Zion Williamson’s Broken Sneaker Has Gone Missing, Collectors Value It At $250k

Somebody, I’m not saying who.. stole the infamous Zion Williamson sneaker that imploded from right under his nose. TMZ caught up with the freshman in between NCAA Tournament games to ask him about its whereabouts. The video documenting the encounter, Zion doesn’t too concerned with its disappearance because quite frankly, they’re broken. Secondly, he’s got bigger fish to fry in a couple minutes from now against Michigan State.

Had Zion met this collector dude named Ken, he’d have given the sneaker disappearance a little more consideration. Here’s why: Ken believes the broken Nike PG 2.5 could go for $250,000 on the collector’s market. And to be quite honest with you, he’s probably right. Especially if the shoe’s current “owner” strikes while the iron is hot. Incidentally, Ken finished convo with TMZ by urging this mystery “owner” to contact him directly.

TMZ followed up with Nike and Duke University, again, to discuss the sneaker’s whereabouts, both replying that they too had no idea. Nike didn’t exactly entertain the idea for too long, choosing instead a subject line more befitting the March Madness contests at hand. However, Coach K did mention that Nike representatives showed on campus in the hopes passing inspection or finding a lead.

Lil Pump Startles Fans with Suicidal Posts

Lil Pump has fans worried after posting some alarming messages on social media.

Taking to Instagram Stories on Saturday morning (Mar. 30), the 18-year-old rapper shared his dark and somber thoughts. “Not feeling good rn idk if I wanna keep doing any of dis,” he wrote in the first message.

The second post was even more concerning. “I feel like Ima die soon & all dis will be over,” added Pump along with the peace sign emoji.

Lil Pump Startles Fans with Suicidal Posts

Fans took to social media to express their concern over his suicidal thoughts. “Can’t believe lil pump posted a [suicidal] post and so many ppl are encouraging him to do it, hope someone is checking on him and he gets help,” tweeted one fan, while others prayed for his well-being. “Depression is real. Money and fame certainly does not guarantee happiness. Praying for you @lilpump.”

It’s unclear what sparked Pump’s disturbing posts. Just hours before, he seemed to be in good spirits. After a shopping spree at the Gucci store, he hit up the bowling alley before partying at the club until the early morning.

Pump, who released his sophomore album Harverd Dropout in February, has a big year ahead. He is set to kick off a tour with Lil Skies on April 19 and will perform as part of Gucci Gang at Coachella.

Seth Rogan Launches His Own Cannabis Company "Houseplant"

Seth Rogan and long-time friend and business partner Evan Goldberg are diving into the cannabis business. Rogan and Goldberg, who worked with the actor on Pineapple Express as the executive producer, announced their cannabis company Houseplant earlier this week. The company is a partnership with Ontario-based cannabis company, Canopy Growth, who also partnered withSnoop Dogg and Martha Stewart in separate ventures.

“Houseplant is the result years experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does,” Canopy Growth said in a statement.

Rogan’s venture into the weed business is expected especially since the Canadian government legalized recreational use cannabis in October.

“Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication. Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis,” Rogan said in a statement. Goldberg added, “We are so proud to be launching in Canada, our home. After spending five years diligently preparing for the launch this company, we’re excited to be able to share our passion for cannabis with Canadians in this way.”

The first strain from Houseplant will be available in April, called Houseplant Sativa. They will also be rolling out Houseplant Hybrid and Houseplant Indica.

"Brightburn" Trailer Explores Chilling Horror-Themed Origin Of Superman

Ah, Superman. The quintessential American hero. He’s always portrayed as the do-gooder who swoops in, quite literally, to save the day. However, have you ever thought about what it would be like if Superman was…well…a murderous, demonic, alien-type man from another planet? What would Clark Kent be like if instead wanting to help the world and save others with his powers, he wanted to kill people in the most frightening ways? Whether you’ve given it some thought or not, Hollywood has a movie just for you.

Enter Brightburn, a film about a couple who discovers an alien child and raises him as their own. However, when the boy hits adolescence, his darker side begins to rear its diabolical head.


