Dame Dash’s Exes Want A Piece Of His Lee Daniels Settlement Money: Report

The money issues between Dame Dash and Lee Daniels was thought to be over and done with, but according to reports, things aren’t always as they seem. Last November, Dash and the Empire producer reached a settlement over their multi-million dispute. Early on in Daniels’ career, Dash invested $2 million into a Richard Pryor biopic project, but Daniels would later bail on film. Dash was supposed to receive credit as an executive producer, but because the project was no more, Daniels didn’t fulfill his end the bargain.

Dash filed a $5 million lawsuit against Daniels, but thankfully the two were able to come to an agreement before they went to court. “I’m good. Just happy 2 people from the culture could work things out,” Dash said at the time. However, The Blast now reports that Daniels has recently filed court documents his claiming Dash’s exes are coming after him.

Dame Dash's Exes Want A Piece Of His Lee Daniels Settlement Money: Report
Rob Loud/Getty s

As we’ve previously reported, Dash and his exes Rachel Roy and Cindy Morales are in a dispute regarding unpaid child support. In documents obtained by The Blast, Daniels states that he’s received subpoenas from both women who are attempting to lay claim to the settlement money he owes Dash. They want to know the exact amount Daniels and Dash’s settlement, and instead dealing with the women and their lawyers directly, Daniels just wants a court to figure it out.

While Dash has spoken openly with TMZ claiming that he was unaware that he owed anything to either one his children’s mothers, earlier this year he turned himself in after a warrant for his arrest was issued. The Blast reports that Roy is seeking $850,000 which includes money from this divorce settlement. Morales, however, claims that she’s owed $65,000 in back child support.

Like Mally Mall, Swae Lee Had Exotic Monkey Seized In L.A. Raid

Los Angeles, CA – Mally Mall isn’t the only one who lost an exotic pet during a recent government-sanctioned raid of homes in the Los Angeles area. Swae Lee’s spider monkey has also been taken from him, according to The Blast.

California Fish and Wildlife officials’ investigation of possession and trafficking of exotic animals led to their raid of Mall and others’ homes on Wednesday (April 3). The Blast reports Swae’s Chatsworth home was among those visited, resulting in his spider monkey being seized.

The Rae Sremmurd rapper has shared videos and pictures of a monkey on social media, but it’s unclear if it’s the same animal that was taken in the raid.

Mall was not arrested following the raid, and so far, Swae hasn’t received any citations either. On Thursday (April 4), he posted a photo of himself and his attorney on Instagram.

“My Lawyer keep me protected he got the juice,” he wrote.

Google Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th – With No Replacement

Google sent indie artists an email yesterday informing them that Google Play Artist Hub is shutting down on April 30th.

Google will no longer offer a direct portal for smaller musicians to upload their music.

Google Play Artist Hub was first introduced back in 2011 as a way for independent artists to have access to the Google Play Music platform. It was intended to help artists reach new audiences through Google’s streaming service.

Sounds like a great idea, with just one problem: Google is pretty schizophrenic when it comes to long-term support for its services.

Last year YouTube Music was for Google’s music efforts. Now, Google Play Music is falling to the wayside, and the closure of the Artist Hub is just one more nail in the coffin.

In the email sent to developers, Google states directly that YouTube Music is the reason for the closure.

“With the launch of YouTube Music last year, we eventually plan to replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music.  In anticipation of this change, we are shutting down the Artist Hub.”

That’s great and all, but what about a replacement service for YouTube Music?  Why is Google transitioning people to a less robust option with fewer options for artists?

Some of the artist comments in the original 2011 launch video are hilarious after this announcement.

After April 30th, all existing songs and albums uploaded through the Google Play Artist Hub will be wiped.

They will no longer appear in the Google Play Store or Google Play Music (both free and paid).  So effectively, Google is giving a big middle finger to smaller artists who have built themselves up on a dying platform.

Artists will have to republish their works on YouTube Music using distributors like AWAL, Believe, , , Stem, and TuneCore.

Frankly, it wasn’t hard to see the writing on the wall for Google Play Music.  But it’s still a hard pill to swallow as a long-time Google Music user.

