Young Thug Announces He’s Running For President With Gunna

What would our country be like if Young Thug were the President? Would we all get free designer drip? Snakes as pets? Slime instead water? America would be totally different if Jeffrey Lamar Williams were ever placed in charge the nation. The eccentric Atlanta artist is seemingly interested in giving politics a shot though, announcing that he will be running for President in 2024.

The announcement came from out nowhere with Young Thug taking to Twitter to wish the current President, Donald Trump, a happy Independence Day. The tweet set f fireworks in people’s minds, leaving everyone confused as to why Thug would single out Trump, a man who is potently disliked in the world hip-hop. After seeing the way Kanye West was villainized for supporting Trump, Thugger appears to not care what anybody thinks his declaration. His next post was even more shocking with the rapper telling all his followers that he plans on becoming the most powerful man in America… but only once Trump’s second term (or a Democratic representative’s first term) is up. 

“I’m running for president 2024,” wrote the Atlanta spitter. “@1GunnaGunna will be the vice!” Realistically, Thugger doesn’t stand much a chance to win the gig but, to be completely honest, he’s probably better than a lot the candidates that will be running against him. Would you vote for Young Thug and Gunna?

Quando Rondo Talks Learning To Rap In Juvie, Concocting Pink Lean & More In "On The Come Up"

Today marks the arrival the newest On The Come Up, this time featuring rapidly-rising Georgia rapper Quando Rondo. “I never made it to the seventh grade,” he reveals, reflecting on his early experiences with the juvenile detention center. “I ain’t dropped out school, I went to juvenile in the sixth grade. For four months. I got out, and never went back to school. I learned how to fight in juvenile. I think I learned the wrong stuff from juvenile that’s still with me to this day. If somebody say something to me wrong, I be ready to fight.”

Yet some his lessons ultimately proved to be valuable in the long run, as Quando admits he used the time to hone his craft. “I learned how to rap better in juvenile by rapping to other inmates,” he reveals. “I been rapping since I was a kid, but that was my first time expressing my music to other individuals.”

Quando Rondo Talks Learning To Rap In Juvie, Concocting Pink Lean & More In "On The Come Up"


Looking back to his formative years growing up around 2012, Rondo reflects on how the landscape has changed. “When I was young, kids my age didn’t really listen to a whole mixtape,” he says. “Our mamas had us listening to radio. Now, you got Spotify, Tidal, HotNewHipHop.” It’s hard to argue that Quando Rondo’s own career benefitted from the Internet’s rise, especially given that he “didn’t have any studio songs.” “I really got signed beating on cars,” he marvels. “I never really had no music in the studio.”

He also takes a moment to point out a sad reality. “I know this for money, so I’m bout to rap about whatever somebody feel,” he explains. “Whenever I rap about how I feel, it don’t get noticed. But when I rap about what they want to hear, it get noticed. Shit, Im’a do both.” Hopefully, his new label Atlantic Records will allow him the freedom to do so. “A lot people tried to sign me,” he says. “Game tried to sign me. So many people tried to sign me. A lot rappers tried to sign me. I just want to know when I’ll get the next check.” 

“I want to go platinum though!” he says. “I can’t wait till I start making platinum records. Then the label gon’ know, I feel like shit gon’ get better.” He’s certainly got the creative drive to fulfill his lty goals, provided he doesn’t come to rely too heavily upon substances. “None my music sound the same,” he says. “I feel like I got a lot shit that sound different. ‘Scarred From Love,’ I like that song. I been on lean, I mixed green, red, purple up together. Three different leans. I mixed it up together with a pink soda. I had more lean than soda though. I been on like five pills. I swear to God, it was like four in the morning. I was so high I was rapping, so high I made that shit.”

He reveals that he ultimately forgot about “Scarred By Love” until hearing it three months later in his car. “My brother was in the car like ‘boy you forgot about this song!’ I listened to it and said ‘boy when I made that? That shit sound good!’ I got my engineer to mix it, I gave him five hundred right there…It don’t sound ‘Atlantic Records mixed’, but it sound street ready.” 

Quando Rondo Talks Learning To Rap In Juvie, Concocting Pink Lean & More In "On The Come Up"


Chris Brown and Drake Shoot ‘No Guidance’ Video

Chris Brown and Drake went in front of the camera to shoot a video for “No Guidance.”

The superstars were in Miami this week where they filmed scenes for their hit Indigo collaboration. Some footage was shared on social media, including one video outside the entrance to Papi Steak in the South of Fifth neighborhood. One witness described a “crowd of women in neon bathing suits” with “multiple luxury cars.”

