WATCH: "DeepFake" Of Jon Snow Apologizes For "Game Of Thrones" Final Season

We previously reported on the formulation deepfakes, the imaging techniques which allows for images to appear as though they are talking. The latter is generated from a single photo and can be designed to appear as a seemingly realistic video when coupled with the right audio. The aforementioned technology was tested on the famous Mona Lisa painting wherein she appeared to laugh and talk. Ever since its conception, deepfakes have garnered both interest and worry. Worrying concerns stem from the fear that ill-intentioned tech wiz may be able to use the technology to interfere with politics or worldly affairs by mimicking a trusting public figure. Though for now, it seems deepfakes are only used for amusing purposes. As such, Jon Snow, a Game Thrones character played by Kit Harrington, was the recent victim the modern imaging technology. Reports by Page Six indicated that a video had been made which showed Kit Harrington apologizing to fans who were disappointed by the series’ final season.

Herein, we can hear and see Jon Snow speaking in a video that appears to be pretty credible. He criticizes the season in a comical manner and apologizes to fans for the numerous loopholes. Watch the video above. Do you think deepfakes should be a concern? Or will they always be used in as comedic relief?

LaVar Ball Awkwardly Shoots His Shot At ESPN’s Molly Qerim: Video

LaVar Ball made his return to ESPN’s “First Take” today to discuss the Lakers-Pelicans trade that sent his son, Lonzo, to New Orleans as well as the future his youngest son, LaMelo. During the interview, the Ball Father simply couldn’t resist shooting a cringeworthy shot at co-host Molly Qerim.

As seen in the footage embedded below, Qerim, who is married to former NBA star Jalen Rose, made a comment about “switching gears” in the interview when Ball replied, “You can switch gears with me any day.” Qerim’s facial expression tells you everything you need to know about how she felt about that remark.

As far as the rest LaVar’s interview was concerned, he now says he wanted Lonzo to be traded all along and he predicts that LaMelo will be selected first overall in the 2020 NBA Draft. In other words, it was typical LaVar.

“Lonzo] will help Zion’s game because Zion knows what he’s about. Zo gonna give him the ball and make him better than what he is. On the fact he’s young, he likes to run. Lonzo is gonna give him the ball early. He’s gonna be ready to jump, catch lobs. He’s going to have a great time having fun because Lonzo is infectious like that. Being at that young age, they’re going to get along because the core is so young.”

Check out some clips from LaVar’s appearance on First Take below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Knowledge The Pirate Teaches Lesson In "Tables Manner" Video

Knowledge The Pirate continues to deliver new visuals for his recently released album Black Cesar. After dropping “Science Born” prior to the LP’s arrival in March, Knowledge returns a few months later to premiere his “Table Manners” video on HipHopDX.

“‘Table Manners’ is about teaching niggas basic etiquette, like don’t talk with your mouth full and keep your elbow off the table,” he tells DX. “I may be referencing moving weight, but the same rules apply.

“In the video, we receive a truckload of ‘food’ at one of my warehouses, and then we proceed to sit down at the table and ‘eat.’”

Watch Knowledge’s “Table Manners” video above.

Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date

Run The Jewels — the motley Hip Hop duo of Killer Mike and El-P — has been working on their next album for years. On Monday morning (June 17), it looked like fans finally had a release date for Run The Jewels 4, their aptly titled follow-up to 2016’s Run The Jewels 3.

After posting a photo of two hands clinking pint glasses emblazoned with the RTJ logo, the post quickly and mysteriously disappeared. But, those who were paying attention saw a release date in the caption that read, “9.7.19.”

The same image was later shared to their Instagram Story — minus the caption.

Run The Jewels Post & Delete "RTJ4" Release Date


Mike and El Producto have been dropping hints the album is close to being unveiled to the public. Late last month, they posted a photo of themselves with producer extraordinaire Rick Rubin and revealed they’d spent the past week at his Malibu recording studio wrapping things up.

Last December, El-P teased a 2019 release date, but didn’t elaborate . Now, it looks like Run The Jewels 4 could arrive on September 7. It’s yet to be determined why the post was removed. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Diddy’s Ex Girlfriend Claims He Abused Her & Forced Her To Have Two Abortions

Some serious claims have been made against Diddy recently. One the rap mogul’s ex girlfriend is alleging that he physically assaulted her along with a series other weighty accusations. As you may recall, a unidentified woman shared videos Diddy and herself getting quite intimate on camera. The woman whose name is Gina Huynh, aka Virginia V, shared the lovey-dovey moments on her Instagram before swiftly taking them down. Unfortunately for her, the gossip outlet TheShadeRoom got a hold these right before she could take them down and have since shared the moments on their very popular social media accounts. Well since this has happened, Virginia V decided to sit down with media personality Tasha K to reveal all the details her relationship with Diddy. The three-part interview unveiled that the two had an on-and-f relationship and this even when Diddy was still dating Cassie. Moreover, Virginia V cites numerous times when Diddy “stomped” and hit her.

