Was Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Breakup and Makeup A Publicity Stunt To Sell Albums ?

Seems Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj breakup and Makeup over the last couple days was all a publicity stunt to sell albums.

The Philly rapper dropped his album “DC4” a little over a week ago but a few days after the album debut on Apple Music, he and his girlfriend Nicki Minaj started fighting publicly on Instagram. At one point their back-and-forth jab at each other became so awkward that a lot their fans started righting them f as a couple.

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A few days again after their public fight, the couple started tooling around on social media signalling a reunion. Sources close to the Trini rapper are now telling us that it was all a big publicity stunt get more attention to Meek Mill who has a new album out.

“Even while they were fighting on social media they were still texting each other and laughing so I would understand why some folks would see it as a publicity stunt,” sources told us. “The way Nicki sees it, there is no such thing as bad publicity because publicity is what get your brand out there and make people more interested in your music. Maybe Meek start to take note now, but let’s see if it reflects in album sales.

On Saturday night Meek Mill posted a photo himself and Nicki Minaj calling her his wife. But a few days before that he was calling her a disloyal b**ch and she was calling him ungrateful.

Was Meek Mill & Nicki Minaj Breakup and Makeup A Publicity Stunt To Sell Albums ?

Seems like both Meek Mill and Nicki Minaj also have their own relationship goals. Yesterday, the Young Money rapper posted a photo Nipsey Hussle and Lauren London. “This picture makes me so happy for some odd reason,” she wrote. “I can’t take her being so beautiful. All #sagittarius chicks are pretty, sexy, & loyal. Now check dat #inspiration.”

??this picture makes me so happy for some odd reason. I can't take her being so beautiful. All #sagittarius chicks are pretty, sexy, & loyal. Now check dat? #inspiration 1??0??0??

A photo posted by Nicki Minaj (@nickiminaj) on

Meek’s relationship goal seems to be Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert which he used in a meme to shade Nicki Minaj last week.

Be lit & not in misery ….. I just wanna win and ball with my lady not be drilled… that's the only that keep my functioning!!!???? on my A GAME…This give me motivation!

A photo posted by Meek Mill (@meekmill) on

The MMG rapper is getting ready to drop his DC4.5 followup album sometime this week. Perhaps the publicity is working in his favor because he has been getting a lot attention for DC4 on social media.

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Young Thug Previews New 21 Savage Collab In Mannequin Challenge Video

2 Chainz, the marketing genius that he is, has banked f the hottest new viral movement, the #MannequinChallenge, with his “Countin” video, in which he enters a boutique where he’s the only one who isn’t completely motionless. Those who he selectively unfreezes immediately join him in turning up. People all over social media have been creating their own videos themselves posing as dummies, and the latest rapper to try out the viral stunt is Young Thug. During the Mannequin Challenge video he posted to his Instagram, an unreleased track from him and 21 Savage plays in the background. The snippet, during which one can only hear 21, sounds hard as hell. One can hear the tag Thugger’s right-hand man Wheezy at the beginning the clip. 

Music by: @thuggerthugger1 & @21savage

A video posted by “”JEFFERY”” (@thuggerthugger1) on

Thugger’s Mannequin Challenge takes place in and outside a private jet, and he even got a couple runway staff members to participate. One can spot TM88, who froze himself as he was on his way up the stairs to the plane, with a box Fruit Roll-Ups in his right hand. The cameraman boards the plane and then ventures into the cabin to find Jeffery, who is stuck in a dignified thinking man’s pose. He springs to life and flashes his brilliant veneer right before the clip ends.  

Thug and 21 recently appeared together on Meek Mill’s DC4 track “Offended.” Strangely enough, a sans-Meek Mill version the song, entitled “I Might,” is now listed on iTunes as a Young Thug single. Less surprisingly, Meek Mill was left out  the song when it played on OVO Sound Radio this weekend. 

Thoughts on the Thug/21 collab — potentially titled “Turn Up” or “Turn Up on Dey Ass” — heard in the above video? 

