Kid Cudi Reminds Us Of The Time He Was Tripping On Acid At Coachella

Way back in 2014, MGMT played a wonderful set at Coachella and the crowd went wild when their song “Electric Feel” cued up and they began to sing it live. The thousands people in the audience weren’t the only ones feeling the vibe, as you can see in a recent clip that’s been shared to Twitter since Kid Cudi can be seen floating around the stage dancing and smiling. 

The “Day And Night” rapper responded to the resurfaced clip and alerted his fans news he may or may not have told them before. “I dont know if I ever told yall this but, this was right when the acid started kickin in and I couldn’t help myself haha so no I wouldn’t say I was drunk just trippin balls. @whoisMGMT thanx for lettin me groove w you. My face was melting and I felt so fuckin free!!” he wrote. 

It’s safe to say such a sight may never happen again since Kid previously chatted with Jada Pinkett Smith, detailing how he used to do drugs as a way to beat depression. “I was very good at keeping my troubles hidden,” he said.

As lately though, the Kid’s on the bright side. “It’s a beautiful thing. I think just getting back out into the world, doing what I love again, has really been big for me. But then also, spending time with my daughter. … My daughter is my world.”

Nipsey Hussle’s Baby Mother Tanisha Foster Refutes Claims Of "Unfit Parenting"

Nipsey Hussle‘s baby mother Tanisha Foster is fighting tooth and nail to gain full custody her own flesh and blood, this according to TMZ, who broke the story moments ago. In legal papers obtained by the media outlet, Foster asserts that while Nipsey Hussle was alive, the estranged lovers shared in the childraising responsibilities their child, 10-year old Emani.

Nipsey Hussle's Baby Mother Tanisha Foster Refutes Claims Of "Unfit Parenting"

David McNew/Getty s

For as long as the issue Nipsey’s custodial arrangement has been in the headlines, Tanisha has been made out to be an “unfit parent,” generally by Nipsey’s family and closest kin. Within the same legal papers, Foster claims that her characterization has been unfair, to say the least. While he was alive, not only did they share in their parental responsibilities, but Nipsey had her set up in an apartment, or so she claims. Since Nipsey’s passing, his assets have been relocated based on the stipulations his will, or through the dispersal an arbitrator, resulting in Foster losing her monthly allowance.

Although, Foster feels she’s being unfairly judged due to a “problem past,” she won’t allow the contempt her in-laws to eat away at the core. As per TMZ, she will instead let the court law run its course. “If everyone was truly interested in doing what is best for Emani, they would treat me as her mother and not in the manner that they have,” she told the appellate court. As this moment, Emani is in the care Nipsey’s flesh-and-blood family, until further notice.

Ed Sheeran Confirms He’s Married On Eminem & 50 Cent Collab "Remember The Name"

Ed Sheeran‘s No.6 Collaborations Project has finally arrived in all its glory, fronting some major features from Travis Scott, Bruno Mars, Chance The Rapper, Camila Cabello, H.E.R. and lots more. One track in particular, “Remember The Name” featuring Eminem and 50 Cent has just one line that has revealed to Ed’s fans that he’s ficially a married man.

Ed Sheeran Confirms He's Married On Eminem & 50 Cent Collab "Remember The Name"
Stephen Pond/Getty s

Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted/My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick,” Ed says on the track. In a recent conversation with Charlamagne Tha God, Ed explained how the lyrics were created even before he and Cherry Seaborn got married. 

“It was actually before me and Cherry got married, and I knew that we’d be married by the point that the song came out,” he said. “So I said, ‘Watch how the lyrics in this song might get twisted/My wife wears red but looks better without the lipstick.’ And I was like ’cause someone’s going to hear that and be like ‘Oh they’re married,’ and I didn’t know how that would be. But, obviously, it’s already come out.”

He added his wife: “I constantly wake up every day with Cherry and I’m just like, ‘Why the f–ck are you with me? You could literally be with whoever you wanted, and you’ve chosen me. And I’m saying all the things that I think are wrong with me, but you still want to be with me,'” he says. “And I just find that amazing.”

