Final Trailer For "Hobbs & Shaw" Is Action-Packed: Watch

Universal has released a new trailer for the upcoming Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw movie. In the upcoming spinf, Hobbs, who is played by Dwayne Johnson, must team up with Shaw (Jason Statham) to stop Brixton, played by Idris Elba, from releasing a biothreat on the world.

Just as you might expect, the Fast & Furious spin f looks to be action packed, and this trailer displays just that. It opens with an extended look at a thrilling, over-the-top vehicle & bike chase scene, one that culminates with Idris Elba’s character crashing through the upper level a double decker bus. Later, the two join up with Shaw’s sister, played Vanessa Kirby, to come together to try and take down Brixton for the betterment mankind.

Hobbs & Shaw opens on August 2, while the ninth installment in the Fast & Furious franchise, starring John Cena instead The Rock, has already began filming. Check out the action-packed trailer (below).

DaBaby Gets 1-Year Probation For North Carolina Wal-Mart Shooting Case

DaBaby‘s one the hottest rappers in the game but if there’s one thing to know about him is that he doesn’t play. Last year, before the success “Suge” and the release  Goin Baby, the rapper was involved in a shooting at a North Carolina Walmart that left one man dead. Baby’s consistently said that the man got shot out self-defense and it appears as though the court agrees with him. 

DaBaby Gets 1-Year Probation For North Carolina Wal-Mart Shooting Case
Kevin Winter/Getty s

According to TMZ, DaBaby was hit with one-year probation for his involvement in the fatal shooting. The Mecklenburg County District Attorney’s Office convicted the rapper for carrying a concealed gun which is considered a misdemeanor. He was hit with a year probation as well as 30 days in prison but thankfully, the sentence has been suspended. The rapper will likely be able to dodge going to jail entirely, given that he stays out trouble in the next year.

Baby was arrested last year in connection to the shooting. While he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, he wasn’t charged with killing the individual. He previously explained his side the story, saying that he was in Walmart with his baby mama and his daughter an altercation broke out which resulted in the shooting. Baby’s insisted that he was threatened and was only trying to protect himself and his children. 

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis’ Later Father

Nike and Giannis Antetokounmpo have today ficially unveiled his first signature sneaker – the Nike Air Zoom Freak 1. We’ve already seen numerous leaks Giannis’ Air Zoom Freak 1, but today we’ve learned all the details that went into the Greek Freaks signature shoe, as well as some upcoming colorways.

Among those set to release is the white, red and gold “Roses” rendition, which pays tribute to Giannis’ later father, Charles. 

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis' Later Father

Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses”/Nike

The kicks, inspired by Giannis’ love for the Kobe line, features a double-stack Zoom Air unit along with a multidirectional traction pattern that aids positioning at the extremes his lateral strides — the big toe and pinkie toe — as well as meeting more traditional needs a sound defensive stance.

Additional details include a “34” logo on the heel that plays f the Greek Flag, and Giannis’ “GA” logo on the tongue. The “Roses” colorway also includes a text on the rose-patterned outsole that reads, “I Am My Father‘s Legacy.”

“Since I was little, I have been wearing KOBE shoes,” he says. “The fit, feel and function has always been comfortable for me.”

“In a logo, you can put a lot things together and talk about your life — represent family, represent Nigeria and Greece. That is exciting,” says Antetokounmpo.

In addition to the line Air Zoom Freak 1s, Nike and Giannis have also collaborated on a range apparel consisting shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, socks and a tracksuit. Check out some additional photos the Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses” below, and stay tuned for the release date.

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis' Later Father

Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses”/Nike

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis' Later Father

Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses”/SoleCollector

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis' Later Father

Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses”/SoleCollector

Nike Unveils Air Zoom Freak 1 "Roses" In Honor Of Giannis' Later Father

Nike Air Zoom Freak 1 “Roses”/Nike

Ralo Delivers "Free Ralo" Project

Ralo is currently stuck behind bars, but his team is keeping his name out there with a new project titled Free Ralo.

The incarcerated rapper’s latest release features 12 tracks. Guests include Young Dolph, Shy Glizzy, Trouble and Tee Grizzley, among others.

Check out Ralo’s Free Ralo stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Ralo Delivers "Free Ralo" Project

1. No Competition f. Shy Glizzy
2. She Solid
3. Bullshit f. VL Deck, Bankroll Ziggy & Tee Grizzley
4. Bad Intentions f. Trouble
5. Go Get It f. Derez De’Shon
6. It Feel Good f. Jean Deau & Kenny Man
7. All My Life f. Joe Green
8. Stop Playing f. 24 Heavy & Lil Marlo
9. With Me f. Young Dolph
10. Giant
11. No Sleep f. Rylo Rodriguez
12. Prison Rest

Lil Xan Gets Candid About His Recent Relapse

Lil Xan is off the wagon. After checking himself into rehab last December, the 22-year-old rapper admits he’s suffered a relapse.

