Lil Baby Announces He Has A Mixtape & An Album On The Way

For a while, Lil Baby teased that his sophomore album, titled My Turn, would be arriving before the end 2019. In an interview with Hip-Hop-N-More in October, he said: “I’m working on an album coming later this year. You’re going to have to wait and see. I had a big year already though. I won my first award for Best New Artist at the BET Awards and hit over 9 billion streams worldwide.”

Despite these notable achievements, the Atlanta rapper explained on Instagram Live that the title symbolizes that his big moment has yet to come. “I called it My Turn ’cause I feel like everybody else had a lil’ turn. It’s my turn now. Everybody dropped their mixtapes, their albums – go number 1, number 2, number 3.” During this live session, he also detailed that the project will consist approximately fifteen songs and include features from Young Thug, DaBaby, Gunna and Moneybagg Yo. While he didn’t mentioned Future‘s name, the collaboration they released in June, “Out The Mud”, is said to be My Turn‘s first single.  

“Woah”, which dropped last month, apparently serves as its second single. Lil Baby made a Triller account under @myturn2020 when he shared the song, informally announcing that the album had gotten pushed back to next year. While this change plans may be slightly disappointing, he’s making it up to his fans by providing them with both an album AND a mixtape, likely in the not-too-distant future. Lil Baby took to Twitter today to spread this news, announcing My Turn as the ficial title the album and Lamborghini Boys as the ficial title the tape. 

Air Jordan 1 Low "Light Smoke Grey" Coming Soon: First Look

When the world ends and aliens observe our species, they will look back on the footwear we used to mess with and will immediately take notice how many Air Jordan 1s we wore. The shoe is a staple sneaker and streetwear culture and continues to get new colorways, to this day. It’s easily one the best silhouettes in the Jordan Brand library and whether you like the High OG, Mid, or Low, there is something for everyone.

In 2019, Jordan Brand has been putting a ton emphasis on the Air Jordan 1 Low. Sneakerheads have been looking for some low top simplistic shoes to wear with their outfits and the Jordan 1 Low fits that mold perfectly. With this new “Light Smoke Grey” model, Jordan Brand is fering fans the chance to cop something both simple and fashionable. As you can see from the images below, the shoe has a grey tongue, toe box, and Nike swoosh while the overlays are black and the side panels are white.

According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, there is no exact release date for these yet although you can expect them to drop sometime in the near future for $90 USD.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Light Smoke Grey" Coming Soon: First Look

  Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 1 Low "Light Smoke Grey" Coming Soon: First Look

  Sneaker Bar Detroit

Air Jordan 1 Low "Light Smoke Grey" Coming Soon: First Look

  Sneaker Bar Detroit

10 Classic Movies From Your Childhood To Watch On Disney+

After breaking down all the classic TV shows from your childhood that are now streaming on Disney+, we thought it only right to do the same for movies. The highly anticipated launch Disney+ anticlimactically included only two original films exclusive to the new streamer. The first being the latest live-action adaptation a Disney animated classic, Lady and the Tramp, and the second being Noelle, a Christmas comedy starring Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader as the children Santa Claus. With just these two new movies to watch over the holidays, it’s a safe bet many families will be scrolling through the Disney library for a classic flick from their childhood. Below we’ve listed 10 films from your youth that are now streaming on Disney+. Happy streaming and share some your favorites down in the comments section.

The Parent Trap (1961 & 1998)

Originally released in 1961, The Parent Trap was the first many sequels and remakes to come for the twin-centric Disney franchise. The film stars teenage English actress Hayley Mills as identical twins Sharon McKendrick and Susan Evers, who meet for the fist time while at summer camp. After discovering their eerily similar appearances, the two form a rivalry fueled by pranks. The girls are punished and forced to live together for the rest camp. This leads to Sharon and Susan realizing they each have single parents, meaning they must be identical twins separated at birth. Excited by the thought meeting the parent they never had, the twins conspire to switch places when camp ends. 

Thirty-seven years later, Disney remade the film starring Lindsay Lohan as the twin sisters. Both films are considered Disney classics and streaming now on Disney+. Rumors have recently surfaced about Disney developing a new remake the film exclusively for Disney+, however no formal announcements have been made.

