Ari Lennox May Be Quitting Music To Join The Army

Dreamville songstress Ari Lennox is understandably very emotional right now. After releasing her stellar album Shea Butter Baby this year, she expected to be recognized by her favorite awards show: the Soul Train Awards. She told all her fans about her disappointment last night, saying that she really wanted to walk away with a win. Although she expects to be snubbed, Soul Train is the one platform that she believed would see her talent. Now that she’s been rejected by them, she doesn’t know what to do with herself and it looks like she may be considering a career change.

Ari Lennox May Be Quitting Music To Join The Army
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Hopefully, Lennox is just being a little overdramatic but, after expressing her feelings post-Soul Train Awards, she’s not willing to sell out and is possibly thinking leaving the music industry. She continued her string tweets, responding to fans and hinting at her musical departure. “You know what I realized? People who genuinely fuck with me understand my frustration,” started Lennox before replying to one fan who wanted a Christmas album from the star. “Naw I quit,” she said.

She then expanded on her thought. “I’m not selling out. So I quit. To all those annoyed with me, you got it. I won’t lose my mind over this shit. I will save my sanity first. I’ll join the damn army.”

The energy that she and Summer Walker have been releasing into the universe is pretty damn similar. We hope these two queens can be comfortable in the industry. They’re both incredibly talented and deserve their props. Ari, please don’t quit!

Omarion Says He’ll Never Do Reality TV Again: "I Wasn’t Represented Well"

Each day we keep getting updates on Omarion‘s full-length interview with Vlad TV and the latest clip sees the B2K member making it very clear that he’ll most likely never do reality TV again. A few days ago Omarion explained why he joined the show in the first place and it was a move to get more love on his “Post To Be” single his record label wasn’t supporting at the time.

Omarion Says He'll Never Do Reality TV Again: "I Wasn't Represented Well"
Jesse Grant/Getty s

At the time, he was dating Apryl Jones and after just two seasons he left the show and their relationship ended. While Omarion made it clear that he’s happy for his ex and her relationship with Lil Fizz, there’s no way he’s heading back to the series. “I wouldn’t do reality TV, I wouldn’t do that …],” he said. “As far as any Love & Hip Hop, any TV, any scripted reality I’m not interested.”

Elsewhere in the clip, Omarion explains that while he wouldn’t sign on again he has no regrets when it comes to his previous reality TV moves. “I think that when you come into this town – LA, Hollywood – it amplifies who you are and who you want to be. So I’m not one to thwart or keep people from opportunity …] I don’t think I was always represented the right way on Love & Hip Hop.”

Watch the full clip below.

Tyga Does His #MacarenaChallenge During Boozy Birthday Celebrations

Today is Tyga‘s birthday. So first f, happy birthday Tyga! The rapper has a lot to celebrate this year. He recently penned a multi-million dollar deal with Columbia Records and cannot stop putting out hits. His next song to blow up may very likely be “Ayy Macarena”, which he released two weeks ago

The song spawned an obvious challenge: fans doing the classic Spanish dance, but to Tyga’s remix course. Tyga has been reposting videos people participating in the #MacarenaChallenge, but after a few (read: many) drinks at his birthday celebration, he decided to join in on the fun.

T-Raww’s Instagram posts from last night unfold like a three-act play. The first features him chugging a bottle Don Julio 1942 in the stunning pool area a mansion in St. Barths. The first swig didn’t seem to go down too smoothly, but the man power through for another. His next post – which provides the context “11 shots laterrrr” – shows Tyga and his friend spraying bottles champagne before they take f flailing and screeching around the crib. To close the show, Tyga appears shirtless and does the #MacarenaChallenge with some additional dance moves thrown in there. It’s hard to watch the videos without feeling some symptoms second-hand intoxication, but we hope Tyga safely enjoys his birthday vacation! 

Watch the evening’s proceedings below. 

Keyshia Cole Channels Amber Rose With New Blonde Hairstyle

Keyshia Cole was in a mood for something new and went big when she shaved her head and died her remaining short locks a bleach blonde. The “Heaven Sent” singer debuted her look on her new show One On One With Keyshia Cole that saw her partner Niko “Khale” Hale and Nick Cannon as her very first guests. 

Keyshia Cole Channels Amber Rose With New Blonde Hairstyle
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty s

Keyshia’s new hair moves come just a few days after the singer and her man paid a visit to Nick’s radio show and she made it very clear that she wasn’t Niko’s “elder,” despite their 14-year age gap. Nick referenced his own relationship with Mariah Carey and their age difference. “I am not a f*ckin’ elder!” Keyshia responded. “I am not his f*ckin’ elder. No. Mariah’s your elder. I am not his elder.” 

