Parish Smith Confirms EPMD Is "3 Or 4 Songs Deep" Into 1st Album In 11 Years

New York, NY – EPMD is back in business. After seven albums and over 30 years of pumping out authentic, boom bap Hip Hop, Parish Smith and Erick Sermon have announced its first album in 11 years.

Smith confirmed the news to HipHopDX and revealed they’ve thrown three titles in the ring — All Business, Major Business and Big Business. The iconic duo has recently returned from a trip to Africa, where they performed after being commissioned by the African government. Now that they’re back in the States, it’s — yep! — business as usual.

“The demand from the Hip Hop community, the previous dope shows we did like at The Apollo and the trip to Africa really made us want to do the album,” Smith tells DX. “It’s just time. Everything just comes back around. Like ‘Business As Usual,’ we gots to give the people what they want.

“It’s more or less being out in Hip hop and listening to what people are seeing. They want a real album like Strictly Business, Unfinished Business, Business As Usual or Business Never Personal.”

When asked if he and Sermon are on the same page, he says, “Yes, we are really on a good page. It’s less about us and more about what the fans already did for us. Not many people have a career that span over 32 years.

“You have to put yourself aside and listen to what the people are saying. If shows are sold out and they’re wanting more, then it all makes sense.”

Production-wise, Sermon and Smith are going to handle a lot of it on their own, but they’re open to working with other capable beatsmiths.

“Naturally me and E is going to do the production,” he explains. “Also, we’re open-minded to great producers who grew up on us and have the respect for us to help us out on the production.

“It’s great that we’re good producers, but when you have fans that went on to have a tremendous amount of success and grew up on you, that person is going to hand you a monster track and that’s dope. The pressures not all on you.”

Smith says they started working on the album roughly two months ago and are three or four songs deep into the project.

“I already dropped my vocals,” he says. “Now, we’re getting back into it. There’s been a little adjustment after Africa. Without us rushing, if we can’t get it out this year, it’s a 2020 situation. The beauty for us now is Hip Hop seems to be doing a full circle. So many people are into hearing that 90s music and 90s sound.”

The forthcoming album will serve as the follow-up to 2008’s We Mean Business. The two New Yorkers kicked off their storied career with the 1988 classic, Strictly Business. Despite many breakups and makeups, they’ve continued to tour over the past three decades.

Sermon has also embarked on several business endeavors as well, including Def Rugs. He dropped his latest solo album, Vernia, last month.

DJ Scratch, who joined the duo around 1989 for EPMD’s second album, officially left in 2017.

Blueface Showcases Yeti-Sized Feet & Launches Instagram Roast Session

Blueface recently shared an interesting photo on Instagram lately. The “Thotiana” rapper posted a visual himself chilling by the sparkling blue Benz that Wack 100 purchased for him while throwing the West Coast sign. And while the car is impressive and nice to look at, social media couldn’t help but notice the artist’s bare feet which are slightly larger than usual. Blueface must have known the latter was expected hence he thought it best to mention it first. The photo shared with Blueface Baby’s 3.8 million followers was captioned with the following: “What size shoe y’all think I wear 😂” It looks like these were the words needed to unleash the full-on roast session which ensued. 

Fans joined swarmed into Blueface’s comments to suggests an extravagant number or take it up a notch and flame him to bits. “No wonder this n*gga always a step ahead the beat,” one fan added, resulting in a series laughing emojis from other commenters. “Subway $5 foot long *ss feet,” chimed in another. Hilariously, one follower even went onto alleging that Blueface’s feet could perfectly fit in “Chuck E. Cheese’s shoes.” The rapper’s previous dancing antics were also involved in the jokes when a user stated: “No wonder you can’t crip walk.”

What shoe size do you think Blueface wears?


"Marvel’s Avengers" Video Game Will Be Revealed At E3

It’s a grand time to be a gamer. With E3 around the corner, those in tune with the wonderful world video game culture have been keeping a watchful eye out for the latest trailers and reveals. One the most hyped games the Expo has to be Marvel’s Avengers, the first gaming effort from studio Square Enix (Tomb Raider) and Marvel Studios. The upcoming game, which is developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos-Montréal, has been long anticipated since the initial reveal trailer, though we’ve been left with little to no information surrounding gameplay or plot; in short, we don’t know Jack.

