Air Jordan 1 "Shattered Backboard 3.0" Sparks Debate: On-Foot Images

Over the last few years, two the most popular Air Jordan 1 High OG colorways have come thanks to the “Shattered Backboard” series. The orange, black, and white colorways are incredibly clean and have been fan favorites for a while now. Jordan Brand has decided to try and recreate that success with the Air Jordan 1 High OG “Shattered Backboard 3.0” which has received some teaser images so far.

The shoe is pretty straightforward as it has an orange toe box, Nike Swoosh, and back heel while the rest the shoe, minus the midsole, is black. In fact, the midsole is a dirty cream color that makes the shoe look like it’s been worn. Perhaps the biggest point contention on this sneaker is the leather quality. In many ways, the shoe looks like it is covered in saran wrap and is crinkled. Instagram user @hanzuying posted on-foot images the shoe and fans seem to be quite divided in the comments. Some people are extremely disappointed by the quality while others think the colorway more than makes up for it all.

These are expected to drop sometime in October for $160 USD. What do you think this colorway? Is it a cop or a drop?

Shannon Brown Is Doing Just Fine Amid Divorce From Singer Monica

Former NBA player Shannon Brown has found his name in the headlines, not only because he’s a co-captain BIG3’s Aliens team, but due to his divorce from singer Monica Brown. The 33-year-old sports star has been silent in regards to the dissolution his nine-year marriage, but he let everyone know that he’s doing just fine.

Brown told Sister Circle TV for TVOne that contrary to anything people may hear in the media, things aren’t as dramatic as they may seem. “I haven’t been going through a lot nothing,” he said when asked about everything he’s been enduring as late. “I feel like a lot people take stories that they hear and they kind blow it up for entertainment purposes. I learned how to ignore the negativity and just keep pushing forward. I feel like that’s what it’s all about. It’s funny because I think a lot people got the same idea. Like, when they see me they’re like, ‘Are you OK?’ And I’m like, ‘I’m fine, what’s wrong?’ It’s part it, though, when you’re in the public eye. You’ve got to be able to deal with whatever come along with it. I’m strong in my faith and my spirituality, so that’s what pull me or push me.”

During a recent episode  T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family HustleMonica admitted that things have been rough for her as she adjusts to the shifts that have been going on in her life. “Things in my personal life have been changing a lot, and it has not been easy,” Monica stated. “I cannot lie. My personal relationship is taking a major toll on me. I’m feeling it every day. I’ve been keeping everything to myself and I feel overwhelmed…I’m everybody’s go-to, and I think it makes people think I’m pretending to be perfect when in actuality, I just don’t believe in pausing. ‘Cause it’s like you pause and you get stuck.”


Rich The Kid Slides In 50 Cent’s Comments To Ask Him For A Role On "Power" Season Six

Just a few weeks back, rapper and executive producer, 50 Cent, took the world by storm when he suddenly announced that he would actually not be ending his acclaimed series, Powerafter its sixth season after all. Power actor, Michael Rainey Jr., announced sometime in mid-June, that production on the show’s sixth season had wrapped up. Variety had reported prior to that, that the show would see its end with this final season, during which Fiddy would make his directional debut in the third episode. With the success the show becoming evident over the last few years however, decisions were being made to possibly create a few spin-fs to delve deeper into specific characters and their storylines, that is, until 50 ultimately decided that they actually wouldn’t be ending the show. “I have decided not to end POWER,” announced Fiddy, with the simple explanation : “when you see season 6 you will understand why. Smh 🤦‍♂️ too good.” The show, which is set to premier on August 25th, recently released their new trailer, which you can check out below. 

Fans all over were surely elated to hear the news, with one fan in particular attempting to use his star status as a way to sway Fiddy into getting him in on the prime-time action. Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid (who has evidently revealed himself as a huge Power fan) took to shooting his shot on Instagram, when he slid in the “21 Questions” rappers comment section to ask for a role. “Put a nigga on the show 🤷🏾‍♂️” commented RTK, on a picture Fiddy looking pretty beefed standing in front a private jet with the caption “On the move again POWER Seasons 6 you know the Vibes.” Could we be seeing the “Save That” rapper in the next season? 