Nick tried to make things clear by explaining that Mariah guided him in certain ways. “To be in a relationship and to start a family with someone like this, I mean, I’ve been in that situation before where I stepped into royalty, to an elder, and she guided me,” he added. 

Watch the clip below and tell us if you’re feeling Keyshia’s new look. 

Dolphins’ Mark Walton Accused Of Assaulting Pregnant Woman: Report

Miami Dolphins running back Mark Walton was released by the team on Tuesday after he was arrested on a charge aggravated battery a pregnant woman. According to multiple sources, the police report states Walton punched a woman in the face several times in the early hours Tuesday morning, just days after learning that she was pregnant with his child.

According to ESPN, the alleged incident occurred after an argument between Walton and the woman in Davie, Florida at around 4:15am on Tuesday. Per ESPN:

According to a police document released to ESPN, Walton is accused pushing the woman into a wall and punching her several times in her face and head. Walton is currently being booked into Broward County jail.

The ficer called to the scene observed swelling to the woman’s left eye. The woman is five weeks pregnant, and Walton is the father.

Miami Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier issued the following statement on Tuesday, “We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously. We will have no further comment at this time.”

Walton, 22, was recently suspended four games for violating the league’s conduct and substance abuse policy stemming from three fseason arrests between January and March. 

Jerry Jones Speaks Out On Colin Kaepernick’s "Circus" Of A Workout

Jerry Jones has been one the most outspoken owners in the NFL and when it comes to the topic kneeling for the national anthem, he has made his thoughts quite clear. Over the weekend, the man at the height the aforementioned movement, Colin Kaepernick, got an opportunity to prove himself in front NFL decision-makers. As we all know by now, the workout didn’t go as planned and now it seems like Kap’s NFL dreams are all but over.

According to TMZ, Jones was on 105.3 The Fan and got to speak about what happened with Kaepernick. Jones agreed that the whole thing was a “circus” and that it’s all quite unfortunate. He also reiterated that the team is not presently looking for a quarterback.

“That situation from the get-go probably had a lot more that wasn’t about football involved in it and consequently we got the results that dynamic,” Jones said. “We’re in the business anytime, anywhere looking for talent — whether we need it now or whether we need it in the future. So, the way these things work, you had that evaluation for you whether you’re there or you’re not. You have that evaluation. And, I think it’s unfortunate that you can’t just zero in on the business at hand, and that is evaluating a player that might or might not help you win a football game or move the chains within a football game.”

With Dak Prescott at the helm, it doesn’t seem like Kaepernick will be on the Cowboys anytime soon. In fact, it will be surprising to see him back in the league at all at this point.

Antonio Brown Offers Ernest Apology To Robert Kraft After Patriots Drama

Antonio Brown has been the talk the NFL for much the year and his exploits/alleged exploits have been highly publicized. It’s been tough for the superstar wide receiver as he has been watching the season from the sidelines and thinking about what could have been when it comes to this season. At one point, things were looking up for AB as he was on the New England Patriots who are a favorite to win the championship. After some allegations against him came to light, Brown lost his spot with the Patriots and he has been lurking from afar ever since.

Today, Brown took to Instagram to issue an apology to Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Essentially, Brown wants to let Kraft know that he is sorry for bringing drama to the team and that he just wanted to be a valuable member the team.

“Mr.Kraft I apologize sincerely to you and your organization!” Brown wrote. “All I wanted to be was an asset to the organization; sorry for the bad media and the drama ! Thank you sincerely AB.”

Based on this latest statement, it seems as though Brown is taking his comeback seriously and that he wants everyone to know he is remorseful about what has gone down so far. AB is one the best wide receivers in the league and the NFL is at a disadvantage without him on the field come Sunday.

Gucci Mane Reps "Free Kodak Black" In OG Power Move

Gucci Mane understands the value loyalty, a fact made evident through his appreciation longtime homie OJ Da Juiceman. He also understands the complications a lengthy prison stint can have on one’s career, having experienced a three-year bid back in 2014. No doubt that the ramifications being cut f from the world can be detrimental to even the sturdiest career, which can admittedly make the bounce-back all the more satisfying. Look at Guwop now, a happily married man, his trap gut a thing the past, and his fortune continuously climbing. Suffice it to say, there’s hope for those willing to make the appropriate change.

Gucci Mane Reps "Free Kodak Black" In OG Power Move

Jamie McCarthy/Getty s, Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Not long ago, Kodak Black was sentenced to three years in prison. Despite his talent, Kodak’s career has already been stymied time and again by his inability to stay the legal course. A bid this nature may very well do irreparable damage to both his career and his mental state, provided he isn’t willing to learn from his mistakes. As supporters quickly move on, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Kodak’s name fade from recognition. Luckily, Guwop isn’t about to let that happen.

