Deb Antney Praises Nicki Minaj, Explains Her Lack Of Respect For Today’s Female Rap Artists

Many Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta fans may have heard Debra “Ms. Deb” Antney because reality television, but she’s been a formidable force in the music industry for quite some time. The Mizay Entertainment founder and CEO has handled clients including Gucci Mane, French Montana, Nicki Minaj, and her son, Waka Flocka. She’s helped to shape the careers some our favorite top-selling artists, and in a recent interview with Street Certified Podcast, she shared her thoughts on the ongoing criticism Nicki Minaj.

For years, people have pointed the finger at the Queen rapper with claims that she doesn’t respect the female hip hop artists that have come before her. This has ten caused quarrels for Minaj, but Ms. Deb clarified that not only was Minaj one the hardest working rappers she’s ever dealt with, she always gave respect to women who helped pave the way.

“Nicki changed it for me for women,” Deb said. “When I watched how hard that girl—that girl worked hard. I mean, we could have knock-down drag-outs, but when she went on that stage or she went on that interview, you would never know nothing was going on. She worked. She didn’t allow nothing to stop her nor interfere with anything that she was doing. That’s why with women…she made it hard for me now. She set that bar high. Regardless what people say. People talk about, ‘Oh, she so nasty, she so this.’ But y’all think about it], y’all ragged that girl. You ragged her. And she paid homage to a lot people. I’m a lot people, but I’m not a hater to women. That, I’m not, and I’m not gonna stand for that. Period. We do no hating, but she paid a lot homage. How much homage people wanted her to pay? I don’t know. But she did pay a lot homage.”

The rap beef between Minaj and Cardi B turned physical at a New York Fashion Week event, something that set Ms. Deb on edge. “Even for now, I hate the fact that they bring Nicki and Cardi together,” Deb continued. “They’re two different people. Nicki and Cardi are not the same artist. So for people to bring them two against each other, I think it’s horrible. I was more angrier with Nicki for feeding in. You understand what I’m saying? You don’t have a reason to feed in. That platform, that bar you set is so high. If anything, you uplift her. That’s how this is supposed to be. I don’t respect a female out there in hip hop right now, because I ain’t seen one bring another one up.”

“In my day, even though you had the Queen Latifahs and the MC Lytes and all these women—they battled, but they all performed and supported,” she added. “You can’t even go to a concert with a bunch women on the stage. It’s not gonna happen ’cause the ego-trippin’ and the way that they all are. They’re just selfish as I don’t know what, so right now I don’t respect none ’em because you not coming back and uplifting anybody else that was out there. People forget so quickly where they come from and what they] did to get to where they] are.”

Rihanna Announces Her Fenty Beauty Take Over In Asia

While Rihanna never ceases to amaze us and now she’s set to stun another part the world since her Fenty beauty is set to take over Asia. The 31-year-old took to Instagram recently to announce that her cosmetic ferings will be available in Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and Jeju. 

“When I launched @fentybeauty in 2017, it was important to me to make sure it was available globally so everyone had access to it. And now we are continuing to expand our Fenty Beauty family to Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul and Jeju in September!” Rihanna wrote, alongside a gorgeous photo herself.

“We will be available in Hong Kong & Macau at T Galleria by @dfsficial, @sephorahk, @harveynicholshk, @beautybazaarhk, and @beautyavenuehk. In Seoul, you can find us in Duty Free locations at @lottedutyfree, @shinsegaedutyfree, and in Jeju at the @shilladfs_en.”

“I’ve had my makeup done thousands time, and when it comes to foundation, you just never know how it’s going to turn out,” Rihanna previously told Time, detailing her inspiration behind some her products.

“I think foundation should look like great skin, so it was important to me that the Pro Filt’r foundation had a st matte finish because you want a dewy look, but never shiny! It was also important that every woman felt included in this brand. We are all so different, with our own unique skin tones, so we started with the 40 foundation shades out the gate.”

