Soulja Boy Declares That Steve Jobs Gave Him The First Ever IPhone

Bad news for “Pretty Boy Swag” rapper and producer, Soulja Boy, reared its head nearly two months ago when the entertainer was hit with a sentence following a violation his probation. Despite facing time behind bars though, the comedic musician ever-positive spirit doesn’t look like it’s faltering, with Soulja sending a message to fans from inside prison, to let them know he’s planning “the biggest comeback 2019” once he’s released. A recently re-dug up video Soulja from the final week last month, solidified the rapper’s self-proclaimed icon status, revealing that he was hand-delivered the FIRST EVER iPhone from late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs himself.

Soulja Boy Declares That Steve Jobs Gave Him The First Ever IPhone

Ben Rose/Wire

Soulja Boy detailed how after his hit “Crank That” started to gain traction, Steve Jobs, or “the white man from Apple” as Soulja referred to him, appeared at the “Crank That” video shoot to personally hand him the revolutionary device. Upon receiving the device, Soulja said that it accidentally slipped out his hand and cracked against the floor. For someone who’s known to exaggerate for comedic quality, this story seems legit. “But when it hit the floor, they was like ‘Oh dont worry about it, don’t worry about it, we’ll get you another one.'” he concluded the story, adding that they kept to their word and delivered another phone to him a couple days later. 

The hilarious full video (in which Soulja starts talking about the iPhone story at the 8:30 mark) can be seen below.

Chris Brown and Drake Team Up on ‘No Guidance’ Collaboration

Chris Brown and Drake unite.

At long last, the superstars are set to reunite on their highly-anticipated collaboration “No Guidance.” The Boi-1da production is one of 37 tracks on Chris’ upcoming album Indigo, for which he recently revealed the tracklisting.

Chris teased the pairing, posting a photo of him and Drake on Instagram with the caption: “SUMMER TIME BOUT TO GET ALOT HOTTER!”

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During his 30th birthday party last month, Chris previewed the mid-tempo R&B track, which follows their previous collaborations including 2010’’s “Deuces (Remix)” and Nicki Minaj’s “Only” in 2014.

The collaboration has been a long time coming for the former rivals, who squashed their beef and reunited on stage during Drake’s “Aubrey and the Three Migos Tour” at Staples Center in Los Angeles last October.

The duo, who Drake nicknamed “Aubreezy,” celebrated New Year’s Eve together and were recently spotted playing basketball at Drake’s Calabasas crib.

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2019 cook up…Aubreezy

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Indigo will be released on June 28. In addition to Drake, the album features Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Joyner Lucas, Tyga, Gunna, H.E.R., Juvenile, Juicy J, and more.

Off-White X Nike Vapor Street Slated To Drop This Summer: Closer Look

Virgil Abloh and Nike have been frequent collaborators over the last couple years and completely changed the game with their Off-White x Nike “The Ten” collection. Since the original ten shoes came out, there have been a plethora colorways each model to come out which have made sneakerheads lose their minds. The hype for this collaboration is still fairly high so it’s no surprise that the two are teaming up on some new silhouettes. The latest model to get the Virgil Abloh treatment is the Nike Vapor Street, although there hasn’t been too much information about the shoe.

Thanks to the Instagram account @hanzuying, we now have a look at the black, white, and purple version the shoe which will surely turn heads and spark some curiosity. The upper appears to be black, although there is some white mesh covering the shoe. Meanwhile, a huge white Nike swoosh makes its way across the side and even dips into the black midsole. The outsole the shoe is purple with spikes on the bottom creating a much more wild aesthetic than one might be used to.

According to the post below, these will be dropping this summer although an exact date and price have not been determined yet. Stay tuned for more details as we will be sure to bring them to you.

Raptors Fan Receives Death Threats After Lewd Comments About Ayesha Curry

The Toronto Raptors fan who made some outlandish comments about Ayesha Curry following Game 2 the NBA Finals has reportedly received death threats since going public.

As seen in the clip embedded below, the fan used his TV time to say, “I just wanted to let everyone know: Ayesha Curry, we’re going to f*ck her in the p***y.”

After the live tv segment aired, the reporter, Kelly Linehan, filed an ficial complaint with the Toronto police and authorities launched a criminal investigation. Tristan Warkentin later came forward. 

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Warkentin apologized for his actions and revealed that he has been receiving death threats ever since he went public. He also says he wants to reach out to the Currys to issue an apology. 

