Klay Thompson Thanks The Pacific Ocean For Performance In Game 4

The Golden State Warriors have a plethora talented players so if one is having a bad stretch games, the others will be able to pick up the slack. That’s exactly what happened during games one to three their series against the Los Angeles Clippers, as Klay Thompson had only scored 42 points in those games combined. On Sunday, in game four, Thompson went f for 32 points in the team’s 113-105 win which gave the team a 3-1 lead in the series. 

When asked what the difference was for Thompson in game four, he gave a pretty interesting answer which involved a dip in the Pacific Ocean, according to ESPN.

“I didn’t think I had bad games, but I didn’t have any big games,” Thompson explained. “I told Jonas Jerebko on Saturday] — we went to the beach and played some volleyball — I’m like, ‘Yo, I’m just going to jump in the ocean, and I just know that will reset my mind.’ And it worked. I don’t know if I’m going to jump in the water] up north in the Bay Area] because it’s freezing, but it’s something I’ll definitely contemplate if I don’t shoot the ball that well the rest the year. But hopefully that doesn’t happen.”

The Warriors will have an opportunity to close out the series on Wednesday in Oakland.

Terence Crawford Scores 6th Round TKO Over Amir Khan After Accidental Low Blow

The senseless rhetoric over Boxing’s pound-for-pound king doesn’t matter to those doing the fighting. Entering Saturday night’s boxing showcase at Madison Square Garden, Terence Crawford was among the 2-3 names being circulated for the sport’s highest symbolic order, the others being former Olympic gold medalist Vasyl “The Matrix” Lomachenko, and lineal middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez. After securing a 6th round TKO his opponent last night, the debate over boxing supremacy isn’t any closer to sorting itself out. Not until they all meet in the middle at a predetermined catchweight.

Terence Crawford Scores 6th Round TKO Over Amir Khan After Accidental Low Blow

Al Bello/Getty s

As for Amir Khan’s plight in the contest, no one can fault him for accepting P4P contender, even though Crawford’s utter dominance will effectively emasculate him in the process – but only to the casual boxing fan who doesn’t understand the guts, it takes to enter the ring (in the first place).

In the end, it was an accidental low blow administered by Terence Crawford that allowed Khan’s trainer Virgil Hunter a moment reprieve – where he plainly asked his fighter if he had it in him to continue. Referee David Fields thereby put a halt to the contest with the 6th round put on a temporary pause.

To his credit, Amir Khan took his bow, when he could have just easily complained about the accidental punch(es) to his loins. “I want to apologize to all the fans. The fight was just getting interesting,” Khan said. “Terence is a great fighter. I’m not taking anything away from him. I now realize why he’s one the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.” Crawford for his part is looking forward to the challenge he might face in unifying the welterweight straps held by the Shawn Porter, Errol Spence and Keith “One Time” Thurman’s the world. This is an exciting time for boxing in America, do take notice.

DMX Joins Murda Beatz On Stage At Coachella

In Weekend 2 his Coachella debut, Murda Beatz kept the surprises coming as he brought out DMX for delivery the legend’s “Ruff Ryder’s Anthem.”

Throughout the week, the Canadian producer teased that he had something up his sleeve but after such a stellar showing last weekend, there was no telling what direction he’d take things this time.

During Weekend 1, he brought out A$AP Ferg and Rich The kids to the crowd’s delight, a decision he says was made at the last minute.

“It’s kind a spur the moment thing. ASAP Ferg, he’s the fucking festival God, I was just like ‘Yo I’m at Coachella, I need to bring out ASAP Ferg!'” he told Variety. “Me and him have a relationship already, we’ve never made any music together but been in the studio a bunch times. I hit him up and he was down. Shout out Rich the Kid, that’s my dog. Been my brother for seven years. I met him with the Migos a long time ago.”

On Sunday (Apruil 21st), DMX is scheduled to hit the stage again alongside Kanye West in the Coachella edition his Sunday Service. Lauryn Hill is expected to make an appearance as well.