On Wednesday (June 26), Xan got candid with his 5.4 million Instagram followers and revealed he’s reeling from opioid withdrawals.

“I love you guys so much,” he wrote in the caption. “I wanted to let you guys know I’m tapering off the last bit of norcos I’ve been addicted to, you can get better I promise, there’s no shame in relapsing it happens to anyone who goes through these issues.

“I’ve been feeling like death from withdrawals but I know once I’m sober I’ll feel amazing.”

Xan ended his caption by expressing gratitude for both his supporters and detractors. Over the past couple of years, he’s taken plenty of hits for his comments about Tupac Shakur. In fact, a man recently approached Xan at gas station and confronted him about those comments, prompting Xan to pull a gun on him.

But apparently the TOTAL XANARCHY architect isn’t letting the negativity get to him.

“I love you guys to death and I’m forever grateful for my fans who have supported me through everything,” he concluded. “I thank my haters for teaching me that negativity on social media doesn’t matter at fucking all haha. Love you.”

Watch Kendrick Lamar Body DJ Screw’s "June 27th": Throwback Freestyle

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re patiently awaiting the arrival some new music from Kendrick Lamar. After all, it’s been a minute since Pulitzer Kenny last graced us with a full-length album. Given everything he has accomplished since DAMN, all signs point to a promising future from the young GOAT contender. Yet sometimes, when tomorrow feels out reach, we must look to the past for satisfaction. Seeing as today’s Throwback Thursday falls upon June 27th, it seems fitting to highlight an underrated gem from Kendrick’s radio run.

Watch Kendrick Lamar Body DJ Screw's "June 27th": Throwback Freestyle

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty s

On November 11th, 2014, Kenny swung by 97.9 The Box to try his hand at the late DJ Screw’s legendary “June 27th” instrumental, a Houston classic through and through. The clip finds a hungry Kendrick going f the dome like a true student the game, requesting words on the fly to test his improvisational prowess. “Throw a word up, I can freestyle for hours,” he spits, inviting the hosts to a real-time challenge. “I can do it in the room, in the shower, I can do it for the shoot, for the rap, in the booth, I can do it for the love, for the power.”

Anyone who presses an admiration for the craft will likely find pleasure in this, and it’s crazy to see the speed at which Kenny’s mind can kick up rhyme schemes and clever worldplay. “When you come around Long Beach, when you come around TDE, they watch,” he spits, “like Baywatch, but nothing is watered down, everybody see me right now.” On paper, you might balk, but hearing him string together the segue with ease reveals a true mastery his skillset. If you need a reminder what Kenny can do when he’s having fun with it, or are simply looking for a little bit real hip-hop in action, look no further.

We know you love Throwback Content, so sound f in the comments if you want to see more articles this nature. Respect to Kendrick Lamar for having the courage to go f the dome on the radio, and we look forward to hearing what he delivers next. Rest in peace to DJ Screw.

YG Won’t Have To Speak On Bloods Affiliation In Vegas Beatdown Lawsuit

Los Angeles, CA – A Los Angeles judge has reportedly granted a motion filed by YG in his assault and larceny case. It will allow him to remain silent about his gang affiliations, past criminal convictions and the alleged incident that occurred at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas in May 2018.

The Blast reports the Compton native was in court earlier this week when the judge handed down his decision. While the judge denied the request to sanction YG for $5,370, he will have to identify any witnesses he has available.

Hip Hop fan Benjamin Naderi claimed he saw YG at the Vegas casino and asked him for a photo. YG refused to pose for the picture and appeared to get angry. Naderi says he heard YG order his entourage to “get him.” From there, Naderi says he was punched repeatedly and robbed of his jewelry.

Consequently, Naderi filed a civil lawsuit.

YG was charged hit with three felonies, including grand larceny and larceny from a person relating to the incident, and pleaded not guilty. His legal team argued Naderi’s civil lawsuit should be put on hold until his criminal case has been resolved, but the judge disagreed and ordered the case to move forward.

If convicted, he’s faces up to at least 20 years in prison.

Chaka Khan Disses Her Vocal Sample From Kanye West’s “Through The Wire”

Iconic singer Chaka Khan sat down for a recent episode of Showtime’s What What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen where they broached a myriad of topics. Khan’s career spans five decades so naturally there was plenty to unpack.

When asked about Kanye West using a sample of her 1984 song, “Through The Fire” for his own “Through The Wire” cut, she admitted she wasn’t pleased by the end result.

“[The conversations went] very differently than the song turned out, obviously,” she said. “… He called me when he just got out of the hospital. He said, ‘You were so instrumental in my healing process. I had to change the words a little bit to the song, but I had to eat through a wire, you know, and I was wired shut, through a straw.’”

