What’s With All The Leaks? Kanye West & Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Young Thug & More

Even if you take extra precautions to store your music safely on hard drives that cannot be accessed by outside sources, you can still get hacked and have your files leak out. We’ve seen it happen countless times with musicians constantly being targeted for the content they store on their cloud-based drives. Playboi Carti has seen a number his potential hits surface online this year and other people, like Lil Uzi Vert, have fallen victim to serious privacy infringements. This week, too many highly-anticipated singles made their unauthorized way online, with Kanye West‘s Yandhi track “New Body” leading the way.

What's With All The Leaks? Kanye West & Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Young Thug & More
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While the album’s release date has been in limbo for one year, its actual arrival is still completely up in the air. It may end up releasing before the end this year but that’s anybody’s guess. One Yandhi song that we’ve known about for a minute is “New Body,” which is set to feature Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla $ign. Unfortunately, it has been leaked and is available to check out online. Shout out to .

“New Body” isn’t the only cut to have appeared on the internet this week. Quavo and Murda Beatz’ collaboration “Ride Out The Storm” also surfaced onboard sites like , with 21 Savage‘s “Switch Up” and Young Thug‘s “Days Before” with Mac Miller and Trippie Redd additionally leaking on . If you’re too curious to hold f on checking them out, you can find them before they’re taken down. Alternatively, you can just wait for their ficial releases like the rest us.

What's With All The Leaks? Kanye West & Nicki Minaj, 21 Savage, Young Thug & More
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Jay Onrait: Chris Broussard Is "Biggest F*cking Fraud In History Of Sports Media"

Chris Broussard, like many other NBA “insiders,” was dead wrong about Kawhi Leonard’s free agency plans this summer and fans have had a field day pulling the receipts on twitter. In fact, Broussard was recently scolded by one his former Fox colleagues, Jay Onrait, who is apparently furious about the whole thing.

During a recent episode  the “Jay and Dan Show, Onrait, who now works at TSN, berated Broussard for his Kawhi reports, labelling the FS1 host as “the biggest fucking fraud in the history sports media, ever.”

Onrait’s rant about Broussard, as well as Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman, includes the following (H/T New York Post):

“Everyone knew nothing, nothing! And they were saying that they knew everything!” Onrait said. “Chris Broussard, who worked at Fox and is the biggest f–king fraud in the history sports media, ever — ESPN kicked him out, Fox kicked him out, I don’t know what he’s doing now — saying that the Clippers were out it for sure and it was down to the Lakers and Raptors. He knew nothing. They knew nothing. It’s all bulls–t.

“And I know it’s all bulls–t. I get it. All those shows in the daytime, ‘First Take,’ and again, I like all these people personally. I like them all. And I understand why they’re doing those shows. It works. It gets numbers. People like them, it’s entertaining. I’m not criticizing that side it. I’m just saying, if anyone in the history the world takes anything the daytime guys say seriously, and I’m including ESPN’s] Stephen A. Smith] in this. I know Stephen A. has a lot connections, but he says a lot stuff that’s completely 100% f–king false. … If anyone tells me, ‘Stephen A. said something,’ or, ‘Max Kellerman said something,’ no. It’s all bulls–t. Nobody knows anything. And they should have known that Kawhi was the kind person that this would backfire on them about.” 

Lakers Prospect Steals Mitchell Robinson’s Headband & Throws It: Watch

Summer League might not be the most popular form NBA basketball although it definitely serves its purpose as a way for prospects to show their worth and earn their spot on an NBA roster. Last night, the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Lakers played each other in Las Vegas with the Knicks winning by a score 117-96. The game itself wasn’t the biggest story the night though as there was a pretty hilarious ejection at one point. Lakers prospect Nick Perkins and Mitchell Robinson the Knicks both went for the ball and when Robinson secured it, Perkins ripped his headband f. While that might be embarrassing enough, he didn’t stop there as he whipped the sweaty garment at Robinson in a fit rage.

The referee had immediately seen enough and told Perkins to get f the court. In the video above, you can clearly see the sweat being flung all over the place which is truly disgusting. Robinson seemed pretty confused with what had just happened while Perkins should have known better. Getting into petty squabbles while trying to earn a place on the roster probably isn’t the best strategy.

Either way, it made for a pretty great clip that will surely stand the test the time as one the most interesting things to happen in Summer League. 