“Rumor has it that Chris Brown and, more importantly, DRAKE are filming their music video in the building where I work,” tweeted the eyewitness. “Doing further research. Stay tuned for updates.”

After the shoot, Chris and Drake were spotted partying at Miami hotspot Mr. Jones around 1 a.m. According to Page Six, they held court at separate VIP tables while surrounded by beautiful women and ran up a $10,000 liquor bill. At one point, Brown “came by Drake’s table to say hello for a quick minute,” and then returned to his own section, says an insider.

When the DJ played “No Guidance,” they “mouthed their lyrics enthusiastically along with the crowd,” added the source.

“No Guidance” continues to burn up the charts. The song is currently No. 9 on the Hot 100 and has sold a reported 500,000 units in the U.S.

#DXCLUSIVE: Chief Keef Jumps On Terintino’s "Ova Seas" Single

HipHopDX Premiere – Terintino, a member of Chief Keef’s infamous Glo Gang, is back with a new single called “Ova Seas.” Boasting guest vocals from Keef himself, the track brings together two fresh voices in rap and effortlessly highlights their individual talents.

The song comes from Terintino’s upcoming album, Meat Roll 2, which serves as the follow-up to his successful 2016 Meat Roll mixtape.

The wildly popular Chicago rapper Calboy, who also appears on the forthcoming project, has been busy supporting his own Terintino collaboration, “Change Up.”

Meat Roll 2 is expected to arrive on Friday (July 5).

In the meantime, check out “Ova Seas” up top and “Change Up” below.

Irv Gotti Says Kanye West Doesn’t Really Support Trump & Wants To Be Crazy

Last night, BET kicked f Season Two the network’s hip hop-centered anthology series Tales that creates stories out rap lyrics. During Tuesday night’s episode, the show debuted Kanye West’s new Charlie Wilson-assisted track “Brothers.” Many believe that Kanye penned the song about his Watch The Throne partner Jay Z who is rumored that be in a bit a beef with the Chicago star.

TheGrio caught up with Tales creator Irv Gotti to chat with him about producing the new track and collaborating with Ye. “Working with Kanye is fascinating because you never know you got him until you got him,” Irv said. “Working with him, he dances to the beat his own drum. If you want to talk Kanye and Donald Trump— and he gets so much flack for that, it’s not that he really f*cks with Donald Trump…” 

That statement comes as surprise considering that Kanye visited the White House wearing Trump’s “Make America Great Again” cap. When the rapper sat down with the president, who he’s met with on more than one occasion, Kanye even said that wearing the hat made him feel like Superman. However, Irv told TheGrio that Yeezy doesn’t back Trump as the public thinks and his support has more to do with not falling in line with how people expect him to act.

Irv Gotti Says Kanye West Doesn't Really Support Trump & Wants To Be Crazy
Oliver Contreras – Pool/Getty s

“He doesn’t like people telling him what he can and cannot do,” Irv stated. “He doesn’t care. You’re not going to tell him how to think or how to feel…he’s not a bad person. I love Kanye. Kanye is actually a super family man. He and Kim’s relationship is real. There’s real love there and they’re raising a family.”

Irv also shared that Kanye accepts criticisms about his mental illness with open arms. “He wants to be crazy because he wants people to think and feel that he’s a genius. I’ve been around him, I’m not giving him that out. You’re my man, you ain’t crazy. Shut up. You know what you doing. That’s not to belittle mental health, but I just feel and think Kanye is smart and he knows what he’s doing.”

“If you want to stop wearing the hat you can stop wearing the hat,” Irv said. “If you want to wear the hat to announce your rebelliousness to the way things are then cool. Take the backlash that’s gonna come with it.”

Mez Thinks If Artists Want To Make It To The Top, They Have To Be Vulnerable

He may be a rapper on the come-up, but Mez has already tapped himself to be a multi-hyphenate creative force. The emcee and songwriter flexed his music video directing skills when he took on a massive project: J. Cole‘s “Middle Child” visual. You can also find the 29-year-old’s name included on Dr. Dre‘s Compton as not only an artist, but as a writer who helped pen 14 the 16 tracks. 

“I love rapping but that’s not where it’s going to end for me. I see so much for myself as a creative,” he recently told VarietyMez, formerly known as King Mez, linked with Cole through Dreamville’s Omen who played Mez’s music for the label head. “Man, Cole’s at a point in his career right now…he’s a superstar rapper with a cult following,” Maz said. “Like an MF Doom. He’s a cult rapper but just a star, if that makes sense. It’s hard to explain. He’s a fake underground rapper because he’s actually a superstar. That’s the best way to describe it.”

