Tracy Morgan’s Back In His Bugatti After Post-Purchase Accident

Tracy Morgan purchased himself a brand new Bugatti back in June but found himself in an unfortunate situation when he got into a wreck just minutes after pulling out the lot. It looks as though the crisis has been averted since the Last OG actor has been spotted once again in his new ride, now scratch-less.

Tracy Morgan's Back In His Bugatti After Post-Purchase Accident
Mike Coppola/Getty s

TMZ got a photo Tracy in his re-launched, $2 million dollar car and we can only imagine how happy the actor must be. 

The first initial crash with Tracy’s Bugatti was also unfortunate considering the actor’s history with car crashes. Five years ago Tracy was in a coma for two weeks with numerous broken bones after he was in a near-fatal car crash that took the life  James “Jimmy Mac” McNair. Tracy previously reflected on the traumatic day in a series tweets, thanking God for allowing him to be alive. 

“I thank GOD for my family. I am eternally grateful for the love and support they give me. My wife, daughter, sons, and friends are what got me back on my feet. I live every day trying to do right by them and make the most this second chance,” he wrote.

"Storm Area 51" Puts Feds On Alert: Military "Stands Ready To Protect America"

A Facebook event page to “Storm Area 51” has put the U.S. Federal Government on alert for anyone who actually intends on intruding the military base that many believe is hiding aliens. CNN reports that the feds have made it clear that the U.S. Air Force is ready to “protect America and its assets” against anyone who attempts to actually tries to storm Area 51, even if they are American citizens.

"Storm Area 51" Puts Feds On Alert: Military "Stands Ready To Protect America"
Dan Callister/Getty s

The Facebook event, called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us,” had a million people who clicked attend on the page. It was pretty easy to pick up on the fact that it was just a joke but the creator the event pinned a post to the page to make it abundantly clear that it was merely for a few “thumbsy uppies.”

“Hello US government, this is a joke, and I do not actually intend to go ahead with this plan. I just thought it would be funny and get me some thumbsy uppies on the internet,” the post read.

Area 51 is located in Nevada but the government never disclosed what the base was actually used for. It’s been the base for UFO conspiracies for years but the U.S government simply said its a training base for the military. After catching wind the possible plans to raid Area 51, a spokeswoman made it clear that they got shooters on deck.

“Area 51] is an open training range for the U.S. Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces,” the spokeswoman told The Post. “The U.S. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

Coach K Says Zion Williamson Wasn’t In Shape For NBA Summer League

Zion Williamson’s NBA Summer League debut lasted all nine minutes – and according to his former coach Mike Krzyzewski, that was nine minutes too many.

In Coach K’s opinion, Zion simply had too much going on and he just wasn’t in the right state, mentally or physically.

Williamson posted 11 points with three rebounds in his nine minutes action against the New York Knicks in the Pelicans’ Summer League opener before he suffered a knee-to-knee hit. The Pelicans ultimately opted to pull him from the remainder their Summer League schedule, but the team doesn’t expect any lingering effects.

New Orleans’ Executive Vice President Basketball Operations, David Griffin, released the following statement in regards to their approach with Zion.

“Zion will move forward from this incident without issue. However, in an abundance caution, we have made the determination that he will not appear in game action for the remainder the NBA Summer League. He will continue to take part in training and conditioning with our performance team.”

Iggy Azalea Trolls Herself On How She’ll Look At 80: "We Age Like Milk"

Iggy Azalea has proven time and time over that she knows how to handle the online trolls that come her way. From the haters who claimed she’s with her boyfriend (or fiance?) Playboi Carti for his money to the unnamed individuals she aired out on Twitter or trying to hold her back, the “Black Widow” rapper knows how to hold her ground. Every now and then though, Iggy can come through to joke about herself and has recently done the latter when a Twitter user shared altered images her, depicting how she’ll look at 80-years-old. 