Payroll Giovanni – Sosa Dreamz | Download & Listen [New Mixtape]

Payroll Giovanni Doughboyz Cashout, the collective formerly signed to Jeezy’s CTE, is making major solo moves this year, and he now stands as one the hottest artists in Detroit. His recent success wouldn’t have been possible without Cardo, one the most reliable producers in the game. The Dallas-based producer reached out to Giovanni earlier this year, and they soon cranked out a joint mixtape, Big Bossin’ Vol. 1, which has been met with rave reviews. The tape was noticed far outside Detroit, as Cardo’s lush productions had a West Coast appeal to them, which was nicely complemented by the summertime narrative put together by Giovanni. Six months after Big Bossin, Giovanni has dropped another tape: Sosa Dreamz. The title is inspired by the famed kingpin from “Scarface.” It’s unclear how many credits Cardo has on Sosa Dreamz, though it’s assumed he contributes extensively as he has been keenly promoting the tape. He produced “Came Up Off Work,” the single that dropped right before the tape with an accompanying video (watch below). 

Sosa Dreamz features Drey Skonie, B-Mo Maine, Clay Baby, Tamara Jewel, Cashout Calhoun, and Big Quis. Payroll has also announced that his next project, Giovanni’s Way, is on the near horizon. Cardo is expected to play a major part in that one, too. 

01. Sosa Dreamz (Ft Drey Skonie)
02. Been Getting Money (Ft B Mo Maine)
03. Forbes List
04. Presi
05. My Money Counter
06. No Trust
07. Came Up Off Work
08. Worldwide Hustla (Ft Clay Baby)
09. Nothing Going On (Ft Tamara Jewel & Cashout Calhoun)
10. Only Tell You Once
11. Fly Away (Ft Big Quis)
12. Keep Pushing
13. It Aint A Game

OG Maco – For Scott | Download & Listen [New Mixtape]

Despite being involved in a near-fatal car accident this summer, OG Maco continues to crank out new projects. This year, he’s been less focused on radio hits and more intent on consistently serving his dedicated fanbase, which likes how Maco brings a punk rock mindset and more challenging subject matter to Atlanta turn-up music. There’s still no sign Maco’s long-awaited debut album, Children the Rage, though he has just dropped a new 6-track EP, For Scott, which follows Blvk Phil Collins, a 7-track project he released in September. Going f the title, his new EP is dedicated to Scott Mescudi, aka Kid Cudi, who performed at ComplexCon yesterday, making for his first public appearance since checking into rehab a month ago for depression and suicidal thoughts. 

“I made For Scott because Kid Cudi helped me become the man I am,” wrote Maco on Twitter right before dropping the project. With the release, he included the following dedication: “For the man on the moon who taught us all not to give a fuck. Fight on. Dream on.” 

As with Blvk Phil Collins, there are no features on For Scott. The production cast on the EP includes Pablo Dylan, Taokescheap, Phresh Produce, Montage, and more. For Scott is OG Maco’s 6th project the year (counting June’s two-part OG Maco 2 project as one release). 

01. For Scott (Prod. By Taokescheap)
02. At Night (Prod. By Hassan Khaffaf)
03. Restless (Prod. By Phresh Produce)
04. Remember (Prod. By Humbeats)
05. Courage (Prod. By Pablo Dylan)
06. Real Ones (Prod. By Montage)

Tracy Morgan Says He Forgave The Truck Driver Who Caused Accident

Appearing on “Conan,” Tracy Morgan was able to make light and shed light on the traumatic car accident he’s recovered from. Conan brought up the Walmart driver, and Morgan asserted, “I forgave him, I can’t be mad at him no more, but you know who is mad at him? All my white neighbors.”

The comedian moved into a different neighborhood after the accident, and apparently the Caucasians in the area aren’t fully pleased with having Morgan around. Morgan cracked a few more quality jokes about recovering from his coma-inducing accident, including one quip about how his grandmother is only concerned with Tracy getting an education, rather than if he’s rich, famous, or even alive.

“Grandma, I made it! I’m alive!”

“Good – now you can go back, and get your GED.”

To err is human; to forgive is divine. Watch the clip below. Great to have you back, Tracy.

