Jessie Reyez and Eminem Reunite on ‘Coffin’

Jessie Reyez releases her highly-anticipated debut album Before Love Came to Kill Us today featuring a collaboration with Eminem.

The Canadian singer-songwriter reunites with Slim Shady on “Coffin,” which follows their 2018 collaboration “Good Guy.” The melancholy track finds Jessie having suicidal thoughts about her lover.

“You make me wanna jump off the roof ’cause I love you to death just like a fool / I’d rather a coffin handmade for two ’cause I love you to death just like a fool,” she sings before Em responds.

“I don’t really wanna fight / I just wanna spend the night / But I don’t wanna spend the night / Actin’ out, ‘Love the Way You Lie,’” he raps before promising to be by his lover’s side until death. “Say the coffin they better make it for two / ‘Cause if you jump, I’m jumpin’ with you / And neither one of us have nothin’ to lose.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Jessie decided not to delay the album’s release. “It messed me up because I was like ‘I don’t want to seem insensitive,’” she told The New York Times. “I’ve grown up thinking about death as something that could easily happen tomorrow. But I know that for everybody else, there’s a lot of fear right now. I’m conflicted. But I’ve decided I’m putting out because indecision never did anything for nobody.”

The 14-track album also features 6LACK on the previously-released “Imported” and “I Do,” for which she released a somber video.

Stream Before Love Came to Kill Us below.

Taylor Swift Is Quietly Sending $3,000 Stimulus Checks to 'Swifties'

Taylor Swift has quietly sent stimulus checks to fans who are expressing uncertainty about their situations.

Holly Turner made a post on Tumblr about how she is scared she couldn’t stay in NYC. She specifically cited the shutdown of the music industry threatening her livelihood. Swift reached out to Turner privately and sent her a $3,000 ‘stimulus check’ PayPal.

“Holly, you’ve always been there for me,” the message included reads. “I want to be there for you right now. I hope this helps. Love, Taylor.” Of course, Holly isn’t the only person on the receiving end of Swift’s generosity.

Taylor Swift Is Quietly Sending $3,000 Stimulus Checks to 'Swifties'

Photo Credit: Holly Turner

Fans quickly began sharing their stories of receiving a $3,000 Taylor Swift stimulus check.

“Leah, I’m so sorry this situation has caused you so much stress, and I hope a gift of $3,000 will help,” reads another note sent to a fan. Leah Turner is a freelance music photographer and graphic designer. She shared her financial problems with followers on Tumblr – having no events to photograph during the shutdown.

This isn’t the first time Taylor Swift has looked after her flock of Swifties during tough times.

In the past, Swift has contributed to college tuition payments after reading about the issue on Tumblr. She also showed up to a fan’s bridal shower and helped a homeless woman purchase a home.

Swift’s generosity has gone above and beyond what even the U.S. government plans for its citizens.

Congress is looking to pass a $2.2 trillion stimulus package to help the economy recover from coronavirus. That includes $1,200 checks to Americans and over $500 billion in loans to aid businesses affected.

The bill also expands unemployment insurance and gives jobless workers an extra $600 a week in funding for up to four months. That benefit is on top of their current state unemployment benefits.

Nike KD 13 "The Planet Of Hoops" Revealed: First Look

Kevin Durant is one the best basketball players in the entire world and his efforts out on the court have awarded him his very own signature shoe with Nike. Durant is one the few players who has had his own shoe ever since he entered the league. In 2020, Durant is poised to release the Nike KD 13 which was recently revealed in a plain black and white colorway just a few days ago.

Now, the KD 13 is being previewed in a peculiar new colorway dubbed “The Planet Of Hoops.” This fering lives up to its name as it features a space-like aesthetic. The upper is navy blue with black planetary patterns that feature basketballs. The midsole is black with a splash neon green that helps add some much-needed contrast. There is an Air Zoom midsole which enhances comfortability and will make this a dope shoe to use out on the court. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, it might take a while before you’re able to get out there.