“I’m not in a position to defend myself in terms what happened. I am sure you understand the influence alcohol,” Warkentin tells the Toronto Sun. “To be honest I don’t even remember being there but I am responsible for my own actions at the end the day… I] am not sitting here claiming victim.”

“What I am trying to do is maybe reach out to Mr. and Mrs. Curry and that’s realistically who I feel I owe an apology to — and maybe Toronto,” he said.

Brad Pitt Goes On An Interstellar Mission In Trailer For "Ad Astra"

Fox just unveiled the trailer to an upcoming, new Brad Pitt film entitled Ad Astra. A jam-packed teaser was released to announce the arrival the movie, which is set to hit theatres on September 20th. The film follows the journey Brad Pitt’s character, an astronaut who travels across a “lawless solar system to find his missing father — a renegade scientist who poses a threat to humanity.”  During the very trailer, Pitt is told that “All life could be destroyed. We’re counting on you to find out what’s happening out there.” Hence, we can expect the actor to be playing the role a hero put in charge saving the day. Of course, we can expect both internal and external conflict along the way.

The film includes a star-studded cast with actors Liv Taylor (Lord the Rings), Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive), Ruth Negga (Isolation), Jamie Kennedy (Scream) and Donald Sutherland (M*A*S*H). The film was directed by James Gray, who shared the following with Collider a few years ago: “The science-fiction genre is so tricky because there are elements fantasy usually involved, and there are also fantastical elements. What I’m trying to do is the most realistic depiction space travel that’s been put in a movie and to basically say, ‘Space is awfully hostile to us.’ It’s kind a Heart Darkness story about travelling to the outer edge our solar system. I have a lot hopes for it but it is certainly ambitious.” 

Young Ma Shares Casting Idea For "Set It Off" Remake

Young MA is looking to get to work on the remake a classic motion picture. The rapper brought forth an idea for the reboot the 1996-film Set It Off, which featured Vivica Fox, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and Kimberly Elise. Back in the day, the film led to major commercial success by scoring $41 million dollars in box fice sales against a $9 million dollar budget. Since its release, there have been talks about rebooting the movie with a fresh new cast. And although no confirmations have been made as to whether or not there will be a retake on the film, NY-artist Young Ma fered an interesting suggestion for the cast. 

The rapper took the suggestion to Instagram wherein she suggested herself under the role Queen Latifah’s “Cleo.” On the other hand, Teyana Taylor was recommended for Vivica Fox’s original role “Frankie,” the fired bank teller who served as the group’s mastermind behind the robbery. Kat Graham was chosen to play “Stony” which was originally played by Jada Pinkett and was the only surviving character in the movie. Lastly, Keke Palmer was suggested for the role “T.T,” a character played by Kimberly Elise. 

Would you be here for the remake with these actors?


FKA Twigs Pauses Relationship With Shia Lebeouf To Focus On Her Career

Musical enigma FKA Twigs continues to make waves across the music industry with her creative distinction and genius. This year, we’ve seen a set impactful musical releases from the singer. The British starlet recently shared a short film where she delved into the mastery pole dancing. The video shortly followed the singer’s comeback single “Cellophane” whose video demonstrated the artist’s athletic body and skilled pole practice. And while the singer continues to thrive musically, FKA Twigs seems more focused on her career than ever. As such, we can confirm that her personal life might be taking a toll on it because the singer called for a pause from her relationship with Shia Lebeouf.

Reports by the Daily Mail indicate the couple is putting their romance “on hold” while the songstress finishes up her worldwide Magdalene Tour. An insider broke the news to E! News: “The stars have been taking time apart since May, because her work schedule. They both have put their relationship on hold. FKA has been focusing on her tour and she wanted to put all her heart and soul into it. They are really up in the air right now and were waiting until all her work commitments were fulfilled to figure it out.” While we do not know if the couple plans to reunite, the source added that the duo’s conversation is kept at minimal.

How Leaked Music Has Evolved In The Streaming Age

The other week, Playboi Carti and Young Nudy made the news when their collaboration “Kid Cudi” (or “Pissy Pampers,” depending on your preference) hit number one on Spotify’s US Viral 50 chart. Though this probably doesn’t seem all that noteworthy on its own considering Carti and Nudy are both fairly popular rappers with already established fanbases, “Kid Cudi” charting is strange because it hasn’t been ficially released by either artist. You won’t find it on either artist’s Spotify page— rather, an unfinished version the song was leaked and subsequently uploaded by a high school sophomore so he could easily stream it from anywhere.