Mary Poppins (1964)

Generally recognized as Walt Disney’s “crowning achievement,” to this day Mary Poppins stands as the closest a Disney film has ever come to winning the Academy Award for Best Picture. In the end, it lost to My Fair Lady. Starring Julie Andrews as the titular magical nanny character, Mary Poppins was a fantastical live-action and animated musical unlike anything Hollywood had ever seen. In her Oscar-winning performance, Andrews captivated viewers, as well as those acting alongside her. Co-starring Dick Van Dyke as Bert the one-man-band and chimney sweep – the dynamic duo team up after Mary is hired to look after the troublesome Banks children. The musical adventures the foursome proceed to have live on today as some the most iconic moments in Disney history. In addition to Andrews winning for Best Actress, the score and song “Chim Chim Cher-ee” were also awarded Oscars. 

Nearly 55 years after the original beloved by generations, Disney released a sequel titled Mary Poppins Returns. Starring Emily Blunt as the one-and-only Marry Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Bert’s former apprentice, with Ben Whishaw and Emily Mortimer as the grown Banks children – the film tastefully served as a proper follow-up to the Disney classic. Both films are now streaming on Disney+.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1989)

The first what would become another Disney franchise favorite, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids stars Rick Moranis as Wayne Szalinski, a struggling inventor who accidentally shrinks his children along with the neighbors children. The film marked the directorial debut for Joe Johnston, who would go on to direct Jumanji, Jurassic Park III, and Captain America: The First Avenger. Grossing over $222 million worldwide, the film was an unexpected hit and Disney’s highest-grossing live-action movie for the following five years. With this sudden success came the 1992 sequel, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid; the Disney theme parks attraction, Honey, I Shrunk the Audience; the straight-to-video movie, Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves; and the three season sitcom, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show. Not bad for a mid-summer family comedy. Oh, and a new sequel for Disney+ titled Shrunk is apparently in development with Frozen’s Josh Gad attached to star. Now all they have to do is get Rick Moranis to come out retirement.

Home Alone (1990)

The definitive Christmas movie the ‘90s, Home Alone is the perfect blend comedy, drama, action, and holiday spirit. This childhood classic starring everyone’s favorite child actor, Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, an 8-year-old boy who is left home on his own for the holidays, was frankly too big to fail. Written by legendary ‘80s filmmaker John Hughes (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller) and directed by Chris Columbus (Mrs. Doubtfire, Harry Potter), with an iconic score by John Williams – 20th Century Fox pulled no punches with this expected holiday smash. In fact, the movie lived on as the highest-grossing Christmas film all time until last year. Co-starring the brilliant Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern as two burglars unable to outsmart a child, with Catherine O’Hara and John Heard as Kevin’s worried parents – the majority the cast would return for the film’s 1992 sequel, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

The franchise went on to produce two more made-for-TV sequels, Home Alone 3 and Home Alone 4: Taking Back the House. With Home Alone now streaming on Disney+, it comes as no surprise that the streaming service has plans to reboot the classic holiday franchise. Unfortunately they’ll never be able to recreate the lightning in a bottle magic the first two films.

The Sandlot (1993)

Unlike the majority the films featured on this list, The Sandlot was not an immediate hit. It also wasn’t produced by Disney, but rather 20th Century Fox, which was only recently purchased by Disney. The Sandlot tells the story Scotty Smalls, a nerdy kid new to the San Fernando Valley. Even though he’s terrible at baseball, Smalls is quickly embraced by a local group boys who regularly play at a nearby sandlot. After the boys lose their ball to a neighbors yard, Smalls learns the legend the scary dog, “the Beast,” who lives behind the fence. One day after the team’s best player, Benny Rodriguez, hits the cover f the ball, Smalls steals an autographed baseball from his stepfather in order for the game to continue. When that ball is hit into the Beast’s yard, Smalls tells the gang that it was autographed by some guy named Babe Ruth.