Stream the full tape here.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Off Insane Abs On "Hustlers" Set

The ficial trailer for Jennifer Lopez‘s latest blockbuster will be released next week but already, we’ve gotten more than enough teasers and photos from the set that we know what to expect. Hustlers is set to explore the world exotic dance and a few famous stars will be making cameos. Cardi B, who was a stripper before making music, has signed onto the production and Lizzo, who recently scored a new Top 10 single, is also on the cast. J-Lo has been training for this role for months and we can see all the work she’s been putting in inside the gym. Her abs are crazy toned right now and people are taking notice.

A few promo photos were released online yesterday, showing Lizzo, Cardi, J-Lo and others in character at the club. Lopez wears a bra and leggings in her shoot, drawing attention to her six-pack abdomen. The mother–two posed on a bed bricks, promoting her It’s My Party tour and proving that she still spends a lot time working out.

Jennifer Lopez remains one the baddest women in the world. Will you be going to check out her new movie Hustlers once it’s out? Stay tuned for the trailer next week.

Freddie Gibbs Wrote "Bandana" With The Intention Of Never Rapping Again & Created The Album Of The Year

Consistency is key in this rap game. Even one small step in the wrong direction can derail the whole plan. But in the case Freddie Gibbs, the minor setbacks have led him to the very point he’s at today. It’s the reason why he hasn’t lost his hunger over the years and the same reason why his latest album, Bandana, is as potent as it is.  

Back in 2014, Freddie Gibbs and Madlib released their joint album, Pinata. The two made up an unforeseen combination that created one the most hip-hop albums the decade. Five years later, and the two were back at it again with Bandana. But the project itself was created under dire circumstances. Freddie Gibbs believed this could be the last album he ever released to the public after he was falsely accused sexual assault in Austria in 2016. If convicted, he could’ve been behind bars for 10 years.

“As soon as I got out on bail, in Austria, I went to a studio out there,” he told HNHH. “I memorized a lot the beats so once I got them back, it was like getting my baby back. That’s how I got through that whole trial mentally, these beats and this music.”

Since his release, Gibbs simultaneously worked on Bandana while concocting his comeback project, You Only Live 2wice, as well as 2018’s Fetti with Curren$y and Alchemist. Bandana marks Gibbs major label debut, despite being in the game for over a decade. Up until now, he’s made a name for himself as an underground legend with Pinata only helping to solidify his cult following. 

We caught up with Freddie Gibbs over the phone where he spoke about his latest project, Bandana, drawing influence from Lil Baby and Gunna, his relationship with Nipsey Hussle, and more.

Freddie Gibbs Wrote "Bandana" With The Intention Of Never Rapping Again & Created The Album Of The Year
Photo By HNHH

HNHH: Yo, what’s good bro?

Freddie Gibbs: Hey, what’s going on my boy?

Nothing man. Appreciate you talking to me.

I appreciate y’all having me man. When y’all don’t wanna talk to me, then I’m gonna get worried.

Before we get into it, I remember it was your birthday when you were in Montreal and on your Instagram story, you were talking about somebody paying for your party bus. Did anybody do that for you?

Nah, they didn’t. They fucked me over man. 

They did fuck you over bro.

No party bus. I was highly disappointed. 

How have you not gotten banned f Instagram by now?

Because I’m in the Instagram mafia. They fuck with me. 

First f, congratulations on Bandana. I’ve been looking forward to it since you dropped Piñata. I’m a huge fan. 

Thank you bro. That’s crazy. 

It’s very dope. Every project since then is a new sound but you’re still giving the fans exactly what they want, you’re still dropping bars, you’re still giving the vivid raps that everyone loves you for. Why was it important to hold f on releasing Bandana until you had the major label backing?

I feel like this is one the most important albums right now, for this century, the 2000’s. I feel like I need to present it in the correct fashion. I think that what we are doing right now could probably change the game a little bit. 

Definitely. One thing that particularly caught my attention with this album compared to your previous albums, is that you’re almost talking from a birds-eye view. With every other project, you seemed to be giving a very active, view from the ground but this time, you’re overlooking everything that you’ve done and giving the reasons behind why you were doing it. With “Fake Names” specifically, you go through this dark place and then the beat switches and you hit a more breezy flow. How much that was Madlib’s intention? Was Madlib trying to challenge you or were you trying to challenge Madlib?

