Tee Grizzley Speaks Out Following Aunt/Manager’s Shooting Death

Detroit, MI – Only a few days after Tee Grizzley’s manager was killed in a Detroit shooting, the Motor City rapper has spoken out about her untimely death. On Friday (August 23), Tee shared a video of 41-year-old Jobina Brown to his Instagram account.

“Since I was 12,” he wrote in the caption. “We been going everywhere together how you gone go to heaven without me???? Idek what to say JB I just wanted to show the world yo smile I love you so much.”

In the clip, Brown doesn’t realize Tee is filming her but once she does, she smiles and quickly covers her face.

Several of Tee’s peers sent words of encouragement in the comment section.

Fetty Wap wrote, “She watching over you now bro keep showin out for her,” while PnB Rock said, “YOU GOT A HELLUVA ANGEL NOW BRO.”

Casanova, Moneybagg Yo, Young Ma, Fabolous, Asian Da Brat and Jay Rock showed their support as well.

Brown was shot and killed on Tuesday night (August 20) after a gunman opened fire on their Cadillac Escalade. Tee and the driver weren’t hit, but Brown was struck multiple times and ultimately succumbed to her wounds.

Instagram Gallery: An Introduction To Lil Tecca

Just as the leagues rappers before him who used their SoundCloud popularity as a springboard to mainstream success, Lil Tecca is now fully in the spotlight as an up-and-coming artist to watch. At just 16-years-old, the Queens-bred rapper currently boasts the No. 8 spot on the coveted Billboard Hot 100 chart with his breakout hit “Ran$om,” a followup to viral hits like “Molly Girl” and “Bossanova.” Riding the hot-right-now wave melodic rap as an entry point into the industry, Lil Tecca’s dulcet beats and goy, down-to-earth social media personality signal staying power far beyond his teen peers who found fame just as quickly.

“I just be chilling on the internet, really,” says Tecca his vibrant Instagram following. “And I don’t go to the internet to do the most. I try to not look at what anyone else does and just stay in my own lane. Like tunnel vision, you feel me? I’m not looking at everyone else. So yeah, everything you see from me on the internet, it’s coming from me. It’s not coming from no one else.” 

“The internet is a place where it’s very easy to get attention. It’s a good thing, but it can be bad,” he continues, rounding his surprisingly balanced outlook regarding the marriage between internet popularity and track performance. “That’s why I don’t talk about dumb stuff on Instagram. There’s so many people watching. I don’t think I’m a face for the youth, but they like me, I guess.”

If you haven’t vibed yet to the cool, laid-back vibe Lil Tecca’s melodic rap anthem well on its way to the top the Billboard 100, keep reading for an Instagram introduction to this young artist on the rise. 


1,000,000 views is a major accomplishment, especially for a teenager who is just starting to explore his own sound. 

Live Show 

Judging by the way Tecca commanded the crowd at this Chicago show, he is far from just an “internet rapper.” 


Tecca wasn’t lying when he told Billboard that he “really fuck swith YBN. They’re fire. I be talking to Nahmir and he’s funny.” 

2x Platinum 

Here, Tecca links up with Menohbeats, a 2x platinum producer best known for linking up with Lil Skies.


Even in the studio, Tecca knew that his breakout “Ran$om” was a chart-worthy hit. 

Taz Taylor 

Incredibly, Lil Tecca’s work in the studio has even caught the attention Grammy-nominated producer Taz Taylor who has worked with hip-hop heavyweights like Drake and Future

You Made It 

Proud to take note his accomplishments, Lil Tecca couldn’t help but shout out one the first times his social media popularity filtered into digital media. 

Love Me 

Now boasting nearly 7 million views on Youtube, Tecca’s got another hit on his hands with “Love Me.” Here, the rapper gets down in the studio while putting the finishing touches on the track. 


For a NY artist, there’s nothing quite like seeing an ad for your hit single in Times Square. 


Here’s a behind-the-scenes shot the visual for “Ran$om” which is sure to soon break the 100,000,000 mark (with a tongue-in-cheek caption referencing his happy ending fer).  

Team USA Loses Kyle Kuzma To Ankle Injury, Finalizes World Cup Roster

The news just keeps getting worse for Team USA. After literally losing a baker’s dozen player personnel to “other commitments” their depleted roster came up short in their 2nd 2 rendez-vous with the Australian national team, led by Patty Mills the San Antonio Spurs no less. The exhibition loss marked the end a 78-game win streak for the US Men’s Basketball outfit.

