Joey Bada$$ Credits "His Persuasive Tactics" For Kevin Durant Joining Brooklyn Nets

Make no mistake about it, signing in BK was viewed as the 2nd or 3rd most likely option for Kevin Durant heading into Free Agency. The mitigating circumstances a hostile environment in Golden State (see Draymond Green) and his unending refusal to entertain the subject New York Knickerbockers’ Basketball, left the Brooklyn Nets in an envious position, having already secured a verbal commitment from Kyrie Irving on the final days Summer.

By Joey Bada$$‘ reasoning, these “mitigating circumstances” wouldn’t have fell flat pushing towards BK, if not for his recruitment efforts behind the scenes. Kevin Durant, otherwise known to rap nerds as “Velvet Hoop” has endeared himself to the hip-hop community over the course his NBA career, Bada$$ included.

“Nobody knows I’m like the ambassador dude. Nobody knows I’m talking to Kevin Durant right now,” Joey can be heard telling Angie Martinez in a teaser their recent interview exchange.

“I’m just talking to him. That’s my man,” Joey continued. “‘East Coast is better,’ we have conversations like that.” When asked to elaborate on his ambassador role, Joey told her that being cool and collected on the open road is essential for a job well done. Otherwise, Joey Bada$$ seemed to imply that he was just born with the gift persuasion.

For what it’s worth, the Beast Coast member let the posting as a reminder to all BK residents to pay it forward, if ever he walks in their establishment, looking for a freebie or two. Be sure to keep it locked for radar-like coverage NBA Free Agency: the guts, the glory, and the European defectors.

50 Cent’s Son & Chris Brown’s Daughter Are Still Best Friends: See New Pics

Last year, we wrote about how close Royalty Brown and Sire Jackson had gotten. After a year and a half, the two tots are still good friends and there are new photos to prove it. 50 Cent is usually your main source for some the most vicious troll-jobs you’ll find on the internet. We already wrote about how he targeted Wendy Williams for the first time in a while but sometimes, he takes a break to post some wholesome content for us all to enjoy. Today was one those days with the rapper calling a timeout on his nonsensical shenanigans, instead deciding to post a few love letters to his son Sire.

Over the weekend, there was tons drama between Fif and his older son Marquise, which ended in the artist publicly disowning the young man, but he still has all the love in the world for little Sire. He posted a series photos his little boy, going wild over how quickly he’s growing up. “Damn he got big fast,” wrote Curtis on one the shots. In addition to a photo Sire with Chris Brown, Fif also shared a pic his son with Royalty Brown, the Indigo singer’s daughter. 

“Damn @chrisbrownficial your baby girl so pretty, it scared the shit out my boy,” wrote 50 Cent on the picture the two children smiling together. “Look at his hand, he was scared to touch her.”

Do you think they can be lifelong friends? So far, they’re still going strong!

LaVar Ball Takes Shot At Charles Barkley: "He Wish I Was His Father"

The LaVar Ball vs Charles Barkley feud continued over the weekend, as the Ball Father responded to Chuck’s recent comments to TMZ.

Speaking  Ball’s inappropriate remarks to ESPN host Molly Qerim, Barkley said last week, “Wherever LaVar Ball is, there’s a village missing an idiot. We should just keep LaVar f television. That would be the best way to be.”

LaVar was asked about that quote on Saturday, and responded with the following:

“I don’t even pertain to Charles because he’s so jealous me. He want to be me so bad,” Ball said.

“He never had a father,” Ball said. “He wish I was his father. That’s why he’s so animate towards me. But I don’t even get into that because the only way he can get his 200 likes he got to say something bad about me…. But I know he jealous. He want everything I got. People don’t come up to him. Kids don’t believe in him. Nothing.”

Check out LaVar’s full comments in the video embedded below.

Lil Nas X’s First Week Sales Are In For His "7 EP"

The sales figures for last week are in, and as predicted Lil Nas X ensured that his presence was felt – his 7 EP placing a strong second on the Billboard 200. On the rare occasion, a non-hip-hop album grabs top honors, it was The Raconteurs’ Help Us Stranger that did one better than Lil Nas X by debuting with 88,000 units sold, by a margin no greater than 11.000 equivalent sales.