A release date has not been determined for these so stay tuned for details as we will be sure to bring you all the latest information.


Nike KD 13 "The Planet Of Hoops" Revealed: First Look
Nike KD 13 "The Planet Of Hoops" Revealed: First Look


PARTYNEXTDOOR has dropped his PARTYMOBILE album following multiple delays. The project was initially supposed to arrive in January but got pushed back twice, missing its target date in February before finally coming to fruition in March.

The new LP, which was originally titled Club Atlantis, is PND’s first studio album since 2016’s P3. Drake, Rihanna and Bad Bunny appear on the 15-track release.

Check out PARTYNEXTDOOR’s PARTYMOBILE stream, cover art and tracklist below.


1. Nothing Less
2. Turn Up
3. The News
4. Split Decision
5. Loyal
6. Touch Me
7. Trauma
8. Showing You
9. Eye On It
10. Believe It f. Rihanna
11. Never Again
12. PGT
13. Another Day
14. Savage Anthem
15. Loyal (Remix) f. Drake & Bad Bunny


PartyNextDoor Gets The Claymation Treatment For Drake-Less ‘Loyal’ Video

Lizzo’s DJ Sophia Eris Firmly Establishes Her Independence With ‘KDJA’ Video

HipHopDX Premiere – Being Lizzo’s touring DJ comes with plenty of notoriety, but Sophia Eris is a talented singer in her own right. On Thursday (March 26), Eris unveiled a new visual for “KDJA,” which was inspired by a celebrated 90’s sitcom and finds the Minneapolis-based artist singing her heart out.

“I wrote ‘KDJA’ after a break-up while being heavily inspired by the show Living Single, specifically the character Khadijah,” Elis tells HipHopDX. “I wanted an anthem to provide confidence and strength while moving forward into independence.”

Over the past eight years, Eris’ tireless work ethic has taken her from a respected solo artist to an international touring DJ with Lizzo and morning show host at Go 95.3FM. The GRRRL PRTY member has also collaborated with Prince, appeared on the Power Rangers soundtrack, released a solo EP and performed at major festivals such as Glastonbury, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.

She’s now focused on her solo debut, Trapper Keeper, which is produced by Doomtree vet Lazerbeak and Twin City veteran Bionik (Ice-T, Aceyalone, Far East Movement).

Lizzo's DJ Sophia Eris Firmly Establishes Her Independence With 'KDJA' Video

#DXCLUSIVE: Sophia Eris Debuts Lazerbeak & Bionik-Produced “Who’s Got The Boom” Single

Produced by longtime collaborator Prophis, “KDJA” serves as a one-0ff while she’s finalizes her inaugural album.

Trapper Keeper is expected to arrive this spring. Until then, check out the video up top.

Facebook Reportedly Eyeing a 10% Stake In JioSaavn Parent Company

Facebook Reportedly Eyeing a 10% Stake In JioSaavn Parent Company

Facebook is considering purchasing a 10 percent stake in Reliance Jio, a major cell phone service provider in India and the parent company of popular music-streaming service JioSaavn.

The deal hasn’t yet been closed, and neither Facebook nor Reliance Jio has commented publicly on the matter. According to sources with knowledge of the negotiations, the companies had nearly finalized a contract before the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic drew the corresponding discussions to a halt.

It’s unclear at this time when Facebook-Reliance Jio investment talks will resume. Presumably, travel restrictions and coronavirus concerns must pass before executives and lawyers meet again—at least in person. Today, India started a mandatory, apparently strict 21-day lockdown designed to limit the novel coronavirus’s spread and reduce its prevalence.

To date, doctors have diagnosed over 700 COVID-19 cases in India.

Reliance Jio, commonly referred to simply as Jio, launched its much-anticipated 4G cell phone services in 2016. Today, over 370 million Indians subscribe to these services, and Jio has branched out into the home telephone, internet, and television spheres. Reliance Jio is owned by Reliance Industries Limited, a Mumbai-based conglomerate worth an estimated $140 billion.