Iggy Azalea Trolls Herself On How She'll Look At 80: "We Age Like Milk"
Andrew Toth/Getty s

“So pretty even when you’re 80! Omg,” the user captioned the trio images Iggy looking much older, obviously edited. Iggy responded with some humour her own, writing: “Who are we kidding, I’m white. We age like milk, this is me at 50. 😂😭”

Elsewhere in the tweets Iggy, she continued the conversation age admitting that she gets nervous when someone asks her to guess their age. “I get so stressed whenever anyone I’ve just met asks me: “How old do you think Iam?” Cause I never know if you’re 40 or life’s just been unkind,” she wrote, adding her go-to response: “I just go way younger than I think. If I think you’re 70 I’m saying 55.”

Young Thug Says Lil Nas X Shouldn’t Have Come Out; Compares Juice WRLD To Lil Wayne

While Lil Nas X’s recent decision to come out sparked a generally positive response from the members the hip-hop community that have chosen to address it, Young Thug, while not withholding his support, does wish that the young star held f on revealing his sexual orientation when he announced that he was gay at the end Pride month.

“I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world, because these days—motherfuckers is just all judgement,” he said in a recent sit down with No Jumper. “It ain’t even about the music no more, Soon as the song comes on everybody’s like ‘this gay ass ni–a’”.

Young Thug Says Lil Nas X Shouldn't Have Come Out; Compares Juice WRLD To Lil Wayne

Jason Kempin/Getty s

While that was all that he had to add to the revelation, he did go on to make some other headline-worthy statements, including his belief that Juice WRLD is a new iteration Lil Wayne.

Alluding to the height Wayne’s career, Thug placed his assurance in Juice’s own skill.

“He probably like that…2006-2009 Lil Wayne. Cause this ni–a really can freestyle. Like, he really don’t write,” he began2. “If you give him a subject, he’ll go rap right now. And he’s going to have metaphors. He’s going to have punchlines …] You can’t compete with him, he knows too much.”

The last statement would refer to Juice WRLD’s nuance comprehension popular culture, thus placing him in a position to craft witty bars that’d go over most people’s heads as Thug puts it.

Cardi B & Offset Reportedly Drop $400K On Kulture’s 1st Birthday Party

New York, NY – Cardi B and Offset spared no expense for their daughter Kulture’s first birthday party. The couple reportedly spent $400,000 on the celebration held Saturday night (July 13) in Manhattan.

The theme for the party was Word Party, which is an animated show on Netflix. According to E! News, Kulture received presents such as a Word Party pendant created by Eliantte & Co.

$7000 was spent on a Venus ET Fleur floral arrangement spelling out Kulture’s name. The party also included a Build-a-Bear workshop.

While the New York City blackout did affect the party, it didn’t stop those in attendance from having a good time. Cardi, who was dealing with a very hoarse voice after all the partying, recapped the event in an Instagram video posted Sunday (July 14).

“Thank y’all so much for coming to Kulture’s birthday party,” she said. “It was so lit that I lost my motherfucking nail. Let me tell y’all something, y’all made it lit because the fact that I had got there, the lights went off in the party. It was like a whole hour with no lights, no music. But it was lit!”

She continued, “It got lit again but with no air conditioner. So we was literally melting, but people were still dancing, having fun. And then the lights came completely back on. But then they came right back off when we was about to cut the cake. And then they cut the lights back on and nobody wanted to leave. And it’s ’cause of y’all. It was such a fun party. Thank you so much.”

Cardi also added some thoughts on the party in the Instagram post’s caption.

“The fact that I wanted my daughter party in 42nd street instead of Jersey and to my fucking luck New York had a power outage right on that Deum area!!” she wrote. “BITCH THE DEVIL! but WOW how a negative situation turn into a LITUATION !!!

“Omg I had soooooo much fuckin fun and my daughter as well .Thank ya sooo much everybody that came ,I know my daughter won’t remember this day but when she older and have her kids this will be a good story to tell lols.I will be daydream this day for ma long.Ok I’m exhausted nobody hit me till like 2pm.”

Check out more clips from Kulture’s birthday celebration below.