Chris Paul Trade Talks Reportedly Come To Screeching Halt

This year’s NBA fseason has been one for the ages and perhaps the most surprising move came when the Oklahoma City Thunder traded Paul George to the Los Angeles Clippers. George wanted to join Kawhi Leonard to create a dynamic duo that has the potential to dominate the NBA for years to come. Of course, the trade left Russell Westbrook to his own devices in OKC and he quickly requested a trade out there. Eventually, the Houston Rockets took a waiver on Westbrook and gave up Chris Paul in the process.

The Thunder are looking to rebuild and at first, it seemed as though Paul didn’t fit that goal. It was reported that Paul wouldn’t play a single game in OKC and that they were shopping him around. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, the Thunder are no longer looking to trade Paul and it is believed that he will be on the roster once the season starts.

One theory as to why these talks have stopped is because his large contract. There aren’t many teams out there who can afford him due to salary cap restrictions and it wouldn’t make sense for them to make a deal. The Miami Heat were considered to be a suitor for Paul but as right now, it looks like that’s not going to happen.

For now, Paul and the Thunder are stuck with each other for the foreseeable future, unless course, a team comes out the woodwork. 

Anthony Davis Unveils His Lakers Uniform During NBA 2K20 Shoot

Perhaps the most fascinating team throughout this recent free agency cycle was the Los Angeles Lakers who were desperate to improve their team after missing the playfs last season. The team made some lowkey signings to improve their depth and were able to make a blockbuster trade for Anthony Davis who is considered to be one the best players in the league. The Lakers had been trying to acquire Davis for a while but it seemed as though the Pelicans weren’t interested in doing business with them. In the end, LeBron James and the Lakers got what they want and now, they have one if not the best duo in the league.

At first, LeBron said he would give the number 23 to Davis and would go back to the number 6. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with Nike, LeBron had to keep his number, forcing AD to take the number 3. Today, Davis finally got to unveil what he looks like in the Lakers purple and gold while doing a shoot for NBA 2K20.

Lakers fans will certainly be excited to see Davis wearing his uniform as he looks pretty excited to be in it. Davis has wanted to be a member the Lakers for a while now which bodes well for the team moving forward.

LeBron James’ "I Promise" School Is Already Seeing Rising Test Scores

When LeBron James retires from the NBA, he will widely be considered as one the best players to ever grace the game basketball. In addition to his accomplishments on the court, he has also been quite charitable f it. Last year, LeBron started the “I Promise” school in his hometown Akron, Ohio, which is dedicated to providing at-risk youth with proper education. As right now, the school only has third and fourth graders but by 2022, the school plans to expand to grades one through eight.

There were quite a few skeptics when it came to LeBron’s school but according to Toni Roberts, a teacher at the school, the students are excelling. In a report from Bleacher Report, it was stated that 90 percent students at the school are either meeting or exceeding their growth goals. After just one year, it’s clear that these students are benefitting from the service the “I Promise” school provides.

LeBron James' "I Promise" School Is Already Seeing Rising Test Scores

Jason Miller/Getty s

“When I came here, people would tell me, ‘It’s not going to work over there. When you go over there, you’ve got those bottom kids. There’s no way that you’re going to be able to maintain what you’ve done all these years and still keep it going,’” Roberts said. “Well, guess what? Yes, it does. These kids know how to respect. They know how to be loving. They know how to give love in return. So, don’t tell me that it’s not possible with what we poured into the school. Look at all this.”

With this new information in mind, it’s clear that the “I Promise” school has been a success and just further pro that LeBron cares deeply about his community.

The Game & Dr. Dre Are Straight Outta Compton In Nostalgic Pic

The Game is about to unleash Born To Rap, touted as his final studio album. Now, with the album set to surface by summer’s end, Game has kicked f a nostalgic wave, drawing back to the time he first brought Dre to his hood. Are you queuing up The Documentary yet?