Lil Nas X's First Week Sales Are In For His "7 EP"

Ian Gavan/Getty s

Lil Nas X thereby raked in a modest 77,000 units sold for 2nd place, followed by Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? at #3, the Jonas Brothers’ Happiness Begins at #4, and Khalid’s Free Spirit climbing one spot to #5. Nothing new right? Well, Lizzo stunned the music world by netting a sales mark 33,000 units sold, up 9 spots from last week, with plenty room to spare in the coming weeks.

Lil Nas X’s accomplishment coincided with him coming out as gay, despite his most ardent supporters muttering a collective “ya don’t say” at the public’s dumbstruck reaction. Also charting in the Top 10 this week, was none other than clone-body Guwop, his Delusions Grandeur garnering him 32,000 equivalent sales in its first week out – good enough for 7th position. Rounding out the Top 10 are DaBaby and for the umpteenth week in a row, Ariane Grande’s Thank U, Next.

D’Angelo Russell Headed To Golden State Warriors In Sign-And-Trade Deal

The Golden State Warriors have acquired D’Angelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets in a reported four-year deal worth $117 million following news  both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving’s departure from their respective franchises to join the Nets during his period free agency.

It will mark Russell’s return to California, this time shifting away from Los Angeles and joining the squad in the Bay Area. Sources tell USA Today that in order to make wiggle room in the salary cap for Russell, the Warriors decided to let go Andre Iguodala, trading the star along with future first-round draft picks to the Memphis Grizzlies.

D'Angelo Russell Headed To Golden State Warriors In Sign-And-Trade Deal

 Lachlan Cunningham/Getty s

The Warriors have been particularly hit at the core with Durant leaving and Klay Thompson suffering an ACL injury that could very well lave him sitting out the entire season. With Russell, however, they’ve got their hands on a versatile guard coming f his best season yet. This season, Russell average 21.1 points, 7.0 assists, and 3.9 rebounds. Landing his very first designation as an All-Star, he also shot 43.4% from the field and 36.9% on 3-pointers.


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return

Nike’s Air Max line is one the best collections sneakers you can find and continues to be marveled at by both sneakerheads and casual shoe consumers. There have been some fairly iconic models the Air Max over the years, with one which being the Nike Air Max 95. As the name suggests, this shoe debuted in 1995 and 24 years later, is still incredibly popular on the market. There have been some iconic colorways over the years and Nike tends to bring them back from time to time. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening with the “Black Grape” model which we last saw in 2014.

The shoe is pretty simple as the base is black with various shades grey coming up the side. From there, bright teal is placed along the laces and the Air Max branding on the tongue. The tongue and cuff the shoe is purple which helps bring the grape theme together.

According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, these will be released in the coming weeks on although a price hasn’t been determined yet.

Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Nike Air Max 95 "Black Grape" To Make Its Long-Awaited Return


Kevin Durant Will Announce His Free Agency Decision Tonight

The 2019 NBA Free Agency is about to be wild. There are several stars who will be either unrestricted free agents or restricted free agents in just a few hours time. That includes Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Kemba Walker, Jimmy Butler, Klay Thompson, Kristaps Porzingis, Tobias Harris, D’Angelo Russell, Khris Middleton, JJ Redick, Demarcus Cousins, Al Horford, Deandre Jordan, and many more. The Lakers, the Knicks, the Clippers, the Celtics, and the Nets are the favorites to land top talent, while the Heat, the Pistons, The Blazers, and the 76ers are trying to make a grab for some top tier talent as well. 

Kevin Durant‘s decision is being viewed as the most important choice in the NBA right now. While Kawhi has many eyes on him as well, people are most interested in the overall story the breakdown the Golden State dynasty. Durant won 2 finals MVPs with the Warriors over the last two years, defeating LeBron James and the Cavaliers both times. Durant endured a good amount hatred after signing with the Warriors, and he’s already shown signs wanting to flee from the negative attention. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the world will know where Durant decided to play tonight. 

50 Cent Publicly Disowns His Son & Gets A Maury Response

New York, NY – Despite the seriousness of the topic, somehow 50 Cent’s eldest son Marquise Jackson has found a way to make light of his father’s potentially hurtful comments.

On Friday night (June 28), Jackson attended the Masters Of Ceremony show, which included performances from Snoop Dogg, DMX, Ludacris and 50.

During Fiddy’s set, Jackson filmed himself dancing and singing along to “Magic Stick.”

When a fan noticed he wasn’t granted VIP passes, he made a comment to 50 Instagram, asking why he wasn’t given special access to the show.

“I got a blood test,” 50 replied. that’s not my kid. da fuck outta here.”

