, deep purple patent leather and neon green.

The kicks feature the same exact color scheme, along with a patent leather overlay, snake eye detailing and Kobe x Kyrie hybrid logos on the tongue. Additional details include Kyrie’s signature on the left heel and Kobe’s autograph on the right heel.

Price at $130 (Kid’s sizes, $110) the Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality” is slated to release on Mamba Day, April 13.

Check out the ficial photos below.

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

"Mamba Mentality" Nike Kyrie 5 Releasing For Mamba Day: Official s

Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality”/Nike

Jussie Smollett Must Pay $130K For Investigation Costs Today

When all the sixteen felony charges were dropped against Jussie Smollett last month, most the people that had been following the story were extremely shocked. Many us had anticipated seeing the Empire star spend some time behind bars but alas, his political connections appear to have paid f for him. If you haven’t been following the case closely, Smollett filed a false police report saying that he was the victim a hate crime. The entire incident had been staged with his alleged motive being self-promotion and a higher salary for his acting gigs. All charges were formally dropped and today is the final day that Smollett has to pay over $130K in investigation charges. 

Jussie Smollett Must Pay $130K For Investigation Costs Today
Slaven Vlasic/Getty s

As reported by CNN, a bill for $130,106.15 was sent to the actor from the city Chicago. On March 28, Smollett was given seven days to pay the fees. If he fails to come up with the money, he’s been warned that he could be at risk prosecution using Chicago’s municipal code. A spokesman for the city, Bill McCaffrey, said regarding the investigation fee: “The city feels this is a reasonable and legally justifiable amount to collect to help fset the costs the investigation.”

Do you think the charges should have been dropped? As more information is released, we will keep you updated.

Jussie Smollett Must Pay $130K For Investigation Costs Today
Cindy Ord/Getty s

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike has shown a willingness to re-release classic LeBron 3 colorways over the last several months, which has resulted in several special edition retros including the “Christ The King” and “Superman” PEs, as well as “White/Navy” and “Black/Gold” colorways.

Next week, Nike will add to the ever-growing list LeBron 3 retros with the classic “Home” rendition.

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike LeBron 3 “Home”/Nike

Just like the original version that debuted back in 2006, the 2019 “Home” Nike LeBron 3 features a black and white leather construction accompanied by hits red about the outsole and Nike Swoosh. The only subtle difference is the shade red on the 2019 model is listed as “Varsity Crimson” as opposed to “Varsity Red.”

The kicks, priced at $175, are ficially slated to return to Nike Basketball retailers, including, next Thursday, April 11, starting at 10am ET.

Check out the ficial photos below, and click here for the Top 10 Nike and Air Jordan sneakers set to release this month.

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike LeBron 3 “Home”/Nike

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike LeBron 3 “Home”/Nike

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike LeBron 3 “Home”/Nike

Nike Announces Return Of The LeBron 3 "Home" Colorway

Nike LeBron 3 “Home”/Nike

Big Show Calls Foul On John Oliver’s WWE Tirade: "The Industry’s Changed"

John Oliver has made a career f being both a comedian and a political pundit thanks to his gigs on the The Daily Show and more recently, his HBO show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. This past week, Oliver had the wrestling community in a tizzy as he did a lengthy segment on Wrestlemania, the WWE, and how it treats its athletes and entertainers. Oliver heavily critiques Vince McMahon’s company by saying that they are responsible for the premature deaths many their wrestlers. 

TMZ Sports caught up with 47-year-old wrestler Big Show and asked him about Oliver’s rant. Big Show completely disagreed with Oliver and explained how the WWE has made strides to improve its treatment wrestlers like himself.

“The industry’s changed. It’s done everything it can to protect the athlete and create longevity for the athlete. I’m 47 and I’m still rocking and rolling, so they’re doing something right,” Big Show explained. “I’ve had a lot injuries, I knew from day one stepping through the ropes that it was not an easy job, it was a job that was gonna put myself at risk. I took the paychecks, I took the fame, I took the fortune.”

You can see a part Oliver’s rant in the video below. Do you agree with what he has to say?

Soulja Boy Drops Tyga ‘Thotiana’ Diss Video

Soulja Boy’s beef with Tyga continues.

After dropping his “Thotiana” diss track, Big Drako takes aim once again with the video for his remix to Blueface’s hit. While posted up in front of his mansion and fleet of luxury cars, the rapper with the self-proclaimed “biggest comeback of 2018” calls Tyga a “liar” and flaunts his relationship with Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna.

“Word around town I fucked his baby mama / Yeah, kaboom, boom / With your son in the other room,” raps Soulja as Tyga’s head is shown on a foosball table.

He ends the two-minute track by referencing a February incident at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday, where Tyga was dragged out by security. “He got drugged out the club by the security / I know he big mad,” says Big Drako.

Soulja’s diss follows Tyga’s “Thotiana” freestyle for Power 106’s L.A. Leakers. “Ni**a call me a goat, don’t call it a comeback,” rapped Tyga. “Seven million records, nine months, where Soulja at? / I can make the same song / Bitches still play that / Running around saying that you made me, why you say that?”

Austin Rivers Wants To Destroy His Dad’s Clippers Team In The Playoffs

The NBA postseason is almost upon us which means some great basketball is about to be played and rivalries will be forged. With the standings starting to settle down, it looks like an unlikely rivalry is about to form between father and son. Austin Rivers, the son Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, currently plays for the Houston Rockets who are actually third in the Western Conference right now. The Clippers are ranked sixth which means they would play each other in the first round. 

TMZ Sports caught Austin and Doc out at dinner at Craig’s on Wednesday night and asked them both about the potential matchup. Doc joked that he hopes his son will take it easy on his team, although Austin seems pretty eager to deliver a beat down. 

