R. Kelly Arrested on Federal Sex Trafficking Charges

R. Kelly has been arrested in Chicago on federal sex crime charges.

According to law enforcement officials, the 52-year-old singer was arrested by NYPD detectives and Homeland Security Investigation agents in a 13-count indictment on Thursday (July 11), reports TMZ.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, spokesperson for The U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Northern District, says the indictment includes charges of child porn and obstruction of justice.

Back in February, Kelly was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse involving four women, three of whom were minors at the time. He pleaded not guilty and was released from Chicago’s Cook County Jail after posting bail.

In May, an Illinois grand jury indicted the R&B superstar on 11 new charges in his sexual assault and sexual abuse case, including four new felonies that carry maximum penalties of 30 years in prison.

Further details on the case are expected to be announced Friday.

#DXCLUSIVE: Kosha Dillz Recalls ISIS Hack In "Logic Became Me" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – Jewish rapper extraordinaire Kosha Dillz has been staying busy ā€” you know, writing raps, traveling the world and yeah, starring as an extra in Logic and Joyner Lucas’ “ISIS” video.

Now, Kosh is back with a new visual for “Logic Became Me,” which tells the story of that fateful day.

“After getting a random call to be in a video as an extra for the Joyner Lucas x Logic ‘ISIS’ video, I decided to make the best use of my experience and go Gary Vee-style to document it,” Kosha tells HipHopDX. “The result is a telling experience of how I played a captured ISIS soldier, while also explaining how I once had my website hacked by ISIS.

“The hard synth production with 808s from Sam Barsh, who has also written on four songs with Logic for previous album, brings the story full circle.”

Kosh adds, ā€œ I never got to make a specific story track in my career. I thought of the irony of me being hacked by ISIS and being on TV to that moment with Logic and Joyner.

“It was mind-blowing to see where life can take you. I told myself Iā€™d love to create a ‘react song’ that no one else can make, so I did.”

“Logic Became Me” comes from Kosha’s upcoming album,Ā Nobody Cares Except You, which features Matisyahu and Fat Tony. The project is expected to arrive sometime this year.

Watch the “Logic Became Me” video above and revisit Logic’s “ISIS” below — and make sure you look for Kosha.

#DXCLUSIVE: Page Kennedy Debuts "Baby With The Bathwater" Video

Page Kennedy is taking it back to 2018’s Same Page Different Story album with his latest visuals. The multihyphenate brings the heartbreaking story of “Baby With The Bathwater” to life and premieres a new video by Megan Nager.

“This is a fictional story based off a past relationship going down a similar rode,” Kennedy tells HipHopDX. “I often like to take aspects of my life and write about them because there is nothing closer to the truth than your own experiences.”

Watch Kennedy’s “Baby With The Bathwater” video.

Twitter Reacts To Chris Paul & Russell Westbrook Trade News

The NBA shake ups continue as it’s being reported that the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder have inked a deal to swap players Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook, respectively. The blockbuster move was revealed by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Twitter when he wrote, “The Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to trade Russell Westbrook to the Houston Rockets for Chris Paul, first-round picks in 2024 and 2026, pick swaps in 2021 and 2025, league sources tell ESPN.” Wojnarowski later tweeted, “Houston hoped to find third-team destination preferable to Chris Paul, but ultimately leaves it OKC to execute next step once Presti confers w/ CP3 agent Leon Rose. Miami remains possibility for Paul (3 years, $124M) — and OKC obviously has picks to incentivize deal, if needed.”

Mark Berman, the Sports Director at Fox26 KRIV shared a statement reportedly issued by Rockets owner Tilman J. Fertitta that reads: “We’re excited to have Russell Westbrook. I would watch him play for Oklahoma City and he’s so athletic. At the same time this franchise just had the two years with the most wins it’s ever had in consecutive years and we wouldn’t have accomplished that without Chris Paul. Chris Paul is unbelievable & he’s gonna be sadly missed.”

