Mark Hamill Reveals How Luke Returns In "Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker"

Luke Skywalker finally met his end in The Last Jedi, which was the most polarizing Star Wars film to date. After using all his strength to project himself across the galaxy to confront Kylo Ren, Luke willingly let his physical form go as he joined the world the force. Mark Hamill, who has been playing Luke since the late ’70s, confirmed that he will be back for The Rise Skywalker, but he hopes that it will be his last appearance in the franchise. 

While attending the Child’s Play premiere, the Associated Press questioned Hamill about his role in The Rise Skywalker. “I sure hope so,” answered Hamill with a laugh when asked if he was finally done with the Star Wars franchise. “I had closure in the last one,” he continued. “The fact that I’m involved in any capacity is only because that peculiar aspect the Star Wars mythology where if you’re a Jedi you get to come back and make a curtain call as a Force ghost.” Hamill revealing exactly how he will be involved in The Rise Of Skywalker may cause some executives at Disney to shake their heads, but this isn’t a very big revelation. Star Wars has been bringing back “dead” characters since Obi-Wan.

Kyrie Irving "Didn’t Like" Boston: Report

Despite publicly announcing his intentions to stay in Boston a year ago, Kyrie Irving is no longer in love with the Northeastern city. According to CBS SportsIrving’s chances staying in Boston are slim to none. As free agency approaches, Irving has reportedly “ghosted” the Celtics organization. ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan stopped by the “Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective” podcast and said that Irving “didn’t like” Boston and had issues with Brad Stevens and Danny Ainge.

Kyrie Irving "Didn't Like" Boston: Report
Harry How/Getty s

“Kyrie Irving didn’t like Boston,” MacMullan stated. “I’ve been told this by many people. He didn’t like living in Boston. He just didn’t. By the end, he had issues with Brad Stevens]. By the end, he had issues with Danny Ainge]. By the end, he had issues with pretty much all us.” Sports fans saw this coming a mile away. Irving opted out his $21.3 million contract for the 2019-20 season and also fired his longtime agent Jeff Wechsler. Irving then signed with Roc Nation Sports, Jay-Z’s sports management company. This move has fans speculating that Irving will land on the Brooklyn Nets. It became obvious that Irving no longer had love for Boston back in February when he told reporters he didn’t “owe anybody shit”  heading into free agency. The NBA is poised to have one the most interesting f-seasons in recent history. 

Jeezy Strikes Telecommunications Deal With New Partnership

Grammy-nominated rapper Jeezy is carving out his place in the telecommunications world by partnering up with entrepreneur Freddie Figgers, the founder Figgers Communications. According to a press release, the pair aim to provide wireless services that will rival their competition by implementing price points that are more attainable.

“There was a point in my life where I wasn’t able to pay the phone bill,” said Jeezy. “Now as a businessman and entrepreneur to be able to partner with Freddie, someone who overcame similar life obstacles, and to give people more access to handheld technology at an affordable price, it’s truly a blessing.”

“As the youngest African-American to own and operate an independent, U.S. based telecommunications company, I built Figgers Communications on the premise that telecommunications access should be attainable for everyone,” said Freddie Figgers. “The Jeezy/Figgers Wireless partnership is a natural evolution two men who experienced some the same challenges during our upbringing but rose above those circumstances to make our mark.

Jeezy Strikes Telecommunications Deal With New Partnership
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The first products to be released under the new partnership are the F3 cellular phone and the F-Buds earpods, both which are currently available for purchase.

Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello’s Sexy "Señorita" Music Video Have Fans Going Wild

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes previously collaborated on 2015’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer” but nothing can compare to their latest single “Senorita” and the obvious chemistry the duo share on camera. The song is all about getting closer than expected with a friend, something fans think could be a reality for Shawn and Camila. 

Such lyrics like “You say ‘we’re just friends,’ but friends don’t know the way you taste,” has led to a frenzy on Twitter with fans dropping f all kinds comments about the possibility both singer’s dating in real life. “Camila and Shawn went from “i know what you did last summer” to “im doing you this summer”,” one user shared, while another added, “IF CAMILA AND SHAWN AIN’T DATING IRL I’M SUING THEM”


When the video premiered on YouTube, Camila responded to some questions from fans and detailed just how important Shawn is to her, not alluding to any kind relationship. 