Team USA Loses Kyle Kuzma To Ankle Injury, Finalizes World Cup Roster

Kelly Defina/Getty s

Then, it was announced that a left ankle injury would prevent Kyle Kuzma from participating in the upcoming FIBA World Cup – after much deliberation over his role within the team. With bigs like Tobias Harris, Kevin Love and Anthony Davis opting out at their earliest convenience – Kuzma looked set to take up a primary role on the fensive side the floor, his deficiencies masked by the nuclear presence P.J. Tucker.

Seeing as Kuzma was one 13 players participating in camp when the medical decision was rendered, Team USA’s roster kind finalized itself. The 12-man lineup, as coached by Gregg Popovich, is comprised Harrison Barnes (Sacramento Kings), Jaylen Brown (Boston Celtics), Joe Harris (Brooklyn Nets), Brook Lopez (Milwaukee Bucks), Khris Middleton (Bucks), Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz), Mason Plumlee (Denver Nuggets), Marcus Smart (Celtics), Jayson Tatum (Celtics), Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers), Kemba Walker (Celtics) and coach’s pet Derrick White (San Antonio Spurs).

Hasbro Toys Now Owns Death Row Records

Death Row Records has reportedly been acquired by the Hasbro toy company, the same entity responsible for several classic toys such as Mr. Potato Head, My Little Pony and G.I. Joe.

According to Rolling Stone, Hasbro announced on Thursday (August 22) they had purchased Entertainment One, a multimedia company that owns the children’s franchises Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

eOne also has a music division, which just happens to be one of the largest independent labels in the industry. During this year’s first quarter, the company took in $30 million worth of revenue.

“Hasbro will leverage eOne’s immersive entertainment capabilities to bring our portfolio of brands that have appeal to gamers, fans and families to all screens globally and realize full franchise economics across our blueprint strategy for shareholders,” CEO Brian Goldner told Deadline. “We are excited to welcome eOne’s talented employees from around the world into the Hasbro family.”

eOne has owned Death Row’s catalog for several years. The company spent roughly $280 million to buy it in 2013, seven years after the legendary Hip Hop label was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Toys Against The World?

Doja Cat Speaks On Cardi B "Press" Controversy, Jermaine Dupri & Hentai

When Cardi B first previewed her hit single “Press” last year, her fans couldn’t wait to hear the full version. Now that the song has been out for a few months, it’s become a favorite for the BardiGang who just keeps on running up the superstar’s streams. Doja Cat earned some backlash when she hopped onto a live-stream and started singing along to the song, imitating Cardi’s high-energy flow. During the video, Doja praises the singer but when the clip was shared online, it was edited to include only the parts where she’s seemingly making fun her. She was recently on Big Boy’s radio show to clear up the controversy, telling her fans that she has since spoken to Cardi and they’re fine.

Doja Cat Speaks On Cardi B "Press" Controversy, Jermaine Dupri & Hentai

Touching on what happened that day, Doja says that she had just downed an energy drink and was feeling hyper. When she got into the car, she decided to sing along to “Press” after it came on the radio and that’s when people started pitting her against Bardi, even sending death threats to the artist. She says that, when she finally got a chance to meet up with Cardi, the two discussed what happened.

“I spoke to Cardi and she was really sweet and understanding,” said Doja. “She’s a smart woman and she probably makes fun her friends and other celebrities when she’s either hopped up on caffeine or lit.”

The singer then goes on to critique how hip-hop ten pits women against each other, which is unfortunately accurate, before discussing Jermaine Dupri‘s comments about the state female rap. Watch the full interview below, where she even speaks on hentai near the end.

Fetty Wap Makes Major Announcement After Being Accused Of "Falling Off"

If you’ve been waiting around for New jersey singer Fetty Wap to re-emerge from the shadows, it’s about to happen because the star has just announced his plans for a comeback. Much like Soulja Boy did last year, Fetty is prepping himself for a late takeover in 2019, hoping that his upcoming body work is good enough to get him back into the conversation. After appearing on stage during 50 Cent’s Power premiere at Madison Square Garden, the rapper got clowned in the comments section for “falling f.” Fif actually defended his friend by saying he simply was having issues with his contract and once he figured things out, he’d be back in the game. It all happened pretty quickly because now, the man already has plans for his takeover. 