Tinashe – Soul Glitch | Stream [New Song]

With little in the way advance notice, Tinashe delivered a new mixtape at Midnight. NIGHTRIDE is a precursor to her long-awaited sophomore album, JOYRIDE, although in a letter to fans Tinashe revealed she’s been working on this project in tandem with JOYRIDE, for the past two years. It sounds like both album are equally important to her, although this one is being dubbed as a mixtape (commercially released).

NIGHTRIDE features recent leaks like “Company” as well as a much older leak, “Party Favors.” Among the unheard highlight, Tinashe delivers some sultry croons over mechanical-esque, watery r’n’b production on “Soul Glitch.” Take a listen.

Stream the full project here, or cop it on iTunes below. Stay tuned for JOYRIDE.

Big Sean – Bounce Back | Stream [New Song]

Big Sean promised new music for Halloween, and he already delivered earlier today with “No More Interviews,” a compelling comeback statement that found him asserting himself as one the lyrical greats and remarking on conniving exes, drama within GOOD Music, and tensions with Kid Cudi, among other things. With all bars and no hook, the song allowed Sean to give his listeners a detailed picture the background that will likely inspire the narrative focus all the music he’s aboutt drop in support his next album. But before fans have time to chew on all that was said on “No More Interviews,” Sean Don has suddenly returned with his second single the day, fittingly titled “Bounce Back.” “No More Interviews” set the stage — now he’s coming with the hits. 

“Bounce Back” is produced by Hitmaka (aka Yung Berg) and Smash David with additional production from Metro Boomin and Amaire Johnson. Metro’s sound seems to be especially alive on the darkly ambient trap production. Speaking this Savage Mode-esque sound, Big Sean seems to adopt a 21 Savage-esque flow during parts the song. That’s not the only flow he experiments with — as this record is designed to show f Sean’s dexterity with his delivery. The lyrics are still sharp as ever. 

Big Sean will debut “Bounce Back” live on Jimmy Fallon tonight at 11:35 EST. 

Quotable Lyrics

Niggas change up more than wishin’ wells
Karma come around I’ll wish ’em well
Livin’ like I’m on a limitless pill
I kill the scene like I’m Denzel

Marcus Spears Talks The Success of the Dallas Cowboys, His 2016 NFL MVP Candidates, LeBron James, 2016 College Football Playoff Rankings & More with HHS1987 (Video)

Marcus Spears Talks The Success  the Dallas Cowboys, His 2016 NFL MVP Candidates, LeBron James, 2016 College Football Playf Rankings & More with HHS1987 (Video)

On Tuesday evening, ESPN hosted a private 2016 College Football Playf Ranking watch event here in Atlanta and several ESPN’s media personalities and sports tastemakers in the Southern region were in attendance to watch and discuss the committees first college football rankings the year.

During the night, we caught up with ESPN’s analyst/former Dallas Cowboys’ star Marcus Spears to give his take on the first edition on the 2016 College Football playf rankings and more. Marcus Spears spoke on the top 4 teams in the college football playf picture and how he feels the committee went about grading teams so far. Marcus Spears highlighted that the committee seems to be favoring strength schedule and he spoke on how the rankings could change after this weekends slate games.

Marcus Spears played in the NFL for 9 season during which he played for the Dallas Cowboys. We spoke with Marcus Spears about America’s team and the success their rookies. Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott. Marcus Spears surprised me mentioning that maybe Tony Romo should remain the Cowboys backup stating how some change is good. Marcus broke down the strengths the Cowboys this season and how they could be potential Super Bowl contenders.

Before concluding the interview we also spoke to Marcus Spears on his potential 2016 NFL MVP’s and we spoke basketball for a moment and he love for the New Orleans Pelicans and NBA champion Lebron James.

The interview was conducted by Terrell Thomas (Eldorado). The interview was shot by Danny Digital.

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How To Roll A Backwoods With Rob $tone [New Video]

The “Chill Bill” rapper gives a blunt-rolling tutorial.