What if a child from another world crash-landed on Earth, but instead becoming a hero to mankind, he proved to be something far more sinister? In this horrific take on the classic superhero trope, a couple adopts a baby who came from the stars. While they attempt to raise the boy to use his powers for good, an evil grows inside that he unleashes.

 The super-villain film centers around the boy as he dives deeper into his dark side. The horror flick stars Elizabeth Banks, David Denman, Jackson A. Dunn, Matt Jones, Meredith Hagner, and Steve Agee. Guardians the Galaxy director James Gunn is named as the producer the film while David Yarovesky is credited as the director. 

Check out the chilling trailer below.

Two Names Added to Spotify's 'Recommended Delivery Platforms' List

Spotify’s rarified circle of preferred distributors is now a teensy-bit bigger.

Without a doubt, CD Baby’s ‘Preferred Artist Distributor’ status on Spotify made it easier for Downtown Music Holdings to green-light its .  CD Baby’s lofty status is shared by just one other distributor — Distrokid — of which Spotify is a significant investor.

On the label services side, the club is almost equally as small.  The Orchard is Spotify’s lone ‘Preferred Label Distributor,’ while FUGA, Believe, and Absolute Label Services comprise the tiny club of Spotify’s ‘Recommended Label Distributors’.

Now, two more companies have entered the rarified circle of Spotify favorites.

At some point earlier this month, Spotify quietly added both EMS and IDOL to its list of ‘Recommended Delivery Platforms,’ with FUGA sharing a third spot in the category (FUGA appears in both ‘Recommended’ lists).

So who are these guys?

EMS, or Encoding Management Service, offers importing, encoding and delivery for a range of different digital media assets, including everything from music, video, films, audiobooks, and ‘mixed bundles’.  The company’s broad range of media distribution services is aptly suited to Spotify’s expanding media ambitions, which now include podcasting, music, non-musical audio, and lots more video.

EMS is based in Leverkusen, Germany, and is helmed by Managing Directors Marc Radermacher and Irmin Wiechmann.

“We are not a distributor, nor are we a retailer; consequently, we don’t take shares off your revenue,” EMS declares on its website.  “For our service, you pay only once per product. As solely a service provider, we’re neither in competition with you, nor your customers.”

IDOL, which has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, New York, and Johannesburg, is heavily focused on distributing independent labels and producers.  “Privileged partners of independent labels and producers, IDOL’s managers have always vowed to remain independent themselves, be it on a financial or technical level,” the company states.

“No major group, institutional investor or investment fund has a stake in its capital.”

IDOL — which stands for Independent Distribution On Line — was founded by Pascal Bittard in 2006.  Prior to founding IDOL, Bittard spent time as Director of independent label distribution at Sony Music, which sounds like perfect preparation for launching an indie-focused distro company.

Among IDOL’s listed partners are SACEM, DDEX, Merlin, [PIAS], Kantar Media, and AIM.

The sudden accolades are likely to create a nice bump for both companies.

For starters, partner content companies will enjoy a far easier path onto Spotify, thanks to the pre-certifications.  Over at Apple Music, preferred status translates into automatic uploading onto the platform, with virtually no delays, according to one source.

We’re not exactly sure what perks and privileges Spotify hands out, though.

Either way, the bumps also raise the profile for both EMS and IDOL in other ways.  That includes M&A channels, where monied buyers could be hungrier to consolidate their power-bases as streaming continues to grow worldwide.

Indeed, other Downtown-style acquisitions could be ahead, with more distributors potentially consolidating or getting acquired in the coming months.

Spotify’s updated list can be found here.


Jordan Peele Gets Uncomfortable By Desus & Mero’s Movie Pitch

Jordan Peele’s fresh f the release his latest film, Us which broke box fice records during its opening weekend. The movie marks another critical success for Peele following 2017’s Get Out. He already has a few projects coming up but Desus and Mero pitched a few ideas to the director for his follow-up to Us and suffice to say, he wasn’t really feeling them.