“Just a young kid with a story to tell. Had Dr. Dre in Cedar Block,” writes Game, in honor “west coast Wednesday.” My n***s couldn’t believe their eyes when he pulled up.” A brief tale, but an effective one. Dr. Dre’s legacy runs deep, and the Compton icon was at the height his second age during Game’s introductory stages. It’s easy to remember an era in which Dr. Dre was bodying instrumentals for Eminem, 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes, and Eve, before eventually turning his vault loose on Game in 2004. From there came The Documentary, which featured eight Dre-produced tracks, including “How We Do” and “Westside Story.”

Though Game and Dre ultimately underwent a few peaks and valleys, the pair have stayed connected to this day. Case in point, Game recently called up the good Doctor mid-interview, prompting Dre to answer before the first ring even started. Ride or die, as they say. With Born To Rap on the way, and Dr. Dre having mixed two tracks (we’ll know which ones, promises Game), it’s clear the two West Coast icons still have stories to tell. 

Khalid "Can’t Wait" For Upcoming Majid Jordan Collaboration

Khalid’s currently on his Free Spirit tour that’s taking him across North America to sing his heart out to his adoring fans in cities all over. His first tour stop brought on tears by the singer who was in awe how far he’s come and his more recent stop had him hitting up a local BBQ to perform impromptu karaoke

Being on tour for the 21-year-old doesn’t mean he’s not still scoping out fire collaborations and working on new music to deliver his fans. Khalid hit up Twitter just yesterday to send out a small note hinting at an upcoming collaboration with none other than the OVO signed production/singing duo Majid Jordan. “Soon. @majidjordan ⚡️can’t wait,” Khalid tweeted. 

Khalid "Can't Wait" For Upcoming Majid Jordan Collaboration
Andrew Toth/Getty s 

Majid Jordan have been laying low lately with their most recent releases being 2018’s “All Over You” along with “Spirit.” Before the latter was released, the duo shined on their album The Space Between that sent them on the road for a North American tour. 

“Sometimes it’s difficult to live in the world and not be influenced by like having the hottest shit or the hottest sound or anything.” Jordan previously stated the tape. “So I just focused on making good music that we’re going to listen to in 10 years. I just wanted to make things that weren’t gonna get tiring or anything.”

Jamie Foxx Perfects Dave Chappelle Impression On "Comedians In Cars"

Dave Chappelle and Jamie Foxx are two the funniest men on the planet. They’ve each had historic careers and they’re still striving with Chappelle recently contributing to a couple Netflix specials last year. With the upcoming season Comedians In Cars Getting Cfee getting ready to hit the streaming service soon, Jerry Seinfeld and his team producers have been sharing quick teasers to let us know what we can expect from the next iteration the show. The new season is set to include appearances from Eddie Murphy, Seth Rogen, Ricky Gervais, and more and today, a clip featuring Jamie Foxx and his spot-on impression Dave Chappelle hit the internet.

Jamie Foxx Perfects Dave Chappelle Impression On "Comedians In Cars"
Michael Loccisano/Getty s

Many us still spend our nights watching Chappelle Show reruns — that’s how influential the comedian is and was. While Chappelle isn’t expected to be a central component the next season Comedians In Cars, we will at least hear him crack a few jokes Jamie Foxx. Sitting with Seinfeld at a diner, Jamie Foxx started talking about Dave Chappelle when he pulled out a pretty solid impression from out nowhere. 

In an exclusive clip Entertainment Weekly, Foxx pitches his voice an octave higher to try out his Chappelle impression, nailing it right on the head. He explains that the key to actually perfecting the voice came from the addition some strong vocabulary, noting that “he always uses a very intelligent word to go with his hood talk].”

Watch the video below to see what he’s talking about. Comedians In Cars Getting Cfee premieres on July 19.

Lil Wayne Taps Lil Baby, Big Sean for ‘Funeral’ Album

Lil Wayne is planning a star-studded Funeral.

The Young Money boss is spilling the details on his long-awaited Funeral album. During an interview with XXL, he revealed that he’s been in the studio with a “bunch of artists” including Lil Baby and Big Sean.

“I’m a big Lil Baby fan,” said Tunechi. “So it was a swap type of thing. You send me a song, I send… that type of thing. But actually he demanded that he work with me. That’s a new thing these days. Back in the days when I was doing it, there was no such thing as you send me your song. You had to be in the studio with that person. He demanded that. So I respected that. We got to do the session together. We was out here in New York, not long ago. Probably a month ago. It was him, I and Big Sean.”