“He was mentally, emotionally, and physically abusing me. He would always compare me to Cassie and tell me that I’m the bad one, she’s a good one,” were her exact words. Furthermore, Huynh claims Diddy forced her to undergo two abortions which he paid $50K for her to “get rid it.” She also mentioned a few times where Diddy assaulted her for getting “warm” with other musicians such as Meek Mill. The interview details much more including the claim that Diddy is now dating Steve Harvey’s 22 year-old daughter, Lori Harvey

Genius Embedded Secret Codes Into Its Lyrics to Prove Google Was Stealing Them

Genius presents evidence to prove its long-running case against Google.

Genius, the New York-based site that allows users to interpret, analyze, and comment on the (accurately transcribed) lyrics of popular songs, alleges that Google copied these lyrics and displayed them along with other search-engine results, thereby eliminating the need for searchers to visit

In the process, Genius claims that they lost substantial clicks and revenue.

Proving as much would typically be difficult, given the inherently copyable nature of song lyrics.  However, Genius is unique in this regard, as it frequently signs exclusive agreements with musical artists to post studio-approved (i.e., entirely accurate) lyrics, effectively avoiding making a multitude of errors.

It should also be noted that not a few of these songs’ words are fast-paced and difficult-to-understand, hence why fans would take the time to look them up in the first place — and why it would be hard for listeners to precisely write these lyrics out.

In 2016, Genius employees noticed that Google’s lyrics were the only other entirely accurate transcriptions on the internet, and that’s when they became suspicious and devised a plan.

Their lyrics were soon posted with both curly apostrophes and traditional apostrophes, which are difficult to spot at a glance, but that can be easily pinpointed if one knows to look for them.  An abundance of Google’s official lyrics contained the alternating apostrophes, which were also designed to translate into “red handed” in Morse code.

Genius has brought the matter to Google’s attention several times, but this is the first instance where the alleged theft has been reported news outlets.  Google has denied copying the lyrics, claiming instead that the lyrics featured in their search results have been provided by LyricFind, another company that’s licensed to post songs’ words.

Legal experts have indicated that a Genius-Google lawsuit would be long and expensive, and the former doesn’t have a slam-dunk case even with the cited evidence.  While Google may have utilized Genius’s writing, the song lyrics themselves belong to their respective artists.

Most music fans have little idea who’s really supplying the lyrics — which is part of the problem here.  Also overlooked are sneakily inserted apostrophes, though when it comes to Google’s lyrics, there might be more to their apostrophes than meets the eye.

Lil Nas X Announces Release Date For Debut EP "7"

Lil Nas X looks to maintain the momentum of his breakthrough single “Old Town Road” with the upcoming release of his 7 EP. The country trap artist has announced his debut project will drop this Friday (June 21).

“7 DROPS ON JUNE 21ST!!” he wrote on Twitter, alongside an image of the EP’s cover art.

Lil Nas X’s 7 will feature the Billy Ray Cyrus-assisted remix of his hit song “Old Town Road,” which has spent 10 weeks atop the Billboard Hot 100. The project also includes a guest appearance by OneRepublic singer Ryan Tedder.

Check out Lil Nas X’s 7 cover art and tracklist below.

1. Old Town Road (Remix) f. Billy Ray Cyrus
2. Panini
3. F9mily
4. Kick It
5. Rodeo
6. Bring U Down f. Ryan Tedder
7. C7osure

D’Angelo Russell Likely Won’t Be Retained If Kyrie Irving Signs With Brooklyn Nets

According to SNY, D’Angelo Russell will likely be forced out contention if Kyrie Irving is added to the fold. The reason being: the Brooklyn Nets already have a plethora ball-dominant guard in their backcourt, and platooning Kyrie and D’Angelo with an existing rotation that includes Spencer Dinwiddie and a healthy Caris LeVert could spell out incoherence on all fronts.

D'Angelo Russell Likely Won't Be Retained If Kyrie Irving Signs With Brooklyn Nets

 Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE Getty s

Think this way, adding Kyrie Irving to the roster isn’t exactly devoid risk, even if the numbers presumably add up personnel-wise. It’s been rumored for some time now, that NBA GMs are wary adding Kyrie if he isn’t paired with another marquee signing/volume scorer.