I was picking the beat switches because they were at places where I wanted to shift gears on the album. I wrote this album with an intention not ever rapping again because I thought I was gonna go to jail for ten years for that stupid shit. I was like “Alright, I gotta step outside myself and analyze myself,” because I was going through a lot pain at that time. I had to be like “Damn, what are you really doing? What are you in this for? If there’s a rap hall fame, are you going or are you just gonna be a drug dealer/rapper your whole career?” and I was like “Nah. Let me really zero-in here and focus on everything I have to do.” It worked out perfectly. Tunji gave me the opportunity to do something with a major label and never have to switch up. It was the perfect situation for me. My fans appreciate it because I didn’t sell them out. I gave them what I promised. That’s all I can ask for. Praise God.

Freddie Gibbs Wrote "Bandana" With The Intention Of Never Rapping Again & Created The Album Of The Year
Photo By HNHH

So at the end the day, thank God it didn’t, but say you did get that ten years and this was the last album you ever released, would you say this is the pinnacle Freddie Gibbs musically?

This is definitely the best project I’ve ever done but I felt that way when I made Piñata. I felt that way when I made You Only Live 2wice. I felt that way when I made Shadow a Doubt. I felt that way when I made all that shit. I feel like I get sharper and sharper every project. This is the best one because I’m the best at rapping that I’ve ever been. I’m in the best shape my career lyrically. I can do more things than I could five years ago.

Definitely. Even with “Freestyle Shit,” you’re using more melodies which is not new to your style but you’ve honed into that a lot more. Where do those inspirations for melodies come from?

Guys like Lil Baby, Gunna, the young cats man. I listen to their music. Of course, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony started all that shit so I definitely draw inspiration from Krayzie Bone and all those cats. They were the first with that style. Nowadays, I listen to guys like Lil Baby and Gunna. They got a lock on the melodic flow and I like that shit. I listen to some everything. It’s all inspiration. 

Getting back to the writing Bandana, after you beat the case and were exonerated, was there any part it that you felt you had to go back and rewrite or rerecord? Or did you want it to be as raw as possible?

I always keep it raw. 

I know that happened a few years ago, was there any touch up in between that time?

Nah. When I came home, I probably added a couple songs but everything was raw. “Crime Pays” was the first song I did. Shoutout to Sophie, I got to shoutout Sophie every interview because when I was over there, she helped me out a whole lot. She made sure I got in the studio so, without her, this album probably wouldn’t have even happened. So, shoutout to Sophie over there in Austria. Once I got in the studio over there, I memorized a lot the beats so once I got them back, it was like getting my baby back. That’s how I got through that whole trial mentally, these beats and this music. 

That makes this album a lot more meaningful. With so many songs, you can tell the amount intimacy and the things going on in your life at the time. A few days ago, Lambo posted pictures from the sessions and said you and Nipsey Hussle were in the same studio building while you were recording Bandana and he was recording Victory Lap. Both projects are super great and will likely be the albums that come to mind when people think both you respectively. What was the energy like in the studio and do you have any particular memories running into Nipsey at the studio?

Yeah. We were bumping into each other every day. We were so locked into our shit that we didn’t get anything done. I wish we had got a track done. I wish we could’ve gotten a track done a long time ago because I’ve known Nipsey since 2009 so it sucks. Every time I hear his music now, I kind get sad. I can’t say enough about Nip. I was recording Bandana upstairs so we’d be in the kitchen every day. We’d be bringing different chefs. Shoutout to Mr. Fries. He was coming through a lot with the lobster fries. Nipsey was having him come up. I remember we had both just got a Benz. I just got an S-Class and Nip had the Maybach and I was like “Damn, yo shit longer than mine.” He’d park his shit in front the studio every day and I’d park mine in the gate. I’d say “Why you not parking in the gate? You crazy as fuck.” He was like “Nah, it’s all good.” Then somebody walked past and scratched his Maybach up and we were laughing about that. I got a lot respect for Nip and the things he was doing in the community. Musically, he was coming into his own. He was Grammy-nominated and was about to take f. Rest in peace. 