"Marvel's Avengers" Video Game Will Be Revealed At E3

Ken Ishii/Getty s

Today, however, marks the dawn a new era. It has been confirmed that The Avenger’s game will be revealed at E3, and we now have a specific date to mark on our calendars. On June 10th, 6PM PST, Square Enix will ficially unveil the upcoming title, likely shining a light on what’s to be expected. Many fans have looked to beloved superhero titles like Marvel’s Spider-Man or the Batman: Arkham series for inspiration, though it’s entirely possible we’ll be getting something different. The possibilities are endless, given the vast and varied power dynamic the titular squadron.

Promising the beginning a “new universe,” it’s unlikely this title will pick up where the MCU left f, rather borrowing from popular elements to strengthen their own imagining. Still, we can’t wait to see what this one has in store. Anyone else excited for this?


Arnold Schwarzenegger Spits Bars On New Motivational Song

Arnold Schwarzenegger has a pretty inspiring story. Hailing from Austria, the man had a dream to become a worldwide star and he achieved his goals, coming over to the United States, working hard and defying the odds. We know him from his iconic roles in the movies as the Terminator and because his synonymous ties to the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. On a new song released a few days ago, Arnold Schwarzenegger actually gets on the mic for a new journey, helping out Austrian artist Andreas Gabalier for a motivational anthem called “Pump It Up.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Spits Bars On New Motivational Song
Robert Cianflone/Getty s

The track details Schwarzenegger’s life and his drive to always strive for perfection. Keep working hard and you’ll see results, he says in the song. “Hey I’m Arnold Schwarzenegger and listen carefully,” starts f the actor. “Dig deep down and ask yourself, who do you want to be/Not what, but who—if you believe success will come to you/Work like hell, trust yourself and all your dreams come true.”

As noted by XXL, his delivery is not as eclectic as most rappers out there today. Usually, people will try to stand out in the way they sing their bars but Arnold seems happy spitting with a Terminator-like flow, focusing more on precision and staying on-beat. A music video was released alongside the new audio, which shows Gabalier and Schwarzenegger hitting the gym, spending time in the studio, and more. What do you think Arnold’s future in the game?

Trae Tha Truth Helps Pay Student Fees For Graduating High School Seniors In Houston

‘Tis the season to pay it forward. Entertainers, especially rappers, are ten criticized for spending their money on luxury items as opposed to giving back to their communities, but Trae Tha Truth is proving that he’s not above helping those in need. The Houston rapper recently shared on Instagram that after he learned there were high school students who couldn’t participate in their graduating ceremony because they couldn’t afford cap and gowns, he wanted to help them.

“I just got word there’s a few schools out here that have seniors that’s not gonna be able to graduate for different reasons,” Trae said in a  video he shared on Instagram.”So what we got up and decided to do today on behalf myself, my sister Jessica, and course, Relief Gang, DJ Mr. Rogers, what we gon’ do is…right now I’m headed to Booker T. Washington High School].”

“They told me, I believe it’s either 13 or 15 students who they not allowing to graduate because they don’t have caps and gowns,” he continued. “That’s something new to me. I think people are supposed to be able to graduate regardless, but the fact is they can’t. So, I’m going to] pop up and surprises them. I’m gonna take care them. Make sure they walk across that stage. It’s all love. We are one.”

After meeting with the principal and surprising the students, Trae shared another message in the ‘Gram. He stated that the student would be able to graduate, but if the seniors can’t afford the student fees, they wouldn’t be able to participate in many the functions that celebrate the end their high school career. He said that everyone deserves to feel equal to their fellow students and captioned the video by writing:

“PSA… I Learned at the School Today, Students Have Senior Fees & Dues, But They Will Be Allowed To Graduate Regardless, So What We Are Doing Is Helpin Them To Graduate Equally And Remove The Stress They Had Left!! Its About Showing them we stand with them and we Proud lf them and Have They back!! Im Just Leaving Booker T Washington… Special Salute To Them, I Was Able To Kick it with tha students As Well As Those We Purchases the Cap And Gowns For… I Also Just Received A Call From @iamjessicavickery @vortex_surgical & @kidspacehouston and We Are Teaming Up To Go Take Care Of Senior Fees At Other Schools To Help With They Graduations Also🙏🏿🙏🏿 @reliefgang @djmrrogers @lasting_empressions We Headed To North Forest High School Now!!

