Lena Waithe Cites Will Smith & Denzel Washington As Not Supporting Black Talent

We recently reported on Lena Waithe calling out Black A-list actors for not supporting Black films or movies with predominantly Black talent. The producer The Chi sat down with the New York Times to discuss her frustrations with the lack Black financers and investors in Black-affiliated projects. And the many people she has called out, the show creator specifically called out Will Smith and Denzel Washington for being apart those who do not involve their coin. During a sit-down with the BET Experience Genius Talks, Waithe clarified that there is no beef between her and the named actors. 

“Look, Will, Denzel, I have a relationship with both camps, no shade no tea, I was just texting with Jada—everybody’s fine,” she said. “But ultimately, I’m saying for anybody who has money and is] black, I think should be held to finance at least one or two black filmmakers trying to make their first film. I just think it’s important because then what will happen is we’re keeping the well within our community. I know that it is difficult to walk into a room white financiers trying to explain why this particular black story should be told.” 

Adult Swim Festival Line-Up: Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples & More

Adult Swim Festival is returning for its second year and they’re doing things even bigger. After bringing in over 20K people from across the U.S. and 22 other countries across the world, they’ve expanded the festival to include much more than just musicians and comedians. The line-up for music this year includes Vince Staples, Young Thug, Geto Boys, Captain Murphy, Tierra Whack, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib, Lil Nas X, Jamie xx and more. 

Adult Swim Festival Line-Up: Young Thug, Freddie Gibbs, Vince Staples & More

The festival, which takes place on Nov. 15th and Nov. 16th, will take place in downtown Los Angeles at the Banc California Stadium. It’ll also include The Eric Andre Show Live! and interactive fan experiences including a screening an exclusive never-before-seen episode from Rick & Morty season 4, a Robot Chicken Intergalactic Power Summit, Squidbillies 10 Man Bunkhouse Stamped, and much more. Theyt’ll also be hosting panels and meet-and-greets over the two days.

Tickets went on sale today. You can cop them here.

Captain Murphy
Geto Boys
Tim Hecker & The Konoyo Ensemble
Iron Reagan
Inter Arma
Speedy Ortiz
Cooly G
Sarah Squirm
Conner O’Malley
Three Busy Debras
and more!

Jamie xx
Vince Staples
The Eric Andre Show Live!
Tierra Whack
Young Thug
Lil Nas X
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib
Negative Gemini
No Joy
Joe Pera
Jena Friedman
Wham City
and more!

Love & Hip Hop ATL Episode 15 Recap: Akbar V Publicly Humiliates Shekinah

In this week’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta episode, Mimi blasts Stevie J for sabotaging her relationships, Young Joc gets in trouble for flirting with some hairstylists, Akbar V puts Shekinah on blast publicly and things go left at a couple’s seminar.

Check out the previous episode’s recap here

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.  


Mimi and Stevie J were at crosshairs in this week’s episode. According to Mimi’s girlfriend, Ty, Stevie J has been continuously taunting her and their relationship social media. Stevie J even went on to tell Ty that she should consider adopting the daughter he shares with Mimi. Ty brought the issue to Mimi and as such, the couple thought it best to have Stevie J finally addressed. Mimi barged in on Stevie J’s studio session and confronted him. Following what appeared to be an attempt at a mature, adult conversation, things quickly turned sour as Mimi began growing annoyed with Stevie J’s antics. Their conversation ended with Mimi getting physical which made Stevie J leave the room.

Although Stevie has been dating Faith Evans for some time now, Mimi is convinced his attacks on Ty are fueled by jealousy. Could this be true? Does Stevie J truly not want to let Mimi go? We hope to gain greater insight on this in the upcoming episodes.  


Despite Sierra ruining her opportunity to speak to Hiram Hicks & Stevie J, Akbar V was able to snag a studio session with Hiram. After the two chopped it up in the studio, Hiram introduced Akbar V to his wife, Pooh Hicks. The two got friendly very quickly and began discussing the drama that had been going on throughout the season. The two bonded over their equal dislike Sierra, Shekinah and Tokyo Vanity. Surprisingly, Akbar V admitted to having beef with Shekinah because she had a child with one Shekinah’s ex-boyfriends. Akbar V alleged that Shekinah has since been throwing shade at her. 

Pooh, who always finds her way in the middle  all drama, encouraged Akbar V to crash Rasheeda and Kirk’s couple seminar to address Shekinah. And like clockwork, Akbar V showed up to the seminar. Akbar viciously attacked Shekinah and threw some serious accusations at her as well. The whole thing ended in a messy fight.