The Southern rapper is inspired by artists like Cole who shift the musical culture and affect the world positively. When asked how Cole influenced his career, Mez shared that artists who choose to lean on vulnerability and drop the bravado rise to the top. “Sh*t from the heart is always gonna win,” he said. “Seeing Cole] and Kendrick Lamar] be successful…how are Drake, Kendrick, and Cole at the top the mountain? Even Drake, he’s in touch. The music he writes, he’s vulnerable.”

“It’s funny because a lot the music coming out from younger generations — the hits, the pop records — it’s not really vulnerable,” he stated. “It’s a lot sh* talk, but people who end up at the top are people with real sh*t involved in their records. You can’t get that high without that. People gotta love you. Some artists make music that people love, but very few artists are people who people love. That’s the difference.”

Jacquees Recreates Iconic Muhammad Ali Photos To Help Hype Forthcoming Record

Round 2 is upon us and Jacquees is making sure the world knows that for his sophomore effort, he’s channeling The Greatest. Jacquees released his debut record 4275 in 2018 and throughout 2019 the self-proclaimed King R&B has been teasing fans with new music. Earlier this week, the Cash Money artist revealed the tracklist to his forthcoming record. Following that news, Jacquees shared photos himself replicating two iconic Cassius Clay images.

In the first, the singer was photographed underwater wearing white boxing shorts while holding a microphone. This image is inspired by the 1961 photograph Ali that was captured by Flip Schulke for Life magazine. In Ali’s picture, the champion athlete is too underwater, except he poses in a boxing stance. In Jacquees’s second image, he’s pictured sitting on a large stack money inside a bank’s vault. That Ali photograph was snapped in 1964 by a man named Howard Bingham who was a good friend the boxer. 

Jacquees captioned his Instagram photos by writing, “Float like a butterfly 🦋 sting like a Bee 🐝 – Muhammad Ali Miami 1961 Miami 2019” and “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. – Muhammad Ali 1964 2019,” respectively. We’re guessing that the singer is expecting a TKO with Round 2, but we’ll all have to wait and see. The record hits the streets on July 19.

Rolling Stone Launches Its Auto-Populating Music Charts — But Can It Beat Billboard?

Rolling Stone is finally set to debut its homegrown music charts — with designs to unseat Billboard.

Billboard‘s charts and album/song rankings are — and have long been — used by the majority of music professionals, reporters, and fans.  But they’re also the source of and executives alike, particularly over seemingly arbitrary and shifting rules.

Rolling Stone aims to exploit that opportunity.  The magazine, which has been published monthly since 1967, has long traversed music, film, television, politics, and pop culture.  Now, with real-time information in high demand, Rolling Stone will increase its focus on music and split-second chart results.

Specifically, these interactive charts will be published on Rolling Stone’s website and will be curated by Alpha Data (formerly BuzzAngle), which will be positioned against Billboard‘s stats partner Nielsen Music.  Out of the gate, Rolling Stone is touting instantaneous access and constant updating of charts for artists, albums, and songs.

Of course, how many individuals are actually interested in that remains to be seen.

A multitude of details pertaining to the actual processes behind Rolling Stone‘s charts can be viewed on the magazine’s site; questions and comments can be forwarded to a full-time RS Chart team.  These points suggest that Rolling Stone is taking the endeavor seriously — both in terms of planning and allocated resources.

The “rolling out” of the charts was previously delayed by about two months; the delay’s reasons weren’t released publicly, but rumors pointed to serious problems getting approvals to use data feeds from major DSPs like Apple Music.  Disagreements over rankings between paid and non-paid streams may have also caused the unforeseen delays, with labels potentially unhappy with free-stream weightings.

Several chart types will be published weekly (but updated daily, once again), including: The Rolling Stone Top 100 Songs, Top 200 Albums, Artists 500, Breakthrough 25, and Trending 25, with the latter tracking relative popularity increases in songs that are less than 12 months old.

Rolling Stone Charts is undoubtedly ambitious, but it’s unclear how the venture will fare. Billboard‘s methodology of converting streams into albums has been heavily criticized, though its math has also been mirrored across endless markets worldwide.  Beyond that, Billboard enjoys immense branding, with more than 100 years of history making it a default chart reference.

Whether Rolling Stone, which is rarely associated with charts, can seriously challenge that is hard to say.