Not only is Rob $tone the smiliest rapper on the planet, people can’t get enough his debut single “Chill Bill” and he’s about to go on tour with A$AP Ferg and Playboi Carti. Last month, the young San Diego rapper stopped by the HNHH fice to give us a blunt-rolling tutorial.

“I feel like I couldn’t maintain my life if I didn’t smoke weed,” $tone told us. These days he smokes exclusively Backwoods and he smiled with glee as he ripped open the Backwoods packaging and emptied out the guts. He talked us through his technique as he rolled up a fat one and mentioned that the first joint he ever rolled was with a sticky note. He has come a long way.

Stream $tone’s new project “I’m Almost Ready.”

Meek Mill's "DC4" (Review)

Rarely do rugs get pulled out from underneath individuals with the speed and brutality  Meek Mill’s Summer 2015 L-athon. The closest comparable examples are nearly all fictitious: Maximus’ sudden enslavement after a battlefield victory in “Gladiator,” Gary Bertier getting in a car crash while speeding away from a pep rally in “Remember The Titans,” Lane Pryce running into financial rock bottom after successfully orchestrating a business coup in “Mad Men.”

Meek, like all aforementioned parties, began his Shakespearean drama a summer on top the world, at the undeniable peak his career at the time. That Spring, he had started dating Nicki Minaj, a paradigm for success and bodaciousness in hip hop, and on the third-to-last day June, he released Dreams Worth More Than Money, his best-received and first #1 album. Less than a month later, however, it would all crumble in the eyes the public as he started, stalled, and then quickly and unanimously lost a beef with Drake. This shouldn’t have diminished DWMTM‘s success, but to this day, mention Meek’s name to a rando on the street and odds are “Drake beef” will pop out their mouths before “number one album.” It doesn’t help that Meek has gone on to feud with The Game and hometown legend Beanie Sigel in recent months either — “beef” has appeared next to his name far too many times in the past year and a half. 

Dreamchasers 4 arrives quite a while after its original announcement, and with good reason. Save for this January’s 4/4 two-part EP, it’s Meek’s first major chance to right his ship– “comeback” seems too extreme a word for a guy who topped the charts 16 months ago. He’s clearly spent a ton time selecting beats, crafting verses, and collecting features, and it shows. The grandiose, lush-sounding DWMTM marked a departure from Meek’s more workmanlike previous releases, and although DC4 was made on a lower budget, the attention to detail is comparable to its predecessor. The production and song structures are varied, the mood shifts throughout, and the features, in general, are pretty lit. The only problem is that unlike the majority his last album, a good deal  DC4 doesn’t sound like a Meek Mill project. 

Intro “On The Regular” fakes us out with an “O Fortuna” sample (very original, Meek) that makes it seem like another huge, bar-filled “DC1 Intro” is on the way, but instead Meek opts for a pretty basic hook and even more pedestrian flow. That’s not to say it isn’t an enjoyable track, but for Meek, whose calling card is jaw-dropping lyrical displays on intro tracks, it feels like an unwelcome side-step. Ensuing tracks “Blessed” and “Litty” fare better, the former f the strength an amazing beat, the latter thanks in major part to Tory Lanez, but again, they don’t sound like Meek songs. “Blessed” has the wavy New York cool a French Montana track and “Litty” has Meek seeming like the featured artist. It’s not until “Shine” that we get the Meek old. He’s given plenty room in the beat to seem totally in command the song’s pacing, perfectly timing flow switches with transitions, and his weighty lyrics matching the inspirational-sounding backing vocals. 

It’s not that I want Meek to stay stagnant– later standouts “Lights Out” and “Blue Notes” prove that he’s more than capable maturing his sound — but his personality and sound are both so integral to him sounding like a commanding presence on the mic rather than a itinerant shouter. When stuffed into a track like “Froze,” so middle–the-road and definitionless that it feels like a DJ Khaled throwaway, he just sounds like a another dude doing Migos flows far less interestingly than the actual Migos. (A truly lackluster verse by Nicki — “make n*ggas stare at my hands, even though I am not miming”?! — doesn’t help either.)