The Sandlot eventually became a cult classic on home video and television, delivering hilarious quotes and nostalgic Halloween costumes for generations to come. 2005 and 2007 saw the direct-to-video releases The Sandlot 2 and The Sandlot: Heading Home, with Disney+ most recently announcing a television series starring the entire cast the original film. That’s right, over 25 years later Disney is getting the sandlot kids back together.

Hocus Pocus (1993)

This ‘90s Disney classic is the rare flop turned cult hit for the House Mouse. Starring the iconic witch trio Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy as the Sanderson sisters, Hocus Pocus is the quintessential Halloween movie for the entire family. Three hundred years after the sisters curse themselves to avoid being hanged, Max and Dani, two siblings new to Salem, Massachusetts accidentally break their spell. Upon being resurrected, Winnie, Mary, and Sarah Sanderson vow to continue their pursuit taking all the children’s souls in Salem. The first child they discover is Dani (Thora Birch), who quickly flees to the cemetery. From there the witches continue to use their powers to wreak havoc over Salem on Halloween night. In hindsight, Disney clearly made a mistake releasing Hocus Pocus in the heart the summer. However, the film’s cult status continued to grow every year it aired as part Disney Channel and ABC Family’s (now Freeform) Halloween-themed fall programming.

Arguably more popular today than at any point over the past 25 years, Disney recently took the hint and put in development a sequel film likely to air exclusively on its new streaming platform. Now you can stream the original film year-round on Disney+ in anticipation the long awaited follow-up. 

The Santa Clause (1994)

It might sound crazy twenty years after the fact, but back in the ‘90s there were few comedic actors bigger than Tim Allen. Between starring on Home Improvement for eight seasons, performing standup, and voicing Buzz Lightyear – you couldn’t go anywhere without seeing or hearing “The Toolman.” Which is why in 1994, Disney cast Tim Allen in its latest Christmas family comedy, The Santa Clause. The film tells the story Scott Calvin (Allen), a divorced father who on Christmas Eve hears a man on his ro. Once outside, Scott yells at the man who slips and falls twenty feet to the ground. Scott then discovers a card in Santa’s pocket that reads, “If something should happen to me, put on my suit, the Reindeer will know what to do.” And thus begins the process Scott’s transitioning into Santa Clause. The film was an immediate hit and quickly became a television staple around the holidays. Eight years later Disney released The Santa Clause 2 to positive acclaim, with The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause following four years after. Like many franchises third film, the opening weekend earnings and reviews fell flat, ending The Santa Clause Trilogy on a low note and a conclusion to Tim Allen’s 10+-year hot streak.

Jack (1996)

1996’s Jack stands today as one Francis Ford Coppola’s rare comedies and Robin Williams’ underrated performances. The dramedy tells the story Jack Powell (Williams), a 10-year-old boy with an amplified version Werner syndrome, a premature aging disorder. Jack is mentally still a child, but he has the appearance a forty-year-old man. Sheltered from the world by his mother (Diane Lane), when his tutor, played by Bill Cosby, suggests Jack should attend public school, their world begins to change. Jack is a coming–age comedy with tear-jerking moments scattered throughout. Although it received mostly negative reviews, Williams’ performance is sincere and exemplifies his inner-child like so many his most memorable roles. The film also includes appearances by Jennifer Lopez as Jack’s teacher, Fran Drescher (The Nanny) as the mother Jack’s best friend, and Michael McKean (Better Call Saul). Universally looked down upon within Coppola’s canon, the Academy Award-winning director has shared his fondness for Jack, saying: “I must say I find Jack sweet and amusing. I don’t dislike it as much as everyone, but that’s obvious— I directed it. I know I should be ashamed it but I’m not. I don’t know why everybody hated it so much.”

101 Dalmatians (1996)

Following the success 1994’s The Jungle Book, Disney’s first live-action remake an animated feature – the House Mouse quickly set in motion its next adaptation, 101 Dalmatians. Penned by iconic screenwriter John Hughes (National Lampoon’s Vacation, Pretty in Pink, Home Alone) and directed by Stephen Herek (Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, The Mighty Ducks), 101 Dalmatians opted to leave the animals voiceless in contrast to the 1961 animated One Hundred and One Dalmatians. The comedy adventure stars Glenn Close as the villainous fashion designer, Cruella de Vil, who sends her henchman Jasper (Hugh Laurie) and Horace (Mark Williams) to kidnap her employee’s Dalmatian puppies. 