Google Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No Replacement

Google Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No ReplacementGoogle Play Artist Hub Is Shutting Down April 30th - With No Replacement

Jet Life Reunites For “No Hook” Single In Celebration Of Curren$y’s Birthday

Curren$y, Trademark Da Skydiver and Young Roddy continue their triumphant return with the release of their latest collaboration Babygrande Records, “No Hook.”

For over three minutes, each artist effortlessly showcases their signature flow over Big $avage’s soulful production. The track marks only the second collaboration from all of the original Jet Life members in close to five years and coincides with Curren$y’s April 4 birthday.

Jet Life Reunites For “No Hook” Single In Celebration Of Curren$y’s Birthday

Considering Nipsey Hussle’s relationship with Jet Life dates back over a decade, the song also pays homage to the slain rapper with lines like, “I Hussle like Nip/I’m all money in.”

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Since the beginning. #themarathoncontinues

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Formed in New Orleans circa 2009, the Jet Life Hip Hop collective has released two proper studio albums together — 2011’s Jet World Order and 2012’s Jet World Order 2 — as well as six mixtapes, including 2017’s Jet Life All Stars. 

“No Hook” follows the previously released single “Plan Of Attack,” which was released Babygrande Records in January.

Cop the single here and bump it up top.

Rhymefest Says He Hasn’t Heard From Common After Co-Writing Grammy-Winning “Glory”

Rhymefest has earned a fair share of accolades during his career but the Grammy-winning artist recently spoke about some relationships he has lost along the way.

In an interview with Billboard, the longtime Kanye West collaborator admits to a radio silence between himself and Common since their work together on “Glory,” a collaborative single written by Common, Rhymefest and John Legend for the 2014 film Selma.

“Glory” won Rhymefest a Grammy for Best Song Written For Visual Media in 2015, but did not receive an award for his contribution to the song when it won an Oscar for Best Original Song at the 87th Academy Awards.

When Billboard asked Rhymefest (real name Che Smith) if he had conversed with Common since the ceremony, he replied, “Of course not. That’s Hollywood. No… Other people are protecting their interests. I get it, but if they only knew. If you only knew how much love could grow if you give me a little authenticity? But that’s fine. I’m doing films. I’ll see you in a minute. Who knows what the universe has in store.”

There appears to be no love lost from Rhymefest over the situation who addressed the subject during an interview with the Associated Press last February.

“It’s not that we don’t speak because anybody’s angry at anybody, it’s just, after that, it was just, you know, you just don’t speak. I love Common. I respect him as an artist. I think he’s dope as hell. In fact, he’s one of my heroes.”

He described the conflict as a “learning experience.”

“You can’t go around feeling cheated or you can’t move forward. So, I don’t feel cheated. Also, it was an opportunity for me. I did get a Grammy. I did get a Soul Train Award. I did get a plaque. I was part of a great thing that happened, and guess what? More than me, the world needed ‘Glory.’”

Rhyemfest is currently on a press run for the upcoming release of The Public, a film he is starring in alongside director Emilio Estevez, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, Jeffrey Wright, Gabrielle Union, Michael K. Williams and Taylor Schilling.

The Public hits theaters Friday (April 5).

Ciara’s Daughter "Baby Si Si" Films Amusing Music Video For "Thinkin Bout You"

Ciara loves to share videos her family making memories on social media. The star is raising Future Zahir and Sienna with her husband Russell Wilson, gushing over her kids any chance she gets. She recently released a brand new song called “Thinkin Bout You” and decided to have some fun with her daughter, creating a new music video for it. The only thing is that Ciara isn’t actually the star the show; Baby Si Si is. 

Ciara's Daughter "Baby Si Si" Films Amusing Music Video For "Thinkin Bout You"
Emma McIntyre/Getty s

Taking to Instagram today, Ciara shared a video her daughter Sienna parading around the house while listening to her new joint. The clip is hilarious, showing the child trying on different wigs, trying to get them f her head, and rocking a sassy towel & sunglasses ensemble. Si Si drops her towel to reveal a diaper underneath, rocking a pair fluffy slippers as she exits the bubble bath, playing with a few her favorite toys and dancing throughout the living room. The whole thing was edited to feel like a legitimate music video, marking one the first times Baby Si Si has ever been the subject her own visuals.

CiCi makes a brief cameo at the end the shot, watching her daughter run up the stairs and laughing with her. Watch the adorable clip below and listen to Ciara’s new song here.

