T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Harris Snaps At IG User Who Questions Her Relationship With Tiny

You’re always treading in dangerous territory when you allow people to ask you questions on Instagram. The social media platform lets users opt-in for a “ask me anything” feature on their Instagram Stories, and celebrities love taking advantage it because it makes them come across as more relatable. However, when a person has hundreds thousands followers, not all them are lurking because they’re fans.

T.I.‘s teenage daughter Deyjah Harris has received her fair share strange responses on her IG, but she’s been able to maintain her own level Harris-inherited Clap Back in order to keep people in line. Recently, she gave followers the opportunity to pose their questions to her, but one person rubbed her the wrong way.

“Why you ain’t post tiny for her b-day,” one person said to Deyjah about her step-mother. “I get the feeling you really don’t f*ck with her.” Deyjah didn’t mince words with her response. “See that’s your problem,” she began. “You think a post equates to the love, admiration, respect, etc. that I have for her? while you so busy worrying about why a post THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU wasn’t made, i was too busy making sure my gratitude and adoration was shown and expressed with actions.”

She ended her statement by saying, “I mean, i’ve literally checked everywhere on my receipt and i have yet to see as to where the hell i bought your opinion at.” The high school graduate has learned from her family well.

Multiple Suitors Have Lined Up to Acquire eBay's StubHub

In March, eBay finally caved to a minority group of very vocal investors.

The company confirmed it had now considered a of its business assets.  This includes a possible sale or spin-off of StubHub and its classified ad business.

The move came after Elliott Management, an activist hedge fund, acquired 4% of eBay.  In an open letter to the company, the hedge fund stated both assets remained undervalued.

Slamming the company for misusing both assets, Jesse Cohn, Elliott’s Head of U.S. Equity Activism, wrote,

StubHub and eBay’s portfolio of Classifieds properties represent high-value strategic assets that are worth meaningfully more than the value currently being ascribed to them as part of eBay.

He argued eBay’s stock price could jump 75% to 100% by the end of 2020 should the company sell off these underused assets.

This argument makes sense.

Currently, the company’s core marketplace brings in the most revenue.  Both StubHub and its Classified Group unit brought in less than 10% of the company’s total revenue last year.

Breaking these figures down, StubHub’s revenue jumped 2% year-over-year to $314 million in Q4 2018.  That was due to gross ticket sales, which reached $1.4 billion, down 2% year-over-year.  eBay Classifieds, meanwhile, brought in $263 million during the same period.  The company’s Marketplace generated $2.3 billion in revenue.

Now, multiple suitors have reportedly lined up, ready to ‘save’ StubHub.

So, who wants to pay the most for a ticketing company?

Speaking with CNBC, numerous sources told the media outlet eBay has finally moved forward with the sale of its ticketing business.

Stating StubHub’s sale remains in the early process, multiple parties have reportedly expressed interest.

Following the report, eBay’s shares quickly jumped 2.8%.  So far this year, the company’s stock has jumped 45%, and risen 19% in the S&P 500.

Remaining coy about the report, CEO Devin Wenig said in an earnings call,

We’re making significant progress and actively reviewing the role and value of StubHub and Classifieds in our portfolio.

[eBay is] focused on determining the best path forward to create shareholder value.

Explaining why shares jumped, R.J. Hottoby, an equity analyst at Morningstar, Inc., told the Los Angeles Times,

The idea that management is open to explore a sale of StubHub caught the market’s attention.  They still have things to solve with their online marketplace business.

It remains unclear when – and if – the company would finally sell StubHub.

Stating the sale would ultimately strengthen eBay’s own shares, Victor Anthony, an analyst at Aegis Capital Corp., concluded,

They have assets they can sell to generate cash and return to shareholders.  The reasons to own the stock remain valid despite the pressure on growth.


Featured image by 401(K) 2012 (CC by 2.0).

Lakers Reportedly Feel Like They "Got Played” By Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard seems to have hurt some feelings with the way he handled his free agency decision.

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Los Angeles Lakers felt like they “got played” by Leonard, who ultimately decided to sign with the Los Angeles Clippers after some the Lakers’ other free agent targets had signed elsewhere.

As Windhorst explains on his recent podcast:

“I’ve heard complaints in the days after the signing. I heard complaints from the Lakers that they got played. I heard complaints from the Raptors that Kawhi came in and asked for the sun, the moon, the stars then left them at the altar.”