“We’ve known each other for about four years now, and I really love Shawn as a person and he’s always been there for me. I’m lucky I found someone like that early on what I started this!” she wrote. 

We’ll see how this plays out.

Young Buck Unleashes 50 Cent ‘Foofy Freestyle’ Diss


After going back and forth on social media, 50 and Young Buck’s beef has seemingly reached a breaking point. Following footage of a 50 fan harassing Buck in a supermarket, Buck takes aim at his former G-Unit affiliate with his “Foofy Freestyle.”

Over the instrumental for Drake’s Pusha-T diss “Duppy Freestyle,” Buck rips the “Power” producer for his social media antics. “Come on Foofy / This Instagram shit done got goofy,” he raps. “Let’s focus on them 2 million dollars / That ni**a robbed me.”

He also takes aim at 50’s fatherhood (“You know what I learned? How not to be a father”) and says he saved 50 from blows with Floyd Mayweather. Plus, he claims to have written songs for 50 including 2015’s “Too Rich for the Bitch.” “I wrote ‘Too Rich’ for you and this the thanks I get / You taught that young boy to snitch, ni**a / You think you slick,” he raps.

Their relationship went sour in 2008 after 50 claimed Buck had been “unloyal” to G-Unit and kicked him out of the group. They reconciled in 2014, but things took a turn recently when 50 trolled Buck on Instagram for his alleged relationship with a transgender partner. Buck is now looking to get out of his G-Unit contract, but 50 won’t let him exit without paying $300,000.

“Foofy Freestyle” appears on Buck’s upcoming Strictly 4 The Traps N Trunks (Young Buck Edition) mixtape. Listen below.

Megan Thee Stallion Considers Return To School Campus

Megan Thee Stallion, newly announced XXL Freshman, has taken to Instagram to announce plans returning to school. “I miss being on campus lol I think I’ll start regular classes again in the fall 😂,” she captions a post her in elegant, business attire. The picture seems to be taken at the College Pharmacy & Health Sciences at Texas Southern University.

Whether she is serious or not, the post also refers to being increasingly busy, to the point having to take online classes. This is, without a doubt, true. Megan recently dropped her first full-length album, Fever, which includes features from DaBaby and Juicy J but is mostly carried f the strength her own talent. She is also receiving more attention than ever, especially since gracing the cover XXL, and undoubtedly has a booked schedule. Fever is Megan’s most critically acclaimed album yet.

The rapper is currently preparing for a tour beginning at the end August with Meek Mill, YG and Mustard. Being able to tour and take classes in the Fall seems like an impossible task but Megan is still currently enrolled at Texas Southern University. Tickets for the “Legendary Nights” tour go on sale today.

Megan Thee Stallion Considers Return To School Campus
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Tyga Sparks Dating Rumours With Spanish Model Cindy Kimberly

Tyga has been with the likes Kylie Jenner, Blac Chyna and many more during his time in the spotlight and it looks like he may be onto another one since he’s been spotted on a date with Spanish model, Cindy Kimberly. The couple was spotted heading into Beverly Hill’s La Scala restaurant and even left together, according to The Daily Mail.

While we can’t confirm any romantic happenings, Tyga being spotted with a new gyal is something to be noted since it’s not very ten he steps out with a woman by his side. Cindy shot to fame in 2015 when Justin Bieber shared an image the former part-time nanny to Instagram, writing “OMG who is this.” The post had agencies calling her name where she was quickly got signed at 17, leading her to become a sought out model who now has 5.4 million followers. 

Tyga rarely talks about dating life and exes but last year he took credit for making Kylie more relevant than she would have ever been. “You need black people to fuck with you cause you need culture,” he said about the beauty mogul. “I had a lot to do with all that.”

We’ll see how Tyga and Cindy play out or if they’re simply just friends. 

Kim Kardashian’s Being Compared To A Tampon In New Vogue Cover

Kim Kardashian doesn’t usually go for many avante-garde looks or photo shoots, however, it’s looking like she decided to step outside her comfort zone and channel her inner Thierry Mugler for her latest cover for Vogue Japan. Fans, however, don’t seem to be digging the experimental shoot as much as Kim, and have taken to comparing her outlandish looks to a whole host things, but most notably: a tampon.