It’s unclear if all three rappers will appear together on the track, which is called “I Do It.”

Wayne, who is currently on tour with blink-182, went on to share his admiration for Baby. “I loved his voice at first and it kinda reminded me of me when I was younger,” he said. “And then his melodies and stuff started getting at me. So that’s what it was. And then I started actually listening to what he’s saying and he talk about the struggle a lot and he’s talking about some real stuff.”

He has also been in the lab with producers including LoopHoles, Rio, Academics, MonstaBeatz, and London On Da Track for Funeral, which will have a more current feel.

“With me, what the new thing is for me is actually trying to put out music that sounds like a little more like today’s music,” added Wayne. “What that means for me is the difference is adding hooks. I forget about hooks. I forget ’em. Somebody gotta come in the booth and stop me from rapping, like, ‘This is where you stop it and add a hook.’”

A snippet of his remix to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” recently leaked, but it’s unclear if it will be released in full. “They sent it to me and I did it as an official remix. I’m not sure if they was gonna use it,” he explained.

During the interview, Wayne also shared some of his favorite female rappers including City Girls and Kash Doll, who he recently collaborated with on “Kitten.” “I like Kash Doll because she’s spitting,” he said. “She might play around on the song because the song is what it is, but when you catch her in her zone, she in her zone.”

Gayle King Comments On R. Kelly’s Arrest Following His Infamous Breakdown

At the beginning March, R. Kelly sat down across from Gayle King, where he attempted to fer up his side the story. What followed was an explosive, infamous, and darkly memeable breakdown from the disgraced singer. “I’m fightin’ for my life!” cried an impassioned Kelly. “Ya’ll are killing me with this!” It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral, and all throughout, King composed herself with dignity in the face an unraveling man. Today, following Kelly’s recent arrest on federal sex crime charges, King spoke with ET about her interview with the once-beloved singer.

“The indictments are not a surprise to me,” she explains. “We’ve been hearing that they are coming for quite some time. He always, always, always insists that he’s innocent all the charges. But now these are very serious charges coming from federal ficials. I think that it’s a brand new ballgame. So we will see what happens.”

Maintaining that she has remained in contact with Kelly’s team, King also claims that they’re confident in his defense. “I’ve talked to R. Kelly’s representative since he was arrested and they are still very convinced that he will be fine and that he will be proven innocent once again,” she reveals. “They told me they’re very confident about that. So we shall see.” Indeed we shall. For more from King, be sure to check out the full article ET, right here.

R. Kelly Declared 'Extreme Danger to the Community' as Judge Refuses Bond

A federal judge has denied R. Kelly bond in a massive sex crimes case.

A federal judge has declared R. Kelly to be a threat to the community, and as a result, he will not be allowed to post bond; instead, he will remain behind bars while he is tried for various sex crimes.

R. Kelly, whose full name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, is now facing 13 sex-related charges, all of which pertain to his alleged sexual abuse of minors. These federal charges come in addition to the case that’s being made against him by Illinois prosecutors.

R. Kelly’s federal case will proceed through the courts in the coming months, and at the time of writing, it seems unlikely that he will be allowed to leave prison anytime soon.  His lawyers released a statement decrying the judge’s decision to deny bond, and federal prosecutors argued that in addition to being a threat to the community, R. Kelly is a serious flight risk.
Just as there is no disputing that R. Kelly’s music has been influential and commercially groundbreaking — he’s sold more than 75 million records — there is also no disputing that if the latest charges against him are proven true, they could well end his career.  Though the Chicago native has a checkered history of alleged sex crimes, these 13 pending charges, which have resulted from claims made by several alleged victims, represent the most comprehensive case against him to date.

On the other hand, it should be noted that R. Kelly and his lawyers have vehemently denied the charges.  Additionally, in 2008, R. Kelly was tried on 14 charges related to child pornography, and a jury found him not guilty on all counts.

To make matters worse, however, R. Kelly’s finances are, per his own lawyer, in ruins.