LL Cool J & Wife Simone Share Details Of Her Fight With Rare Bone Cancer

Simone Smith is sharing her story her fight with cancer to help and inspire others who may be struggling through their battles. She’s been in remission for 14 years now, but the wife LL Cool J, real name Todd Smith, is partnering with her husband a few their famous friends for the American Cancer Society campaign, “Beat Cancer Like a Boss.” Celebrities including Mary J. Blige, Remy Ma, Salt-N-Pepa, Jhene Aiko, and Jordin Sparks have joined their fight.

In 2004, Simone was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called chondrosarcoma. “I was working out with my trainer, walking, talking, not paying no mind, walked into the wastebasket and it hit that little knot,” she told ET. “That sent me to the doctor, and that’s when I found out I had a chondrosarcoma stage three tumor in my right tibia bone.” She had her right tibia removed during a 15-hour surgery and it was replaced with her left fibula, a still rod, screws, nails and micro veins from her other legs. “It was a two and a half year recovery, where I had to learn to walk again. I went from a wheelchair to two crutches, to one crutch to a cane.”

LL Cool J & Wife Simone Share Details Of Her Fight With Rare Bone Cancer
Frazer Harrison/Getty s

LL and Simone have been married for 23 years and he made sure that he did everything to help aid in her recovery, including keeping negative energy out their home and asking to give her one his bones. “I remember sitting in the doctor’s fice, and he wanted to give his fibula bone…because he felt that his fibula bone would be bigger and stronger,” she said.

“I learned that you got to be grateful, and you can’t take things for granted. I learned that left turns could come, right turns could come,” LL said. “You can’t always see around every corner, but you just have to have faith and you have to have gratitude, you got to roll with humility, you got to believe. I believe in God strongly, and you got to believe in yourself too.”

“Have faith,” Simone shared. “Find your inner strength. Be confident.”

Spotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 Million

Spotify has surpassed 500 million downloads on Android, despite having only 207 million monthly active users.

How many ‘zombie apps’ does Spotify have?  According to the latest Google Play Store counts, Android devices alone have 500 million total Spotify apps installed.

The high install number is undoubtedly inflated by people who no longer use the app.  But the same person installing Spotify across multiple Android devices also counts, making a precise ‘zombie’ estimate difficult to calculate.

Still, this is the first non-preloaded music streaming app to pass 500 million downloads on Android — ever.

Spotify has beat Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and several others to the 500 million mark.

Both TIDAL and Apple Music still have a paltry 10-50 million downloads. That’s in comparison to the previously mentioned apps which all have 100-500 million downloads.

The stat comes with good news, and bad news.  Even with the inflated numbers over actual subscriber counts, it appears that Spotify is the most popular streaming app among Android users.  It’s not hard to see why, especially when Spotify with Android-heavy manufacturers like Samsung.

There are also rumors that Spotify is looking to create its own physical hardware in the future.  Earlier this year, The Financial Times reported that Spotify would release an in-car music player this year.  The rumored player is expected to cost around $100.

Spotify is attempting to compete at the same level as pre-loaded music streaming services.

Apple Music and Google’s have the advantage of coming pre-installed on every iOS or Android device.  Spotify is the new default on all Samsung devices, which is a direct threat to YouTube Music.

Spotify is hoping that most auto owners will want a single service device that can be left in their car. Instead of fiddling with the Spotify app every time you want to listen to music, Spotify’s in-car solution is just a few taps away. Spotify has already released a for Android users, which activates automatically when connected to a car’s Bluetooth.

Spotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 Million

Spotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 Million

Spotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 Million

Spotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 MillionSpotify Zombie App Alert: Android Installs Cross a Record 500 Million

The Game’s License Plate On His Crip-Colored Lamborghini Now Reads "RIP NIP"

The Game has been a loyal defender all things Nipsey Hussle since the Crenshaw rapper was pronounced dead less than a month ago. He was after all the individual who dug up the video the two alleged LAPD ficers talking down on Nipsey’s ficers. The recording was in itself inconclusive, but that didn’t prevent the Compton from going public with for reforms in the dept. 