Notably, —which owns 71 percent of SiriusXM and a third of Live Nation—also possesses a five percent stake in JioSaavn.

It seems likely that Facebook has its sights set more on carving out a larger share of India’s highly lucrative market than pursuing music-streaming giants like Spotify and Apple Music JioSaavn. The California company has expressed little interest in crafting a music-streaming service outright, but is the most popular social-media platform in India, with roughly 260 million domestic users to its credit.

JioSaavn, for its part, has garnered over 100 million monthly users; these figures, in coordination with the approximately 150 million monthly users boasted by , a competing Indian music-streaming service, have made it relatively difficult for Spotify to establish a substantial presence in the country. More than 84 percent of Spotify’s active users are located in Europe, North America, and Latin America.

Stay tuned for additional updates on the potential Facebook-Reliance Jio deal.




Iman Shumpert Reveals Why LeBron James Is So Hated

Iman Shumpert got to play with LeBron James during his second stint in Cleveland. The two even won a championship together in 2016. With this in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that Shumpert has a lot to say about the NBA legend. The other day, Shumpert spoke about what makes LeBron so great and how his basketball IQ is better than everyone else’s. In a recent interview, Shumpert spoke about how LeBron is one the most hated players in the league and that it really all comes down to just one thing.

Speaking to This is 50, Shumpert admitted that LeBron gets so much hate because he is so good. Not to mention, he hasn’t had any real scandals and people want to see him fail. He’s simply too perfect which makes him look like less a real person. Shumpert noted that LeBron has been with the same woman since high school and that he is a model citizen who does so much for his community.

Shumpert makes some solid points here. Perhaps another reason for the LeBron hate is “The Decision.” Of course, this occurred in 2010 when LeBron swapped teams and went to the Miami Heat. Following this move, many fans fell out favor with LeBron although since then, he has been able to get back in the good graces fans everywhere.

As LeBron enters the final stages his career, it really feels like people are starting to love him all over again.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Distraught Over GF’s Lakers Fandom

Giannis Antetokounmpo is one the best basketball players in the world right now and he is the face the Milwaukee Bucks. Prior to Giannis, the Bucks were suffering from a severe lack relevancy in the league but thanks to the Greek Freak, the team is impossible to ignore. Giannis has also proven himself to have a pretty great sense humor and is always joking with his teammates. With the quarantine going down, Giannis is more focused on annoying his girlfriend who just gave birth to their first child.

The Bucks star was recently on IG live with his girlfriend when someone asked what their favorite teams, aside from the Bucks were. Giannis’ GF immediately harkens back to her youth when she used to like the Lakers. This sent Giannis into a bit a tailspin as he couldn’t believe the blasphemy we just heard.

For Lakers fans, this was probably some good news. Next season, Giannis will become a free agent in 2021 and fans are already anticipating where he may go. Some Lakers supporters think this latest revelation could make Los Angeles an attractive team, moving forward. Of course, these are simply fantasies. When you’re deprived NBA basketball for a couple weeks, you start to make up ridiculous scenarios.

Hopefully, Giannis and his GF are able to maintain their courtship despite these outlandish revelations.

TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman to Step Down Next Month

TuneCore, a digital-music distribution company and music publisher, announced today that Scott Ackerman will step down as CEO next month.

Ackerman has officially served as the company’s CEO since 2014, and his last day will arrive on April 15th. TuneCore officials are currently searching for a replacement and are expected to make a corresponding announcement in the near future. It’s unclear whether an external hire will assume the role, or if the position will be filled an internal promotion.

Ackerman joined the TuneCore team in 2010 and started leading the company in 2012, following the departure of co-founders Jeff Price and Peter Wells. He is exiting his CEO role on good terms and will continue to serve TuneCore in an advisory capacity.

Ackerman, who has executive experience at eHarmony, Orbitz, American Airlines, and Northwest Airlines, among other companies, expanded TuneCore’s global reach (including by establishing multiple foreign branches) and struck deals with an array of prominent social-media platforms.