After posting a photo himself to social media, Fetty’s fans rushed to the comments to ask when they can expect some new music and he actually delivered. One person asked him what would be coming next and Fetty divulged all the details in a reply. “Album October,” he wrote. “No more games.”

Clearly, the singer is done with being an underrated figure in the industry. He knows his worth and he’s well aware that his voice is one the most unique we’ve ever heard. Welcome back, Fetty. Can’t wait to hear it!

Fetty Wap Makes Major Announcement After Being Accused Of "Falling Off"

Stevie J & Joseline Hernandez Come Together For Family Photo After Custody Battle

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez have been disagreeing for some time when it comes to the custody their daughter. Things started when Stevie accused Joseline keeping their daughter away from him forcing him to file for full custody claiming he was concerned for his daughter’s wellbeing. A few weeks later after Stevie got a court order to visit his daughter in Miami, Joseline still kept him away from her leading to her arrest and little Bonnie Bella put in the custody her father.

Joseline clapped back and requested her daughter be returned home immediately but by the looks the duo’s latest shares on Instagram, they’ve finally come to an understanding when it comes to their daughter. As per a post shared by Stevie, you can see Joseline seated next to her new man with Stevie, friends and their daughter all at one restaurant table. 

In another image, Joseline and her new man pose with Stevie and his wife Faith Evans as well as their daughter. “Amazing show tonight #FaithEvans #StevieJ #goodvibes #philly,” she captioned the image. 

Clearly, the exes have reached an agreement that will benefit them when it comes to time spent with their daughter and that’s only good news for Bonnie Bella.

Kodak Black Pleads Guilty to Federal Weapons Charges

Kodak Black has pleaded guilty to federal weapons charges.

The 22-year-old rapper entered the plea at a hearing in Miami federal court on Thursday, reports ABC News. He originally had pleaded not guilty.

In May, Black was charged with crimes including making false statements on federal forms to purchase three firearms. Prosecutors say a weapon purchased by Black was found at the scene of the Pompano Beach shooting.

Black faces up to eight years in prison. A federal judge denied his request for bond saying he was “danger to the community” based on his lengthy criminal record.

He will remain in a federal detention center in Miami until his sentencing on Nov. 13.

Additionally, the “ZEZE” hitmaker also faces drug, weapons, and sexual assault charges in other states.

Wendy Williams Cancels 4 More Tour Stops; Atlanta Stadium Issues Statement

Wendy Williams For the Record…Umm Hmm! tour has completely tanked since she’s now cancelled four tour stops. She first rescheduled some shows at the top the month and was seen partying until early hours in the morning instead. Two weeks later her New Jersey tour stops were cancelled due to “conflicting schedules” and now another set shows in Atlanta are f the docket. 

Wendy Williams Cancels 4 More Tour Stops; Atlanta Stadium Issues Statement
Robin Marchant/Getty s

Page Six reports that both Atlanta shows were set to take place at the city’s Symphony Hall on September 6th and 7th. The venue has provided a statement on their reason for the cancellation detailing how the “purpose the tour has been sidelined” by the numerous headlines. 

“We always want to be able to give the fans the best show ever. With that said, the same excitement, intensity and headlines that fueled Wendy Williams and Friends presents For The Record Umm Hmmm Comedy Tour has also fueled the cancellation the scheduled show,” the statement reads. “Unfortunately, the goal and purpose the tour has been sidelined by the headlines. The show may be canceled, but Wendy’s commitment and love for all the fans that support her and continue to support her never will. It is our utmost goal to return to the marketplace in the future. Ticket holders can receive refunds at the point purchase.”

We can only hope Wendy picks things up and her shows start bringing in the crowds she’s used to so no more cancellations are announced. 

Lil Uzi Vert Agrees To Pay College Student’s $90K Tuition Under Certain Conditions

One college student may have just gotten his big break provided by none other than Lil Uzi Vert. The rapper recently shared that he has been enduring a rough time as his grandmother, the woman who raised him, has been ill in the hospital for months now. He expressed that while he’s been flexing his wealth on social media lately, internally, he’s struggling quite a bit.

Uzi knows the pressure being stressed, so when a college student half-jokingly, half-seriously asked for the rapper to pay his tuition, Uzi was ready to make it happen. “Can you pay for my college tuition?” the man yelled to Uzi as the rapper walked by with his entourage. Surprisingly, Uzi turns around and asks, “How much is your college tuition?” The man tells him he’s a student at Temple University and it costs $90K. “I could pay for that,” Uzi says, tentatively. “But, this is the thing, though. If I pay for your college tuition, are you gonna finish college or are you gonna bullsh*t?”