With all that said, The Game figures among the most faithful subjects to Nipsey’s undying legacy. When you’ve got Snoop Dogg posting Nips-related memorandums on a daily basis, the impetus to be creative takes on a whole other meaning. Rick Ross memorialized the late rapper with body art, as did Russ, Roddy Ricch and countless others. Then Rozay had the elevators in his estate varnished with Nipsey’s face (up above). 

The Game’s gesture is unlike all others I just described, but not because it lacks in permanence. As recounted by DJ Akademiks, The Game just had the plates on his blue Lambo changed to read “RIP NIP.” While it must seem like a meaningless to the common person, consider this: The Game and Nipsey stood at opposing ends Piru-Crip feudalism, and the Lamborghini is painted in the colors Nip’s unbreakable oath.

LeBron James Urges 50 Cent To Re-release "Power Of The Dollar"

In the comment section a TBT 50 cent posted on Instagram yesterday, LeBron James chimed in to demand the re-release 50 Cent‘s Power the Dollar. G-Unit historians ten point to the importance the record, in light the fact it sparked 50 Cent’s career, and the adversarial persona he took on for year’s to come.

LeBron James Urges 50 Cent To Re-release "Power Of The Dollar"

Theo Wargo/Getty s

“Re release ‘Power A Dollar”! Straight flames!!!!” LeBron wrote in the comments. The Lakers’ forward is widely known to be wise beyond his years when it comes to his knowledge Y2K-era rap. James was born in Akron in the year 1984, placing him in the confines a Kindergarten classroom the year 50 Cent dropped the all-important mixtape.

And yet, when LeBron looks into the lens, all he can think is a currency exchange in the year 2000 or the scolding manner that Jay-Z once asked, “I’m about the dollar, what the fuck is 50 cent?”

50 Cent did eventually drop down in response, amazed by the millennial baller’s far-reaching knowledge. “@kingjames Damn boy you real be knowing this music shit for real,” 50 responded in astonishment. Power the Dollar features notable contributions from Destiny’s Child, Noreaga, and Bun B. It hasn’t been re-released to the masses since it became a hot commodity in the streets, during the bootleg era.

The Latest Music Industry Gigs: Sony/ATV, Monotone, Paradigm, More

Here’s a wrap on the latest music industry hirings, firings, and promotions.

If you have a job listing to share, we’re all ears. Send us a note to

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Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment — Anne Del Castillo

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced that film production and public media veteran Anne Del Castillo has been appointed to Commissioner of the MOME.  She replaces Julie Menin, who left the post in January.  Del Castillo has filled the post since February.

Warner/Chappell Music — Ryan Press

Warner/Chappell Music has announced the promotion of Ryan Press to president of A&R in the United States. Press first joined Warner/Chappell back in 2009.

UPROXX — Adam Smith

Warner Music Group-owned content company UPROXX has announced that Adam Smith has joined as Chief Revenue Officer. Smith will oversee the company’s revenue growth and expand current partnerships and branding opportunities.

Sony/ATV — New Appointments & Promotions

Elicia Felix-Hughey has joined Sony/ATV in the newly-created role of Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources. Tom Kelly has been promoted to Global Chief Financial Officer as well.

Monotone Inc. — Matt Pollack and Brett Williams

Monotone Inc. has promoted Matt Pollack and Brett Williams to co-general managers of the company. They will oversee Monotone’s management roster and will lead all marketing and promotion.

Westwood One — Theresa Gage

Westwood One has hired industry veteran Theresa Gage as VP, Sponsorship Sales, and Marketing. She will be responsible for managing sponsorship sales, partnerships, and the company’s influencer network.