Snoop Dogg Preps 17th Album With "I Wanna Thank Me" Video

Snoop Dogg Crip walked down memory lane for his latest video, “I Wanna Thank Me.” The new visual kicks off with the Doggfather posted up at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame where he received his star on the famous sidewalk last November.

During what became his viral speech, he said he had to “thank me” for getting him to where he is today.

As the song begins, Snoop raps about his humble beginnings and details some of the obstacles he’s overcome, including beating a murder case. He also shows footage of himself working with a kids football league and shooting hoops.

The track is the first offering from the veteran rapper’s 17th studio album, also titled I Wanna Thank Me, which is expected to arrive sometime this summer. The project follows last year’s  gospel album Bible Of Love. 

Watch the visual above.

Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp Experiencing Outages: Twitter Reacts

With limited access to Instagram, Facebook or Whatsapp for hours, people have been forced to explore the depths Twitter. While that’s not all that bad, there are some weird things and strange people lurking in the shadows the least censored social platform out there. On Twitter, you can broadcast your every thought. It doesn’t matter how messed up your brain is; there is almost certainly something more crazy that has been tweeted by somebody else. Of course, with the current outage FB, IG and other Zuckerberg-owned apps, Twitter became the go-to for anybody needing their social media fix today. Whether they were complaining about the shutdown or praising the lack activity online, people came to Twitter in droves.

If you haven’t been able to access anybody’s pictures on IG or send people messages on Facebook, you’re not alone. There are major global outages happening right now that have affected people since this morning. Who knows when the social services will be back but until that moment, we’ve all got Twitter to complain to. And that’s exactly what’s been happening. People are not happy that they can’t talk to their friends on IG or Facebook and they’re taking out their frustrations on Twitter, posting memes and angry messages to the hashtag “#instagramdown.” Below, we’ve included some the most extreme reactions yet.

How are you dealing with the outage?

Vic Mensa Is Training 11,000 Young People To Become Street Medics

Roc Nation’s Vic Mensa wants to be known not only as an artist, but as an activist as well. He recently ruffled feathers with his politically-driven visual for “Camp America,” a single that brings focus to the deplorable conditions at ICE detainment facilities. The South Side Chicago native is now turning his attention to his hometown as he hopes to help young people develop new skills while helping their communities at the same time.

The street violence in Chicago has gained national attention and even this past weekend, NBC Chicago reported that four people were dead and 56 others were wounded in connection to shootings throughout the city. This year alone, there have been over 250 homicides and now that the summer months are upon us, schools are closed, leaving many students susceptible to violence. According to Essence, Mensa is using his SaveMoneySaveLife organization to help train 11,000 young people to be street medics.

Vic Mensa Is Training 11,000 Young People To Become Street Medics
Bennett Raglin/Getty s

“We train and equip first aid responders in Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods, and teach them how to not bleed out, how to stop blood flow from gunshot wounds,” Mensa said. He shared that he developed the idea for the program after traveling abroad. “I was in the occupied West Bank in Palestine and I met a young man from Gaza who was from an organization called Build Palestine. They] had a similar program where they trained 35 first aid responders, I think it was in Gaza…their ambulance situation and first response situation is actually a lot like Chicago. Like the ambulances take a long time, might not come, might not be anywhere good to get treated, and it’s a war zone.”

Lil Nas X Comes Out as Gay — "Thought I Made It Obvious"

Lil Nas X is gay and he thought he made it obvious.  Apparently not.

The country trap rapper recently appeared on stage with Billy Ray Cyrus to sing “Old Town Road” at the BET Awards.

During the last day of Pride Month on June 30th, Lil Nas X pointed to lyrics from his song “c7osure,” from his debut EP. The rapper tweeted,

“Some of y’all already know, some of y’all don’t care, some of y’all not gone fwm no more. but before this month ends i want y’all to listen closely to c7osure.”

“This is what I gotta do, can’t be regrettin’ when I’m old,” he raps in “c7osure.”

A few hours later, Lil Nas X followed up that tweet with the cover of his eight-song EP called 7. “Deadass thought I made it obvious,” the rapper tweeted, highlighting a rainbow segment on the album’s cover.

Lil Nas X Comes Out as Gay — "Thought I Made It Obvious"

Since announcing he’s a member of the LGBT community, the rapper lost a few fans. Others rallied around Lil Nas X following the announcement.  The rapper confirmed he was tired of being closeted about his personal life. He told no one he planned on revealing himself during the final days of Pride.