“Nah,” the guy replied. “One hundred percent, I don’t bullsh*t. I’ll finish.” Uzi wanted to know what his Instagram name was and the man told him. “Make sure you show me all your transcripts. Everything. Show me all your papers and everything and you can get $90,000 from me…if you don’t show me, you won’t get $90 grand. You gotta show me pro.”

The college student promised he would send Uzi all the information he requested. Hopefully, he doesn’t miss out on this opportunity and follows through with Uzi.

Powers Pleasant Drops "Life Is Beautiful" EP Featuring Joey Bada$$, G Perico & More

Pro Era DJ/producer Powers Pleasant has stepped into the foreground with his debut EP Life Is Beautiful. Powers first told HipHopDX about the eight-track entry during a Joey Bada$$ show in Denver last year and now, it’s finally come to fruition.

Boasting features from Joey, G Perico, Buddy, A$AP Ferg, IDK, Denzel Curry and The Underachievers, among others, the project is a wild rollercoaster ride of West Coast gangsta rap, East Coast boom bap and raw, in-your-face anthems.

As for the title Life Is Beautiful, Powers chose it very carefully.

“It’s a reminder to stay positive and to see the best in everything and not get brought down by things that might not be positive,” Powers tells DX. “It’s about keeping your eyes on the prize through the sun and the rain.

“‘Life is a beautiful’ is a common thing I used to say a lot. People would think I was saying it for everyone else, but a lot of time I was saying it to myself, to see the beauty in everything. There’s definitely been some challenges and some ups and downs, but me saying that consistently and doing that got me through it.”

Combined with the cover art — which was inspired by Malcolm Browne’s iconic photo of a self-immolating monk — the project is a well-thought-out juxtaposition of the positives and negatives of life.

“That’s me in the photo actually,” he says. “That’s funny. Nobody really notices. That [photo] was the inspiration for the cover, and I think I’m kind of a pyro so I think fire is cool. The monk, positivity and protest — it’s a lot of different things in one. Then there’s the skull in the background and it’s kind of distorted.”

The album’s lead single, “Can’t Fucc Wit It” featuring G Perico and Buddy, recently got the video treatment and the song itself is a clear standout. Powers says he made the beat in one night.

“I was at a session with G Perico and it was my first time working with him,” he explains. “I’m from New York, but he came through like super L.A. with the Jheri curls dripping and a shower cap on. He’s like 100 percent himself.

“So, he came in and I think I was playing some beats. It was cool and he rapped over one beat. It was dope, but I was like, ‘Nah, I gotta to give him some real crazy West Coast shit.’ I just fed off the energy of his vibe and I made that shit in one night.”

Powers, who just signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, has his eyes firmly set on the future.

But for now, check out the Life Is Beautiful album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Powers Pleasant Drops "Life Is Beautiful" EP Featuring Joey Bada$$, G Perico & More

  1. Sway’s Intro
  2. Vintage Chanel f. Joey Bada$$ & Kirk Knight
  3. Please Forgive f. Denzel Curry, IDK & Zillakami
  4. Can’t Fucc Wit It f. G Perico & Buddy
  5. Pull Up f. Joey Bada$$ & A$AP Ferg
  6. Hit My Line f. Jay Critch, Joey Bada$$ & AKTHESAVIOR
  7. Purified f. Joey Bada$$, CJ Fly & Aaron Rose
  8. Pull Up f. The Underachievers & Joey Bada$$ (Beast Coast Remix)

The Week’s Top U.S. Festivals & Tours, Presented by SeatGeek

The most popular concert tickets, tour stops, and artists around the country, through Wednesday, August 21st.

Welcome to our weekly report on the world of live music, based on exclusive data from SeatGeek, a ticketing platform that enables fans to buy and sell tickets for sports, concert, and theater events. Read on for insights into the most popular artists and festivals from the prior and upcoming weeks.

Most Popular Artists and Festivals

Past Week, Based on SeatGeek Web Traffic

1. Jonas Brothers (Rank last week: 1)

The Jonas Brothers are still sitting pretty in the number one spot, likely due to the fact that they’re in the midst of the “Happiness Begins” tour. The tour, which is slated to run through December 15, is currently on its East Coast leg of shows. 

