Chris Brown’s ‘Indigo’ Set to Debut at No. 1

Indigo is coming for the top spot.

Chris Brown’s new album is expected to make a big debut on next week’s Billboard 200. According to HITS Daily Double, the singer’s ninth album is on track to move 110-135,000 equivalent album units in its first week, of which 40-50,000 are pure album sales.

That would be enough to give him the No. 1 spot on next week’s Billboard 200. Official numbers won’t be released until the week of July 8.

Indigo would become Brown’s third No. 1 on the Billboard 200 following 2011’s F.A.M.E. and 2012’s Fortune. It would also mark his 10th consecutive top 10 album, including 2015’s Fan of a Fan joint project with Tyga.

Brown’s last album, 2017’s Heartbreak on a Full Moon, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 with 68,000 units (25,000 traditional) in its first week.

Indigo features 32 tracks, with appearances from Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake, who guests on the top 10 single “No Guidance.”

Slim 400’s Camp Releases Statement On His Condition

In a statement made to Billboard this morning, Slim 400’s camp informed us that the rapper remains in “critical but stable condition” after being shot numerous times in Compton, LA this past weekend.

The camp’s full statement read… “After multiple surgeries, Slim is resting. He is in critical but stable condition and we are truly thankful for that. Slim’s family and friends remain by his side and greatly appreciate the continued prayers and support,” the statement said. “He is a family man, a father, a community man, and a uniquely talented artist with a greater purpose. Slim‘]s family is overwhelmingly] thankful for every call, every positive thought, and every prayer.”

Details on the shooting remain very scarce at the moment. TMZ first reported that Slim was allegedly shot eight-ten times on Friday night in Compton, California. He was then reportedly rushed to St. Francis hospital in Los Angeles where he’s been recovering ever since.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on this story moving forward. Get well soon Slim.

#DXCLUSIVE: Chris Rivers Carries On Big Pun’s Legacy With "Sincerely Me" Video

HipHopDX Premiere – With rap royalty coursing through his veins, Chris Rivers has been poised to make his impact on the rap world like his famous father Big Pun. But it doesn’t mean his path has been paved in gold. Being the child of Pun has undeniably been a gift and a curse.

So, with one foot in front of the other, Rivers has resurfaced with a new video for “Sincerely Me” video, a perfect way to announce his recent deal with Mello Music Group and forthcoming album.

Titled G.I.T.U. — or Greatest In The Universe — the project is expected to arrive on August 16. “Sincerely Me” is dedicated to his later father and boasts a collage of some of his father’s classic videos and Rivers in front of a Pun mural.

G.I.T.U. is a title that fully encompasses the feel of this body of work,” Rivers tells HipHopDX. “It traverses my mental state, loves had and lost, stories of overcoming obstacle — both internal and external —while learning to love myself and becoming the best version of who I can be.

“Both as a person and an artist, this record breaks through the boundaries of my personal limitations. Everyone’s world is their own, everyone has their own universe that they are in control of and in mine, I’m undoubtedly the ‘G.I.T.U.’”

“Sincerely Me” serves as a heartfelt homage Rivers used as a letter to his father.

“I wanted to tell him about my life and the things I have been dealing with since his passing,” he adds. “My emotions range from forgiveness and hardships to triumph. It’s a lyrically compact display that I feel shows my growth as both a human and as an artist.”

Watch the Trikx-directed video above and pre-order the album here. 

#DXCLUSIVE: DJ Enki Masterminds Mix Dedicated To Weird Al Yankovic Called "Waxing Weird"

HipHopDX Premiere – DJ Enki’s unwavering adoration for Weird Al Yankovic isn’t something one normally encounters in every day life, but the Oakland Faders DJ/producer wouldn’t have it any other way. As a young music aficionado, Enki was captivated by Weird Al’s eclectic humor and quickly became a lifelong fan.

To pay homage to the Grammy Award-winning artist, Enki has carved out a roughly 60-minute mix dedicated to Mr. Yankovic titled Waxing Weird. The project is broken into two parts and seamlessly ties together highlights from Weird Al’s stacked career.

“I heard ‘Eat It’ and thought it was the funniest thing, and then I just kept buying his tapes and cracking up at them,” Enki explains to HipHopDX. “Plus, his videos! I didn’t have MTV back then, so I was behind the curve for a while, but when I finally got to see his videos, I couldn’t stop laughing. To this day, the ‘Fat’ video cracks me up. The man knows how to do a sight gag.”