Paradigm Talent Agency — Marty Diamond

Marty Diamond has been named Head of Global Music of Paradigm Talent Agency. He will lead the agency’s representation worldwide.

English National Opera — Daniel Kramer

Daniel Kramer is quitting his job as artistic director of the English National Opera after less than three years. Kramer will be leaving at the end of July.

Spirit Music Group — Joe Borrino

Joe Borrino has been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Spirit Music Group. Borrino will oversee all aspects of SMG’s financial and operational activities across the globe.

iHeartMedia — Jeff Cage

Jeff Cage has been named Region Senior Vice President of Programming for its St. Louis Region, starting immediately. The iHeartMedia St. Louis region has more than 33 stations across Missouri and Iowa.

Lupe Fiasco Calls Out Old Man Ebro Over “Old Town Road”

Instagram – Lil Nas X has been a heavy topic of conversation since the “Old Town Road” controversy exploded last month. And like countless others, Ebro Darden had his opinion on Dave East’s recent commentary on the matter.

On Thursday (April 18), the Harlem-bred rapper blasted the song and consequently, got dragged on Twitter.

“This fuckin’ ‘Old Town Road’ shit is fuckin’ wack,” East said. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on with Hip Hop; with rap [and] I ain’t no hater, but that shit is wack. With a cape on it! And super wack!”

Ebro replied, “Dave East is supposed to dislike ‘Old Town Road’ …. because HipHop needs him to!!!”

Evidently, Lupe Fiasco wasn’t impressed with the radio host’s sentiments – despite the fact Ebro’s job essentially revolves around his thoughts on Hip Hop culture.

“Stop speaking for hip hop as a whole,” the “Kick, Push” mastermind commented.

View this post on Instagram

#LupeFiasco had a quick message for #Ebro!! 👀

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

“Old Town Road — described as country trap music — started making headlines in March when the Hip Hop/country hybrid went viral. It made Billboard’s cross-genre Hot 100 chart, the Hot Country Songs chart and the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart simultaneously.

But shortly after its debut, the song was removed from Billboard’s country chart.

In a statement to Rolling Stone, Billboard stated, “Upon further review, it was determined that ‘Old Town Road’ by Lil Nas X does not currently merit inclusion on Billboard‘s country charts. When determining genres, a few factors are examined, but first and foremost is musical composition.

“While ‘Old Town Road’ incorporates references to country and cowboy imagery, it does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music to chart in its current version.”

Revisit the remix featuring Billy Ray Cyrus below.

Lil Dicky’s Star-Studded "Earth" Aims For Video Of The Year

Indio, CA – Lil Dicky is making his presence felt in Coachella’s final weekend with 32 of the entertainment industry’s biggest stars as cartoon animals in his latest video.

The Philadelphia rapper and comedian debuted his new animated video “Earth” as an ode to Earth Day on April 22.

The video begins in Los Angeles addressing wildfires and climate change on a local news channel. Lil Dicky encounters a group of roguish kids who kick over a trash can therefter and admonishes them to pick up the garbage.

After a mysterious book falls out the litter, one of the kids opens it and the scene morphes into cartoon safari filled with animals similar to the Madagascar Disney film series.

Dicky begins the song with the chorus “We love the earth” with an animated version of himself in the jungle. Justin Bieber come forth to start the first verse as a baboon, Ariana Grande is a zebra and Halsey sings as a lion cub, and, to no surprise, Snoop Dogg is a marijuana plant.

Plus, Ed Sheeran plays a koala and Kevin Hart’s variant is, well, Kanye West in the wild.

Lil Dicky made a guest appearance on daytime talk show Ellen to discuss his star-studded video on Wednesday (April 18). He spoke about meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio and the profits from the song’s sale going to the actor’s Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation that focuses on environmental preservation and global effect from climate change.

“When I started making the song, I didn’t notice the facts at hand,” Lil Dicky said. “We have 12 years to completely change the way we do things on earth and the damage is irreversible.