“The implication: Leonard knew all along wasn’t signing with the Lakers, waited a week into free agency so other top free agents would commit elsewhere then announced his decision just to sabotage the Lakers.”

Although it seemed like Leonard was on the cusp signing with the Lakers, the Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears recently reported there was “no way” Kawhi wanted to team up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis. 

Other reports suggest that Kawhi reached out to fellow two-time Finals MVP Kevin Durantas well as Kyrie Irving, in an effort to convince another superstar to join him on the Clippers. As we know, Leonard eventually persuaded Paul George to request a trade out OKC.

"The Lion King" Is A Visual Triumph Lacking The Original’s Spirit

When Disney announced that they’d be reimagining The Lion King, there was a mix excitement and trepidation in the air. Brought to life under the studious eye Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book, Chef), every frame previously seen in trailers suggested that he’d worked his magic once again. Teamed with an accomplished cast voice actors comprised veteran thespians and culture-shifting musical talents, it was easy to be lulled into a false sense what could go wrong?

Now that Disney is seemingly hellbent on bringing their classic films to a new generation, kids will be experiencing these fables for the first time. A low risk, high reward formula destined to bring the money rolling in year after year, it’s a foregone conclusion that The Lion King will be one the highest-grossing films the summer. However, the formula risks producing a rollcall films that can’t outrun the timelessness their predecessors, and that’s exactly the trap that Favreau’s latest remake stumbles into.

Throughout the course the movie, you find yourself accosted by nostalgic visuals. The sweeping grandeur Pride Rock, the sun rising over the African savanna, herds zebras and antelopes all congregating. It’s all there and it looks undeniably majestic. However, this is where one the crucial issues with the film comes in. Where they could’ve gone out their way to contribute a new batch iconic moments, Disney became reliant on the comfort familiar scenes, not unlike a legendary artist middling their way through a greatest hits set.

Like its 1994 forebearer, there’s no denying that this is another feat technological innovation. Where the original took hand-drawn animation to new heights, 2019’s edition brings photorealism to unforeseen levels. At numerous points throughout its “Circle Of Life” opening sequence, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching a computer-generated image rather than one David Attenborough’s awe-inspiringly detailed Planet Earth documentaries. But as it turns out, the vividness these renderings comes at a high price. As opposed to the animation allowing the animal kingdom to emote and express themselves, the impenetrability today’s CGI means that many its pivotal characters are robbed their once-winning personalities.

"The Lion King" Is A Visual Triumph Lacking The Original's Spirit

Gareth Cattermole/Getty s

It’s a mixed bag in both the voice acting and scoring department. There’s no doubt that the decision for James Earl Jones to reprise his role as Pride Rock’s noble leader Mufasa was the right call. As new additions go, Donald Glover’s take on Simba is actually a vast improvement on the occasionally overwrought delivery Matthew Broderick, while Beyonce brings a newfound gravitas to the role Nala. No piece casting is perhaps more ingenious than allowing Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen to recapture the whimsical joy and playfully nihilistic musings Timon and Pumba. While the latter seems like a role that the amiable Canadian was practically born to play, Eichner gets to make a case for Broadway work and showcase his understated comedic timing. 

On the subject comedians, the addition Eric Andre and Keegan Michael-Key as two hapless hyenas is a welcome addition, but sadly Chance The Rapper’s fleeting cameo as a bushbaby is a blink and you’ll miss it affair. On the other side the spectrum, one character who is done a grave disservice in this version is the villainous Scar. Formerly helmed by Jeremy Irons, his portrayal Mustafa’s misaligned brother and his ascent to power had the sort devious pomp and circumstance befitting the story’s Shakespearean origins. But try as he might, the limitations CGI to convey emotion and the momentous nature Irons’ performance proves too much for Chiwetel Ejior to overcome.

Overseen by Pharrell Williams and with Hans Zimmer returning to contribute new elements to his existing score, the legacy Elton John and Tim Rice’s seminal compositions is handled with care. But where the onscreen action sticks as stringently as it can to the original, the soundtrack plays a little more fast and loose with the boundaries. In one the film’s climactic centerpieces, Beyonce’s new fering “Spirit” gives the film a jolt adrenaline, whereas their decision to incorporate a rendition The Tokens’ “The Lion Sleeps Tonight’ is mandela effect-inducing as you strain to remember whether it was actually in the original. 

Sired by Hollywood’s wariness to bank on new ideas, 2019’s The Lion King is by no means inherently bad or unenjoyable. When it hits its stride, such as in the visceral and emotional climactic duel between Simba and Scar, the film evokes that same sense wonderment that you felt as a kid. Yet despite being consistently dazzling from a technical standpoint, it lacks the heart that made its predecessor such a worldwide sensation. 