Definitely.  I know you’ve previously said that if you weren’t rapping you’d be a teacher and on “Education,” you, Yasiin Bey, and Black Thought were dropping a lot game and historical references. Do you ever see teaching in your future? Is that something you’d still be interested in?

Hell yeah. I would definitely do that. I’d probably have to go back to school but fuck it. I would definitely do that. I could see myself doing that when I retire.

So, “Palmolive” is the big track on there and probably the most anticipated collaboration in a very long time. I know you’ve been asking to do shit with Pusha T for a long time. Was it a strategic move for you to get this track on Bandana or did you guys just get it in when you had the chance?

I wanted to get him on a Madlib beat, to be honest with you. That was my goal. I thought that would make the biggest impact. I think that song is a classic. Pusha T, Black Thought, Mos Def, and all these guys played an integral, vital part this project. Without those features, I don’t think it would be the same. They added the extra sauce that I needed. I’m forever grateful to those guys. It was an honor rapping next to Push. I think that we both went f. I get goosebumps when I listen to that song. I think we hit it on the head. We A&R’d that shit. Me and Lambo got all the features we needed to get.

How did Killer Mike come into play for the hook?

Oh man, that’s big bro. He blessed me. We just put the hook together and it was a wrap. We made the song work.

I feel like Piñata encapsulated everything dope in the underground during that era, that 2012 to 2015. But with this one, it was more curated in that sense. I know you recorded during that period in Austria. When you were able to start thinking about features, did you think “We should just cut it down and tell my story,” or was it more like “I’m gonna make sure this is done correctly,” like you didn’t want to saturate it with features?

No, not at all. At first, I wasn’t gonna do any features but the right ones were coming in so I took it. Once Mos Def sent a verse, I was like “Okay cool, we can do features.” 

How did you get that Mos Def verse?

If I tell you that, I’d have to kill you. 

I know you said the same shit with the Gucci Mane feature back in the day. I’m gonna trust the powers that be. 

We got it. It’s some mob shit. Shoutout to Yasiin Bey. I appreciate him so much. 

I was watching your Boiler Room set and I was wondering if you’d smoked any Kurupt’s Moon Rocks since then.

No, I don’t. 

No? Never again.

Not with Kurupt and that shit he smokes. That shit is too much. I don’t want no drugs in my system like that. That Moon Rocks shit too much. I can’t fuck with that shit.

Fair enough. With Bandana out, what’s the next move? I assume there’s a tour in place.

There’s gonna be a tour. I’m just living in the moment right now. We letting it breathe. We think we got a classic on our hands, hopefully, a Grammy nomination. That’d be great. I think it’s the best rap album the year, no shade at anybody but no cap either. 

I know you mentioned Montana will be the final installment in this trilogy, is this another album we’ll have to wait five years for? 

I don’t know man. With this major label thing I got going on now, they might want me to put it out soon. I got it so it ain’t no problem. 

I’m looking forward to it.

I appreciate that.

Thank you so much for talking with me. Congratulations once again. 

Thank you bro. I appreciate it.


Toni Braxton Testifies Against Alleged Thief Of Birdman’s $1 Million Engagement Ring

TMZ has learned that Toni Braxton has taken that stand against the alleged thief who stole her $1 engagement sing while tending to her baggage claims at LAX. The ring in question, bestowed to her by Bryan “Birdman” Williams Cash Money fame, was but one several items allegedly stolen by the cleaning staff working her flight from JFK to LAX.

Besides the engagement ring valued at $1 million, Braxton also lost four watches, two which figured to be Rolex’s, one a Cartier, the other unspecified. The singer was also rinsed two pairs vintage earrings, bringing the theft to $2.5 million in total value (lost). The incident is alleged to have transpired in February 2018 while aboard the aforementioned New York to Los Angeles, as evidenced by the Twitter trail she retroactively left behind some months later.