As seen in the previous episode, Young Joc asked Shekinah to hit up his hair salon to see why the business was doing so poorly. Yet when Shekinah showed up and further investigated, she realized there was more to it than Joc let on. Joc’s business partner, Sharonda, claimed business was impacted by Joc’s unpressionalism towards the stylists. The reality star was accused flirting with the new hires, which made it difficult for Sharonda to exercise her authority and keep the business afloat. Shekinah shared the news with Karlie in this week’s episode, hence it is only a matter time before everyone finds out.

Additionally, Joc met up with his baby mothers to let them know he was interested in marrying Kendra. Although they initially showed some skepticism in Joc’s ability to remain faithful to Kendra, they were still approving it. They even requested to meet with Kendra to fer their blessing. 


Rasheeda and Kirk’s continued support to couples reflected in the launch  a couple’s seminar in this week’s episode. Most the cast was in attendance and Shekinah was the host. Kirk and Rasheeda were questioned on several aspects their successful marriage and things got incredibly awkward. It seemed as though the couple did not always agree on certain topics and the latter only hinted at an underlying issue they were not discussing. We previously saw what went down when Jasmine and Rasheeda met up to talk. Moreover, Kirk admits that ever since it happened, Rasheeda has been distant. Prior to things going left for the couple on a public platform, Akbar V showed up and put Shekinah on blast. The unexpected fight took the attention away from the couple’s troubles, but all still noticed the tension. 

Adidas UltraBoost X Undefeated Collab Returns In "Blackout" Colorway

Adidas and Undefeated have been frequent collaborators for a while now with their last pair coming in the patriotic Adidas UltraBoost 1.0. Just a few weeks later, Undefeated is teasing a brand new colorway the Adidas x Undefeated UltraBoost 1.0 which is looking to be a lot more lowkey than the first pair that came out. The teaser images were posted to the brand’s Instagram page and shoe f some regular photos and well as some on-foot pictures to wet your palate.

The shoe goes for the popular triple-black aesthetic, although Undefeated’s signature branding can be seen throughout. For instance, the primeknit upper is black and so is the Boost midsole. The difference is that the upper has “UNDEFEATED” written across the toe box in a silver reflective font. Five strike branding and the Adidas logo can both be found on the tongue in that same reflective style which will certainly add flair to the shoe.

As right now, there is no release date or price associated with the shoe although Undefeated did say that it will be coming soon. Stay tuned for updates as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Willow Smith "Loves Men & Women Equally" & Is Entertaining Polyamory

Polyamorous (polygamy and polyandry) relationships aren’t anything new, but they aren’t always accepted by Westernized cultures. Yet, there is still a small percentage people who choose to engage in romantic relationships with multiple partners. Jada Pinkett Smith, her daughter Willow Smith, and her mother Adrienne Banfield-Norris explored this topic on the most recent episode  Red Table Talk as they spoke with a married couple and their girlfriend—a relationship known as a “throuple.”

During their discussion, Willow revealed that she’s been exploring the aspects a poly relationship. “Monogamy, I feel, and this is just for me, I feel actually inhibits you from learning those skills evolving past those feelings insecurity,” she said. “That feeling ‘Oh, no, you can’t do this…if you were to do this, the world would crumble on both sides.’ There’s just no freedom, it’s all fear based.”

Willow Smith "Loves Men & Women Equally" & Is Entertaining Polyamory
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty s

Willow said she believes traditional marriage concepts are slightly oppressive to women and “steeped in this idea ownership.” She continued, “This is the thing, there’s so many different kinds people in this world and so many things to learn, so many people to learn from and I don’t see the benefit in not learning those things or not putting myself in a position to learn as much as I possibly can from as many people as I possibly can.”

There are people who enter into polyamorous relationships solely because they’re attracted to the idea being able to have sex with more than one person. Willow claims that’s not her intention at all and she’s open to a multiple-partnered relationship if “your intention is to create more love, more understanding, more community, more compassion in your life.”

She later added, “I love men and women equally. I would definitely want one man, one woman. I feel like I could be polyfidelitous with those two people. I’m not the kind person who is constantly looking for new sexual experiences. I focus a lot on the emotional connection and I feel like if I were to find two people the different genders I really connected with and we had a romantic and sexual connection, I don’t feel like I would have the need to find more.” Willow added, “”I really couldn’t see myself in a quadruple, but personally, male and female, that’s all I need. One each.”

Jada didn’t seem to have a problem with Willow’s choices and told her she supported her. The actress also noted that she feels as if she’s been in a non-sexual, three-person relationship with her husband Will Smith and Will’s ex-wife (and mother Will’s son Trey), Sheree Fletcher.