“It meant that much to me and it really got my heart. It pulled … at my [heart] strings,” she continued. “So I said, ‘Yeah. Use it.’ Then when it came out … I was pissed.”

Khan added if she would have been aware what he was going to do with her song, she would have shot ‘Ye down, calling the song “stupid.”
“Not insulting. I thought it was stupid,” she said. “If I had known he was gonna do that I would’ve said, ‘Hell no.’”

Rather than talk to ‘Ye about how she feels, she decided silence speaks volumes.

“I didn’t [talk to him]. What can I say?” she said. “The best way to tell him is silence. And give him crickets.”

Watch the full conversation above and check out ‘Ye’s version below.

Nipsey Hussle, The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mozzy, G Perico, Problem, E-40 & Ice-T Drop Bars On Khao’s "Unified" Single

Multi-platinum producer Khao is staging his return with his new album Bad Brains Forever. The album pays homage to the punk rock band Bad Brains and is led by the single “Unified” featuring The Game, Snoop Dogg, Mozzy, G Perico, Problem, E-40 and more.

The track also features verses from gangsta rap veteran Ice-T and Nipsey Hussle, who recorded his verse just weeks before his tragic murder, according to Khao.

“Nipsey Hussle and I shared a mutual passion for uplifting inner-city communities,” Khao said in a press release. “That’s why it’s important that his life and legacy live on. We both wanted something truly epic for the West Coast. Not only were we restoring this magical sound – but creating peace in the West Coast community by bringing the ‘Bloods’ and ‘Crips’ together and unifying people through music.”

The powerful tribute to West Coast rap music is evocative of the highly collaborative nature of the upcoming album, which Khao confirms will showcase more than 60 of the top artists in Hip Hop and R&B artists across 13 tracks.

A portion of the proceeds from “Unified”  will be donated to the producer’s national nonprofit organization “Bridge Da Gap,” which provides “solutions to at-risk youth through music, education and other resources.”

Khao recently established KOOLriculum, an organization that utilizes “a K-12 STEM curriculum that is used in schools across the country and has been proven to increase academic performance.”

Flo Rida’s Baby Mama Wants More Child Support & Sole Custody Of Their Son

Flo Rida‘s baby mother is taking the rapper to court to get more child support after doctors recently diagnosed their child with autism. Alexis Adams, the child’s mother, asked a family court judge to increase her support to $9K a month to ensure their 2-year-old son Zohar gets the proper treatment for his medical needs. The child was born with a lot different health problems and already receives specialized therapy for them. The health insurance that the “Low” artist already gives for the boy ten leaves his child’s mother with having to make some out–pocket expenses. Moreover, because she does not have any way to contact him, it is difficult for her to reach out for some extra help. Additionally, Adam’s lawyer Ava Gutfriend shared with BOSSIP that they are seeking for Flo Rida to open up an account that Adams can access in case she needs some extra cash for health-related expenses. 

Along with asking for more money, Adams also appears to be motioning to acquire primary legal physical custody Zohar because she alleges it will be much easier for her to make decisions around raising him, getting the boy support and resources and obtain important documents like a passport, shared Gutfriend. Flo Rida and his baby mother have been in numerous, vicious legal battles in the past. Hence we expect further details on this later. 

Cam’ron Is Tired Of Twerk Videos & Suggests An Alternative

Throughout Cam’ron’s legendary career, it’s likely that he’s received many an unsolicited nudie pic from willing fans. In fact, such a notion was at the core his “10,000 Miles” video, in which his excuses “she was a nudist” did little to salvage his relationship. Yet all good things must come to an end, and as he looks toward the age 44, Cam has grown tired the tried and true courting method. Now, it would appear that he’s looking to connect on an intellectual level. At least, if his latest Instagram PSA is to be believed.

 Cam'ron Is Tired Of Twerk Videos & Suggests An Alternative

Fernanda Calfat/Getty s

“Twerk videos is played out sis,” reads the image. “Post a video you reading out loud!” In the accompanying caption, Killa Cam elaborates on his stance with a digital shrug. “That shit turns me on. let’s check that pronunciation.”

Of course, it’s easy to read this as a joke, though one has to wonder if Cam is on the verge creating a new movement. Perhaps he may be surprised to find his DMs swiftly transforming into an audio-book in real time, albeit one with a fragmented and mostly non-linear plot. Should that indeed be the case, might we be facing a world in which twerk videos cease to exist altogether? 

2 Chainz Reaches Settlement In $10 Million Lawsuit Over TeeFLii Song

According to The Blast, rapper 2 Chainz has settled his $10 million lawsuit over a song he’s featured on.