The KUWTK star posted her three covers, along with several shots from inside the high-fashion magazine on Thursday with the caption, “This was an absolute dream come true for me!” Whilst several her star-studded friends, including Ashley Graham, Malika Haqq, and Kathy Hilton are applauding her fierce looks, her fans are busy trying to come up with more, lewd red objects to compare her to. The cover photo itself features Kim in a futuristic, cherry red helmet (type-thing) and matching lipstick and jewelry, while her head is being held and tilted to the side by some ceramic looking hands. Moving through the photo series, some bizarre looks which stand out include the second picture, whereby Kim looks like a fluffy satin pillow, and a baby-doll type dress and feather headpiece moment, with the garment reading “I’m not shy I just don’t like you.”

It’s one photo, in particular, that has people talking though: Kim in an oversized… I really don’t know what to call it – duvet-looking… duvet.  And it didn’t take long for fans to start comparing the look to a super-sized female product, adding  that it’s “like she’s being birthed.” “Got sis lookin like a whole super size tampon,” one fan joked, with another responding with: “you just hit the nail on the head with that.” another follower responded,”Only Kim k could look hot dressed as a tampon!”

Kanye West’s Single "Brothers" Detailed By Irv Gotti In New Video

One the most anticipated albums the entire year is Kanye West‘s Yandhi. Though the project was supposed to arrive back in 2018, Kanye ended up pushing it back a couple times, and the album is now without an ficial release date. At the start the month, we reported that Irv Gotti had appeared as a guest on The Breakfast Club with Ja Rule, setting f a rumor that he was working on a record with none other than Ye himself. While he was chatting about his BET show Tales, he noted that he has a record with a “huge artist” that’s pretty “controversial” and it how it will be premiering on his program- produced by himself, as well as his partner 7. It didn’t take too long for DJ Envy to figure out that he was referring to Kanye West, and Irv Gotti didn’t exactly shut him down either. Indeed, Ye’s track “Brothers” was revealed in the trailer for the new season  Tales over a week ago, and now, more than two weeks later, an ecstatic Gotti appears on TMZ live to detail the making the new track.

The Murder Inc. Records honcho was beyond proud to reveal that the trailer featured Ye’s new track “Brothers,” which will serve as part the soundtrack for the 2-hour episode, as well as the basis for its storyline.

During the clip, Irv mentions how the idea to work on the project was conceived back in October 2017. Way back then, Gotti hinted in an Instagram post him and Mr. West, that he and Kanye had “something enormous” coming; but no one saw this coming.Irv captioned the post, “2 crazy. Out the box thinkers. That only thinks about serving the world!! Hahah. Stay tuned. Great great great meeting the minds.”

Le’Veon Bell Robbed By Two Women He Left Naked In His Bed: 911 Audio Surfaces

Last month, New York Jets running back Le’Veon Bell was robbed  more than $500,000 in jewelry by “his two girlfriends” whom he reportedly left naked in his bed. TMZ Sports recently obtained audio Bell’s 911 call from May 25, in which he can be heard describing how the ladies made f with his jewelry, clothes and shoes.

“When I left, one the women] was in the bed,” Bell said on the 911 call … “She was in the bed, not wearing clothes when I left. So, I didn’t see her. You know what I’m saying.”

And the other lady … “She was in the bed too. They didn’t have clothes on.”

In total, Bell estimates that the women stole nearly $1 million worth valuables, including a diamond Black Panther pendant, two diamond encrusted gold chains and a Rolex watch. According to TMZ, it is not known if Bell has been able to get his stuff back, or if the suspects have been caught. The investigation is reportedly still ongoing.

You can listen to Bell’s 911 call in the video embedded below.

Director Sacha Jenkins Discusses "Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics & Men" & Interviewing Divine

Sacha Jenkins has arguably set the gold-standard for telling the Wu-Tang Clan’s story. His documentary series Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics & Men is a master class in examining music legends in a humanistic way, telling a very personal tale despite the immense fame of his subjects.

For Jenkins, his life’s work in Hip Hop has made the documentary a particularly rewarding chapter of his career. From his days as a journalist at Ego Trip magazine to his current role as Mass Appeal’s creative director, he’s established himself as one of the most invaluable voices in the culture and proved it again with the Showtime docu-series.

Following Of Mics & Men’s release, HipHopDX caught up with Jenkins to learn about the making of critically acclaimed series. In part one of our interview, the veteran journalist-turned-filmmaker opens up about his creative process and how he landed the directing gig.