Close’s performance received a nomination for Best Actress at the Golden Globes and four years later reprised the role in 102 Dalmatians. Disney is currently filming Cruella, a live-action prequel starring Emma Stone as a young Cruella de Vil. It is scheduled to hit theaters May 28, 2021.

Dr. Dolittle (1998)

Along with the Home Alone films, Disney had its sights set on another successful franchise when acquiring 20th Century Fox earlier this year. Starring the incomparable Eddie Murphy as Dr. John Dolittle, a surgeon with the innate ability to talk to and understand animals – Dr. Dolittle was another franchise launching hit for Murphy following 48 Hrs., Beverly Hills Cop, and The Nutty Pressor. Co-starring Ossie Davis, Oliver Platt, Raven-Symone, and Kyla Pratt, the live-action cast was only to be outshined by a legendary ensemble comedic voice actors including Chris Rock, Norm Macdonald, Albert Brooks, Gilbert Gottfriend, Gary Shandling, John Leguizamo, and Ellen DeGeneres. Murphy would return to the role three years later for Dr. Dolittle 2, with Kyla Pratt starring in three additional direct-to-video sequels – Dr. Dolittle 3, Tail to the Chief, and Million Dollar Mutts.

As memorable as Eddie Murphy’s performance and a guinea pig with Chris Rock’s voice were – the longest lasting contribution Dr. Dolittle might be its soundtrack. Largely produced by Timbaland, the collection R&B and rap included songs by Ginuwine, Ray J, and the Grammy-nominated single, “Are You That Somebody?” by Aaliyah.

Kamaru Usman Wrecks Colby Covington, Twitter Reacts

Saturday night, at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Kamaru Usman beat rival Colby Covington in the UFC 245 headliner with a fifth-round TKO.

It was Usman’s first welterweight title defense and the victory maintains his perfect record in the UFC. 

With such a big fight, came a lot great reactions on social media. 

“When 2 wrestlers end up banging the whole fight!! Respect!!!👊🏽🔥,” wrote Brian Ortega on Twitter afterward.

Much the discourse was politically based, with Covington ostensibly supporting Trump throughout the build-up to the fight. “Kamaru Usman, The Nigerian Nightmare, who originally comes from one those “shit hole” countries according to Trump, just beat down his favorite fighter and MAGA supporter Colby Convington. He’ll be tweeting trash for a while because he can’t talk due to the broken jaw. #UFC245,” said Wajahat “Abu Khadija” Ali, a contributing writer for The New York Times.

“They were chanting ‘USA!’ for me, let’s be honest,” Usman said the crowd. “I’m more American than him. I am what it means to be an American. I’m an immigrant who came here and worked my ass f tirelessly to get to the top. I still prevailed, and that’s what it means to be an American.”

Check out more reactions from Twitter below.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official Images

One the more overlooked styles the Air Jordan 1 is the tennis shoe low top version. While it may not have the same rich history as the High OG, it still has plenty great fashionable sensibilities. This past year, Jordan Brand has come through with numerous colorways the sneaker and they are looking to drop even more as we go deep into 2020. 

The latest colorway to be revealed is this “Sky Grey” fering which features some light, pastel colors. The overlays and Nike swoosh are light grey while the toe box and side panels are pale yellow and white respectively. From there, a hit pastel blue is placed on the back heel which adds a nice bit contrast. While these colors might be too light for the winter months, it’s never too soon to cop some dope kicks for the Summer months. 

For now, these don’t have a release date although they should be dropping in the not so distant future for the standard Jordan 1 Low price $90 USD. Let us know in the comments below what you think these.

Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s
Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s
Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s
Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s
Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s
Air Jordan 1 Low "Sky Grey" Coming Soon: Official s

Pharrell Announces Lineup For 2020 “Something In The Water” Festival

Pharrell has decided to come through this week and share the star-studded lineup for next year’s “Something in the Water” festival.