#DXCLUSIVE: Dyzzi From DivSel Premieres "KidsBackThen" Album Stream

Chicago’s Dyzzi From DivSel is releasing his sophomore album KidsBackThen this Friday (July 12). Before the LP arrives Below System Records, the Milwaukee-based rapper has provided HipHopDX readers with an early stream of the entire project.

“I just want to leave a stamp in the culture, have this be another Hip Hop classic,” Dyzzi tells DX. “I spent a lot of time just reflecting on the good ol’ days, visiting old spots and areas I was as a kid and strictly listening to my Top 5 favorite rappers (Joey Bada$$, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole and Vic Mensa) while making this.”

He continued, “My biggest new experience was being alone while writing and recording for this album. I usually have my entire crew with me when I record or we all just chill together and write. I needed the process of this album to be fresh because I want this album to last forever or ‘blow up’ if you will.”

Check out Dyzzi’s KidsBackThen stream, cover art and tracklist below.

#DXCLUSIVE: Dyzzi From DivSel Premieres "KidsBackThen" Album Stream

1. When I Was a Kid (Intro)
2. Jordan 1s & Sk8-Highs
3. Hallway f. KReal from DivSel
4. BestFriends – 4u4rMe f. Cj Folds & Tae The Don
5. Kops Park (Interlude)
6. One Day f. KReal from DivSel
7. DivSel f. KReal from DivSel
8. Gang Activity
9. KidsBackThen f. ameriKKKen
10. How You Feel? f. Chuuwee & Trizz
11. Hallelujah
12. Party f. Chaz from DivSel
13. Zone
14. Promise f. KanDo
15. Nostalgia (Outro)

Mary J. Blige Talks Being Single & Happy, Shares Advice She Would Give To Younger Self

Hindsight is always twenty-twenty, and life lessons are ten learned after we’ve weathered the worst the storms. Mary J. Blige has never been shy about sharing the rough patches in her journey, whether it be her recovery from drug addiction, escaping abusive relationships, or rebuilding after heartache. The 48-year-old more recently has made headlines because her ten hostile divorce from ex-husband 13 years Kendu Isaacs, but now that she’s single, Blige is enjoying her freedom.  

“I think I turned that corner when I got my divorce,” she told PEOPLE finding her place peace. “I think that I realized that no matter what comes to me, no matter how big or bad it is, I have to keep moving, I have to keep living. I said, ‘No, I’m not going to stay in this marriage. I’m out here.’ That’s what my single] “Thriving” is about.

 Mary J. Blige Talks Being Single & Happy, Shares Advice She Would Give To Younger Self
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“If I could tell my younger self something, I would tell her don’t be afraid your imperfections, because one day people are going to love you for them,” Blige stated. “I’m very content, and I’m happy with myself. I learned to be happy with just Mary, just enjoying my own company, me by myself most the time. I’m grateful.”

We all know that Blige has a few love songs that are on the heartbroken end the spectrum (*ahem*”Not Gon’ Cry*ahem*), but even though those tracks bring up unhappy memories, she uses them as a release. “It’s therapeutic,” Blige admitted. “To travel back and to relive something again and not have it drive you crazy is a true gift from God.”

Lil Kim Checks The Media & Rabid Fans: "Put Some Respect On My Name"

Failing to respect a hip-hop OG is a faux pas in the game, yet it feels like more and more people seem open to doing exactly that. Today, Lil Kim took a moment to issue a warning sorts, imploring a variety media outlets and overzealous fans to put some respect on her name. After pulling the plug on a variety press stops, Kim hit Instagram Live to explain the circumstances behind her decision.

“Two the major outlets want it to be messy,” she explains. “My publicist and my manager made the executive decision to shut it down. At this point it’s about me, I’m that bitch. Nothing else. I refuse to fu*king keep doing all these interviews, publications, all that shit, if mutherf*ckas is not going to respect who I am. What I’ve done. Where I’m at now. Put some fuckin’ respect on my name, period.” 