From there, Enki continued carrying the Weird Al torch into adulthood.

“From a music fan to a music writer and music maker, I just came to appreciate his genius more and more,” he says. “It’s hard to do what he does. It just looks easy because he’s so freakin’ good at it. Plus, I really dig his sense of humor. He can be unabashedly silly, he can be nerdy, he can be ridiculous, he can be clever — he covers all of that.

“Smart-dumb humor is my favorite, and he’s got that. He’ll make the dumbest jokes, but he’ll do them in a smart way. That’s my shit right there. Or even just doing polka medleys singing these dumbass pop lyrics, but he sings them absolutely straight … just as a polka. That’s funny. He’s an amazing talent for real.”

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📸: @suzanneyankovicphoto

A post shared by Al Yankovic (@alfredyankovic) on

As far as the process behind album, it was a laborious effort and the very definition of a passion project. Enki has been plotting it for years, although it was put on the back burner for awhile.

“It seemed like something that needed to happen — we do tribute mixes for our favorite rap acts and favorite funk artists, and Al’s one of my all-time favorite artists,” he says. “Everybody loves Al, so where’s his tribute mix?

“I would record a little piece here and a little piece there as the ideas came to me. And I would keep coming back to them and tweaking them, maybe I’d come up with some other piece I could add, or I’d think up transitions to get in and out of them.”

Enki continues, “Over time, I built up a library of blends or routines or remixes or little three or four-song runs, and then I started getting a sense of how to string them all together as a real mix. With a catalog as deep and as amazing as Al’s, you’re inevitably going to leave off some really excellent songs.

“But I didn’t want this to be just his hits, and I didn’t want this to be just his rap parodies. I wanted to cover a lot of ground, but I needed it to all fit together logically as a DJ mix, so I spent a long time working on the sequencing, even to the point of moving 15-minute chunks around to see where they fit in best.”

Alas, the day of reckoning has arrived. For more information on Enki, check out his website here, and make sure to check out the album stream, cover art and tracklist below.

#DXCLUSIVE: DJ Enki Masterminds Mix Dedicated To Weird Al Yankovic Called "Waxing Weird"

1. Waxing Weird, Part 1
2. Waxing Weird, Part 2

Michael B. Jordan Flexes His Gun Skills In BTS "Black Panther" Training Footage

Erik Killmonger was one the best villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Played by Michael B. Jordan, Killmonger gave Black Panther real depth and intensified the storytelling elements over at Marvel. That is why Kevin Feige, head Marvel Studios, claims Black Panther is the best MCU film. His prile picture on his Twitter page has been Black Panther ever since the movie debuted a year and a half ago. 

Celebrities all over social media have been posting videos them training with guns for different roles and movies, and Jordan decided to join in on the fun. “Since everybody wanna show f let me show what Killmonger can do,” boasted Jordan in the caption for a behind the scene training video from Black Panther. In the clip, Jordan starts with a handgun and hits every target before switching to an assault rifle which he uses to dominate another row targets. It’s beyond impressive to watch and even his trainer is shocked at how quickly he completed the training course. It looks like Jordan was able to learn some heroic life skills while training for the biggest movie his career. Speculation points to him returning for a Black Panther sequel, although it would most likely be as a spirit or a flashback. 

86 Pounds Of Cocaine Found On Brazilian President’s G20 Entourage

Brazil’s newly minted president Jair Bolsonaro garnered a lot attention during his campaign due to his far-right ideas and promise to crack down on drugs. Yet, recently, a member Bolsonaro’s entourage was arrested in Seville after police found a total 89 pounds cocaine in his luggage. The affiliate was actually a member Bolsonaro’s aircrew and was identified as Sergeant Manoel Silva Rodrigues. Rodrigues was accompanying Bolsonaro to the G20 summit which was held in Japan and the crew member was flying ahead in a separate plane. 

86 Pounds Of Cocaine Found On Brazilian President's G20 Entourage

Alexandre Schneider/Getty s

Moreover, in an attempt to disguise the cocaine as “cheese” according to reports by NPR. Bolsonaro tweeted that he had “no relationship” with the individual arrested and that his team considered the incident to be “unacceptable.” “I demanded an immediate investigation and severe punishment the person responsible for the narcotic material found on the FAB plane. We will not tolerate such disrespect to our country!” was the translation what he wrote. Relatedly, Brazil’s Defense Ministry shared with BBC that they were “investigating the facts and launching a military police inquiry.” As such, the discovery cocaine on the flight crew member was particularly embarrassing for the Brazilian leader considering he campaigned an extreme, no-tolerance stance on drugs and crime. 