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official Images Revealed

Travis Scott‘s Air Jordan 1 Low, featuring a similar design as his popular Air Jordan 1 High collab, is reportedly set to make it’s debut in the very near future. Adding to the speculation that a release isn’t far f, Jordan Brand has today unleashed ficial photos La Flame’s upcoming low-top collab.

Travis first introduced his Air Jordan 1 Low collab during the Grammy Awards in February, but that particular pair featured an olive green colorway.

As seen in the ficial photos that surfaced on Friday, the retail release features a mocha and black build, equipped with red Nike Air detailing on the tongue and both Travis’ and Jordan wings logos on the heel. The collab is highlighted by a backwards Nike swoosh on the lateral side, with additional Cactus Jack branding on the inner mid panel and insole. 

Continue scrolling for a closer look at the ficial images and stay tuned for the release date. Click here to see how OKC Thunder point guard Shai Gilgeous-Alexander transformed his “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 1 High into a pair low-tops.

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official s Revealed

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low/J23 App

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official s Revealed

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low/J23 App

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official s Revealed

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low/J23 App

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official s Revealed

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low/J23 App

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low Official s Revealed

Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Low/J23 App

Ja Rule Unearths "Snitch" Paperwork After 50 Cent Disses Him On Instagram

New York, NY – 50 Cent may be in Saudi Arabia for the Jeddah World Fest, but that’s not going to stop him from dissing Ja Rule. Their feud has been ongoing for years.

As evidenced by the video posted on DJ Akademiks’ Instagram page, Rule and Irv Gotti got into a contentious shouting match at SOBs in New York City this week — and Fiddy was here for it. On Friday (July 19), he hopped on Instagram and howled as he watched the Murder Inc. vet get swept up in the melee.

“Look at that bitch ass DJ,” he says in the clip. “He can’t even breathe and shit. ‘Calm down! Calm down!’ SOBs. Access denied. Ah shit! Meanwhile back in Saudi Arabia.”

Naturally, Rule fired back at 50 with a video of rat getting a bath and a photo of Drug Enforcement Agency paperwork naming Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as the anonymous caller who had apparently given police a tip about the Lodi Mack homicide.

“Curtis is that you,” Rule captioned the post. “of ALL people you know what it feel like to get yo ass whoop by me my niggas lol… SCARED FOR YOUR LIFE AS NIGGA… oh I know this paperwork is FAKE too lmao.

“I CHALLENGE ANY BLOG ANY NEWS OUTLET see if those officers on this paperwork exists find them interview them 50 you pee sitting down bitch ass nigga.”

Like he admitted in his caption, Rule wants all the smoke.

Check out the video and paperwork below.

Wu-Tang Clan & Clarks Join Forces On The Iconic Wallabee: Release Info

When you think about some the shoes that are iconic in the realm hip-hop, Jordans are probably the first thing that comes to mind. While it may be true that rappers do love their Jordans, it’s also true that they have a wide taste in sneakers. Perhaps the most unlikely hero in hip-hop sneaker culture is the Clarks Originals Wallabee. The shoe has a very interesting silhouette that is much different than what most people are used to. Regardless, it’s stood the test time and the brand continues to release new models and colorways.

This Saturday, July 20th, Clarks is coming out with a brand new collaboration featuring the Wu-Tang Clan who just came f the 25th anniversary their first album. This collab will include three colorways the classic Wallabee which will be Brown, Maple, and Navy. These sneakers will be made suede and have a plethora fine details that will appeal to the biggest Wu-Tang fans.

If you’re looking to cop these, they will be available on ClarksUSA.com as tomorrow in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Wu-Tang Clan & Clarks Join Forces On The Iconic Wallabee: Release Info


Wu-Tang Clan & Clarks Join Forces On The Iconic Wallabee: Release Info


Wu-Tang Clan & Clarks Join Forces On The Iconic Wallabee: Release Info


Iggy Azalea Shares Sophomore Album "In My Defense"

Iggy Azalea’s stop-and-start journey to her sophomore album has come to an end. The Australian rapper has dropped her In My Defense LP following years of setbacks and delays.

The 12-track album is an independent project released through her Bad Dreams imprint and EMPIRE. The LP features collaborations with Juicy J, Kash Doll, Lil Yachty and Stini.