Nike PG3 "Mamba Mentality" Revealed: First Look

In celebration “Mamba Day” on April 13, it is believed that Nike Basketball will release multiple Kobe Bryant-inspired sneakers. Among them, the Nike Kyrie 5 “Mamba Mentality” and the newly unveiled Nike PG3 bearing the same moniker.

Nike has not yet introduced ficial images or release details, but images the special edition PG3 have already surfaced online.

In honor the Los Angeles Lakers legend, Paul George’s Nike signature sneaker comes equipped with a black and yellow color scheme, highlighted by a geometric pattern throughout the silhouette.

Mamba Day honors the date  Kobe’s final game in the NBA, in which he dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz in front a sold out crowd at Staples Center. In the two years since that game, Nike has released numerous Black Mamba-themed sneakers and we wouldn’t be surprised if the Kyrie 5 and PG 3 are joined by even more sneakers in celebration the third anniversary next Saturday.

Stay tuned for more Mamba Day details.

Orlando Apollos Declared AAF Champions By FanDuel, All Bets To Be Paid

While the recent news that the AAF has closed its doors may be bad news to the players, it is apparently good news for all those who bet on the Orlando Apollos to win the league championship. While the league itself hasn’t declared the Apollos as champions, sports betting website FanDuel is recognizing Orlando as the rightful winner the league. This means all those who bet on them to win will receive their payouts. FanDuel Group chief marketing ficer Mike Raffensperger explained the decision.

“The AAF should be commended for trying to do something disruptive in the sports landscape, and we hope this symbolic gesture shows the players and coaches that sports fans everywhere appreciated the hard work and sacrifices they made for entertaining us with spring football,” FanDuel told the Action Network in a statement. “While we’ve declared the Apollos honorary champions, we think the biggest winners should be our customers and hope they enjoy their payouts.”

The decision only makes sense considering the Apollos were first place in the league with a record 7-1. The two teams tied for second place had records 5-3 so it was unlikely that they would have caught up wins-wise before the start the playfs.

Hopefully, all you out there who put good money on the Apollos can rest easy tonight. You just made yourself some money.

Action Bronson Threatens To Go WWE Over Ghostface Killah Podcast Question

New York, NY – Action Bronson’s podcast interview with Barstool Sports took a hard left when the host brought up Ghostface Killah. The Flushing, Queens rapper has been accused of biting the Wu-Tang Clan luminary’s style for years.

The co-host asked Bronson if Ghostface would be a good celebrity ambassador to the alien race. Just the mere mention of Tony Starks’ name threw the Fuck, That’s Delicious host into a funk and he immediately snapped, threatening to go WWE on the unsuspecting interviewer.

“Why would we send [Ghostface] there,” Bronson asked the interviewer, “That’s fucking ridiculous bro, I bet you think that’s really cute.”It’s fucking stupid, it’s dumb. It’s ridiculous.”

The host tried to change the subject and asked if he’s going back to wrestling to which Bronson said, “Nah but I’d like to slam you through a fucking wall.”

Although the clip was put out by Barstool to promote the full Bronson interview, it marks the end of the road for their relationship. In later tweets, the co-hosts admitted Bronson stormed out and cancelled any further plans with the company.

According to @Barstool_Quotes, Dave Portney sad, “Action Bronson I think wanted to do a podcast with us, and he stormed out. He was supposed to meet with me and Erika after about doing something but he cancelled. Seemed pretty thin skinned.”

In 2015, Ghostface and Bronson had an awkward interaction at Sean Price’s funeral. There’s been bad blood ever since.

Watch the full interview below.

Big Sean & A$AP Rocky Cook Up In The Studio

After a self-imposed hiatus, Big Sean recently returned with a message to his followers, detailing his longstanding battle with anxiety. Upon gaining a deeper perspective, Sean promised the “best music his life” was yet to come. Not long after, Sean previewed some that very music, dealing with some a grown-man-business on wax. Now, Sean continues to stoke the flames hype, taking to Instagram to share a few behind-the-scenes pictures his latest studio session.  