When it comes to the way in which music leaks on the internet and how we interact with said music, “Kid Cudi” is an interesting case study in terms how leaks have evolved and changed with the advent streaming. Though studio albums rarely leak anymore, leaks demos, scrapped songs, and even potential singles (as with the case “Kid Cudi”) remain rampant. Though the leak a full album might seem “worse,” the frequency with which single songs leak can end up being much more devastating to an artist both creatively and monetarily (the unficially uploaded version “Kid Cudi” was streamed over 2 million times before it was taken down).

How Leaked Music Has Evolved In The Streaming Age

A$AP Rocky in Rome, 2019 –  Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty s

Back in the 2000s and early 2010s, studio albums leaking a week or more before their release dates was the norm. This was largely due to the fact that physical copies albums were shipped to chain stores like Target and Wal-Mart long before their release date, making it common for them to be mistakenly put on the shelves early or else, for an employee to snag an advance copy and upload it to the internet. Sometimes this was particularly disastrous— for example, A$AP Rocky’s debut album Long.Live.A$AP. leaked so early that it came out in a different calendar year, almost an entire month before its slated January 15th, 2013 release date. Still, anyone who downloaded a leaked album before its ficial release date was probably going to pirate it when it came out anyway (and regardless, studies have shown that people who pirate albums and movies spend more money on media in the long run).

But this was before physical media essentially became memorabilia, before streaming was universal, before BEYONCÉ set a new precedent with the surprise digital drop. Streaming and surprise drops have virtually eliminated the leaking completed studio albums, shortening album rollouts so much that artists ten find themselves putting the finishing touches on their projects just hours before release. When a full album leaks today, it’s usually no more than a half day in advance. It’s been theorized that these leaks are even sometimes purposeful; calculated attempts by labels to build some last minute hype in the hours leading up to an album’s release— the idea being that the conversation surrounding the leak on social media will help streaming numbers more than it hurts them because most music listeners are passive and will wait until it hits streaming services to listen (plus, as previously mentioned, it’s likely that anyone who puts in the effort to download a pirated copy the album was going to do so anyway).

Still, the regularity with which demos and singles leak today is worrisome. Though occasionally a leaked song ends up being beneficial to an artist—Gunna & Lil Baby’s “Sold Out Dates,” for example, only received an ficial release because the overwhelmingly positive reception to the leaked version the song— many times, this only ends up hurting their creative process. Artists ten scrap songs entirely when works-in-progress leak to the internet, leaving fans disappointed when completed versions promising demos don’t end up on finished albums (even Gunna & Lil Baby didn’t put “Sold Out Dates” on Drip Harder).

How Leaked Music Has Evolved In The Streaming Age

Young Thug at the 61st Grammys – Neilson Barnard/Getty s 

In addition to Playboi Carti, one artist who’s been hit particularly hard by leaks in the mid-late 2010s in Young Thug. In 2019 alone, over 75 Thugger songs have leaked and the year isn’t even half over yet (assuming an album has 10-15 songs, that’s five to seven albums worth material that will likely never see an ficial release). Back in the the mid-aughts when album leaks were common, the only artist plagued by leaks single songs in the same way Thug is today was Lil Wayne. Aside from the fact that he was the most popular rapper in the world at the time, the reason Weezy was so affected by this type leak is likely because one thing: almost no one else was working at the super-human pace he was during the lead-up to Tha Carter III (aside from Gucci Mane, who was putting out music faster than you could leak it anyway). Today, there’s a large number artists who possess Wayne’s legendary work ethic from the 2000s (Thug, Uzi, Future, to name a few)— more songs being made means more producers, collaborators, and channels for the song to go through and thus, fall into the wrong hands along the way. Combine this with the “fast food” nature music consumption and you have a recipe for disaster: no matter how ten an artist releases music, fans are always clamoring for more, resulting in the demand for leaked music always being high.