Ever loyal, Gucci took to Instagram to throw his support behind his young collaborator, with whom he laced the buttery-smooth “Woke Up In The Sky.” Perhaps Gucci Mane might find himself stepping into a mentorship role for young Kodak, especially given their shared experience behind bars. After all, Gucci is a living example that one can turn things around, a beacon hope that Kodak may desperately need — provided he’s willing to listen to an OG. You’ve gotta respect the value loyalty.

Serena Williams’s Broken Racket Could Fetch $50K At Auction After Ball Boy Sells It For $500

A ball boy is suffering from major regret after learning that a tennis racket he once owned is about to fetch big bucks at auction. Justin Arrington-Holmes was a ball boy during the 2018 U.S. Open final match between Serena Williams and Naomi Osaka. During the match, a frustrated Serena threw her racket onto the court with enough force to break it. Later, Justin asked the world-renowned tennis champion if he could keep her dented racket, and she told him she didn’t mind.

Serena Williams's Broken Racket Could Fetch $50K At Auction After Ball Boy Sells It For $500
Julian Finney/Getty s

While many would have either held onto the item and kept it in pristine condition or sold it for a nice chunk change, it seems as if Justin placed it away. According to Newser, Justin was doing a bit Spring cleaning and over the Summer he sold it to a collectibles store in New York City for $500. An employee the unnamed shop knew its value and soon resold it.

Now the racket will be sold Goldin Auctions and it projected to fetch around $10K, although the auction house’s owner, Ken Goldin, reportedly told the New York Times that it could go for upwards $50K. “I wish I’d had someone help me with the process,” Justin said after learning that he undersold himself. The ball boy reportedly told the Times that he hopes that the seller will donate some the money to a charity, adding “I just hope they are looking out for the greater good.” 

Air Jordan 1 "Midnight Navy" On Tap For 2020: What To Expect

The Air Jordan 1 is going to be heavily featured in 2020, as Jordan Brand kicks f the new decade with a ton brand new colorways as well as some all-time classics like the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. According to sneaker sources @SoleHeatonFeet and @Zsneakerheadz, one the other 2020 Air Jordan 1s will come in a “Midnight Navy” colorway that could resemble the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 Low collab that debuted in June.

Early images the Midnight Navy Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG have not yet surfaced, but they could look like the mockup shown above based f the “White/Midnight Navy-Metallic Silver” color combination.

Some the other Air Jordan 1s rumored to drop in the new year include the “Court Purple,” “Pine Green” and “Royal Toe” styles, as well as a limited edition Dior collab that will reportedly retail for $2,000. Click here for more on that and stay tuned for an early look at the “Midnight Navy” joint.

Ja Morant Debuts Vintage Grizzlies Jersey With Ties To Vancouver

Back in 2001, the Vancouver Grizzlies left Canada and went down south to Memphis as it was becoming clear that the team wasn’t financially ble in the land the north. During their stint in Western Canada, the team’s performance was quite abysmal so the city didn’t really miss out when they left. Instead, they focused their attention on another failing team, the Canucks. Regardless, the original Vancouver Grizzlies jersey remains a staple 90s culture and earlier this year, the Grizzlies promised to bring it back.

Well, now it seems like the jersey is finally here and Ja Morant has been enlisted to show f the uniform. These will be debuted on Saturday against the Los Angeles Lakers and they are looking pretty phenomenal, as you can see from the images below.

The jersey is full teal and contains black and white graphics around the collar and arms. Not to mention, the Vancouver Grizzlies logo is written in a font that screams 90s nostalgia. These uniforms are going to pop out on the court and if you’re a former fan from Vancouver, you’ll definitely want to tune in on Saturday just to see these in action.

Let us know in the comments below what you think and if you’d ever wear them yourself.

NBA YoungBoy’s Mom Blasts Him For Kicking Her Out Of Her House

The feud between YoungBoy Never Broke Again and his mother goes back several months. If you’ve been following the Baton Rouge rapper’s career trajectory, you likely have heard about the issues he has with his family. His mother has previously defended him against his critics but, apparently, things turned sour between them again recently. Things may have quieted down since the star was released from prison this summer but still, there is a lot patching up to do with his momma. After purchasing a house for her, NBA YoungBoy allegedly forced her to leave the property recently, which she detailed during a live-stream session.