Post Malone Reportedly Set To Release "New Single" With Young Thug On July 5th

According to the reliable folks at Chart Data, Post Malone‘s next single is slated for release on the 5th July, featuring none other than Young Thug – news which leading to speculation over the song’s original provenance: both Post Malone and Young Thug have been subject to unconsented song leaks in the past 12 months.

Twitter users responding to Chart Data’s post were quick to point out that Post Malone and Thugger both cropped up on a song leak titled “Goodbyes” back in March. The skeptics the bunch questioned Chart Data’s veracity in making such a bold claim Post Malone’s signature on the letter. For what it’s worth, Chart Data has proven itself to be a reliable purveyor inside scoop, in spite the fact, “release dates” aren’t part their daily bread and butter routine, as it were.

Post Malone Reportedly Set To Release "New Single" With Young Thug On July 5th

Kevin Winter/Getty s

If a single were to come out as predicted, Post Malone’s “TBD” would likely pose a lively threat to Lil Nas X’s predominance on the charts. Much Post’s output from 2018 and beyond still figures in the upper reaches Billboard’s Single’s Chart. Songs like “Wow” and “Sunflower” featuring Swae Lee have proven to be indomitable in strength entering the 2nd part 2019. Does the rumored single with Thugger interest you in any way, hit us with your thoughts?

NBA Youngboy Gets Taser Pulled On Him By Cops During Hotel Arrest: Watch

Back in February, NBA Youngboy & his baby mama were involved in an altercation with some housemaids at an Atlanta hotel which resulted in NBA getting arrested. Apparently the Louisiana rapper & his baby mama, Starr Thigpen, were hanging out in a hotel room that was supposed to be vacant. When housekeeping entered the room, NBA Youngboy told his girl to kick them out, but instead she ended up taking things a little further. Thigpen allegedly attacked the maids, hitting one in the face, and as a result the police were called. NBA Youngboy was then arrested for possessing less than an ounce marijuana, “use fighting words,” and physical obstruction with another.

Well fast forward to today, and footage from the police body cam has surfaced online, and it shows the police getting unnecessarily rough with the Baton Rouge rapper & his baby mama. Footage shows NBA & Thigpen clearly agitated, and things escalate from there when police pull out their tasers and won’t allow them to see their baby. In fact, one cop had Youngboy pinned against the wall while another had his taser aimed at Youngboy’s groin, threatening to shoot him in the genitals if he didn’t calm down. Thankfully, cooler heads eventually prevailed and prosecutors didn’t prosecute him on the misdemeanor charges.

Check out the rather shocking footage (below).

DaBaby Sentenced In 2018 Walmart Shooting

Charlotte, NC – DaBaby was in a North Carolina courtroom on Thursday (June 27) where he was sentenced for his involvement in a fatal 2018 shooting. But according to The Charlotte Observer, prosecutors have decided not to pursue any more charges against the burgeoning rap star.

Mecklenburg District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman Meghan McDonald said as a result of the judgment, he did receive one year of unsupervised probation.

DaBaby was charged in connection with the fatal shooting of 19-year-old Jalyn Domonique Craig. The incident occurred during a fight inside a Huntersville Walmart last November.

Two days after the shooting, DaBaby hopped on social media and explained he was in the store shopping with his two toddlers and their mother when someone pulled a gun “and tried to take my life.” So, he says he did what he had to do.

“Daughter could have got hit, son could have got hit (and) me,” DaBaby said in the video. “Lawyers … telling me not to say nothing… But two (people) walk down on you and your whole … family, threatening ya’ll, whip out (a gun) on ya’ll, let me see what ya’ll going to do.”

Police identified all individuals involved in the shooting and four people were taken to the Huntersville Police Department to be interviewed.

The victim’s cousin, Quinae Horsley of Charlotte, said “the family is satisfied” with this week’s verdict by District Court Judge Ty Hands, but they are still seeking justice. The family is retaining new legal counsel to prompt further action in the case.

Lupe Fiasco & AZ Announce Nas-Honoring Washington State Concert

Kent, WA – Lupe Fiasco has often expressed his respect and admiration for the Hip Hop deity Nas and now he will pay homage to God’s Son live in concert alongside his Illmatic co-star AZ.