He also explains the importance of speaking to RZA’s brother Mitchell “Divine” Diggs, the Wu-Tang Productions CEO who’s rarely talked about publicly despite his pivotal role in the group.

HipHopDX: As a journalist, you followed the Wu at the very beginning of their careers. When did you decide you wanted to do a documentary about these guys?

Jenkins: Well, RZA and I have the same agent. Our agent mentioned to me that Wu-Tang and RZA were ready to finally tell their story. He wondered if I’d be interested in throwing my hat in the ring. I said, “Sure.” I’m based in New York. RZA was in L.A. I flew to L.A. for the day – meaning I flew out there, met with RZA and got right back on a plane the same day – to have a conversation with him about the potential of me directing it. The rest is history. We had a positive conversation. It took him a couple of weeks to make the final decision, and eventually, he did. So, here we are talking.

HipHopDX: When did filming officially begin?

Jenkins: Well, the whole thing took about 18 months. When you consider the amount of work and storytelling, that’s a pretty quick turnaround. I don’t remember specifically when we started, but it took us about 18 months to get it done. I had to be very strategic in how I made it happen, how we made it happen. Of course, there’s a scene in the theater where all the guys are together. It’s really difficult getting them all together, but I figured if I could pull it off at least one time, I’d be able to get a lot of material that would fill up the documentary. Luckily, it worked out that way.

HipHopDX: I’m sure this was a lot of people’s first experience with your film work just because of the subject, but you’re obviously no rookie to this. What lessons did you learn from your previous films that you took into Of Mics & Men?

Jenkins: Each one is an evolution. For me, every time you learn something new. Wu-Tang is a little different in that I’m interviewing folks as I would when I was a journalist, but I think this film is the culmination of all the things I’ve done in film before. I did a film called Burn Motherfucker, Burn! about the so-called riots in Los Angeles. There was some Hip Hop in that film, but it was more about the sociopolitical climate in Los Angeles, particularly as it pertains to black folks. This project is sort of a combination of … I did a film called Word Is Bond about the origins of rappers, so the people who write rhymes. It feels like Wu-Tang is a combination of Burn Motherfucker, Burn! and Word Is Bond.

For me, the process of filmmaking is an evolution. My goal is to have a style or a perspective that if you don’t know who made the film and you watch the first five minutes of it, you can say, “Oh, that’s a Sacha Jenkins film.” From this film Fresh Dressed I did about the history of Hip Hop fashion to Word Is Bond to Burn Motherfucker, Burn! to the Rapture series where I directed an episode that featured Nas and Dave East, on through to Wu-Tang. I think I’m starting to develop a vocabulary that speaks to me having a particular style and sound, which is very important to me.

HipHopDX: I was listening to your interview with Sway and one thing you said really hit home to me. You mentioned how you used this documentary to not look at Wu-Tang like rap superheroes. Instead, you examined them on a human level. Can you tell me about the balancing act of covering a subject that’s so big yet bringing them down to this personal level?

Jenkins: The conversations I had with them, to me, was like I was having conversations with the guys I grew up with because I know the environment that they come from, and I know what they’ve overcome. For me, their story is my story. It’s the story of all the guys that I grew up with. When I’m talking to them, I’m not an outsider. I’m not talking to them from the perspective of someone who is really floored by what it was they overcame.

I’m totally floored by what they overcame because I overcame it myself, but I’m not looking at them like they are some kind of exotic wild animal. I’m not judging them for some of the decisions that they made because I understand why they made them. My goal with the film was to help people understand the brilliance, not only of the Wu-Tang Clan but the brilliance of so many of us who come from government subsidized housing. So often, there is little or no expectations for people like us.

What Wu-Tang represents to me, [it] represents the brilliance that is in the housing projects, represents the goals and aspirations, and also represents the blues. It represents all that we continue to deal with and process. When I’m talking to U-God and he’s talking about, in not so many words, having PTSD based on his experiences, I understand where he’s coming from. And you’ve got to understand that I understand that. Not to say that I had to face a tragedy like my two-year-old son being shot. You don’t wish that on anyone. I can’t claim that I have the exact same blues that U-God has, but I can understand where it’s coming from, and I can process it in a way that feels very natural. I think that comes across on screen.