There have been thousands reactions to the news on social media, but Houston Texans player J.J. Watt took the time to praise Paul’s character in a tweet. “Gonna miss you @CP3. Not many people know, but CP was literally the first celebrity to reach out and donate to the hurricane fundraiser. He had just recently been traded to Houston, called up and said he wanted to help. Very first one. Absolute legend.” Watt made sure to tell Westbrook, “Welcome to Houston @russwest44 šŸš€.”

Here are few more reactions, some chuckle-worthy.

Jermaine Dupri Says Ludacris Wanted To Be On So So Def & Used To Toss CDs Over His Gate

Recent comments made by Jermaine Dupri have been the center social media conversations today as the So So Def icon shared his thoughts on the current state women in the rap game. In a sit down with PEOPLE, Dupri said, “They all rapping about the same thing and I don’t think they’re showing us who is the best rapper. For me, it’s like strippers rapping.”

However, there were other highlights from the music executive’s interview with the publication as he discussed his new documentary, Power, Influence, and Hip Hop. Dupri has been instrumental in helping to shape the careers some our favorite artists, and he shared that there was one rapper who went above and beyond to get Dupri’s attention.

“He used to throw his CD over my gate,” Durpri said about Ludacris. “He used to throw it over my gate. And he used to have an afro and he wanted to be this guy,” he said as he pointed to the So So Def logo on his jacket. “So yeah, initially, he felt like he should have been signed to So So Def.” Yet, Dupri admitted that Ludacris wasn’t the only artist who would litter his lawn with music.

“Somebody ran into me one day on the street as I was] going to my mother’s house,” he said. “Somebody ran into my Range Rover. They rear-ended] me, deliberately, so that I would jump out. When I jumped out I was like, ‘Yo, what’s going on?’ They gave me a CD…lucky I was in the car by myself. If my security was with me, it would have went another way.” If you were an artist, how far would you go to make sure your favorite label CEO listened to your music?

YNW Melly Laughs & Smiles During Double Murder Court Hearing: Watch

One the artists we were excited to watch grow this year was YNW Melly, a young 20-year-old rapper who was making waves in Florida and across the nation. A good number his songs had been picked up as major hits with “Murder On My Mind” and the Kanye West-featuring “Mixed Personalities” standing out amongst the bunch. He has a deep catalog music but his future stands in one person’s hands: his judge. YNW Melly has been accused murdering his two friends in cold blood and he and his alleged accomplice, YNW Bortlen, are facing the death penalty. Melvin was in court today for a regular hearing and cameras managed to pick up the rapper looking happy.

YNW Melly Laughs & Smiles During Double Murder Court Hearing: Watch
Broward’s Sheriff’s Office Getty s

As reported by TMZ, YNW Melly is seemingly thinking positively about his chances getting out. He has previously told his friends and family that he believes he’s “coming home” and his facial expression seems to show once again that he’s very confident. Despite him walking into the room timidly, he conversed with his attorneys and cracked a smile on more than one occasion. He could be spotted in his jumpsuit and shackles as he spoke to his legal team, who were seemingly joking with him.

Melly doesn’t seem too bothered by his pending trial. Do you think he’ll be proven innocent?

Kevin Gates Talks YoungBoy, "I’m Him," & Accountability On "Everyday Struggle"

Everyday Struggle just delivered the goods in a big way, bringing Kevin Gates into the fold for an entertaining and insightful interview. Off the bat, Kevin Gates sets the tone with a lengthy prayer, the closest Everyday Struggle has ever come to a “cold open.” It doesn’t take long for the rapper to acclimate himself to the crew, smiling from ear-to-ear as he fields responses.

“I believe that the key to happiness is self-accountability,” he muses, after Ak inquires how one might gain inner peace. “I hear a lot people say I grew up in poverty. That used to be my excuse, the immature me…I had a choice. I had a choice, and when you a man and you make a choice, you have to accept whatever ridicule and whatever consequence that comes behind that action. We honor those who honor the truth, and fear those who don’t.”