That hasn’t stopped the bigots from claiming they can no longer enjoy his music as a gay artist. The rapper responded to these claims by tweeting the same argument that replaces the word ‘gay’ with ‘black.’

Lil Nas X Comes Out as Gay — "Thought I Made It Obvious"

It’s powerful proof that LGBT artists face mounds of discrimination no matter how popular they become. Lil Nas X is taking the homophobic comments in stride, but it sucks that it’s 2019 and this is the response a member of the LGBT community gets.

Perhaps we’ll see a Taylor Swift and Lil Nas X collaboration sometime in the future? Swift’s positioned herself as a huge ally to the LGBT community with , referencing activist organization GLAAD.

Jaden Smith Unveils "ERYS" Tracklist Featuring Kid Cudi & Tyler, The Creator

Jaden Smith’s new album ERYS is scheduled to drop this Friday (July 5). With the release date quickly approaching, The Fresh Prince’s son has shared the tracklist for the upcoming project.

The LP features 17 tracks and three bonus cuts, including an A$AP Rocky-assisted remix of the 2018 single “Ghost.”

Kid Cudi, Tyler, The Creator, Trinidad James and Smith’s sister Willow round out the lineup of guests.

Check out Smith’s ERYS cover art and tracklist below.

Jaden Smith Unveils "ERYS" Tracklist Featuring Kid Cudi & Tyler, The Creator

1. P
2. I
3. N
4. K
5. Noize f. Tyler, The Creator
6. i-drip-or-is
7. Again f. SYRE
8. Got It
9. Fire Dept
10. Mission f. Trinidad James
11. Summertime In Paris f. Willow
12. Blackout
13. Pain
14. Chateau f. A$AP Rocky
15. On My Own f. Kid Cudi
16. Riot
17. ERYS

Bonus Tracks
18. Beautiful Disruption
19. Somebody Else
20. Ghost (Remix) f. A$AP Rocky

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office Denies Cardi B's Application to Trademark "Okurrr"

Things are not “Okurrr”; Cardi B’s trademark application has been denied.

Things aren’t quite “Okurrr” for Cardi B, who just received some disappointing news from the United States Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO).

Specifically, the USPTO denied Cardi’s trademark application for her catchphrase, “Okurrr.” If the catchphrase had been successfully trademarked, Cardi B would enjoy legal protection against its unauthorized commercial use.

In other words, she’d be able to stop merchandise manufacturers from releasing products labeled with her catchphrase. She could also safely release her own products based upon the phrase.

The USPTO’s reason for denial was that the phrase is too general. Moreover, though “general” catchphrases have been approved for trademark protection in the past, the USPTO believes that “Okurrr” is simply a variation of “Okay,” which many individuals say on a daily basis. Based upon this determination, the USPTO holds that “Okurrr” is a slightly different version of a frequently used — and easily mistakable — phrase.

At the time of writing, Cardi B hasn’t yet commented on the matter publicly. While one would imagine that she’s disappointed with the ruling, she can take some steps to attempt to have the decision overturned. It’s unclear whether or not she and her team will be doing so, but with serious financial stakes and future earnings on the line, it seems like a distinct possibility.

Additionally, Cardi B has a whole lot else going on, career-wise. She’s released two singles this year—”Please Me” and “Press”—and is reportedly working on her next studio album. She’s also finished filming Hustlers, a Will Ferrell-produced crime-comedy film that stars Cardi and Jennifer Lopez. Hustlers is set to release on September 13th.

Air Jordan 1 High OG "UNC To Chicago" Slated For 2020: Details

The Air Jordan 1 is one the most iconic shoes all-time and boasts dozens upon dozens colorways. Every single year, Jordan Brand comes through with a plethora new models the sneaker and usually, they are a huge hit amongst sneakerheads. The shoe can be paired with pretty much every outfit so it’s no surprise that is has become so popular. While it started out as a basketball shoe, there is no denying that it has become a lifestyle staple that will probably never go out style.

Thanks to the Instagram sneaker account @zsneakerheadz, we now have a photoshop rendering a new Air Jordan 1 colorway that will be exclusively released in women’s sizes. The shoe is being called “UNC to Chicago” and is supposedly going to release in the Spring 2020. The shoe gets its name from the fact that it has a red toe box which represents the Chicago Bulls and a powder blue back heel which pays homage to Michael Jordan‘s alma mater, UNC. 

The rest the sneaker is black while the midsole is white and the outsole is red. This model is gearing up to be an interesting colorway that will certainly be a highlight next year. 

Will you be copping?