Hip Hop Album Sales: Future’s "SAVE ME" Plummets Out Of Top 40

Hip Hop’s chart dominance took a dip in the latest Billboard 200. New albums from Madonna (No. 1), Bruce Springsteen (No. 2) and Bastille (No. 5) ruled the week while no rapper was able to debut in the Top 25.

Lil Keed’s Long Live Mexico ended up being Hip Hop’s best debut of the week, coming in at No. 26. Further down, GoldLink’s Diaspora cracked the Top 80 at No. 77.

Arguably the biggest development of the week was Future’s SAVE ME experiencing a dramatic drop. After entering the chart at No. 5, the EP fell out of the Top 40 to No. 41. Meanwhile, Polo G’s Die A Legend continued to be a surprisingly strong performer by maintaining its spot in the Top 10.

Future’s EP Drastically Falls

Last week, Future had the best-charting Hip Hop release on the Billboard 200. But this time around, the Freebandz leader’s SAVE ME EP tumbled all the way down out of the Top 40.

Future’s latest work fell to No. 41 after moving 13,665 total album equivalent units. The seven-track project previously debuted at No. 5 off the strength of 41,529 units sold.

Polo G Proves He’s No Fluke

Polo G’s first studio album Die A Legend followed up its No. 6 debut with another good performance. The Columbia Records artist settled in at No. 7 in his second week on the chart.

Once again, the “Pop Out” creator leaned heavily on the strength of his streaming numbers. Polo G only sold 218 copies in terms of pure album sales but ended up with a tally of 28,683 total units.

Lil Keed Earns Hip Hop’s Top Debut Of The Week

A relatively quiet release schedule allowed Lil Keed to secure the top-charting debut among rappers this week. The 300 Entertainment signee reached No. 26 after racking up 17,486 total units.

The Young Thug protege’s closest competition was GoldLink, whose Diaspora album entered the chart at No. 77. Keed’s LP marks another example of the increased emphasis on streaming, selling just 267 copies in pure album sales.

Top 10 Billboard 200 Rap & R&B Albums For The Week Ending 06/13/2019

Note: The first number below is this week’s “total album equivalent units” count, an intersection of album sales, single sales, and streams implemented by Billboard’s new rating system. A pure album sales figure is available in bold in parenthesis and information about each album’s streaming count is available in brackets.

1. Khalid — Free Spirit — No. 6 — 37,061 (5,726) [40,135,186]
2. Polo G — Die A Legend — No. 7 — 28,683 (218) [43,126,130]
3. DaBaby — Baby On Baby — No. 8 — 28,316 (448) [39,837,274]
4. Lizzo — Cuz I Love You — No. 9 — 27,203 (3,358) [27,978,896]
5. Drake — Scorpion — No. 11 — 25,554 (807) [32,859,060]
6. DJ Khaled — Father Of Asahd — No. 14 — 24,426 (1,814) [28,182,628]
7. Post Malone — Beerbongs & Bentleys — No. 15 — 24,016 (1,194) [30,983,412]
8. Tyler, The Creator — IGOR — No. 17 — 21,565 (600) [29,557,796]
9. A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie — Hoodie SZN — No. 20 — 19,533 (149) [28,463,853]
10. Travis Scott — Astroworld — No. 22 — 18,965 (877) [24,257,078]

Dave East & Trouble Stake Claim As Essential Hip-Hop Duo

Dave East and Trouble are looking to stake their claim as one hip-hop’s slept on partnerships. Despite hailing from New York and Atlanta respectively, East and Big Skoob have found common ground in the booth. The last time we heard them link up was on East’s underrated gem Karma 2, in which Trouble assisted on the Murda Beatz produced “I Ain’t Goin,” which served as the album’s closing track.

Despite many people’s myopic perception on East’s New York energy, the beloved rapper has proven a versatile collaborator on numerous occasions. On “I Ain’t Goin,” he and Trouble are equally matched, trading stellar verses united by a shared come-up trapping. Now, the pair have once again reunited following the BET Awards, with Trouble sharing an image their bromance Instagram.

“SomeBody name this group,” writes Skoob, before chiming in with his own suggestion “City Boys.” Given the track record with which they’re batting thus far, we can only hope that East and Trouble are ready to link up for another drop. The game could surely use it, especially if Trouble’s career as a meteorologist comes to an untimely end.

Despite Downgrade from Evercore, Spotify's Stock Recovers and Gains

Over the weekdn, Spotify’s stock had plummeted.

