LaMelo Ball Teases Fans With Exciting And Slick No-Look Pass: Watch

As we head into a new season NBA basketball, many the narratives will be centered around the 2020 NBA Draft where a whole crop young players will be selected into the league. One the players who have gotten a ton traction recently is none other than LaMelo Ball who is currently in Australia playing for the Illawarra Hawks the NBL. So far, LaMelo has been a shining star in the league as he has consistently pulled f highlight-reel plays that make it to Twitter in droves.

Having said that, it shouldn’t be surprising that LaMelo pulled f yet another phenomenal play over the weekend. In the clip below, you can see LaMelo driving to the basket and then delivering a no-look pass to his teammate who finishes f the play.

Ball is considered to be a lock to be taken within the first five picks the draft which is pretty interesting considering we haven’t seen much NCAA action so far. Regardless, if Ball continues to play like this, he will certainly catch the eye NBA scouts out there who are looking for the next franchise player.

Who knows, maybe LaMelo could even go first overall. 

Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J

It was only a matter time before the story Suge Knight graced the screen. Straight Outta Compton notwithstanding, as he was a peripherary character with limited screentime. Given that the infamous mogul helped birth one hip-hop’s longstanding musical dynasties, Suge’s biopic would make for a compelling and interesting cinematic journey. Not to mention, it might serve to provide a little bit insight into one the game’s most feared and (occasionally) revered figures. Now, according to a report from TMZ, the time may very well be upon us.

Suge Knight Has Officially Sold His Life Rights To Ray J

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty s

Apparently, the incarcerated Suge has ficially sold his life rights to none other than Ray J. A decision spurred by financial foresight, Suge seems to have deemed Ray J the perfect catalyst to deliver his message, an objective party capable doing his story justice. Citing their longtime friendship and mutual trust, Suge has given Ray J carte blanche to handle any and all dealings regarding to Suge’s life story. And that goes for all mediums, from the big screen to the page.

For now, it would seem a documentary is among the first projects in the works, with rumblings a 2Pac-related project to follow. All well and good, though it feels like a missed opportunity for an arthouse-inspired Suge Knight biopic. Perhaps that’s yet to come. Are you trying to learn more about Suge Knight’s life story?


Kanye West Reportedly Called Rap "Devil’s Music"; Almost Quit Hip-Hop

Kanye West‘s pastor, Adam Tyson, is still making the media rounds, revealing more about the rapper’s recent journey in his faith.

Most recently, Tyson spoke with Apologia Studios and alleged that Kanye once referred to rap as “the devil’s music” and that he contemplated quitting the genre.

“One time, he told me that he wasn’t going to rap,” Tyson around the 23:30-mark. “I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘That’s the devil’s music.’ I said, ‘Hey, man. Rap is a genre. You can rap for God.’ I think he was already thinking about it a little bit, but I definitely said, ‘Hey, bro. I think you need to use your talents that God’s given you and use that platform for God.'”

West first began attending Tyson’s Placerita Bible Church back in May allegedly explaining to the preacher that he was beginning to feel the pressure and “guilt sin” in the industry.

 “The guilt sin brought him down low,” Tyson would say West’s testimony. “He would say the devil basically brought him to a place where he just felt like he was in bondage to his sin. So he said, ‘I got delivered.’”

It was last week that Kanye confirmed that he recently committed to Christianity while at a Jesus Is King event for the forthcoming effort.

Ariana Grande Experiences $10 Million Dollar Lawsuit Defeat

The last we have reported on Ariana Grande‘s legal battle with Forever 21, the ordeal was placed on hold. As you may recall, Ariana Grande motioned a lawsuit against Forever 21 for using, what she felt, was her likeness to promote their clothing. After announcing a $10 million lawsuit against the fast-fashion brand earlier this week, the company has responded and both parties have asked the court for an extension. Originally, the fast-fashion brand had until September 25th to respond to Grande’s lawsuit until that deadline was moved to November 8th. Court documents read, “the parties stipulate to the entry a Court Order extending Defendants’ deadline to respond to the Complaint, from September 25, 2019, to November 8, 2019, to allow the parties to continue meaningful settlement discussions.” Since then, an update has been reported and it is not any good news for Ariana Grande’s team. 

New reports by The Blast have just confirmed that Ariana’s lawsuit against Forever 21 won’t be solved anytime soon as the fashion retailer has filed for bankruptcy. Indeed, whenever a company files for bankruptcy, it leads to all pending lawsuits to remain pending until the bankruptcy issue is solved. We can, therefore, understand how frustrating this may be for Ariana Grande’s camp, but we expect further details on this later. 