“And within our lifetime, well within our lifetime, crazy things are going to happen. Floods, food shortages, bad air. Millions of people, this soon.”

You can watch the interview with Ellen Degeneres in the clip below and the “Earth” video above.

Odell Beckham Jr. Debuts His New Browns Uniform

A number NFL stars changed uniforms this season and it’s going to take a little getting used to. Le’Veon Bell trading in his black and yellow for “Gotham Green,” Antonio Brown running routes in silver & black and Odell Beckham Jr. rocking the brown & orange, just to name a few.

We’ve all seen the photoshopped images those players in their new digs, but with voluntary minicamps set to kickf in the coming days, the reality is starting to set in. For instance, Beckham Jr. took to instagram last night to share the first, real photos himself in Cleveland’s brown and orange unis.

The Browns acquired the 26-year old star in exchange for their 2019 first round pick (17th overall), a third-round pick and safety Jabrill Peppers. The Giants selected Beckham 12th overall out LSU in the 2014 NFL Draft, and he racked up over 1,300+ receiving yards with 10 or more touchdowns in each his first three seasons. In 12 games with the G-Men last year, OBJ caught 77 passes for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns. 

Cleveland will kickf the 2019 season on September 8, at home against the Tennessee Titans. Then, it’s on to MetLife Stadium, as Odell Beckham Jr. makes his return to the place he called home for his first five seasons, as the Browns take on the New York Jets on Monday night.

In total, Baker Mayfield, OBJ and the Browns will be featured in four primetime games this season – the most for Cleveland in over a decade.

LaMelo Ball Gets Massive Chest Tattoo: Photos

LaMelo Ball is sporting some new ink these days – a massive chest tattoo that spans from shoulder-to-shoulder.

LaMelo, who previously had “Fear” and “God” tatted on his wrists, got his latest tattoo from Herschell Carrasco (@rockrollg), the same dude who covered up Lonzo’s BBB logo with a pair dice, and inked some tiger eyes on LiAngelo’s bicep.

As seen in the photo posted by @rockrollg, LaMelo’s latest tattoo includes his jersey number, 1, along with some wings, a halo and a few stars for good measure.

LaMelo, 17, will be heading to either Australia or China to play basketball next season because he definitely won’t be eligible to play in college.

At the “Big Baller Brand All-American Game” a few weeks back, LaVar Ball explained (H/T USA Today):

“I’m going to let you know the plan now, so everyone can just stop. In college, I already knew what they were about to do. ‘We’re going to investigate, we’re not going to let him play until we let him play, LaVar. We’re not going to let you do all that big-mouth talking and then we’re going to hold him back and a whole year go by.’ The G League: I’m not going to let no 28, 29-year-old dudes tee f on him. And try to make a name for himself, so he’s definitely going overseas … Either Australia or China. One the two.”

T.I.’s Daughter Deyjah Sends A Message To All Men Ahead Of Her 18th Birthday

Deyjah Harris will soon be turning eighteen years old, which is a pretty big deal. If she decides to visit Canada, she’ll be able to legally drink in most cities. She can also enjoy much more freedom than before because her parents are no longer responsible for her at this point. That’s not saying that Tiny and T.I. will completely let her out the nest, though. Watching their reality show, you can see that the family is extremely close-knit so something tells us she’ll still be spending a lot time at the Harris home. Ahead her eighteenth birthday, Deyjah wanted to send a message to any men that think she’s fair game now, issuing a PSA on her Instagram story.

“I just wanna quickly say that just because I’m turning 18 in June, that doesn’t mean…” wrote the social media star before listing f a couple things. “1. That y’all will even get the chance lmaoooooo. 2. More importantly, that still don’t make it right for you grown ass men to try and get at me.. eighTEEN. I will still be A TEENAGER!!!! If you’re not ok with someone your age tryna get with your daughter, sister, niece, etc. then don’t think it’s ok with me.”