Fiasco took to Instagram on Thursday (June 27) to announce the show titled “Celebrating 25 Years Of Nas.”

The Chicago bred lyricist captioned the post, “This is #FirmFiasco in real life!!!!!!!!!!!!” confirming that he is performing The Album by The Firm in its entirety over his beats. AZ, who was a member of said Hip Hop supergroup and frequent Nas collaborator, also took to Instagram to promote the commemorative event.

Nas immediately impacted the rap scene in 1994 with his seminal album Illmatic. Since then, he received numerous accolades for his artistry, entrepreneurship, and longevity within the industry.

Esco is also set to embark on The Royalty Tour with Mary J. Blige in July.

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Caption this for me. @nas (Student meets his Sensei)

A post shared by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

Fiasco and AZ’s tribute will be at the ShoWare Center in Washington on August 17. Tickets for the concert can be purchased here.

Eric Holder Allegedly Killed Nipsey Hussle After the Rapper Cautioned Him to "Take Care of" Snitching Rumors

Outside of the latter’s clothing store on March 31st, 29-year-old gang member Eric Holder shot rapper Nipsey Hussle to death.

Hussle – real name Ermias Joseph Asghedom – had spent the afternoon signing autographs, taking photos alongside his fans, and chatting with his friends.

Following the shooting outside of his store – The Marathon Clothing at Slauson Ave. and Crenshaw Blvd. in Los Angeles – EMTs the rapper to the hospital where doctors pronounced him dead.

Initially, police believed the shooting was gang-related.

Now, the true motive has come to light.

A conversation about snitching leads to Nipsey Hussle’s murder.

Yesterday, a judge in Los Angeles ordered the release of 515 pages of grand jury testimony.

The documents reveal Hussle and Holder had a four-minute conversation prior to the shooting.  The conversation soon turned to Holder’s alleged “snitching.”

Deputy District Attorney John McKinney told a grand jury last month,

Apparently, the conversation had something to do with [Hussle] telling Mr. Holder that word on the street was that Mr. Holder was snitching.

McKinney explained the conversation “wasn’t particularly intense… [nor] particularly belligerent.”

Yet, the snitching accusation set off Holder, who quickly left the parking lot.  The deputy district attorney added “it moved Eric Holder to a point of wanting to return to the parking lot and kill Nipsey Hussle.”

Following the talk, Holder ordered chili cheese fries from a burger shop close by, got in his girlfriend’s car, and left.  He later returned with two guns in both hands and shot the rapper.

Nipsey Hussle received at least 10 gunshot wounds.  Prior to fleeing the scene, Holder kicked the rapper in the head, prompting Nipsey’s final reply,

You got me.

Prior to the release of the grand jury testimony, Holder’s public defender had begged the judge to keep them a secret.  This, the attorney said, would jeopardize Holder’s right to a fair trial.

The testimony also includes the getaway driver’s account who was dating Holder at the time.  In exchange for her testimony, authorities granted her immunity.

After being accused of snitching, the unnamed woman heard Holder’s response to Nipsey.

Cuz, have you ever snitched?

Then, driving around, she saw Holder load a gun.  Ordering him to put the gun away, his girlfriend warned,

You’re not gonna do a drive-by in my car.

She had pulled over so Holder could eat.  Then, after telling his girlfriend he would quickly return, she heard two gunshots.  Holder then returned to the car furious and upset.  He told the woman to drive away under the threat of physical assault.  She dropped him off at his cousin’s house.

Prior to the shooting, Hussle and Holder had greeted each other.  Hussle reportedly cautioned Holder, saying,

Man, you know, they got some paperwork on you.  Like you need to maybe take care of that.

Explaining why Hussle accused Holder of snitching, Herman Douglas, a worker hired by the rapper, said,

[Hussle was] basically telling the guy you need to be careful.

Speaking about the rapper’s final moments after the shooting, Douglas added,

He was still breathing, you know, like biting his tongue a little bit, then he — he was just trying to fight it, trying to gain consciousness, and he was going out.  And he just kept — he just kept fighting.

Following the testimonies, the grand jury indicted Holder with one count of murder, two counts of attempted murder and assault with a firearm, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.  He remains behind bars on $6.5 million bail.


Featured image by Nipsey Hussle (YouTube screengrab.)