TuneCore was founded in 2005 and, besides its Brooklyn headquarters, maintains offices in several U.S. cities, Australia, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. For a fee, TuneCore assists artists with the music-distribution and sales processes, in addition to collecting and distributing international royalties. In 2015, the brand was acquired by Believe Digital, a Paris-based artist-services company.

Two weeks back, TuneCore and Believe launched PIVTL Projects, a hip-hop record label that allows artists to maintain ownership of their master recordings. Moreover, PIVTL Projects provides signed acts with substantial promotional and developmental support.

In other executive-departure news, Paul Rosenberg from Def Jam Records last month. The longtime Eminem associate and Shady Records co-founder had served as Def Jam’s CEO and president since January 2018.

At the time of this piece’s writing, Scott Ackerman hadn’t commented publicly on his post-CEO plans. However, he made clear that the decision to leave was his own, and that he’s eager to continue serving TuneCore while simultaneously pursuing new and exciting professional opportunities.




Will Smith Shows Joyner Lucas Major Love

Regardless how you might feel about Joyner Lucas‘ staggered approach to releasing ADHD, the experiment’s conclusion is nearly at an end; the project is set to arrive in full this Friday, with the full tracklist having arrived earlier this morning. On that note, Joyner also happened to drop f the aptly-titled single “Will,” a flute-driven bop penned in loving dedication to the man, the myth, the (I Am) legend — Will Smith. 

Will Smith Shows Joyner Lucas Major Love

Tristan Fewings/Getty s

To further intensify the homage, “Will” came complete with an elaborate video, in which Joyner dons several Smith’s iconic cinematic looks. From Jim West to Agent J, Smith’s entire film career is given the slideshow treatment, bolstered by several referential lyrics from the ADHD rapper. “I’m in Cali with a vest, that’s the wild Wild West,” he raps, sliding in a reference to the t-maligned yet strangely appealing steampunk western. “They must not know me, they cannot control me ’cause I ain’t no I, Robot,” he continues, before declaring Smith to be his idol. “Yeah, I grew up on a legend and I gotta show it.” 

It didn’t take long for word the track to reach Smith’s ears, and the iconic actor took to Instagram to return the love back to Joyner. “Joyner Lucas, yo, that joint is crazy.!” he declares, his quarantine beard in full-effect. “Dude, I am humbled and honored. One the lines you say in there, ‘you inspire people and you don’t even know it.’ It has been my intention from day one to go into the world and put positive energy and be able to use my creations to inspire and elevate and empower. I just love what you’ve done, it’s creative. Brother, I’m humbled and hope to meet you one day.” 

Who knows — perhaps when all this madness is over, the pair will sit down for a beer and some good conversation. Are you excited for that ADHD album?

TIDAL Launching Free Hip Hop & R&B Livestreams For Non-Members

To help combat the quarantine blues, TIDAL is bringing exclusive, free video livestreams to screens worldwide.

Both members and non-members will be able to enjoy 12-hour streams of recorded live performances from a wide range of artists, including JAY-Z,  J. Cole, Meek Mill, 21 Savage, Beyoncé, Rihanna and many more.

While the daily At Home With TIDAL streaming marathon begins on Wednesday (March 25) at noon ET, the Hip Hop and R&B performances will run on Saturday (March 28) and Sunday (March 29), respectively. Latin, pop and electro will air from Wednesday until Friday.

In a press release, TIDAL stated their commitment to “helping people through these challenging times” by offering music fans the opportunity to connect with artists as they maintain social distancing. This includes indulging in iconic live performances, documentaries, in-depth interviews and virtually hosted “dance parties” with TIDAL playlists.

TIDAL Launching Free Hip Hop & R&B Livestreams For Non-Members

De La Soul Thank JAY-Z For Refusing To Stream Their Catalog On TIDAL

TIDAL currently has over 60 million tracks and 250,000 videos in its catalog and is offering new customers four months for any plan for a reduced rate of $4 until April 15. Go here to redeem it. To check out the Hip Hop livestream this Saturday, head here and for Sunday’s R&B livestream, head here.