Lil Kim Checks The Media & Rabid Fans: "Put Some Respect On My Name"

Bennett Raglin/Getty s 

“I’ve been trying my best to do whatever it takes to make my fans happy,” she continues. “Thursday was supposed to be a big press day for me. I was supposed to do Watch What Happens Live With Andy, I was supposed to do the Today Show, I was supposed to do Access Hollywood. But there were two publications, one which being Watch What Happens Live With Andy – I have a cool relationship with him, but I thought…” 

She takes a moment to address some her fans, likely belonging to the “rabid” camp. “Ya’ll get on my nerves, I love ya’ll, but ya’ll get on my nerves. Ya’ll don’t be understanding, shit be deeper than what ya’ll fuckin know. If ya’ll don’t see me doing press or certain things, it’s because I’m fightin’, I’m fuc*in fightin! I’m not about to have muthafuckas not put respect on my name. Don’t act stupid. Don’t ask all these dumb questions. Now you fuc*in know. ” 

Clearly, Kim is feeling too much disrespect these days, and that in itself is a damn shame. Given the classics she’s given us, the Notorious K.I.M deserves better than to be dragged into “messy” situations. Put some respect on her name, and go stream “The Jump Off” in solidarity. Look for that new album, coming soon. 

Snoop Dogg Reacts To 6ix9ine Hiring New Lawyer: "Let That Rat Rot"

Whoever signed on to defend Tekashi69 as part his legal representation, Snoop Dogg wants you to do the worst possible job in court. In the past, Uncle Snoop has been vocal about his distaste for Tekashi 6ix9ine. The West Coast OG called him out for going against the G Code and snitching on his once-allies. Not much has changed and Snoop still holds the rainbow-haired artist in his bad book.

Snoop Dogg Reacts To 6ix9ine Hiring New Lawyer: "Let That Rat Rot"
Lachlan Cunningham/Getty s

Today, we reported on 6ix9ine’s latest legal move. The rapper hired Alex Spiro, who previously defended 21 Savage in his immigration case, to try and get out jail as soon as possible. His trial begins in a few months and Tek wants to be as prepared as possible for what’s to come. He knows it won’t be easy to get f scot-free but he’s trying his hardest. Snoop Dogg isn’t fond the tactics 69 used though and he wants that to be known across the internet. On a post detailing Alex Spiro’s addition to 69’s legal team, The Doggfather spoke out in a comment, telling Spiro to fail at his job. “Let that rat] rot,” wrote the old school rapper about Tekashi. “G code.”

Snoop Dogg was recently fooled into thinking that a throwback photo himself and Kurt Cobain was legitimate. However, it turns out that the weed may have damaged his brain cells because the photo in question was actually re-touched. Check out that story here.

Madlib Reveals Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar Have A Ton Of Unreleased Collabs Over His Beats

This morning we reported that the partnership Freddie Gibbs and Madlib had made an appearance on Hot 97 to check in with Peter Rosenberg, and talk their new Bandana album. Gibbs detailed writing the majority the project while facing ten years in prison over a false accusation, and an elusive Madlib spoke about the legacy carried on by two’s second collaborative album, once sparked by JayLib, Madlib’s partnership with J. Dilla – amongst other things. The legendary producer also made a revelation that divulged the fact that a bunch his beats had been used by Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in 40 unreleased songs they had saved up.

The two artists joined forces for “No More Parties in LA” back in 2016, making it their first and only record together. The same year that album came out, Kanye claimed to have 40 unreleased songs with Kendrick, and now Madlib has revealed that most said tracks were over his own beats. “I sent Kanye] like a hundred beats,” Madlib said. “Him and Kendrick were rapping over a bunch stuff but they didn’t really put the stuff out. That’s the only one that they put out.” Madlib himself produced “No More Parties in LA,” but the producer and Ye first worked together on Ye’s 2010 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Although the exact timing Madlib claims to have sent Kanye over a 100-song beat pack, but didn’t specifcy when exactly he did so. He did however, tell Red Bull Music Academy that several those beats ended up on his 2014 collaborative album with Gibbs, Piñata. Gibbs even (half-) jokingly remarked that Kanye and Kendrick had “stolen” “No More Parties in LA” from him by putting out the song despite the fact that he had mentioned his intentions to use the beat, afterwhich he released a subsequent remix, titled “Cocaine Parties in LA,” in 2016. “When I heard ‘Cocaine Parties’ I was like, ‘Well, we should have did it that way,’” Madlib said. It not yet been disclosed whether any the songs they recorded together will ever be ficially released, but a few  them have since leaked online.