View Azalea’s In My Defense stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Iggy Azalea Shares Sophomore Album "In My Defense"

1. Thanks I Get
2. Clap Back
3. Sally Walker
4. Hoemita f. Lil Yachty
5. Started
6. Spend It
7. Fuck It Up f. Kash Doll
8. Big Bag f. Stini
9. Comme Des Garcons
10. Freak of the Week f. Juicy J
11. Just Wanna
12. Pussy Pop

Baby Keem Delivers "DIE FOR MY BITCH" Project

Baby Keem has dropped a new project titled DIE FOR MY BITCH. The 14-track release comes after his profile has steadily risen over the past year through streaming and his contributions to various Top Dawg Entertainment albums, such as ScHoolboy Q’s CrasH Talk and Jay Rock’s Redemption.

DIE FOR MY BITCH serves as the follow-up to 2018’s The Sound Of A Bad Habit. Production is handled by Cardo, DJ Dahi, Keanu Beats and more.

Check out Keem’s DIE FOR MY BITCH stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Baby Keem Delivers "DIE FOR MY BITCH" Project

10. MY EX

1st Defendant Sentenced In Tekashi 6ix9ine Federal Racketeering Case

Manhattan, NY – The first defendant in the Tekashi 6ix9ine federal racketeering case has reportedly been sentenced. According to Complex, Judge Paul Engelmayer sentenced Jesnel “Ish” Butler to 60 months in prison on Thursday morning (July 18).

Butler admitted he played a role in an April 2018 armed robbery, which the incarcerated rapper allegedly filmed from the backseat of a nearby car. Goods from the robbery were later found in an apartment 6ix9ine was renting.

Butler’s 60-month sentence is coupled with three years of supervised release. The sentence was the mandatory minimum even with his plea. Assistant United States Attorney Michael D. Longyear admitted during the sentencing Butler was at the “lower end of culpability” out of all the defendants in the case.

He acted as a driver during the robbery and was present at several other Nine Trey Gangsta Blood-related violent incidents, including the April 2018 shooting during at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

Sean Maher, Butler’s lawyer, said his client was “remorseful for a number of reasons” and regretted the pain he’s caused his family, his loved ones and himself.

“He has been an active father [and] a member of the PTA for many years,” Maher said. “[He has] really been there for the people he cares about.”

When it was Butler’s turn to speak, he reportedly began to cry.

“I knew my actions and being around the people I was around could cause harm to people, and I deeply apologize,” he said. “When I serve my time, I am going to make a difference in their [his children] lives. I apologize for everything.”

Judge Engelmayer said he thought the 60-month sentence was “just and reasonable.”

“You are really fortunate no one was killed in those incidents,” Engelmayer told Butler. He added it was important he “gets a message across” to anyone who’s considering joining a gang.

The next defendant in the case up for sentencing is 6ix9ine’s former bodyguard Faheem “Crippy” Walter who’s expected in court on August 14.

Butler, 6ix9ine’s former manger Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, 6ix9ine, Walter and Jamel “Mel Murda” Jones have all pleaded guilty.

Two additional defendants — Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison — have yet to enter pleas. Ellison’s trial is scheduled to begin on September 9, while 6ix9ine is to appear in court on September 4.

The polarizing rapper has been behind bars since last November.

On This Date In History: Blueface Says He’s Hip Hop’s "Best Lyricist"

Instagram – Confidence is key to being a superior MC — it comes with the territory. Blueface put that bravado on full display during a recent Instagram Live session, proclaiming he was the “best lyricist” in the industry.

Wearing two massive chains and two equally decadent rings, the 21-year-old burgeoning rapper said, “Hey cuz, that’s on my mama and my sis, I’m the best lyricist in the muthafuckin game, bro. I might not have the best flow, sound…but when it comes to wordplay, cuz, come on bro.”

From there, he gave his 4.4 million Instagram followers a little taste of his bars.

“I’m at the Ritz Carlton hotel blowin’ zips/This is a non-smoking room/But can no ho tell me shit/’Cause bitch, I’m the shit,” he spits.

Blueface popped up in headlines recently after his mother aired out their family’s dirty laundry on the ‘Gram. On July 1, she live streamed the “Thotiana” mastermind evicting her and his sister out of his house.

He claimed his mother was doing it all for “clout.”