As SNY’s wisely Ian Begley pointed out, while the Nets are believed to be current frontrunners to land Irving’s services, they would prefer to sign him in tandem with Kevin Durant. Yet, if that were to become their course action, they’d have to clear a good chunk cap space to make it work under the luxury tax. If Russell’s contract is written f the books, the Nets would be left with over $66 million in cap space.

There’s no indication KD prefers the Nets to the New York Knicks, despite the incessant rambling lifelong Knicks fan Stephen A. Smith. If D’Angelo’s restricted free agent status were to be rescinded, there would be no shortage NBA teams interested in making his acquisition. The Indiana Pacers are rumored to be VERY interested; all it would take is a few dominos to fall into place before a team could feasibly “fer sheet” t the Nets’ reservoir talented youngsters.

Emergency Doors Wouldn’t Open In Shocking Costco Shooting In Southern California, 1 Dead & 2 Injured

This Friday, a tragic shooting occurred inside a Costco store in Southern California, CNN reported, and it left one person dead and two others injured. Lt. Jeff Edwards, Corona police, reported that a man (whose name wasn’t immediately released) is now in custody after firing inside the store. The shooting stemmed from an argument that had taken place inside the store, but the relationship among the victims and the alleged gunman is unclear, Edwards said.

The incident is not believed to be a domestic dispute, he also revealed, and police weren’t looking for anyone else in connection with the crime, they tweeted. Officers found four people “down” inside the Costco store: the suspect, the decedent and two injured victims, Edwards said. The victim that was murdered was not immediately named either. Among the injured was an f-duty ficer from another department, Corona police said in a news release. The alleged gunman and the victims were taken to hospitals, Edwards reported, but the extent their injuries has not yet been made clear.

Some people were also injured trying to flee the store, Edwards said, recalling how some shoppers said that the “emergency” doors wouldn’t open. Naveed Navi and Rochelle Flores were shopping for items for a barbecue when gunshots rang out, they told CNN affiliate KTLA. They recalled hearing four shots, after which they tried to escape through emergency doors, but “they wouldn’t open,” the pair told the station. “It’s not very fun when you’re scared and you’re running for your life and you’re trying to open a door that says ’emergency’ and they don’t open,” Flores told the station. “Everybody was freaking out. People were falling over each other.” She described the absolute state chaos and confusion as shoppers tried to flee through the front entrance. “Everybody’s running around,” Flores said. “It’s scary.”

Juelz Santana & Kimbella Sued Over $17K In Condo Maintenance Fees

Hip hop couple Juelz Santana and Kimbella have been in the headlines for money troubles in the past, and Bossip is reporting that they’re once again having financial issues. Last year, Santana turned himself in so that he may begin serving out a 27-month sentence. The Dipset member was convicted boarding a plane in Newark, New Jersey with a loaded weapon. 

Just weeks ago, a heavy-pregnant Kimbella shared on social media that she’s doing the best she can to hold down the household while her man is away. “I travel to Virginia every other week with my children to see my husband so they can spend quality time with their father,” she wrote. “It feels so good to spend those hours with him during our visits, It’s not easy but I know that is what I’m supposed to do! It’s tough not having my husband by my side these past 3 months!! I’m staying positive, busy and holding our empire down! That’s ALL I KNOW!”

According to Bossip, the Love & Hip Hop New York couple are being sued for not paying the maintenance fees on their condo for a year. The Courts Glenpointe Condominium Association has filed a lawsuit against the pair for breach contract, stating that they now owe $17,303 in back fees that have accumulated from $1,041 per month. The condo is asking for the fees to be paid in full including the late charges, and they also want their lawyer costs covered.

Although Santana purchased the property back in 2005 for $540,000, there have been reports that he’s struggled with maintaining the mortgage payments. Court records show that the condo has been in and out foreclosure. The condominium complex has also been the home other artists including SWV and the Notorious B.I.G. 

Tami Roman Inks Deal With Mona Scott-Young For "Tami Ever After" Special

Life wasn’t always easy after Tami Roman divorced her NBA star husband Kenny Anderson. When Roman first joined the cast  Basketball Wives, she shared that she did her best to provide for her daughters, even going as far as to rely on food stamps. Yet, Roman has made sure that her time in the reality TV limelight hasn’t been in vain and has built on her brand throughout the years—and it’s become a very lucrative, worldwide brand.

The 49-year-old newlywed not only reportedly tied the knot in a secret ceremony last year, but she’s been making moves behind the scenes with Love & Hip Hop producer Mona Scott-Young. According to Deadline, Roman and Scott-Young have inked a deal to develop and produce alternative and scripted content.