Maid Of Honor Surprises Bride With Bouquet Of Chicken Nuggets

The gift that keeps on giving. There’s a story coming out Toldeo, Ohio a bride receiving a bouquet chicken McNuggets from their maid honor. Blair Hardy married Adam Tyson earlier this month at the Radisson Hotel in Toledo, Ohio, and paid extra to have nuggets and fries at her wedding so she could indulge in her favorite foods, while her guests were served traditional meals like steak and chicken. But wanting to do one better, maid honor Jenna Spetz incorporated the bride’s love for nuggets into a surprise bouquet (see below).

Jenna was making her maid honor speech at her cousin’s reception when she decided to bring out a floral arrangement nuggets. The nuggets were provided by Tyson Foods, to celebrate Blair becoming a “Tyson”. 

Jenna contacted Blair’s favorite food company to see if they could make her big day extra special. And to her shock, replied with the idea making a bouquet out nuggets and supplied it for the special day, along with a year’s worth their product.

“Blair] has always LOVED dino nuggets and was marrying a man with the last name Tyson, so it really was a match made in heaven.”

YK Osiris Says ‘Nobody Listens to Bryson Tiller’

YK Osiris is taking Bryson Tiller out of the conversation.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the “Worth It” singer weighed in on the current state of R&B and his male competition. “Right now, there’s not a lot of R&B singers right now. There’s not,” he said.

The interviewer brought up some of his peers, including Daniel Caesar, Jacquees, and Bryson Tiller. But YK apparently doesn’t see the Trapsoul crooner as a threat.

“Bryson Tiller?” he responded. “Nah, not right now.”

“He’s in your generation, though,” said the interviewer before YK replied, “Yeah, but not right now. Nobody listen to Bryson Tiller.”

The 21-year-old crooner also had some words for the self-proclaimed “king of R&B,” Jacquees. “Jacquees ain’t really on my level,” he said. “I don’t feel like he’s on my level. Vocally, yes. But music-wise, nah.”

He added, “For me to be young, to sing ual . . . Nah, I don’t think he coming like that.”

Earlier this month, YK released his debut album, The Golden Child, featuring the double platinum hit “Worth It.” And he’s confident that he can back up his claims. “Hey, man, numbers don’t lie. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t.”

The battle for the throne continues. YK hasn’t been shy to declare himself the new “king of R&B.” “I’m the king of R&B of this generation,” he said on Instagram. “There’s nobody else.”

But Jacquees is not about to give up his seat. In a since-deleted video, he fired back at his younger peer. “YK Osiris, stop fu**in’ knockin’ on my door. Stop asking me for big bro advice. Stop!” he said. “You can’t sing like me little bro. I wanted you to win, I still do. Don’t bring my motherfu**in’ name up. You not on my level—at all.”

"Maleficient 2" Flops At The Box Office With $37.7 Million Dollar Opening

The second chapter to the Maleficent saga has arrived in theatres this weekend. Because the first movie which placed Angelina Jolie as the titular, villainous character was a box fice hit (bringing in over $241 million dollars domestically and $750 million dollars globally), expectations remained high for the second film. Unfortunately, Maleficent: Mistress Evil performed well below expectations with a humble $37.7 million dollar opening. Although this number is not the best, UPROXX adds that the latter is typical for “most family sequels.” Unfortunately, the film costs a pretty penny to make (exactly $185 million dollars). And with this kind revenue, it remains highly unlikely that the new film will experience a huge return in prit to foot the bill. 

Several theories have been brought up to explain the low return. For instance, the first movie released shortly after Memorial Day, at a time where children were out school and enjoying a hot summer day which may have contributed to the box fice success. Disney had initially planned to release the film in 2020 around the same time but chose to release it earlier. Perhaps timing did play a role in the movie’s lack success, but nevertheless, it still has some time to catch up both domestically and internationally. 

Quavo Calls Out His Mom For Posting This Baby Photo Of Him

Parents on social media can be a recipe for disaster. It’s one thing when make comments on your posts that are overly gushy or seem to reference things that only they understand. It’s another thing for them to repost those photos that call for a repost for to celebrate some banal achievement like being an aunt. It’s a whole OTHER thing when they use their accounts to digitize the childhood photos that probably should have stayed in the dusty album.