Big Sean & A$AP Rocky Cook Up In The Studio

Vivien Killilea/Getty s

Opting to let the picture go captionless, Big Sean revealed that he’s been cooking up with none other than A$AP Rocky. While it’s difficult to discern whether the track is meant for Sean’s upcoming album, all signs point to yes. After all, the pair have previously linked up on occasion, most recently on the A$AP Mob track “Frat Rules.” It might be difficult to discern any context from what we have, but an imaginative viewer might conjure a narrative sorts:

Photo one, A$AP lays down his verse. Photo two, he listens back to his creation, pleased at a job well done. Good job Rocky!

#ThrowbackThursdays: Slick Rick Releases "Children’s Story" Classic

April 4, 1989 – The inimitable Slick Rick is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of his iconic single, “Children’s Story.”

Taken from the British-born MC’s debut album, 1988’s The Great Adventures of Slick Rick, the song tells the tale of a young man’s troubles with the law that eventually leads to his demise. Toward the end of the track, the unruly teenager loses his life after being shot by police.

“He was only seventeen, in a madman’s dream/The cops shot the kid, I still hear him scream,” he raps. “This ain’t funny so don’t ya dare laugh/Just another case ’bout the wrong path/Straight ‘n narrow or yo’ soul gets cast/Goodnight.”

Not only did “Children’s Story” mark a breakthrough moment in Hip Hop storytelling, it was also a hit. Upon its release, it landed in the Top 5 on the R&B and Rap charts.

Ironically, “Children’s Story” borrows from just one song — Bob James’ 1974 cut “Nautilus” — but has been sampled, covered or interpolated over 600 times, making Rick The Ruler one of the most sampled artists in Hip Hop — ever.

Eminem and Dr. Dre sampled it for 1999’s “Bad Guys Always Die,” while Nas and Kanye West used it for “Cop Shot The Kid” off 2018’s NASIR — and that’s just scratching the surface. Black Star, Everlast, Tricky, The Game and Black Rob have all done their own versions of the song.

Shortly after the “Children’s Story” release, Slick Rick’s mother hired his first cousin Mark Plummer to act as his bodyguard. By 1990, he realized Plummer had been trying to extort money from him, so he fired him.

As retaliation, Plummer threatened to kill the rapper and his mother. After finding bullet holes in his front door, Slick Rick bought guns for protection. On July 3, 1990, he spotted his cousin in his neighborhood, and fired off at least four shots. One bullet hit Plummer and another caught a bystander in the foot, although their injuries weren’t life-threatening.

Although Slick called it an act of self-defense, he eventually pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted murder and other charges, including assault, use of a firearm and criminal possession of a weapon.

Russell Simmons ultimately bailed him out and Slick Rick went on to release The Ruler Is Back in 1991.

He spent a total of five years in prison — two for the then-second-degree attempted-murder charges he received for the shooting and three for his struggle with the Immigration and Naturalization Services over his residency in the U.S.

To this day, “Children’s Story” consistently pops up in other Hip Hop songs. Just this week, Epic Beard Men — the motley duo of indie rap staples Sage Francis and B. Dolan — paid homage to the song with their new video “Pistol Dave” featuring Slug.

A special deluxe version of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick — which was executive produced by Rick Rubin — arrives on April 26. Pre-orders are available here. 

50 Cent Opens Up About Mourning Nipsey Hussle: "It’s Harder For Me To Express It"

As the outpouring tributes to the late Nipsey Hussle continue, 50 Cent has once again taken to Instagram to pay respects. Following up a previous message in Hussle’s honor, 50’s latest appears to address some the criticism he received for the last one. While the kindness was noted, many followed Ja Rule’s line reasoning, criticizing 50’s decision to include an image himself in the message. In truth, 50 and Nipsey had a real-life relationship, which appeared to find the G-Unit rapper taking on a mentorship role. Though the inclusion #lecheminuduroi in a eulogy is questionable, we shouldn’t forget that the pair actually knew each other on a face-to-face level. 

50 Cent Opens Up About Mourning Nipsey Hussle: "It’s Harder For Me To Express It"

Graham Denholm/Getty s

Now, 50 has come forward with another message mourning. “Man I really liked Nipsey, it’s harder for me to express it,” he writes. “When ever I get quiet it’s because I don’t understand. R.I.P. #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac.” This time, 50 includes a few video clips Hussle interviews, in which Nip shares some the lessons he learned from the G-Unit icon.