Taking place between April 20th and April 26th in Virginia Beach, the 2020 event will feature performances from A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, Tyler, The Creator, Clipse, Chance The Rapper, Playboi Carti, Migos, Usher, Baby Rose, Buddy, Chad Hugo, EARTHGANG, Gunna, H.E.R., Jaden Smith, Lil Tecca, Kali Uchis, Metro Boomin, Migos, Nelly, Pop Smoke, Trey Songz, Wale, 6LACK and many others.

For those interested, tickets and VIP passes go on sale this Saturday, December 14th at 12PM EST at Peep the announcement (below).

In other news, Pharrell recently made news for recalling his time working with Mac Miller. Speaking on Mac, Skateboard P said: ”I just remember him being a fan music and wanting to go deeper and challenge himself. He was really independent in the rap game, but he liked Tribe and all the jazzy shit, and he liked a lot the stuff we did that’s jazz-influenced, rap records that had those kinds colors and chords. And he wanted to know more about it. He wanted people to know that there was way more to him than his indie-rap success.” Read all that and more right here.

Chris Brown Can’t Get Enough Of Baby Aeko, Shares More Photos Of Son

After dropping f hints that his baby boy had been born, Chris Brown shared a glimpse  little Aeko Catori Brown earlier this week. It’s obvious that the proud father two can’t get enough his first-born son, because Chris built upon that first image by sharing multiple photos on Instagram Friday evening.

Chris Brown Can't Get Enough Of Baby Aeko, Shares More Photos Of Son
Jonathan Leibson / Stringer / Getty s

The superstar singer dropped f a still from baby mama Ammika Harris’s pregnancy photoshoot, and later he showed intimate snaps from her delivery. Captioning the series images with just a red heart, the first photo is a tiny Aeko not long after he entered into the world, the second shows Chris and Ammika holding hands as she gives birth, the third is Chris touching his son’s foot, and in the fourth, the delighted parents get their first look at their little one.

That wasn’t all; Chris shared one more shot Aeko all bundled up while sleeping. He may not have confirmed that Ammika was pregnant or that he was having a son prior to Baby Aeko’s arrival, but now that he’s here, the world can expect to see much more Royalty’s baby brother. Check out the singer’s photos below.

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Earlier this year, while unboxing a brand new pair Nike LeBron 17s, LeBron James made a point to mention that the Nike LeBron 7 is “one his favorites.” That seed LeBron planted sprouted in late October as Nike kicked f their line LeBron 7 retros with the classic “Red Carpet” colorway.

The trend will continue later this month with the return the Nike LeBron 7 “Christmas,” followed by another beloved LeBron 7 in early 2020. According to House Heat, LeBron James’ All Star kicks from the 2010 season will likely be dropping in February in honor the 10-year anniversary.

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Ronald Martinez/Getty s

The special edition LeBron 7s come equipped with a “Chlorine Blue” colorway featuring a wood-grain like detailing, black accents throughout, and full length Air Max cushioning beneath it all. Nike has not yet announced ficial release details but one would assume the “All Star” LeBron 7s will be available right around the NBA’s All-Star festivities in mid-February.

Check out some photos the 2010 iteration below, and stay tuned for a first look at the 2020 edition.

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Flight Club

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Flight Club

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Flight Club

LeBron James’ “All Star” Nike LeBron 7 Set To Release Again: Details

Flight Club

#DXCLUSIVE: Slug Describes How A Proposed Soundtrack Became His Own Movie: ‘Whenever’

Minneapolis, MN – As an artist, and in Hip Hop particularly, the most poignant expression often comes in the form of catharsis. Expressions from within. Sometimes, however, inspiration derives from applying a different lens to your own point of view. JAY-Z found this to be true when he conjured the American Gangster album out of the visual interpretation of Frank Lucas, and it turned out to be one of his most critically acclaimed projects.

Back on November 8th, Atmosphere dropped a video for “Bde Make Ska,” but did not announce an accompanying project. Then on Friday (December 13) the group just sneak attacked fans with another new video “Lovely” featuring Nikki Jean.