Quavo was subjected to the humiliation the latter on Saturday when his mother posted a baby photo him. The picture appears to capture the moment when the Migos star was potty-trained, as he stands pantless in front a toilet with someone assisting him. Baby Quavo gives the camera a slightly distressed look while trying to figure out the whole process peeing. Grown Quavo reposted the photo on his Instagram page and highlighted in the caption that “My Mama!!! jus posted this.” Mama Huncho‘s account is private so, unfortunately, we cannot see what her original caption was. 

Regardless the occasional humiliation, Quavo evidently loves his mama a whole lot because he bought her a Jeep for her birthday

Nick Young Explains How Iggy Azalea Kept Him From Pursuing Rihanna

Nick Young was always one the more entertaining players in the NBA thanks to his general antics and penchant for having good style. Fans who remember Young from his days with the Los Angeles Lakers, know that he was in a very high prile relationship with Iggy Azalea at the time. Due to a bizarre incident involving D’Angelo Russell, that relationship eventually came to an end with both sides moving on for the better.

During the first-ever episode the “Certified Buckets” podcast with Young, Chiney Ogwumike, and Sarunas J. Jackson, Swaggy P spoke about a time where he was trying to impress a high-prile artist who was courtside at Lakers games. Of course, that artist was Rihanna who actually took notice how well he was playing. In the podcast, Young explains how he wanted to try and pursue something with Rihanna but he had just started dating Iggy at the time and didn’t want to interfere with that.

Based on the response his fellow co-hosts, it seems as though they felt he was making a huge mistake as Rihanna was clearly the better option. Regardless, Young doesn’t seem to have any regrets about the whole situation and eventually laughed f the jokes being made at his expense.

You can listen to the full episode the podcast below.

Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Chases Success Over Fame

Nicki Minaj may be a retired rapper but she’s still one the most popular musicians in the entire world. We don’t know the next time we’ll be hearing her on record after she announced to the world that she would be halting her career to start a family with her boyfriend Kenny Petty. In a sit-down interview with E!, the rapper hinted to the world that she may be getting married in the next week. Before that though, she’s making sure to show love to Fendi and everybody that supported her first collaboration with the luxury brand.

Taking to social media, the Queen Barb shared a flurry images from her Fendi Prints On party, including shots Eva Marcille, Paris Jackson, Reginae Carter, Alexis Skyy, and more. The moment made her emotional, asking her fans who was “cutting onions” and following up the remark with a motivational statement about her own personal beliefs.

“Want success. Don’t want fame,” advised Minaj to all her followers. “Fame fades. Success can’t. Y’all be wanting to be famous. Work hard. It’s the WORK that will stand the test time. Soon as they get the fame they don’t want to work. They just wanna get praised. Praise is for God.”

Nicki Minaj is understandably feeling herself after a successful venture into the world fashion. Mark this down as another win for her. 

Nicki Minaj Explains Why She Chases Success Over Fame

LeBron James & The Lakers Receive Detailed Breakdown Via Steph Curry

Heading into this year’s NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers are one the teams favored to go all the way. With LeBron James and Anthony Davis in tow, the team is loaded with talent and has a real chance at making it all the way out the Western Conference. One the teams that have dominated the West over the last few years is the Golden State Warriors who are led by Steph Curry. If there is anyone who knows what it takes to be successful out West, it would be the three-time NBA Champion.

In a report from Sam Amick The Athletic, Curry got to speak about the new-look Lakers and whether or not they have what it takes to win this season. Curry went on to give a detailed breakdown the team and how their roster is shaping up ahead the season.

LeBron James & The Lakers Receive Detailed Breakdown Via Steph Curry

Sean M. Haffey/Getty s

Per Curry:

“I mean they’re tough. You start with LeBron and AD. Those are two guys who demand your attention every possession, and I think they showed (on Wednesday night) a little bit how they can work in tandem, putting pressure on that three or four spot, with either JaVale (McGee) or Dwight (Howard) leading up, and LeBron having two lob threats. And they’ve got some shooting around them, perimeter defense. They’re good. It’s going to take a lot to beat them. You can tell when a team truly believes that a team is good, but they still have to go out and prove it. They have that vibe over there, like they know that they’re talented but I think there’s an edge to them.”

Throughout the preseason, the Lakers have had the Warriors’ number although neither team has played with their true roster. Having said that, it seems as though the Warriors are in for a tough season as the Lakers move up the proverbial ladder.

Kash Doll Releases Debut Album "Stacked"

Kash Doll has dropped her first studio album, Stacked. The Republic Records artist’s debut LP is the follow-up to her Brat Mail mixtape, which was released in March 2018.