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Burger King Sweden Releases New Vegan Burgers, Alongside A Challenge For Customers

Amidst all the A$AP Rocky drama going on in Sweden right now, Burger Kind Sweden has come out with a challenge to promote their new, meat-alternative burgers. The international fast food chain’s Scandinan branches, have embraced new, plant-based burger options, which they’ve initiated at several American outposts. And as a way to promote the alleged “indistinguishable” animal-friendly alternatives, they’ve come up with a challenge for customers.

Their plant-based burgers are remakes the classic Whopper, and Chicken King sandwiches, aptly named Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King. *As a side note, it’s worth to note that although both sandwiches are made with 0 meat, they are still fried in the same deep fryer as chicken and fish items – though the company’s website confirms that the Rebel Whopper can alternatively, be cooked in a microwave to avoid contamination. As well as this, if you’re looking for a completely vegan option, you should make sure to specify that they hold the mayo – which contains eggs.* As part their Marketing initiative, the fast-food chain has fered burger fans an audacious challenge in the form its 50/50 menu. The idea is that anyone who orders the Whopper, or Chicken King f the menu, will be given either the original sandwich or its plant-based variant, with the goal to prove to customers that the non-meat sandwiches are indistinguishable from their meaty counterparts. In a statement, Burger King Sweden’s Marketing director, Daniel Daniel Schröder said, “we are really proud how hard it is to tell our plant-based burgers apart from real meat. With the 50/50-menu, we hope that more people dare to try them. And hopefully have fun trying to figure out which one they got,” A pretty bold statement, but it looks like you’ll just have to wait and see until you try it out yourself.

Instagram Introduces New Tools To Combat Bullying

Instagram has made more moves to ensure those who use the app aren’t getting verbally assaulted by the millions users who also use the app as well. In a new blog post made to the app’s ficial website, a new procedure is detailed that will have users receive notifications if Instagram thinks their comment is a form bullying or hateful. 

“This intervention gives people a chance to reflect and undo their comment and prevents the recipient from receiving the harmful comment notification,” Instagram head Adam Mosseri wrote. “From early tests this feature, we have found that it encourages some people to undo their comment and share something less hurtful once they have had a chance to reflect.”

Another tool (that has yet to be released) will allow users to restrict certain accounts from even having their mean statement visible. This way, the victim a hateful comment can approve or disapprove the post. “You can choose to make a restricted person’s comments visible to others by approving their comments,” Adam added. “Restricted people won’t be able to see when you’re active on Instagram or when you’ve read their direct messages.”


NYC Mayor's Office Is Giving $500,000 to Aspiring Women Musicians & Executives

New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) recently announced that it will distribute $500,000 worth of grants to aspiring female musicians and music industry employees who live in New York City.

The funds will be issued with cash from the NYC Women’s Fund for Media, Music, and Theatre, which previously provided funding only for media and theatre.

The grants are unique in that they will be provided to women who’re involved in the music industry—not solely musicians and artists. The grants also cover sound technicians, producers, and other music-related careers.

To apply to receive a grant, one must be a female resident of NYC who is active in the music world.  On the musician side, the artist must have performed multiple live shows — and secured new fans because of these performances.  Verifying the latter could prove difficult, which probably explains why there’s such a long wait before the funds’ recipients are chosen.  Though grant applications are currently being accepted, the winners won’t be announced until March 2020.

Moreover, at least 75 percent of issued funds must be spent in New York City; recipients cannot use the grants to set up shop in Los Angeles, for example.

Some activists have voiced their support for the initiative.  Others have stated their frustration with the initiative’s numerous requirements.

Applicants must include a mountain of information — “a detailed history of the full project,” member biographies, evidence of fans, plans for the use of the funds, a “complete budget template,” and marketing and distribution strategies, three sample songs, and more — with their forms.

That’s a serious pile of paperwork, though the flip side is that the lengthy requirements will naturally thin the applicant pool.  There’s also a pretty serious review process: though the rewards are considerable, it’s clear that MOME doesn’t plan to give grants to just anyone.