Toni Braxton stands opposite (in court) the man accused orchestrating the theft her belongings – a member a cleaning staff working the flight. An investigation into the alleged theft was successful in yielding a testimony from three separate Delta employees, all claiming to have witnessed the defendant pull the engagement ring from right under Braxton’s luggage. The singer is said to have “treaded lightly” throughout her testimony, in the hopes appealing to the accused, and getting her items returned in one piece – before they hit the resale market.

Busta Rhymes Swings — & Misses — On Man Who Calls Him Homophobic Slur

New York, NY – Busta Rhymes squared up with a couple of men who called him a homophobic slur — right in front of a police officer. The incident occurred on Wednesday morning (July 10) in New York City after the two men attempted to say “hello” to Busta.

In video obtained by TMZ, Busta is talking to the NYPD officer as the two men — dressed in reflective construction vests — surround the Hip Hop vet, yelling at him.

One of the men calls Busta a “faggot” and that’s when he swings. Although he comes close, Busta fails to make contact with the man. The officer steps in between them and the video stops.

The two men later filed a harassment report on Busta, claiming he was the aggressor. One of the men said Busta told them, “I will fuck you up.” The man also explained he felt threatened and dropped his phone out of fear.

Source say police didn’t witness anything the man alleged. Subsequently, there’s no further investigation.

Busta’s anger has gotten the best of him before. In January, he was involved in an altercation with a man after he allegedly hit on his wife. Then in October 2017, he got into a heated argument during the REVOLT conference in Miami.

#DXCLUSIVE: "Wannabe Rapper" MGK Dissed Fires Back With "Hotel Dia-Blow Me" Single

In the midst of the Eminem versus Machine Gun Kelly beef last year, aspiring Boise rapper DAv1d decided to recruit D12 rapper Bizarre for his own MGK diss “Sniper (Fuck Machine Guns).”

Fast-forward to July and MGK has added Hotel Diablo to his discography. On the track “Floor 13,” DAv1d is convinced Kelly disses him with the line, “I just spent too many minutes
watching little videos of shitty wannabe rappers dissing me.”

In return, DAv1d is back with “Hotel Dia-Blow Me,” another diss aimed at the Bird Box actor.

“Eminem has been very important to me, he helped me through a lot of hard shit, shit I don’t know if I’ll ever discuss,” he explains to HipHopDX. “I’m always gonna be grateful to him. When MGK released ‘Rap Devil,’ it really burned me, more than I honestly thought it would and that’s why I wrote ‘Sniper.’

“I knew Marshall [Mathers] would be able to handle his own beef, but I needed to express myself.”

DAv1d continues, “With this second track, honestly it’s not so much about the anger anymore, I felt personally attacked, but that’s never been the type of shit that bothered me. This is just battle. Send a subliminal? I’m not just gonna let shit slide. I can murder anybody on a beat.

“Kelly got me going. Pussy better follow up on his shit tho.”

Listen to the single above.

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up

The 2019 ESPYs have come and gone, but the party wasn’t without its moments. Some our favorite athletes came together at the Microst Theater in Los Angeles to celebrate each other’s accomplishments as a few hoped to take home a trophy or two their own. For the second time this week, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team took home a trophy as they won both the Women’s World Cup and Best Team at the ESPYs.

Milwaukee Bucks star player Giannis Antetokounmpo recently was named the MVP at the NBA Awards, so it wasn’t surprising that he was bestowed the trophies for Best Male Athlete and Best NBA Player. United States Women’s National Soccer Team player Alex Morgan was named Best Female Athlete and was the only member her team to win an award as a single person.

Best Female Tennis Player went to Serena Williams while Best WNBA Player was given to the Seattle Storm’s Breanna Stewart. There are also a number “Best Moments” on the list, so make sure to check those out along with the other winners and let us know if the deserving players were recognized.

Meanwhile, the red carpet was abuzz with celebrities, including Russell Wilson, Ciara, Dwight Howard, Odell Beckham Jr., Sugar Ray Leonard, Lonzo Ball, Takef, Quavo, Usher, Stephon Gilmore, Paul Pierce, and many more.