The Bronx duo are aiming to hit EGOT status. Their show could very-well land them an Emmy and they recently linked up with John Legend to create a potential Grammy-nominated single about analingus. During last night’s episode Desus & Mero, the Bronx duo pitched a few horror movie ideas to a reluctant Jordan Peele. 

Desus pitched the first idea. “Two males from a borough in New York City: highly attractive, both minorities, both children immigrants,” Desus said “They get a show f their podcast—and then they just spend the money that they get from the company that produces the show. But the money’s haunted.” They suggested the title Spooky Bucks but ultimately, the idea was a dud to Peele. 

Later on, they pitch the idea  We Bought a Bronx Zoo with a mock film poster. “How did you let this happen?” Peele asked. “It makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if I’m trying to see this movie,” he continued. “I think the vision Desus] head on a younger person’s body is really what’s making me feel uncomfortable.”

They later pitched Avengyerrrrrrrrs and The Bada Bing Babadook which both failed to impress Peele. However, the two later pitched Suck My Dick from the Back to the Future. “I don’t hate this idea; I think this just takes a real deft hand to pull it f without fending people,” Peel told Desus & Mero about the idea.

Peep the full clip below. 

DeMarcus Cousins Defends Anthony Davis, Calls Pelicans "Goofy"

DeMarcus Cousins has made it very clear that he felt slighted by how the New Orleans Pelicans treated him and that’s why he ultimately ended up with the Golden State Warriors. The Pelicans have been known to treat the star players less than favorably, as was discovered when Anthony Davis requested a trade out the city back in February. While Davis is still on the team, the writing is on the wall when it comes to whether or not AD will be moved this season. As Cousins explained on Chris Haynes’ podcast “Posted Up, he isn’t surprised in the least bit that Davis is unhappy in NOLA.

“Yes. As soon as all that goy junk went down (with me), I knew exactly what was going to happen,” Cousins explained. “Of course I knew. I talked with Anthony. Like, duh. Duh. It was just a matter time for y’all (the media) to find out.”

Cousins was asked by Haynes whether or not he would still be with the Pelicans had they treated him better. The Golden State big man didn’t really have much to say, claiming it “Don’t even matter no more.”

With the Warriors heading into the playfs with first place in the Western Conference all but locked up, Cousins is probably happy he was able to escape the mayhem in New Orleans. 

Guillermo Del Toro’s "Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark" Trailer Arrives

Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark series was for all intents and purposes a celebrated children’s series, joining R.L Stine’s Goosebumps as a ble segue into the horror genre. Yet the iconic artwork by Stephen Gammell (before they were deemed too disturbing and subsequently redone by Brett Helquist) was the epitome nightmare fuel, with grotesque and haunting depictions the book’s characters and ghouls.

Now, years after the books have become a beloved staple, Oscar-winning director Guillermo Del Toro has unveiled the first look at his upcoming passion project, a cinematic rendition the Schwartz series. With Del Toro producing, and Trollhunter’s Andre Ovredal directing, the first ficial Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark trailer appears to have successfully worked in several the classic tales, including fan favorites “Harold” and “The Red Spot.”

Insar as plot goes, it looks like a group teenagers discover a book in an abandoned mansion, written by Sara Bellows – classic horror setup. Unfortunately, the book is haunted, and each character is forced to contend with a different supernatural threat. Check out the first look below, and sound f. Will you be checking this one out?

Mountain Dew Teams With "Game Of Thrones" For Arya-Themed Can

Game Of Thrones fever has manifested in no shortage surprising ways, a testament to the show’s phenomenon status. Now, in the wake a new Adidas line  Thrones-centric Ultra Boosts, Mountain Dew has joined the charge, revealing their own contribution to the Game Of Thrones cause. Known for its vibrant and mysterious neon-green color, the popular st drink has undergone somewhat a temporary brand makeover, opting for a neutral, icy white. When chilled, however, the “Can With No Name,” reveals the entirety Arya Stark’s kill list, complete with a few checked-f names. 