Oh, and a surprise album, Whenever.

Surprise not only describes the group’s unannounced release but also their 15th album’s content, which is notably different from the Minnesota-based duo’s previous two-plus decades of work. The reason? As it turns out, most of the songs were initially meant to be part of a television show, which inspired Slug to switch things up a bit.

“We initially set out to make a soundtrack for a television show,” Slug tells HipHopDX in an exclusive interview. “We were approached by a writer, who’s kind of known, who was making a show with a well-known producer. The writer is from [Minnesota] originally and he was like, ‘hey, I grew up on you guys’ shit. I would love to commission some music for this television show that we’re working on. I immediately was like ‘fuck yes, this gives me an excuse to go write shit that I would never normally, necessarily write,” he added.

But as the age-old story goes, the music itself is only a part of the music business. And for a group that has steered their own ship from the time it was a lifeboat until it became a yacht, giving up ownership was not an option.

“As I was wrapping it up, I was pretty happy with it, and then it was time for all the legal teams and the label and everybody to start talking and we couldn’t make it work, which is unfortunate, cause all the creative people who were involved were like, ‘what the fuck?’ We were all just kind of miffed,” said Slug. “It wasn’t even really a money thing, it was an ownership thing. And I’m trying to be careful what I say cause I don’t wanna throw anybody under the bus. It was really nobody’s fault. It’s basically one of those things I think, where at the end of the day, everybody’s just trying to protect themselves. But me, I own all my shit: I own my masters, I own everything, and so the concept of giving that up was just too much for me,” he added.

To many people, the idea of eschewing such a large platform might seem crazy, but there are perks that come along with having a loyal fanbase built over three different decades.

“[The company that bought and was televising the show] were like ‘look at all the exposure you’re giving up.’ I was kinda like, ‘exposure? I’m beyond that. I’m at a point now where either you know about us or you don’t,” said Slug. “If you don’t, that’s okay, and if you do you’ve already decided whether you like us or not. I’m not a new artist trying to break myself,” he added.

Though things didn’t work out with the show, per the Rhymesayers MC’s own advice from the past, when life gave him lemons, he painted that shit gold, and a collection of songs that were meant to be a piece of someone else’s cinematic vision became a larger part of his own.

“The creative people were all amicable. We all understood that this was out of our hands, and so I just decided, well fuck it, I added some pieces to it and said, ‘let’s just drop it as a project.’ I left it alone for a minute because I had to focus on Mi Vida Local. We were getting ready to go on tour for that,” Slug recalled. “I went out for the first couple legs of that and then when I got back around Christmas last year I started looking at the songs that were there and thinking, ‘there’s kind of a theme here that, again maybe nobody but me will see, but at least this time the theme’s not me,” he added.

#DXCLUSIVE: Slug Describes How A Proposed Soundtrack Became His Own Movie: 'Whenever'

Photo:Frank Hoensch/Redferns

The vision was coming together as Atmosphere headed overseas, and as it turns out it was the road that provided Slug with the concept’s finishing touch.

“When we hit Europe, everything was speaking to me. I was listening to these songs while I was walking around Norway [and the other European cities] and again, I was like, ‘this is an album and I think I like it because I think I hear a theme which, at least in my head is reclamation,” said Slug. “A lot of these songs deal with capturing something that’s been there next to you, that you lost, and reclaiming it. It gave me ideas for visuals, but then also I’m in these different spaces, going through these different territories, and I started talking to different people throughout Europe, getting them to record their voices for me on my phone. They emailed me the English translation. I would just give them the idea and they would say something. Some of that wound up on the album. Those were fitting right in with the reclamation concept”

For many fans and artists alike, change is not always so easily embraced, but for this particular project, a new process turned out to serve as a “refresh” button for Slug.

When I’m digging through beats, or looking at what Ant is prescribing for me, I can come at it like, ‘how would this feel if this was the opening scene, or if this was the credits when the credits start to roll after you just got the reveal of the show? And it was one of these kinda Twilight Zone type shows, so I was like that’s cool that allows us to get a more, I don’t wanna say experimental, but it allows us to not have to focus on making something that’s catchy. I like catchy, I make catchy in my head. I make choruses, but this gives me a chance to get away from that and focus more on making something that’s cinematic.”