2. Florida Georgia Line (Rank last week: 2)

Not to be outdone by the JoBros, country duo Florida Georgia Line are also enjoying an epic wave of popularity as their “Can’t Say I Ain’t Country” tour charges forward. With stops in the South, Midwest and California still left on the docket, don’t expect them to move from this list anytime soon.

3. Post Malone (Rank last week: 7)

Things are heating up in the Post Malone world. Not only is the musician gearing up for his fall “Runaway” tour (where he will be joined by Swae Lee), he’s also rumored to be releasing new material at any moment. Get excited. 

4. Shawn Mendes (Rank last week: 4)

Shawn Mendes has been on the road for the better part of the summer. But all good things must come to an end, and after stops in Canada, Brooklyn, Philly and Connecticut it all comes to an end. Miss your chance to see him live? He’ll be performing at this year’s VMAs on August 26.

5. Rolling Stones (Rank last week: 8)

With just two concerts left on their rescheduled “No Filter” tour, the Rolling Stones are seemingly just as popular now as when they first began. Folks living in Arizona will be able to see them at the State Farm Stadium on August 26, and Florideans can catch them at the Hard Rock in Miami on August 31.


“Rising” Artists and Festivals

Past Week, Based on the Percent Increase in SeatGeek Web Traffic

1. Highly Suspect: 230

These Cape Cod rockers just dropped two tracks off their upcoming album — the first new music fans have heard in nearly three years. Folks will have the chance to hear the fresh material live, as the band has just hit the road for a fall tour that takes them through November.

2. Mark Knopfler: 116%

Guitarist Mark Knopfler has just kicked off his North American tour, in support of his new LP Down the Road Whenever. The Dire Straits frontman will be on the road from now until mid-September promoting his ninth solo effort.

3. Trans-Siberian Orchestra: 111%

Trans-Siberian Orchestra are back at it with another holiday tour. While the massive crew of musicians won’t be hitting the road until November, this annual tradition is one you don’t want to miss.

4. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band: 99%

Bob Seger is going to retire — some day. For now, the musician (along with his Silver Bullet Band) is still tacking on dates to the “Roll Me Away” farewell tour, which is set to pick back up from mid-September to mid-October.

5. Reba McEntire: 95%

Not only was Reba McEntire tapped to host the CMA Awards this year, but the country icon happens to have a few tour dates coming up as well. Catch her around the East Coast and Midwest in the coming weeks, and don’t forget about those Caesars Palace shows in December!


Most Popular Upcoming Tour Stops and Festivals

Upcoming Week, Based on SeatGeek Ticket Sales

As long as the Rolling Stones are on tour, they’ll always dominate in popularity as evidenced by the last few weeks of data. Shawn Mendes’ fandom also continues to grow, with an upcoming two-night run at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to prove it. While Florida Georgia Line and Queen are no stranger to the spotlight, the rise of Tame Impala is a bit more of an outlier. The band has just a handful of North American tour dates which kick off this week.

HNHH TIDAL Wave: Young Thug Takes Over With 10 Inclusions

We’re a day late on getting you our TIDAL Wave picks but… better late than never, right? For the past week, our staff has been bumping all last week’s releases and we’ve been thoroughly enjoying them. From Snoop Dogg to A$AP Ferg, Quality Control and, course, Young Thug, we were blessed with ample amounts good music last week. Hip-hop was well-represented on yet another busy Friday and we had the chance to gather up our favorites from the week. 

Every seven days, we prepare a list our most-consumed musical picks from previous campaigns and this week, Thugger was a heavy favorite. In fact, the Atlanta veteran ended up earning over ten entries on TIDAL Wave! Between myself, Alex Cole, Mitch, and Rose, multiple songs from Thugger ended up on our personal lists. Elsewhere, tracks from A$AP Ferg, Snoop, JPEGMAFIA, Shy Glizzy, Sada Baby, Snoh Aalegra, and many others appeared.

If you’re not a member TIDAL yet, you can change that here. The service fers a tremendous collection new releases and the best quality streaming on the market. Keep an eye out for the next edition TIDAL Wave and let us know your favorite song on this week’s version.