Kevin Gates Talks YoungBoy, "I'm Him," & Accountability On "Everyday Struggle"

Rachel Murray/Getty s

Eventually, Gates opens up about his relationship with Dreka, expressing a sense sadness toward the way things played out. “I feel so guilty every time I go around Dreka,” he admits. “She’s an amazing woman but I feel guilty because she was so happy when I first met her. She didn’t live this kind lifestyle. She was in school to be a doctor, but she sacrificed everything to see me do better. She’s lost two children because me.” 

Near the end, Akademiks indirectly inquires about his relationship with YoungBoy, prompting Gates to gently demand he “say what he want to say.” Ak points out the inherent “weirdness,” as he sees it, in getting tattoos each other’s name. Wayne counters that Cash Money started that movement, which prompts an agreement from Gates. “In Lousiana, we tribes,” he states. “When we take people in, we family.” As the conversation progresses, Kevin Gates reveals that Akademiks genuinely “hurt him,” prompting the pair to revisit a few old wounds. Kevin Gates proceeds to double down on his canine love, which then prompts Ak to remark on Gates’ cult-like gravitas. Yet the conversation never feels tense, a testament to Gate’s adherence to being an “avid truth-teller.”

There are plenty gems to be found throughout this one, so be sure to check it out in full below. 

Republican Anti-Colin Kaepernick Ad Accused Of Racism For Darkening Skin

Colin Kaepernick and Nike came under fire last week after the Nike Air Max 1 “4th July” was discontinued. Kaepernick took issue with the shoe thanks to the presence the Betsy Ross flag which features the 13 stars the original 13 colonies. It is believed that there are racial connotations with this flag since it was created during a time when slavery was still prevalent in society. The biggest group to be outraged by Kaepernick’s assertions is Republicans, who used the former NFLer’s image in a recent e-mail campaign.

The National Republican Congressional Committee recently sent out a fundraiser campaign e-mail and explained how Kaepernick is an enemy to all members the GOP and that his politics are anti-American. In a report from Yahoo! Newsit was revealed that there was an image alongside the e-mail which appears to show Kaepernick with darkened skin. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir with many calling our Republicans for racism.

According to Yahoo’s report, one Democratic operative was disgusted by the image and had quite a bit to say on the matter.

“House Republicans are running on racism, plain and simple. It’s disgusting, it’s fensive and it should be fireable, but there’s no accountability in the Republican Party,” the operative explained.

It’s clear that Kaepernick’s politics remain polarizing for those who fall on the opposite end the spectrum, although its disheartening to see him continuously attacked.

Busta Rhymes Nearly Punches Man Who Called Him Homophobic Slur

Busta Rhymes has been one those celebrities who’s been seen blowing up on camera on a few occasions. Most recently, he got into an incredibly heated situation which required police to hold him back from assaulting a man who hurled a homophobic slur towards him and his crew. The incident occurred in the wee hours Wednesday morning. The footage shows Busta and one the men arguing before one the dudes slings the F-bomb in the rapper’s direction. That’s when things got heated. Police and Busta’s crew are seen trying to mediate the situation. At one point, Busta throws a punch but ends up missing.

TMZ reports one the men involved in the altercation filed a harassment claim later that evening which accusing Busta being aggressive before the police showed up. He continued to explain that Busta tried to punch him but missed. He alleged that he said hello to the rapper who replied, “I will f*** you up.” The accuser said that he felt threatened by Busta in that situation. However, the police said they can’t corroborate whatever the man accused Busta . They’re not conducting any further investigation on the matter either.

Busta Rhymes Nearly Punches Man Who Called Him Homophobic Slur
Dave Kotinsky/Getty s 

This isn’t the first time this year that Busta Rhymes has been seen going f on someone in public. Earlier this year, Busta got into a heated confrontation with a man who claims the rapper hit on his wife. 

LeBron James, Quavo, 2 Chainz & More Party It Up At Uninterrupted Event

LeBron James is one the most influential people in sports so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he’s able to get some the biggest stars in the world into the same room whenever he hosts a party. On Wednesday night, the ESPYs went down in Los Angeles and afterward, LeBron hosted the Uninterrupted party at Hollywood Athletic Club. There were a plethora athletes in attendance including Megan Rapinoe, Patrick Mahomes, and Amanda Nunes. James also got to hang out with some his best rapper friends as YG, 2 Chainz, and even Quavo were all in attendance. 