LeBron James Confirms He’ll Wear No. 6 Next Season: Fans React

LeBron James will be donning the No. 6 for the Los Angeles Lakers last season, as he has reportedly decided to relinquish his No. 23 to Anthony Davis. As we know, LeBron wore No. 6 during his stint with the Miami Heat, which included two NBA titles and a plethora highlights, as well as his Team USA days.

In addition to bringing back the No. 6, LeBron has also hinted at bringing back his patented chalk toss next season, which only leaves his headband as the missing link to his Miami tenure.

Naturally, NBA fans had plenty to say about LeBron’s number swap with Anthony Davis, and the return the 6. Check out some the reactions in the tweets embedded below.


Chance The Rapper’s "Acid Rap" & "10 Days" Is Finally Coming To Streaming Services

Chance The Rapper built his platform f feeding his fans free music. The rapper released his first two mixtapes, Acid Rap and 10 Day online before releasing Coloring Book. The project launched on Apple Music but he still made it available for free download. It’s been three years since the release  Coloring Book and he’s teased the release Owbum, his ficial debut album, for a minute now. Well, the rapper came with some excellent news today. Both his early mixtapes will be available on streaming services this evening as well as the pre-order for his new album.

Chance The Rapper's "Acid Rap" & "10 Days" Is Finally Coming To Streaming Services
Jason Merritt/Getty s

Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap and 10 Days will ficially be available on streaming services tonight. The rapper also announced that the pre-order for his forthcoming album and tour will launch this evening as well. Chance shared a video compilation footage from his days working on projects when he was a teenager. It also included footage during his rise from buzzing Chicago artist to one the hottest artists in the game.

“Proud to announce that #10DAY & #Acidrapwill be joining Coloring Book on all streaming platforms this evening accompanied by exclusive vinyl and merch and OH YEAH THE PRE-SALE FOR MY NEW ALBUM & TOUR ON CHANCERAPS.COM,” he captioned his Instagram post. “Thank you everyone who stayed with me for so long.”

Peep the video below. 

Azealia Banks Shows Off Her New Boyfriend: "The Love Of My Life"

Azealia Banks has been one the most controversial rappers in the world for the last few years. She’s started feuds with everyone from Kanye West to Lana Del Rey and she has even shown f the closet she uses to sacrifice chickens. Banks is certainly not your girl next door type. She makes stunning music though and because her brash personality, it ten gets overlooked. In fact, for the last couple years, the majority headlines she’s made has had to do with the wild shit she says on social media. Now, there’s finally something positive to report on the New York artist because she’s found the love her life and is showing him f to the world. 

The 28-year-old took to Instagram today to introduce all her fans to her new man, posting a couple boo’d up shots. “I want to introduce the world to my boyfriend,” wrote the rapper as her man furrowed his brow. “This is the love my life. I’m so happy I found you and can’t wait to spend the rest our lives together.” She uploaded a second shot them together, sipping some tropical beverages.

Last week, Azealia informed her supporters that she no longer intends on releasing new music. She said that we don’t “deserve” to hear what she’s been working on. Hopefully, that changes.

ScHoolboy Q Puts Respect On YG’s Name While Eating Spicy Wings

It’s never a dull moment with ScHoolboy Q. The rapper was the latest guest on First We Feast’s Hot Ones where he delved into the world golf, bucket hats and more. Not many have survived Hot Ones. Notably, DJ Khaled couldn’t even hold it down past a few wings but he was a good sport and stuck through for the whole interview. But ScHoolboy Q is a trooper. Even though he underestimated the power the hot sauce, he managed to get through it.

ScHoolboy Q Puts Respect On YG's Name While Eating Spicy Wings
Jerritt Clark/Getty s

Fresh f the release  CrasH Talk, the rapper made his way over to the Hot Ones set. The rapper admitted that he could handle hot food pretty well but he was told that it wasn’t any normal type heat. The rapper went through a few wings before questioning if they were just exaggerating about the levels spice in the sauce. However, that changed shortly after. If you’d recall, YG unflinchingly went through the wings which ScHoolboy Q couldn’t help but salute him.

“Wait, these the same ones YG was eating?” Q asked the host who told him it’s slightly different with the sauces but at the same Scoville level. “Alright YG, I respect you too fool,” Q concluded.

Peep his episode ScHoolboy Q’s Hot Ones below and our review  CrasH Talk here.