HipHopDX: Absolutely. I think one of the really beautiful things about the film is the way you bring up those difficult subjects and amid the tension in the group, it just gives us a perspective that we’ve never really seen with Wu-Tang. In fans’ minds, things get simplified to a business issue or their conflicts always being about money. This exposes viewers to what’s going on beyond the surface level.

Jenkins: Well, it’s not even just Wu-Tang. I mean, for one, I feel like the film is really about every black kid who came up in the ghetto and made it in the rap game. [It’s] every black kid who had to deal with the streets, every black kid who made music, that talked about what they endured in the streets and what they endured at home, and what they endured in school and then making the jump from the madness of the street to the madness of the corporate world, i.e. the music industry. I think the Wu-Tang story is so relatable because it’s so universal. I wanted people to understand who these guys were.

More importantly, what I got from it … I didn’t know that they were going to be so open and honest. I mean, you have members of Wu-Tang Clan crying on camera. I mean, that’s not just an accomplishment. That’s not just a rarity for a superstar or group of musicians. That’s a rarity for black men. It’s a rarity for men in general, of course, but rarely do you see black men showing that kind of vulnerability coming from a place of trauma, coming from a place of … you’re from the hood and you’re always supposed to be tough.

That could be the fact that they are grown men and they’ve experienced a lot, and they’re at a different place in their lives. That could totally be it, but the information that people get from this film about black people in the inner city goes well beyond music. My point has always been the music is always a reflection of and a reaction to the environment. I wanted to make a film about the environment.

HipHopDX: One of the coups you pulled off in this film is getting to speak with Divine. He’s a figure in Wu-Tang that’s largely been off-limits until this film. Was this something that was make or break for you? Would you not proceed without this interview or is this just something that kind of fell into your hands?

Jenkins: I told RZA that it was a really important part of the story. The Divine story has always been one-sided. It has always been from the perspective of a member of the Clan complaining about him or having an issue. Never have you heard his side of it. As a journalist or someone with a journalism background, for me, balance is important. I think that the Divine story, whether he’s an angel or a villain, it’s a major part of the DNA of Wu-Tang.

He had a heavy hand in the formation of the group and still has a heavy hand on the overall movement of Wu-Tang Clan, the entity. He doesn’t manage the individual members anymore, but he still is a partner in the mothership that is Wu-Tang. How do you tell a Wu-Tang story without talking to someone like Divine? He’s so germane to the meaning of it all.

HipHopDX: Definitely. I was curious just as far as the scenes when they’re in the theater and they’re getting to see all this footage. In those moments, are they seeing things like Divine’s interview or was it strictly some of the other stuff that you were putting together like the archival footage and things like that?

Jenkins: Mostly the older footage. I think we showed some interviews, but really, I wanted them to sort of go down memory lane. They didn’t know what we were going to show them. They’re in a dark theater, and we showed them what we showed them. What you see is their reactions to what they saw.

I’m not in Wu-Tang. I haven’t been making music with these guys for 25 years. Again, my goal was to find a way to get them all together. I tried to find the most creative, economical way to maximize the access.

I was inspired by the film Cooley High that has a classic theater scene where people get into some shit. I was also inspired by the Metallica film Some Kind of Monster, which really had the group dealing with one another in intimate settings to talk about their feelings about one another and their feelings about the group. Those are my two inspirations. I feel like it paid off in the end.

Check back for part two of DX’s interview with Sacha Jenkins.

Wu-Tang Clan: Of Mics & Men is available now on demand and streaming Showtime.

Cardi B Drops $400K For Daughter Kulture’s First Birthday Party

As we all know by now, it’s not unusual (in fact, it’s even pretty commonplace) for a celebrity to go all out for their child’s birthday. Some examples include: YG buying a matching mini red Lambo for his little girl’s 4th birthday, Future gifting his son a Rolex for his 5th birthday, and Travis Barker coughing up six-figures for his daughter’s 14th birthday. And to round it all up, who can forget the epic first birthday celebration for Kylie and Travis’ little one, Stormi, whereby they created a whole custom rendition Travis’ Astroworld for her, with Stormiworld.

So, with Cardi B and Offset‘s daughter, Kulture’s, first birthday coming up on the 10th July, it’s really no surprise that the “Clout” rappers were going to pull out the big guns. In fact, during an Instagram live session Cardi went on to tell her fans that she would be spending a whooping $400,000 for the festivities. “Kulture birthday party no lie, I’m spending about $400,00,” said the mama to her fans. “And it’s like, damn! $400,000 for a birthday party? But that’s because it’s her first birthday party and shit costs!” she explains. But Cardi goes on to assure her fans that this kind lavish spending will NOT be a regular thing, saying, “but after her first bday party HA HA.” 