Giannis’ Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos

Giannis Anetokounmpo is one the most exciting players in the NBA and this past year, he won the MVP trophy. The Greek Freak is signed to Nike who is looking to capitalize on his newfound celebrity with a signature series basketball sneakers. The first Giannis-endorsed sneaker to drop is the Nike Zoom Freak 1 which has seen a few interesting colorways make their way to the market so far. Now though, Nike and Giannis are looking to up the Ante and deliver some personalized, pop-culture-inspired shoes to the market.

One Giannis’ favorite films is Coming To America and this latest colorway does just that. The shoe has a black upper with gold highlights, including on the Nike swoosh. While the upper is black, there is a leopard print pattern that is visible underneath the black mesh. It makes for an extravagant looking sneaker that Giannis fans will surely enjoy. The shoe even says “Coming To America” on the tongue.

If you’re looking to cop, the sneaker, as well as some apparel, will be dropped on August 2nd, with the shoes going for $120 USD.

Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Giannis' Nike Zoom Freak 1 "Coming To America" Drops Next Month: Official Photos


Kemba Walker Puts On His Celtics Outfit For The First Time, Fans React

Kemba Walker was the biggest addition to the Boston Celtics this fseason. Walker was one the most sought after point guards on the market and with Kyrie Irving leaving the team for the Brooklyn Nets, it was clear that the Celtics were a prime destination. Yesterday, Walker was introduced to the media in Boston and he explained exactly why he wanted to come to the city. As he said, the team has a history winning and that interests him as he moves forward with his career. The Charlotte Hornets haven’t been achieving much anything, so it’s no surprise that a player who wants to win would leave them.

In addition to the press conference, Walker got to wear his Celtics uniform for the first time and we have to admit, he looks pretty good in green and white. Walker will be wearing the number 8 which was the same number worn by Antoine Walker. This is good news for Celtics fans who still have their Antoine Walker jerseys from back in the day. Now, they won’t have to go out their way to by a Kemba jersey.

Celtics fans reacted on Twitter to the sight their new point guard in Celtics colors and so far, it seems like they’re pretty optimistic. Only time will tell whether or not Walker can be the leader they’ve been missing.

Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Sparks Debate: On-Foot Images

Over the last few years, two the most popular Air Jordan 1 High OG colorways have come thanks to the “Shattered Backboard” series. The orange, black, and white colorways are incredibly clean and have been fan favorites for a while now. Jordan Brand has decided to try and recreate that success with the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Shattered Backboard 3.0” which has received some teaser images so far.

The shoe is pretty straightforward as it has an orange toe box, Nike Swoosh, and back heel while the rest the shoe, minus the midsole, is black. In fact, the midsole is a dirty cream color that makes the shoe look like it’s been worn. Perhaps the biggest point contention on this sneaker is the leather quality. In many ways, the shoe looks like it is covered in saran wrap and is crinkled. Instagram user @hanzuying posted on-foot images the shoe and fans seem to be quite divided in the comments. Some people are extremely disappointed by the quality while others think the colorway more than makes up for it all.

These are expected to drop sometime in October for $160 USD. What do you think this colorway? Is it a cop or a drop?

Shannon Brown Is Doing Just Fine Amid Divorce From Singer Monica

Former NBA player Shannon Brown has found his name in the headlines, not only because he’s a co-captain BIG3’s Aliens team, but due to his divorce from singer Monica Brown. The 33-year-old sports star has been silent in regards to the dissolution his nine-year marriage, but he let everyone know that he’s doing just fine.

Brown told Sister Circle TV for TVOne that contrary to anything people may hear in the media, things aren’t as dramatic as they may seem. “I haven’t been going through a lot nothing,” he said when asked about everything he’s been enduring as late. “I feel like a lot people take stories that they hear and they kind blow it up for entertainment purposes. I learned how to ignore the negativity and just keep pushing forward. I feel like that’s what it’s all about. It’s funny because I think a lot people got the same idea. Like, when they see me they’re like, ‘Are you OK?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m fine, what’s wrong?’ It’s part it, though, when you’re in the public eye. You’ve got to be able to deal with whatever come along with it. I’m strong in my faith and my spirituality, so that’s what pull me or push me.”

During a recent episode  T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family HustleMonica admitted that things have been rough for her as she adjusts to the shifts that have been going on in her life. “Things in my personal life have been changing a lot, and it has not been easy,” Monica stated. “I cannot lie. My personal relationship is taking a major toll on me. I’m feeling it every day. I’ve been keeping everything to myself and I feel overwhelmed…I’m everybody’s go-to, and I think it makes people think I’m pretending to be perfect when in actuality, I just don’t believe in pausing. ‘Cause it’s like you pause and you get stuck.”