Fat Joe Speaks On ’90s Crack Era While Remembering Juice Wrld

New York, NY – In the wake of Juice Wrld‘s tragic passing, Fat Joe has joined the Hip Hop community’s outcry against drug abuse.

During a recent interview with Wendy Williams, Joey Crack was asked whether he knew the 21-year-old rapper.

“I only met him one time,” he said. “He was such a beautiful kid. He was so respectful when I met him, and I was just like, ‘Yo, this is a real good kid.’ So, rest in peace, Juice Wrld.”

He then seized the moment to speak out on pill addiction. 

“But they gotta stop!” he exclaimed, before delving into how the perception was different back then. “When we was younger, we would go smoke crack. But you knew you was copping rock cocaine, or you knew you was copping heroin – you knew it was disgusting!”

Speaking on today’s perception of drugs, he adds, “So now, what happens with these pills, being that there prescribed, these kids don’t think they’re pill-heads or crackheads, or they’re nothing.

“[Nowadays they think] ‘It’s legal; it’s cool! We can do as much of it as we want.’ And that’s a big understatement because all these kids are dying.”

Joe continues describing the bleak reality of the situation and the need to especially protect those living in poorer circumstances.

“Everyday in the Bronx, all these kids are dying – overdosing off of pills,” he says. “We gotta try watch these kids as much as we can, ’cause it’s sad … This kid was filthy rich and died at 21 years old, on a private plane!”

Joyner Lucas also recently spoke out, criticizing “rappers who glorified taking drugs and made it cool,” while Trippie Redd said, “If it ain’t weed, we ain’t doing it no more.”

Although Juice Wrld’s official cause of death is yet to be confirmed, he reportedly swallowed several Percocet pills prior to the fatal seizure.

Kobe Bryant Comes To The Rescue Of Car Crash Victims: Watch

Kobe Byrant played the game basketball with a fairly rough exterior that made teammates and opponents fearful his wrath. In retirement, Bryant has been much more compassionate and can be seen working hard as a father while also getting into his philanthropist bag. Bryant is one the most recognizable names and faces in all sports which has allowed him to excel and create a brand identity for himself. He has completely changed his image for the better and his latest act good certainly helps to continue to push the narrative.

According to TMZ, Bryant was recently spotted in California where he witnessed a huge car accident. Eventually, Bryant began to calm everyone down and was even directing traffic while talking to those who were involved. It was quite the scene especially with Bryant wearing a pink jumpsuit.

There is no information yet on the condition the drivers although based on the clip above, it seems like everything was under control. Bryant used his problem-solving skills from his playing days to sort this situation out which certainly went a long way, particularly for those directly involved.

All we can in a situation like this is thank goodness Bryant was there to step in and do something.

Skip Bayless Reacts With Wonder To Lamar Jackson’s Record: Watch

Lamar Jackson is one the best quarterbacks in the entire NFL this season and continues to burn teams on a nightly basis. There isn’t a single player as exciting as Jackson which makes sense when you consider his dual-threat style. Last night, Jackson did what many people thought was impossible when he broke Michael Vick’s record for rushing yards in a single season by a QB

Following the game, there have been a ton reactions to Jackson’s accomplishment and now, Skip Bayless is throwing his hat into the ring. As you can see from the video below, the Fox Sports 1 analyst was incredibly impressed by the achievement and said it even re-affirms how he feels about sports as a whole.

“Every once in a while something happens in sports – which is why we love sports so much – that nobody sees coming. Nobody saw this coming!” Bayless said in wonder.

With this achievement in mind, it seems as though the Ravens are primed and ready to go to the Super Bowl this year, although it remains to be seen whether he can do it or not. This team is truly special but it will require Jackson to keep up his pace, which is no guarantee.

Kehlani Says She’s ‘Single’ After Tory Lanez Dating Rumors

Kehlani is single again.

The SweetSexySavage singer seemed to confirm her split with YG while denying rumors that she is dating Tory Lanez.