Alex Zidel (Editorial)

Young Thug – Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby)
Young Thug – Hot (feat. Gunna)
Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Young Thug – Big Tipper (feat. Lil Keed)
Young Thug – What’s The Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Chantilly Post (Editorial)

Swae Lee – Won’t Be Late (feat. Drake)
Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat Burna Boy)
Doja Cat & Tyga – Juicy (Remix)
Snoh Aalegra – Love Like That

Alex Cole (Editorial)

Young Thug – Jumped Out The Window
Young Thug – Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke)
Young Thug – Sup Mate (feat. Future)
Young Thug – Just How It Is
Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge (feat. Juice WRLD)

Noah C. (Editorial)

Snoop Dogg – So Misinformed (feat. Slick Rick)
Valee – Uninvited (feat. Calboy)
Father – A lot on ur plate
Sporting Life – Black Diamond (feat. Deem Spencer)
Quality Control & Offset – 100 Racks (feat. Playboi Carti)

Paul Pirotta (Sales)

Casanova & Fabolous – So Brooklyn
A$AP Ferg – Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi)
Jeezy – MLK BLVD (feat. Meek Mill)
Dame D. O. L. L. A. – Money Ball (feat. Jeremih, Danny from Sobrante & Derrick Milano)

Devin Ch (Editorial)

Young Thug – What’s The Move (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)
Romzy – Position (feat. IQ & Big Zeeks)
A$AP Ferg – Dreams, Fairytales, Fantasies (feat. Brent Faiyaz & Salaam Remi)
Snoh Aalegra – Situationship
Mozzy & Gunplay – Bail Bond

Cole Blake (Editorial)

JPEGMAFIA – Jesus Forgive Me, I Am A Thot
Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Brockhampton – Boy Bye
Tkay Maidza & JPEGMAFIA – Awake
Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat. Burna Boy)

Aron A (Editorial)

Jorja Smith – Be Honest (feat Burna Boy)
Young Thug – Hot (feat. Gunna)
Fonzie – Not Right (feat. RNDM)
WSTRN – Day & Night
A$AP Ferg – Butt Naked (feat. Rico Nasty)

Mitch Findlay (Editorial)

Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Young Thug – Cartier Gucci Scarf (feat. Lil Duke)
Young Thug – Just How It Is
Young Thug – Mannequin Challenge (feat. Juice WRLD)

Rose Lilah (Editorial)

Young Thug – Ecstasy (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Shy Glizzy – Waikiki Flow
Young Thug – Sup Mate (feat. Future)
Sada Baby – Next Up (feat. Tee Grizzley)
Quality Control & Jordan Hollywood – Testament 

Why Do We Get Lit To Sad Bangers?

You can hear a song countless times on countless occasions without ever reflecting on the emotional weight or context behind it. We sing along at parties and on crowded dancehall floors without so much as a second thought, breathlessly buying into the surface level euphoria whatever the DJ throws into the mix. 

But closer inspection inevitably peels back the rhythmic cheer to reveal a synchrony that captures the essential nature catharsis. When given a moment to spell out what’s being said by our go-to mood maestros, it becomes abundantly clear that tracks like Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO TOUR Llif3,” with its unforgettable emo refrain, should be accompanied by an advisory sticker warning listeners the power ballad death-courting. For the song’s now ubiquitous creator, “Push me to the edge/All my friends are dead” isn’t just operatic posturing or a figure speech: Uzi openly acknowledges the loved ones that he’s lost (Ninety, Chico, Wee, Doo Dot) and the toll that it’s had on him throughout much Luv Is Rage 1.5. It seems almost grotesque when considered from an outsider’s perspective: how could such a potent funeral drone, haunted by repetitive chants about our ever-taboo mortality, become an international phenomenon, and in the sacred embrace the club at that? 

It’s no surprise that sad music is self-medicating, but the manner in which some artists are capable secretly disguising their intentions has a funny way making for the most exhilarating, party-ready bops. Uzi’s sky-scraping elegy has resonated with millions, as if the exquisite electronics he utilizes somehow cover up the unnerving realities summoned forth from the nether realm. In truth, they aid in bringing his demons to life: “XO TOUR Llif3” now stands as a definitive millennial record, its maelstrom emotions driven by a paired sense intimacy and misery that is at the very heart the hip hop zeitgeist. 

Why Do We Get Lit To Sad Bangers?