Aubrey O’Day’s "Dream" Sperm Donor Is Barack Obama

Ever since Diddy announced that he’d be bringing back Making The Band, Aubrey O’Day has managed to catch another wave relevance in the media. Although she’s managed to score roles on reality television as most successful artists do, she’s made headlines this past week after criticizing Diddy for revamping Making The Band. She claimed that he’s the reason why the group ultimately disbanded but she’s been met with criticism for her claims. Strangely enough, that hasn’t been the craziest thing she’s said this week. According to Page Six, she admitted that she’s ready to have children but wants the baby daddy to be America’s 44th president.

Aubrey O'Day's "Dream" Sperm Donor Is Barack Obama
Joe Raedle/Getty s

If Aubrey O’Day had her way, Barack Obama would be her sperm donor. She recently explained that her dream donor would be the former POTUS because he has all the qualities a great woman deserves. “I would like to do a show about inseminating me with some brilliant man’s sperm so I can have a child,” she said. “Dream donor, Barack Obama… Because he’s brilliant, classy, kind, compassionate, witty, gorgeous. Everything that a great woman deserves, and that’s why he’s got a great woman.

Considering the type men she’s dated in the past, it makes sense why she’d want someone like Barack Obama as her sperm donor. But the chances that happening are non-existant. 

Live Nation Executive Caught Delivering Metallica Tickets Directly to Scalper Sites

Live Nation president of U.S. concerts Bob Roux arranged for the direct delivery of nearly 90,000 Metalllica tickets to aftermarket scalper sites, a move that artificially spiked ticket prices for fans.

Live Nation is already doing damage control on this one, though this is the second time the company and its Ticketmaster subsidiary have been caught directly placing tickets onto scalper websites.

In this latest episode, Live Nation president of U.S. concerts Bob Roux was secretly recorded while facilitating the direct transfer of roughly 88,000 Metallica tickets to aftermarket sites.  According to Billboard, which just reported on the secret recording, the direct transfer was arranged at the behest of Metallica itself, which stood to benefit enormously from the elevated ticket prices (as did Ticketmaster).

The loser in the scheme were Metallica fans, who ended up paying sharp premiums for tickets that aren’t available on primary ticketing channels.

Billboard noted that the recording itself dates back to February of 2017, just prior to the announcement of Metallica’s WorldWired North American tour.  Billboard did not embed the recording into its report, and serious questions of legality surround the release of such a tape.  Regardless of the legalities, however, the cat is out of the proverbial bag on this one.

The deal was facilitated through Vaughn Millette, currently chairman and CEO of Outback Presents, who was reportedly assigned to move the ticketing inventory directly into aftermarkets like StubHub.  Billboard noted that Millette recorded the calls himself and sent those recordings to Live Nation executives earlier this year.  None of the Live Nation executives, including Roux, had any idea they were being recorded.

Billboard described Millette as a ‘ little-known wealth adviser turned event promoter’ acting on the band’s behalf.

“Ticketmaster will not do it,” Roux stated, noting that the ticketing giant’s hands needed to remain clean.  Roux then suggested that “either a Live Nation employee or a venue box office basically take these and sell them into a singular account,” a move that would disguise its true origin.

“When this happens, 4,600 tickets into a single account,” Roux continued, “there may be some eyebrows that get raised.”

In a statement, Live Nation aggressively downplayed the secret deal.

The live concert giant noted that a direct placement into scalper sites was a rare event, and that Roux was only complying with the wished of the band.  Here’s their statement:

“Live Nation does not have a practice of placing tickets on the secondary market. Our standard practice is to use Ticketmaster’s Platinum, VIP and other tools to help tours price closer to true market value. In this situation, a consultant for the band opted to use the secondary market to try to capture that value.

“In 2016, Metallica performed a single show in Minneapolis at which more than 10,000 tickets were transacted on the secondary market without the band’s participation. After seeing the volume of secondary transactions for that show and the benefit being captured by brokers, the independent consultant worked with Live Nation on a unique distribution strategy that used the secondary market as a sales distribution channel for select high-end tickets.”


Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Returning For NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA’s All Star weekend will take place in Chicago next season, and you already know that Jordan Brand has some major plans in store surrounding the mid-February event. 

Among the Air Jordans on tap for February 2020 is a “New Beginnings” Air Jordan 1 High ’85 that will mirror the iconic Chicago colorway. According to sneaker source @Zsneakerheadz, the kicks will be one the many Jordans releasing during All Star weekend.

the Air Jordan 1 High ’85 “New Beginnings” have not yet surfaced, but it is believed the kicks will look exactly like the high-cut Chicago 1s shown in the IG post above. 2020 will mark the 35th anniversary the original Air Jordan silhouette, so fans can look forward to plenty colorways throughout the year.