LeBron James Jokingly Teases New "Kung Fu" Look Ahead Of Next Season

Heading into next season, LeBron James will be bringing back some his signature habits and traits. For instance, LeBron revealed that he would be giving the number 23 to Anthony Davis and would be taking his old number 6 from Miami instead. The King also noted that he wants to bring back his signature chalk toss which he hasn’t done since 2014. Ever since LeBron said he was doing all this, fans have been asking him to bring back his infamous headband and based on his latest Instagram post, there is a chance it might happen but with a twist.

The Lakers superstar posted a photoshopped image him wearing a kung-fu style headband alongside the caption “Kung Fu King, Bruce Lee-Bron”?? It’s obvious that LeBron was only kidding here although it would be pretty interesting to see him actually rock this in a game.

LeBron will certainly have a more refined Lakers team to roll with this season thanks to the addition Davis and other auxiliary players like Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins. Perhaps with LeBron going back to his roots, the Lakers can finally find some success that has sorely been lacking over the past few seasons.

Antonio Brown’s Off-Season Workout Video Surfaces: Watch

All-Pro receiver Antonio Brown will get a fresh start with the Oakland Raiders this season, as he looks to record his seventh straight season with over 1,000 receiving yards. Brown, who turns 31 years old today, has been training all over the globe in anticipation his Raiders debut, including route-running sessions in Paris, France and hand-eye coordination drills with Dr. Reef in Miami.

As seen in the videos embedded below, AB’s time spent with Dr. Reef featured the use strobe glasses and other gadgets that would have the average Joe looking like a fool.

Check out the footage below.

As mentioned, Brown recently made a visit to Paris, France with his family, where he spent time training with Simon Zebo, an Irish rugby player who plays for the French team Racing 92.

The Racing 92 twitter accounts also shared footage AB’s f-season workouts, which you can check out below.

In 15 games with the Steelers last year, Brown caught 104 passes for 1,297 yards and a career-high 15 touchdowns. During his nine-year run in Pittsburgh, he earned Pro Bowl honors in seven seasons including four All-Pro selections. 

AB and the Raiders will kickf the 2019 season at home against the division rival Denver Broncos on September 9 in the second game ESPN’s Monday Night double-header.

Jay-Z Named Top Executive at Cannabis Company Caliva


Life has come full circle for rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z.

Back in the early days, Jay-Z was selling drugs outside a New York City housing project.  This week, he was named Chief Brand Strategist at a cannabis company called Caliva.

Caliva is considered one of the biggest cannabis firms in California, and as Chief Brand Strategist Jay-Z will have “a crucial role driving creative direction, outreach efforts and strategy for the brand,” according to an announcement from the company.

Specifically, Jay-Z — whose given name is Shawn Corey Carter — will focus on helping individuals leaving the prison system.  He will help them through job training and development, and through advocacy.  That has become a major focal point for Jay-Z, who has also championed efforts to reform issues with lengthy parole restrictions, prohibitive bail structures, coerced confessions, and prison violence and sexual abuse.  These problems disproportionately impact lower-income neighborhoods, with African-Americans heavily impacted.

Jay-Z issued a statement in regards to his new role with the company, which pointed to a lot of potential in the cannabis industry.  But is this industry still booming?

During the past year, California’s cannabis industry has surprisingly shrunk by nearly 20%, at least in part due to an expansion of government regulations. But this downturn has not affected Caliva, whose revenues have grown by 350% over the course of the same period of time. The company also currently employs more than 600 people.

Some in the music industry are not surprised that Jay-Z’s first foray into cannabis is related to criminal justice reform.  Just recently, Jay-Z served as the executive producer of a documentary series about Kalief Browder, who committed suicide at Rikers Island prison after spending 3 years while waiting to be tried for stealing a backpack.

Jay-Z is not first musician to partner with the cannabis industry. Others include:

  • Snoop Dogg
  • Willie Nelson
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • 2 Chainz
  • Freddie Gibbs
  • Juicy Jay
  • The Game
  • Ghostface Killah
  • B-Real

Atlanta Residents Swarm Highway After Truck Spills Cash Everywhere

Atlanta residents who were cruising along the I-285 on Tuesday night got more than they bargained for when a truck spilled open and dolla dolla bills began to rain down on the interstate. Naturally, people stopped in the middle the road jamming up traffic (for good reason) to jump out and fill their pockets with bills. Luckily, no one crashed and there were no injuries reported. 