LeBron James, Quavo, 2 Chainz & More Party It Up At Uninterrupted Event

Jerritt Clark/Getty s for UNINTERRUPTED

The Los Angeles Lakers star got to take some epic photos with all them and based on the names here, it must have been a pretty fun time. Living in Los Angeles has really helped LeBron with his ability to brand himself and throw parties such as this one.

Now that filming for Space Jam 2 has started, LeBron has gone full Hollywood mode so parties like this probably won’t stop anytime soon. Even Anthony Davis was in attendance which is pro that the Lakers are gearing up for a huge season. If they can get past the Clippers, there won’t be many other teams standing in their way.

LeBron James, Quavo, 2 Chainz & More Party It Up At Uninterrupted Event

Jerritt Clark/Getty s for UNINTERRUPTED

Ja Rule Dismissed From Fyre Festival Lawsuit

UPDATE: Ja Rule‘s attorney, Ryan Smith, has provided the following comment regarding the situation: “Mr. Atkins is thankful for today’s ruling and for the Court’s time and attention. Justice was done today.”

Fyre Festival will go down in history which means that Ja Rule’s name will forever be attached to the failed festival. He seems okay with it ultimately since he stands by the potential the festival had if Billy MacFarland didn’t scam everyone. The latest update in the ongoing legal case involves Rule being dismissed in full from the lawsuit.

Ja Rule Dismissed From Fyre Festival Lawsuit
Allen Berezovsky/Getty s

According to Bloomberg, Ja Rule is f the hook pertaining to his involvement in the Fyre Festival lawsuit. Ja was sued for defrauding thousands ticket buyers who accused the rapper finessing people into buying tickets through his social media posts. The judge is now moving forward and there wasn’t much bad news in the cards for Ja. The judge did happen to agree that there isn’t any pro that the alleged fake social media posts could be traced back to him or they simply aren’t defined as a fraud with the exception one. The day before Fyre Festival was supposed to launch, Ja Rule tweeted, “The stage is set!!! In less than 24 hours, the first annual Fyre Festival begins. #festivallife.”

Unfortunately, this tweet might be his downfall. According to documents, the people suing Ja Rule said that by the time the rapper sent out the tweet, a lot the performers were told by Ja Rule and the Fyre Festival organizers not to attend.

Kawhi Leonard Reportedly Gave Raptors "Unreasonable" Requests

Going into free agency, there was a ton debate as to where Kawhi Leonard would sign. Some thought he would go to the Lakers while others wanted to see him run it back for another year with the Toronto Raptors. In the end, Leonard ended up signing with the Los Angeles Clippers who are now one the teams favored to win the NBA Championship next season. Leonard was secretive about where he wanted to go and according to TSN’s Josh Lewenberg, he made it very difficult for the Raptors to keep him

In the report, it states that Leonard’s camp had “unreasonable” requests for the Raptors and that team president Masai Ujiri quickly became suspicious about Kawhi’s intentions.

“I know what we’re dealing with here and I appreciate what the process was,” Ujiri said. “I know free agency, I know how it works. It’s not my first rodeo. You know things are going to go up and down. This was a different kind free agency. It was high stakes and we understood that.”

Kawhi’s infamous “Uncle Dennis” is believed to be at the forefront these requests and has been known to be a bit a nuisance in the past, especially when Leonard was with the Spurs.

It’s pretty clear the Leonard had his heart set on Los Angeles so Raptors fans shouldn’t feel too bad. At least they got a championship out him.

Drake Announces 2019 OVO Fest Lineup: B2K, Chingy, Pretty Ricky, & More

With the Toronto Raptors reigning as the 2019 NBA Champions, it’s expected for Drake to turn OVO Fest into the event the year. Late Wednesday evening, the OVO icon revealed the surprising, throwback lineup for 2019 OVO Fest. Hopefully, you’ve been saving up your extra coins, because Drake stated on Instagram that the tickets go on sale on Friday, July 12.