Here’s the full list winners as provided by PEOPLE:

Best Male Athlete: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

Best Female Athlete: Alex Morgan, USWNT

Best Breakthrough Athlete: Saquon Barkley, New York Giants

Best Team: U.S. Women’s National Team, soccer

Best Game: Rams defeat Chiefs on Monday Night Football

Best Play: Katelyn Ohashi

Best Viral Sports Moment: Katelyn Ohashi

Best Comeback: St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup

Best College Athlete: Zion Williamson, Duke men’s basketball

Best Record-breaking Performance: Saints’ Drew Brees becomes all-time passing leader

Best Esports Moment (Finals): Timothy “oLARRY” Anselimo returns to 2K League after surviving Jacksonville shooting

Best Upset: Andy Ruiz Jr. defeats Anthony Joshua

Best WWE Moment: Roman Reigns returns to WWE Raw and announces his Leukemia is in remission

Best NFL Player: Patrick Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs

Best MLB Player: Christian Yelich, Milwaukee Brewers

Best NHL Player: Alexander Ovechkin, Washington Capitals

Best NBA Player: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks

Best WNBA Player: Breanna Stewart, Seattle Storm

Best International Men’s Soccer Player: Lionel Messi, Argentina

Best International Women’s Soccer Player: Sam Kerr, Australia

Best Male Tennis Player: Roger Federer

Best Female Tennis Player: Serena Williams

Best Male Golfer: Brooks Koepka

Best Female Golfer: Brooke Henderson

Best Boxer: Canelo Álvarez

Best Bowler: Norm Duke

Best Jockey: Mike Smith

Best Driver: Kyle Busch, NASCAR

Best MMA Fighter: Daniel Cormier

Best Male Action Sports Athlete: Nyjah Houston, United States, skateboard

Best Female Action Sports Athlete: Chloe Kim, United States, snowboard

Best Female Athlete with a Disability: Allysa Seely

Best Male Athlete with a Disability: Mark Barr

Best MLS Player: Zlatan Ibrahimovic, L.A. Galaxy

Best NWSL Player: Sam Kerr

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Sugar Ray Leonard – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Odell Beckham Jr. – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Russell Wilson & Ciara – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Laila Ali – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Dwight Howard – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Rob Gronkowski – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Paul Pierce – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Evander Kane – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Stephon Gilmore – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Darren “DMo” Moore and Lonzo Ball – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Takef & Quavo Migos – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Roman Reigns – Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Giannis Antetokounmpo – Rich Fury/Getty s

2019 ESPYS Winners List & Red Carpet Photo Round-Up
Women’s National U.S. Soccer Team – Rich Fury/Getty s

Ja Rules Denied Motion To Dismiss Fyre Festival Lawsuit: Report

Fyre Festival will go down in history which means that Ja Rule‘s name will forever be attached to the failed festival. He seems okay with it ultimately since he stands by the potential the festival had if Billy MacFarland didn’t scam everyone. The rapper tried to file a motion requesting a dismissal the lawsuit accusing him defrauding Fyre Festival attendees but the judge isn’t having it.

Ja Rules Denied Motion To Dismiss Fyre Festival Lawsuit: Report
Allen Berezovsky/Getty s

According to TMZ, a judge denied Ja Rule’s motion to dismiss the case filed by Fyre Festival ticketholders. Ja was sued for defrauding thousands ticket buyers who accused the rapper finessing people into buying tickets through his social media posts. The judge is now moving forward but it wasn’t all bad news for Ja. The judge did happen to agree that there isn’t any pro that the alleged fake social media posts couldn’t be traced back to him or they simply aren’t defined as a fraud with the exception one. The day before Fyre Festival was supposed to launch, Ja Rule tweeted, “The stage is set!!! In less than 24 hours, the first annual Fyre Festival begins. #festivallife.”

Unfortunately, this tweet might be his downfall. According to documents, the people suing Ja Rule said that by the time the rapper sent out the tweet, a lot the performers were told by Ja Rule and the Fyre Festival organizers not to attend.

A$AP Rocky Cancels July Tour Dates Due To Detention In Swedish Jail

Stockholm, Sweden – The recent arrest of A$AP Rocky has derailed his European tour. In a statement issued to the Barcelona-based Sonar Festival, Rocky’s team announced he would be missing all of his scheduled dates for the month of July.