Chargers’ Melvin Gordon Addresses Contract Holdout: "You Know, I Want To Get Paid"

Nothing’s changed, Melvin Gordon still wants out  Los Angeles unless the Chargers budge on their stance regarding a contract negotiation heading into next season. 

“I want to end up with the Chargers,” Gordon told the press at SportsCon in Dallas, TX. “That’s my home. I’m not going to sit here and be like, ‘Man, I don’t want to go back to the Chargers, dah, dah, dah.’ Like that’s the team who blessed me with an opportunity. They started my life. They changed my life. Out all 32 teams, that was the team that called. I can’t forget them for that.”

Chargers' Melvin Gordon Addresses Contract Holdout: "You Know, I Want To Get Paid"

Sean M. Haffey/Getty s

At 26-years old, Gordon is entering the final phase his entry deal with the Chargers, with an option for a 5th term at an annual rate  $5.6 million. As outlined in a statement to the press (yesterday), Melvin will not report to training camp unless those contract stipulations are restructured.

In his defense, the NFL teams, basically all them without exception, are guilty overusing their feature tailbacks, whilst undervaluing them at the cash register. For Gordon to have garnered to Pro Bowl nods on a career average 5.1 yards-per-carry, by the age 26, something must be terribly wrong about the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement.

Gordon closed his account at SportsCon by reiterating that if an opportunity presented itself, from an interested party elsewhere in NFL he’d be on the first bus out Dodge. “You know, I want to get paid. That’s just kind what it is. Hopefully I end up a Charger. That’s the goal. I want to end up with the Chargers,” he said in closing.

Jermaine Dupri Launches So So Def Female Cypher Amid "Strippers Rapping" Controversy

Jermaine Dupri infuriated several female rappers when he equated them to “strippers rapping” during a recent interview with People Magazine — including Cardi B.

Following the backlash, the So So Def mastermind announced a new So So Def Female Cypher. He made the reveal on Friday (July 12) Instagram.

“After all the calls, DMs, angry tweets and other messages saying ‘I am a major gatekeeper in the hip hop world, why don’t I invest in a female who is out here hustling and making a name for herself?’ I decided to create the #SoSoDefFemalecypher,” he captioned the image. “details coming soon.”

Dupri originally stated he feels current female rappers only rap about one topic — sex.

“They all rapping about the same thing,” he said. “I don’t think they’re showing us who is the best rapper. For me, it’s like strippers rapping. As far as rap goes, I’m not getting ‘who is the best rapper.’ I’m getting, like, you got a story about you dancing in the club, YOU got a story about you dancing in the club, you got a story…OK. Who’s gonna be the rapper?”

Naturally, Twitter is divided. Dupri’s comments on female artists were deemed invalid by the countless people who quickly reminded social media Dupri once said Beyoncé wouldn’t last.

But of course, there are plenty of people who also think Dupri has a point. Others are calling it a PR stunt intended to get his cypher off the ground.

Check out the reactions below.

Drinking A Small Glass Of Juice Or Soda Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer

It appears as though there’s more evidence proving that you should be cutting back on sugary drinks such as soda and juice. According to CNNa, a new study suggests that drinking even a small glass soda or juice can increase the chances premature death. Just the tiniest amount a third a can soda can increase the risk cancer by 18% and the risk breast cancer by 22%. The study observed 100K French adults which saw a relation between sugary drinks and increased risks cancer.

Drinking A Small Glass Of Juice Or Soda Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer
David McNew/Getty s

“The results indicate statistically significant correlations between the consumption sugar-sweetened drinks and risk all cancers combined, and breast cancer,” nutrition researcher and emeritus, Ian Johnson, said. “Surprisingly perhaps, the increased risk cancer in heavier consumers sugary drinks was observed even among consumers pure fruit juice — this warrants more research,”

The lead author the study, Mathilde Touvier, said that sugar is the main driver that’s associated with an increase cancer risks.

“What we observed was that the main driver the association seems to be really the sugar contained in these sugary drinks,” she said. “High sugary drinks consumption is a risk factor for obesity and weight gain,” she added. “Obesity is in itself a risk factor for cancer.”