The rapper shared a flyer for the days-long event that includes the OVO Summit on August 1 and 2, as well as the OVO Bounce from July 29 to August 2. On August 4, the concert lineup reads much like the recent Millenium Tour as B2K, Mario, Pretty Ricky, Lloyd, the Yin Yang Twins, Chingy, and Bobby V will all hit the stage at the Budweiser Amphitheater. The following day, Drake will be the only act performing at the same venue, and we can only imagine what surprises he has in store.

Drake’s lineup will certainly leave a few confused, but fans expect there to be an overflow special guests during his performance. Social media has had quite a bit to say about B2K joining together once again for the Toronto-based festival, especially following the rumors in the media regarding Fizz dating Omarion’s ex and mother his children. Is this the initial lineup announcement you expected?

Lamar Odom & Three Other Players "Deactivated" By Big3 League

He wasn’t even able to complete an entire season before Lamar Odom was reportedly “deactivated” from the Big3 League. The organization was founded by legendary rapper Ice Cube and features former NBA players going head-to-head in three-on-three games. It was just at the beginning May when Cube praised Odom and said that he believed the former Los Angeles Laker could be a star in his league. However, ESPN announced that Odom, Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells, and Baron Davis were all relieved their positions. 

According to the outlet, there aren’t any scandals tied to the players’ exit. ESPN states that they were all “deactivated for competitive reasons,” while a source reportedly told them that Odom just didn’t have the juice to compete. The league also said in a statement that they want to “maximize competition, protect the health the players, and to raise the level the pressionalism the Big3.”

 Lamar Odom & Three Other Players "Deactivated" By Big3 League
Gregory Shamus/Big3/Getty s

“Several league personnel changes will also be made in order to maximize communication and the smooth running league operations,” the Big3 stated. Fans were hoping that Odom’s return to the court could be a sort comeback for the sports star following his miraculous recovery from a near-death drug overdose in a Nevada brothel four years ago. Odom also has recently released his memoirDarkness to Light, where he chronicles the highs and pitfalls his personal and pressional life. 

Meanwhile Glenn “Big Baby” Davis was fined “for behavior detrimental to the league this past weekend but will be eligible for Power’s Saturday game as it has been determined a suspension is not required given the level the fine,” according to a statement made by the Big3.

Bow Wow Is "In A Good Space" Following Kiyomi Leslie Split, Calls Himself A Playboy

Da Brat has known Bow Wow most his life and has treated him like a younger brother since he was a child. The world wasn’t given much insight into their relationship until they were featured together on WEtv’s Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta. For ongoing seasons, Brat has become increasingly frustrated with Bow Wow’s antics, especially the drama surrounding his relationships with women.

Fans watched as he and Jhonni Blaze were involved in a shouting match that ended with items in Jermaine Dupri‘s studio being broken. Then there was his rocky relationship with Kiyomi Leslie which unraveled in the headlines after the two were engaged in a violent altercation resulting in their arrests. Recently, his ex-girlfriend Erica Mena even came forward with claims that the rapper was physically abusive to her, Kiyomi, and his other ex, Ciara.

Throughout, Brat has tried to do her Big Sister duties and get Bow on the right track, but it seems that he’s focused on taking care his daughter, making music, and enjoying the company as many beautiful women as possible.

Bow shared a clip an upcoming episode Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta where he said that following the drama with Kiyomi, he’s living his best life. “I’m in a good space,” he told Brat and Debra “Ms. Deb” Antney. “I’m having fun. I don’t want a relationship. I’m looking for a good time. I wanna have fun. I realized who I am. I’m a playboy.”

Brat gave him a shocked look, but Bow continued, “I got to…I love women.” Da Brat chimes in by saying that “Bow gon’ do what he wanna do.” She then compares him a “crack addict” who just can’t get enough. The Atlanta playboy.