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s Request For Early Release Amid Coronavirus Denied

Tekashi 6ix9ine‘s plea to the court to serve the remainder his prison sentence under house arrest to reduce his chances contracting coronavirus has been denied by the judge, but there may be another way that the rapper can be released early. On Monday, we reported that 6ix9ine was fearing for his life behind bars, as the number confirmed cases COVID-19 continues to rise within the New York prison system. According to his lawyer, Lance Lazarro, the rapper possesses a higher risk contracting the virus, as he has multiple pre-existing conditions that render him more vulnerable to becoming infected. Last Halloween, 6ix9ine was diagnosed with bronchitis and sinusitis, which ultimately led him to be hospitalized.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Request For Early Release Amid Coronavirus DeniedBob Levey/Getty s

Because his client’s medical conditions, Lazarro implored Judge Paul Engelmeyer that 6ix9ine, who is set to be released in August, be granted early release from prison under the condition that he serve the remainder his sentence under house request. In the letter sent to Judge Engelmeyer, Lazarro also noted that 6ix9ine has been experiencing shortness breath—one the primary symptoms coronavirus—and that the prison facility’s doctor had recommended he be treated at a hospital, only for the warden to deny him that freedom.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's Request For Early Release Amid Coronavirus DeniedBennett Raglin/Getty s for Power 105.1

Despite Lazarro’s efforts, though, Judge Engelmeyer has denied the request. According to legal documents, the court actually lacks the legal authority to grant the request in the first place. However, while Judge Engelmeyer may not be able to do 6ix9ine any favours, he suggested that Lazarro instead file the request with the Bureau Prisons. Engelmeyer insisted that, at the time sentencing, he would have directed that 6ix9ine’s final four months be served in home confinement had he known back then that a global pandemic would ensue to which 6ix9ine’s medical conditions would make him particularly vulnerable. According to TMZ, Lazarro believes that Judge Engelmeyer’s sympathetic response “is a strong recommendation to the Bureau Prisons to release him immediately,” and thus plans to file the request with the BOP promptly. We’ll keep you updated on the BOP’s decision.

BrvndonP & Mission Venture Through Tahoe For ‘Seasons’ Video

Lake Tahoe – Creating a video that matches the vibe to a track isn’t too hard to do nowadays. And with the varieties of videos that have been put out over the years, fans just want to see artists having fun. That’s exactly what BrvndonP and Mission did while shooting their “Seasons” video.

“Seasons” — which dropped last week — features BrvndonP and Mission encouraging listeners to stay true to themselves no matter the battle ahead of them and reminding them that is the key to get ahead. The song is important during these tough times but also has a lighthearted sound to it that fans can enjoy. And the video has the same feel to it.

“We shot the video in Tahoe,” Mission explains to HipHopDX. “We felt Tahoe was the perfect scenery for this video. We wanted to be in a place where people would wonder “Where are they?” The most important part of the video to me is the cameo from my kids. I said a line in the song “It’s some folks depending on me now I gotta get the gwop” and I feel their cameo brought that line to life.”

BrvndonP agrees, admitting “I’m actually surprised we pulled the whole thing off. I called Mission with the idea of shooting in the snow, then like a week later we shot it! We knew we wanted to shoot it in Tahoe but had no legit location. So we just drove around until we found one. I think the important thing I got from it, is that everything doesn’t HAVE to go as planned.

“Give room for things to change & mess up. Maybe there’s a reason why it didn’t go how it was planned? Made the best out of everything. And that’s what we did.”

BrvndonP & Mission Venture Through Tahoe For 'Seasons' Video

#DXCLUSIVE: Parris Chariz Puts All His Personas In A Blender For ‘Smooth Operator’

The “Seasons” visual matches the message of the song and it shows viewers to be yourself and have fun while being yourself. Check out the HipHopDX-premiered video down below.