“Tami is a true multi-hyphenate; not only is she a talent on camera, she’s also an incredibly intuitive and creative producer,” said Scott-Young. I love working with smart, dynamic women and Tami Roman is a rock star!” Tami stated, “I’m so excited about the magic that Mona and I are creating. She has always been very supportive my career and ideas and I’m happy to be a part her company. This will be an incredible journey.”

The pair will premiere their first project together, Tami Ever After, next Wednesday, June 19 on VH1. The special “highlights Roman’s relationship with longtime boyfriend, Reggie Youngblood and blends his hilarious and entertaining family from Houston, TX with Roman’s popular and charismatic daughters.”

Benny The Butcher Shares Stacked "The Plugs I Met" Tracklist

Benny The Butcher is, by his own admission, “here to motivate the streets.” Yesterday, he certainly lived up to his promise with yesterday’s single “18 Wheeler,” a dose premium drug raps with King Push in a supporting role. Now, Benny has come through with the full tracklist his upcoming project The Plugs I Met, a seven-track odyssey through Buffalo’s underground. While Benny is more than capable carrying a project on his own merit, he’s assembled a stack guest-list contributors, many whom adhere to a script principle bars over bullshit. Look for appearances from Black Thought, Conway The Machine, Pusha T, Jadakiss, 38 Spesh, and more.

The production is set to be equally gully, with instrumental work handled by Alchemist, Daringer, Beat Butcha and DJ Shay. Though it might have been nice to see a longer project from The Butcher, The Plugs I Met represents a rare breed hip-hop, which means we’ll take whatever we can get. Look for nothing short raw street reflections, a wave in that Buffalo’s emerging scene has come to specialize. Look for the project when it hits on June 21st, and peep the tracklist below.

1. Intro Skit
2. Crowns For Kings ft. Black Thought Prod. DJ Shay]
3. Sunday School ft. 38 Spesh & Jadakiss Prod. Daringer]
4. Dirty Harry ft. RJ Payne & Conway The Machine Prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha]
5. Took The Money To The Plug’s House Prod. The Alchemist]
6. 18 Wheeler ft. Pusha T Prod. DJ Shay]
7. 5 To 50 ft. India Prod. The Alchemist]

Kawhi Leonard & Raptors Showered In Champagne After NBA Finals Win

After a long 82-game season and four rounds playf basketball, the Toronto Raptors proved themselves to be the best team in the league as they won the championship last night. Heading into the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors, not too many people were giving the Raptors a chance to win the series. Thanks to some untimely injuries on the Warriors, the Raptors were able to dominate the Finals and won in six games as they received dominant performances from Kawhi Leonard, Kyle Lowry, and Fred VanVleet.

Immediately after the game, the team was given the championship trophy all while Leonard was crowned Finals MVP. As soon as the players got back to the locker room, they hosted an epic celebration which saw bottles champagne sprayed across the room, all while players were drenched in the expensive alcohol.

At the forefront these celebrations was Leonard who has been criticized in the past for not showing very much emotion. Leonard was probably the happiest we have ever seen him last night as he put on the protective goggles and covered himself in the foamy champagne.

This is Leonard’s second NBA championship and the Raptors first title as a franchise. It was an incredible moment that both the players and fan base will remember forever.

New Music: Blueface feat. Rich the Kid ‘Daddy’

Blueface, baby.

Just in time for Father’s Day, the Cash Money signee links up with Rich the Kid on his latest single “Daddy.” Over the clapping beat, the “Thotiana” hitmaker drops designer names in his signature offbeat flow.

“She call me daddy, I don’t even know her mama,” he raps. “She gon’ do it for some Dolce Gabbana / Louis, Gucci, Fendi, Prada / With no strings attacked, like Balenciaga.”

Along with the song, Blueface has released the summer-ready video co-starring some twerking bikini-clad models. “Finna fucc the summer up wit this one,” he said.

Starting July 13, Blueface will hit the road on his “Buss Down Tour” with NLE Choppa, Asian Doll, 9lokkNine, Sada Baby, and Kiddo Curry.

Trey Songz Remixes Meek Mill’s ‘Dangerous’

Trey Songz is back with another Triggamix.

After remixing Tory Lanez’ “Freaky,” the new father drops a remix to Meek Mill’s 2018 single “Dangerous” featuring Jeremih and PnB Rock.

Over the Championships cut, the R&B heartthrob caters to his lady with his bedroom-ready rhymes. “It ain’t even sexual, but when it gets sexual, I’ll eat you like an edible,” he sings. “You be on your vegan shit, I treat you like a vegetable.”

Last month, Trey welcomed a son named Noah. He is set to perform at Lil Wayne’s 5th annual Lil WeezyAna Fest in New Orleans this September.