Tory Lanez ‘Melee’

Tory Lanez continues to build anticipation for Chixtape 5.

Following “Broke Leg” with Quavo and Tyga, the prolific rapper holds fans over with his latest for “Melee.” In the self-directed video, the One Umbrella boss flaunts his jet-set lifestyle, from private runways to kicking back at a waterfront property, and hanging out with models.

“You don’t want us to get it / Don’t want us to win it,” he raps. “We get money a lot / It been like this since way back.”

Lanez is now readying his long-awaited Chixtape 5 mixtape, and assured fans that it will be worth the wait. “I kno it’s taking long guys . But perfection is perfection … and I promise it’s worth the wait,” he said. “I’ve never been in my bag like this ‘production , writing , creative concepts’ this project might really be the best one yet and that’s hard for me to say but the more time that gets spent on it is the better it sounds.”

Starting Aug. 20, Tory will join Chris Brown on his “INDIGOAT Tour,” which also features Ty Dolla $ign, Joyner Lucas, and Yella Beezy.

Tobi Lou Announces "Live On Ice" Mixtape & Drops "My Party" Single

Tobi Lou has released a Tony Bigz-assisted single titled “My Party” to go along with the announcement of his next mixtape, Live On Ice. The Chicago-bred artist’s upcoming project is scheduled to drop August 2 ArtClub/EMPIRE.

“I felt like my entire life I’ve been waiting for whatever moment this is,” he said in a press release. “I’m finally having an awakening and seizing my moment by putting out my first real offering and saying, ‘OK, I’m ready – judge me.’”

Tobi also explained the meaning of his tape’s title.

“People go crazy for Lion King, but go even crazier for Lion King On Ice, and I feel like that with this project,” he stated. “I released a lot of music last year but nothing like this – this is by far the craziest thing I’ve done, so it had to be Live on Ice.”

Check out Tobi’s Live On Ice cover art and tracklist below. Stream “My Party” above.

Tobi Lou Announces "Live On Ice" Mixtape & Drops "My Party" Single

1. 100 Degrees
2. Waterboy
3. I Was Sad Last Night I’m OK Now
4. Sometimes I Ignore You Too
5. That Old Nu-Nu
6. My Party f. Tony Bigz
7. 8702
8. Deserve It
9. Smiling at My Phone
10. Delete My # Baby
11. Berlin / Westside
12. Cheap Vacations
13. Looped Up
14. Favorite Substitute
15. Humpty Dumpty
16. Like My Mom
17. Isn’t She
18. Orange (Reprise)
19. Crying in the Club
20. Ice Cream Girl
21. 17cd (Bonus Track)

Eminem, 50 Cent & Ed Sheeran Pose With "Revival" Plaques To Celebrate New Song

The biggest album to have released last night goes to Ed Sheeran. While we wouldn’t normally promote an Ed Sheeran project too heavily (our name is still HotNewHipHop, after all) there are so many rappers and hip-hop icons on No.6 Collaborations Project that we’ll be diving into this album all weekend long. The U.K. gets some local love with Stormzy on “Take Me Back To London” while heavy hitters Meek Mill and Travis Scott also grace the liner notes. The most anticipated single from No.6 though has to be “Remember the Name” with Eminem and 50 Cent. The moment that song was announced to the world, we all marked our calendars and waited patiently for its release. Finally, it’s arrived and Em knows just how badly we were waiting for it.

The trio posted a photo to social media today, celebrating their iconic team-up by embracing the plaques Eminem earned from Revival. Marshall posted the picture to his own page, detailing how he is fully aware how much the fans wanted this song. “They’ve been PATIENTLY WAITING for the new one with me, @50cent and @teddysphotos #RememberTheName.”

Just hearing 50 Cent and Eminem together on the same record in 2019 is heartwarming. The addition Ed Sheeran may seem odd on paper but it actually works out. The crew ended up with a solid hit. Check it out below.