Upon seeing 50’s comments, Jackson posted a GIF of Maury Povich — who famously does paternity tests on his talk show — frowning and nodding his head. In the center, he placed a laughing emoji.

It’s hard to ignore the similarities between father and son. Jackson looks like a mini 50, but their relationship has been strained for quite some time. Last November, 50 said he wouldn’t mind if his son got “hit by a bus,” something he retracted later.

50 Cent Takes Shots At Flyboy Tarantino For Stage Diving: "He Coulda Killed A B***h"

Another day, another 50 Cent trolling. Fif’ is the reigning troll king social media, although there are a number people who prefer to call him a cyber bully. Fif’s antics have made him one the most entertaining people to watch though, giving him constant relevancy although he hasn’t been putting out much music. The G-Unit leader’s most recent target is Members Only rapper Flyboy Tarantino. Fif’ posted a video Tarantino that shows him stage diving into a massive crowd. As soon as Tarantino hits the people, they fall down and a gaping hole is left in the middle the crowd. It’s hard not to laugh at the situation. “Now he knew Damn we’ll his big ass shouldn’t be diving on random people he coulda killed a bitch,” joked 50. The hilarious video went viral.

A slew artists commented on the amusing video. “Buddy tripping,” Waka Flocka Flame observed. “Awww hell naw,” Questlove commented. Members Only bandmate Craig Xen posted “Fly Boy Fly” and Gillie The Kid responded with three crying laughing emojis. Flyboy himself didn’t seem to be fended whatsoever. In fact, he was quick to join in on the laughter while noting that now 50 Cent owes him. 

Trump Immigration Official Blames The Dad For Child Drowning In Border Photo

Ken Cuccinelli, douchebag and acting director US Citizenship and Immigration Services, is still riding with his boy Trump’s stance on immigration. There was a photo a man who drowned with his infant daughter while trying to cross into America. The photo sparked backlash towards the border agents who’ve proven time and time again that they feel no ways about human lives. Cuccinelli was asked by Erin Burnett on CNN whether he had any concerns about the photo would represent what people believe is the country’s immigration policy.

Trump Immigration Official Blames The Dad For Child Drowning In Border Photo
Win McNamee/Getty s

“No in fact, just the opposite,” he replied. “The reason we have tragedies like that on the border is because those folks, that father didn’t want to wait to go through the asylum process in the legal fashion, so decided to cross the river,” he continued about the father and daughter whose bodies were found in the Rio Grande. And not only died, but his daughter died tragically as well… Until we fix the attractions in our asylum system, people like that father and that child are going to continue to come through a dangerous trip.”

Whatever Cuccinelli said on CNN didn’t seem to reflect what the man’s wife, Angie Valeria, told Mexican newspaper La Jornada. She explained that the family began getting desperate while waiting at migrant camps.

“Óscar Alberto took Valeria in his arms and entered the water; he swam to other side and reached mainland, where he left his daughter. Immediately after, he returned and went for Tania,” Valeria said. “However, in an instant he realized that the girl, after seeing that he was getting away, threw herself into the water. Óscar Alberto returned and managed to get a hold the little girl, but a strong current dragged and sank them.”

Melissa McCarthy To Play "Ursula" In Live-Action "Little Mermaid" Movie: Report

With the recent success a slew films who transitioned from cartoons to live-action films, Disney is currently rumored to be working on a live-action film version The Little Mermaid. The news came from Variety, whom sources told the deal was not completed yet. And apparently, famed actress Melissa McCarthy is currently being considered to be the iconic role evil and animated Ursula. A lot buzz has sprouted with regards to the cast as Disney readies for the live-action version the undersea tale. Accordingly, the production team wants to ensure they make a compelling casting choice which will honor the beloved animated original.

Thus far, Mary Poppins Returns director Rob Marshall is believed to be underlying the upcoming flick. The film will also include many the original songs from the 1989 animated success along with new songs penned by Alan Menken and Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda. Miranda will also have a production role along with Marshall, Marc Platt, and John DeLuca. The script was additionally written by David Magee. Although we are not certain who will be involved in the film for certain, we are looking forward to the end result. Adapting classic animated movies into live-action is a challenging task, but nevertheless very successful if done well.