Hackers and leakers used to stay more or less in the shadows, only fering up the fact that they were in possession unreleased music to people who could be proven trustworthy or had shown that they could put their money where their mouth is. But today, if you spend enough time on twitter, reddit, and rap forums like KanyeToThe and sectioneighty, you’re bound to run into someone advertising unreleased music they’re looking to buy or sell. There are even sites, such as the r/rapleaks subreddit and, dedicated specifically to the unreleased music trade. Sometimes, a crowdfunding approach is even taken to leaking: the person in possession the song names their price, and a group people pool together hundreds to thousands dollars to all receive a copy the song, which almost always ends with one them leaking it to the internet. In 2019, the average 16-year-old can get their hands on an unreleased song by one their favorite artists with a few hundred dollars saved up from their summer job.

How Leaked Music Has Evolved In The Streaming Age

Lil Wayne at 2019 Governors Ball – Nicholas Hunt/Getty s

All this is to say that the leaking unreleased songs is not only just as out in the open as leaked copies albums were— probably even more so, considering people flaunt possession these songs rather than quietly leaking them to a blog— but can be even more harmful to an artist’s bankroll and creative output in the long run. As a fan many these artists, I’m always grateful to hear unreleased material so long as it doesn’t hinder a forthcoming album— but almost no one other than the artists themselves knows if a song is slated for an album or being put in the vault. Leaked and scrapped songs can throw a wrench in an artist’s entire album rollout plan and, as a byproduct, make sure these songs are never ficially uploaded to streaming services and never heard by the masses (some Young Thug’s best albums aren’t even available to stream, let alone the dozens fantastic leaked songs). Unfortunately, the vast majority listeners either don’t care or don’t realize how much leaked songs can affect an artist creatively. We don’t know if “Kid Cudi / Pissy Pampers” will even appear on Carti’s forthcoming Whole Lotta Red at this point, but if the leaks themselves can’t be stopped, we can only hope that more rappers follow the lead Gunna & Lil Baby and give some their leaked music an ficial release— for the sake fans and artists alike.

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light Releasing In Black Colorway This Summer

Atmos and Nike are set to release yet another eye-catching Air Max2 Light this Summer, the sequel to the collaboration that dropped in late March/early April.

This time around, the kicks come equipped with a black base, whereas the first rendition was made up the actual Nike Air patchwork.

Just like the first iteration, the upcoming black colorway takes inspiration from Nike apparel in the ’90s and the vibrant upper is a twist on the bright, bold gear synonymous with that era. A swoosh or “NIKE AIR” branding is printed or embroidered on every piece patchwork, and each shoe features asymmetrical patterns.

The black Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light, priced at $160, is set to arrive this Summer. Take a look at some additional images below while we await ficial release details.

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light Releasing In Black Colorway This Summer
Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light/US_11

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light Releasing In Black Colorway This Summer

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light/US_11
Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light Releasing In Black Colorway This Summer
Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light/US_11

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light Releasing In Black Colorway This Summer

Atmos x Nike Air Max2 Light/US_11

Air Jordan 1 High OG "Shattered Backboard" Drops This Fall: Closer Look

Some  the most sought after Air Jordan 1 colorways the last decade have been the “Shattered Backboard” 1.0 and 2.0 models. These shoes bring orange to the classic silhouette and look pretty dope on feet. They will cost you an arm and a leg on GOAT and StockX but if you’re an eager sneakerhead who likes to collect historic models, these are certainly the right shoes for you. It appears as though Jordan Brand is trying to build f the success the original “Shattered Backboard” models with a 3.0 version that contains an interesting twist.

Thanks to some new images from @znseakerheadz, we now know the shoe will feature a creamy midsole that has the exact same aesthetic on the outsole, creating a look that is rare for the Air Jordan 1. Meanwhile, the sneaker features the exact same color blocking as the “Bred,” and “Royal” models except this time around, the materials seem to be patent leather instead regular leather.

As right now, it is believed that this sneaker will be released on October 26th this year although for now, that is simply a rumor.

Tiny Clears Up Cryptic Cheating Message About T.I.: "He Needs Reminding"

Tiny hit the nail right on the head when she issued a statement about her relationship to Page Six. “Y’all cannot think, every time I post something, that means we’re in a bad place,” she said. Just like everybody else, celebrity couples have their ups and downs. Posting about every little struggle doesn’t help anybody in the long run but just because Tiny is writing about love on her social pages, it doesn’t mean that she and T.I. are in a bad place. People assumed the worst yesterday when the entertainer uploaded a cryptic message to her accountT.I. made sure everybody stopped talking by sharing a couple boo’d up shots and now, Tiny is back to making unclear statements about her husband.