Warner Music Group Scam Falsely Promises Artists Promotion & Salary

In a new, comprehensive scam that’s targeting up-and-coming musicians around the country, con artists are posing as Warner Music Group (WMG) execs and promising lucrative promotional deals in exchange for sizable upfront fees.

It’s unclear at this time how the scammers are selecting their targets, but the process begins with an official-looking letter, complete with Warner Music Group letterhead, a bottom-banner photograph of multiple buildings, and a (non-Warner Music Group) phone number.

The “Notification of Promotion and Nomination” rather conspicuously lacks paragraph breaks and indicates, “We’ve checked out all your musical activity and you’ve been selected and offered a provisional promotion and nomination with WMG. We encourage your creativity and would love to invest in your potentials. [sic]”

At the letter’s close, targets are encouraged to “be prepared to appear for an interview at our head office.” WMG CEO Stephen F. Cooper’s signature is falsified (or pasted) at the page’s bottom.

A 20-question “application form” accompanies the letter. In it, the target is asked to provide his or her full name, phone number, address, “number of album released [sic],” and information about his or her “next of kin.”

Along the application form’s lower edge, the logos of 11 record and music industry companies, from Republic Records to Island Records (both of which are part of the Universal Music banner), attempt to lend credibility to the document.

Upon sending the completed application away (through the mail or digitally, as the scam is further supported by an active phone number and WhatsApp account), the victim will receive a full-color letter stating, “You are now been [sic] considered for a brand promotion and certification with us.”

To finalize this nonexistent promotion and certification deal, however, the scam’s target must subscribe to a “Benefit Plan.”

The Silver, Diamond, Gold, and Platinum options (which are listed in that seemingly incorrect order) bring different perks and progressively higher monthly salaries (from $2,000 per month to $15,000 per month), but can only be obtained after a “benefit fee” is paid. The latter runs the victim between $200 and $1,500, or 10 percent of the corresponding Benefit Plan.

Of course, excited artists won’t hear back from the scammers after sending payment, nor will they enjoy any of the promised perks. At the time of this piece’s writing, Warner Music Group hadn’t yet addressed the scam publicly, nor had the person or people behind the scheme been identified.

Three years back, a (albeit one that centered on Atlantic Records, a WMG subsidiary) attempted to separate musicians from their hard-earned cash. The perpetrators weren’t identified, but undoubtedly, much frustration was spared, and many dollars were saved, by spreading word of the fraud.


9th Wonder Co-Signs Tracklib’s New ‘Sample Breakdown’ Video Series

The mind of a producer is an incredible thing. A new series by Tracklib — a music service that enables the producer to discover and license original recordings — aims to show viewers just how true that statement is.

“Sample Breakdown” goes in-depth, fleshing out the elements of how beats by Dilla, J. Cole, 9th Wonder and more came to fruition.

Tracklib’s Chief Marketing Officer Per Stenius (the mind behind the videos) shared his vision for the series and its future with HipHopDX.

“We dissect tracks to show how they were made,” Stenius explains. “Not only by sharing the sample but also visualizing how it was flipped or chopped.”

Famed producer 9th Wonder sent the show praise following their episode that featured Little Brother’s “Lovin It.”

“This is what actually goes on in my head,” 9th Tweeted. “This is what I see, hear and feel. I see shapes and colors.”

That sentiment, according to Stenius, is what drove their initial concept for the series.

He notes, “We wanted to illustrate the process of these amazing producers and what they feel, see and hear, so that everyone could feel, see and hear what actually goes into flipping a sample, and how it can completely resurrect a track.”

Tracklib is tight-lipped about what they have coming up next, but assure us that there are many episodes left in the canon; some we may expect and some that may be left-field.

“Sampling’s been an essential part of music creation and development for some time now, so needless to say, we’ve got many samples flips left to cover.”

Check out episodes of Tracklib’s “Sample Breakdown below.