If you’re unaware, Tity Boy and guests TeeFLii and DJ Mustard were being sued for $10 million by songwriters Allen Georgia, Sten Stonebridge, and Frederick McFarlane. The trio claimed that the rappers stole their 1993 song “Back It Up” for TeeFLii’s 2014 debut single “24 Hours.” The writers claim that TeeFLii’s song with 2 Chainz is an “obvious, knowing, willful infringement” “Back It Up.” They alleged that the defendants “either copied, or reproduced, the dominant theme from ‘Back It Up,’ and co-opted it as the main theme for ’24 Hours,’ with minor modifications and a tempo change.”

Well it appears 2 Chainz can put that all behind him now as the trio have settled on a number that both parties are happy with, although it’s unclear what that is. The songwriters informed the court that they have “reached a settlement in principle and respectfully request that this Court administratively dismiss the action with leave to reopen the case in thirty (30) days from today’s date, if the parties have not submitted their final stipulation dismissal by such time.”

SZA Mourns Grandmother with New Tattoo

SZA is mourning the loss of her grandmother.

The “Just Us” singer revealed that her grandma passed away at the age of 90. Taking to Instagram, SZA paid tribute to her with a slideshow of photos, including one of her with her mother and grandmother at the Grammys. She also revealed a new neck tattoo featuring her grandmother’s name Norma.

“Dec 25 1928- June 19 2019,” SZA captioned the images.

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Dec 25 1928- June 19 2019.

A post shared by SZA (@sza) on

The loss hasn’t been easy for SZA. Last month, she told fans that her grandmother was not doing well. “Pls pray for her,” she wrote.

SZA had a close relationship with her grandmother. Fans will recall that her granny is featured on “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” off her album Ctrl. “You stand your ground,” Norma says on the outro. “If you don’t like me, you don’t have to fool with me. But you don’t have to talk about me or treat me mean.”

She received condolences from fans and friends including Megan Thee Stallion, Ty Dolla $ign, and Daniel Caesar. “Thank you so much everyone . Granny loves you more,” said SZA.

Masai Ujiri Is "Confident" Kawhi Leonard Will Return To The Raptors

Kawhi Leonard led the Toronto Raptors to their first ever NBA Championship this season and now, the superstar will have to decide whether or not he wants to return to the franchise. If you’re a Raptors fan, you’re probably praying for the NBA Finals MVP to stick around in the city as he was the big difference make that finally got the team over the hump. It was believed that Leonard had no interest in the Raptors at first but as the year progressed, he made them a serious contender that had to be respected out on the court.

During the team’s end the season press conference yesterday, Raptors president Masai Ujiri spoke about Leonard’s upcoming free agency and explained that he’s “confident” Kawhi will want to return.

“We’ll wait. He’s our player and he’s a superstar on our team and we’ll wait on that,” Ujiri said, according to ESPN. “I said we have to be ourselves, and we were ourselves for the whole year. I think he saw that. I think we built a trust there.”

The Raptors have some other players like Danny Green and Marc Gasol who are up for new contracts as well. Ujiri explained that he plans to bring everyone back as long as they are on board.

“I think they know what the effect Kawhi’s decision is, but we’re really approaching it like we want to bring everybody back on this team,” Ujiri said. “That’s a priority for us.”

Jussie Smollett Offered Osundairo Brother A Massage Before Staged Hate Crime

All the truth is finally starting to come out. In one the strangest stories all year, Jussie Smollett has accused two men attacking him because his race and sexual orientation. The Empire actor filed a police report claiming that he was jumped in Chicago while he went to pick up a Subway sandwich, telling the cops that he had a noose tied around his neck and bleach poured over his skin. Videos and text messages have been made public in the last week, showing Smollett in his apartment untying the noose and now, his interactions with the Osundairo brothers, his alleged attackers, have come to the light.

Jussie Smollett Offered Osundairo Brother A Massage Before Staged Hate Crime
Dominik Bindl/Getty s

In a new report by Daily Mail, Jussie Smollett is said to have Google searched different variations his name in the twelve days following the staged hate crime. When his computer was searched, the police found that he had been obsessively searching himself online, upwards fifty times. The types articles Smollett was looking for all pertain to the night the attack. He was apparently curious as to how the media was covering the incident.

In the days preceding the staged hate crime, the actor also texted Abel Osundairo, one his alleged attackers, fering him a massage and describing sexual acts that were being performed on him. After Abel turned down the massage, Smollett spoke in graphic detail about his masseur. “This n***a is handling life. Sucking my d*** and it’s all good and working!” he reportedly wrote, according to The Blast.

With all the information coming out about Smollett, how are you feeling about his case?

Jussie Smollett Offered Osundairo Brother A Massage Before Staged Hate Crime
Chicago Police Department Getty s