Bennett Raglin/Getty s

The song’s cartoonish exuberance and clockwork quotable aren’t singular: a great number music’s most popular contemporary hits are heavy forays into love and loss, and the ever-lurking fear never attaining true fulfillment or happiness. SoundCloud rap’s rise and fall in particular has brought with it a bountiful harvest tragic whomp whomps full rousing hooks and lyrical content structured around anxiety and despair. XXXTentacion’s biggest hit finds him dredging up suicidal ideation and (controversially) threatening to end his life if his one-and-only doesn’t heed his wishes. Roddy Ricch’s “Die Young” wrestles with the paranoia that nips at the heels hip hop’s young, rich, and famous. Lil Peep, who was on the cusp full-blown superstardom before his life was cut short by a drug overdose, nurtured the fraught minor keys and dulled senses that are ideal for dimly lit dive bars on tracks like “Awful Things” and “The Brightside.” Post Malone’s disgruntled moping and fixation on spurned love (“Better Now” and “I Fall Apart”) earned him the title one the most-streamed artists 2018. And Juice WRLD, whose entire musical existence is based on weaving heartbreak into trap tapestries, has watched the formula pay f in dividends with smash records “Lucid Dreams” and “All Girls Are The Same.”

“Sad bangers,” for lack a better descriptor, have been in business for as long as humanity has had reason to drown its sorrows in music. Although sonic emotion ten gets scrubbed clean through years widespread commercialization, few genres are as well-suited for complex expression as hip hop. For artists like trap renaissance man Future, the embrace hip hop’s sadder side beyond the threshold velvet entry ropes and brawny bouncers is colored by an underlying hurt. His twisted dispatches reek hedonism and self mutilation, his vocals always on the verge cascading into emotional overload, as if he’s the surrogate for every departed soul adrift at the bottom the bottle. On “Thought It Was Drought,” crisp 808s and Gucci flip flop flexes mask the fact that Atlanta’s answer to Phil Collins is more scared to lose the dirty swirling in his styroam than the possibility human connection. Magnum opus “Codeine Crazy” unleashes his best songwriting to date over distortion leaks that amplify the listless arousal and sexual frustration within. It’s an existential crisis counting down to zero in big digitized drips and moans. 

Why Do We Get Lit To Sad Bangers?

 Paras Griffin/Getty s

Beyond the woozy synths and pounding percussion that animate people to pursue their most primal instincts, what makes such songs so sticky is the way that the yearning for closure quivers against the silence, the embodiment words unspoken in writhing throngs partygoers. It’s as if doubling down on the melancholy while under the influence the beat helps “drag us out the mire.” Indeed, club music takes on added meaning when fueled by something deeper than material pinings, expanding its range expression to encapsulate the torment that underlines the need for an escape. Isolation and the insecurities it breeds are shown to be a universal struggle, celebrated through a clarity that is deeply affecting when wielded properly. 

Pop culture’s proliferation the sad banger isn’t just a frivolous trend, but instead the realization refuge amidst colorful strobes and the churning bodies strangers. When Future and Chief Keef croon about finding release through illicit means, or perennial favorite Kid Cudi details how childhood trauma and the throes addiction have pierced every facet his existence, they capture what it feels like to be the last one leaving Folly’s on a Thursday, ears ringing, shirt splattered with gin and sweat stains, head spinning with loneliness. Even in this abstract combination sadness and ecstasy, seeming emptiness is replaced by a joy that both distracts from and pinpoints the reality the moment. It’s music that acts as a portal to a world nostalgia, transcendence, and wonder where negative emotions are mercifully capable consolation, and Lil Uzi Vert’s bipolar antics suddenly don’t feel so out place.

Blac Chyna & A1 Bentley (With His Crazy Hair) Complete Viral DMX Challenge

As you know, it’s nearly impossible for us to go an entire week without hearing about some new craze that’s taken the internet by storm. Right now, everyone is debating on whether Popeye’s or Chik-fil-A has the better sandwich and as we rush to both restaurants to compare the two, women around the country are submitting their entries into the DMX Challenge. Last night, we posted about the trend, which has taken the world by surprise, in which women show f their multiple transformations, flexing different hair colors and styles to the tune DMX’s “What These Bitches Want.” Blac Chyna ended up submitting her video and surprisingly enough (or not really…), A1 Bentley Love & Hip Hop fame also joined in.

With the number looks Blac Chyna has pedaled through over the years, you just knew that she would be providing us with a crazy version the DMX Challenge. She didn’t disappoint either, cycling through all her most fabulous looks and rocking a different wig in each one. Later in the same night, A1 Bentley decided to have some fun, posting a series his more recent hairstyles and getting the fans riled up in his comments. His video was a repost from another account but it’s just as effective, showing f his craziest looks the year.

Who has had the best DMX Challenge video so far?