Unfortunately for Thrones collectors and Mountain Dew addicts, this particular line exclusive, Faceless Men themed cans will not be available for traditional purchase. Instead, the st drink company is looking to test your mettle with a pair scavenger hunts in both New York and Los Angeles. Should you be interested in undertaking this particular side-quest, you’ll need to keep a watchful eye over at Mountain Dew’s social media accounts, including their IG page.  From there, clues will be issued, prompting those in possession to visit the “master coin” at a few select “Dew Destinations.”

Should you be away from those particular locations, you can still land a can by using the hashtags #ACanHasNoName and #ForTheThrone, along with a message what you’d sacrifice in the name cold Dew. What say you? Has madness finally had its day? 

Juice WRLD Misses Eminem’s Prime: "The Game Is Motherfu*king Soft"

Juice WRLD was only two years old when Eminem‘s Marshall Mathers LP dropped, but it’s likely the young rapper has researched the scope its legacy. For those too young to remember, Eminem’s sophomore album was, at the time its release, considered to be at the upper echelon “fensive” music, prompting pickets and protests from various advocacy groups. Today, it’s not uncommon for people to reflect on an alternate timeline, in which Em’s MMLP released in today’s cultural climate. Would the Detroit legend find himself and his work celebrated, or simply canceled? 

Juice WRLD Misses Eminem's Prime: "The Game Is Motherfu*king St"

Kevin Winter/Getty s

Juice WRLD recently revealed his own cynical thoughts on the topic, implicitly stating that Em’s classic album would be held to a much harsher social scrutiny today. Interestingly enough, the rapper appeared frustrated by the perceived sensitivity the modern listener, who seem shocked that their favorite rappers may or may not have engaged in some violent, or otherwise illicit activity. During an interview with NME, Juice reflected on his own experience with backlash, which arrived after namedropping Drake and subliminally alluding to his baby-mama Sophie Brusseaux. “I might fu*k Alexis Texas, But I ain’t on no Drake shit, I won’t get her pregnant,” he rapped, on Lil Yachty‘s “Yacht Club.”

“I’m sick people saying it’s a diss when it’s not. People wanna see us fall out,” says Juice. ““You an Eminem fan at all? A perfect example. When he first came out, what was he doing? Talking shit. About who? E-v-e-r-y-b-o-d-y. Everybody! Some people took it as fensive; others took is as funny. The rap game now – I’m sorry to say it – but it’s so motherfu*king st. You can’t do anything without someone being fended nowadays. When did we become so st?” 

Read more from Juice WRLD  NME.

Lil Kim Mourns Shooting Death Of Her Cousin

Lil Kim is mourning the death of her cousin. The veteran MC shared an Instagram photo of him on Thursday night (March 28) and reminisced about their time together.

“It breaks my heart to have to send out this special RIP to my little cousin Aggy who was shot and killed,” she wrote. “At times you were so quiet but as soon as you started speaking everyone in the room knew that you were a real riot.

“You were a halfway comedian but I used to tell you that you need go away to college and get a basketball scholarship. You had so much potential. We your family will greatly miss you and we will always keep our lighters up for you. Love you Aggy.”

No further details on the shooting are available.

The news comes shortly after Kim announced she’s releasing her first album in 14 years. Titled 9, the project is expected to arrive on May 17. The Queen Bee’s last official studio album, The Naked Truth, was released in 2005.

#DXCLUSIVE: Eto & Superior Debut "Fortune" Video

Eto, who is known for his collaborations with DJ Muggs, will be releasing a new album titled Long Story Short with producer Superior. Before the LP drops on April 12, the duo looks to build anticipation by premiering the video for its lead single “Fortune.”

“We filmed the video for ‘Fortune’ in the beginning of January,” Eto tells HipHopDX. “The winters up here in Rochester are some of the worst around. My boy came up from Brooklyn to film and by the time he got here, there was several feet of snow on the ground. He had to try and push through. What you see in the video is us in our element.”

Superior adds, “I wanted to produce an emotional track where the lyrics would get more attention. When Eto recorded and sent it back to me, I immediately knew that the track was special and also needed a video.”

Watch Eto and Superior’s “Fortune” video above. Cop the single and pre-order their upcoming album here.