The rap legend struggled to make bail when he was first arrested in Chicago, on the aforementioned state charges.

R. Kelly is between a rock and a hard place, but he hasn’t yet been found guilty. It’s possible that he, like in 2008, can prove that the allegations are untrue.  According to experts, though, federal prosecutors don’t typically invest resources into comprehensive cases like this unless they’re confident that they can receive a conviction.

R. Kelly is currently scheduled to reappear in court on September 4th.

FaceApp’s Old Age Challenge: Meek Mill Wins Against Dreamville, Drake, & More

You may have seen an influx FaceApp challenge photos hitting social media over the course the last forty-eight hours. After people like Dwyane Wade and Drake effectively set f the craze online, thousands people followed up with their own submissions. Have you ever wondered what your favourite rapper would look like as a senior citizen? Me neither but I guess we’re finding out anyways.

The whole goal the challenge is to upload images yourself from the future, using face-scanning technology to add realistic wrinkles to your visage and greying out your hair. There have been some solid contributions to the cause in the last two days but one clear winner has emerged: Meek Mill. Yesterday, the Philadelphia rapper was in the news after it was reported that his 2008 conviction could be overturned imminently, finally making him a free man. The Championships artist decided to celebrate by playing along with the age challenge, joking that even in sixty years, he’ll still be making regular court visits. “Damn you still on probation you like 60 meek? Yeah I might be about to get f tho god willing,” laughed the superstar on his social pages.

While Meek chose to critique the justice system in this viral challenge, other musicians, like PnB Rock, Tee Grizzley, Ludacris, the whole Dreamvile, and others are just messing around and having fun. Do you agree with our assessment that Meek won this challenge or do you have someone else on top?

Blueface & His 2 Girlfriends Get Giant Matching Tattoos

There should be a rule among tattoo artists to not let people get matching ink if they’re romantically involved. We’ve heard all the horror stories about people who have gone through messy break-ups after getting tatted up for their partners. It’s the unfortunate reality things like this. Even though you’re in love with your girl and you want to do something special to prove your loyalty, find another way and don’t get her initials or name inked on your arm. Chances are, you’ll end up regretting it. Blueface recently came up with a ton money, signing to Cash Money West and striking gold with “Thotiana.” He’s been spending lots time with his two girlfriends and now, their love is etched onto their hands for the rest time. Both women got Blue’s infamous Benjamin Franklin portrait done on the backs their hands.

When Blueface first started gaining notoriety, people gravitated toward his massive face tattoo Benjamin Franklin. Never has anybody been so dedicated to the money before. Blueface might think his two girls are committed to him after copping some fresh ink for the rapper, and while we know nothing about the specifics their relationship, statistics back up the fact that somebody will be regretting their decision. 

Regardless how long they end up being together, all three them now have a special souvenir to remind them the fun times they had as a trio. Peep the new tats below.

Lil Nas X, Cardi B & More Make Time’s Most Influential People On The Internet

You’ll recall back in April, when celebrated New York magazine, TIME, named its annual “100 Most Influential People,” only to reveal that they had completely snubbed the hip hop community by failing to include any artists that represented the genre. Despite the inclusion names like Khalid and Ozuna, hip-hop largely went unrepresented this year. That’s not to say that TIME necessarily had a bad past with emcees though, as across the years, the magazine had previously named Cardi BKendrick LamarNicki MinajKanye West, Jay-Z, Chance The Rapper, and Childish Gambino. For some reason however, they chose to omit any such names on their list, but now it seems they’re looking to redeem themselves, as they’ve added just a few hip hop names into their most recent “25 Most Influential People On The Internet.”

For the 5th year in a row, TIME returns for its list most influential people on the net, and this year’s roster is made up mostly young entertainers, as well as a number political figures. Chosen based on their “global impact on social media, as well as their ability to drive views,” Time named Ariana Grande, Lil Nas X, Cardi B, and BTS as musical artist standouts for 2019. Other notable names like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Donald Trump, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Jada Pinkett Smith also made the list, with TIME also taking the time to highlight the influence the Hong Kong protesters and climate change school strikers. For a full list people, visit TIME‘s website.