Air Canada Passenger Stuck On Abandoned Plane After Falling Asleep

An Air Canada passenger had a frightening experience lately when she woke up in a “completely pitch black” aircraft after falling asleep. Tiffani Louise O’Brien flew from Quebec city to Toronto after spending the weekend with a friend. The passenger boarded Air Canada Flight 1799 on June 9th and fell asleep during her flight, but was never alerted their arrival. As such, when she woke up inside an empty, dark and locked plane on the tarmac the Toronto Pearson International Airport, she became extremely panicked. “I thought, this is a nightmare,” O’Brien shared with CTV News. “This is not happening. I’m having a bad dream. Wake up, Tiffani.” 

Air Canada Passenger Stuck On Abandoned Plane After Falling Asleep

Phil Walter/Getty s

The passenger recalls getting a few text messages from the friend she was visiting in Quebec city, Deanna Noel-Dale, who had also previously dropped her f at the airport. The texts came in around 11:45 pm local time which woke O’Brien up. That was when she realized she was trapped on the plane. O’Brien tried to FaceTime Noel-Dale, but their conversation was cut upon the phone battery dying. O’Brien then attempted to find a way out the airplane without utilizing her phone too much as she had no way charging it. After repeated attempts to reach her friend, the concerned friend alerted Pearson Airport the situation. O’Brien eventually found a flashlight to signal for help but was unsuccessful. Luckily, eventually, she was rescued. Robin Smith, a spokesperson for the airport acknowledged the situation and shared the passenger’s concern. They will follow up with O’Brien and remain in contact.

Logic feat. Eminem ‘Homicide’

What do you do when you can’t get Eminem in your video? Logic resorts to Plan B in the video for their Confessions of a Dangerous Mind collaboration “Homicide.”

The comedic clip opens with Logic getting a call from Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, telling him that Em can’t make the video shoot. So his manager thinks up a plan to hire body doubles. Chauncey Leopardi, who played Squints in the Sandlot, takes on the role of Logic. He shaves his beard and puts on thick-framed glasses to become Bobby Tarantino, complete with hat and NASA bomber jacket.

Eminem is played by comedian Chris D’Elia, who is ready to go as soon as he gets the call. He throws on his blonde wig and transforms into Slim Shady. But in the end, Em flips the script and impersonates D’Elia’s viral impression of him.

“Homicide” can be found on Logic’s sixth studio album Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, which topped the Billboard 200 in May.

Young Instagram Users Are Stressed About Likes: "Under 200 Likes, I Just Delete It"

Younger Instagram users have recently opened up about the difficulties experienced with their online use. The potential for a negative impact from the near-constant usage social media is still currently under scrutiny as researchers continue to observe its long-term effects. And Gayle King’s recent CBS news piece has shed light on the matter cyberbullying by encapsulating the real-life experiences teenagers ranging from 12 to 18. A teen named Aashean justified the frequency online apps use as correlating with the potential interaction with followers. Another named Jackson explained the logistics posting photos, likes and online presence: “If I have a post and it gets under 200 likes, I just delete it,” shared one the teens.

Young Instagram Users Are Stressed About Likes: "Under 200 Likes, I Just Delete It"

Justin Sullivan/Getty s

Interviewees discussed the importance a post-worthy photo which requires between 50 and 200 takes before landing on the perfect shot. They also admitted that what is reflected online is far from reality in most cases. Teenagers approved that the performative aspect social media brought in a lot pressure and as such, the recent introduction the like-hindering feature the app holds the potential to help tremendously. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri is certain the new feature will help “depressurize” the platform, though Gayle King remains skeptical. That is because likes aside, cyberbullying continues comments and DMs, which the teenagers stated impacted them as well.

YG Affiliate Slim 400 Reportedly Shot 10 Times In Compton

Compton, CA – YG affiliate Slim 400 was reportedly rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after being shot 10 times on Friday night (June 28). TMZ reports police got a call around 8:30 p.m. local time that a male victim — identified as Slim 400 — had been hit.

Although details leading up to the shooting are currently unknown, a black vehicle suspected to be involved in the incident was seen fleeing the scene.

Adam22 of No Jumper fame released more information Twitter.

According to the screenshot of a recent text message exchange between Adam and an unidentified person, the 31-year-old Compton rapper was struck in the face and back and is in surgery at St. Francis Medical Center. The text exchange revealed the bullets went in and out.

Slim 400 is widely recognized for his 2017 appearance on YG’s “Brusin” cut featuring Sad Boy Loko.

The shooting comes exactly three months after Nipsey Hussle was fatally struck in front of his Marathon Clothing store in South Los Angeles. The senseless murder sent shockwaves through not only the entire Hip Hop community but also the local Los Angeles community.