Earlier this week, Kehlani posted a photo with Tory at the club in Toronto. The next day, the Chixtape crooner posted another photo of them together, fueling speculation that they’re dating, which didn’t sit well with YG.

The Compton rapper responded on his Instagram Story, writing, “Don’t get shot tryna comfort my bitch while we goin thru it. I know where ni**az live. Black ops.”

View this post on Instagram

#YG coming through with a quick reminder!!

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

According to Bossip, Kehlani took to Twitter in the early hours of Thursday morning to deny the Tory romance rumors while announcing her single status.

“because i keep seeing this. i’m addressing it,” she wrote in a since-deleted tweet. “absolutely not. we made a song for my album. i am single. and focused. leave the rumors for poorly paid bloggers.”

Kehlani and YG went public with their relationship at New York Fashion Week in September. But the next month, YG was seen getting cozy with a mystery brunette at Todd Gurley’s Halloween party. He addressed the cheating allegations, saying he was drunk but did not kiss the woman.

Following the incident, Kehlani reaffirmed her love for YG on her song “You Know Wassup.” “You’re still my love / You’re still my heart / That’s still my dick / Still wanna be Mrs. Jackson,” she sings. “Waited five years to be on the team / Look damn good fuckin’ with me.”

R. Kelly Readies Not Guilty Plea To Charge Related To Aaliyah Marriage: Report

Things keep getting worse and worse for R. Kelly. The singer’s world began to crumble earlier this year after Surviving R. Kelly aired. Authorities came knocking on his door, investigations were done, and at the end the day, it appears as though his past has ficially come back to haunt him.

R. Kelly Readies Not Guilty Plea To Charge Related To Aaliyah Marriage: Report
Antonio Perez – Pool Getty s 

Allegations marrying Aaliyah when she was only fifteen have haunted him since the 90s but he was hit with bribery charges related to that incident in the last few weeks. According to The Blast, Kelly’s lawyer, Steven Greenberg, has told the court that he’s informed Kelly the new indictment that includes charges bribery. Kelly reportedly does plan on pleading not guilty. 

Prosecutors said earlier this year that they would be filing charges against Kelly related to his illegal marriage to Aaliyah. They claimed that Kelly and his team paid f a public ficial in order to obtain Aaliyah a fake ID that said she was 18-years-old when she was just 15. Kelly was 27-years-old at the time their marriage.

Unfortunately for Kellz, it’s been reported that his former tour manager will testify against the singer. Demetrius Smith said he bought the fake ID for Aaliyah in 1994 in order her for the two to get married. Of course, her parents eventually found out and annulled their marriage.

YoungBoy Never Broke Again Channels ‘Bad’ Michael Jackson In ‘Dirty Iyanna’ Video

YoungBoy Never Broke Again released the latest single off his new project AI YOUNGBOY 2, titled “Dirty Iyanna”. The Baton Rouge rap star flipped Michael Jackson’s iconic hit “Dirty Diana” while delivering an emotional, expressive performance.

The cut features YoungBoy’s harsh lyrics about a trifling experience with an ex, possibly referring to the rumored relationship with Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Iyanna Mayweather. He raps over an interpolated version of MJ’s classic, with minimal Hip Hop drums and percussion playing against the instantly recognizable guitar chords from the original.

The release is also accompanied by a music video that emphasizes the strife in YoungBoy’s relationship. Directed by Louie Knows, the video shows a young ski-mask-wearing woman breaking into YoungBoy’s guarded compound while he plays video games. She evades a pair of heavily armed guards before smashing the windscreen and later slashing the tires of his expensive black Maybach — the same crime he accused his ex of doing to him.

AI YOUNGBOY 2 recently reached #1 on the Billboard 200 charts, selling over 110,000 units in its first week. The mixtape is the rapper’s first chart-topping project, marking a successful follow-up to his 2017 RIAA gold certified “AI YOUNGBOY.”

Check out the other hit singles from AI YOUNGBOY 2, “Self Control” and “Make No Sense.”

And see exactly what inspired YoungBoy’s performance in the classic MJ original below and his reaction to having his tires slashed.