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PSA… I Learned at the School Today, Students Have Senior Fees & Dues, But They Will Be Allowed To Graduate Regardless, So What We Are Doing Is Helpin Them To Graduate Equally And Remove The Stress They Had Left!! Its About Showing them we stand with them and we Proud lf them and Have They back!! Im Just Leaving Booker T Washington… Special Salute To Them, I Was Able To Kick it with tha students As Well As Those We Purchases the Cap And Gowns For… I Also Just Received A Call From @iamjessicavickery @vortex_surgical & @kidspacehouston and We Are Teaming Up To Go Take Care Of Senior Fees At Other Schools To Help With They Graduations Also🙏🏿🙏🏿 @reliefgang @djmrrogers @lasting_empressions We Headed To North Forest High School Now!!

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Kyrie Irving Links Up With Boston-Based Bandulu For Nike Kyrie 5

Kyrie Irving’s season is done now and while it’s not clear whether or not he’ll come back to the Boston Celtics next season, the all-star point guard isn’t letting the uncertainty get in his way collaborating with some Boston-based brands. Bandulu is a clothing brand from Boston that takes vintage goods and up-cycles it to create some brand new pieces clothing, according to Sole Collector

Based on the initial images, it appears as though the shoe has a creamy mesh upper with some paint splatter sprinkled all the way throughout. This sneaker also has some interesting green details on the tongue and cuff. The tongue actually features Kyrie and Bandulu branding and if you look at the back heel, Bandulu branding appears again with the words “Basketball Street Couture” written in blue. This sneaker comes complete with a red outsole and white midsole.

As right now, there is no ficial release date or price for these shoes, so stay tuned for more information as we will be sure to report it as soon as it becomes available.

Kyrie Irving Links Up With Boston-Based Bandulu For Nike Kyrie 5


Kyrie Irving Links Up With Boston-Based Bandulu For Nike Kyrie 5


Kyrie Irving Links Up With Boston-Based Bandulu For Nike Kyrie 5


Bradley Beal Goes Off And Hits 260 Three-Pointers In 18 Minutes: Watch

Bradley Beal has stepped up in a big way for the Washington Wizards over the last few seasons, particularly this year as his Wizards team went through a plethora injuries. Beal averaged 25.6 points per game and was all over the court doing everything he could to make sure the Wizards stuck around when it came time for the playf race.

While Beal’s efforts weren’t enough, it’s clear that the 25-year-old is an effective player that would surely be a welcomed addition to any team. This past season, Beal had a .351 three-point shooting percentage and is .384 for his entire career. Today, Beal was seen working on his three-point shooting and absolutely went f in the gym as he scored 260 baskets in just 18 minutes.

Beal was taking passes and shotting each shot with extreme precision and ease which should come as no surprise to Wizards fans who watched him perform all last season. It can be said there are plenty players out there who could probably accomplish this feat as well, but there is no denying just how impressive it is.

As they say, practice makes perfect and Beal is well on his way to becoming one the most feared shooters in the league. It will certainly be fun to watch him next season.

Chris Brown Gets Hallucinatory New Paint Job On His Lamborghini

If Chris Brown‘s goal was to go unnoticed in his new whip, he failed miserably. However, if he plans on causing accidents and breaking necks, he passes with an A+. The singer took to social media today to show f the paint job he just got on one his Lamborghinis and the end result is trippy, dreamlike and straight-up dangerous.

Chris Brown Gets Hallucinatory New Paint Job On His Lamborghini
Craig Barritt/Getty s

If you drive past this car on the freeway, chances are you’d tilt your head to get a second look. Something about Chris Brown driving this vehicle on the road just doesn’t feel safe but that’s beyond the point. Breezy let us all get a sneak peek at his new car, which features one the craziest paint jobs you’ve ever seen. If you remember Tekashi 6ix9ine’s whip from Dubai, this is that on MDMA. With pitch-black wheels, it looks like the body the car is floating on the ground and when you walk by it, the colours start to play tricks on your mind. Is it pink? Teal? Blue? Who even knows?

The insane new paint job has to have been an expensive job for Chris to undertake. He boasts an insane car collection and this is just the latest addition. At this point, Breezy probably has an entire dealership worth vehicles in his garage.

LeBron James Shows Off Nike LeBron 3 In Unreleased Colorway

Nike has churned out several classic Nike LeBron 3 colorways this year, including the “SuperBron” and “Oilers” colorways, as well as the recently released “SVSM” joint. There are surely more LeBron 3s in the works for later this year, possibly even some never before seen colorways like the pair LeBron broke out over Memorial Day Weekend.

The four-time MVP took to instagram to share some footage the exclusive kicks, which come dressed in all-red, equipped with some glossy, patent leather detailing. Nike has not yet announced any plans to release the all-red LeBron 3s but we wouldn’t be surprised if this unreleased rendition makes its way to retailers at some point in 2019.