“A$AP Rocky is being detained in a Swedish jail for an unknown period of time for acting in self-defense during an altercation that took place,” his team said. “Due to this unfortunate situation he is forced to cancel his European festival and tour dates in July.”

Rocky was originally supposed to be performing Wednesday (July 10) in Moscow, Russia. He’s also had to cancel his Splash! Festival gig in Germany this Friday (July 12) as well as events in the Ukraine, Belgium and Italy. He was already forced to miss July dates in Norway, Poland and the United Kingdom.

Currently, Rocky is being detained in a Swedish jail while prosecutors determined whether to file assault charges against him. The jail reportedly has inhumane living conditions as Rocky is allegedly sleeping on a yoga mat without a blanket, being given dirty water, inedible food and been exposed to feces thrown by a prisoner in another cell.

The A$AP Mob member is facing potential assault charges in Sweden after he and his crew were involved in a street brawl, which was caught on video. Rocky claims two men were following him throughout Stockholm and his actions were in self-defense.

Freddie Gibbs Sheds Tears Discussing False Imprisonment In Rare MadGibbs Interview

The brilliant partnership Madlib and Freddie Gibbs recently dropped f Bandana, a strong contender for album the year thus far. Today, Gibbs stopped by Hot 97 to check in with Peter Rosenberg, who consistently showed his support throughout a trying time. The impact Bandana is certainly not lost on Gibbs, who wrote the majority the project while facing ten years in prison over a false accusation. “Just to be here with you dawg,” says Gibbs. “I know three years where I was at.” He proceeds to thank Rosenberg for supporting him during a tough time, getting visibly emotional as he speaks.

“I know what I did to make this project,” he says. “There was a lot bad nights. A lot rough nights. A lot things that I didn’t want to see.” Tears begin to flow. “Things I still deal with mentally. This album was a form therapy. It was therapeutic. I said a lot things on this record that maybe I wouldn’t have said if I wasn’t facing ten years in prison. This album is my baby. It got me back to my babies. It got me back to being who I’m supposed to be.”

“I wrote eighty percent this when I was in the cell,” says Gibbs. “Jail, it is what it is. I’m a man. If I would have went to jail for some drug shit or whatever, it is what it is. I can take that on the chin and do it. But I couldn’t sit in there for no shit like that. That’s what was really breaking me. To come out that, just sitting with you bro, I don’t take a second, a day, a minute, none that for granted.” 

Freddie Gibbs Sheds Tears Discussing False Imprisonment In Rare MadGibbs Interview

Scott Dudelson/Getty s

Afterward, Rosenberg pulls out an additional surprise, bringing the elusive Madlib into the fold for a rare radio interview. Upon his arrival, the bromance becomes evident, as MadGibbs share an epic embrace. “I just do the music,” says Madlib, revealing hasn’t done a radio interview in ten-plus years. “My favorite rapper, dead or alive,” says Madlib, on his rhyming partner. “I knew his stuff, when he was on the XXL cover, I knew all his stuff.” These days, however, Madlib is far less concerned with what’s happening in the culture. “When I’m out in the club I hear what’s going on,” he shrugs. 

Rosenberg remarks that Bandana carried on the legacy once sparked by JayLib, Madlib’s partnership with J. Dilla. “Yes sir,” agrees the producer. “I’m very proud this album. I cleared all the samples for once!” Luckily, Bandana is but one many chapters. “There’s gon’ be volumes this,” confirms Gibbs. “This ain’t gon’ ever stop.”

Dame Dash Wants To Deprogram "Slave Mentality" On New BET Show

There’s another entertainment competition show on the block, and this time it’s being presented by BET. The network’s new series The Next Big Thing is a show hosted by Charlamagne the God and features a handful young, talented aspiring entertainers who are hoping to become the next chart-topping artist. 

The Next Big Thing has their panel mentors that include hip hop mogul Dame Dash, Vice President A&R at EMPIRE Tina Davis, and super-producer Zaytoven. There will also be a bevy recognizable guests who come in to help the artists along their journey including Joe Budden, the late Nipsey Hussle, Remy Ma, and Tamar Braxton.