In addition to the Chicago-themed Air Jordan 1, it is also being reported that the Air Jordan 6 “DMP” will be returning right around the NBA All Star weekend. Click here for more details on that beloved sneaker.

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Returning For NBA All-Star Weekend

Air Jordan 1 High ’85 “New Beginnings”/Zsneakerheadz

Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” Returning For NBA All-Star Weekend

Air Jordan 1 High ’85 “New Beginnings”/Zsneakerheadz

Bronny James Jr & Shaq’s Sons Flex Their Dunking Skills In LeBron’s Driveway

Every few years, there seems to be a bit a change in the look the NBA as older players retire and newer players come in. This creates brand new storylines and helps generate intrigue amongst hardcore and casual fans alike. As LeBron James gets older, some are wondering who will replace him as the best player in the league and there is no one better to take that throne than his own son, Bronny James Jr. Those are some pretty lt expectations that pretty well no one has put on him just yet, although it’s still fun to fantasize about what that would look like. Bronny is a great talent in his own right and has tried to prove himself at every turn.

According to TMZ, Bronny got to show f his dunking skills in the driveway his own home last night while playing with Shaq’s sons, Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal. The three were getting some pretty epic dunks f and LeBron was there to film the whole thing and post it on his Instagram story.

The star power here is pretty insane especially when you think about how they could all end up in the NBA someday. This video has the potential to be some sneaky foreshadowing what the NBA could be in for over the next couple years.

It’s only fitting that the sons some the all-time greats are picking up the basketball mantle.

LeBron James Gasses Up Bronny Jr’s Basketball Prowess Like A Proud Dad

Throughout the past few months, much has been made LeBron James’ oldest son Bronny and his rise through the ranks youth basketball. At just 14 years old, Bronny already has a ton potential and some scouts feel as though he could be playing for some the best college programs in the country. If he continues to work hard, he could even find himself in the NBA someday, although it would be unfair to generate such expectations when Bronny Jr is still trying to develop his game.

Last night, an account on Twitter asked about what people can expect from Bronny moving forward. As you can imagine, LeBron saw the tweet and decided to shower his son with some heartfelt praise about the kind player he is.

“Expect a kid that will play for his teammates. Will work hard, pay his dues and when his number is called he’ll make mistakes like any kid but will be ready and coached very well,” LeBron wrote. “Someone who doesn’t care about rankings cause the only thing that matters is his team success.”

Some analysts have already linked Bronny to the Duke basketball program as head coach Mike Krzyzewski has attended some his games. If this were to happen, Duke would certainly become the biggest story in sports for a whole year.

Nas On "The Lost Tapes 2" Vibe: "Songs Sound Different Because I’m Different"

New York, NY – Nas held a private listening event for the next installment of his Lost Tapes series at the Mass Appeal Headquarters in Soho Manhattan on Tuesday (July 16).

Like the original, The Lost Tapes 2 features unreleased tracks that didn’t make previous Nas albums (16 in total). Some heavy-hitter producers such as Kanye West, Swizz Beatz, No I.D., Pharrell, RZA, Hit-Boy and Pete Rock contribute to the project.

Mass Appeal and Def Jam came together to present a preview of all Nas’s new project has in store. Chicken sliders and macaroni and cheese were catered by his restaurant Sweet Chick, while Hennessy (to who Nas is a brand ambassador) provided cocktails for guests.

Embed from Getty Images

Nas later took to the stage to introduce the project saying, “Each one sounds different than the last one, this one is definitely different because I’m different. And we been doing stuff, from the Hip Hop Is Dead album that didn’t make it, the Untitled album that didn’t make it, Life Is Good album that didn’t make it and all this stuff in between.”

He continued, “And that’s what it really is and I appreciate you being here checking out the shit that got kicked to the side, the scraps. We mix it up for you and thank you to all the producers who fucked with. I got some of the greatest producers in the world to just do shit for me and it was just a blessing and an honor.”