Tiny and Tip might not be fighting right now but there is still a chance that there’s trouble in paradise. The Xscape singer told Page Six that the reasoning behind her cryptic cheating message was to give her man a little kick in the behind. “I posted it meaning . . . he needs reminding,” said Tiny. She added that the post was “not about my relationship at this] time. I mean, we good . . . this week.”

They’re good… this week? If you’re trying to get people to not worry about the status your marriage, that’s probably not the wisest thing to say. Tiny is incredibly open but we can’t help but wonder what she means by this statement. Tip has been caught on a few occasions mingling with other ladies but it hasn’t happened in months. Is there something going on that we don’t know about?

Tiny Clears Up Cryptic Cheating Message About T.I.: "He Needs Reminding"
Michael N. Todaro/Getty s

Kid Cudi Hints At Releasing A Jay-Z Assisted Remix Of "Wild’n Cuz I’m Young"

Cleveland, Ohia native, Kid Cudi, took to Twitter early this morning asking fans to “talk to him]” since he was on a plane and couldn’t sleep. The result was a bunch fan questions about his future plans for music, possible collaborations, questions on countries he would consider touring in the next coming years, as well as a reveal from Cudi about some unreleased music.

One the first fan questions Cudi responded to was asking when he was planning on releasing new music, to which the singer/rapper simply replied: “sometime next year.” Cudi—whose most recent solo full-length was Passion, Pain, & Demon Slayin’ in 2016—said back in May that he had now entered his “next stage,” noting at the time that he doesn’t “drop albums every year anymore.” Other questions included whether we could expect to be seeing him doing “a world tour in the next coming years,” and whether he would consider “revisiting places like Australia,” which he has previously been to, to which Cudi replied that he would “love that,” even adding that he would bring people like A$ap Rocky “and the fam.”

In answering a question about who he would want to do a collab with next, the “The Prayer” artist said he was unsure, but gave praise to the “Bury A Friend” artist Billie Eilish, saying, “not too sure!! Def a female tho. Who are your favorite female artists? @billieeilish is fire.” One fan took to the platform to let Cudi know his favorite track, admitting: “Wild’n cause I’m young by @KidCudi will forever be my song❤️🔥.” At this point, Cudi took the chance to reveal he has exactly such a “fuckin epic” remix his Man on the Moon II: The Legend Mr. Rager cut “Wild’n Cuz I’m Young” in the vault. “Gonna try to release that someday,” he added, though he sadly did not go on to follow the statement with a link to the JAY-assisted rework in question.


Drake & Chris Brown Tease Impending Summer Smash

Chris Brown has been building his ambitious Indigo from the ground up. Given his status in the game, Breezy had all manner favors to call in, hitting Joyner Lucas, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, G-Eazy, Lil Wayne, and course, Drake. Over the years, the pair have enjoyed a lengthy and somewhat tumultuous relationship, lined with brawls, bottles, reunions, Twitter beef, passive aggression, praise, concerts, and much more. Yet today, both men have grown closer as friends and collaborators, having ficially linked up to deliver what is, by Brown’s own estimation, a summer banger for the ages. 

Drake & Chris Brown Tease Impending Summer Smash

Frederick M. Brown/Getty s

Taking to Instagram, Breezy shared a photograph himself and Drake, along with a hype-inducing caption: “SUMMER TIME BOUT TO GET ALOT HOTTER!” While his commentary works as a standalone observation a well-known environmental phenomenon, it also speaks to the arrival a sensual single, destined to score parties and dancefloors until the passage August. Perhaps the fact that he’s teasing it this morning indicates an imminent release – after all, it’s been a while since “Wobble Up” hit the market.

Are you looking forward to Chris Brown and Drake’s latest concoction? We already know at least one person who has been waiting his entire life for this moment, having gazed up at the night sky while muttering prayers on a nightly basis. Sound f in the comments if you’re ready for this one. 

Young Thug Reacts To Video Of His Daughter Driving Car: "It’ll Be Handled Expeditiously"

Young Thug wants to make it clear he doesn’t approve of his daughter driving a car.

After a video surfaced of his child behind the wheel of a moving vehicle, Thugger responded to social media criticism in an Instagram Stories post. The YSL Records founder said he wasn’t present when the incident happened but planned to take action to prevent it from ever occurring again.

“Never would I put my child’s life in danger nor anyone else’s life,i am out of town that video is clearly in Atlanta,” he wrote. “I am a very safe man, especially when it come down to my kids. I am very smart, last thing I’m looking for is clout/fame I have both. Plus she wouldn’t dare even ask me could she drive a car… But it’ll be handled ‘expeditiously.’”