NBA YoungBoy's Mom Blasts Him For Kicking Her Out Of Her House

In her carefree manner, YoungBoy’s mother took to her social media accounts to absolutely berate her baby boy, airing out their personal drama for everybody to see. “I ain’t gon’ keep letting you play with me like that,” yelled Kentrell’s mom, noting that he’s been claiming he never had a mother to take care him. “Kentrell got me a fucking house, he’ll get you a house and then if you don’t do what he fucking says, he’ll get it took. I don’t give a fuck, you can have your house, bitch. I’ll go under the interstate. Bitch, I’ll go sleep on a fucking park bench.”

20-year-old NBA Youngboy is still dealing with his fair share family drama. Hopefully, they get this sorted out without it getting messy once again.

Jay-Z Flabbergasted After Yo Gotti Loses Half A Milli In Blackjack

It’s hard to imagine losing half a million dollars in the blink an eye, but some people simply gamble different. For Yo Gotti and Jay-Z, such losses are closer to a standard employment hazard than a catastrophic life-changing debacle; perhaps more so for Jay, the Basquiat-toting billionaire that he is.  Still, Yo Gotti has never been one to balk in the face insurmountable odds. According to a video report from Akademiks, Yo Gotti and Hov were indulging in cards at Jay’s Shawn Carter Charity Gala. Evidently, Gotti was on his Austin Powers energy, opting to live dangerously at the Blackjack Table. 

Jay-Z Flabbergasted After Yo Gotti Loses Half A Milli In Blackjack

Paras Griffin/Getty s

Ak’s footage finds Yo Gotti experiencing every gambler’s worst fear – a substantial bust. One tallying over half-a-million dollars, to be specific. We can watch the moment unfold in real-time, as the dealer secures the win with a total 21. Jay’s reaction is that pure awe, letting out a stunned “Oh My Goodness” as he backs away in disbelief. As for Yo Gotti, if you look ever-so-closely you can see the faint traces his spirit leaving his body, hovering overhead, emanating a faint and disappointment aura. 

No matter how you shake it, that’s a lot money to lose in one fell swoop. The high-stakes lifestyle is not without its pitfalls, and Lady Luck has always been a beguiling dame. Check out the footage below — what do you think was going through Yo Gotti’s head in those pivotal seconds? 

J. Cole Shades NFL’s Moral Compass Over Colin Kaepernick Debacle

Going into the weekend, Colin Kaepernick‘s NFL workout was moving forward with a reportedly high turnout set to attend. Many, even those skeptical about the NFL’s moral conduct, seemed cautiously optimistic. A foundational strand Jay-Z’s masterplan, or at least the illusion it, was coming together. And then the NFL demanded a liability waiver to be signed, prompting an unwilling Colin to relocate the workout at the last minute. After jumping ship from the Falcon’s practice facility to an Atlanta High School, the total number teams in attendance dwindled from twenty-five to eight. What could have been a pivotal step in facilitating Kaep’s return to the Big Leagues became an unfortunate new chapter drama.

J. Cole Shades NFL's Moral Compass Over Colin Kaepernick Debacle

Leon Bennett/Getty s

Though some, including Jay-Z and Stephen A. Smith, have expressed disappointment in Kaepernick, others have shifted the blame onto the NFL. J. Cole took to Twitter to voice his own annoyance with the sporting giant, and to a lesser degree, himself for taking the “bait.” “Me thinking the NFL was about to do the right thing,” writes Cole, alongside a slew Clown emojis. 

In truth, the situation is a complex one. For Kaep, who likely still nurses a distrust for the league that cast him aside, media access would have ensured a mediator sorts — if only to provide context to the event. Now, with the dust still swirling in the air, all we can do is speculate and debate on the matter. For J. Cole, it’s clear where his loyalties lie. 

Millie Bobby Brown & Converse Team Up For New Colorful Collab: Photos

Millie Bobby Brown has quickly become one the most popular child actresses in the world and it is mainly because her work on the hit Netflix show, Stranger Things. When you find yourself with some success, brands typically come knocking and with Brown, this phenomenon is no different. Converse is one the entities Brown has been working with recently and this past Summer, they came out with a collection together. Now, the two are back with yet another collection.

There are three colorful shoes in the collection and the models being used here are the Chuck Taylor High, Chuck Taylor Low, and Chuck 70. Each shoe has writing on it that lends to the ideas spreading love and positivity. If you’re a fan these type designs, love Converse, and are a fan Milly Bobby Brown, then this whole collection is a must cop. 

According to Sole Collector, these kicks will be dropping on Monday, November 18th and will be available at

Millie Bobby Brown & Converse Team Up For New Colorful Collab: Photos


Millie Bobby Brown & Converse Team Up For New Colorful Collab: Photos


Millie Bobby Brown & Converse Team Up For New Colorful Collab: Photos