Statik Selektah then dove into the project, playing track after track as the audience vibed out to the compilation of songs. At the end of the night, Statik displayed a golden cassette tape.

He also revealed that several of these tapes would be placed around Manhattan and the first person that finds the tapes gets exclusive access to Nas’ official Lost Tapes 2 party on Friday (July 19).

Follow Mass Appeal and Def Jam’s Instagram pages for the drop of the exact location of the cassette tapes.

Check back with DX for the official album stream.

Embed from Getty Images

Eric Garner’s Daughter Petitions To Have Father’s Killer Fired From The NYPD

Just a few days after the disappointing news that the police ficer responsible for the death Eric Garner will not be charged, the victim’s youngest daughter has taken a stand to fight back. Officer Daniel Pantaleo put Eric in a chokehold back in 2014 when he was confronted by police for selling cigarettes on Staten Island. A video clip shows Eric telling police 11 times that he can’t breathe, leading to his death that police ruled a homicide. 

Emerald Garner has now launched a petition demanding that Daniel be fired from the NYPD. “My family and I have stood by for 5 years waiting for a decision from the Department Justice. They asked us to let them “investigate” the murder Eric Garner. What other evidence does one need to convict a murderer who was filmed in broad daylight killing an unarmed man?! My dad screamed “I can’t breathe!” 11 times. #WeDemandJusticeNow,” the petition reads. 

“I don’t want any apologies. I don’t want any condolences. I heard that five years ago. I want justice. We’ve been quiet for too long,” Emerald said in a statement to, Complex. “I want to spread the word as much as possible that I will not stand for injustice, and that I will do everything I can to get justice for my father, and justice for all my family members who have fought for five years to hold the ficer who killed my father accountable.”

Click here to sign the petition

Khloe Kardashian Says She’ll Never "Hate" Tristan Thompson

Khloe Kardashian has been through the wringer when it comes it comes to Tristan Thompson’s cheating ways. Unfortunately, all Tristan’s mishaps have been publicized, forcing Khloe to deal with the hardships among everyone’s comments and suggestion on her private life. The last straw for Khloe was when Tristan locked lips with Jordyn Woods forcing her to end things with the NBA player, staying on good terms only for the sake their daughter, True. 

Khloe Kardashian Says She'll Never "Hate" Tristan Thompson
Jerritt Clark/Getty s

While you might think that Khloe hates Tristan, she’s come through to announce that she doesn’t since he’s given her the most precious gift she could ask for. An Instagram user shared an image True and Tristan side by side with a caption that reads: “I know Khloé hates Tristan but Baby True starting to look just like him.”

The post prompted Khloe to reply with the following: “Why would I ever hate anyone who helped create such an angel? People make mistakes but I won’t hurt my own healing by holding on to hate. I’m too busy raising my beautiful baby and securing that money bag emoji] to hate any individual. Sweet True has always looked like her daddy. She’s beautiful!! prayer hands].”

50 Cent Puts Young Buck Through The Old FaceApp

Like countless others, 50 Cent is evidently having way too much fun with the old FaceApp that’s recently captivated social media. But 50 Cent wouldn’t be 50 Cent without using whatever tools he has at his disposal to torment Young Buck. 

On Thursday morning (July 18), the Power co-creator slapped the FaceApp on his former G-Unit associate and photoshopped his head onto the body of a homeless person. Of course, he brought up Buck’s debt and said he’s down for installments.

“You know I’m all for payment plans when you ain’t got it,” he captioned the photo. “so you know get what you can together for me and let’s talk before Monday fool.”

50 also tried the FaceApp on himself earlier this week and transformed into a regal, Le Chemin Du Roi-toting elderly man.

“These hoe’s know I’m the KING, shit no cap,” he wrote in the caption. “#lecheminduroi aged LOL.”

50 has been taunting Buck for months over his alleged relationship with a transgender woman. Buck was finally fed up and unleashed two diss tracks aimed at the G-Unit boss last month — “The Story Of Foofy” and “Duppy Freestyle.” 

They have both been removed.

YG’s Home Raided In Connection With Deadly Shooting, 4 People Handcuffed

Hollywood, CA – The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reportedly obtained a search warrant and raided a Hollywood Hills home leased to YG on Thursday morning (July 18).