According to WSB-TV Atlanta, the armed truck poured out an estimated $175,000. Unfortunately, for those who grabbed some bills, the police are requesting everyone to return what they picked up. “Those people who do not return the money, we have video, we have tag numbers. We have footage people on the interstate. What we’re asking the public to do is bring the money back, don’t make us come looking for you, because if we do that, you probably will be charged,” Dunwoody Sgt. Robert Parsons told the publication. 

The rare moment, course, sparked some reactions on Twitter. “Now the Atlanta PD is asking for the money back and HAD YALL NOT RECORDED then they would no plates to search for. Please stop recording everything,” one user wrote, while another added: “Atlanta police asking people to return the money  that fell out armored truck 🤣🤣🤣.”

Would you grab some cash? And if you did, would you return it after?

Larsa Pippen Is Still Egging On The Jordyn Woods & Tristan Thompson Scandal

Yes, Jordyn Woods kissing Tristan Thompson was a shady move that lead to the 21-year-old being kicked out the Kardashian clan since Khloe Kardashian was all kinds hurt and betrayed. We’ve seen the reactions had by the family on the final episodes the latest season  Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Khloe called Jordyn “fat” and got slammed for her comment. 

You’d think that the whole ordeal would be a thing the past considering that Jordyn is seemingly doing fine and Khloe’s got mom things to worry about but the family’s friend Larsa Pippen is still egging on the situation, something no one asked for. The 45-year-old who sometimes appears on KUWTK made an appearance on the Hollywood Unlocked UNCENSORED] podcast and detailed how there was more Jordyn and Tristan suspicion than just the kiss. 

Larsa Pippen Is Still Egging On The Jordyn Woods & Tristan Thompson Scandal
Rodin Eckenroth/Getty s

“I called Kim. She didn’t believe me — she was like, ‘No way. There’s no way,’” Larsa explained. “Then we called Kourtney and Kourtney was like, ‘Yeah, I believe it…there were other situations where Jordyn and Tristan] were in the same room together and it was like, a weird feeling. And Kourtney was in that room.”

Whether it’s a true statement or not, people have taken to Twitter to tell Larsa to keep it down considering that she cheated on her husband, Scottie Pippen, with Future. Peep some reactions below. 

Marcus Morris May Back Out Of Spurs Deal To Sign With Knicks: Report

Marcus Morris is reconsidering his proposed two-year $20 million deal with the San Antonio Spurs, as the New York Knicks have reportedly put a one-year, $15 million fer on the table.

The Knicks were able to fer such a deal after it was revealed that the team is reworking the two-year, $21 million deal with free agent Reggie Bullock. According to reports, New York is reevaluating Bullock’s health and his ability to play a full slate games in the 2019-20 season, and the two parties are expected to agree to a lesser contract.

As a result, Marcus Morris now has a decision to make.

Morris, 29, averaged 13.9 points and 6.1 rebounds last season for the Boston Celtics. According to ESPN, the Spurs traded forward Davis Bertans to the Washington Wizards and reworked a two-year, $13M agreement with DeMarre Carroll in order to use the full $9.3 million midlevel exception on Morris. Needless to say, if he backs out the deal it’s going to have a negative impact on San Antonio’s roster.

As for the Knicks and Reggie Bullock, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Bullock’s agent David Bauman says both sides are motivated to strike a new deal. Wojnarowski notes that Bauman described the Knicks’ front fice and medical staff as “First-class throughout,” which is certainly a refreshing change.

Kyle Kuzma & Kendall Jenner Dating Rumors Put To Rest After Yacht Party

Kyle Kuzma was one the few bright spots on the Los Angeles Lakers last season and he was rewarded by not being traded during the fseason. Kuzma dodged and weaved through all the trade rumors and now, he’s avoiding some dating rumors as well. Earlier in the week, we reported on how the star was spotted chilling on a yacht with Kendall Jenner, who most recently dated Philadelphia 76ers star, Ben Simmons. The two didn’t seem to be too close, although their presence on the boat was able to spark quite a bit speculation as to whether or not they’re now an item.

According to a report from TMZ, sources say the two are just friends and that the party involved close to 20 people in total. The photo everyone is focused on seems to be a simple close up shot but if you were to look at the wide angle photos, it’s clear that there are multiple people on the boat. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how many could have misconstrued their friendship for a full-blown relationship. 

Kuzma was recently linked to Instagram model Katya Elise Henry, although as right now, it doesn’t appear as though they are still together. Regardless, it’s clear the Kuzma is enjoying the L.A. life.