It seems as if Nipsey drew inspiration from Fif’s business acumen, and looked to carry similar principles in his own dealings. While 50 once again diluted the poignancy with his signature hashtags, he does express some his own vulnerabilities. Perhaps that’s his way acknowledging some the backlash he received, or perhaps he’s simply leveling with his followers. Either way, Nipsey is gone, and the hip-hop community will be mourning his loss for some time. Rest in peace, Nip.

Gregg Popovich Ejected After 63 Seconds, Breaks NBA Record

Gregg Popovich is a legendary NBA coach who may go down as the best to ever do it. He’s an intense guy who doesn’t typically speak to the media all that much. He’s a man few words but if a referee makes a bad call, you better believe he’ll speak up. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night when he was unhappy with an apparent miscall on Denver Nuggets player Paul Millsap. Popovich called a timeout and berated the ref who quickly gave him two technical fouls and tossed him out the game just 63 seconds in. According to ESPN, that ejection broke an NBA record for quickest ever.

While Coach Pop didn’t have much to say about it after the game, he decided to crash the post-game interview Nuggets coach Michael Malone to joke about what had just happened. Here’s how the interaction went down:

Malone: “We were just talking about an NBA record that was set tonight.”

Popovich: “What was the record? What happened?”

Malone: “Somebody got thrown out in 63 seconds.”

Popovich: “Are you serious? That person must have hit somebody. Somebody get hit tonight? Somebody get cursed at or anything?”

The San Antonio Spurs went on to lose the game 113-85 although the team is still guaranteed a playf spot. 

Tory Lanez Drops Surprise Mixtape ‘International Fargo’

Tory Lanez surprises his fans with his latest mixtape, International Fargo.

While on the “Assassination Vacation Tour” with Drake, the Toronto rapper-singer hit the studio and delivered remixes to five of the hottest international songs. The project includes remixes to Stylo G & The FaNaTix’s “Touch Down,” Aya Nakamura’s “Djadja,” and Socco’s “Starboy” featuring his One Umbrella signee Melii. He also puts his spin on Nigerian singer Davido hit “Fall.”

Tory dedicated the mixtape to his fans, writing, “I LOVE MY FANS.”

Just last month, the dropped his new single “Freaky.” He has more projects waiting in the wings including Chixtape 5, New Toronto 3, his Spanish album El Agua, Cause, and Love Me Now? Reloaded, a repackaging of his 2018 album Love Me Now?

Stream International Fargo below.

Atlanta’s Freaknik Is Returning In “Family Friendly" Form

Atlanta, GA – Freaknik, the city-wide block party that stalled the city of Atlanta in ’93, is returning with a more “family friendly” format this Summer, June 22, at the Cellairis Amphitheatre at Lakewood.

The one-day event was announced by Freaknik veteran, Uncle Luke who shared on Twitter that he along with Atlanta-based production company After 9 are resurrecting the famous party after its 20-year absence.

The new “family friendly” event is set to feature performances from Project Pat, Foxy Brown, Bun B., Twista, Lil Scrappy and more.

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🗣️ Roomates @unclelukereal1 is collaborating with @after9Partners to bring back #FreakNik to #Atlanta on Saturday June 22nd at Cellairis Lakewood Amphitheatre! 🔥There are over 9 artists performing live including Uncle Luke, Bun B, Foxy Brown, Da Brat, Twista, Kilo Ali & More! They are expecting over 18,000 people! Wanna win some backstage passes to meet Uncle Luke & friends in person?! Enter to win the #FreakNikChallenge by doing the following: 👉 Post a Video dancing to one of Uncle Luke’s hits 👉 Place the hashtag #FreakNikChallenge in your original post 👉 Tag @After9Partners in your original post 👉 Tag a few of your friends who would make up your ultimate #FreakNikFest crew We will announce winners weekly! Remember what happens at #FreakNik stays at FreakNik 🤫

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According to Atlanta Magazine, Freaknik was initially started by the Atlanta University Center DC Metro club when they “threw a picnic in Piedmont Park for students who found themselves stuck on campus over spring break.” The picnic would grow larger and larger over the years until becoming a must-visit destination for acts like Snoop Dogg and Queen Latifah.

The Atlanta publication noted 100,000 students flocked to the city in the spring of 1993 to attend the festival.

Those looking to attend Freaknik this Summer can buy tickets here. Check out the Slam Slink documentary down below as well.