The Detroit-bred rapper’s latest project is comprised of 17 tracks, including the single “Mobb’n.” Guests featured on the album include Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Summer Walker, Teyana Taylor, Trey Songz and Lougotcash.

Check out Kash Doll’s Stacked stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Kash Doll Releases Debut Album "Stacked"

1. KD Diary
2. Ready Set f. Big Sean
3. So Amazing
4. Paid Bitches
5. Ice Me Out
6. Kitten f. Lil Wayne
7. On Sight f. Trey Songz
8. Krazy f. Lougotcash
9. Mobb’n
10. Cheap Shit
11. Doin Too Much
12. Buss It
13. No Lames f. Summer Walker
14. Excuses
15. Feel Something f. Teyana Taylor
16. Coastal Rota
17. 100 Of Us

Live Nation's Download Festival Madrid 2020 Is Canceled

Yet another music festival has been canceled.

Live Nation’s Download Festival Madrid has announced that the event will not be returning in 2020.  Organizers are trying to redevelop the event, though for now, things look to be on permanent hiatus.

The festival is one of a number of Download events that take place across the world. For the last three years, the Caja Magica has hosted this particular edition. The inaugural 2017 festival was especially successful, with more than 100,000 people attending.

The most recent edition of the festival took place this past June. Among those who performed there were Tool, Scorpions, Sabaton and Slipknot.

The festival organizers issued a statement along with the announcement. They said that, while they would have liked to announce the 4th edition of the festival, they have not “achieved all the conditions that we believe a festival of this nature requires,” so they have decided to go on hiatus while they try to redevelop the concept.

They added that, as they “evaluate different options,” they hope to bring fans the “best experience possible,” in line with what 250,000 people have seen in the last three years.

Download Festival Madrid has been one of the main rock festivals in Spain.

Among the many stars that have performed at the festival is Linkin Park, which featured one of the last performances of singer Chester Bennington before he died. Other performers have included:

  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Guns n’ Roses
  • Marilyn Manson
  • Judas Priest

The flagship Download Festival has taken place in the United Kingdom every year since 2003 in Donington Park. Other Download Festivals have taken place in Japan, France and Australia.

The Madrid edition of the Download Festival is not the first that has gone on hiatus. The French festival, which had been staged in Paris since 2016, went on hiatus this year. It was scheduled to return next year, but it was also canceled.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Docuseries "Supervillain" Heading To Showtime

The way 6ix9ine’s career played out was damn near a feature-length film. Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s rise and fall in the rap game has been one the most fascinating cases in modern hip-hop history and now, a docuseries inspired by an article by journalist Stephen Witts’ article is heading television.

Deadline reports Showtime Documentary Films ordered Supervillain which will be a limited docuseries focusing on 6ix9ine. Supervillain was inspired by an article Witts’ piece, Tekashi 6ix9ine: The Rise and Fall a Hip Hop Supervillain published on The Rolling Stone. The three-part series will focus on an NYC deli clerk, Daniel Hernandez, who transformed into the biggest and most distinctive star in hip-hop for a very brief period time. It will include a detailed look into his breakout “GUMMO” all the way until his arrest.

“The bizarre and complicated rise Tekashi 6six9ine is a story our times,” Showtime’s EVP Nonfiction programming, Vinnie Malhotra, said. “Beyond becoming one the most notorious hip hop artists this generation, his story speaks volumes the impact social media and manufactured celebrity in our society. We’re excited to be partnering with such heavy hitters in the world music and documentary to bring Supervillain to life.”

The docuseries is a joint production from Imagine Documentaries, Rolling Stone and Lightbox.

SpongeBob x Nike Kyrie Collection Restocks Today: Purchase Links

Perhaps one the most interesting collaborations this year has been between the SpongeBob Squarepants franchise and the Nike Kyrie basketball line. Back in August, the two brands came together on five different sneakers which represented characters from the series. Kyrie Irving is a big fan the show and made sure to let his fandom be known with this lively and colorful capsule.

There are three colorways the Nike Kyrie 5 and two colorways the Nike Kyrie Low 2. The former costs $150 USD while the latter goes for $110 USD. When these first came out, they sold out right away and now, Nike is blessing fans with a well-deserved restock.

SpongeBob x Nike Kyrie Collection Restocks Today: Purchase Links


The restock is going down today at 10 A.M EST with each shoe being available on Nike SNKRS and If you missed out on the shoe originally, this is a great opportunity to cop something. These are great for kids who are about to embark on a season youth basketball but they’re also great for adults trying to relive their childhood.

Be sure to check out the links above and let us know if you copped successfully.