“Absolutely not. Bragging rights for the household, man. He’s done enough in his career … it’s my turn to win something,” Austin said.

What makes this potential matchup even more interesting is the fact that Austin used to play for Doc in Los Angeles although he’s since moved on to bigger and better things in Houston. The Rockets would be heavy favorites in the series, although the Clippers have played some formidable basketball this year and could prove to be a challenge.

We just hope their relationship can survive the hard series ahead.

Beyonce, Adidas Announce Iconic Partnership

Adidas and Beyoncé have today announced a multi-layered partnership that will include the co-creation exciting new products – from performance to lifestyle – and a unique purpose-driven program focused on empowering and enabling the next generation athletes, creators and leaders.

“This is the partnership a lifetime for me,” said Beyoncé. “Adidas has had tremendous success in pushing creative boundaries. We share a philosophy that puts creativity, growth and social responsibility at the forefront business. I look forward to re-launching and expanding Ivy Park on a truly global scale with a proven, dynamic leader.”

Beyonce, Adidas Announce Iconic Partnership

According to Adidas, meaningful and rich storytelling will be the foundation for both Beyoncé’s collection with adidas as well as the re-launch her Ivy Park brand. This partnership respects Beyoncé’s ownership her company which continues her journey as one the first black women to be the sole owner an athleisure brand.

Per Adidas:

Beyoncé and adidas are natural partners, both with a deep respect for and commitment to creativity, equity and creators. Neither ascribes to the typical stereotypes athletes and what athleisure clothing and footwear should be, and instead, will bring to life a shared vision inclusion that will forever alter the opportunities and landscape for all.

“As the creator sports brand, adidas challenges the status quo and pushes the limits creativity through its open source approach. Beyoncé is an iconic creator but also a proven business leader, and together, we have the ability to inspire change and empower the next generation creators,” said Eric Liedtke, Executive Board Member – Global Brands, adidas.

Air Jordan 13 "Island Nights" Rumored For November Release

It seems like every day there is a preview at a brand new Jordan Brand sneaker that will be released in 2019. There have already been multiple great releases this year and it all started during NBA All-Star weekend. While many the previewed colorways are not confirmed as yet, the news is coming from accounts and sources who typically get these things right. One those sources is the Instagram account @zsneakerheadz who last night, showed f a photoshop rendering a brand new Air Jordan 13 colorway dubbed “Island Nights.”

Based on the picture provided, it appears as though the shoe is completely dressed in black suede, all while an aqua-ish “island green” appears on the midsole and back heel. It’s an incredibly clean colorway that was actually shown f before, although it was believed that the “island green” portion would actually be “university blue,” otherwise known as UNC for the colors the Tar Heels.

The Instagram post above claims that this pair will be released on November 19th this year for the standard Jordan 13 price $190 USD. Nothing is confirmed as yet though so stay tuned for any updates as we will be sure to provide them.

Jay-Z’s $15 Million Trust Fund For Nipsey Hussle Debunked, Fans Left In A Tizzy

Nipsey Hussle fans are in a susceptible position for more than one reason. For one, the exploration the Dr. Sebi conspiracy wheel conflates the real motivation behind his killing or lack there. Regardless  how many public eulogies come into effect, Nipsey’s death has given rise to a flurry peripheral conversations, some with little to no relation to the issue at hand.

Jay-Z's $15 Million Trust Fund For Nipsey Hussle Debunked, Fans Left In A Tizzy

Larry Busacca/Getty s

As a colleague mine put it so eloquently, Nipsey was a distinguished man whose pride was an inextricable part his being, like the effects a double-edged sword. Unfortunately, Nipsey’s death has also given rise to opportunism, as a news report pitting Jay-Z as the donor a $15 million trust fund for Nipsey’s children, was proven false. Many compassionate fans took the headline at face value, without consulting the article itself. 

The headline was incidentally generated by a “fake hip-hop blog,” among the thousands that come-and-go on a daily basis. As you might expect, the fallout from the story was pretty disastrous, as only a select few social media’s commenters have chosen to be proactive in their push towards a real-time petition made out to Nipsey’s children. And yet, many  the commenters are still presumptuously leaning on Jay-Z to lead the cause.

Waka Flocka Says He Cut Off Friends Who Asked If He Got A Prenup

Reality television fans are tuning in to Waka & Tammy Tie the Knot each week on WeTV for a behind-the-scenes look at how the rapper and his wife prepared for their vow renewing ceremony. the pair have been making the round on reality TV, moving from Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta to Marrige Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition to now having their own series.

They’ve been making the media rounds to help promote the “I do” special, and recently they caught up with Ebony magazine to discuss marriage, their shows, and why they decided to get counseling, especially in such a way that could be criticized by the public.

Waka Flocka Says He Cut Off Friends Who Asked If He Got A Prenup
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

A noteworthy part their interview was when they mentioned that the first time they got married, the couple opted not to have a ceremony that included all their friends and family. This is why for the renewing their vows they wanted to make sure their loved ones were in attendance. Waka stated that when he married Tammy five years ago, he wasn’t interested in the opinions others as it pertained to his relationship. One thing that peeved him was were those people that he called friends who told him to make sure he got a pre-nuptial agreement before saying “I do.”

“I just didn’t want to share nobody’s opinion,” Waka said. “The person I truly love. The person I truly want to be with. I don’t want nobody trying to talk me out it. ‘Get a prenup, get this, and all this.’ I’m like, why are you thinking about my money and not my well-being? I notice everybody ask me, ‘You got a prenup?’ I never talk to them again. And now that I say this, now y’all realize why I don’t talk to you].”