Whereas DWMTM‘s guests seemed to cater to Meek’s sound, this time around Meek is more okay with stepping out his comfort zone, as he does most noticeably on “Offended.” It feels like a Young Thug or 21 Savage song that Meek hopped on, right down to the de-tuned piano keys and more muted beat, and while Meek does fairly well fucking with a more melodic delivery than usual, it doesn’t feel like he’s playing to his strengths. A far more fitting foray into Atlanta’s universe is “Way Up,” whose 6/8 time signature provides an obstacle course that makes for much more thrilling verses from Meek. Meek’s at his best when he’s pushing his voice to its limits, showcasing his unique gifts rather than fading into the background or doing karaoke with other styles rapping. As he’s told us and showed us many times throughout his career, Meek Mill is not an actor or a faker; he’s incapable being anyone but his real, aggressive Philly self. DC4‘s main problem is that he attempts to change that perception without first taking any acting lessons.

All that said, the end result DC4 is similar to previous Dreamchasers installments, despite arriving there in a completely different way. A few very strong tracks (“Litty,” “Shine,” “Lights Out,” “Blue Notes,” “Way Up,” “Tony Story 3”) tentpole and otherwise scattered, tedious listen, whihch could be said about any the previous tapes in the series. Here’s where the success  DWMTM actually distracts you from the rest Meek’s career– it’s easy to forget that before that, he was known as a super talented rapper with a healthy list amazing tracks and guest appearances, but no truly stellar full-length to his name. DC4 shows that he’s not willing to go gentle into that very same good night again, as he actively tries to expand his boundaries, but in matching DWMTM‘s ambition and expansiveness, he ten loses the very core that’s always grounded his music. 

Are 21 Savage, Future & Metro Boomin Shooting The "X" Video?

21 Savage, Metro Boomin, and Future’s “X” (previously under the explicit title “X Bitch”) is currently at number 50 on The Billboard Hot 100, so now would be the time for the trip to film a video for the hit. Looking at their Instagram accounts, some photos suggest the process may already be underway. We see 21 decked out in a fur coat, Metro on the keys, and Future throwing down some dance moves in the series, one which Future has tagged with lyrics from the song, “…Hol up,@21savage go get the $T!cK.”

So far there’s no ficial confirmation, but we wouldn’t be surprised if something drops in the next little while.

The song comes from 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode, released earlier this year. You can stream the project here.

Check out the photos below.

…Hol up,@21savage go get the $T!cK

A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on

already a legend. @metroboomin

A photo posted by Future Hendrix (@future) on

Zone 6

A photo posted by Savage Mode (@21savage) on

A photo posted by Savage Mode (@21savage) on

A photo posted by Savage Mode (@21savage) on

@21savage #johncanonphotography

A photo posted by JohnCanon (@thejohncanon) on

Deadmau5 Preparing for Something Truly Epic – EDMTunes

Deadmau5 Preparing for Something Truly Epic - EDMTunes

You know we love us some Deadmau5 news, and especially news that isn’t about Twitter. The best thing about the Mau5 is how he keeps us in the know about what he’s up all the time. To that end, he piqued our curiosity with a set of Instagram posts yesterday that might point to something really cool.

From the looks of it, Deadmau5 was undergoing some sort of full body scanning and imaging.

Couple of SLRS.

A video posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

My eyes! The goggles! THEY DO NOTHING!

A photo posted by deadmau5 (@deadmau5) on

When asked what he was up to by a fan, his response was quite simple. However he did give some indication that there is animation involved. Could we be seeing a Deadmau5 hologram in the near future? What other possibilities can you think of? Sound off in the comments.

Something epic. https://t.co/qguEIs19OJ

— dead mow cinco (@deadmau5) November 2, 2016

Ray Allen Officially Announces Retirement With A Letter To His 13-Year Old Self

Ray Allen has announced his retirement from the NBA. Of course, the 41-year old sharpshooter hasn’t played in the league since the 2013-14 season with Miami but he had always left the door open for a return with a title contender. 

Today, he ficially shut the doors on those rumors, and his career, in a lengthy letter to his 13-year old self posted to The Player’s Tribune. 