Check out some on-foot videos the kicks below.

LeBron James Shows Off Nike LeBron 3 In Unreleased Colorway


Ed Sheeran & Charlamagne Tha God Discuss "No. 6 Collaborations"

With Collaborations No. 6 set to arrive on July 12th, Ed Sheeran sat down with his homie Charlamagne Tha God to discuss the upcoming project. Off the bat, the two pals discuss the history Sheeran’s Interview room, which doubles as a crash pad for a) collaborators, b) overzealous revelers. As Tha God marvels at the wall signatures, Ed runs down some the notable guests. “Taylor’s been here, Stormzy’s been here, Ryan Tedder came here, James Blunt, Big Nasty, Fuse ODG,” he explains, before breaking down the origin his upcoming project. “I made an EP called No.5 Collaborations Project with a load UK rappers I was a big fan at the time,” reveals Ed. “Ever since then, I haven’t done collaborations on my own stuff. I’ve collaborated on other people’s things, but on my own records, it’s kind just been me.”

Ed Sheeran & Charlamagne Tha God Discuss "No. 6 Collaborations"

Theo Wargo/Getty s 

After explaining that he intends on dropping the album and moving on, prompting Charlamagne to compare it to a “mixtape.” Ed corrects him, claiming it lies closer to a “compilation album.” He also reveals that crafting the project was a natural process, and he went out his way to avoid any awkward label matchmaking. “My rule for it was if I have it and play it in my car, I’m working with them,” claims Ed. The pair then get sidetracked for a spell to have a laugh at Ed’s inclusion in the “Donkey Of The Day” intro, which Ed has no recollection laying down due to early-morning inebriation. 

“This project actually started with one idea I had,” says Ed, revealing his intention making an all-male “Lady Marmalade,” featuring Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, and himself. Upon calling Bruno, Ed was soon convinced to do a different idea altogether for their duet. As the conversation winds down, Sheeran reveals that he intends on respecting his position in hip-hop culture, through aims giving back to the community. “It’s about showing respect,” says Ed. “Not just being like, ‘come to me.”

Check out the full interview below, and sound f – you excited for that new music from Big Ed?

Bow Wow Questions How Instagram Models Afford Their Lifestyles

Thousands people are making a living as “Instagram Models,” a “pression” that continues to be on the rise as the photo-centered app remains a favorite among smartphone users. People spend their free time doing whatever they can to gain as many followers as possible in order to catch the attention brands for partnerships—or wealthy sugar daddies/mommas who don’t mind paying a rent bill or two.

There are young people whose aspirations are to grow up and be the next Instagram model, but Bow Wow has a few questions about how these pretty face really make their money. He took to his Instagram Story to say that none the IG models he’s dealt with have had money for a ride home, let alone a luxury vacation like the ones that are all on their social media pages.

“You ever notice how the IG models take more vacays than the average? Like you got no car no home but in Dubai this week and Turks next week. Who be paying for this sh** and they never show the n*ggas they on vacay w/ tryna make it look like its all the girls. STOOOP IT.” He continued, “Plane tix are 2K and up plus food plus hotel…We know yall not paying for this sh*t. Hell you ask me to pay for an Uber to get you home so I know you not busting 15,000$ on no trip! #GirlsGotItGood.” 

Rumor: iPhone 11 Could Feature Dual Bluetooth Streams

Ever since the removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, Apple has been working hard to make wireless audio the default for smartphones.

That future may become one step closer with the iPhone 11, if recent rumors are to be believed.  According to a rumor from a Japanese Mac blog, Apple is exploring ways to allow audio signals to be transmitted to two separate Bluetooth devices.

Some Samsung smartphones already have a dual wireless audio feature, but they require Bluetooth 5.0 to function. Apple could potentially implement dual audio in the same way, since many older iPhones already support Bluetooth 5.0.

The iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone XS all support Bluetooth 5.0 and could be updated to support the new feature a software update.

The Japanese blog cites a supply chain rumor, so the reliability on this source isn’t that great. Still, it might be something that materializes, especially considering that Apple is desperately in need of a reason to sell people on the newest iPhone. Flagging iPhone and iPad sales have Apple looking towards building a future .

Supporting multiple audio streams means that the user could connect two pairs of AirPods to the same iPhone. You could also connect the phone to a car’s Bluetooth system while keeping your Bluetooth headset connected. There are lots of possibilities here, but wireless audio still sucks.

What Else Is New?