He added, “You people must get smarter then you are to think I’m anywhere near such a thing.”

Thugger also commented on The Shade Room’s Instagram post of the video and requested the clip be taken down.

“This is very inappropriate and not approved by me, I would never put my kid or anybody else on the street driving a car in danger… and I would love if u guys took it down,” he wrote. “I truly understand you’re a blog and your meanings to the internet but I would really loved if u took it down.”

Check out the footage of Thug’s daughter behind the wheel below.

Denzel Curry "ZUU" Review

“Real-ass n***a from the 3-0-5,” raps Denzel, his cadence playful, on ZUU banger “Carolmart.” “I was raised f Trina, Trick, Rick, and Plies.” An unlikely quartet if one were to genealogically trace the DNA his existing repertoire, but a logical one should geography be the sole metric. Given that Denzel has grown into a leader the new school, it’s interesting to hear him wax poetic on his formative days as a Florida youth. In fact, the open love letter to Carol City makes for ZUU’s main thematic anchor. An expat sorts, having left his home city (he’s discussed his reasoning at length) to relocate to California, Denzel’s homesickness has come to manifest itself in a variety unpredictable and exciting ways. Those expecting a retread  familiar ground – IE: ad-infinitum “Ultimate” clones – may find themselves lost amidst Denzel’s wade through the tide. Yet mourn not for the bangers lost, but rather celebrate for a refreshing and t-unseen sense creative agency.

Spontaneity, or the death overthought, permeates ZUU in a tangible sense. Though deeply conceptual, there doesn’t appear to be the additional baggage a deeper narrative thread or any overarching lyrical themes. Instead, the concept manifests itself through production, handled primarily by Finatik N Zac, down to the chosen instrumental elements. Miami Bass remains a dominant throughline, particularly on songs like “Shake 88” and “Carolmart,” an aesthetic Denzel has seldom explored. For that reason, ZUU’s selection instrumentals feel like a statement unto itself, an aberration that might have been strange were Denzel’s confidence not so evident. Somehow it feels as if Denzel is navigating familiar territory, despite having never explored such a stylistic direction.

ZUU’s organic nature is mirrored by the spontaneous making- process, which found Denzel freestyling the majority the album, discovering the concept as it developed before his very eyes. Luckily, the absence a blueprint does little to dull Zel’s sharp lyricism, which displays nicely over signature bangers like “Ricky” and “Speedboat”; it’s no coincidence that both tracks were selected as the project’s lead singles. Yet even then, the elements ZUU’s baseline DNA are ever-present. Consider “Ricky’s” blistering bounce, which detes masterfully from the expected formula a paint-by-numbers trap single. Yet day one fans are still rewarded with clever Easter Eggs, such as this nod to “Parents:” “your mama ain’t shit, your daddy ain’t shit, and I been makin’ waves way before Nostalgic.” The worldbuilding continues throughout the Tay Keith produced “Automatic,” where Denzel’s fragmented memories are granted new life through the conviction with which they’re recounted.

Cue the opening chimes “Wish,” where listeners are subjected to the most evocative Floridian vicarious experience since loading up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City in 2002. Even the mixing feels strategically aligned with the sound the eighties, a recognizable aesthetic to visitors who may have developed their own preconceived notions Florida’s cultural vibe. Yet for Denzel, our escapist fantasies are his reality. An approachable introductory sample proceeds to strike a welcoming tone, conjuring musical memories TA13OO’s “Cash Maniac,” as Denzel once again asserts himself as a savvy scribe for melody. Little details like the infectious chorus signify Denzel’s artistic growth, albeit in a subtle fashion; his penchant for crafting bangers is well documented, his restraint less so. Inserting regional slang like “woadie” only enhances the sense conceptual immersion without deting into heavy-handedness.

Between the cavalcade Floridian staples – from Big Rick Rozay to Sam Sneak – to the minimalist yet image-laden album cover, ZUU feels like the wisest sort statement. Unfettered by rhetorical wizardry, given credibility through personal experience well-lived. Those who proudly lay claim to Miami, or even the greater Florida landscape, may feel a sense kinship upon hearing this album, while those unfamiliar can take solace in a priceless comfort: this narrator is light years from unreliable.

Read an exclusive interview with Denzel Curry about creating ZUU right HERE.