If you’re familiar with Dame, you’ll know that he can ten be a challenging personality that goes against the tide. He may not be everyone’s cup tea, but the man knows how to make money, make money. His time as one the Roc Nation leading forces was an era in hip hop that created dozens hits, but not everyone is just going to let Dame have his way.

“You know, Damon, he has a point to prove, and he’s going to make sure that you hear it,” Tina Davis told BET. “Everybody is going to hear what Dame feels, and for me, I felt like, not everybody can just, shut it down. He keeps going, and you can’t just, shut him down. I’m not saying I shut him down all the time, but I will say that I stood my ground. I’m not going to sit there and just let you talk me to death.”

In an interview with TheGrio, Dame shared that he wasn’t going to fall in line just because he’s on a television show. “I’ve never been one to try to be accepted at another person’s table because I’ve got to live by their rules which usually don’t coincide with mine and they’re usually not in my best interest. They don’t behoove me. As yet this industry has been built to exploit us for our benefits or for us to get our benefits taken for us not to be able to reap the fruits them. It’s a different time. We’re aware because the Internet and that direct-to-consumer relationship and all the information that people have and the different kinds platforms, there’s really no excusing letting anybody rob you these days,” he explains.”

“So this is a day building your own table if you’re built for that,” Dame continued. “If you have a boss mentality, if you’re not running around being controlled by patterns that we’re born into where we don’t have choices. I consider that a slave mentality. Any chance I get on any platform I get, BET other, I’m going to promote this deprogramming the slavery mentality keeping us in line. Us all thinking we have to do the same thing to fit in and all these rules, down to education that we live by today were all implemented by people that had slaves. So why do we listen to rules that we know were made to control our mind because they couldn’t control our physical? It’s illegal to physically enslave somebody but to mentally enslave someone is not illegal. It’s really your choice. So my thing is to make you aware that slavery mentality that needs to be broken and deprogrammed at all times.”

Air Jordan 1 UNC/Obsidian Blue New Release Details Announced

Jordan Brand has another UNC-themed Air Jordan 1 on tap for later this Summer, this time featuring a Sail and Obsidian Blue combination throughout the leather upper.

UNC blue handles a portion the ankle collar, heel and “Nike Air” branding on the tongue the upcoming Air Jordan 1, while obsidian blue takes on the Nike swoosh, as well as the trim around the sail-colored silhouette.

Air Jordan 1 UNC/Obsidian Blue New Release Details Announced

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC Blue/HanZuYing

Nike has not yet announced ficial release details but it is believed the “Sail/Obsidian-University Blue” Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG will now be available on August 31. The kicks, priced at $160, were originally rumored to drop two weeks prior.

Scroll down for some additional photos while we await the ficial release info.

Air Jordan 1 UNC/Obsidian Blue New Release Details Announced

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC Blue/HanZuYing

Air Jordan 1 UNC/Obsidian Blue New Release Details Announced

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC Blue/HanZuYing

Air Jordan 1 UNC/Obsidian Blue New Release Details Announced

Air Jordan 1 Obsidian UNC Blue/HanZuYing

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official Images

Adidas has ficially launched Donovan Mitchell’s first signature sneaker, the Adidas D.O.N Issue #1, and there are plenty Spider-Man themed colorways in the pipeline, including the “Symbiote Spider-Man” iteration. 

The kicks, priced at $100, are slated to launch on July 18.

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas

The D.O.N (Determination Over Negativity) Issue #1 nods to Mitchell’s “Spida” nickname and his love for comics, hence the “Issue #1” moniker. The “Symbiote Spider-Man” colorway comes equipped with a shock pink, core black, white and silver color scheme, complete with teeth as fierce as the character they’re inspired by. 

“Determination Over Negativity is a belief that anything is possible no matter who you are or where you come from,” said Mitchell. “I wanted this sneaker to be a symbol that – for the kid who believes they can do anything.”

Continue scrolling for an unboxing the OG colorway, as well as ficial photos the “Symbiote Spider-Man” D.O.N Issue #1.

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 "Symbiote Spider-Man" Release Date, Official s

Adidas D.O.N Issue #1 Symbiote Spider-Man/Adidas