In other Cardi news, the artist recently had to result in performing in a robe after her jumpsuit tore right at the booty from twerking too hard during her performance at Bonnaroo last weekend. She also appeared at Takef’s epic birthday bash 2 days ago in a show-stopping racy black fishnet number.

Lil Nas X Drops “Old Town Road” Follow-Up Single “Panini”

Los Angeles, CA – Lil Nas X is poised to take a stronghold of radio airwaves yet again with his new genre-bending, melodic banger “Panini” from his debut project 7.

After teasing the track for weeks on social media, Lil Nas jumped on Instagram Thursday (June 20) to share the track with fans as well as preview a few animated snippets of new music.

“WHO READY FOR TONIGHT???,” Lil Nas X wrote in the caption.

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Lil Nas recently spoke to Zane Lowe about the process of creating “Panini” explaining, “[It is] the first song I did in a professional studio.”

He also admitted he paid just $20 for the rough mix of his multi-platinum record, “Old Town Road.”

Later, he talked about working with production duo Take A Daytrip and what it’s like being typecast as a country rapper after the success of “Old Town Road.”

“We got another song together (Daytrip) ‘Rodeo’ — like I love how when I went into the studio it wasn’t like an immediate, cause like a lot of people, they hear ‘Old Town Road’ you know, and they think, you know, this is the only thing we want to do. That’s what you think you want, but you don’t know what you want until you hear it,” Lil Nas X said.

“Like a lot of producers, well not a lot, but some of them, I’ll get into there and they’ll play a random guitar loop with Trap drums and its like, it’s not the same thing.”

“Old Town Road” has remained a force on the Billboard Hot 100 charts for the last 11 weeks, making it the longest run on the chart since Drake’s “In My Feelings” took the world by storm between July and September of 2018.

The single currently sits at No. 1 and has been certified 8x-platinum, according to Columbia Records.

Stream “Panini” in its entirety above and be on the lookout for Lil Nas X’s 7 EP on Friday (June 21).

Beyoncé & Donald Glover’s "Lion King" Duet Teased In New Promo

Disney just released the live-action remake  Aladdin and soon enough, they’ll unveil another live-action remake one their classic films. The Lion King is set to arrive in July with a star-studded cast including Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Seth Rogan, Chiwetel Ejior, and more. With Donald Glover and Beyonce co-starring opposite each other as Simba and Nala, people have been eager to also hear their musical contributions to the film. A new promo for the film surfaced earlier today which features a snippet Beyonce and Glover’s duet “Can You Feel The Love.”

Earlier this month, Disney unveiled the first look Beyonce as Nala. Now, the latest international TV spot for Lion King includes a very stripped down version Beyoncé and Donald Glover’s cover Elton John’s classic hit. It also gives a better look at the film with Mufasa (James Earl Jones) narrating the clip, telling Simba, “Look at the stars. The great kings look down on us from those stars. And so will I.” 

The anticipation for the film is very high right now, especially with the star-studded cast. The box fice predictions state that the film could make anywhere between $180M to $230M in its opening weekend which is much more than what Disney’s Aladdin movie made during their opening weekend. 

Lion King hits theatres on July 18th. 

Gucci Mane Drops New Song ‘Proud of You’

In just two days, Gucci Mane will release his new mixtape Delusions of Grandeur.

Ahead of its release, he has dropped yet another track from the project, “Proud of You.” In the companion video, a shirtless Guwop flaunts his chiseled physique while standing on top of two Rolls-Royces, wearing plaid shorts and a massive chain. His wife Keyshia Ka’oir Davis also makes a cameo.

“I had the county blues, now every day I’m counting blues,” he raps before flexing about his new lifestyle. “I freestyle / Don’t even rap, don’t even think no more / Put the lean down / I don’t want it, I don’t drink no more.”

“Proud of You” marks the third release off Delusions of Grandeur following “Love Thru The Computer” with Justin Bieber and “Backwards” featuring Meek Mill.

The project arrives Friday and marks Gucci’s first release since 2018’s Evil Genius, which featured Quavo, YoungBoy Never Broke Again, 21 Savage, and Lil Skies.