Something tells us that her parents will absolutely co-sign this message. T.I. previously defended his 17-year-old daughter after somebody criticized her looks online. Read through the PSA below.

Remy Ma Being Investigated For Assaulting "Love & Hip Hop" Star

Usually, Remy Ma makes headlines for showing f her adorable daughter with Papoose on social media. This story has nothing to do with The Golden Child though. Unfortunately, the New York rap staple is currently being investigated for assault after she allegedly gave Love & Hip Hop: New York star Brittney Taylor a black eye.

Yesterday, Brittney Taylor took to social media to blame Remy Ma for giving her a black eye, calling out the artist and accusing her assault. “I didn’t wanna bring it to social media because Its pretty embarrassing and not a good look tbh. I tried my best to cover it up with make up and move on but that still didn’t work. My Question is @remyma why did you really do this?” asked Taylor, gesturing to her bruised eye. According to Page Six, Taylor’s claims have prompted the NYPD to look further into this situation, ficially investigating Remy Ma for the alleged assault.

The Love & Hip Hop star reportedly told police that Remy Ma punched her in the right eye, causing the bruise, at approximately 9:30 PM on Tuesday night. The attack apparently went down at Irving Plaza and as this moment, Remy has not been arrested or charged with anything. Taylor has said that police were present during the alleged assault but that she didn’t report the incident at that time because she was too embarrassed. We’ll keep you updated with any new developments.

G Herbo Goes Live On IG After Being Released From Jail & Blasts Ex Ari

Not long ago rapper G Herbo and the mother his child, Ariana Fletcher, were sharing sweet moments with their son, but things have allegedly turned sour following reports that Herbo and Ari got into a physical altercation. According to Ari, Herbo lost it at her home. “He kicked my door down to get in my house because I wouldn’t let him in, beat the f*ck out me in front my son then he took my son outside to his friends and had them drive f with my son,” she wrote. “Hid all my knives in my house, broke my phone and locked me inside and beat the fuck out me again.”

“Chocked me, punched me in the face and all over my body, dragged me outside on the concrete by my hair after his friends drove f with my son, took me in the house and continued beating me,” she said. “He wrecked my whole house, broke all type sh*t, I have a black eye, my body scraped up from being dragged outside, bruises and cuts all over my body…Please don’t speak on no old ‘relationship play fights cuz this ain’t that.” According to TMZ, police on the scene said that Ari had minor scratches.

G Herbo Goes Live On IG After Being Released From Jail & Blasts Ex Ari
Shareif Ziyadat/Getty s

Herbo was arrested in Atlanta on charges battery and after he was released, he jumped on Instagram live to put his ex on blast. His Live was cutting in and out because there were so many people calling his phone, but that didn’t keep Herbo from putting all his business out for the public to see. He claims that at a party at his mother’s house, Ari went into his mother’s room and stole items jewelry, but when he found out he says he stayed quiet about it and didn’t file an insurance claim or call the cops to help keep her out trouble.

Herbo also says that she told him to go down to Atlanta to get his jewelry back. “Why you tryin’ to make it like I care about you?” he said in the video. “Or your relationship? Or anything you do? I don’t give a f*ck about you…I love you ’cause you my son’s mom, but I don’t care about you. I’m with my girl and I’m gon’ be with her for a long time,” Herbo states.

The entire time, the camera is pointed at iced out items jewelry. “Don’t try to make it about anything else but this,” the rapper said. “You still got $300,000 worth sh*t.” Ari has also allegedly started rumors that Herbo has herpes in order to slander his name. “I’ve never faked it with you a day in my life. You done lied and said all this type sh*t. B*tch you know I don’t got no STD ’cause you still wanna f*ck me. You still want to be with me.” Herbo went on to say that after this, he knows he’ll never get his jewelry back so he’s going to file an insurance claim and get Ari arrested because “she robbed me, basically.”