The drop came following a bearish report from investment firm Evercore.  Spotify’s shares had declined 3.6% in after-hours trading to $143.

Knocking the music streaming company’s stock from In Line to Underperform, analyst Kevin Rippey said investors have overstated Spotify’s ability to make money from podcasts as well as its services to musicians.  He slashed the company’s price target to $110.

Explaining why shares have rebounded this year, Rippey added investors expect one of two outcomes.  Either the company will come out “way ahead” in licensing negotiations with the Big 3 labels – Warner, Sony, and Universal Music – or it will make “a bundle of money” from services which have previously accounted for none of its income.

So, Rippey continues, for the company to achieve Wall Street’s gross profit targets, either Spotify will have to take a larger cut of song royalties from streams, or generate up to $650 million in “ancillary areas” by 2022.  These include Spotify for Artists and podcasts, among others.

Rippey added the company has also overestimated its potential market position in emerging markets.  These includes India, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and in Indonesia.

Stating Jio and Gaana remain the current streaming music market leaders in the regions, he wrote,

In emerging markets like India, local players dominate the market.  This fragmentation leads to an understatement of how competitive streaming music is globally.

In addition, Spotify also remains in a tricky position in the United States.  Still behind Apple Music in subscriptions locally, the company could lose its battle with the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB).

Should the CRB uphold its ruling, Spotify will have to pay songwriters and publishers much more per stream.  This, says Rippey, would cut into the company’s income, which the company hasn’t yet “embedded” in its estimates.

Investors have largely ignored Evercore’s bearish report.  Today, Spotify’s stock closed at $150.11.  The company opened at $143.  On Friday, it closed at $148.31.



New Music: Danity Kane ‘Neøn Lights’

Turn the lights on.

After reuniting on “The Universe Is Undefeated Tour” last year, Danity Kane delivers their electric new single “Neøn Lights,” the group’s first new music in years.

Over a pulsing EDM beat, Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex come alive on the after-hours jam. “It’s one of them nights, I feel it / It’s one of them nights, no inhibitions,” they sing.

DK is currently performing shows across the country, and it appears that there’s more to come from the trio. “Just the beginning,” wrote Dawn.

Aside from DK, the girls are still focusing on their solo careers. Dawn released her solo album new breed in January, while Aubrey and Shannon dropped their dumblonde EP Bianca in March.

Speaking to Rap-Up last year, Danity Kane opened up about their reunion. “We have our family back. I’ve been in a relationship with them longer than anyone I’ve loved, since I was 17,” said Aubrey.

Nike Air Max 720 Gets New "Multicolor" Model: Official Photos

One the best new sneakers 2019 is the Nike Air Max 720 which is characterized by its chunky Air Max unit that wraps around the entire midsole. It’s a pretty eclectic design and so far, it has been a huge hit among sneakerheads, especially those who have a special affinity for Nike products. Over the last few months, there have been a ton new colorways for this shoe and the Beaverton brand has absolutely no signs slowing down. The latest colorway that has been revealed has a color blocking we haven’t seen yet from the shoe so it will certainly elicit some curiosity from consumers.

The entire shoe is black with similar-colored “AIR” branding on the medial side while stripes color can be found all the way throughout. These lines range from red, to green, to gold, and even to purple. It’s an interesting look that one wouldn’t exactly expect from this sneaker but it will definitely be a great cop for the Summer.

According to Sneaker Bar Detroit, the shoe is slated to release later this Summer for $180 USD. Will you be copping or is it a skip?

Nike Air Max 720 Gets New "Multicolor" Model: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 720 Gets New "Multicolor" Model: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 720 Gets New "Multicolor" Model: Official Photos


Nike Air Max 720 Gets New "Multicolor" Model: Official Photos


Kawhi Leonard Is Being "Harrassed" Too Much, Says Raptors Superfan

You may be aware the artist Nav from Toronto, but perhaps the most famous Nav in the city is the Toronto Raptors superfan who can be seen waving his towel courtside at every single Raptors home game. The man has received a ton media coverage throughout the postseason and now, he is taking it upon himself to address the city Toronto as they look to bring Kawhi back for at least one more season.

Leonard is set to decline his player option and will look to sign a brand new contract, with Toronto supposedly being the frontrunner. While this is great news for Raptors fans, Superfan Nav wants to make sure the city doesn’t get too eager when interacting with the Superstar.

As he explains, Leonard has been out and about in the city, although some fans are taking pictures Kawhi and interrupting him while he’s trying to enjoy himself. For Nav, some people have become like the Paparazzi which the superfan feels could deter Leonard from resigning. Instead, he would prefer that the city recruits him the “Toronto way” which involves being polite and leaving him alone while he experiences the city.