Authorities are investigating the recent shooting involving a Cadillac Escalade registered to the Compton-bred rapper, which left one deputy shot and an innocent bystander dead.

According to TMZ, YG was not on the property at the time of raid therefore he wasn’t arrested or detained. However, four men were handcuffed at the scene and placed in patrol cars while deputies continued their search.

The incident took place on July 3 when someone fired shots at a deputy from inside the vehicle, striking a deputy. During the melee, a bystander was caught in the crossfire and killed.

YG denies any involvement and says he has an iron-clad alibi.

“I was nowhere near the scene of this incident, I was in Hollywood recording in the studio all day,” he tweeted on July 5. “I was there until after midnight on the 4th of July and didn’t learn of these events until after they happened!”

Glasses Malone Raps From Orlando Anderson’s POV In "2Pac Must Die" Video

Las Vegas, NV – On the night of September 7, 1996, Tupac Shakur was shot multiple times in Las Vegas, which led to his death at the age of 25 nearly a week later.

What else happened that night has been left up to hearsay, questionable police accounts and street gossip.

The thing is, the streets tend to get the story first and accurately.

Glasses Malone has integral knowledge of the streets’ news services and in a bold move, he taps into the spirit of late gangbanger Orlando Anderson for his new single, “2Pac Gotta Die.”

View this post on Instagram

What would you do, If 7 enemies jumped you ?????

A post shared by Glasses Malone (@glassesloc) on

Although he was never formally charged, police and the streets have long believed that Anderson was the one who pulled the trigger on Pac. His uncle and fellow Crip Duane Keith Davis, a.k.a. “Keefe D,” even admitted that he coaxed his nephew into firing the shots in an interview last year.

The video chronicles Anderson’s chain of events including the trek from Compton to Vegas, the MGM scuffle (the same one that put Suge Knight behind bars, much to the demise of Death Row Records) and the murderous stakeout.

Watch the “2Pac Must Die” video up above and answer G. Malone’s question on Instagram.

Bradley Beal Trade Rumors: Heat Reportedly Willing To Take On John Wall’s Contract

Bradley Beal has drawn interest from a number teams this f-season, most notably the Miami Heat, but it doesn’t appear as though the Washington Wizards have any plans to trade their All Star shooting guard. At least, for now.

According to a report by the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson, the Wizards have “rejected all trade overtures on Beal,” as they prepare to fer him a three-year, $111 million contract extension once he’s eligible on July 26. 

As Jackson notes, interested teams like the Miami Heat could soon re-engage with the Wizards on a potential Beal deal if the 26-year old star turns down the extension. Beal is due $27.1 million this season and $28.8M the following year. 

Of course, if Beal rejects the three-year $111 million contract the Wizards could begin exploring trade scenarios rather than letting him walk for nothing in the Summer 2021. If that is indeed the case, The Athletic’s Frank Isola reports the Miami Heat would be willing to take on John Wall’s outrageous $171M contract as part the trade package.

The Wizards selected Beal third overall out Florida in the 2012 NBA Draft. He averaged a career-high 25.6 points per game last season to go along with 5.5 assists and 5 rebounds, while earning All Star honors and playing in all 82 games for the second straight season. 

DaBaby & Lil Baby Baby It Up On "Baby" Collaborative Single

DaBaby and Lil Baby have joined forces to thoroughly confuse fans who still don’t know the difference between the two. The southern rappers have released the fittingly titled “Baby” as one of the lead singles off Quality Control Music’s upcoming compilation Control The Streets Volume 2.

The collaborative track is only missing a feature from Cash Money Records co-founder Birdman a.k.a. Baby to complete Hip Hop’s “Baby” trifecta. Production is handled by Wheezy, who has crafted beats for the likes of Future, Meek Mill and Young Thug.

DaBaby and Lil Baby’s single teams with the City Girls and Saweetie collaboration “Come On” as listeners’ first previews of Quality Control’s new compilation. The album is the sequel to Control The Streets Volume 1, which was released in December 2017.

Control The Streets Volume 2 is scheduled to drop August 16.

Stream DaBaby and Lil Baby’s “Baby” above. Check out City Girls and Saweetie’s “Come On” featuring DJ Durel below.