As a kid, Ray Allen was constantly switching schools whenever his father got stationed at a new Air Force Base and in this letter he advises his younger self to stick to the basketball court rather than trying to fit in with the other teenagers at his Dalzell, South Carolina school who “looked at him like an alien.” 

“You talk like a white boy,” they’ll say.

That basketball court at the Air Force base is where Ray Allen honed his skills and became motivated by all the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” stories that he heard from the grown men he was playing pickup games against. 

You’re going to hear a lot , “Man, I coulda …” on these courts.

Man, I wish I could go back in time.

I’d have gone D-I.

Booze got the best me.

Man, I coulda.…

Man, I shoulda.…

I wish I could go back, young fella.…

Don’t ever put yourself in the position to wish you could hop in a time machine, Ray. You need to stay focused, because things will only become more complicated as you have more success on the court.

From there, Ray writes about the jump from High School to UCONN where he furthered his game under the tutelage Jim Calhoun, and ultimately his illustrious 18-year NBA career where he played against heroes like Clyde Drexler and Michael Jordan and alongside Hall Famers like Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

And how he went to the dentist bright and early the morning after winning his second NBA title.

When you walk in the door, the receptionist looks at you and says, “Ray? What … what are you doing here?”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

“But … you just won the title.”

“Yeah, I just wanted to get out the house.”

“But … it’s eight in the morning. And you just won the title.”

“Well, I still got some work to be done on this tooth. Is he in?”

Your dentist walks out his fice.

“Ray? What are you … what?”

“Couldn’t sleep.”

This is what success looks like for you. You’re the kind guy who goes to the dentist the morning after winning an NBA title.

He wraps up the letter to his younger self by saying how completely at peace he is with this retirement decision.

“I write this to you today as a 41-year-old man who is retiring from the game. I write to you as a man who is completely at peace with himself.”

“The hell you experience when you get f that bus will be temporary. Basketball will take you far away from that school yard. You will become far more than just a basketball player. You’ll get to act in movies. You’ll travel the world. You will become a husband, and the father five amazing children.”

You can check out the retirement letter in full right here.

Ray Allen’s legacy:
2,973 3-pointers.
Four teams.
Two championships.

One legendary jumper. pic.twitter.com/qh1W4GuMy4

— ESPN (@espn) November 1, 2016

Vybz Kartel Reunite Portmore Empire On Vybz School Riddim No Popcaan & Vanessa Bling

Vybz Kartel reunite the entire Portmore Empire on the new Vybz School Riddim but there is one exception, there is no Popcaan or Vanessa Bling.

The “Round Corna” deejay teamed up with Good Good Production on the new project which saw guest appearances from several artists from his Gaza crew including Blak Ryno, Tommy Lee Sparta, Lisa Hyper, Shawn Storm, Sheba, Merital Family, and Jah Vinci.

There are already rumors that there could be a Portmore Empire reunion. But sources close to the Gaza deejay told Urban Islandz that Vybz Kartel being incarcerated put a damper on any talks a reunion.

Producer Zum Good Good says he chooses to do the project to remind fans the invaluable contribution from the Gaza crew to Jamaican music. “I wanted something different because everybody been going in the same direction,” Zum said. “It’s been awhile since people heard the Gaza family, so mi decide to mek dem reunite and done.”

Zum also revealed that Popcaan declined his fer to be featured on the project and Portmore Empire founding member Deva Bratt couldn’t be reached. “I never got through to Deva Bratt, and Popcaan was being difficult, so I will leave it as that,” he said. “I know this will be special because from mi post it online, the feedback has been very good, and mi not even drop the rhythm yet.”

Take a listen to a medley the Vybz School Riddim below.

Vybz School Riddim tracklist.

01 – Vybz Kartel – Big Dreams
02 – Jah Vinci – Nuh Trust Friend
03 – Blak Ryno – Go Hard
04 – Tommy Lee – Anything A Anything
05 – Shawn Storm – Dem Fraid
06 – Lisa Hype – 21 To 1
07 – Sheeba – One Whine
08 – Merital – Protect My Steps

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