Aside from the possibility of supporting multiple Bluetooth devices at once, the iPhone 11 may bring back Touch ID. A Barclays report says that Apple plans to reintroduce Touch ID alongside Face ID to create .

Unfortunately, it’s likely that the 2019 iPhones will miss out on 5G technology, as that is slated for the 2020 phones. The iPhone XR2 is stuck with a lower-resolution LCD, while the 2020 iPhone will likely have an OLED. This year’s iPhone is also rumored to have an ugly camera bump, too.

Dan Harmon Reveals Dozens Of "Rick And Morty" Episode Ideas

For those who value the creative process, a glimpse into the writer’s room is ten appreciated. Today, Rick And Morty co-creator Dan Harmon has provided insight into the madness that is a Rick And Morty pre-production writing session, in which Post-Its, so many Post-Its, are strewn across a table. Given that the upcoming fourth season is set to arrive later this year, with a potential Kanye West (and Daniel Radcliffe) themed-episode, it’s no wonder the imagination has been working overdrive. 

Among the highlighted episode ideas, many which will potentially remain on the cutting room floor, are as follows:

Wesley Sniper, Plant Hodags, Furniture Zoo, Detachable Fingers, Woman Made Of Fish, Voltron But With Vegetables, The Thing But With Women, Rick’s Day Care, Library Zoo, Jerry Gets Into Twitter Feud + Wins Now Someone Is Trying To Kill Him, Jerry Gets A Pinecone In His Butt, Bark-Nado, The People’s (Basketball) Court, Morty Buys A Boat, Jerry Makes A Log Cabin w/ Hair, Artificial Person w/ Real Leg, Planet Powered By Chips And Salsa, Anal Beads, When-Wolf, Planet Of No Stop Signs, Trench Coat Made Of Dreams, Maximum Overdrive But With Grass, and what may very well be the Winner, Rick Discovers The 11th Commandment.

Looking forward to the new season Rick And Morty this November? Sound f, and observe the madness below. 

David Harbour Calls "Stranger Things" Season 3 Finale "The Most Moving"

We just posted about the latest teaser Netflix dropped f for its upcoming third season  Stranger Things and now one the lead acts from the show, David Harbour, reveals more on what to expect from the show. Speaking at MCM Comic-Con this past weekend, David detailed the father-daughter relationship with Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown. 

“Millie Eleven] is growing up and I think that’s the terrifying thing for Hopper. He doesn’t like the idea his baby daughter hanging out with boys,” David detailed, according to Complex. “So the season starts with him a little bit uncomfortable. His daughter is becoming a teenager and beginning to find herself, so that’s scarier for Hopper than any Demogorgon creature that he’s going to have to deal with.”

David Harbour Calls "Stranger Things" Season 3 Finale "The Most Moving"
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

Apparently, the eighth and final episode the season will be the most “moving.” 

“You get to see a lot that throughout the season and it’s very unexpected what happens in the end and it’s very, very moving,” he added. “I think episode eight is the most moving thing we’ve ever shot.”

Season three  Stranger Things hits theaters July 4th on Netflix – who’s here for this?

Drake Flies To The Bahamas On New Luxury Private Jet Following Raptors Win

Drake‘s essentially become an unficial benchwarmer for the Toronto Raptors. Throughout the Eastern Conference, he was seen courtside at all the Raptors home gamescartoonishly cheering for his team and chirping the opps. Needless to say, he’s lived up to his title as the team’s Global Ambassador. With a few days until the finals kick f, Drake flew out to the Bahamas on his newly purchased, “Air Drake.”

Rappers constantly brag about flying private but Drake is among the few who actually owns his own private jet. According to TMZ, the rapper’s “Air Drake” PJ was seen at the landing zone in the Bahamas this past Sunday, posted next to a smaller Delta brand plane. Drizzy’s new jet isn’t just a typical G4, it’s a 767-300F Boeing plane which typically cost hundreds millions dollars. This type PJ is around $185M to $220M.

Drake previously gave fans a little tour the OVO plane on his Instagram page earlier this month which looks as luxurious as you’d expect. With Drizzy continuously building his business resume, maybe an OVO airline is the next thing he has up his sleeves.

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With the finals coming this Thursday, 90s group Smash Mouth, best known for their cover The Monkees’ “I’m A Believer,” called out Drake this weekend, warning him to relax while he sits courtside in Oakland. “When the ball is in-play sit the FCK down! That aint gonna fly in Oakland! #GlorifiedMascot,” they tweeted at Drake. Drake’s yet to respond but given how petty he’s been in the last week, it wouldn’t be surprising if he does clap back.