It appears as though a petition will be made which hopes to draw thousands signatures with the main goal showing Leonard just how many people want him back in the city. After winning a championship, it’s hard to see why he would want to leave, even if he does prefer the comforts in his hometown Los Angeles.

Kawhi Leonard Billboards Pop Up In L.A.: "King Of SoCal"

Kawhi Leonard is ficially set to become an unrestricted free agent at the end June and he is reportedly torn between re-signing with the NBA champion Toronto Raptors or heading back to Cali to play for the Los Angeles Clippers.

A recent report suggests that the two-time NBA Finals MVP is “seriously considering” returning to Toronto, but that won’t stop the recruiting efforts from title-starved Clips fans. For example, a pair billboards have gone up over Interstate 5 in Downey, about 10 miles southeast Staples Center, encouraging the Southern California native to leave the North.

One the billboards features an image a California license plate personalized to read “KAWHI,” with the hashtag #ClipperNation, while the other bears an image Kawhi from his New Balance ad along with the text, “King SoCal,” and the hashtag #KAWHI2LAC. According to ESPN’s Ohm Youngmisuk, a source says “the Clippers knew nothing” about the billboards.

Leonard, 27, is eligible to sign a five-year, $190 million “supermax” contract with the Raptors, while other teams, like the Clippers, can fer a max  four-years, $140.6 million. The three-time All Star averaged 26.6 points and 7.6 rebounds in the regular season while leading Toronto to its first NBA title.

Cardi B Psyched For "BET Experience" With Migos & Lil Yachty Despite Looming Indictment

Cardi B‘s inclusion in a string live events hosted by BET was revealed to us back in January. The showcase billed as “The BET Experience” did take effect, as instructed in the aforementioned press release, highlighting a host headline performances from the likes  Lil WayneTory LanezMigos, Lil YachtyLil Baby and City Girls – booked for the weekend encompassing June 20th through June 22nd.

Evidently, the projected dates were slightly f the mark, as tonight, the 23rd June is being pegged the marquee concert the festivities in their entirety. Apart from the minor calendar mix-up, the tentative line-up mocked up in January seems to have kept its shape. The bolded names up above denote performers who’ve secured spots on tonight’s concert bill. They will be joined by Cardi B, G-Eazy, and Trippie Redd in separate sets.

Last night’s BET Experience itinerary saw Nipsey Hussle‘s peers pay tribute to his undying legacy before a sold-out crowd at the Staples Center. This week’s festivities were conceived in part, to drum up interest in the BET Awards on Sunday evening, hosted by the lovely Regina Hall at the Microst Theater in Los Angeles. Kudos to BET for expanding its vision to include the 30-and-ups. The ploy is clearly paying dividends, after decades persistent coverage.

Twitter Erupts With Jokes After Neighborhood Vandalized With Cursive "Crips" Graffiti

Newton County, GA – A neighborhood in Newton County, Georgia was tagged with alleged gang graffiti earlier this week. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, at least three homes and a car were hit with black spray paint. Neighbor Mary Smith was shocked.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw it ‘cause we don’t have that in this neighborhood,” Smith said. “It’s quiet out here.”

But, there was another issue. The word “Crips” was written in messy cursive, calling its authenticity into question.

Naturally, Twitter erupted with jokes and the subject became a trending topic on the social media platform.

Check out some of the best reactions below.



Mark Hamill Reveals How Luke Returns In "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker"

Luke Skywalker finally met his end in The Last Jedi, which was the most polarizing Star Wars film to date. After using all his strength to project himself across the galaxy to confront Kylo Ren, Luke willingly let his physical form go as he joined the world the force. Mark Hamill, who has been playing Luke since the late ’70s, confirmed that he will be back for The Rise Skywalker, but he hopes that it will be his last appearance in the franchise. 

While attending the Child’s Play premiere, the Associated Press questioned Hamill about his role in The Rise Skywalker. “I sure hope so,” answered Hamill with a laugh when asked if he was finally done with the Star Wars franchise. “I had closure in the last one,” he continued. “The fact that I’m involved in any capacity is only because that peculiar aspect the Star Wars mythology where if you’re a Jedi you get to come back and make a curtain call as a Force ghost.” Hamill revealing exactly how he will be involved in The Rise Of Skywalker may cause some executives at Disney to shake their heads, but this isn’t a very big revelation. Star Wars has been bringing back “dead” characters since Obi-Wan.