Trey Songz Shoots His Shot At Megan Thee Stallion — & She’s There For The Block

Twitter – Trey Songz is mesmerized by Megan Thee Stallion‘s “Big Ole Freak” so much that he took his feelings to Twitter in an attempt to shoot his shot at the 24-year-old Houston lyricist.

“Big Ol Freak make me wanna knock the stallion head off for the culture,” the “Shootin Shots” singer tweeted at the wee hours of Thursday (March 28) morning.

Even though the R&B heartthrob didn’t mention Megan’s Twitter handle, word quickly got back to her and she offered him a quick curve.

“Somebody tell Trigga he can’t handle me,” she sub-tweeted back along with a few laughing emojis.

Her swift denial isn’t stopping Mr. Steal Your Girl from still being interested in Hot Girl Meg though. He actually seems to be up for the challenge.

“lemme see sumn right quick…,” he responded back.

Megan recently released her new single “Sex Talk” and is currently dealing with the loss of her mother to cancer. She made her return to social media this week and thanked her fans for the love and support during her difficult time.

Thee Stallion is preparing for the release of upcoming album Fever, which is slated to drop April 12.

Rick Ross Defends Cardi B Following #SurvivingCardiB Controversy

Cardi B‘s been facing backlash all week after an old video her admitting to drugging and robbing men resurfaced. It sparked the #SurvivingCardiB hashtag that she’s since responded to. One person who can empathize with her current situation is Rick Ross who once alluded to drugging and sleeping with women on Rocko‘s “U.O.E.N.O.” The rapper hopped on Snapchat to come to her defense, saying that she’s a changed person since the days she was robbing men. 

Rick Ross Defends Cardi B Following #SurvivingCardiB Controversy
Tommaso Boddi/Getty s 

Rick Ross hopped on Snapchat to issue a response to the negative press Cardi’s facing after she revealed what she used to do for money back in the day before reflecting on his own controversies stemming from his Molly line. 

“Leave Cardi B alone and the reason I tell you that is in a lot circumstances, that’s what come with that lifestyle. She never hid that,” he said before reflecting on his own controversies. “My circumstances and my incidents where I did lose a seven-figure deal with Reebok and I took that to the chin.”

“I needed to understand that I was a king — and they’re right, I didn’t need to promote that. The parties I attended at the time, where I’m from, that was the lifestyle. When you look at the reaction when I perform that record, that was the most popular line to a lot mothafuckas and that’s who I wrote that for. I wrote that for mothafuckas that live that lifestyle.” 

He ultimately circled back to the topic Cardi B, saying that she shouldn’t be scrutinized because her past. “If you stole a car in the past, that don’t mean you shouldn’t get money in the future. As long as you change your ways and we all know Cardi B focused on the money now and she is a leader. That’s how I feel,” he said. “Let’s move forward, stop digging up three-year-old shit.”

Peep the clip below. 

Mystikal Blames Record Label For His Failure To Pay $3M In Back Taxes: Report

Mystikal hasn’t been on the right side the law recently. The rapper was released from prison after posting bond for rape charges. The trial’s set to begin in May. However, he’s also dealing with some issues with Uncle Sam. Mystikal was accused owing nearly $3M in back taxes, penalties and interest, but it looks like he’s trying his hardest to have the case thrown out entirely.

Mystikal Blames Record Label For His Failure To Pay $3M In Back Taxes: Report
Cindy Ord/Getty s

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Mystikal has denied any responsibility in the nearly $3M he owes in taxes to the government for the years 1997-2002, 2007, 2008 and 2011-2013. The documents revealed the rapper’s defense plan in court. He accused his management team and record label being responsible for handling his finances. 

“For the tax years 1997 through 2002, Defendant was a recording artist signed to record labels and derived earnings from performances, recording advances, and songwriting royalties,” Mystikal said in the documents. “For the years 1997 through 2002, Defendant reasonably believed that his income tax filings and payments were being handled by his record labels and other representatives.”

The rapper continued to claim that he only found out that he owed a large amount money to the government in 2003. 

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time he’s dealt with charges pertaining to taxes. Back in 2006, he was sentenced to one year behind bars for tax evasion.